i love how many covers there are for this series


For murkybluematter’s The Pureblood Pretense series 
Finally sharing these (unfinished) fan-made covers for the three currently complete books of my absolute faveeee author Violet

If you love complex characters and well-thought-out world-building, read this series. It’s immersive, and I’m still blown away by how much I love this series and how many times I can reread it.

heyyoufriendthere  asked:

Hullo my good chasm buddy! If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me how you first got into the Cosmere?

Hello, friend! :)

So about 8 years ago, my new friend recommended Mistborn to me. She had seen the cover in the library and thought it was beautiful. She loved the series and let me borrow her hardcovers…

I was fascinated. And I loved Kelsier. That made the first book devastating. But I kept going, and read the rest of the series. Still, I grieved. For years.

I found other Sanderson books (not that many back then). Warbreaker was great. I didn’t really understand much about shards or the cosmere and had no idea who Hoid was; I just enjoyed the characters and the magic systems and the heart and intensity of his writing.

When The Way of Kings came out, I was deep in Wheel of Time and that series took me a long time to finish. Meanwhile, that same friend kept begging me to read TWoK. I kept putting it off, wanting to finish WoT first. I have since regretted and apologized for that decision. I wish I had read it sooner…

I ended up at Salt Lake Comic Con a few years ago and met Brandon there for the first time. He was incredibly nice. He signed my Mistborn, the same beautiful hardcover version my friend had let me borrow years earlier. Having no idea about the cosmere, I had no questions for him. This makes me shake my head now.

Months later, when I recovered from WoT, I finally got to TWoK, and it completely sideswiped me. I had no idea a fantasy book featuring giant magical swords and tiny conscience fairies could affect me like that. I related to the depiction of depression so well. It instantly became my favorite book for that, and for its heroism in spite of deep personal imperfections. For its utter, visceral humanness, the good and bad parts that resonated with me. I don’t know how to explain it.

Also, I had so many questions. I gradually became more cosmere aware…

I started seeing pieces of the larger story being told and began making connections. I reread the other books. They made much more sense. I found the Coppermind and 17th Shard. That was the beginning of the end for me.

My poor friend who innocently picked up a book with a pretty cover has had both her ears repeatedly talked off about the cosmere now. I sincerely hope she doesn’t regret introducing me to it (she swears she doesn’t).

Thank you for the ask, @heyyoufriendthere! Sorry it was so long. I love hearing other people’s stories about this, so I hope to hear your answer as well.

Date Night Routine

Requested by: @totally-ravenclaw :D
Prompts: #15 “I immediately regret this decision” & #26 “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to.” (Reid x Reader)

A/N: Over 2700 words. Sorry not sorry.

Originally posted by spencerreideuphoria

“I immediately regret this decision,” was the first of many texts Spencer Reid received from you that night. It was quickly followed by:

“What did I say I saw in him at that bar?”
“Ugh, the guy has been talking about ‘the match’ for at least 20 minutes.”
“I still don’t know what sport he’s referring to.”
“I gave up trying to understand what he’s saying and opened the Pokémon Go app.”
“Speeeeence, this place is a Charmander magnet!!!”

And then there was the one he had been waiting for the entire night:

“Could you call me in about 10 minutes? I really need an excuse to leave.”

Since he knew the restaurant you were at, instead of just calling you from his apartment like you had asked him to, he drove to the restaurant and parked around the corner to pick you up. It’s a simple precaution, he thought. Who knew how the guy was going to react to you walking away mid-dinner?

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Hey! So i was tagged by the wonderful @kilewooclwork to do the 5 Years of MRTFLR tag. Thank you!

When I joined:I can still remember the very day I read The Selection and that was April 11, 2014 hahaha isn’t that weird? Anyway, my sister was suggesting me some books to read and then I saw the cover of The Selection and obvi I fell for the cover and started reading it.

How this fandom/book series has impacted me:I can say that this series has impacted me greatly for so many reasons but mostly because this series turned me into a bookworm! Yes, that’s right. The Selection Series made me love reading. Im not really fond of books until I read this series or more particularly The Elite. I mean, I’ve read Beastly, The Hunger Games Trilogy and Divergent Trilogy but that’s because I love the movies. I read TFIOS bc there’s going to be a movie and I read The Little Prince bc my teacher told us to. I’ve never really read books just bc I love to but after I read The Elite I started searching for more books to read! (cause it’s still 1 month before The One comes out) I loved how The Selection and The Elite made me feel and I wanted more of that and without realizing it I became a bookworm 📚 And I would never get to read all the amazing books I’ve read if I haven’t read this series that made realise how wonderful reading is.

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”  - J.K. Rowling

I’m tagging these amazing The Selection blogs who I admire (some I became friends with): @fangirlingforinfinity @eadlynschreaveofillea @kilewoodwork @eadlyns-tiaras @krisspiaria @selectionfandom @prince-consort-erik @prince-consort-lolz @prince-consort-kile @the-selection-bitch @theselectionmouse @loveisbeautifulfear @theheirofillea @hushedhands @ladyanj @queenamberlystationschreave @queenschreavelovestarts @maxon-my-dear @ohmyfreakingcherries @clarafarleybarrow @selectedredqueen @tessalivesandbreathesbooks AND many more I just cant remember all of you at the moment but I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND EVERYONE IN THIS FANDOM mwah!

a masterpost solely dedicated to notes part 2: actual types of notes

Heyooo everyone!

