i love how michelle was just


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

Since i havent seen anyone talk about this i think i would just like to point out that while yuuri is skating georgi is wearing this expression

Do you know why?

Because he understands

He understands that while yuuri is skating Yuri on Ice he is dedicating it to victor, his love for him, and is thinking of all the moments they have spent together and how victor has helped him so much from how he was last year. He wore the same expression while michele is skating because he knew he was skating because of his love for sara.

But georgi isnt the only one who noticed.

The commentators, the other skaters, mila, and im pretty sure even yakov knew that yuuri was skating because of his love for victor, some more so than others. What im saying is that people know and acknowledge that yuuri really loves victor and that he dedicated his entire FS to their relationship and how he has grown from it.

Having been part of fandoms that obsessively analyze each panel to validate ships and argue how canon it is, I am truly grateful for YOI, where you are just whacked in the face with pure love each episode that you can’t deny even if you watched the show with only an ass cheek. 

  • Mila: hold on GIRLFRIEND, I got you this thing I just know you'll look lovely in
  • Sara: thank so much GIRLFRIEND I just appreciate and love you so much
  • Michele: oh look at them being besties, I'm so happy Sara doesn't have men lusting after her for once
  • Mila: oh no you definitely got that wrong, I definitely am lusting after your sister, didn't you hear me explicitly calling her girlfriend earlier? Like this is definitely not platonic at all if that's what you're thinking, it's gay, very gay, so gay that in fact we could give yuuri and victor a run for their money, like that's how gay and unplatonic our relationship is
  • Victor in the background: UNTRUE IM THE GAYEST TO EVER GAY
  • Yuuri: victor please stop this is utterly embarrassing

#FBF to eight years ago in case you need a reminder of this feeling. I sure did. Just look how at how our former President makes people FEEL. What a difference from today’s events. No matter the changes to the state today, we have come so far and are still capable of great things. 

Thank you to President Obama for doing so much good for our country and for making me truly proud to be an American. I hope that one day we will once again have a President that invokes inspiration, hope, and progress instead of disgust, fear, and hatred. 

If today’s inauguration has you feeling hopeless, angry, betrayed, resentful, scared, disappointed, livid, just know that you are not alone and that you are in good company! I for one plan to work as hard as I can and do everything I can to disrupt the current presidency from undermining the rights and protections we’ve worked so hard for. 

We can help as individuals by raising awareness, donating, starting conversations, and educating others, but the BEST thing is to work in collaboration with others. Reach out to your networks, friends, and family members. Don’t let yourself be overcome by the classic divide and conquer method that oppressors turn to. We are the majority. Trump and his awful administration work for us, after all. Yes, they have an overwhelming amount of power. But if history is any indication, our most shining moments as a country have been when we have stood up for ourselves against oppression with dignity and ferocity. Let’s be vigilant, vocal, visible, and let’s make history again.

Performed by: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

Number: “At Last”

Choreographers: Improvised by: Barack and Michelle Obama

Style: Slow Dance

From: The Neighborhood Inaugural Ball 2009

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> i wonder how yoi's second season will be in terms of competitions and their champions, because right after the grand prix come the nationals, then the european championships, then the four continents championships and finally the world championships, just to speak of the major events in figure skating. if victor's timing his comeback for the russian nationals, does it refer to the nationals of the current season (which is HIGHLY doubtful, since he doesn't have programs ready) or next season's? and if it's next season's, who will have won the other competitions of the current season? will yuuri be the 4cc champion? will yurio be the euro champion? who will be the world champion? and why wouldn't victor time his comeback for the next grand prix instead of the nationals, since the grand prix is the very first major competition of figure skating season? on which competition will next season focus? seung gil did mention that the 4cc would be fun after watching jj's 4Lo in the gpf, was that foreshadowing? i need to know<p/></p>
Yuri!!! on ice- ships

Yuri!!! on ice has gotta be the best thing to happen in 2016 so far. To commemorate it’s success i’d thought i’d put up a lovely list of my favorite and least favorite ships:


