i love how kurt's head shakes from the force of it

Idiots in Love! (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Charles Xavier had certain mutants at the mansion that he knew to keep his eye on.  It wasn’t hard to tell that you had a knack for trouble.  It wasn’t even so much trouble, as you liked to call it, it was harmless mischief.  

Being a human incarnation of the Cheshire Cat had its perks.  For one, your best friend was Kurt Wagner.  The pair of you went together like two peas in a pod. Another reason was your ability to annoy the hell out of Peter Maximoff.

Everyone on the X-Men team had found it quite hilarious at the fact that you could annoy Peter to the point where even he, couldn’t keep up.  Peter was mesmerized by you. You beat him in races, you out spoke him, out sassed him, and even out nerded him.  Everything about you took his breath away.  No one was able to take anything from the speedster, and that, was what annoyed him about you. You stole his heart.  He thought about it long and hard, ‘Who could steal anything from a kleptomaniac? That’s my thing!’ 

Truth be told, you had developed feelings for the speedster.  His happy, go lucky attitude fueled the fire you had.  The overwhelming energy he gave off made you want to be around him every second of the day, so you resorted to what you knew best. Mischief. 

Peter had also developed immense feelings for you.  As much as you annoyed him, you energized him.  You challenged him to be better.  You made him feel like he could be worth something.  And so the chase began, month and months of the two of you playing cat and mouse.  Peter was not only yearning for your presence, but needing you to be near him.

“What the hell (Y/n)!” Peter exclaimed in mock anger as you appeared out of nowhere. “You can’t keep using your powers to scare me.”

You sat on the rail of the stairway perched almost like a cat, smiling at his distress.

“It’s a free country Maximoff, I can do what I please.”

His heart beat in his chest as you hopped of the banister and made your way towards him.  When you got close enough to him, he was sure you would hear the erratic beat of his heart.  He suddenly decided to make a bold move, using your own words against you.

“Well, does that mean I can do this?” He reached down to place his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to him until there was no more space between the two of you.

Your breath hitched.  You glanced up at him nervously and your confident demeanor faded as he moved a hand up to push the hair out of your face.  Your cheeks lit up like a wildfire indicating your nervousness to him.  You shouted at yourself in your head mercilessly ‘no one can make me nervous. How can this boy make me feel this way?’

Right then and there, he kissed you.  You had never felt anything like it.  It was new and slightly awkward but oddly, good.  Peter eased into it suddenly as you kissed back with more force.

“Peter.” You mumured slightly as you pulled away.

“I called it! Quicksilver really does make quick work.” Jean winked as she shouted breaking the two apart in shock.

“Jean!” Kurt reprimanded the redhead as he stood next to her with his blue arms folded across his chest, shaking his head disapprovingly at Jean’s comment.  “You sound like Scott.”

“That’s not true.” Scott stated.  “I don’t sound like a know it all.”  Jean slapped his arm, smiling at her boyfriend goofily as Kurt groaned.

“You two better not end up like Romeo and Juliette over here.” His thick German accent rang out through your ears as he pointed at Jean and Scott.  Peter was still in a state of fantasy as he stared into your eyes dreamily.

“Huh?” He muttered to Kurt breathlessly.

“Zhis is exactly vhat I mean.” He smiled as he walked over to the professor who Kurt had noticed was watching the scene unfold. “My friends are idiots.” He said to Charles Xavier.

“Ineed they are Kurt.” Charles smiled knowingly at the blue boy. “Idiots in love.”


Papers littered your bed, desk and floor. You were tired beyond belief, brain on hyperactive as you forced yourself to continue studying. Your parents had recently wrote a letter to you, mentioning that they were disappoited with your grades, saying that they wished you would do better in your classes. You were devasted because you work your ass of, how the hell do they expect you to work on your mutation and get all A’s and B’s?

You huffed, shoving your papers and books on the floor with a loud thud. “Why can’t I get any of this right!” You covered your face, tears of disappointment and frustration streaming down your face.

“Baby?” A husky voice said from the entrance of your small room.

“Not now, Warren.” You sniffled, but that only caused the angel to step in and shut the door behind him gently.

“Baby, are you okay? Talk to me.” Warren kneeled down beside your bed, his wings sprawled out behind him.

You sniffled, wiping your face. You looked at your boyfriend with red, puffy eyes. “I’m stupid.” You whimpered.

Warren laughed, shaking his head. “Princess, you’re not stupid, trust me.”

“Well my parents make me feel stupid. They always expect so much from me.” You were so mad.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Shh. Shh. Okay what do you need help with?”

“Calculus honors.”

Warren groaned. “We’ll study together. Although I can’t promise I’m any good.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more, now let’s get going.”

Skin deep - Wolverine x Abused!Reader (NSFW)

Yes I would. Oh wait, I actually already did. WARNING, NSFW. It’s basically fluff and smut. If you’re uncomfortable with smut, DO NOT READ IT, I have many other SFW work instead ;-), if you don’t mind smut though, read away, and hope you’ll like it, like, hope I wrote things alright and all, BOOOOOM : 

Summary : Your body is littered with scars from years of abuse and torture…And you feel very self-conscious about it, highly insecure. Your boyfriend (and also savior), Logan, tries to convince you there’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)



It was always the same nightmare. 