I am back with part 2 of this masterpost series yaaayy so let’s gooo notes are waitiiiing

Check out part 1!

There are so many types of notes and methods how to take them and I’m not gonna lie, covering all of them would be impossible, especially when most of these types are not known cause human everyone is different and has different needs and do stuff differently yaaay I love differences wait how did i get here *looks around in confusion* Anyway, I’ll make a deal with you here ‘kay? I’ll sum up the types that are mostly used in terms of  how you do it and for which subjects and I might add some personal experience with the type and if you have your own kinda method or like something that you do, please do send me asks and messages and reply to this post and tell me more about what you do! I think it would be really interesting to compile all of your methods in a big post afterwards! So please please??

Anyway let’s start~~


This is a method which is used mostly by visual learners. Basically you write your main idea/topic in the center and then make kinda branches from it to expand it and add other subtopics and ideas, of course with using as much color as possible. Mind-mapping is an awesome technique for connecting ideas - you can do this to get a better understanding of the links between the topics you have. I’m not a big fan of mind-mapping, since it unfortunately looks like a mess to me, but I do use it and that’s when I write essays. I put the topic in the middle and think of ideas/arguments that I can use in the essay. It’s cool cause it doesn’t get as messy as if I was writing actual notes and also, I can see how many ideas I got and what I want to cover in my essay. Anyway you can use mind-maps in biology, chemistry, but also like almost anything else :D


Flashcards are the key to mastering vocabulary. Like legit. You put the word on one side, turn the card and put the definition and examples on the other side. Easy as it is. Actually, you can use it to summarize topics, too, which is awesome and you can quiz yourself by reading the term and then explaining it and things like that. I don’t use flashcards that often, but they really helped me a long time ago, when I took a law class and it was full of weird words :D so this method is useful in any subject which uses terms - biology, law, languages (I was learning kanji with flashcards), physics, history… anything really


This is a notebook version of the flashcards system and it’s done like this: you take a smaller notebook and on the left page, you write your term and on the right page, you explain it. Easy. Or you can also take a bigger notebook and split the page into two columns and do the same thing – in the left one you write your term and in the right one you explain it.


This one is the easiest thing you can do. You take a piece of paper (or a notebook) and a pen, write a heading, make a bullet point and just write. That’s it guys that’s everything. Actually not really, because you can make subheadings! And extra types of bullet points and lists and everything! And not only is this the easiest method, it’s also the most effective one. You can use it in any subject and it’s just really fast to write your notes. I actually use some kind of an outline method with additional things like adding a column for more stuff and textbook notes etc. and tbh after trying the cornell method I can say that I prefer this one better and I’m going to tell you more about why when I talk about the cornell method.


Here it is, the famous cornell notetaking method! What you do is that you basically split your page into three sections - a column on the left for questions, topics and subheadings, a section at the bottom of the page for the summary and a section in the middle (basically what is left of the page) for your actual notes. And here it gets creative. 

You can write your notes either in a format of question-answer, so you put the question in the left column and the answer in the notes section. That means you write in sentences and if you remember what I said in part 1 of this masterpost series, please do this only when revising at home.

You can also write your notes in bullet points, which means you can actually use this at school. Then you write your topics/vocab in the left column.

And now let’s focus on the summary section. This is basically the reason I stopped using the cornell method. The summary section is cool when your topic perfectly fits in one page. But when your topic is on ten pages and you kinda have to summarize every single one, it gets first of all annoying (at least for me) and secondly, I just get confused about how should I summarize it? Should I sum up every single page or can I just mix it? But wait can I write about a completely different thing on this page?

Basically, I got confused and omitted the summary section and kept the column on the left for like additional notes from my teachers. But then I took away the column, too, and that was simply because the outline was enough for all of my subjects (almost, except for czech, i was just lazy hahaha rip me) and most of my professors don’t say additional stuff so… that’s how I ended exactly where I began :D

That’s everything for this part! Make sure to reply/send messages and asks with how you take notes, I’m really looking forward to those and I’ll be making a post from these!



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TWC - Fye, Kurogane and Syaoran Family

I just recently know Tsubasa has second series and marathon it for 13 chapters but really, nothing actually happens yet in series, and I am late 1 year (laugh)

The thing I really love is that they look like a real family, seriously, it makes me want to cry remembering how many hardships they went through

Look at Kurogane being a perfect papa, encouraging Syaoran.

And then protects him right away, and also Fye being a perfect mama takes care of her child, covers Syaoran’s eyes because doesn’t want him to see terrible scenes since he sees differently.

Can you see Syaoran is holding on Fye’s belt so that he won’t get lost because he is closing his eyes while walking? It’s freaking adorable, and Fye protects Syaoran as well. It makes me remember the first time Fye used magic when protecting the team.

