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The Best Films of 2017 - Mid-Year List

There have already been many great films so far this year, so I felt it worth doing a run down of my favourite films of the year so far. These all reflect the cinema releases we’ve had so far in the UK in 2017 - for that reason this list includes some films that were released in the US in 2016. Enjoy, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best films of the year so far!

Honourable mentions: Their Finest, Colossal, Gifted

1. Get Out, dir. Jordan Peele

This film really knocked me for six, to such an extent that I simply had to see it twice in the cinema. It got even better upon a re-watch, when I was able to watch it with full knowledge of the characters’ underlying motives and the things to come. It’s a terrifying concept (the racism of an all-white suburb is taken to a horrifying extreme) executed with incredible panache, and you feel every emotion that Chris goes through thanks to Daniel Kaluuya’s excellent performance. Get Out also represents one of the most brilliantly communal experiences I’ve ever had at the cinema - I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that the audience erupted into spontaneous applause at a key moment in the climax. Simply fantastic. 

2. The Handmaiden, dir. Park Chan-wook

This film is exquisite - it’s first and foremost a beautiful boundary-smashing love story, and an absolutely marvellous tale of female defiance. It transplants Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith to 1930s Korea, and the story is effortlessly adapted to become intrinsically interwoven with its new setting. Sookee is a talented pickpocket plucked from a thieves den and sent as a handmaiden to trick a rich heiress into falling for a conman. To say any more would spoil the twists, but this film is just a masterwork of suspense, keeping you guessing throughout a series of interlocking pieces that take their time to reveal their secrets. I’ve seen the theatrical cut and the extended version, and they’re both great - you’re in for a treat with either.

3. Jackie, dir. Pablo Larrain

This is a film that soars on the strength of Natalie Portman’s incredible performance, which is complemented by Mica Levi’s haunting score. Portman’s performance is painfully vivid, with her agony and wretchedness coming through so intensely that it’s often uncomfortable to watch. Jackie is probably the best portrait of grief I’ve ever seen, and it sucks you into a famous historic event by providing an incredibly intimate perspective on it. This is great cinema, but be prepared for suffering.

4. A Cure for Wellness, dir. Gore Verbinski

This is a delightfully strange Gothic fairy tale of a film, and I’m amazed and impressed that a Hollywood studio gave Gore Verbinski a budget sufficient to pull it off with such beauty and style. I’ve seen this film attract love and hate in equal measure, but I adore it - the trailers set you up for a rehash of Shutter Island, but nothing could be further from the truth beyond the isolated setting. If I had to compare this to anything, I would compare it to Roger Corman’s Poe cycle of films from the 1960s - it has a similarly lurid sensibility and a deep-seated sense of fantastic romanticism at its core. Great if you’re after something uncompromisingly bonkers.

5. Wonder Woman, dir. Patty Jenkins

This film represented pure joy for me - I couldn’t have anticipated how emotional I was going to get at witnessing a (wonder!)woman crossing No Man’s Land and deflecting bullets with her bracelets. This simultaneously rejects the wry self-awareness of the Marvel films and the grim self-importance of the previous DC movies, instead unabashedly depicting a superhero who triumphs thanks to her overriding belief in love and compassion. Patty Jenkins adds endless little touches - from funny moments to quiet scenes where characters talk simply to learn about each other - that enrich the film and make it feel vivid and intimate in a very rare and special way.

6. Silence, dir. Martin Scorsese

This is truly the work of a master filmmaker, and it represents a stunning artistic achievement and a moving and intelligent investigation of the threshold of faith. Scorsese tried to get this made for decades before finally succeeding, and his passion for and belief in the project shine through in every painstakingly crafted frame. Silence is equal parts beauty and brutality, and it uses this contrast to illuminate the painful questions that the faithful must ask themselves when faced with the harsh reality of the present world. It’s heavy stuff, but well worth your time if you’re up for a film that raises more questions than it answers.