You were back in the laboratories, and the people that killed your family were torturing you again. Logan’s lifeless body was pinned on the wall in front of you.

They’d done it again. They killed the one you loved the most…your only chance of salvation, of escape. The one that mended your broken body and soul back together. The one that saved you all those years ago, the one you fell deeply in love with…You wake up with a start and a scream, sweat running down your body. 

A hand laying softly on your bare thigh startles you, and you jump out of the bed, ready to fight…when you realize it’s Logan. 

He’s used to it by now, just like you were used to soothe him back to sleep after one of his nightmare. You were both quite fucked up…He was used to it by now, and yet…

The look on his face is nothing but worries, and he doesn’t dare making another movement. He just stares at you, waiting for you to come back…if you want to. A lot of times, when you wake up from a nightmare, you just leave for a walk alone, to clear your mind…But not tonight. 

Tonight, you need to feel him, to be in his arms…protected, and to make sure he’s still there, alive, safe.

You slip back into bed, and his feature softens a bit, loosing just a small amount of worries. One of your arm snake around his waist, the other goes around his neck, your hand tangling itself in his thick black hair. His own arms wrap around your body, pulling you as close as he can, on of his legs fits itself under yours, while the other one spayed across your thigh…You’re trapped in his embrace, just like you love. 

Your head goes to rest where his heart beats, and you sigh, tickling him lightly as your breath moves his chest hair. 

-You’re here to stay, right Logan ? 

-I don’t intend on leaving you again sweetheart. 

-Promised ? 

-Promised. I couldn’t anyway. 

-…Why ? 

-Because I fucking love you and I can’t live without you, that’s why. 


-That’s me. 

You chuckle, snuggling into him even more, and kiss his chest. 

-I love you. 

-I love you too (Y/N), now, sleep. 

You don’t have any dreams the rest of the night, and that’s how you like it. 

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The little blue comfort in my life

(A/N): I love kurt so much though, so much 

Request:Could you maybe write a short one shot were the reader has a panic attack and Kurt comforts them? I am in the middle of one right now so I’d be nice to see something like that fpr next time it happens.

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine

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   You could barely breathe, the walls were closing in on you, your hands were shaking, and you knew you were most definitely crying as you sat on your bed, your mind overwhelmed to the point that you’d been hurled into a panic attack. School was too much, your mutation was too much, your family life was too much, and it had all gotten to you and now here you were, curled up on your bed as you sobbed and attempted to regain some composer about yourself. 

   You could feel your heart hammering in your chest, the loud thudding of it ringing in your ears as you only curled around yourself tighter, determined to block out everyone and everything around you. You were honestly so out of it you didn’t even hear the resounding thud as a body hit your floor or the smell of sulfur fill your room. In fact, you didn’t even realize anyone was in your room until someone placed their warm hand on your shoulder, shocking you momentarily. 

   “(Y/N),” Kurt’s voice pierced through your panic, his familiar voice only soothing you slightly. “(Y/N), are you okay? Vhat’s vrong?” You whimper softly, physically unable to form sentences. You knew you were scaring Kurt beyond belief but you couldn’t control it and that only added to your panic. 

   “Panicking,” Is all you provided him, hoping that the sentence would at least shine some light on your predicament at the moment. No doubt Kurt’s face is scrunched up in confusion, his sweet little nose all crinkled as he attempted to figure out what you meant. Kurt was a smart guy, thank god, and he connected the dots pretty quickly, releasing a soft ‘oh’ at the realization and it took him all but 2 seconds to start moving. With the gentlest of touches he pulled you to his chest, your bodies pressed right up against each others. He held you close with one hand while the other smoothed over your hair in an attempt to calm you down, even if it was just a bit. 

   This wouldn’t be the first time one of the x-men walked in on one of your panic attacks, you had them quite frequently, so most everyone around here knew how to care for you when they did spring upon you. Kurt however, seemed to be an expert in this. He was always there for you during and after the attacks, refusing to leave your side until he was sure you were alright. Even then he’d linger until you forced him to leave, which of course you never did. So by now he was experienced in how to take care of you. 

   “Shhh, it’s okay (Y/N), can you match your breathing to mine? Do you zhink zhat is possible?” You nod your head, albeit with great difficulty, before attempting to match your breathing to Kurt’s. He took slow, methodical breaths, much slower and deeper than yours. 

   It took a few minutes but eventually you got your breathing to his level, to his state of calmness. Rather than say anything for a few moments he simply held you, allowing you a little more time to recover from whatever was just happening to you. His one hand stroked your hair gently, smoothing out any knots or bumps you had, all the while soothing you. 

  “Do you need a distraction?” Kurt asks, already knowing the answer. After these you always needed a distraction, something to keep your mind off of everything that had just happened. You nod your head, sighing shakily as you Cling to Kurt just a bit tighter. 

   “Yes please,” Kurt nods, not needing another word before he bamfs the two of you out of there and to some place to get away from all your stress. 

   Whenever you did have attacks like this Kurt would always whisk you away to some beautiful and secluded place, just to give you some air and space to breath. Sometimes he’d play with your hair or sing you a song, other times he’d go back to grab a book only to return not even a second later just to stay up and read it to you. 

