i love how michelle was just


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 


2x21 // 2x22

sara: hi seung gil, do u want to come with-

seung gil: no


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sara: if you’re turning a lady down, can’t you be more considerate?

seung gil: do i get any benefit out of being friendly with you?


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what probably went down
  • BBC: so what's the plan for Doctor Who this year
  • Moffat: I'm gonna give the gays everything they want and deserve and it's gonna be great
  • BBC: uh
  • Moffat: firstly, black lesbian companion with an awesome afro, whole first episode about her crush on this girl transcending time and space BUT I PROMISE IT ONLY COMES UP WHEN ITS RELEVANT
  • BBC: her being gay looks like it comes up in 6 out of the first 7 episodes
  • Moffat: RELEVANT also Twelve had a gay romance with an emperor made of algae
  • BBC: ... ok but what about the plot
  • Moffat: Mondasian Cybermen! and the Master! and a racist gets punched in the face by the Doctor!
  • BBC: ok that's... sounding good?
  • Moffat: got to keep catering to the gays, though, so I'm thinking we give Missy a PIANO, everyone looks good next to a piano, and we know that gay ladies love Michelle, so when we release the stills of Michelle with the piano, everyone will just lose their shit over how beautiful she is
  • BBC: but the plot, Steven -
  • Moffat: trust me she's in a vault with the piano, it's a whole thing, it'll be fine, don't worry, I got this

Since i havent seen anyone talk about this i think i would just like to point out that while yuuri is skating georgi is wearing this expression

Do you know why?

Because he understands

He understands that while yuuri is skating Yuri on Ice he is dedicating it to victor, his love for him, and is thinking of all the moments they have spent together and how victor has helped him so much from how he was last year. He wore the same expression while michele is skating because he knew he was skating because of his love for sara.

But georgi isnt the only one who noticed.

The commentators, the other skaters, mila, and im pretty sure even yakov knew that yuuri was skating because of his love for victor, some more so than others. What im saying is that people know and acknowledge that yuuri really loves victor and that he dedicated his entire FS to their relationship and how he has grown from it.


A quick chart I did this morning. Because I always noticed how particular JJ’s skin was, and then I saw someone talking about him being poc (for example Métis), and I love the idea.

But apparently some people reject the idea so here’s a little comparison of skin tones within the same scenes / art (because light changes.)

For the official arts : “Wrap Up Party” “Sleepy Card Holders”

I wasn’t always sure how to arrange them, since the “darkness” isn’t the only criteria, considering some have more or less saturated skin. So just consider the order isn’t really a “less to more white”, but an attempt to match them by darkness and color saturation.

Pardon my bad handwriting.

You know, I have a lot to say about [opening up as an artist], because if you know me very well, I talk quite openly about everything that I’ve been through.

When I wrote ‘If you say so’ on the first album with Sia, which was only a couple of…maybe even weeks after. `Cause, you know, the album was done and then we added that song on to the record. And I loved that song, I would’ve probably talked about it more, but again that was an example of something where I was SO honest with that song and we were very specific with that song. And then when it became time to talking about it, you know for me, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t ready to talk about it, but what people don’t understand always is, there are so many other people that were a part of this. Family and friends. I have to be respectful of that. So it was a little too soon I feel for me to go out there and be so open.

I wanted to be sure that everything that I put on this record now, I was comfortable with talking about. So I wrote ‘Hey you’ which is the last song on the record. I wrote with Stephen Wrabel and Ali Temposi. And I sat down with them to write a break up song about someone who had terribly broken my heart. Even though we had sentimental memories on the record, which is like also a nice little moment for them, I still felt the need to write some more. And I would sit down to write this break up song and I had a journal of some… I don’t really write songs as much as I write feelings and ideas, but I did have this full song. It was called 'Hey you’. And so we finished this break up song.

First we do the lyrics… first we drink the wine, then we write the lyrics. Then we go and we sit and then we go 'okay, let’s get the music to then go with the lyrics.’ So Stephen sits down, and all of a sudden Wrabel starts to play -hums melody from 'Hey you’- and I go: ’ that sounds like… it sounds like something falling from heaven.’ So I said that would be a really good background for this little song I wrote called 'Hey you’ and next thing you know -within, I think, 30 minutes- we had the song completed.

I wanted to write a song about losing someone that wasn’t necessarily some heartbreaking, horrible, sad song. I wanted to write a song that was beautiful. That was about 'If you had 5 minutes to see someone again you lost, what would you say to them?’ And when I’ve stopped to think about it, whereas you maybe think that you would say everything that you were upset about or everything that you…if you had questions… you probably wouldn’t. You probably would just look at them and say 'hi! How are you? Oh my God.’ Like, it would probably not be that… for me it just felt like it would…it would be much more simple than that. And so I love this song, and it’s so special to me and I think everyone wants it to be some dramatic story but it’s just not.

I’m very proud of it. Probably cause I like you [Larry Flick] so much and when you handle things with respect and class in an interview, people would be surprised how much more people are willing to open up. As the publicist sits here and sweats. But you know, it is something I’m proud of and I probably won’t talk about it ALL the time, but you know, I love the song that I wrote.  

- Lea Michele on ‘If you say so’ and ‘Hey you’ (x)

William Nylander #2

Anonymous said: Could you make one where you met William nylander family for the first time?


