i love how much admiration he has for her

dating Taehyung [realistically]

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• he wouldn’t really always be all happy and romantic as fanfictions and imagines make him out to be

• as far as I know (assume) he doesn’t have that much experience with relationships/girls so I think sometimes he wouldn’t always be able to know how to handle fights and difficulties in the relationship

• because he’s not really experienced I can imagine that he would try his best to be the perfect boyfriend that appears in dramas and books

• if he’s really in love with you he would always want to show and tell you how much you mean to him and give you everything you need but he’s only human

• pda wouldn’t really be a thing, he doesn’t seem like the type of man who would be making out with you in public or even kissing you in front of the members. I can see him holding your hand or keeping an arm around you while you’re walking

• also he seems like a really decent guy who wouldn’t have problems to wait for a while until he’s sure you’re the one before he decides to get really close to you physically

• also don’t see him making out with you a lot but a lot of forehead kisses and the dramatic fun kisses he loves to give (you know the thing he does with the camera)

• your first kiss being a meaningful and sweet experience

• I can even imagine him waiting for sex til he gets to marry you because you both don’t necessarily need it right away

• if you want to get closer to him you had to tell him. I feel like he is the type of guy who doesn’t understand girls too well but would notice that something is going on

• if there were times you wanted to kiss him (because he just didn’t make a move) you just had to tell him and he would be okay with it

• i don’t know but i just feel like he would be unsure at first to touch you because he didn’t know if you wanted it

• but as soon as you told him he would constantly hug you, kiss you, and love you the way he wants

• It would get more and more the longer you are together like he would get so touchy and cute from then on

• once he’s sure and comfortable around you, he would literally do anything with you

• the sex wouldn’t be as great as fanfictions make it out to be though

• sometimes he would fall asleep right after because he’s just too tired

• but you love each other so it wouldn’t matter a bit

• him always talking to you about your future together and how many kids he wants to have with you

• he would love to hug you and squish your cheeks

• his hands are really big and he is aware of that (the focus he always sets on them in front of the camera jesus he knows) so I think you and he would love comparing your hands together

• he would love that yours are smaller than his

• he would love the feeling of protecting you and calling you his wifey (even if you’re not married yet)

• If you both have bad fights, there would be times he would walk off and wouldn’t talk to you for a while

• If you both don’t talk to each other anymore he would go to the other boys to tell them about it. He would either do it to get advise or to get it out of his chest, but you’d still be uncomfortable with it because you don’t want them to know about your relationship problems

• He wouldn’t always be so happy and in kissing mood when he wakes up in the morning because he’s a heavy sleeper who has a hard time standing up in the morning

• but as soon as he sees you there would be a lot of times where he would wrap his arms around you and just lay there for a while

• If you both have free days together you would go out to a cafe or an adventure park and just have a good time

• you would also have great museum visits

• taehyung seems like someone who is a great listener, so if you both have time alone together you would also have great thoughtful conversations with a lot of eye contact

• he wouldn’t always tell you everything, but you would turn out to be the person he would trust the most out of all people

• he would love when you play with his hair and just touch him in general

• he would also love to touch you and make you feel secure

• from what I saw, taehyung likes to give people (expensive) gifts, so he would also be willing to buy you lots of presents whenever he feels like it

• sometimes you would get a little mad at him for that because people would think you use him

• but even if the rumors and the drama would be hard to handle, if you both were meant to be, you would go through ever difficulty together

• he would always want to participate more in the music making process, so if he made a new tune/melody for the next song or wrote some lyrics, he would love to show you them and ask for your honest opinion

• because you both would always be honest to each other

• the relationship making you both feel down at times because he’s barely there due his schedule and you not being able to visit him on tour often because of your own work

• him being so cheesy and sweet to you especially when you’re sad and feeling down because he loves to make you feel loved after all

• him being the one to call you mostly in the beginning of the relationship

• silly facetimes, usually once a day but sometimes he would be too tired or jetlegged so he would forget to call

• he’s actually really funny and has a good sense of humor, but sometimes he’ll use them as a tactic to avoid conversations he doesn’t want to have

• he can be really naive at times which could make you frustrated

• he can get really distant at times for no reason

• you being super close to each other’s families

• your parents loving him and seeing him as their son-in-law

• taehyung would love to introduce you to his family and would be super happy to see you getting along with his siblings and cousins

• you being totally in love with his dog soonshim and spending most of the time with her when you visit his house

• him admiring you completely during the process and always telling you how much the dog loves you

• his parents being happy to see that he found someone who makes him feel so alive
• at first i can imagine, the bts members would be concerned if taehyung isn’t getting to serious with you but after they realize that you have good intentions and a good heart, they will treat you so good

• especially little jungkook would always come to you when he has to tell someone other than the boys about his problems and other stuff (you know some girl advice)

• you’d be his inspiration at writing at times. he would write stuff about you. It might not be good and fully written but he would like to write them but never show them to you.

• overall, you two would have a sweet happy yet hard relationship that you both would be fighting for. and if you keep on respecting and loving each other it would possibly hold on for a life time.

