i love how much admiration he has for her

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Imagine Steve playing with getting different piercings all over, because his healing means they only last a few weeks, and having the ones he likes best re-done frequently.

Steve, Nat, Sam, Sharon, and Pepper are hanging out the first time it occurs to him. Well – the first time it’s suggested to him.

Pepper’s fiddling with a long silver bar dangling from one ear and he just can’t take his eyes off it. He doesn’t think he could wear earrings like those, specifically, but – although, maybe he could, he thinks, resting his head against the couch and considering how lovely the column of her neck is, how it’s set off by the straight silver line…


He jerks up. How tired is he, that he let his mind wander so long? How much of Thor’s mead has he had? “Hm?” he asks.

“I know we’re all admiring the hickey Pepper’s got, but you don’t have to stare,” Sharon says.

“Oh,” Steve says as Pepper throws popcorn Sharon’s direction, “I, yeah, that’s what – yeah.”

Sam narrows his eyes at him. “Hey what if we pierced your ears?” he asks.

Steve goes bright red. “I, uh?”

He manages five whole seconds pretending that’s not what he wants before he gives in. The minute Sam’s said it, he really, really wants it, so it feels like ten seconds later that he’s sitting in the bathroom, a cube of ice pressed against his earlobe, head tipped to one side as Natasha sterilizes a safety pin with her lighter.

Pepper lends him her earrings, after, and he makes it a whole six hours before they close up on him. But it’s six hours where he can’t stop turning to stare at the flash of the earrings in the darkened window, remembering the sharpbrightyellow flash of pain through his earlobe.

He already wants it again.

The level of trust between Bok Joo and Joon Hyung is so sweet and quietly heartbreaking. Throughout episode nine Bok Joo kept referring to how Joon Hyung has seen too much and at that Joon Hyung shares that he once admired her and that he’s actually adopted by his aunt and uncle. There was no hesitation just this easy trust. It’s not even that they make a cute pair together (they totally do) but they are so kind and understanding with each other. They help each other through their problems and talk it out like mature adults. They bring out the best out of each other and it’s beautiful and I love them.

None Like You (Kai x You)

Genre: Angst, Supernatural, Fantasy

Word Count: 10,357

Note: I’m a bit rusty from not writing in such a long time, but this idea has been on my mind for a while now. Don’t be afraid to let me know how the scenario is! I’ve realized once more how much I’ve missed writing regularly.


“Do you love me?” she whispered against his lips.

“What gave you that idea?” he slurred.

“Everyone’s capable of love.”

“You don’t know me,” he chuckled bitterly before crashing his lips against hers.

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I been thinking about it and it’s crazy… when I first watched Bleach anime I shipped IR so hard and Orihime was an indifferent character to me. Then I was done with the fillers and switched to the manga; It took me 5 chapters to prefer IH over IR and now, Orihime is probably my favorite shonen heroine.

I think that Orihime treatment in the anime was responsible for that.

It’s admirable how much love and effort Kubo put on Orihime, a character who is so hated by the fandom. Instead of focusing on other more popular characters, he choose her. Kubo always has a panel saved for her thoughts and feelings, and she stayed as a prominent figure during the whole manga, maybe the most prominent female character.

It’s incredible how much an anime studio can alter the author’s original vision of a character.


Tangled (2010)

Some first thoughts on Sansa’s TWOW chapter

One of the first thoughts about Robin she has is:

“You are such a little fool.”

but a few lines later we see:

“He does have pretty hair. If the gods are good and he lives long enough to wed, his wife will admire his hair, surely. That much she will love about him.” 

And this is just so Sansa, she always sees the best in people. Ironically this is also what makes her an unreliable narrator, as GRRM has pointed out. She twists events in order to keep living through all the horrible events she’s seen. In this case though I think it might also show how Littlefinger’s thinking is becoming a part of her own. Fool, because he is still young and naïve as to how things work. It’s how Littlefinger thinks of people, and now Littlefinger’s influence has worked its way into her. But the good thing is that we actively see her fighting it by suddenly complementing his good features. 

Later throughout the chapter we do see a slightly more manipulative version of Sansa, although I think it’s more leaning towards sass and I’m all here for it tbh, but we also see her thinking a lot about Winterfell and her family. Ned was mentioned, Robb was, Jeyne was, Winterfell was, I mean even though this was chapter was titled Alayne, there is so much Sansa in it.


