i love how liam tries to get a better view of zayn so he can look at him while clapping :)

Preference #71: Wedding Dress Shopping (Requested)...

(This is for the anon who requested “going shopping for the wedding dress.” Sorry for the wait. XX)


“I’m done for the day,” you sighed. “Come on (y/n) your wedding is in a week you have to pick one today so it can be fitted,” your friend begged. “I’ll wear sweats if I have to,” you stormed out to the car. The rest of the group followed and dropped you off realizing that you didn’t want to be pushed any further. “How did it go today,” Louis asked when you walked in. “Its official I’m walking down the aisle naked,” you smiled let down as you set down your purse. “As fun as that sounds I took the liberty of having a gown designed for you. You don’t have to wear it or anything I just figured I know what you normally like to wear so, why not give it a shot.” He looked nervous and you appreciated his concern, “I’m up for anything at this point,” you revealed. “Good it’s upstairs,” he got excited and ran to go get it for you. It had less fabric than you were used to and when you slipped it on you realized why. It was a short gown. It fit like a glove which was perfect for the rush you were in. The bodice was covered in flowers, “this is different,” you observed. “Yes it is,” he agreed. “How did I not know I wanted a short dress? How did I not know I wanted this dress,” you turned around shocked. “You like to have fun and the high-low is much more playful than the classic dresses, but still really classy. It just reminds me of you and you can have fun in it. Plus you look really pretty in it.” “Thanks Lou, I’ve got to call the girls,” you hugged him really tight then went to ring your pals.


“I said you could drive us, but you are not allowed in. You’re going to have to sit out here.” You pointed to the sitting room couches. “Come on we don’t need luck we’re perfect for each other, I just want to see the dresses.” Harry was really nosey and wanted to be a part of the entire wedding planning for some reason. “He is not allowed in,” you instructed the security guy. “We have pulled some dresses from the rack based off of your suggestions,” the consultant gestured to a wall full of dresses. One really caught your eye. It was a short sleeve swoop neck, there was a subtly to it, but the line of gems on the neck gave it the perfect interest. “This one,” you breathed out touching it. The consultant seemed to prefer that one as well. Once you had it on you couldn’t wait to show your group. “(Y/n) it’s beautiful,” your maid of honor clapped. “It’s the one,” you blurted out hastily. “You don’t want to try on a few more to be sure,” your friend questioned. “No I can feel it, plus it has pockets,” you exclaimed putting your hands in them and spinning. Once they saw how excited you were it started to rub off on them and they started squealing and crying with excitement. “I just want to get a quick peek,” you heard Harry yelling. “Sir I must ask you to please take a seat,” the security guy was grunting slightly probably wrestling him away from the door. “I better get out of this then,” you smiled nervously at the confused face of the consultant staring at the door. “Harry this is not one of your security guys you can’t do this, calm down.” Your best friend went out to scold.


“Is it too over the top,” you questioned turning around to see the back and lifting the skirt. “No sweetie, you’re marrying Zayn Malik. You have to stand out, besides you’re going to look stunning in the pictures next to him. The press is going to eat it up,” your friend tried to put your insecurities to rest. You started hyperventilating slightly, “I can’t do this.” You ran into the dressing room. “Darling are you alright,” your friend stood outside the curtain. “I called Zayn,” she offered handing the phone under. “Zayn,” you hesitantly answered. “Hey babe what’s up?” “My dress is kind of gold and silver so I was nervous, but then my friends reminded me how big of a deal this is and how big you are and how many people are going to be judging me and now I can’t breathe.” You didn’t think of how much pressure a celebrity wedding was. “(Y/n) none of that matters, what matters is that we are starting our life together. This day is no big deal when you consider how many days and milestones we still have to come. And all of them are going to be together, but if you’re really nervous about it we can just elope because I don’t care about the wedding I care about the days after.” His words never failed to put you to rest, “I love you and I want to share the day with family and friends,” you decided. “Sounds perfect, I love you,” you could hear the smile through the phone. “Love you,” you smiled hanging up and going to tell everyone it was the dress.


“What’s wrong,” Liam asked when you got off the phone. “My wedding party can’t help me dress shop today. Their flight was delayed,” you explained. He gave you a sympathetic look, “Are you still going?” You shrugged disappointed, “It would be pretty hard to decide on my own. I better just cancel,” you started typing numbers into the phone. He took it before you could finish, “Don’t cancel. I’ll go,” he offered excited. “You can’t go. It’s bad luck for you to see me in my dress before the wedding.” He got up to grab his keys. “I don’t believe a little superstition could ever keep us apart. Do you,” he asked like he was offended. “No,” you responded confidently. You got there and he waited in the viewing area while you tried on dresses with the bridal consultant. You came out in a poofy dress that made you look like an abominable snowman bride. “What do you think,” you asked excited. He tried to hold back his disgust, and could only utter, “Mmm.” You acted like you were about to cry, “But I really like this one.” He looked scared and quickly sprung up. “No, no baby I love it. That’s my I love it face. See,” he gave an awkward looking mix of disgusted and happy. “Totally kidding,” you put him out of his misery and he waved a finger scolding you with his eyes, which made you both laugh. “Now try on some real ones,” he yelled as you went back to the room. The next one was surprisingly the most beautiful thing you’d probably ever worn. You were nervous as you went out to show Liam. He was looking away, so you had to get his attention. He looked back, “Shit,” he breathed out approvingly as he moved closer. “I like it. I like it a lot,” he smiled grabbing your hands before resting his forehead against yours.


Niall came downstairs and sat down next to you at the dinning room table. “I love you,” he smiled adorably. “What’d you do now Niall,” you asked not buying his little game. “Promise not to hurt me,” he question with an innocent face. “Whatever, I’m not going to hurt you. I promise,” you complied. “First, bad news is I broke the dryer,” he explained pausing for a reaction. You squinted confused throwing your hands up. “Even worse news you might say. I wrecked your wedding dress.” Your jaw dropped. “I just burned that sucker to shreds trying to fix it because I might have accidentally spilt some beer on it. I’m so sorry don’t be mad,” he grabbed your hand. You pressed your teeth together squeezing him really hard trying to let your anger out. “Babe, you’re hurting me,” he tried to break away falling to the ground. You breathed out releasing him as you stood up. You started pacing and crying. “It’s ruined. The wedding is ruined,” you panicked because it took you forever to find the perfect dress and now it was gone. “Don’t worry, you can get a new one,” he hugged you to make you stop. “But I want that one,” you whined. He found a way to force you into the car and you pouted all the way to the store you hadn’t been to yet. You browsed around and started crying again frustrated that all of the dresses looked like the ones you hated before. “What about this one,” Niall caught your attention. Even though you hadn’t tried it on yet it looked a lot like your last one, but it also had everything you had wanted but compromised because you knew perfect didn’t exist. You nodded taking it speechlessly to the dressing room. You tried it on and cried happy tears, “It’s perfect,” you yelled to Niall, “Thanks you so much for fucking up.”