Can I just say that I started watching skam because I wanted to see how they would portray a Muslim girl in the media and I instantly fell in love with the show. I began to come home everyday and tell my dad about Yousef and his struggle with Islam. When I showed my dad the scene with Sana and Yousef talking about religion or his lack of it, he told me how much he admired the director and how much he adores the characters. My dad, an Imam(religious scholar), literally comes home everyday to see what’s happening with Sana and watches every update with me. He was devastated when she unfriended Yousef, ecstatic when he saw the way she portrayed Islam and religion as something that centers and focuses her, and has consistently put up with me randomly sobbing over the beauty that is Yousana. Not only has this show helped us to discuss various issues regarding religion,homosexuality, atheism and some of the hypocrisy in Islam, it’s been an amazing bonding experience sharing this with my dad. I’m so here for the next few episodes.

Teddy Lupin HC

I have the HC that teenTeddy would go through a rebellius stage.
Not real disrespect, but more stubborness and recklessness.
The kind of brat you can’t be mad at for too long, like: he steals his grandmother’s broom and crash it agaisnt a tree, but comes home with the rare cake she loves so much.
I think when he goes too far, the only one who can make him be reasonable is Harry. ‘Cause he admires him and feels this connection, since they both lost their parents at Voldemort’s hand.
But even Harry sometimes has trouble with him and one time Teddy shouts “I’m not your son!”
And Harry, unmoved, replies “You’re good as if you’re one.”
And then Teddy tears up. And Harry too, because that time Molly said it, he was upset for her intruding between him and Sirius, so only now he understands how important it had been for him what she said.

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Inspirations, role models & more

I’ve received several questions concerning the above and so I thought I’d simply make an own post about it.
I love reading and just like my favourite author, Tess Gerritsen, has once told me: the best way to improve your own writing is to read a lot and try to understand how other writers do it.
And there is actually no one I admire as much as I admire Tess. I love everything about her work, the way she plays with words, creates tension from the first sentences to the end of her books to the very last and especially all the research she does for her stories to write as detailed as possible.
Another writer that has definitely helped me with my work is Chris Carter (Hunter & Garcia series). He has the ability to write dialogues in a way that make them appear very alive and reading his books actually feels like watching a movie because he can describe situations perfectly, without boring the reader with unnecessary details.
Moreover I really love the classics, like Goethe, who managed to find exceptionally good metaphors and images, or Schiller who never fails to amaze me.
And if you want to learn to write realistic, you should read some of Theodore Fontane’s books because he was one of the first to write integrally.
Concerning puns and plays on words, I also get inspired by Shakespeare (honestly, I was snorting SO LOUD whenever I e.g. read of Mercutio).
There is a reason why those writers are still considered amongst the best and as a young writer, you can definitely learn from them.
(If you are willing to really put effort in something but end up if a totally new idea of writing in general, try Kafka haha).

When it comes to writing poetry/poems, it may come as a surprise who inspires me the most; the queen herself, Lana del Rey.
I actually believe that she is one of the greatest poets of our time and the way she can create a certain atmosphere (I love the nostalgia) and write about love without ever just fulfilling a cliché amazes me.
I wish I’ll some day reach a point where my work affects the reader the way her songs affect me.

Of course, there are many more amazing authors and musicians which inspire my writing but if I’d list them all, it would probably take hours.
Therefore, this is just a short collections.
All the love,

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It´s me or is Andy getting tired of answering questions about Richonne? Bcuz he said he would like to have Danai there to answer these same questions. That made me wonder. Or he was missing her ?! Idk , but I was a little upset :(

Oh no, Andy would never get tired of Richonne questions! I know for SURE. He’s the same bloke who brings their relationship up even when no one is talking about them, remember? From what I can gather, he and Danai talk a lot about their characters with one another. Motivations, feelings, and what they mean to each other. Danai, being the eloquent and intelligent woman she is has, without a doubt, had some really wonderful and beautiful things to say about Richonne. It is obvious from their panels and interviews that AL enjoys listening to DG speak. I think he knows it would be a real treat for fans to hear some of the lovely thoughts she has on Rick and Michonne’s relationship. He knows how much we love Danai and Michonne, as they all do, so having her there to answer the questions too would be absolutely brilliant.

Don’t be upset! Him wanting her there is a sign of respect and admiration.

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Imagine Steve playing with getting different piercings all over, because his healing means they only last a few weeks, and having the ones he likes best re-done frequently.

Steve, Nat, Sam, Sharon, and Pepper are hanging out the first time it occurs to him. Well – the first time it’s suggested to him.

Pepper’s fiddling with a long silver bar dangling from one ear and he just can’t take his eyes off it. He doesn’t think he could wear earrings like those, specifically, but – although, maybe he could, he thinks, resting his head against the couch and considering how lovely the column of her neck is, how it’s set off by the straight silver line…


He jerks up. How tired is he, that he let his mind wander so long? How much of Thor’s mead has he had? “Hm?” he asks.

“I know we’re all admiring the hickey Pepper’s got, but you don’t have to stare,” Sharon says.

“Oh,” Steve says as Pepper throws popcorn Sharon’s direction, “I, yeah, that’s what – yeah.”

Sam narrows his eyes at him. “Hey what if we pierced your ears?” he asks.

Steve goes bright red. “I, uh?”

He manages five whole seconds pretending that’s not what he wants before he gives in. The minute Sam’s said it, he really, really wants it, so it feels like ten seconds later that he’s sitting in the bathroom, a cube of ice pressed against his earlobe, head tipped to one side as Natasha sterilizes a safety pin with her lighter.