  1. Leoji (Leo de la Iglesia x Guang-Hong Ji) This is probably my OTP. They’re just so perfect as boyfriends, their personalites contrast each other perfectly. They are just amazing!
  2. Georgiko (Georgi Popovich x Minako Okukawa) This is one of my own ships that i’ve thought about. I feel that Georgi would be trying to move on and gets a little drunk and meets up with Minako (who is also drunk). They have a bit of a crazy night *ahem* then start to fall in love. 
  3. Michemil (Michele Crispino x Emil Nekola) I absolutely adore these two, you can see how worried Michele is when Emil falls and how Emil is in awe at Michele’s “Serenade for two”. They just are adorable together.
  4. Victuri (Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki) I think Victuri is amazing but in all honesty, i’m not too keen when Yuri is the dominant one, i find it a bit odd as he is the younger one. (not trying to start anything btw) But either way, their relationship is perfect and their airport scene really got me.

Unsure/ not too bothered by:

  1. JJSeung (Jean-Jaques Leroy x Seung-Gil Lee) I don’t really know what to think about this one as Seung is a very hard person to ship. It has potential but otherwise I’m not overly fussed.
  2. MilaSara (Mila Babicheva x Sara Crispino) Very orignal ship name, but overall i like the idea of these two being together but i don’t think i’d ‘ship’ it. They’re lovely together but i’m not majorly bothered

Least favourite/ unnecessary: 

  1. YURIO WITH ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!! He is 15! He doesn’t need to be shipped until he is 17, let the poor kitten have his innocence. I think Yurio is good by himself for now.
  2. Phichit with anyone. I think Phichit is one of my favorite characters, he’s just so funny. But I don’t think he needs a ship with anyone besides his phone.
  3. Chistophe with anyone. Guys, let him get turned on by himself don’t bother shipping him.

and thankyou to @gaynikiforov for your opinions on my countless asks, much appreciated!!!

(can we try and get Georgiko out there as well?)

So, I understand that everyone is shook and would probably continue being shook until next week but listen: Yuuri and Viktor will be fine. If anything, I think Yuuri is about to do the most beautiful, the most phenomenal performance in his career. Why?

Remember what happened to Michele and Sara in episode 9?

His decision to let go of Sara enabled him to skate his heart out. Michele had nothing to lose now that Sara’s gone, so he just poured all his feelings and skated flawlessly, with no burden, all the way to the bronze medal.

So now that Yuuri has decided to let go of Viktor, I think we should prepare ourselves for an extremely emotional ‘Yuri on Ice’ performance instead of angsty breakup scenario and don’t worry; they love each other to death, regardless of how Viktor would react to Yuuri’s decision.

I’ve seen many posts saying that the episode shows us Yuuri’s unconditional love toward Viktor—Yuuri’s agape—and I really couldn’t agree more. Yuuri is not pushing Viktor away. He’s pushing both of them higher.

Because in the end,

the bond between them stays.


Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”

In this time of darkness, the trump presidency, I just wanted to offer a little bit of positivity to everyone who is afraid. Just remember in 4 years were going to have probably one of the best most progressive presidents that will undo all of trumps damage. Think about it. Joe Biden has commented on running, Bernie sanders might run again and who knows maybe even Michelle Obama will change her mind bless us with her golden light. Love always wins in the end no matter how many steps back we take and how brutal the fight gets. I’m pretty sure that by the time these four years end, everybody will be completely and totally fed up with the Republican Party, not to mention trump. I mean the rate at which trump voters started regretting their decision before he even took office was just historical I think. I mean he’s gotta be one of the most hated presidents in american history and he’s only a couple days in. So don’t worry. If you can survive these four years, there is a beautiful, glowing light at the end of this dark tunnel just waiting for us !

Alec is so dead. We all are.

I have no words. I’m just shook. The cat eyes are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them shine in the show. This whole look is just so fucking good. Every part of it. At first I was sceptical about this goatee but damn, it does things to me now. And photo was unlocked in less than 20 minutes???