I really don’t know about you all and how you hate Yoosung just because he talks so much about Rika.. However, this boy is so underrated. He has lost somebody that meant the absolute world to him, he’s still struggling so much and he’s trying so hard to be happy and be good enough for MC. He’s trying to change! I think the fact that he sees Rika in MC means so much, because she was literally his everything.. Of course he’d see her in the people he admires. This boy has the biggest heart, he deserves every little piece of happiness and love. So if you don’t do his route because he’s ‘annoying’ you’re seriously missing out. He literally sent me into a mental breakdown with this call (in a good way) and I love him so much, my precious one.

I love how through Natsu’s “friendship” speech Mashima picked a speech bubble of what Natsu said that pertained the character showed in that panel.

Lucy : “working together towards a common goal” which is get fairy tail back together (and a little bit of NALU since “friendship” was under quotes hu hu)

Gray: “they’ll be there even if your goals are different” END. Acnologia. *cries*

Wendy: “laugh with one another, support one another” Wendy has always supported Natsu, always, and her being less critical and judgmental than the rest of the FT members has always laughed along side him and admired him

Juvia: “they believe in one another” I love how this part is bolder because if anyone has more trust in Fairy Tail (Gray) is Juvia and this was shown on her faith in Gray and how she never doubted him and how much she believe in him and also lets not forget she also believes in Natsu and goes along with his plans without complain. When he told her that he was getting Gray back she believed him.

So you go Mashima!

can we just admire the way stiles looks and smiles at lydia

this is the guy you read about in the poems. you know, the ones where he loves a girl so much his eyes light up with joy. the one where he does not love her for the way she looks, but for the way she thinks and how beautiful her soul truly is. where he has seen her at her worst moments, but they only sparked extra flames to their already burning love. he smiles whenever he sees her because she has completed the missing piece in his heart he never knew he had.

MAGI RANT because yeah im pissed

yeah lmao imma be real here and say that the development of alimor as a romantic ship was bullshit.  morgiana’s good qualities literally had to be pointed out by olba before alibaba went “OMG she might be girlfriend material!!!”  it was never on his own that he came to that conclusion, and tbh all i saw was a one-sided crush on morgiana’s part.  idk if this looks like im bashing the ship because all I’m saying is that this could’ve been done SO MUCH BETTER and im actually angry with how its turned out between the two of them, especially because alibaba was never serious like Morgiana was about it and it was more of an in-the-moment kind of thing.  it sucks because hakuryuu has ALWAYS admired morgiana and saw her strength and kindness and loved her for her.  with alibaba it was just “oh dude man she’s COMPASSIONATE???  STRONG??? yo that’s gf material right there i never knew this wow this is all news to me”.  that just really, really puts a bad taste in my mouth.  I adore them as friends and maybe could’ve loved them if they were developed better in the romance department, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Hey it’s me again being absolutely ruined by Rory and Jess at odd hours of the night.
But GOD give me a break.
He listens when she talks and KNOWS what she’s talking about. They convince each other to give some of their favorite authors another chance. They encourage each other and try to help the other pursue what they really love. They admire each other and see the good and the bad qualities they hold. They have their problems YES I KNOW, but please give them this real chance they have together. They have grown up so much since they were last together. Jess especially. He’s not the same angry teenager he was. He’s matured and he has his life together. He sees how truly special Rory is and all the potential she has in her. They know each other so so so well. If there was EVER an example of yin-yang as a couple, for me at least, it would be them. Rory sparks hope in his dark and he helps bring reality to her light.
They deserve a chance to make things work between the two of them. They know each other better than anyone else. (Ya know, BESIDES Lorelai for Rory lol)

My part in Jared’s Meet and Greet.

Jared entered the room, while angels sing of his glory and doves slo-mo fly to the sky, Jared struggled with a chair that is un-straddle-able.  He resigned to sitting like the rest of us, took off his beanie revealing the hair that is so on point that I momentarily forgot my question when Jared picked me.  I started out by saying how much I love and admire Sam and then asked how does Sam keep having faith in the good of people, even monsters, when everybody has betrayed him?  In spite of all that, Sam has risen way above everybody’s expectation.