Pepper lends him her earrings, after, and he makes it a whole six hours before they close up on him. But it’s six hours where he can’t stop turning to stare at the flash of the earrings in the darkened window, remembering the sharpbrightyellow flash of pain through his earlobe.

He already wants it again.

big, corny post

i’ve been really thinking all day about 2x15 of lucifer, and how much i loved it. it’s such a good episode and the thing is i truly feel every episode of lucifer is good but this episode really highlighted why i love the show so much. like, a lot of people say that the lucifer fandom is so calm and peaceful (which is, for the most part, true) but i really think that very much comes down to the fact that we have very little to ever be angry about. i’m not saying it’s perfect but we’re calm and peaceful cause it’s truly a good fucking show. and that’s. rare. these writers not only care about us as an audience, but they care about every single character and every single relationship on the show. every relationship gets attention and care and importance. every character is multi-faceted and developed.

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When you think about it, it’s pretty incredible that Kai still has feelings for Bonnie in season 8 despite what had happened between them all throughout season 6. The nasty back and forth Bonnie and Kai went through in the prison world. They probably only knew each other and actually spent time with one another at most 2 weeks with the bulk of it back in 1994. And even once they finally rejoined in the present, it was 2 or 3 days before Kai was left for dead in 1903 for another stretch of time. Then later comes the season finale, Bonnie and Kai’s ‘showdown’ only further antagonized both - ultimately leading to Kai’s demise and his eternal damnation to Hell, and now here you’d think that this was the final nail in the coffin of either side (well mostly Kai) even entertaining the idea that perhaps their nearly foundation-less, very young ‘relationship’ could ever reconcile and not just spiral into more hurt and violence.  

The fact that Kai is more giddy than ever about Bonnie when he semi-escaped Hell, like he’s doesn’t even have a bad word to say about her or to her despite all they’ve been through together, is almost unbelievable.  The fact that it seems like his inexplicable feelings for Bonnie has only grown during their time apart, even when all sense would point to him becoming angry and bitter towards her than ever before; that you’d expect him to just give up whatever he feels for her after everything like he had already given up on his unexplored empathy, given up on seeing the good in anyone and anything, like he has given up on his redemption.  I don’t think it’s a far cry that his love/lust/admiration/whatever Kai’s feelings are for Bonnie is at least a bit self-destructive. Almost illogical. And no, not illogical because it’s Bonnie receiving this attention, but illogical because no matter how much pain or trouble Kai might experience due to his fixation/devotion to Bonnie, (since it has become a weakness that people can and have exploited him for before), he still can’t let her go. Kai is still all about Bonnie.

Do you realize that Bonnie has never received such unconditional attention/support like that from anybody besides Grams? No one has ever regarded her high enough to truly respect her even when she is the sole reason they are alive and well. Imagine, if the writing had permitted, Bonnie being allowed to wrong others which would have given us the opportunity for us to see if her friends would still like her as much if Bonnie wasn’t always so subservient as she canonically was. I don’t know about you, but I can’t really see anyone in the MFG (except maybe Matt) be confidently in Bonnie’s corner if Bonnie had went dark or she didn’t want to be the fix it all witch or she had her own selfish agendas and was willing to hurt others like they had done to her several times before to achieve them. Basically, I can’t see most of her friends acting like Kai with his infatuation with Bonnie even after all their dirty fights. That anyone based on canon will still stand by Bonnie if she acted how any of them (white characters) were allowed to act - like a person with her own life and wishes. Before this gets too long, Kai is the only character that has that unconditional fixation to her. Bonnie can hurt him, kill him, trick him, you name it, and Kai hasn’t been completely turned off from her. Although TVD is over (thank god), I’m upset that Bonnie wasn’t allowed to realize this about Kai. Maybe even be touched by it.

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Could you write the reactions of the companions towards a female sole who is super short and tiny? Thank you! I love you blog❤️

Thank you so much, anon! <3

Cait: She pushes Sole around a lot, and has on more than one occasion put Sole’s things on tall shelves, cabinets, etc.

Curie: Always compliments Sole on her height saying things like, “You should be thankful your genetics have gifted you with such a desirable stature!” 

Danse: He always finds himself wondering how such a small woman can be so fiery and talented in battle. He finds it interesting, but he admires it as well.

Deacon: Constantly makes jokes and teases her about her height. “How’s the weather down there? Things are just dandy up here, pipsqueak– I mean, Boss.”

Hancock: Definitely rests his arm on her head. Uses her head as a table. Is just kind of an ass in general, and he probably calls her “small fry”. 

MacCready: “Y’know Sole, it’s nice not bein’ the only scrawny jerk around here.” She makes him feel better about himself, but that doesn’t stop him from teasing. 

Nick: He’s the one who jokes about it in a positive way. “I’m surprised I haven’t seen you jumble up some Raider by running in between his legs to throw him off.”

Piper: She thinks it’s adorable, but would never dare to say anything about it. Tries way too hard to not talk about it when relevant. 

Preston: He’s the one to help cheer her up if she complains about her height or is feeling insecure about it. 

X6-88: He doesn’t care in all honesty, she’s a useful asset and she can handle herself in a fight. In truth, the latter facts are what he cares about.

A writer's insecurities

Today, I tried talking to someone I love very much about this new thing in my life: writing.

He responded with snarky, condescending, and ultimately very bitter, comments on the things I write about.