A/N: apologizes for any spelling or grammar errors, as usual i wrote this at some god awfully late time. but hope you all liked it!! :)

Word Count: 2,759

If your boyfriend thought you were just casually going to up and meet his family then he was crazy. And after walking into the suite you normally sat in during Leafs game, it was confirmed - William Nylander was freaking crazy. Cause staying around was his entire family, visiting from Sweden, and looking at you as if you had two heads.

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Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”

Having been part of fandoms that obsessively analyze each panel to validate ships and argue how canon it is, I am truly grateful for YOI, where you are just whacked in the face with pure love each episode that you can’t deny even if you watched the show with only an ass cheek. 

Be More Chill; Michael's Uncle

Michael was getting dressed and heading down to breakfast as usual when he spotted someone else sitting in his usual place at the table. The person turned around with a wide smile.
“You must be Michelle! Anne told me so much about you it’s so nice to finally see you again!” He got up pulling Michael in a hug as he stood there, very confused.
“Your Uncle Arvin, remember? He used to come over all the time when you were little.”
“Only for my most favorite niece in the world! Look at how big you’ve gotten! Oh but why is your hair so short? It was so pretty when it was longer.” Through the hug Michael glared at his mother. Of course she hadn’t told him. She never tells anyone and then gets angry at him for correcting them.
Michael’s dad did sense how awkward this was becoming for his son and put a hand on Michael’s shoulder. “It’s almost seven, if we don’t hurry up you're​ going to be late for school. Go upstairs and get dressed.” Michael shuffled up the stairs as the adults looked on. “Arvin, can you leave for a second? I need to talk to Anne about something.”
“Sure, sure your house.” He left the kitchen as Anne looked over to her husband.
“I know I should have told him.”
“Yes, do know how awkward Michael must be feeling right now? His uncle still thinks he’s a girl. You know how much he hates being called Michelle!”
“Don’t get on your high horse David. You know damn well I couldn’t have just mentioned it conversation. Oh Anne how are you doing today? Just fine, by the way my daughter's​ actually my son now so if you could just call him a boy now that’d be lovely!”
“I know it’s hard for us, but it’s even worse for Michael. Imagine being called something you hate everyday.”
“He’s my brother David, he’s only ever known Michelle. I don’t think he’d be open to the idea of his only niece turning out to be a-!” There was a crash from the hallway where the two looked over to see Michael, who had been listening the whole time. “Michael…how much of that did you hear?” He ignored the question grabbing his bag and heading towards the front door. “Michael!”
“I’m staying over at Jeremy’s tonight.” With that the door slammed shut as she heard him get in his car and leave.

“ dear michael mell, thanks for every note you send. ”

i drew another picture based on Disappear but whoops i forgot his cast so ill send that later lmao
anxious michel mell is more anxious than an anxious boy should be

“ dear jeremy heere, i’m just glad to be your friend. ”

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I’m excited to see your interpretations on the DEH characters bring em here //claps hands


We were a ticking time bomb.

Preparing for the end before we even began
Trying to figure out how we’ll call it quits
But making sure to never fall asleep without a goodnight kiss

We were a ticking time bomb
We knew this wouldn’t last
Doing 10 mph wondering are we moving too fast ?
Yet we told each other everything
Patched the cuts and healed the bruises
As long as when it got too serious we could distance ourselves with useless excuses

We were a ticking time bomb
Just waiting to explode
Our words and actions never quite matched up
No matter how much we tried it just never felt enough

We were a ticking time bomb
Most of “us” was a mistake
Sleep walking through this
convincing ourselves we were awake

I know you’re out there reading this
and I know I came to mind
I’m sorry you can relate
To such a lingering and devastating heartache


Rafelina Michelle

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okay listen

i loved valentina as much as everyone else, but how the fuck are people blaming michelle and ru for her being sent home? i’m sorry but what other choice did ru have? nina and valentina were both clearly in the bottom (and i can’t stand alexis michelle but i can acknowledge that she wasn’t the worst tonight) and nina did very well in the lip synch. valentina didn’t know the words and it’s a LIP SYNCH like really? ru himself even says you don’t have to be some amazing stunt queen to slay, all he asks is that YOU KNOW THE WORDS TO THE FUCKING SONG!!!!! not much to ask for during a LIP SYNCH like damn yall. michelle was absolutely right in questioning why valentina wouldn’t remove the mask, and don’t act like ru wasn’t thinking the same thing when he clearly was. i love valentina but like i said there wasn’t much choice tonight, she did this to herself. i’ll miss her and it’s unfortunate how things turned out tonight, but it was the right decision. NO PRINTER JUST FAX LADIES.

  • Mila: hold on GIRLFRIEND, I got you this thing I just know you'll look lovely in
  • Sara: thank so much GIRLFRIEND I just appreciate and love you so much
  • Michele: oh look at them being besties, I'm so happy Sara doesn't have men lusting after her for once
  • Mila: oh no you definitely got that wrong, I definitely am lusting after your sister, didn't you hear me explicitly calling her girlfriend earlier? Like this is definitely not platonic at all if that's what you're thinking, it's gay, very gay, so gay that in fact we could give yuuri and victor a run for their money, like that's how gay and unplatonic our relationship is
  • Victor in the background: UNTRUE IM THE GAYEST TO EVER GAY
  • Yuuri: victor please stop this is utterly embarrassing