7. In This Corner of the World, dir. Sunao Katabuchi

I had no idea this film existed until a few days before I saw it, but I was really struck by its poetic treatment of the joys and tragedies of life. This film follows a young bride who moves to live with her husband’s family in WWII-era Japan, and while it deals unflinchingly with the trauma and horror of war - particularly the bombing of Hiroshima - it’s also surprisingly funny and ultimately hopeful. The power of this film comes through in the little moments of human connection and the way that the full potential of animation is exploited to maximum effect.

8. La La Land, dir. Damien Chazelle

A lovely ode to the classic Hollywood musical, La La Land is a technical marvel that sticks with me because of its heart and humanity (those words are recurring a lot, right?). It tells a very small story of a love affair between two dreamers in Hollywood, but it feels much bigger than them because of the way in which their story is told. La La Land draws from influences across the spectrum of cinema, and its homages to the classics are joyful and loving. The final ‘what might have been’ sequence represents the perfect marriage of raw emotion and filmmaking virtuosity. 

9. Okja, dir. Bong Joon-ho

Not many films can balance flatulence jokes with uncompromising critique of capitalist greed, but Okja pulls it off with aplomb. The core story hinges on the innocent and endearing friendship between a young girl named Mija and a bio-engineered super pig called Okja, and the film succeeds because you totally buy their connection and desperately want the two of them to have their wish and live together in the mountains. I’m delighted that Netflix gave Bong Joon-ho a platform to make such a weird beast.

10. Logan, dir. James Mangold

Logan may be bleak, but that isn’t what makes it great - Logan is fantastic cinema because it remembers that superheroes are still people who struggle with their own souls as much as super-villains. This film features the best character work managed in any of the X-Men films, and Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and - in particular - Dafne Keen give heart-rending performances that really ground the film and give it an emotional core. I hope we get more superhero films like this, and that the takeaway from it for the industry is the importance of stressing character rather than frantic spectacle.

Most anticipated films still to come: War for the Planet of the Apes, Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets, Dunkirk, The Beguiled, Mother!, Logan Lucky, Blade Runner 2049, Murder on the Orient Express, The Shape of Water, Annihilation, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I think as a fandom we don’t talk enough about Bitty in the NHL.

I mean, I know he loves pies but he does love Hockey. There’s a lot of stuff in year one about how Jack plays better with Bittle on his line - the coaches say it and Bob suggests it on the parents weekend too. It seems like the kind of thing Georgia Martin might pick up on. And she’s a little hesitant because she KNOWS about Jack and Bitty and doesn’t want to mess with relationship dynamics but…

So Bitty gets drafted to the HNL. Or, rather, spends half a season playing for the AHL: raising his fitness levels and getting some help getting over the final bits of his checking fear. Then someone’s injured and he’s called up and when he gets on a line with Jack it’s just as magic as always.

They are amazing on the ice together. You can almost feel all the people who’ve inevitably criticise Bitty for being too small or too ‘delicate’ going quiet when they realise just how fucking good he and Jack are together on the ice.

And it’s great for Jack and Bitty. No Bitty at home alone for a lump of the season, when Jack’s off playing, Bitty’s right there with him. A five game roadie is still hell but it’s less hell when you’re boyfriend’s there every night to tell you hs loves you. They sit together on the plane and bus and room together (obviously) and it’s pretty awesome. And they bring a kind of stability to the team which really helps.

Then, in Bitty’s first full year of the NHL, they win the Stanley Cup.

Bitty gets the winning goal. With 30 seconds on the clock.

And he’s flashing back to the Yale game in their first year of college because he KNOWS how much winning means to Jack. So he turned to look for him on the ice when the wistle blows and Jack is just there grinning and lifting Bitty up into his arms and kissing him in front of the cameras and the Stanley Cup and everyone because he is so fucking proud of Bitty for that goal.