Fan fiction? What the hell is the point of that? None of it is really yours, you might as well just copy/paste other people’s work and call it yours. All you can do with that is basically just describe the same thing, which was boring and meaningless to begin with (because it’s a video game), over and over again. It’s not original, it’s not creative, it’s not you. Why don’t you take what you call your ‘creativity‘ and pour it into something actually worth doing? And how do you expect people to read any of that? Shouldn’t come as such a surprise to you that nobody is willing to spend their time on it. (I actually never said that.) People have lives, you know. Work, families. Time you got one. A life.

That is the gist of what he said.

It hit me hard, I won’t lie. My hands are actually trembling a little as I’m writing this, because if I had allowed anyone’s opinion on this to matter, it would have been his.

I’ll manage to pull myself out of this little hole that this conversation threw me in, because I know that he’s wrong. He has never read anything I’ve written in the last two months since I started writing. He has no idea. He never asked me about it, about what it meant to me, or why I do it. He took the little he was willing to listen to, and when he couldn’t figure out what it meant (not worth his time), he added his very derogative assumptions about me and tried to turn it into something he could understand: the meanest, most ignorant condescension.

I’ve had a similar discussion with one of my fellow writers here on tumblr recently; someone who is extremely supportive, and has been from the start, and whom I admire very much as a writer. She told me about some of her own insecurities, the rejections she has had to face and how discouraging it can sometimes be. And even though I’m so very new at this, I think I understood.

If you love to write, if it gives you joy, and if it teaches you about yourself and the things you never knew you could do: don’t let anyone tell you any different. In moments like these, remember that the reason you started writing (be it fan fiction, poems, short stories, novels, whatever) was because you wanted to. You needed to. You do this for reasons that can never depend on anything that anyone besides yourself can contribute. These ideas wouldn’t leave you alone, they kept bugging you to put them on paper. And whether their basic concept was someone else’s (which has been true for any and all writing that has been done basically, you know, ever) or whether they are your own: They matter. They are no less alive and brimming with potential than any other. By writing down your unique understanding of them, you made them yours in a way. And you have the rather remarkable gift that we all have, which allows us to put our passion into words and capture others with it, bring them into a different world, any world we can imagine, and reflect some of what we know back at them. We can use language to share in the things we love. It’s a magnificent thing.

To me, there has never been anything more gratifying or more energizing than this, regardless of the response I’ve gotten, or whether I’ve gotten any at all. It’s already been one hell of a ride, and I am so excited to see where it’s going to take me next. Which is why I’m gonna keep doing it.

So screw you, person-I-will-not-name-here. Screw. You.

And also:

Rant over. Kitty out.


Tangled (2010)

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I am binging PoI right now, and Root and Harold's relationship will never disinterest me. One thing I notice is when there's ever technical stuff that needs to be done, Root moves aside and allows Harold to do the job. She can do it easily, and if it were anyone else she wouldn't let them touch a terminal (unless it's to watch them fail and make them eat it). It reminds me of how much she reveres Harold and what a special person she believes he is.

Well hello there my absolute new best bud on the internet! I am always ready to talk about how much Root fucking adores, reveres and loves Harold because it inevitably makes me cry and for some reason I subject myself to that repeatedly. 

And yes, Root absolutely has so much admiration for Harold’s technological skills! Even back when they first met, she respected him immensely for being the Father of AI, even while simultaneously being supremely condescending and critical of his values and methods. Harold was the first person that she ever respected in her entire life as Root, the first person she thought was even worthy of her attention, the first person she ever thought she would even be able to speak to, and the only person she considered equal to her wrt technological skills. Harold is one of the few people in Root’s life that she thought worthy of actually listening to. 

As time went on she came to genuinely adore Harold himself (apart from his impressive coding prowess), and honestly the depth of her love and loyalty towards him is slightly terrifying and wholly mesmerizing. She holds him in such ridiculous high esteem and has such a staggering amount of faith in him. 

Let’s look at some Root quotes that demonstrate how much she reveres Harold:

“I’ve been waiting for you my whole life…” (The Contingency, 2x01)

“You’re Harold Finch. You’ll find a way into the system.” (SNAFU, 5x02)

“Like it or not Harry, history is upon you” (BSOD, 5x01)

Hell let’s go all the way back and examine her “I believed you. I believed in you!” from God Mode. Leaving aside the fact that she was legit gonna blow Harold’s brains out a second after she said this, this line is honestly a stunning and very revealing look into how Root sees Harold, because yes she’s upset that she missed her chance to meet God, but she’s also legitimately feeling betrayed about Harold lying to her. Even at this point, she revered him and put him on a pedestal.

And correspondingly, she also demonstrates a deep desire to be accepted by him. Look at her tentative smile as she says “this is nice…” when Harold invites her to work with him in Prophets. Look at how resigned she is in Skip when she thinks Harold is going to throw her out. She disobeyed a direct order from her God in that ep because she needed to keep Harold safe. 

And honestly, here’s the thing I find so interesting about Root – it’s that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for what the people she loves believe in. Because yes, she will die for TM, she will die for Shaw, and she will die for Harold. That’s expected. Root takes it one step further however. She is willing to die for what TM, Shaw and Harold believe in. It might not be what she thinks, it might not be what she believes, it’s not her worldview… but it is important to the people that she cares so deeply about, and she’s correspondingly willing to honor that (as long as it doesn’t lead to aforementioned people she loves getting hurt and dying of course). 