  Tonight he’d picked a beautiful grove of trees overlooking some cliff drop off, the stars shined brightly above and you could hear the sounds of waves in the distance, smacking against some rocks. It would have been cold had you not had Kurt by your side, his arms wrapped tightly around you as he rested his chin atop your head, his insanely warm body the only thing keeping the chill out of your bones. 

   Neither of you say anything for quite some time, the sights and sounds to peaceful and beautiful to interrupt with unimportant words. But when one of you finally did speak up it was in a quiet and rather soft tone. 

   “Are you doing better Meine Liebe?” Kurt whispers, pressing a kiss to the tip of your ear as he does. You can’t help the small smile that overcomes your features as you close your eyes, allowing the sounds of the ocean to wash away all your stress. 


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29 - Seth Rollins - how is my wife more badass then me

A/N: Not sure if I’m 100% happy with this, I feel like it’s all over the place. Still tryng to back into the swing of things so hpefully the next one wont be trash. Thank you all for being patient and sticking around. :)

Tonight was your RAW debut, youd been down at NXT for a few years and tonight was your big break. You would be showing off a new more badass side to your character and taking part in the women’s gauntlet match, not only were you taking part in the match you were set to win it. Your husband Seth had no idea you were at the venue let alone compeating tonight, Seth had been called up to the main roster while you two were still dating. The relationship was a little rocky for a while due to the distance but you were both determined to make it work, so here you were debuing tonight hoping to suprise your husband of 1 year.

The women had all picked out their positions for tonight and of course there was one final spot left that Kurt had announced would be filled by a mystery contestant, the WWE universe was going wild wondering who it could be, a lot of them were hoping it was you and the other half hoping it would be someone like Asuka or Ruby Riot. It was getting to the end of the match and Sasha was in the ring waiting for you, standing at the gorilla you jump up and down shaking out some of your nerves. Just as you finish getting into character your entrance music hit and you made your way out onto the stage, as you performed your entrance the crowd goes wild and you try not to break character and get excited with them. Entering the ring you walk around each edge drinking in the reactions of the crowd, get ready to face Sasha you lock up with her in the centre of the ring. Through out the match you’d nearly pinned Sasha twice and and she had a near pin on you, you were lying on the mat catching your breath after a lot of back and forth Sasha came up ehind you putting you into the bank statment. The crowd was going wild some cheering Sasha on others cheering for you, it looked like you were about to tap but using all your strength you reach the bottom rop forcing her to break the hold. Sasha looked around frustrated giving you enough time to recover and pull yourself up onto the apron, looking at Sasha’s position you saw she was in the perfect spot for your finishing move, looking at the audience then back at Sasha you climbed the up to the top rope and performed a moonsault hitting Sasha in the middle of the ring. Pulling up her leg you manage to pin her for the 3 count and stand up cheering as JoJo announced you were the new number one contender for Alexa’s championship.

Alexa’s music hit as she enters the arena with the championship around her waist, climbing into the ring she holds the belt up in your face, smirking at her you pretend to walk away before drop kicking her and causing her to roll out the ring. Getting up you grab her belt and hold it above your head making a statment to not only her but the whole WWE universe, after a few moments walking around the ring with the belt you lay it in the middle before sliding out and heading back up the ramp. Once oming through the curtain you’re swooped up into a hug by 2 strong arms that you defiantly recognise.

“Oh my God babe you were amazing out there! I had no idea you’d be here tonight.” Seth mumbles into your hair as he spins you around. Finally he places you on the floor before slipping his fingers through yours pulling you towards the locker rooms so you could change.

“Thank you honey, did I surprise you?” You giggled as you and Seth walked through the corridors, stopping everynow and then as people congradulated you.

“You definatly surprised me! I had no idea you were going to be here untill I heard your entrance music hit. I honestly thought Dean was fucking with me and playing it off his phone.”

“Well Dean most certainly was not fucking with you and you’re now looking ath the new number one contender for the woman’s championship.”

“How is my wife more badass than me?” Seth chuckles smiling brightly at you. He was so proud of you for making it to RAW and becoming number one contender.

“You and I both know I’ve always been more badass than you.” Grinning cheekily at him you laughed even more as he pulled back pulling a hurt expression. Grabbing his hand you pulled Seth towards you, standing on tiptoes to place a kiss to his lips. “It’s okay babe at least you’ll always be ‘The man’ just now I’ll be ‘The Woman’“ You smiled at at him putting an emphesis on the word man in woman. He beamed down at you before placing another kiss to your lips, the sweet gesture causing a blush to rise to your cheeks.

“Damn right. We got the newest and cutest power couple right here!” You both turn to see Sasha walk up behind the two of you. Running to meet her you jumped at her causing her to catch you in a hug, you and Sasha had been great friends down at NXT and you were happy but a little sad to see one of your best friends go, of course you had tried to keep in touch but it was hard and not always possible to meet, especially when any free time you had you’d fly out to see Seth.

“I missed you girl!” Pulling away from the hug you look back and see Seth pouting.

“How come she gets a better hello than I did.” Seth folds his arms across his chest.