The fact, that I’d die for Magnus Bane is one thing, but the fact, that I’d die for Harry Shum Jr. as well is another one. I bet he wasn’t expecting it to be unlocked so fast and it just shows how much we love and appreciate something/someone he pours in his whole heart and soul. Harry is incredible as Magnus. Harry is Magnus. I want to give him every single damn award for his acting. Step Up, Glee, Mom’s Night Out, Crouching Tiger, White Frog, Single by 30… - all of this never gave him as amazing chance to show off as Shadowhunters. I’m close to tears just thinking about it. He should be more appreciated. If there’re people, who somehow judge his acting skills but never saw him as Magnus, I want them to hear me clearly: Harry Shum Jr. is an amazing, taletned actor who truly becomes his character while shooting. There’s no Harry left, when he plays Magnus. Not his voice, not his body language, not even his looks. Just pure Magnus Bane. That’s what good acting means. He deserves all the love; it’s sad that he gets hate too.

But anyways. I love it. I love Magnus. I love Harry. I’m dead and tomorrow I’m gonna see Alec’s poster from afterlife and then come back again on 2nd January.


btvs rewatch ✞ 2x22 Becoming Part 2

I genuinely from the bottom of my heart feel so heartbroken for the people who have so much hate and ignorance in their hearts that they can’t see the pure loveliness of this First Family. The Obamas are truly a gift that just radiate class, warmth, hope, and humility as well as hard work and strength. What a presidency we were lucky to witness. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss them.

Unpopular Opinion: Luke and Lorelai were really disappointing in the revival

So I’ll start off with some of the things I loved because I actually had to pause to revel in them. I loved seeing Lorelai and Luke have routines together, her helping at the diner, and how normal it was for them to catch up with Liz and TJ and their whole movie watching things. I also really loved seeing Luke really embrace his role in Rory’s life and just be extra cheesy with his dad mode. 


1. Lorelai and Luke explain that they spent nine years together not talking about kids, even though it felt like it got like three or four mentions in the original series.

2. Luke steamrolls over Lorelai’s interest in following up with the surrogacy stuff, and Lorelai just lets it go.

3. Lorelai is in the middle of telling Luke how she understands where Michel is coming from and how it was affecting her, and Luke again steamrolls over her concerns and tells her how to feel about it, and also indicates that change is completely unnecessary, which is an unhealthy attitude for anyone to take much less when you are in a relationship.

4. Lorelai lies to Luke, Luke doesn’t address and decides to lie to Lorelai too.

5. Luke insists on keeping April separate even though it seems like Lorelai is trying to be involved, and it seems like they forgot this same conflict ended their previous engagement.

6. Lorelai decides she’s struggling with something and after a pretty big fight, her solution is to spend some time on the other side of the country, leaving Luke totally hanging on the status of their relationship.

7. When Lorelai comes back, Luke decides that he doesn’t care that Lorelai has been the one to set up their lives anymore, and is suddenly willing to do all of these things he didn’t want to just for Lorelai, rather than continue to stand for his place in their relationship.

And marriage doesn’t really fix any of these things. The marriage certificate doesn’t guarantee that they will actually share everything. It doesn’t prevent Luke from feeling concerned if Lorelai decides to take another few weeks to herself. It doesn’t fix the fact that Lorelai still wants a kid and Luke doesn’t want to talk about it. It doesn’t prevent Lorelai from walking all over Luke if she really wants to. 

I would have rather seen a happily married couple than a wedding. I would have rather seen them go through those same troubles, but actually find a way to talk it out instead of just putting a ring on it and calling it a day. I didn’t think we needed a big conflict in their relationship for their stories to be interesting. Especially since they were dead set on not devoting enough time to their serious conflicts in favor of town events and montages.

yoi tag! feel free to reblog and answer these -

favourite episode : 10 bc im in fukcing tears its a wild ride aND VICTOR AND YUURI ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED

favourite character : every one of them hmm well victor nikiforov slightly more than others

favourite song : yuri on ice, partizan hope, in regards to love : agape, HISTORY MAKER AND YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE (obviously)

favourite ship : victuuri is a given, of course and i really love yurio x otabek and emil x michele

favourite scene : the whole show tbh but  if i had to choose, the kiss in ep in 7

favourite thing about the show :
how EVERY single character from minako to otabek have their own detailed stories and just the fact how groundbreakingly amazing it is