Jared said unlike height and eye color, you are not born with faith.   Jared is not religious but he is spiritual and choosing to have faith defines ones spiritual growth and direction, so it’s a matter of choice and putting meaning into things.  To reiterate, Jared tells a joke about a struggling single woman who doesn’t have food or diapers for her children.  She goes to her porch to pray to God for help.  An atheist was passing by when he heard her prayers and shouts to her that there is no God.  This repeats for a few more days until the atheist decide to prove to the woman that there’s no God, so he buys groceries and diapers, sneak into her house, lay out the food on her table, and goes to hide in the bushes.  When she returned home and saw the cornucopia, she prayed and gave thanks to God.  The atheist jumped out of the bushes and said, “Ha, it was ME who brought the food, not God.”  The woman looked at the atheist, returned to her prayer thanking God for the food and making the devil pay for it.

When the Meet & Greet ended, I jumped up to give Jared the book of Sam Winchester appreciation. The book is filled with letters and essays from over 100 fans from around the world.  Jared graciously accepted the book and gave me a high five.  I was high on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

Request: Secret Crush

Request: Hiii can I have a Dean x reader oneshot where its in deans pov and it’s about his secret crush on her. Just him admiring her all day and being cute with her? Love your blog!

Word Count: 1,112

Thank you so, so much! I hope you like it<3

“G’morning.” You murmur softly, flashing only the bleariest of smiles at Dean, who sits at the table. He already has a cup of coffee waiting there for you – with just a little sugar, how you like it in the mornings. You come to sit beside him, leaning over to read the book he’s looking at.

“Hey, sunshine.” He smiles – you’ve just woken up, and your hair is a mess. Your eyes are puffy and your movements are groggy, but you’re still the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen – not that you’d know that, and not that he’d ever tell you. You roll your eyes at his cheerfulness and take a long sip of the hot coffee – he always prepares it just as he hears you stirring.

“You’re reading,” You observe, “Does this mean we have a case?”

“Sam thinks so.” He confirms and you sigh, sipping your coffee appreciatively.

“No rest for the wicked, huh?”


Dean presses on the horn angrily, yelling obscenities out the window at the other driver. The driver yells back and Dean is on the brink of getting out of the car to throttle the man when you lean forward, placing a calming hand on his shoulder.

“He’s not worth it,” You say, “Don’t worry.”

You’ve been stuck in this jam for about four tapes – you’ve begun measuring time by music at this point – and it seems quite likely you’re going to make it all the way through Dean’s collection before you’re out of here. You long since took your seatbelt off in favour of lounging across the back seat, shoes kicked off and discarded somewhere in the footspace. Anyone else, he would scold, but you… well, you’re a special case.

The one good thing about this is that he can spend time with you – and Sam, but mostly you – just listening to you sing, or read out a funny passage from your book, or… anything. As long as it’s you doing it, Dean is more than happy to listen or watch.

“Fine,” He mutters, flipping the guy off once more for good measure and then turning to you as you remove your hand from his shoulder, “This is boring. I’m getting antsy.”

“You got antsy an hour ago. You’re just straight up twitchy now.” You tease, making Dean laugh.

“She’s not wrong,” Sam agrees, “We need to stop for coffee soon.”


You yelp, diving out of the way as the chandelier above your head comes crashing to the ground. Dean sees you drop to the floor, but is pressed to the wall by an invisible force.

He and Sam are carrion, by the looks of it – but you, however… you’ve turned into the ball of yarn and this spirit is one excited kitty.

“Y/N!” Dean yells, watching as you dart out of the way of a priceless vase. You’re in a dress and heels, too, and still managing to be oh-so-graceful. His breath is sucked from his lungs as your bun falls apart, leaving hair strewn over your face. You shake it back trying to anticipate the spirit’s next move. Your chest rises and falls quickly and you pivot, doing a quick three-sixty to try and make out whatever’s coming your way next. There’s a fireplace on the other side of the room, and next to it, an iron poker.

Dean watches as you begin running, jumping shards of crystal and glass. You’re knocked over at one point, but you don’t let go of your target until you get there.

He’s seen people he loved in danger all his life – Sam, his father, friends… it’s just a part of the job. But with you, here, now… his heart is in his throat and as the spirit keeps throwing stuff at you, he can’t breathe. If you slip or fall, you’re done for. Shards rise into the air and threaten to take chunks out of your skin; your face, but you don’t hesitate.