“Because your wife obviously loves me more than you!” Sasha jokes slinging her arms around you.

“Yeah sure she does.” Seth stands there looking at you with his signature cocky smirk.

“I’m sorry Sasha but if I don’t agree I have to go home with him and he’s not very nice to be around when he’s grumpy.” You and Sasha both burst out laghing as Seth playfully storms off, the both of you casually follow chatting along the way.

“You did great out there (Y/N). I can’t wait to see you snatch that title from Alexa.”

“Thanks Sasha, I can’t wait to show the WWE universe what I’m made off and the new changes to my character. It’s gonna be a good year.”

“I can see you and Seth over throwing The Miz and Maryse during that time too.”

“Who said that was a bad thing.” Winking at her you’d finally caught up with Seth who’d been waiting near the locker room for you. Saying goodbye to Sasha you stand in front of Seth who automatically wraps you up in his arms.

“Honestly I’m so proud of you for making it this far and everything you’ve gone through at NXT, you deserve that title and I can’t wait to tell everyone I’m married to the RAW Women’s champion.” You couldn’t help but smile at how sweet he was being, it never failed to make your heart melt when he showed that side of himself.

“You’re too cute do you know that.”

“Hey I’m not cute I’m badass.” Seth mumbles swaying you both slightly.

“Sure you are honey. That why I’m getting a championship match and you’re not.” Winking at him you peck his lips and quickly scurry off into the locker room while he processes what you’ve just said.

“Hey!” You chuckled behind the door hearing Seth finally realising what you had said.

“I love yooouuuuu!” You shout from locker room.

“Sure you do! And to think I thought you were more badass than me!” Seth replies walking off, grining like an idiot but he can’t help but think how much better work was going to be now he had his wife at his side.

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Friendly Competition [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: snow day aka seduce seb day (or i had an idea) /requests closed right now/

WARNING: Seduction…?

Mr. Shue’s idea is so…ugh. The glee club invited the Warblers to do some performances with each other. Some kind of ‘attempt to reach good terms’. You stand on stage next to Britney, arms crossed over your tight black crop top, glaring at Sebastian. “Okay, Y/N, you can present first. Is there anything you need before I leave to talk to Miss P?” Mr. Shue asks, hands on the edge of the stage.

“Why, yes, Mr. Shue, I need Sebastian…” you pat the plastic chair, “Right here.” you grin, legs moving in your leather shorts. Nodding, Mr. Shue points to the stage; the Warbler sneers, hopping on stage and plopping in the seat, crossing his arms. Shue exits and you peer at Britney and Santana, who are also in black.

The music starts; Santana begins. “What it do babyboo?” she nods at her girlfriend, rapping, “Yeah, little mama you lookin’ good, I see you wanna play with a player from the hood. Come holla at me, you got it like that, Big Snoop Dogg, with the lead Pussycat. I show you how it go down, yeah, I wanna go down. Me and you, one on one, treat you like a shorty; You look at me and I look at you, I’m reachin’ for your shirt what you want me to do?” she freestyles.

You strut towards Sebastian, singing the chorus, “I’m telling you loosen up my buttons baby (Uh huh), but you keep fronting (Uh),” you squat in front of him, rubbing your hands through your hair as Brit and Rachel sing backup. “saying what you goin’ do to me (Uh huh), but I ain’t seen nothing (Uh).”

Standing up, you stalk around him, licking your bottom lip. He shifts uncomfortably, mossy green eyes following your every move, dress slacks becoming tight. “Typical, hardly the type I fall for. I like when the physical.” you pull his striped tie, causing his arms to fall at his sides. “Don’t leave me asking for more. I’m a sexy mama (Mama).” you smirk, watching his pouty mouth open wide, “Who knows just how to get what I wanna (Wanna). What I want to do is spring this on ya (On ya). Back up all of the things that I told ya (Told ya, told ya, told ya)…”

Sebastian swallows harshly, feeling your fingers run up his white button down. His dick is throbbing at the sight of your breasts in his face. Oh god…. “You been sayin’ all the right things all night long, but I can’t seem to get you over here to help take this off. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” Roughly, you push his navy blue blazer off his shoulders, making him gasp. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow. I don’t think you know…” you sing, letting the other girls sing the chorus again.

As his blazer falls to the floor, you back away, unzipping your black hoodie, exposing your crop top fully. “You say you’re a big boy, but I can’t agree. ‘Cause the love you said you had, ain’t been put on me.” you smirk, sashaying up to the snarky Warbler. “I wonder (Wonder), if I’m just too much for you. Wonder (Wonder), if my kiss don’t make you just…Wonder (Wonder) what I got next for you. What you want to do? (Do)” you ask, batting your eyelashes, hands running up his thighs.

Sebastian squirms, scoffing, eyebrows furrowing as if silently asking ‘are you kidding?’. You smirk, showing off your breasts, “Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours.” you point to yourself; his eyes darken. “I can see, just like most guys, that your game don’t please. Baby, can’t you see? (See) How these clothes are fittin’ on me? (Me)” you toss your hoodie of the stage. Kurt catches it, laughing. Sebastian breathes heavily when you yank him by his tie. “And the heat coming from this beat (Beat). I’m about to blow, I don’t think you know…” you throw your head back, going into the chorus again as the other girls dance.

