i love how leo is starting to feel more comfortable around cameras

Gleam party - Jack Maynard

Summary: It had been ages since you had last seen your friends. Luckily Gleam decided to hold a party were you could catch up and more… 

A/N: Look at how cute he is here. I saw Caspar’s video and got a sudden burst of inspiration to write again. Let’s hope it stays! x

“Good morning,” you smiled to the camera in front of you, “as I said yesterday, today is the day for the Gleam festival/party thing and I’m so excited! I get to see so many youtubers I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m really looking forward to this. But I do have to get ready first so I’ll see you in a bit.”

After ending the bit you turned off your camera and moved to take a quick shower. You slipped on a robe once you were finished and sat down in your makeup chair. “What to choose?” you mumbled to yourself. You decided to go quite natural with a bronze eye look and pink brown lips. You put on the outfit you chose beforehand to avoid a clothing crisis, and slipped into your converse. Once your sunglasses were on your face, you were good to go. After grabbing your bag and your vlogging camera you hopped in the car and started the journey.

You were genuinely so excited for this party, and couldn’t wait to see friends you hadn’t seen in ages. You had been on tour and after that you did some travelling so it had been some months since you had seen everybody. The person, though, you were looking most forward to seeing again was Jack. Feelings had blossomed after you formed a close friendship with most of the ‘buttercream squad’ as they were called, and it seemed as though he felt something for you, too. Hopefully, tonight would give you the last indication of his feelings and were he stood. 

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VIXX Leo jealous smut! I really want to see Leo jealous and kind of angry too, making somehow rough love to you, because you kissed Hyuk and Ken on cheecks as a prize for something!

Oh, a smut! I’ve been doing a lot of fluffy/angsty stuff lately, so let’s jump back int the smut genre, shall we? And I had already written about Leo somewhat recently, so I’m glad I get to write more for Vixx!

This is a jelous Leo scenario, smutty, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


Only I, Only You

“Oh come on, that’s a stupid bet! I would never do that!”

“Yeah, who would take that bet?” You knew it would be hard to get the guys on board for doing this, but the dorms were so dirty, they needed to be clean. Leo told you to try and convince some of the others to try and do their part.  And you didn’t feel comfortable enough to touch all of the members stuff to do it yourself, or the time. But, they were on a promotions break, so they could be wise and utilize their time properly. So, you had to try and convince them somehow. Most males you met lived to win bets, so if you made it a contest of some sort, they might do it. Didn’t seem to go as well initially as you had wanted it to. But, your babe asked you to try and get them to do it, so you would have to take this to the next level. You knew you could probably get Ken and Hyuk to do it, they were the most competitive than anyone else in the group.

“Well, there’s a prize for whoever does the most tasks!” You tried to give it a more positive inflection, but they still seemed skeptical. They faces lifted up some. you had now caught their attention some.You just had to keep rolling with it.

“Like what?” Ken always had to ask questions. Ok, you had to finish this off if you were going to win them over. And to do that, being vague would work well enough.

“You’ll find it out once you win or lose.” You could see it in their faces, the genuine curiosity to see what awaits them if they were to do the most cleaning tasks. They then hopped off the sofa and ran to grab cleaning supplies. You were smirking to yourself, you had finally got them. Their competitive nature got to the best of them, and to your advantage. They came back to you with it all. Ken was breathing very hard, so Hyuk asked you a question.

“How are you going to figure out the winner?” You were able to easily think on your toes with this one.

“Once you guys finish something, come get me. I’ll grade it before you can do anything else.” They then ran to the chore closest to you they could get. It was then a surprisingly close game of them calling you  dragging you around, making sure it was up to your standard in cleaniess. It was sloppy starting out, but as it reached its end it got much better. At the end of it, Hyuk had won by two tasks. As you announced it, Hyuk was dancing, acting all victorious as Ken went down on his knees in defeat. ‘We Are The Champions’ would be fitting for the scenery right now. But wait, when were you going to give him? He was expecting something that you would have to give him, so you had to think of something quick. Something that could be done real quick and wouldn’t take too much time. You couldn’t think of anything, so you went near his cheek and puckered up. You pulled away instantly, and he seemed surprised. But, you saw him blush some, and you covered the bottom part of your face. He didn’t have a thing for you, did he? You had no idea if he did, but at Ken was also teasing him enough, so you decided to not try to explain yourself. Hyuk was obviously struck with shock, but he didn’t seem to be complaining. The two oldest members had just gotten permission to date, so they still had a little bit longer to go, so he must be happy to even have something like this before. He was rubbing his cheek, soaking in the lip mark that touched them. You loved the sight of this, it almost made you laugh. But, Ken was complaining, saying how Hyuk cheated and how he was trying his hardest, so you went to kiss his cheek too so he would be quiet. Ken was struck with shock too, but he seemed satisfied with everything. Then, Leo walked in. He looked around quietly, noticing how clean it was. He walked up to you and kissed your forehead.