And Syaoran? Yeah, he is worried when Kurogane finishes fighting and walks side by side just to make sure, like a little child.

It makes me feel like Kurogane and Fye are really doing their best just to care for Syaoran, since he now is isolated from the world without real parents.

Heart-warming, indeed.

anonymous asked:

I had an idea Cal, I thought you should hear it. If all of us disgruntled OP fans wrote to Oda about his gross misuse of his female characters, do you think it would help anything? At least draw some attention or something? I'm mad as hell! The males are so diverse and well represented, but I feel like lots of girls (me included) must feel sick over this. There are no bellies, no muscles, no small chests; it's hard to picture yourself in a world where you have no representation.

I’ve gotten a lot of asks like this over my time here, about writing to Oda to try to inform him of the things that a lot of fans are disappointed about. The idea that goes into them is the idea that Oda just doesn’t know. That it has never really even crossed his mind that he’s disappointing/frustrating lots of his fans with the way he overwhelmingly draws women with the same oversexualized body for the purpose of fanservice. However, that’s not the case. Oda already knows this. 

D: Nice to meet you. This is sudden, but… please teach us a tip or two on how to draw that hawt hourglass body all ONE PIECE female characters seem to have! Make sure you don’t forget to include them airbags ♡

P.N. If there’s no bread, let them eat roses~

O: Yes. Hello. It’s drawing time at the SBS segment. I would suggest that you think of a woman’s proportions as “three circles, one X”. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be leaving.

(I only draw this kind of body, so I get a lot of complaint postcards from my female audience. Let’s all stay strong and keep on living life.)

(All that was in the vol. 79 SBS

“I only draw this kind of body, so I get a lot of complaint postcards from my female audience. Let’s all stay strong and keep on living life.” 

Fans tend to assume, or prefer to think, that Oda just has no idea that women want more diversity and better representation, and that they don’t appreciate it that most of the women in the series who aren’t oversexualized fanservice bombshells are instead mocked for being old/fat/ugly. 
And another assumption that feeds into all this is the idea that Japan is completely devoid of feminism and that all the women and girls in Japan are silent about topics like these, about representation and how they are depicted and treated in media. 

However, I think it’s pretty clear that that’s not the case. Oda said it in his usual, endearing, being-silly-while-sounding-serious kind of way, but Oda pretty much directly stated that he knows that lots of girls/women have a problem with how he represents them, but that he doesn’t care and is just going to keep doing what he’s doing. Even if every follower I had on this blog wrote to Oda in perfect Japanese on this subject, I can’t really imagine that Oda would do anything about it because it’s nothing he hasn’t already heard before from who knows how many thousands of his readers. It’s disappointing, it sucks, but that’s the way it is. 

And as I’ve said before, I don’t write about subjects like this because I think that I can actually change what is in One Piece. However, I can help make fans conscious of these things and encourage the fandom to be more encouraging and receptive to the efforts that fans take to diversify the series on the fandom side of things. I love it when fans redesign characters and do things like depict Rebecca as being buff as fuck, and Nami as being covered in scars, and Perona as chubby, Vivi as actually being dark skinned like someone native to a desert country based on ancient Egypt would be, etc, etc. And some of the shittiest people in fandom are the people who get mad and attack other fans for redesigning characters to help make up for the diversity that the original series so sorely lacks. 

We can’t change what is in the series itself, but we can be aware and critical of its shortcomings and do what we can to improve things here on our end. 

Fanfic Author Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day to my fellow writers!  We have such a great, supportive community of readers, artists and writers.  This has been an amazing journey for me, and I’m so glad to get to be a small part of fandom experience.  

In honor of the day, a few authors and recs for you!

@elise509‘s In the Stillness of Remembering is the first fic I read that made me really sit up and take notice.  I love the slow build, the way Steve and Tony grow and change, how Pepper is not simply ignored and all the little details that make her writing something special. 

@sineala All sineala’s works are amazing, but two of my favorites are Think of This as Solving Problems (That Never Should Have Occurred) and Double Time.  Honestly, her versions of Steve and Tony from the comics are just how I think of them now.  I wish comic writers understood their characters the way sineala does, but, until then, I’m so glad we have these stories!

@orbingarrow‘s Good for You.  Not just because it was a gift fic for me, but because it is so well written and deals with Tony’s issues in particular in a realistic and mature way that you don’t often see in fic.  It gives their relationship real strength and weight, and her Clint is always the best Clint.

@kaesaria‘s Blink.  Smut, but really good smut, with a hint of deeper things between them that just eases to the surface.  Good smut is a lot harder to write than most people think, and this is a welcome refreshing twist on it.

@robintcj‘s Breathe, which is porn, but, again, the good kind, with Steve and Tony really enjoying each other, being sweet and kinky.  Lovely descriptions are what set this fic apart from others, and the Steve and Tony voices are dead on.