“You think I don’t care about people, Harold? I’m doing all of this to save you.” (Root Path, 3x17)

Root literally embodies the “I will do anything for you” saying when it comes to the people she loves. She is a magnificent character and I will love her till the end of time. 

I’ll See You Then  [ T.H ]

Hiya! I’ve finally managed to write up this request and once again, I would like to apologize for how long it took me to get this up. 

Request: Hey, If you’re not busy, could you write an imagine about Tom being in love with a famous author, who has a personality like Luna Lovegood, and he doesn’t know how to tell her bc they’re good friends (she wrote the book the movie he’s in is based off of)–and then Haz could tease him because he talks about her ALL the time/admires her from afar haha:) Eventually, he tells her on accident, and they kiss or something, and there’s lots of fluff! Thanks, and I LOVE your writing, btw :)

I’m sorry if this isn’t really what you wanted but it’s all I could manage do get out :)

Okay so, I don’t actually know much about Luna Lovegood so I’ve tried my best but I’m not sure how accurate this is. Also, my writing is kinda really not good woops sorry. 

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 996

Warnings: None!

Butterflies filled your stomach as you silently watch ahead of you. A piece of your writing–a piece of your own imagination and dreams–finally comes to life. The movie had only just started and your mind was already racing to see how the movie-makers had portrayed one of your many masterpieces. You sat beside Tom Holland, who played the main character of your story in the movie. His best friend, Harrison, is sitting in the seat on the other side of him with his face pretty much stuffed into his box of popcorn.

Tom glances at you from the corner of his eye. The two of you have grown surprisingly close over the time that it took for the production of the movie and he couldn’t help but to have come to grow some pretty strong feelings for you. You were soft spoken and had your head in the clouds a lot of the time but Tom had grown infatuated with how you manage to do anything and everything that you do with such grace and kindness. He admired you.

“Dude,” Harrison scoffs, silently whispering to a distracted and flustered Tom. “You’re paying more attention to Y/N than the movie. Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you feel about her.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Haz. You’re making no sense.”

“Oh come on, don’t play dumb.” Harrison rolls his eyes, pushing a fistful of buttered popcorn into his mouth. “I’m not blind and you’re not stupid. Just ask her out, man.”

“Fine, fine, I do like her. A lot.” Tom leans away from you and closer towards Harrison, flickering his eyes between his best friend and the movie that he played the lead role in. “But she would never say yes to me. She’s so–she’s so good and she deserves someone who can–”

“Shut up, Tom. I didn’t think you were such an idiot. If you can’t do it, I will do it for you.” Harrison raises his eyebrow, reaching over Tom in attempt to catch your attention. Tom panics, pulling him back with a harsh whisper.

“No!” Tom shakes his head. “I’ll ask her myself.”

Harrison shoots Tom an indescribable look, raising his eyebrow. Tom just stared back at him innocently, as if he had no idea what was going on. For the second time, Harrison rolls his eyes. Tom was never like this with any of the other girls he dated. He was usually confident and sure and ready to dive head first into anything without a second thought.

But you were different. In Tom’s eyes, there’s nobody like you. You seemed fragile as a china doll but he knew that you are anything but weak. You are smart and caring and beautiful and kind and humble and gosh, the list could go on. He found it hard to believe that you really existed. And above anything else, you were generally a great person. Tom was proud of you and your wonderful talent for writing and you were proud of him and his acting. He was never one for books and you were never one for movies but he was fond of your books and you were fond of his movies.

“No you won’t.” Harrison quickly taps you a couple times, leaning over Tom and then returning to his place in a matter of milliseconds. You turn half of your attention to the boys, your eyes warm and sparkling. You had your concentration focused more on the movie playing but you still waited to hear what Harrison had to say to you. “Tom wants to ask you something.”

Tom glares at Harrison. How childish can he be? 


“You, uh–I, um,” Tom stutters. “Will you maybe want to go on a date with me?”

Now he has your full attention.

You blush, tilting your head downwards as you nod so that your hair covers your eyes. You weren’t expecting that at all. It would be a lie if you said you really wanted this to happen sooner or later but it was something that you only thought you could dream about. A grin finds its way onto your face as you mumble a ‘yes’, finally looking up to meet Tom’s chocolate eyes.  

“Yes, I would love to.” You reply, biting your lip as you smile at Tom without noticing the teasing looks that Harrison was throwing at the two of you. Tom’s smile mirrors your own, his eyes sparkling as he lets out a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, it was as if you’d already confessed your deepest feelings for each other without needing to have said a single word about anything. You and Tom just knew, somehow. Tom’s hand finds your own, his fingers intertwining with yours. He gives your hand a quick squeeze, pulling his eyes away from you and fixating them onto the movie. You do the same, returning as much of your attention to the movie as you can.

The both of you finish the movie with a wide smile, quickly making your plans for your date before you decide it’s time to head in. It’s way past midnight and despite that happiness and excitement that rushes through the both of you, you’re exhausted beyond words.

“I guess I’ll see you on our date then.” Tom smirks, holding your hand in his. You meet his eyes, nodding your head slowly.

“Goodnight, Tom.” You say, biting your lip lightly. “I’ll see you then.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.” Tom leans over, placing a soft kiss on your cheek before flashing you a cheeky smile and dashing off in the other direction. You stand there for a few seconds, relishing the tingle that he had left on that small spot on your cheek before making your way from the cinema.

