i love how leslie just walks off

WH Boys as Brandon Rogers Quotes

Elias: “Why don’t you get your math done before you get pregnant?”

Yukiya: “I got some spooky ass demons.”

Luca: “I’m a player but I only play pretend.”

Klaus: “I’m gonna shit on your dreams!”

Randy: “All I got for Christmas was a gun and some skittles.”

Azusa: “Who else wanna see Jesus?”

Joel: “Each track is the same note for three minutes. Ahhhhh–I think I’ll call that one Fire.”

Leon: “I lost my heart many Valentines ago.”

Vincent: “Fucking Megan’s Law; Always using the worst picture from the shoot. Really russells my jimmies.”

Guy: “That mom taught her baby how to walk! Oh. Just a midget and his girlfriend.”

Glenn: “Get your work done, this is detention not the trailer you come home to.”

Cerim: “You, in the yellow - if you find drugs you better count me in”

Leslie: “It’s fucking colder than a witch’s tit out here.”

Sigurd: “Hi, Donna! Love what you’ve done with the tulips!” (under breath) “Fuckin bitch.”

Mel: “This is a Sargitoga nettle, they’re extremely nutritious.” (eats one, projectile vomits) “I was incorrect.”

Conrad: “Every time someone pisses me off I write it on the calendar in sharpie, so when they fire me the next person knows what they got coming.”

Randolph: “I met my first valentine on this ride. Her name was Patricia. She’s a ghost now.”