And then they’re basically like hockey royalty and super famous and in love and they have their cup day on their wedding day and then they have to win another cup together so they can put their baby in it and it’s awesome.


#and this, ladies and gentleman, is what i call - development


#Can we talk about this? #This scene takes my breath away. #Every time i see it my whole body shakes and my tears start coming out of my eyes. #She has just remembered the love of her life. #She has just remembered how scared she was when she knew he was going to be taken and she couldn’t do anything for him. #She wasn’t able to say a word. She wasn’t able to do anything to stop the ghost riders and help Stiles. #She was too scared to lose him. #And all of those feelings came back to her. #And she feels guilty about it, because she knows now she could have stopped them from taking Stiles, but she didn’t do anything. #She lost him and she never get to say him how she feels. #She never got to say him she loves her back.

Thank you, Teen Wolf

Melissa McCall taught me that you fall in love more than once and relying on yourself is sometimes the best thing you can do.
Chris Argent taught me how to take no shit but still have a heart.
Stiles Stilinski taught me how to keep a sense humor even when times are bad. It’s okay not to be okay. People make mistakes.
Scott McCall taught me the importance of friendship and forgiveness.
Derek Hale taught me to never judge a book by its cover or even reviews.
Allison Argent taught me that it’s okay to be afraid but to never let that stop me.
Malia Tate taught me that it’s okay to be a little different than everyone.
Kira Yukimura taught me that sometimes sacrifices are the hardest but best decisions to make.
Sherif Stilinski taught me to trust my mom and just how imporant a relationship with a parent is.
Isaac Lahey taught me that I can overcome bullying and abuse with time.
Ethan taught me how to be kind.
Aiden taught me to stay tough and hold my own.
Lydia Martin taught me to never play dumb for anyone. If they can’t handle my intelligence, they aren’t worth my time.
Peter Hale taught me to think about the coincequences before hand.
Liam Dunbar taught me how to control my anger.
Theo Raeken taught me that people really can change, even if it takes them a little longer expected.
Coach Finnstock taught me how to laugh even when my heart is breaking.
Jackson Whittmore taught me the imporantce of dealing with my problems instead of bottling them up.
Danny, Corey, Ethan, and Mason taught me that I can be comfortable with my sexuality.

Teen Wolf taught me to follow my dreams.
Teen Wolf made me believe in myself.
Teen Wolf showed me self-love and for that, I will be eternally greatful.

Its been a great run. Remember, if you’re going through hell, keep going.

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Can we also talk about how flustered, shy and happy Harry was when Chris talked to him via video and said all the lovely things? Jsjdkd



Since IMDB is closing its forums I think its important that we not forget all of the racist shit that went on there when it came to Star Trek Discovery:

So, for Black History Month, I’ve decided to preserve some of the racist little gems, so future Trekkies can’t try and say that the Star Trek fandom was never racist against Sonequa Martin-Green, or bigoted against the new cast in any way (because we all know how fandom loves to forget its racist past)

And these were only a few…


                                 IT'S COMING YOUR WAY  
                                                          THAT BITCH DON'T PLAY

It’s done! It’s finally done!
Tulip, Mazikeen and Zed! My gorgeous vertigo wives!
Their casting in tv adaptation are spot on perfect and I love them a lot so I had to draw them together. Just imagine little crossover !

Lot of fun to design and put together outfits for them inspired from on screen as well as comic looks. Especially with Maze the right half of her face covered with hair and little demonic features poking out :’)

The Recruit (Chapter 15) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part III”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Steven Rapp & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff and family bonding, a littttttle bit of smut at the very end.

A.N.: Mitch and Steven Rapp tho… and YES. I split one day into three separate chapters. sue me. they had a good day. :’)

Summary: Mitch and Y/n meet up with Mitch’s brother, Steven, and finish out their first day in Manhattan.

Additional Note: I will literally never write a single DOB character as anything less than a rabid Mets fan.