@blossomsinthemist‘s works are always my go-to for how to write good smut with feelings 101.  It’s like a masterclass in getting Steve and Tony’s characters right while delivering on great smut that somehow manages to transcend porn and give you something more.  I have read and re-read pretty much everything by this author, but the one that always comes to mind is Bare, because Tony and Steve are really baring themselves in so many ways in that fic.  It has all these layers, when it could’ve just been great porn (which it IS), but ends up being something that stays with you.

@awesomeavocadolove‘s Prisoner’s Dilemma.  A great idea, wonderfully plotted, and Steve and Tony being their awesome selves.  They work together!  They both bring important skills to the plot!  They develop trust!  The writing, pacing, and execution are so good.  I was on pins and needles reading it, waiting to see how they would figure things out.

@imafriendlydalek‘s Across the Bridge.  Maybe its the Venice setting, or the PDA, but I just love this fic.  So sweet and fun, and full of fake relationship goodness.

@kiyaarontherun  Well, what can I say about Sins of Omission? Its the fic I stayed up all night reading and then re-read again the following weekend because I couldn’t believe I’d read something that good?  It is dark, but with so much goodness shining through from Steve and Tony.  How kiyaar deals with the aftermath was almost harder than reading about Tony’s trauma when it was happening, but that made it feel so real, because people are truly terrible at dealing with the fallout, even good people. It is complex, plotty, not for the faint of heart, and absolutely brilliant.

@winterstar95‘s This is the Battle, This is the War series. All winterstar’s fics are always so full of worldbuilding and strong, capable Steve and Tony, but I love this series because it imagines a world where Steve and Tony enter into a BDSM relationship in the MCU world.  So often, you see fics where someone is a sub or dom and that is just how th world in that fic works, but this deals with them developing a relationship and how it impacts the team and them in a world where this type of thing is still taboo.  Slow build, did you say?  Yes, and plenty of great porn, but it is the complicated two steps forward, one step back relationship between Steve and Tony that makes it truly worthwhile reading

@stark-spangled-lovers.(ann2who)’s Say When series.  Hand’s down, one of the best Stony series out there.  I think I’m responsible for half the hits on the first story in the series, since I was obsessively checking for updates and then re-read it I don’t know how many times.  She could’ve stopped it there,and it would’ve been a classic, but the whole series is amazing and such a great reimagining of the MCU-verse.  A Second of Totality is one of those rare high school fics that I loved. It dealt with their issues so well, and gave great service to the other characters, too.  Highly recommend all her works.

sara_holmes’ Bond Has It Covered.  One of those perfect, amazing reads that gives you everything, including Steve and Tony making mistakes and figuring it out, plot, Deadpool (!!!), humor and a perfect denouement.

@everybodyilovedies (Amuly)’s Worthless, which is just my headcanon for how messed up things got in the comics.  They are in such pain, and it is terrible and wonderful, and no matter what, they can’t stop themselves or everything that’s about to happen, but you get this feeling, like something out of the corner of your eye, that they were so close to being happy.

I could honestly go on and on about all of these authors and so many more.  We are truly a lucky fandom.  Share some love today for all the hard work your authors put in all year long for the joy and privilege of entertaining you!  A huge thank you to everyone, readers and authors, who make this fandom such a fun and supportive community.  

i am actually kind of. lowkey disappointed we won’t get a roman demigods series w/ jason as the protag. i mean: thank god no more horrible mischaracterization/forced love triangles will touch my son now, but. at the same time. i want a backstory :( i wanna know how he and reyna became bros. i want to see him pissing off the senate with his not-so-roman ideas and extremely liberal attitude. I WANT TO SEE THE FIGHT AGAINST KRIOS 8(

xeno-heat  asked:

Would you ever consider doing the actual Disney princesses, at least the ones who were real women, like Pocahontas? It could be a mini-series, how legends and such get twisted and watered down, so even the delicate and lovely (and sexualized) women put forth by the main media are not who they seem? Gah, I have so many ideas for all sorts of things, I'll either pester you until you're frightened or open up a shitty sister site. Who knows!! ( That tone is joking. Please don't be frightened. )

To be honest, probably not. Virtually every story Disney’s told has been covered to death in a variety of media, and I don’t think I’d have much to add to it. I’d prefer to focus on lesser-known figures, or stories that I do not think have been told.

anonymous asked:

How are you so perfect? and also how many gingered characters have you covered so far in the series? Love, rose the ravenclaw

((OOC I am not perfect I swear. I am really bossy and I make weird noises and voices all the time, but the gingers I have covered are : 

Ginny Weasley:

Rose Weasley: 

Lily Luna Potter:

Lily Evans:

Charlie Weasley:

Helga Hufflepuff:

and Fem Ron:

Sorry to add on after I posted, but I forgot Molly.

I have the nearly impossible goal of cosplaying every ginger in Harry Potter. Do you know how many Weasley’s there are? I’m getting there))

iii. fly away, fly away

Such melancholy thoughts plagued her, although one wouldn’t know behind carefully crafted smiles and affable personality she was known for. Or so she tried, her damnest mind you, keeping it as so.