Puckering your lips, you get ready to rap, moving to the back of the chair. The Warbler groans, feeling you mess up his hair. “Now you can get what you want, but I need what I need, And let me tell you what’s crackalackin’ before I proceed.” you grab his chin, forcing his head to the side; his jaw tenses. “Ima show you where to put it at. PCD told me, yeah, I thought I saw a Pussycat.” you smirk, seeing him glare at you. “Now roll with the big dog, all six of y'all on me, now tell me how it feel babydoll. Ashley, Nicole, Carmit, Jessica, Kimberly, Melody, you feelin’ me?” you muse, letting of his jaw.

“Ha, ha…hot!” Britney smirks, fanning herself and pausing.

Santana laughs, leaning on her girlfriend, “Ha, ha…loosen up!”

“Ha, ha…yeah…” Rachel and Quinn say together.

You step toward the front of him, face to face, “Ha, ha…I can’t take this…” you mumble, stomping to the beat as the chorus returns.

Suddenly, he stands up, knocking the chair back with his foot. The music stops and the two of you stare at each other, making the New Directions and Warblers uncomfortable. “Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me.” Sebastian smirks, gesturing to you and him, “Let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be.” The rest of the Warblers join him from below the stage as he corners you to the wall. “Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about se-”

“Throw your clothes!” you cut him off, grabbing his arms and placing them around your waist. “On the floor!” He harmonizes, shaking his head slightly. “I’m gonna take my clothes off too; I made plans to be with you.” you sing together, hitting the note perfectly. Your eyelids screw shut, “Girl whatever you ask me, you know, I could do!”

Sebastian picks you up, ignoring the other people in the room; hands under your thighs. “I’ll make love to you, like you want me to. And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night. I’ll make love to you, when you want me to. And I will not let go 'till you tell me to…” he sings, eyes darting to your lips.

“Touch my body, put me on the floor… Wrestle me around, play with me some more. Touch my body, throw me on the bed…” you hum, hands flying to his hair, “I just wanna make you feel like you never did. Touch my body, let me wrap my thighs all around your waist. Just a little taste. Touch my body, know you love my curves-”

Sebastian presses his lips to yours, surprising everyone. (Kurt screams in horror and Blaine covers his mouth.) You groan, tugging on his chestnut hair. The door squeaks open and  you jump down, looking at Mr. Shue entering. “Guys! You do your song yet?” he asks cheerfully.

“Yes they did.” Sebastian smirks, gazing at you, “It was…electric.” he winks, picking up his blazer from the floor and swinging it over his shoulder. “I gotta go. Can’t stand this public school smell…” he sneers, peering at you quickly before heading off stage.

Huffing, your shoulders slump. Britney touches your upper arm as the Warblers pile through the double doors. “It’s okay, Y/N, maybe you can have sex with the mean molerat another day.” she says hopefully.

Your eyes go wide, “Britney, shh!”

“Torture: Part Two” Peter Maximoff x Reader Imagine (Request)

Request: YOUR LAST FIC WAS SO GREAT AHHH! Ok so what about Fic where the X-Men are on a mission and the bad guys manage to get away with the Reader. Peter (Reader’s Bestie) couldn’t be there for that mission but as soon as he hears about it he wants to save you. (The rescuing is up to your imagination!!) - all the love, walkingitmaximoff xx

Warnings: A little bit of language, mentions of a bombing, kidnapping, guns

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL, Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: I think I did it! Thanks for all of the encouragment and kind words about Tourture: Part one! I really hope you guys enjoy part two as well! This style of writing is a little bit outside my comfort zone, but you guys have been so incredibly sweet and left some great feedback! I love talking with those of you who message me! It’s so much fun getting to know my audience. I hope you enjoy, lovley Anon! Thanks for reading and have a rad day!


“Wow, Y/N. I didn’t know you were one for theatrics.” Peter teased as she led him down the hallway, struggling to keep her hands over his eyes and open the door at the same time.

“Keep your eyes closed! We’re almost there.” She led him through the doorway, accidentally ramming his shoulder into the wall as he turned the corner.  

“Hey! Watch it!”


Peter laughed as she turned him to face her.

“Ok, you can open them on three.” She ran behind him, grabbing his shoulder.


Y/N threw her hands up dramatically, revealing a huge, stand-up, Ms. Pac-man console, its lights blinking rhythmically with the brightly colored pictures on screen.

Peter’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he turned to Y/N, who had the world’s toothiest grin plastered across her face.

“You didn’t.”

She pressed her lips together in a proud smirk, “I did.”

He laughed in amazement, grabbing her in the tightest hug he could muster.

“How did you even get this?” He asked, still feeling dumbfounded as he glanced over the machine.

“The guy who runs the arcade noticed how much you play it and asked me if I was interested in buying it. He said he’s planning on replacing is with one of those new multi-game consoles. One of those ones with Donkey Kong and Dig-n-Dug, all on the same machine…I saved my pennies.”

“No way!” Peter looked up at her, pure awe in his eyes, “Thank you, Y/N.”

Y/N smiled. She could feel the happiness bubbling in her stomach. She reached into her pocket and inserted a quarter into the machine.