Chapter Fourteen - Chapter Fifteen - Chapter Sixteen

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Mitch?! Holy shit, is that you?” A handsome, light brown haired man approached the couple. He looked like Mitch, but with less moles and his hair was gelled and parted to the side. He wore a well-fitting black suit and was about the same height as his brother. His smile lit up his entire face when he saw his long-lost brother.

“Steve.” Mitch wrapped his brother up in a bear hug in the lobby of the lavishly decorated restaurant.

“I barely recognized you, man. You’re… you’re fucking swoll.” Steven looked stunned. “And that’s a great fucking suit. Where’d you get it?”

“Y/n literally had it made for me and they were finishing tailoring it less than fifteen minutes ago down at Brooks Brother’s by your apartment. That’s why we’re a little late. I didn’t have anything to wear.” Mitch pulled you in front of him, in between him and his brother.

“Y/n.. holy sh-” Mitch gave Steven a look, and Steven grinned. “You are triple the amount of beauty that Mitch described you to be, and you whipped him up real nice too. It’s really nice to meet you.” Steven gave you a quick hug and a genuine smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. I almost feel like we’ve met before,” You grinned up at Mitch, letting him recall the time that he stole his brother’s identity to use as his own when the recruits infiltrated a college reunion. Mitch smirked and dug his hands into his pockets sheepishly. “Mitch has told me so much about you.”

“Mr. Rapp, your table is ready. Follow me please.” The hostess eyed Steven and Mitch. They were both ridiculously handsome and well put together. Steven gestured for you to go first, and Mitch rested his hand in the small of your back, letting you lead the way.

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Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader x Baby Liam

Request by @piratecaptainmouse Do you think I could get a small fic about Derek reacting to finding out his girlfriend/wife can’t have kids? […]

Thank you for your request! Sorry it took so long 🙈



I try to fake a smile when I open the loft door. Derek and I have been trying to get a baby but it just wouldn’t work. So we both decided to go to the doctor and get ourselfs checked. “Hey.” Derek greets me with a soft kiss. “Hei.” I hug him and we sit down on the sofa.

“How was it? You don’t look happy. What happened?” I snuggle up to him. “I…I…” he pulls me closer to his chest. “I can’t have children.” I start crying and Derek pulls me even closer, if thats possible. “It’s alright… we can adopt some?” he kisses my forehead.

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“B-but I wanted it so bad… I just want to be a mom.” I sob into his shirt. “I know Y/N. I’m so sorry. I wish that I could take your faith. I know how important this is to you.”

He holds me in his arms until the tears have stopped running down my cheeks. “If you want we can visit the orphanage. I mean the pack already sees us as their parents and… we could just get other children that were left by their parents. We can help them.” he caresses my cheek.

“T-that sounds nice.” he smiles at me and pulls me closer. “I’ll see if we can visit one this week okay?” I nod and cuddle closer to him.

- A few days later -

“Are you ready?” we stand in front of the local orphanage. “Yes. Let’s see our baby.” I smile and he squeezes my hand. We walk into the building and are greated by an older lady. “Mr and Mrs Hale?” we nod and shake her hand.

“It’s so nice to meet you. Your husband told me that you would like to have a very young child?” I look at Derek and he smiles at me. “Our youngest is 2 months, the oldest is 15 years old. Would you like to see the baby station first?”

“That would be great.” Derek answers and we follow her to a little hallway. On the side are small windows so you can see the children inside. It’s like in an animal shelter. Poor children… I let go of Dereks hand and walk to a small window.

There’s a little baby wrapped in a blanket and he’s looking at me. His eyes are flashing golden for a moment, but then it’s gone again. “Oh…that’s Liam…he’s very special.” Derek walks up behind me. “You mean a werewolf?” the lady breathes in sharply.

Then she catches herself. “I should have know that it was Derek Hale. There’s only one famous Hale family in Beacon Hills.” she smiles. “Well so about Liam…” she pushes her glasses in place. “Nobody wants him. Well they think he’s cute but after a few meeting they never come back again.”