Ino didn’t like quiet moments. Pause of breaths, times where you collect your thoughts and analyze, she could do without. In the now, in the present– with people and laughter, keep the chatter going, don’t let the insecurity rear it’s head and drag your worries to the surface.

The irony could kill or deserve a laugh. The rare moments she does let herself scrutinize when the day was over and done, a girl who shed tears over another’s worries of their heart couldn’t sort through her own. Human nature, she guessed– eyes turned on everybody but herself, hypocrisy at it finest.

Sai returned from the rescue mission a week ago, and almost surreal how easily everybody fell back into the flow of things so fast. True, there been some changes here and there– the biggest being Naruto finally understanding Hinata’s feelings– but when it came to rthym and motions of the village, people seemingly forgotten the catastrophe of the moon almost falling onto the earth. Or so they act– no point to dwell on something that passed, afterall.

Ino always been her own biggest critic. But then again, she serves as other’s critic as well. Easily switching between playful teases and gossiping jabs, a complaint never held back, argument never stepped down from.

Her meaningless words.

But a life in silence was a miserable one.

It would be nice for someone to ask what’s on my mind… a wish she catches herself thinking. But with the curse of being an ‘out spoken’ person, it’s not a question anyone seriously ask nowadays. “I’m fine” and “I’m good” readily available, even if lies at the moment their being said. Sometimes they notice– Shikamaru’s raised eyebrow, Chouji’s eyes prompting her silently that he fine with her adding more than just ‘fine’, and… surprisingly, as fleeting as it was, Sai’s frown of ‘don’t quite believe you’. Wave them off, like always, smile and maybe throw a laugh.

Compared to others, her problems was superficial… compared to others, she…

Best not to complete that sentence.

Konoha’s winter nights were always something of beauty. Even if the industrial boom of her home left the stars a little harder to see now, as much as she abhor silence, she felt nostalgic for walk and take in the splendor of a crisp, starry sky. The moon, waning now, seemed so far away compared to last week, smaller and less threatening.

“Ino…” She staggered, nearly missing a step along with a heart beat. Her eyes darted right and landing on…

She gave an amused huff, shaking her head at the man sitting on the park bench. Pale white skin, almost as white as the snow on the ground, stood out his dark clothing and his eyes were intensely focused on her. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight, Sai.” She smiled, falling back into habit with practiced ease.

“Likewise. Do you often take walks here?” he inquired, rubbing his hands together and warmed them with his breath.

She shook her head, “One time thing. I use to come here when I was younger, this park.” Approaching the bench and sitting down, she instantly turned her gaze back up. “It’s a miracle they have bulldozed down this old place yet.”

“It is quite lovely tonight.”

“What about you? Any reason why you’re sitting by your lonesome tonight? Something… or rather, someone on your mind?” she elbowed him with a teasing grin and didn’t hide the curiosity from her eyes. Which only grew when Sai answered her question with “Someone is, actually.”

Cupping chin with a sly grin, she faced him. “Care to tell? Who is it? A girl, guy, frie–”

“You.” She froze. Then blink once, twice, her cheeks filled in color quickly.

“Um, me…?”

He nodded, his eyes turned to the sky above as if searching for his next couple of words to string together. She kept silent, curiosity but also self-doubt taunted at the hopefulness that rose. “I always have trouble reading people, but… I wonder sometimes…” eyes still focus on the sky, his voice grew soft as a small frown tugged at the corners of his lips, “You’re… pretty good at hiding.”


“I’m never sure if it’s sorrow or grief… and maybe I’m overanalyzing but are you alright?” she felt his hand reached for hers, ice-cold compared to glove-covered one. Doing away with her glove and placing it on her lap, she accepted the reach and locked their fingers together. “I care for you, Ino.”

“I sure do hope so because I care for you as well…” she gave an empty chuckle, her heartbeat drumming away, “Be careful though…. if I didn’t know better, those words sound kinda like you’re confessing.”

“I am.”

Her eyes flew to his, taken back by the intensity of gaze. “…”

“I been thinking a lot… the way I care for you is different from the others. I’m not sure if it’s love or not yet but it’s not simple friendship,” he paused, studying her face– she wasn’t reacting poorly yet, so that must mean a good sign? “I’m fine with you do not feel the same or not interested anymore… but I wanted to at least tell you I want to listen to your problems if you have any. You’re helping me… and I want to extend the same.”

“….are you sure you want this, Sai?” she asked with equal softness, the shock of the suddenness wearing away as the smile of her face grew. “You know, I have a tendency of going on and on if you give me the chance, I won’t shut up.”

“I don’t want you to. I like the sound of your voice.”

She giggled, rolling her eyes, “A bit cheesy but sweet.” He squeezed her hand, making her fall silent for a moment as she looked away.

“…thank you, Sai.” She squeezed back. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk a little bit… especially now I know our feelings are mutual.”

He leaned forward. She met half way.

For once, silence provided her warmth and comfort as the two shared the first of many kisses.


