i love how leo is trying so hard not to laugh


Aries: Actually goes to the gym/sport practice and barely ever procrastinates

Taurus: If they wind up getting really into exercising, they would enjoy doing it whenever they can. But, if it’s a sport that they really love and practice gets canceled….damn.

Gemini: HOW THE FUCK ARE Y'ALL SO ENERGETIC. Gemini’s would actually exercise with a friend, pushing them to do whatever they need to do to reach their goal. They’re great partners at the gym, but don’t make it an everyday thing.

Cancer: Probably the ones to only exercise when forced to or when they really have a goal. They’ll try their best but the gym is not their favorite spot.

Leo: These people are always lifting something or trying really hard to get to their goal in general. Exercise is where the stereotypical Leo comes in and their need of looking good is their motivation.

Virgo: HA WHAT’S EXERCISE?? Don’t get me wrong, Virgos can run the mile without any complaints but they tend not to go to the gym. Maybe a short walk around town here and their will be good enough for them. They unconsciously work out through actions like this.

Libra: They don’t like exercise. Like they really don’t. Diets are where it’s at.

Scorpio: Oh my lord once they get into a sport or the liking of the gym, there’s no turning back. This sign, as I know them, is the most dedicated to the game.

Sagittarius: THEY ARE SPORT STARS. Sagittarius’ literally love doing sports or running around somewhere because they hate being bored and can’t stay in the house. Their energy always has them unconsciously working out in everything they do. They’re amazingly talented when it comes to sports.

Capricorn: Exercise isn’t really their thing. They can accomplish the task once in a while, but only when they plan to make room for it on their forever busy schedule.

Aquarius: Much like Cancer, Aquarians will most likely only exercise when there’s a serious goal. They probably won’t do the normal exercising either, they’d come up with different ways to work out that’s fun and entertaining to them.

Pisces: They really don’t exercise. Like they really don’t. If they don’t procrastinate, maybe they can walk into the gym.

the signs based on people i've met
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> blunt and to the point, asks a lot of questions and expects a straight answer to every one of them. talks a lot but when they listen, they listen well. quick to take a great interest in something/someone and just as quick to forget about it, but genuinely cares when they're interested.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> loves to brag about materialistic possessions and how much money they have. can take a spite to someone over nothing but eventually learns to let it go. they love with all of their heart and find it hard to let go of any hurt they are put through. they love to laugh, although sometimes at other people's expense.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> social butterflies. natural conversationalists and talk so much that they rarely give the others a chance to speak. very light hearted but often are left feeling down as they tend to let themselves be taken advantage of, mistaking other's use of them as actual love. they are the light and life of the party, always fun to be around.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> quiet at first but when they speak up, they shout. loud and full of life, they're occasionally so energetic it begins to annoy people, although they genuinely don't mean to. full of love for those they care about, very loyal to those they find worthy enough to let in. quick to hold a grudge and are often bitter. creative souls with endless passion for their hobbies.<p/><b>Leo:</b> loyal lions. they try to act as though they are tough as nails but would do anything for those they care about in a heartbeat. will laugh at anything and loudly. love to talk about themselves and their problems but will help you out when you really need it. horrible tempers and tend to be very cutting and nasty when they're in a bad mood.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> another social butterfly. funny with a unique sense of humour and they tell great jokes. often come across as being vain but worry a lot about their appearance and feel the need to look good. constantly hide their true feelings as they find it hard to talk about their emotions. sometimes hard to get along with. very hard workers and take pride in what they do.<p/><b>Libra:</b> naturally very caring. they hate having to clean up other's messes but will help as much as they can nonetheless. tend to complain a lot, at times they love the sound of their own voice. love a bit of luxury and will never say no a treat. prefer to keep things neat and tidy, they hate chaos in any form. the type to keep singing even though they've been told to shut up a million times. very inspiring.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> mysterious and intriguing. they'll always leave you want more, no matter how much you've had. an amazing friend but an even better enemy. creative and extremely passionate, but hold high standards for themselves and are often upset if their work isn't good enough in their own eyes. hard to figure out. they keep a small circle of friends but is as loyal as you can get. fun to be around and will always keep you entertained.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> playful and cheery. they always want to be the hero of the story, the knight in shining armour. they cope well under pressure, so well that it is often inspiring to watch. very open minded and they love to learn. idealistic with high standards, and like everything to be just as they want them. always a loyal friend.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> very tight with their money but love to have fun, they naturally love a bargain. critical of others and are sometimes quick to judge. they are happy to be on their own but when they find someone, they love with everything they have. very witty, but get upset very easily. an angry crier. never think they've done anything wrong but when they realise they have, they apologise straight away. very humble, very hardworking, very admirable.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> they are either the sunniest day of the year or the longest wet weekend, with no in between. a harsh critic but only because they are such realists. they hate procrastination and being late. so sharp with comebacks and dry wit. will never fail to make you laugh although are sometimes very moody. constantly searching for a non-existent nirvana. never satisfied with what they have or where they are.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> prone to pity parties and daydreaming. great listeners. passionate about their hobbies but lose interest and focus very quickly. people rarely dislike them and they never understand why. warm and inviting but can be so hurtful it's like you're talking to a completely different person. hate conflict and upset feelings but unintentionally inflict both on others. they live to make others happy, all they want is to be loved as much as they love others. an old head on young shoulders.<p/></p><p/></p>
what I think of the signs (coming from a cap)

aries: lol DAMN u guys are hot but im so intimidated by you

taurus: ur funny when u want to be but kind of closed-minded

gemini: u guys first came off as a know-it-all but actually you’re the biggest goof ball

cancer: ur so nerdy but in a good way???

leo: ur spirit is so uplifting and sometimes i get annoyed by it but it’s ur best trait


libra: yall make me laugh but sometimes u can be a little too outspoken??

scorpio: u guys have this tough exterior on the outside but once I got to know you I realized u were so lamely funny aka my type of pal

sagittarius: u try so hard when it comes to meeting new people but i love how good of a friend you turn out to be

capricorn: im a capricorn and I always find myself on competition with other caps which I hate so

aquarius: …idk about you guys yet… ur so mysterious??? I kinda like it

pisces: u do what u want and you dgaf. keep doin u!