I look at the little body wrapped in the blanket again. He smiles at me. “I want him.” the woman clears her throat. “Are you sure?” I nod. “I need him. He even looks like me.” I smile and Derek puts a hand on my back.

“Can we play with him a little?” the woman smiles. “Of course. Pack Parents would make great parents for a baby werewolf. Should’ve thought about that earlier.” she whispers the last part to herself, smiles and unlocks the door to Liams room.

Originally posted by hoechlinteeth

“Hello little one.” I coo and take him out of his crip. He immediatly cuddles with me and I smile at Derek. “Can we keep him? Pleaaase.” I try to look at him with my best puppy face. “Everything you want.” he kisses my forehead and looks at little Liam in my arms. “You’re going to be our little baby. Nobody will ever hurt or abandon you again.” I smile at the scene. Derek has so much love in his eyes… How did I get such a great guy?

Strip Club - Part Three

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2044

Author’s Note: So, hands down one of my favorite mini series I’ve written. It’s so cute and just eek. Let me know if you want a part four or not! Thanks to my amazing hoe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this and giving me a few ideas!

Part Two

Originally posted by stydiafools

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DGHDA S02E08 thoughts


- So we see Marina murder Hector in a fight, stabbing him in the head with scissors. According to Max’s tweet this is where she breaks two fingers - which makes sense, considering the force needed to stab through someone’s skull. Then there’s Hector laying on the floor surrounded by yellow flower petals from the vase that fell.. just like Panto in Amanda’s vision.

- I love how Friedkin attempts to bullshit his way through his conversation with Priest and Priest is having none of it. “Can I talk to Ken?” Guess who’s in charge now, Hugo. PS I sort of want that shirt Priest is wearing.

- What is being kept track of on the whiteboard in the monitoring room in Blackwing? There’s ‘Project Icarus’, ‘Gripps’, ‘CROSS’, ‘Vogel’, ‘MARTIN’ and what I assume is ‘Moloch’ but I can’t read the rest of them. What do the numbers mean?

- The original Blackwing in the sixties? As far as we knew, Riggins started Blackwing in the 80s. And there’s already references in files from that far back to dimensional gateways.. but no one ever followed up. Ken mentions the government pulling funding from Project Paperclip. When asked about it, Max tweeted these links: 1, 2, referring to the (real!) Operation Paperclip and Project MKUltra. Lots to unpack there.

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Little Bird - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void/Reader
Warnings: Possibly could be considered dubcon I guess, there’s a little choking also. I’m sorry but Void just calls for messy dirty rough kind of stuff ya know? ((sorry not sorry))
Words: 1,845
A/N: I have an idea for a part 2, maybe, possibly. Let me know? It’d be the aftermath and ultimately Stiles/Reader. Also thanks to my bestie @princessdavina for reading this for me and helping me come up with the plot.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Huddled on your bed with the blankets pulled up to your middle, you sniffled, wiping the stray tears away from your cheeks. Allison was gone. She had been one of your closest friends, and now you would never get to enjoy another late night conversation on the phone, whispering so you wouldn’t wake your parents. No more impromptu shopping trips with her and Lydia. You wouldn’t get to hear her gush about Isaac or lament about Scott. She wouldn’t be there to support you as you pined away for Stiles.

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Omg so @johnistheantivirus has a post (which I don’t know how to link to bc mobile sucks) and they mentioned that Martin is the human imbodiment of “if you say jump, I’ll ask how high?” And I keep thinking about that, it’s just a really good thought??? And it fits really well with him!! “Where you go, we go. Ain’t got nowhere else to be but here for you.”

Amanda asks him to go and he’s gone, she asks for protection and he’s giving it, she says they have to go to Blackwing so that’s what they’ll do, she needs a pack and he’s given her one.

Idk I just really love Martin, okay???