A/N: I think I might dub this series as cheese ball & 'let’s see how many cliches I can get’ chronicles??? Lmao actually this is just an attempt to practice Ino’s personality… i love her but I always have trouble capturing her personality. Her and Naruto always been the hardest… anyways enjoy! I should be sleeping right now so I’m off to bed haha.

inspiration: Everything’s Alright covered by Adriana Figueroa

anonymous asked:

Please don't think I'm rude but I'm really surprised that you're an English major when Harry Potter seems to be one of your favorite books. Personally I enjoyed the plot, but it wasn't really a work of literary merit, just some young adult trash that got more popularity than it deserved. It wasn't very well written. It's totally fine that you like it, but I'd be interested to know some of the better books that are on your favorites list....

(This may be  longer answer than you anticipated. If you are not interested in my opinion whatsoever, my favorite books are listed at the end.)

I disagree. I think that Rowling’s writing is very good. She created a whole wizarding world purposely full of flaws like racism and classism. Yes, there are holes in the world, but it’s also a world viewed from the eyes of teenagers, so of course we don’t see or understand every aspect of it (politics, international relations, etc). 

The fans, however, have taken the text and interpreted and analyzed it enough to start to cover these holes. I love that. As much as I love the series, I think I love the fans more. I love sharing new views on relationships or thinking what could have happened to characters. (What if Voldemort had chosen Neville instead of Harry? How does George handle the death of his twin? What happens to the Ministry after the Battle of Hogwarts?)

I think it’s remarkable that the series touched so many people that they keep the love for the book alive so many years after the last book was published. Some books stay with you forever, and this one did for me and many others.

I hate the label “young adult” as a derogatory. Also, why put down what someone else reads so long as they are reading? I appreciate that you don’t like Harry Potter and I’m not going to change your mind about that. Please don’t call someone else’s favorite books “trash” or without “literary merit.” You asked me not to think you are rude, but then offended me. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, but that still stung.

To answer your question though, some of my other favorite books are The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Our Town by Thorton Wilder, Man in the Dark by Paul Auster, Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and The Plot Against America by Phillip Roth. 

anonymous asked:

So uh shoot me but, Ruby and Sapphire in Hit the Diamond? Can somebody say clingy and obsessive with their flirting? Not only were they jeopardizing and sabotaging the plan, but they're apparently so in love that they can't focus on a singular objective for TWO SECONDS? Sapphire can't even hit a baseball without wanting to ogle over Ruby? I don't know, that sounds a little.. unhealthy and co-dependent.

Okay, anon, I don’t mean to be rude about this, but I have received and deleted several asks to this nature, and so I’m a little cranky, and I’m gonna be a little rude about this.

I have seen numerous heterosexual pairings in numerous other videos waste entire seasons in a massive tragedy of refusing to speak to each other, hurting each others’ feelings, and often horrendously jeopardizing their allies and objectives literally over misunderstanding and awkward pining. I have seen, time and time again, these couples held up as a wonderful ideal of relationships, that their bond is so wonderful and healthy. 

Comparatively, Ruby got Sapphire a flower. The Gems were neck and neck at the end- hardly lagging vastly behind- and it was that exact same flirting that won them the game. Ruby and Sapphire adore each other, they’re a pair of unreasonably sappy flirts who in some ways spend all the time in the world with each other, but in other ways they don’t really see each other separately a lot, and this is time that they consider precious when there isn’t something else going on.

Ruby and Sapphire are not unhealthy. Garnet is not unhealthy. Saying they’re “too” focused on each other that it impedes a goal is absolutely ridiculous to me because, again, I cannot tell you how many books and tv series have featured straight couples ruining almost everything because of their inability to talk to each other clearly about their feelings. 

Like we established that they are really dang flirty back in Keystone Motel, as in flirty enough that Steven “absolutely loves schmaltz” Universe covered his eyes. 

Sapphire scored them the home run that won them the game. Ruby and Sapphire blew their cover by complete accident, but they didn’t plan on fusing- it’s literally a reflex because they are together that often, and everyone was happy to see them together before it became apparent that they fused, which Garnet acknowledged as a mistake. They got distracted with each others’ company but they hardly made the mission go down in a flaming wreck.

As far as obsessive? I really don’t get where this is coming from. They have literally built a significant part of their life and identity together as one being. Yeah, they are going to focus on each other. And again, as I said, time that they spend together but not fused is kind of rare and special, so it makes sense they act like a pair of honeymooners when, for once, they aren’t separated because everything’s going to hell.

I also feel a little frustrated at how much the term ‘codependent’ is being thrown around when. that’s. not how that works. At all. 

TL;DR there are so many straight couples who are infinitely more unbearable, have messed up infinitely more things of greater magnitude, and don’t even seem to enjoy each others’ company because they are so intensely mired in pining, that it is pretty much a frickin’ staple of cartoons. 

Comparatively Ruby and Sapphire got distracted once playing a game of baseball the one time far more serious things were not going on, and if you really want to try and suggest that their lives were on the line I just want to remind you that Lapis “started this interaction by flicking a spaceship out of the air with complete indifference and has successfully soloed the Crystal Gems before” was right there, Peridot was hiding in the barn near a very salvageable laser gun, and for all of their getting distracted they were still only one point behind and won that game.