“Come out here, asshole!” You yell, hands coming into contact with the hilt of the poker. You nearly skid into the fire, but catch yourself on the mantle just in time. A chill permeates the air and, after a moment, the figure of a young woman – not much different looking to yourself – appears before you. She’s about to lunge and attack, when you swipe the poker viciously at her and she disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Sam and Dean drop to the floor – Sam takes a second to collect himself, but Dean comes running over to you and pulls you into his arms, hugging you tightly. It takes you by surprise, but you return the embrace.

“Everything alright, there?” You ask in confusion – sure, he likes to keep the little touches up, but it’s not often he initiates such a tight hug.

“I just… I got worried for a minute there.”

You laugh, poking him playfully with your weapon, “Takes more than that to get rid of me. C’mon, let’s go burn the bitch. And I can find some decent shoes.”


He remembers the exact moment he fell in love with you. He’d been on a hunt and you’d been injured, so had stayed back at the bunker. You’ve always had a distaste for inactivity, so you’d cleaned the place top to bottom, stocked the cupboard, reorganised the library, and baked a pie.

It sat for him on the kitchen counter, still warm, scenting the bunker with its divine odour. He’d gone in search of you then, only to find you zonked on the couch, legs thrown haphazardly over the arm. He’d seen you sleeping peacefully and that was it, he was a complete goner.

None of the peace is echoed on your face now – you shiver as the cool night air settles on your skin and raises goosebumps there, and although you try to warm your hands on the flickering fire in the grave, it’s not working at all. Your bare feet are muddy and grassy, as you’d chosen to abandon your shoes for the trek through the cemetery.

You’ve looking into the flames when a warm jacket envelopes your shoulders. Dean looks down at you sympathetically, seeing your coldness.

“Thank you,” You whisper – your nose is tipped with crimson and it makes him smile – you’re so, so beautiful. He can’t help but let his hands linger on your shoulders for a few moments, and as you smile up at him gratefully, his heart begins doing flips.

He might never be able to tell you for real, but just being here with you is enough for him.

At least, he can pretend it is. Anyone for a part two, maybe?


I admire Lisbon.

As much as she wants to keep their relationship hidden from other people’s eyes (or at least wanted to do so at the beginning of the season), she’s open to it and wants to demonstrate the love that she was forced to keep to herself for so many years, not being afraid of becoming more vulnerable, more exposed to suffering. I think it must be a hard step for her to make knowing that Jane probably has some doubts as to how their life is going to proceed, what is going to become of them since he has admitted that he doesn’t have a plan, and she still sees that wedding band on his finger which I’m sure worries her and, if given a lot of thought, may start wearing anyone out. But she believes him, she trusts him with her life, and she loves him unconditionally, with all her heart. And she knows he’s with her, and she’s built self-confidence, too, because she knows she’s loved back, and doing everything she does, she wants to make up for everything they didn’t have, everything they had to keep to themselves. The way she looks at Jane (especially in the last scene of Green Light) holding her breath and waiting for his reaction or just letting her love pour through her every move demonstrate she has everything at stake. Both of them aren’t used to living in this kind of relationship or out of practice and I love to see their gestures and their impulses to do something for the other because they are trusting, insecure at times, awkward, yet so genuine.


River Song Appreciation Week | Day 1 - Favourite Trait


“The day is coming when I’m going to look into that man’s eyes. My doctor and he won’t have the faintest idea of who I am and I think it’s going to kill me”

One of my favourite traits of River has always been her strength. Emotional strength. Considering how much she’s been through, to be strong for the one you love even though it hurts like hell. That is one trait I really admire. Every time she meets him, he knows her less and less. The person you’ve been in love your whole life with, every day he keeps going farther and farther, it takes a lot of guts to be brave and strong at each of those encounters.

She smiles, she laughs, she fights by his side, everytime they meet. He looks at her with no idea of who she is to him, yet she stays strong and stays brave and tries to be there for him. Like she always is. She always thinks of him before herself, to the extent that even when she’s dying all she thinks is to assure him that everything’s gonna be fine, that he’ll see her again.

I guess that’s what I love the most about her.