“First one’s on me, Maximoff.”


Y/N looked over at the terrified little boy sitting next to her. He had been scraped pretty badly on his forehead. Tears and cut trails in the dirt on his face. He couldn’t have been older than Peter’s little sister. She glanced around the room, warily. The only guard she could see was a few yards away. She decided it was safe to try and help the boy.

“Hey,” She whispered. The little boy looked up at her, fear in his big brown eyes.

 “Don’t be afraid. My name is Y/N.” She held out her hand to the boy and he shook it.

“I know who you are. You’re on the news sometimes.”

“Yeah!” She smiled at him warmly. He seemed to he relaxing a little bit more as she spoke.

“You saved my little brother. Thank you.” The boy pointed across the room at the child she had saved from the building. His mother was cradling him and she seemed to be praying. She was a beautiful woman. She couldn’t have been older than thirty-five.

“My name is Ryan. My mom says I’m going to go to your school one day, too.”

Y/N beamed at him, “Are you a mutant?”

“I think so. My mom says I am.” The boy rubbed his face with his sleeve. Y/N smiled at the sight of his shirt. Pac-Man.

“You said you’ve seen me on the news. Have you ever seen my friend, Quicksilver?”  The little boy’s eyes widened.

“Yeah! He’s so cool! When that guy was trying to take over, he just ran around and punched him in the face! It was awesome!”

Y/N chuckled, “Well, he loves Pac-Man too. He actually owns a Pac-Man machine-“

“Quiet!” The guard called from the other side of the room, startling Ryan. The guard stood up and walked to sit behind the two. Y/N did the best she could to take Ryan’s hand in hers, but she struggled with the wire that bound her hands together.

“It’ll be Ok, Ryan.” She whispered.

She searched the room for Kurt, who’d been put two or three rows away from her. He also seemed to be praying. Alex had been placed behind her, and now matter how she twisted, she couldn’t see him.

She sighed and gazed up at the guard who sat across from her, trying to read the symbols on his uniform. The only one she could make out was the biggest one. The one embroidered on his shoulder. Anti-Mutant. The gun in his belt was practically angled at her head now.

Y/N looked at her feet. She tried not to think about what would happen to Peter, or his family if she died. She tried not to think about Peter’s weird notes and drawings that he passed to her in the middle of class; or how he’d accidentally forgotten to take off Wanda’s pair of wire fairy wings after playing with her one night and ended up wearing them to school; or how he could always find a way to make her smile, even if she wasn’t in a smiley mood. She wished she’d gotten to see him one last time. If anything,  just to say goodbye.

Y/N was broken from her trance by a series of faint, warbled yells from the guards earpiece. His eyes went big,with what looked to Y/N like fear. She strained to listen as the guard stood and loaded his weapon, causing a few sobs to echo through the room. Y/N tried to form words from the quiet bits of audio she could hear from his headset, but she couldn’t pull anything together.


Suddenly, the words drowned in a static. The man threw his communicator down in a fit of rage, shattering it against the concrete floor. Ryan flinched at the noise trying to shield his eyes. The man cocked his weapon, standing and walking over to the door as he shouted something in code. He pressed all his weight against it’s handle, shouting louder. Without warning, the room jolted and the door began to shake violently. He grabbed the handle, only the scream in pain and fall backwards. The whole door seemed to be growing red as it shook. Y/N grabbed the little boy’s shoulder.

“PUT YOUR HEAD’S DOWN!” She shouted to the room. The noise grew louder and louder. Ryan’s mom knelt over the younger boy and covered her head with her shaky hands.

All at once the door flew open, hitting the man with a force that knocked him back onto the floor. A breathless Scott ran inside, pushing his goggles back onto his nose.

“Scott!” Y/N shouted. He smiled widely and pressed a button on his headpiece.

“I found them, Pete.”


The evacuation was quick, and seamless. Scott and Jean helped board the hostages onto the ship, giving as much medical help as they could to those who needed it. Y/N had Warren cut the ropes from her wrists and took the little boy and his mother aboard the ship, where she found him some bandages for Ryan’s head. The woman kissed her son on the cheek and hugged Y/N repeatedly as tears welled in her eyes.

“Thank you. Thank you, so much. You saved my whole family, today.”

She was about to offer the left over bandages to whoever needed them when she heard a faint voice calling her name from the other side of the ship.

“Y/N! Y/N!” She turned to see Peter, waving his hands above the crowd and trying to reach her. She dropped the bandages and ran towards him, trying to cut through the swarm. When she finally reached him, he gathered her up in his arms and held her there, refusing to let her go. He buried his face in her hair, trying to memorize every little feature that he thought he’d lost.

“What are you doing here?” She smiled in-between sobs. He brushed the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs, holding her face in his hands.

“I thought I’d loose you.”

She gave him a sad smile and hugged him again, trying to bring him ever closer.

“You’ll have to try harder than that if you want to get rid of me.” Peter laughed, kissing her forehead sweetly and resting his head on top of hers.

Time had always seemed to pass slowly for him, but now, it seemed like he could never have enough of it.