“Were you finally able to get these guys to clean up around here? How did you do it?”

“I just made a little contest out of it. Came up with everything on the spot. I know they can’t say no to competition.” You thought you were being quieter than you really were, because both of your competitors scoffed at your very saying.

“So you were just messing with us?”

“So your reward was just something you thought of last second?” Hyuk seemed really hurt, but not by how your kiss wasn’t genuine. Of course it wasn’t. But, maybe he expected to have put more thought into it than you had just admitted that you did.

“Wait, what reward?” Leo must’ve been too busy to hear the conversation ensue before all of this started. Or, afterwards, even.

“She kissed us on the cheek as his reward for doing so well!” That’s when you knew things might get a little awkward. Ken probably didn’t mean anything by it, as he was telling truth. Nothing wrong with being honest. But, when Leo darted his head around to look at you, you knew he was not happy in the slightest. He never came off as the jealous type, but you could tell that he would slap both of them if you weren’t there. He would readily attack them if they were on camera, but your presence made him hold back on most occasions. He then wrapped his arm around you, obviously trying to show dominance over his younger members, and you knew that you might have to hear about this later, in isolation.

After the rest of the dorms were spick and span, you saw it was starting to get late, so you gave your farewells, nervous about going. Leo had still been casual with you, as if nothing had happened. His behavior as he heard from before never resurfaced, so what was he thinking about it all? Was he already relaxed on the matter, or was he flaming? Since you were thinking of him, he walked up behind you and got close to your ear. He inched closer as he whispered

“I’ll help you home.” He then pushed you forward, and slammed the door behind him as you swiftly went down the stairs with him. He had his arm over your waist the entire time. You were starting to get nervous, who knew what saesangs would be doing at this hour, they might see you. He would be exposed, and you didn’t want to do that to him, he didn’t deserve it. But, despite how much you tried to space yourself from him, he kept bringing you back into his embrace. You eventually realized that he was upset, and he wasn’t really hurting you, so you stopped trying to leave his side. You didn’t want to anyway, but you wanted to spare him the backlash. He then got into the drivers seat of the new car they had gotten for themselves at the dorms. You then tried to be quick to get into the passenger seat. You were expecting him to rip you a new one, but he started up the vehicle without making another sound. He then pulled out and began driving you back to your place. He came and got you before, so he must’ve felt obligated to at least get you back home. Whether or not he was still mad at you. You kept looking out of the side window, not knowing what to say. You didn’t want to bring it up and risk an accident because such a big argument would erupt, but you don’t want him to be stuck thinking about his matter for so long. It is damaging to contain these feelings, but you would have to wait it out a little bit longer. He didn’t seem to want to chat either. So, it was a silent ride. You were used to him being quiet, but he had opened up to you so much since you started being together, so it killed you that you were ruining that with a stupid bet. And ruining it even more by not talking about it. But, you saw your place come into view. He calmly parked in the parking space you always used and put it in park. Then off. Was he going to come up with you? You then nodded your head to him, as it felt the most appropriate thing to do. He then opened the door and waited for you as he sat on the side of the car. You came out and began to walk up the stairs to your door, and he was following you like a shadow. You would feel so more uncomfortable if a stranger was acting like this, and even though you loved him, you were still spooked as his arms wrapped around your waist as you tried to unlock the door. You went through the door, but he followed you in. You flicked on the light and looked back to see him close the door behind him and begin to take his jacket off. He took it off in rage, and he tossed it over on the floor. It was a small heap by the door. He then strutted toward you, and reached to cup your face as he kissed you with that rage left over from his coat. You felt his touch, it was hotter than you would imagine he would be. He was going at it, as you immediately felt his tongue in your mouth. You had your hands on his wrists, trying to get him off of you, but he was too strong. You could only feel what he was trying to do, Luckily for you, he pulled away to he rested his head on yours, trying to catch his breath.