Tom turns around to get one more glance at you. Harrison is beside him again, smirking deviously at him. He raises his eyebrows, teasingly muttering two words to Tom.

“You’re welcome.”

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Hayley spoke so highly of klaus while he was gone hope sees him as thing amazing person already. She really didn't have to do that if she didn't want to. She could have easily told Hope that klaus wasn't a nice person and there wasn't anything anyone could have done to stop her. Hayley chose to speak very highly of klaus.

Man I get feelings when I think about it because truthfully Hayley didn’t have to do a lot of things but she really created this image of a fairytale prince for Hope. She may have her own feelings about Klaus but somewhere Hayley has to seem him the same way, or at the very least really and truly believe that he’s capable of being Hope’s fairytale prince. I don’t see her building Klaus up for Hope knowing she her child is gonna be disappointed when he does come back. She believes in him, she seems him at a protector who would do anything for his family, she admires how much he loves his daughter and she believes that Klaus is going to be the dad that Hope needs and deserves. We’ve come so far *sobs*

Jorah Mormont […] Doesn’t Know What The ‘Friend Zone’ Is
Luckily, “Game of Thrones” star Iain Glen doesn’t have to worry about all that on Jack Taylor   
by Bill Bradley

[…] The Huffington Post asked Iain Glen (IG) what it’s like to portray someone who’s not concerned with playing the Game of Zones: Friend Zones.That’s when we came to a startling revelation: Despite all those Jorah Mormont memes, Glen doesn’t know what we’re talking about.

“I’m not entirely sure that I know what the friend zone is,” said Glen, “I hold my hand up. I’m social media illiterate. I’ve never tweeted and don’t have Facebook.” […] “If I’m talking about the right thing here,” he added, “I’m a bit like Jack Taylor to be honest [with] that sort of stuff, which he’s very suspicious of.”

The actor continued chatting with HuffPost about “Jack Taylor,” “Game of Thrones” and, yes, friend zones.

You’re Jack Taylor. In pop culture, there’s also Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan. Why are guys named Jack always badasses?
IG: I don’t know, but it’s a cool name. Every single syllable blunt, to the point, go for the jugular. I have no idea. I always quite fancied playing a private eye since when I started acting, and I think that was because I saw Jack Nicholson in “Chinatown,” which I adored, and maybe it’s a hangover from that. I think all actors secretly want to play a private eye.

And Jack Nicholson is also named Jack. So it all makes sense.
Exactly! You’ve done nine Jack Taylor projects now. What are you proudest of?Jack Taylor requires more of me, and I’ve enjoyed that very much so, developing scripts, working with the writer and working with the director. In terms of the product, I hope and feel that it’s more characterful than a lot of the crime milieu. It has more personality for me. Crime should exclude nothing. That’s what I love.

How did you prepare to speak in an Irish accent?
I’ve always enjoyed playing a dialect. It’s like wearing a different pair of clothes if it works. It’s a releasing thing instead of a restricting thing, and I don’t know why, but Ireland has always been very kind to me. I’ve done about two or three TV things there, and I’ve done three or four features there. Either people have been forgiving or accepting of me playing Irish.The people of Galway are very sweet and very forgiving. If I’m not doing it right, they make me believe I am. They’re always calling out to me while we’re filming and saying, “Hey, Jack. It’s great! Did you catch him yet?”

So, you really don’t know what the friend zone is or look at the memes online?
I honestly don’t. I’m honest when I say so. […]

With Jorah, people love how he’s so enamored with Dany despite zero chance of any romance.
Well, I think that’s true, but I think it has evolved. [We’re] sort of 80 hours into the “Game of Thrones” story [and] during the course of the journey, many things have happened. There was a complexity to Jorah’s first approach to Daenerys. He was actually seeking his own redemption from the exile that had been put upon him, but very soon into meeting her, he fell very much in love with her, not just fell in love but also hugely admired her and had a profound conviction that she would make a great and benign leader, so it was a complex mixture.

I do think, over the course of many happenings, he came to realize that love, and certainly a sexual love, was not going to be reciprocated, but he’s in love with her. That doesn’t kill it. In a way, it sort of makes it grow. Life has taught me that, anyway. It certainly hasn’t stopped his admiration or belief in her. It has evolved over the course of time.

I’m trying to remember where we are, what’s been seen and what hasn’t been seen, but I think a point comes where he just wants her forgiveness for what she believes is the wrong that he has done. And that takes precedent over any belief that she’s gonna return or want him to be her lover. Anyway, I’m babbling, but that’s the territory of it, and I supposed if people like that — people like things unfulfilled, and things held in suspense — I think is partly why people are drawn to it, and I’m glad people like the thrust of those storylines.

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Can I request late night convos and snuggles with aomine and midorima please? Thank you!!

Here you go! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Why are you here again?” Aomine yawned, his eyes closed as he asked the question. (Name) perked up in irritation.

“Because.. I’m spending the night with you? You know my parents never allow me alone in the house.” she replied, glaring at the blue head.

“Alright.” he shrugged, sitting up from his bed, grabbing some magazine on top of his bedside table, then laid down again and started reading.

“You’re one hell of a hospitable boyfriend.” she snorted, then pulled out her phone and started playing some games.