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Protector - Finn Balor

A/N: I wanted to thank you guys for waiting patiently for me to put new stuff out. As I mentioned earlier in the week, college has been piling on and I’ve been trying to finish this prompt for a while. This one…was difficult. I had a hard time writing this one but I was determined to write it well for you guys. I really hope y’all like this one. 

Prompt Request: #2 “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you now.” @wwesensualfanfics and Anon :)

Taglist: @athoughtfulmindwrites @wrestlingfae @balor-babe @alexahood21 @neversatisfiedgirl @heelturn-timesten @wwefinnbalorimagines @wweximaginesxd @finnbalorimagines @finnfuckingbalor @samthewrestlingfan @flamesethrollins @rollinsbabe @romanreignsimagine @deanandseths

Warnings: a few curse words, drinking, FLASHBACK ATTEMPTED ASSAULT

Song: “The Lightning Strike” - Snow Patrol

Word Count: 4350 (it’s a doozy)

“I swear if you eat my last grape I very well may kill you,” I warned my best friend as saw his hand inching towards my plate in my peripheral vision. He huffed and pouted, hand retreating to his chiseled abs as he lay down. He put his head in my lap as I scrolled through my phone with one hand.

“Love, you took the last of them,” he complained. I ran my other hand through his black hair. He immediately closed his green-blue eyes and almost purred like a cat.

“Not my fault you didn’t nab some earlier Ferg,” I chastised, before finally giving him the last grape from my plate. He smiled up at me in victory. He always wins and he knows it. According to him, it was New Japan that brought him this luck. New Japan brought me to him.

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A Glee Wedding(Sam Evans)

Requested by Anon

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Originally posted by shakesglitter

His blonde hair was covered in sweat, he couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t let you get away. Not this time.

“Sam?” You watch as he steps into the Glee club, strumming his guitar. It doesn’t take long before he’s dancing around the room, singing ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran. Singing to you.

“Happy Anniversary,” he smiles wide.

Rushing up, you jump into his arms, allowing him to lift you off the ground for a moment as the room of your friends fills with applause. “And a reservation tonight at BreadStix,” he grins.

“You didn’t have to do all this for me,” you slap his arm. “I would’ve loved a movie night.”

“I know,” he shrugs softly. “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“Well I appreciate it,” you lean in, kissing him softly, ignoring the sound of cheers and whoops.

Sam runs down the street, yelling out apologies to the people he pumped into. He can see Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine stepping out of their car. “Hey! Guys!” He waves his hands frantically, “Has it started yet?!” He’s panting, looking at them with worry and panic in his eyes.

Kurt stammers, “Uh, no, we were just coming to help Y/N get ready. Uh, why?” Sam doesn’t answer, he only bursts into another sprint, rushing to find you. “Sam?!”

“Good morning,” Sam mumbles in a raspy voice. The morning voice that you loved.

“Morning,” you smile down at him. He was cuddled into your chest, laying the majority of his body over yours. “Sleep good?”

Sam smiles, almost in a daze, “Best I have in years.” He kisses your bare chest, hugging your body close. “Get dressed,” he kisses you softly. “I’ll get started on breakfast.” With a smile, he stumbles out of bed, slipping his boxers on and heads towards the kitchen of your apartment in New York. 

While Sam was working on his modeling career, you were attending NYADA alongside Kurt and Rachel. Everything was perfect. Every morning and night with the guy you loved, going to school for something you loved with your best friends. Life couldn’t get any better. 

But it could get a whole lot worse.

Sam regretted the way things had ended. It wasn’t how he wanted things to go, but that horrible fight had changed everything.

“Why can’t you just be happy for me?” He yells, “This is my big break!”

“I am happy for you, Sam, you know that! But this is my big break, what about me?”

“It’s always about you! It’s one week, in Bora Bora, you’d love it!”

“Maybe, but I can’t miss this audition, Sam, it’s between me and someone else. I have to be here!”

“So, what? Are you saying you care more about your job than me?”

“Is that what you’re saying?”

“I just want you there!”

Your voice drops, “Are you asking me to choose?”

Sam takes a deep breath, “Yes, I am.”

You let your eyes flutter shut, and breathe before looking him in the eye. “Guess this is goodbye.”

“Guess it is.” Sam couldn’t believe it. Your career meant to you more than he did?

“Don’t ever,” you jab your finger into his chest, “Make someone choose between the two most important things in their life. I love you Sam, but I’m not giving up just because you ask me to.”

“Y/N,” Sam forces the locked door open, the hinges go flying.

You scream, a hand on your chest, eyes wide. “Sam? What the hell was that?”

“Don’t do this,” he pants. “Don’t go out there and marry him, you don’t love him.”

You sigh softly, “Sam it’s been two years, I love this man.”

“Not like you love me,” he shakes his head. “I hated myself everyday for letting you go, for making you choose instead of supporting you in everyway. I hate that I’m the reason he got you, but Y/N, I can’t let you get married.”

“Why not?” You fold your arms, “He’s a great guy, he treats me right, what’s there to think about?”