“We’re together, do I have to remind you constantly of that?” He went back in, now being less forceful. It felt more gentle, but you were not used to this type of passion. You felt his hands run around your hips, feeling everything he could, and you were starting to do the same. You felt your hands run over his shoulders and back down his arms, They were rippling right now, and you were expecting more of that later. You felt tugging at your coat, and he helped you fling it off as quickly as he got his off. You were now not feeling the warmth of the coat, but the heat coming off of you both. You then kept tugging at each others clothes, and they came off in a trail as you and him walked back to your bedroom. You both remained in your undergarments when he slammed you down on the bed. You saw that look in his eyes; he was still raging on the whole situation. He had this rage inside of him, and he hadn’t even started with you yet to get rid of it. But, you were now ready for whatever he was going to throw at you. He then went for your neck, biting all the open skin that he could. You were feeling the sensations, enveloping you into holding him closer to you. Your legs began to wrap around him, trying to keep him close to you so he could keep pleasing you. You wanted him to never leave you, but he was starting to go back to more tender kisses on your collar bones. He always loved them, so he spent his sweet time kissing every inch of skin. His hands were now on your waist, holding you into place so you wouldn’t move as much. They then began to slide up, going under the fabric of your bra, and he slid it up and over your head. You took it from him and tossed it over the bed’s edge. You adjusted yourself so he would have a better permanent image for his mind take. He then rests his hands over your breasts, squeezing. You were scared that he would squeeze them off in his rage, but he was kinder with them, and began to rub around your nipples, waiting for you to respond. You couldn’t hold a scream back, as he continued to move your breasts around to his pleasing. His smirk made you know he was now starting to calm down, but he was still not finished. He was now becoming more forceful with you, but you were even more prepared to go about it now. You could handle it, and you knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you too harshly. Or, at least you were hoping. He would never mean to hurt you. But, he couldn’t seem to stand the fact you weren’t completely naked yet, so he went for your underwear. He slipped his fingers through the fabric on your sides. Him touching you even remotely close to that area, it made you tingle beyond normal sensation. Your body should not be able to feel this level of sensations. But, it was him administering them to you, so only you could feel what he was trying to do to you. He slid your underwear down and tossed them down, now hovering over you, about to attack. He looked over you, admiring your ever feature, remembering it more a mental picture if needed later. He was just looking at you. Like he probably would have if he were in the room when you pecked his other members. You wouldn’t imagine this would be happening, but that look he was giving you made it evident. He was smiling too, like he was planning what else was going to happen tonight, He then kissed you on the cheek. What?

“Only I can do that to you. Only you can do that to me.” He then kissed your cheek again, And began to kiss you all over, He was showing where he was claiming as his place to kiss. So, no one could ever kiss you over again. Occasionally, he would bite you in these places. Just to show you what was his, so you would never forget if something like this were to come up ever again. You were then surprised as his head moved down your body as he continued to show his territory all over you. You were holding your arms back, trying to not disturb him in his magic. Because you knew that if you were to let them free, you might bang him on the head, and you couldn’t have that. You didn’t want him to stop, ever. He met your womanhood, and looked back up to you, gauging how you would react to him down there. You wanted something down there, but you weren’t exactly sure about his face being down there. You were clean cut, but you still had never done anything like this before, and you didn’t know how it would go. But, he dove into your lower regions and took control. He grasped your hips to hold you back in place, and you weren’t willing to move, even if he made you twitch as much as he was. You could feel his tongue swirling around inside, and you could feel him getting closer and closer to making your moans impossible to hold back. And he got there fast. He had you twisting your upper bodies in various different ways to keep your hips in place as he kept going. You could feel him getting deeper and deeper into you, and you wanted him to go farther, but you knew your body wouldn’t let him. And since he retracted himself from you, you knew he wouldn’t continue in that area. You were almost on the verge, and you wanted him to finish you off. But, you noticed that he still had his boxers on, so you decided to to tug them as low as they could go, which they got to about his knees, and you looked up to have his erect member in your face, almost touching your nose. You felt an instinct to take it on your mouth, and suck him off to the point of screaming. But, he seemed to not want you to do a thing as he hovered over you, staring at you intensely. He wanted you now, so he was going to take over you. He went for your mouth again, attacking your lips with his. His hands were running themselves around you again, trying to find where you were most weak, and he kept touching those spots, like your inner thighs and around your hip bones. He was now adjusting his legs so he could align into you, and he wasted no time trying to get into you as quickly as possible. He was in you deep, so you screamed at the slight pain he was causing. His face was showing how satisfied he was with your reaction. It was like you were learning your lesson in his eyes. And boy, were you learning it, but at the same time, you felt that you would want to misbehave again just so you could get him like this, angry. Jealous. He was never this vicious, and it was more of a turn on than you were expecting it to be. He kept going in and out of you, and you were feeling his power in his movements. He was quick in finding your spot and kept going at it in your one weakness spot. You felt yourself rock back and forth, skidding across the surface of the bed. Your breasts were swishing back and forth, you were almost tempted to hold them in their place, but you could only hold onto the headboard. His grunting was harsh, at a level that might damage his angelic singing voice, but the fact you were making him act like this now made you feel a bit of a victory. You found your legs wrapped around him, holding him close to you again so he could rattle you even more than before. You couldn’t hold your emotions back.