Please don’t bring this into my inbox again. Thanks.

September Book Photo Challenge:
Day 4 - Hardback or paperback?

I don’t really have a strict preference for either. It depends on a lot of things, like how much I love the story, how pretty the cover is, whether or not I buy it online (because Australian bookstores don’t always have many hardcovers), how much money I have that week, and also whether or not the book is in a series. I try to buy paperbacks for my series because then I save a little money, but it just depends really.

Haters wouldn't stop complain no matter what

When The movie soundtrack cover released

NS - This is the sign of rejection!

When Movie trailer released

NS - So many people want NaruHina, but who cares about Naruto’s feelings ?! Naruto must gonna say “Sorry Hinata, but I love sakura. This is the thing I want to tell you”

When official going to show how Naruto fall for Hinata

NS - Naruto is changed !! what happened to him! He say he won’t give up what he said! He loved Sakura before! 

When official announce that Hinata is Naruto’s first love

NS - This series is SUCKED

I really feel tried when I saw negative comments in The Last posts on facebook. They should shut their world off and live with their beloved NS in genjutsu.

Anyway, I don’t want to bash all of NS fans. I know there are some NS people who can admits reality and continuous ships their otp peacefully. I REALLY REALLY RESTPECT THEM


I’ll write a book about Legend of Korra instead since it just ended this morning. Thank you to each and every person who worked on the shows and comics and video games the past nine years. I was around Aang’s age when Last Airbender started, and now I am around Korra’s age when the story of her legend occurred. To quote thesecondraidxx, this franchise “helped me grow as a person in more ways than one.” I will miss rushing to tumblr to feast upon fresh gifs and analyses, but I am eternally grateful.

Brace yourselves, this post is gonna be a DOOZY.


I rode the Makorra ship to the end the same way I was all for the Zutara ship. I brushed off the Korrasami posts from Season 3 onward, from Asami carrying Korra and riding on top of Naga to tea scene to the blushing. I just thought they were best friends. Every girl needs that girl best friend in her life.

But Korrasami was endgame. Korrasami was canon. And, like everyone else, I was shocked and elated. It’s one thing to read fanfics; it’s another for them to ACTUALLY HAPPEN WOW

This is a milestone in television history. A major children’s network gave the green light on two main characters not only being bisexual, but ending up together. Plus, it gave Asami a real reason why she should still be part of Team Avatar. Bryke really listened to a majority of the fans on this one. Korra was supposed to be a one-season miniseries. She was supposed to end up with Mako in a teenage love affair. But, over the course of the next three seasons (really Seasons 3 and 4), we saw a new relationship bloom.

Makorra could have worked. In Remembrances, Mako discusses how Korra inspired him to be the officer and the man he is today. He truly loves her. True love is meant to inspire a person to become a better self in order to care for and protect others.

However, there are reasons why Makorra couldn’t have worked. Korra will always love Mako, but only as a friend. They had a tumultuous and unhealthy break-up; after becoming comfortable around each other and being friends again, Korra realized that, if she would ever be with Mako again, it wouldn’t be healthy and could sever their friendship for good. He would be married to his work and not be able to devote time to their relationship, similar to why Lin and Tenzin never got back together.

I feel that if Bryke and friends were still restrained by Nick, they would’ve made Korra a single woman, leaving the shippers to fight amongst each other on tumblr for the next three centuries. I’m so happy they stuck it to Nick.


External image

(lol at all of Team Avatar having a crush on Korra) (lol at Mako’s two exes getting together)


The engagement and wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and in character. They really did the thing. The animation speaks more words than I can type.


External image

External image


Zaheer was right: Korra is truly limitless. She has nothing to lose; she’s the first in a new Avatar cycle, and she has grown from her suffering and has learned the powers of compassion, love, and sacrifice. She created a new spirit portal, explaining why the vines were taking over Republic City from the Season 3 premiere onward; it’s as if the new portal was inevitable. At first, I thought Korra and Kuvira died, and that everyone would look up to the sky and honor Korra in spirit, but I’m glad she didn’t die. Kuvira couldn’t die either, kinda how Ozai didn’t die in the end; however, Kuvira didn’t need her bending to be taken away in order to be humbled.

Korra and Zaheer don’t have limits. Zaheer entered a void, freeing him from all earthly limits, but he is in chains. He is in limbo. On the other hand, Korra is limitless because she entered a state of compassion and love, and love knows no limits.


External image

(lowkey also thought Kuvira was the next Avatar when Kuvira and Korra entered the spirit world, but it paralleled that one part in The Battle of Zaofu and proved false)


External image

External image


Hiroshi had nothing else to live for. Not only did he not want to go back to prison and rot, but he also found peace in knowing that his daughter had forgiven him from all he did in Season 1. He was humbled. He had aged. He was dying.


Their dialogues always have important life lessons. I love how their relationship evolved over the past four seasons. I think these two gifsets sum it up.