“God, this is so boring!” she complained, but it’s not like Aomine minded much. In fact, despite hearing her, he continued to read.

She cursed under her breath, kicking off her shoes and pulled the pillow from under Aomine’s head. “Oi, if you’re going to ignore me, I might as well be at home.”

“Hey, it wasn’t my idea!” he defended. Then, a fun idea popped inside (Name)’s mind. Smirking, she whacked him with the pillow, before running off into the bathroom and locking the door.

Aomine sat up quickly, a hand on his forehead as he stared at her. “Oh, you’re getting it now.” he grabbed a pillow from his bed and rested his hand and weight on the other side of the door.

“Oi, come out now. This is your fault you know.” Aomine warned. (Name) giggled, but didn’t unlock the door.

“As if! It was your fault for being such a snob!” she shot back. Aomine rolled his eyes.

“How long are you going to stay there? I mean, if you want to sleep there then fine.” the tanned man shrugged with a smirk.

“I’m not going to sleep here, aho!” she answered, her mind wandering off to how she’s going to escape from the beast.

They stayed like that for a while, until (Name) finally got bored and sighed. “Fine. I’m coming out. But promise me you won’t do anything! We’re even!”

Aomine shrugged. “Alright. We’re even.”

Slowly, she unlocked the door and pulled it open. And before her mind could even process it, Aomine picked her up and threw her on the bed.

She squealed and laughed as Aomine started to hit the pillow on her, but not too hard. She rolled to the side with a laugh and covered herself with the pillow.

“I’m so tired! Stop!” she said between her giggles. Aomine laid down beside her.

“I can’t believe you stayed inside the bathroom for over an hour.” he said, making her glance at the wall clock.

11:34 PM

She turned so she was facing him. “Say.. Daiki, do you think.. we’re still going to be as happy in the future?”

Aomine scoffed. “Of course we are. Stop worrying so much. When we graduate, we’ll be happier.”

She shrugged. “I hope.”

“By the way, can you help me out with that lesson I didn’t get last week?” he asked cheekily. She scoffed.

“Only.. if you buy me (favourite food).” she grinned. Aomine pouted but wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.


She giggled, and he couldn’t help but smile too. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. “Go to sleep. You made me tired.”

“But you don’t even get tired from-“

“I’m asleep, I can’t hear you.”

“Oh, how convenient.” she snorted.

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headcanons on how eren, armin, jean, mikasa and levi would react if their S/O (whom they're already in an established relationship with) told them they're bisexual and are concerned that they weren't valid in that sexuality? if that's alright for you to write. i often feel that i'm not valid and it would be nice to get some reassurance from my snk babes. thanks in advance, i love your blog and writing so much!

First of all!!! VERY IMPORTANT! No matter who you are or which gender(s) you are attracted to, you indeed are valid and important. You’re a human being and wonderful and if you – or anyone else with a similar burden – need someone to talk, my askbox is always open. I know what it’s like to question yourself because of your identity and it honestly helped me a lot to talk about it, so if any of you wish to do the same, hit me up <3

Eren: Honestly, his biggest concern would be – no matter how silly it might sound – that it would mean more competition for him. He’d say so in a joking way, without thinking too much about it. Nothing else comes to mind that would bother him about it and that alone is really nothing to get upset or angry about. He immediately continues to explain that he means no harm in what he said and that he loves them regardless, why wouldn’t he? If anyone ever gave them shit for it, they can count on him delivering a punch to the face in no second.

Armin: Armin always has an open ear and genuinely cares for them, wanting to help them, even if just through listening. “Okay, thank you for telling me. I’m happy you opened up to me, you can talk to me about anything.” and he keeps the conversation going, if they’re comfortable with talking about it. He wants to get to the bottom of the “issue”, he wants to know what it is that makes them feel upset. For example, if it’s because of something someone else said, he’s determined to cheer them up – though he’s not facing the exact same situation, he does know what it feels like to get picked on – and make them understand that they don’t need someone else’s opinion to actually be valid.

Jean: It could possibly be that he’s overwhelmed or at the very least surprised. He didn’t expect something like that, he didn’t expect them carrying such a weight on their shoulders, all by themselves. He’s not even shocked about the fact that they are bisexual, he’s just upset over the idea that they must’ve had these self loathing thoughts and he’s upset over the realization that he didn’t notice before. It’s his biggest concern in all of this and that’s exactly what he’d say. “You’re perfect, just the way you are. I’ll say it an endless amount of times, if necessary. But please, don’t feel like you have to deal with these thoughts on your own.”

Mikasa: She’d list dozens of things that she loves about them, to make them realize how admirable and amazing they are. She goes on to say that nobody is perfect and everybody has flaws, but being yourself certainly is not a flaw. Nothing would hurt her more than witnessing her s/o bashing themselves down so much. The second these words slip their mouth, she’d just wrap her arms around them, pull them closer, hug them tightly and say how it is “I will always love you, no matter what. To me you’re not only valid, but the most important thing in my life.”

Levi: He genuinely can’t think of a single reason their bisexuality would lower their worth or make them less of a valid human being. It’s what he tells them, too, not because he wants to shrug off their concerns, but because he wants them to think of one themselves in hopes of them realizing there really is no reason to think that way. “It’s not like you made a choice or whatever. It is what it is and you should roll with it. You can’t change it and you don’t have to, either.”