“I don’t want anyone else, ever…..” You never wanted another man, because no one else would get you like this, and you never wanted another man to see you in such a manner. He thrusted once more, feeling like he was going farther and farther. When he moaned, it was like his under vocals in songs, and it was like he was serenading you. A song he would hopefully sing for no one else. You could hear that he was climaxing soon, as his voice was getting slightly higher as the seconds ticked. You were feeling yours near it’s end as well, so you were tossing your head back in trying to give him a good final view of your body. He seemed to enjoy it a lot, so why not give him one last view before it would be covered for who knows how long. But, you might insist that ‘next time’ be a lot sooner. The moans were getting caught in your throat, so you raised your head to see him finish you off. His eyes got big as he stopped inside of you, knowing that he was done. At the same time, you had a sensation from yourself along with his specimen flowing through you. Because of all of the pleasure you were feeling, your final sound was so loud, he even winced a little bit. But, you were able to go to quiet panting without making anymore of a disturbance. He pulled out of you and sat on the side of the bed. He looked down, bulged eyes, like he was surprised he just did that. It was very out of character for him, and he let it all loose. It was a different side of him, and you were also glad that he hasn’t held back. He was being real, and that’s all you could ever ask for. He still seemed out of it, so you felt the need to help him out even more. You climbed over to him and pecked him on the cheek. He looked over to you, now looking softer than he was a few moments before. You had softened him up again, and he now was smiling. You were happy you could make him happy like that.

“If you wanted a cheek kiss, you could’ve just asked.” You then wrapped your arms around him from behind, trying to have some normal skinship with him. He then held your arms with his hands, trying to hold you close in an non-sexual manner. You knew he couldn’t stay rough to you for too long. He then kissed your left arm before he spoke in his soft voice.

“I know. It’s just hard to ask sometimes.” You knew he struggled trying to express himself, so you could let this one go. He was working on it, and you were proud of how far he’s come with it. He just needed more time. You then pecked him on the cheek once more before talking into his ear.

Then don’t ask.”


So, did angry turn you on a little bit? If you haven’t already, follow for more content. He already kinda scares me as it is, but I did like this side of him, even I described him as not acting like this in an earlier ask. But, we all get jealous sometimes, and some can handle it better than others. Until the next post, I hope you liked this scenario, and I hope you have a good day anon!

140627 VIXX, “We are in the midst of doing a fun challenge” (Interview)

Group VIXX’s dream is to become the trend. In the last December issue of TenAsia, Leader N pointed out, “Don’t look at VIXX as the kids who wear lenses or the kids who have weird concepts, we are VIXX who will make you become curious about our concepts and songs.” And now, that dream is slowly coming alive like a ‘Miracle’. They are becoming a group that is leading the trend ever since last month on the 27th, they revealed their 4th single album, ‘Miracle (Eternity)’ and placed 1st on music charts, 1st in record sales, and received 1st place on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on the 8th and cable channel MBC Music ‘Show! Champion’ on the 11th.

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