Meelo saving Tenzin tugged at my heartstrings because it reminded me of when Simba finds Mufasa’s body. I would have been hurt to see Tenzin go.

External image

I also wouldn’t know what to do with myself if Mako died. He had such a Zuko moment when he bent lightning against the spirit vines, only to have lightning hit him and knock him out the way Azula’s lightning knocked out Zuko.

External image

External image

There’s a point where Kuvira is standing on the robot gun trying to zap Korra, and it really reminds me of Azula standing on the cliff in Last Airbender. I think it’s supposed to show that both Azula and Kuvira were weary and broken from losing power and feeling like they had no one in the world but themselves.

External image

External image

The Gaang didn’t reunite, but sometimes, “you gotta leave it to the kids” to wonder what their reunion would’ve been.

(Tonraq kinda just appears after not seeing his daughter for six months)


Post production finished about a week agooooooo *shmoney dances*


Amon did not take away people’s bending. He just used really strong chi blocks. It explains why Korra and Lin’s bending returned, among others. To see true energy bending, watch Sozin’s Comet, part 4.

Raava talks to Korra because she is the first in a new Avatar cycle. The only other person Raava talked to: Wan, the first Avatar.

Again, the spirit vines took over Republic City because of the inevitable opening of a new spirit portal.


Who is Su’s father? (sokka or nah)

Where’s Kya?

How does one bend blood during the day and upon multiple people?

Who was the firebender that killed Mako and Bolin’s parents, along with Asami’s mom?



Just as the original Last Airbender fans grew up and matured, the content in the Legend of Korra had to mature. Since the end of Season 1, it hasn’t been a kid’s show at all. It has shown suffering that we will either face in life ourselves or know someone that will face it in life, from complicated relationships to mental illness to finding ourselves. It has also paralleled historical events, giving us complex villains who aren’t inherently evil and seen as a “bad guy” throughout (cc: Ozai). I loved Zaheer’s character and nominate him for best villain of all time. I also loved how Kuvira was introduced in the Season 3 finale and was at the forefront of a war similar to WWII with the concentration camps, torturing, the tank, and Tenzin’s family and Asami ducking and covering from the atomic-bomb-turned-portal.

Last Airbender’s setting was at a time when the whole series centered around one war. However, with the improvement of technology by the next Avatar cycle, each season of Korra brought a new challenge, just as the 20th and 21st centuries have dealt with so many problems going on at once.

The Legend of Korra was not supposed to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. I remember supporting the show when, for much of the first two seasons, everyone thought Korra was the worst Avatar ever. Once the rift between the show and Nick occurred, Bryke and friends had the power to make Seasons 3 and 4 as epic and revolutionary as they were. They had nothing to lose. There were barely any rules. I really wish the show stayed on Nick and not the website and Nicktoons, but a) politics, and b) I’m really happy all these episodes got green lights. However, throughout the show, Korra was supposed to be the story of a woman who grew and matured, despite setbacks. It’s why she’s the first Avatar in a new 10,000 year cycle. It’s why she can’t turn to Aang for advice. She was to write her own story. She was to be her own legend.

In the end of both series, however, the major goals were achieved. Aang mastered all four elements and saved the world, and Korra mastered all four elements and brought balance to the world.

If there is ever a new spin-off, it will be extremely hard to live up to its predecessors, but not impossible. 

(if you read through this, you real *J. Cole voice*) 


As some of you know, my old blog got hacked and deleted. So I started over, and since then I’ve reached 100+ followers. I’d like to start off thanking you guys by doing a cute giveaway. I’ve decided I love doing these so expect many more! 😊

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Fruits Basket Artbook

And this is the book that took me back to the artbook hunt! It was such a surprise to run into this artbook while browsing manga, and at the moment I remembered someone mentioning that artbooks were becoming rare, and they were right - I haven’t really seen many artbooks of recent series, even less so translated and published by western editorials.

So I took it home. This series means a lot to me, I have lots of memories of the characters, the story, its lessons and my own life during the time it was being published.

The cover is very elegant, with the main trio in white, the pink flowers, and the title and name of the author in silver foil - nice, NormaEditorial! Other artbooks have lost stuff in translation, so this attention to detail is to be appreciated.

Most of the illustrations will be familiar to anyone in possesion of the manga, since they have been either title pages or extra pictures on the sleeves:

I really like having colour versions of the title pages and bigger versions of the extra sleeve pictures, though :3

No worries, there are illustrations not included in the manga:

And it is very cool to see Takaya’s style evolve and different techniques to be applied - that’s what she speaks about the most in her comments:

Of course, the manga covers are included:

But many of them are missing! I also noticed that there are no illustrations of Kyoko, Katsuya, the school council or Akito, and then I realized: the cronology included says that the series ended in 2006:

But according to the index, this book covers up to 2002:

So there should be at least a 2nd artbook. I found nothing on the Internet, though. Does anyone know anything? :(

I really like how Natsuki Takaya draws at the end of this series, so I’d love to have the next one. Or an artbook of her series after this (the English title of which I do not know), that would be sweeeeet.