Perfect (Stiles x Reader)


Different inflection when you say my name
Kiss me, but your kiss don’t taste the same
Is it real or am I going out of my mind?
Curious ‘bout the company that you keep
‘Cause I hear you talking 'bout her in your sleep
And now you’ve got me talking 'bout her in mine

Ooh, and I bet, she has it all
Bet she’s beautiful like you, like you
And I bet she’s got that touch
Makes you fall in love, like you, like you

I can taste her lipstick and see her laying across your chest
I can feel the distance every time you remember her fingertips
Maybe I should be more like her
Maybe I should be more like her
I can taste her lipstick, it’s like I’m kissing her, too
Ay she’s perfect
Ay she’s perfect

                                   ♡                   ♡                      ♡

 I am laying down next to Stiles whom is asleep while I am trying to focus on the book in my hands.“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you,” I read out loud, and smile a little. I stare at the boy next to me, and repeat the quote again, adding at the end, “I really love you.” That’s when I hear it , “Lydia,”Stiles mumbled and I felt my heart broke in million pieces right there.
“Lydia,” he repeated again.

I decided to ignore what just happened, maybe I was overreacting. “Yeah, i am overreacting,”I tell myself, “You are overreacting about what?,” Stiles says with a sleepy voice, “Ehh, about something i just read.” I answer rapidly. He looks at me with some doubt, but I am fast enough to change the topic. “Do you feel better?,” He nods and places his hand on my cheek ; “Thanks, thanks for staying with me.” I grin, and peck his lips.
“Well, it’s kinda late,” He says looking at his watch. “Yeah, I should head back home. Mom must be freaking out.” “Well, I am sorry for her but I won’t let you go at this hour. We already know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.” “Yeah, but you only had to say that you wanted me to stay,” I tell him. “I know how much you love stating the obvious.” Stiles says staring directly into my eyes. I laugh a little, he kisses me. Every time our lips touched, it felt as if time stopped.
“We should sleep,almost 2 in the morning,” I say and he nods and makes me cuddle up with him.
I didn’t realise until that moment how tired I really was, I had been so focused in the book. I closed my eyes, and muttered “Goodnight.” “Goodnight,” Stiles replied back.

I woke up to the sound of Stile’s alarm, I get up being careful enough to wake him up that’s when it happens again. “Ly-dia, Lydia…Don’t leave me,” He mumbles and this time I couldn’t let it pass.
“Stiles, wake up,” I shake him softly. He yawns a little, sits downs in the bed, and open his eyes then gives me that cheeky smile of his. “Good morning,” He says and tries to kiss me, but I stop him.
“Did you any interesting dream?,” I mention. He stares at me a bit confused but answers “Well, I did have a dream. Why?”
“You were sleep talking,” I try to choose my worlds wisely. “But…” I begin to say; he stops me mid sentence, “But what?.” “You mentioned Lydia’s name both times. You begged for her to not leave you…” My voice kinda breaks a little at the end. He sighs, noticing what is going on.
“In some way… I always knew it, I knew it. It’s not your fall at all. Blame it all on me, I was silly enough to fall for you. Everybody could see it, they used to say it was obvious. Still, I decided to cover the world with one finger,” I say, it was notorious how much each world was destroying me inside. “Every time you look at her, it’s with admiration with love. You love her, not me.”
“Y/N, let me…” Stiles begins to say ; “Stiles, there’s nothing to explain. I always knew. Lydia, she’s perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, almost every guy is after her. She, is some way, has the world at her feet. That’s the way it is, but I can’t hate her either. She’s my best friend, and I love her for being her too. I’m between the wall and the sword. Trapped,” I said almost in tears. “Let me talk!,” He said already exasperated.

-“Y/N, I won’t sugarcoat things for you. It’s true, I did have feelings for Lydia. I was crazy for her, all that is true. But do you know what else is true?.” I stay quiet waiting for him to say that he still was crazy in love for Lydia. “I met you, in the most unexpectedly way and I fell for you. I fell so hard, out there we can find so many girls that are ¨perfect’, but they are not you. I don’t want Lydia, I don’t ask for any of those ´perfect girl´. I only want my imperfectly perfect Y/N. Y/N, I love you. My heart belongs only to you,” Stiles tells me, tears were rolling down my face. Tears of joy, by the way he said I knew he meant it. “Lydia, is my friend. She’ll always be my friend, and I love my friends. But the way I love her, and the way I love you, it’s very different. Like I said, the only one to break my heart are you.” I lay my head in his chest, and he puts his arms around my body.
Stiles cups my face and kisses my forehead, then wipes the tears of my face. “I love you, Y/N.”
“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure,” He quotes the book I was reading. “My heart is with you, you are my treasure.”

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As a Dricki stan what is your honest opinion of their current status?

They’re back to being best friends and being close and it makes me really happy. They bring out the best in one another and have such a strong bond and connection that has evolved over the past eight years which was such a beautiful thing to watch as a mutual fan of them both. They hold so much love, admiration, respect for one another and he really proves how a woman should be treated whenever he talks about or interacts with her. 

I hope we can see they day when they are officially together and finally happy and in a stable healthy relationship. It’s my wish for them but I love that they are as close as they are and working on new music. It could always be better but it also can be worse and just seeing him holding her hand or kissing her cheek and her smile when she’s with him is enough for me right now. 

I’m just genuinely happy. I really am and writing this answer put a smile on my face so thank you for this.