“He doesn’t make you feel the way I do,” Sam takes a step towards you. “He doesn’t get your toes all tingly,” another step closer. “He doesn’t sing disney songs, or makes great impressions,” his chest fills with pride at the small smile that tugs at your lips. “I know I have the worst absolute timing ever, but,” he takes a deep breath and drops to a knee. Taking out a ring, nothing big or fancy, just a small simple ring. “I know I can’t offer you everything you deserve, I know that our careers are just kicking in, I know that he might be able to give you the world, but I will damn near try. I’ll do everything I can to show you I love you everyday, and I’ll never let you think that you’re less than perfect. You are my world, Y/N, and I want to spend every second of my life with you by side. Will you marry me?”

You stood there, in complete and utter shock. Here he was. Your high school sweetheart, the one you loved with every being in your body, the one who was asking you to marry when you were supposed walk down the aisle to marry someone else.

Your laughs filled the air, surrounded by the ones you loved. Sam somehow got you to say yes, just from that hopeful look on his face, and that beautiful smile. His lips were on yours as the sound of your Glee club family cheered you on in the room covered in cheap wedding decorations with a man who had years on Mr. Shue and probably got his marriage license online. But it couldn’t be better. You couldn’t be happier.

Everyone you loved all in one room, marrying the man you wanted to be with forever. Life couldn’t get any better. But it did. It only got better from the moment you stepped out of the chapel.

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So I'm just watching "Thinking Out Loud" video and can you imagine this: Blaine as Ed, and Kurt as choreographer who came up with this dance. They have a late in night rehearsal and you can literally touch the tension between them. And then there's that one move, too close, too intimate and BOOM! they're kissing and oh I gave myself feelings *___*

Kurt still thinks it’s a prank as he opens the door to the studio.

There is no way that he has actually been called to choreograph Blaine Fucking Anderson’s latest video.

Not to look down on him and his dancing studio, it’s just a fact:

Stars of Blaine Anderson’s status don’t go to Brooklyn’s choreograph for a music video–they go to big names, famous dancers and acclaimed professionals.

Not … him.

But it is Blaine Fucking Anderson standing in the middle of a beautiful factory-turned-loft, wearing a somehow loose but fitting shirt–there is some kind of black magic at work here–and snug sweatpants that leave nothing to Kurt’s vivid imagination.

A blond man approaches Kurt, and he reads enough gossip magazines (shush, it’s a professional occupation) to recognize Blaine Anderson’s occasional lyricist and best friend, Sam Evans. “Mr. Hummel!” the man exclaims, shaking Kurt’s hand enthusiastically. “So glad you could make it.”

Kurt shakes his hand back and can’t help but smile at his energy. “I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else,” he replies, looking behind Sam at Blaine who is warming up with a look of focus.

Damn he’s attractive–no wonder he has so many fan groups.

Not that Kurt doesn’t have his own little group of followers on the different social media, but they do not compare with Blaine’s.

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Pretend today never happened

Blindspot fanfic.

We’re celebrating Easter here today. So this is the written equivalent of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps. In other words: Pure fluff.

Inspired by this article with spoilers for 219:

What if the dual polygraph forces Jeller to reveal feelings they’ve been trying to hide?

He nearly missed her.

Jane was on her way out of the NYO when Weller caught up to her at the elevator, slipping inside just before the doors closed.

“Can I give you a ride home?” he asked.

“No. I’m good, thanks.” A polite smile flitted across her face, but she didn’t quite meet his eyes as she spoke.

“Jane… We should talk. About today.”

She’d changed out of her red outfit back into her own clothing after they’d gotten back from the op, and now she shoved her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket and hunched her shoulders. “We don’t have to. We can just pretend today never happened.”

Part of him wanted to believe she was right and that they could. But things were already awkward between them, and he didn’t see that getting any better.

“I’d feel better if we talked,” he said grimly.

The elevator doors opened. Jane drew in a breath and then followed him out into the parking garage.

Neither of them spoke until they were inside his SUV. It was going to be an uncomfortable enough conversation; he’d be damned if they started it where anyone in the FBI could overhear. The report he’d filed was deliberately vague on the details, but he knew it was still damning enough.

Jane still wouldn’t look at him. She buckled her seat belt and looked out the windshield in front of her.

“I’m sorry,” he said, abandoning the careful words he’d rehearsed.

“I know,” she whispered. She finally turned to look at him. “I’m not going to hold you to anything you said under duress.”

And even though the tone of her voice was flat, her eyes looked…. sad?

“You know it’s true,” he pointed out.

She gave a tiny shake of her head. “It doesn’t matter.”

Ouch. That hurt.

He gave a curt nod. “I just…. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me.”

She heaved a small sigh. “I don’t. I mean, I won’t. I know it doesn’t change anything.” She swallowed and looked down at her hands in her lap. “If you’d wanted me to know, you’d have said something…. before.”

“And when was I supposed to do that? While you were dating Oliver?”

At the growl in his words, she drew back, blinking in surprise.

“Look,” he said, more quietly. “I just want you to be happy. And I know you…. don’t feel the same. And you don’t need to feel bad about that or worry that I’m going to do anything to make things awkward.”

He looked out across the parking garage, schooling his features into neutrality. “We’re friends. And that’s more important.” The fact that he was in love with her– and that she knew it now– was irrelevant. Had to be irrelevant. “Okay?” He finally worked up the nerve to look back at her.

He couldn’t read the expression on her face. She looked torn between concern and amusement.

“Kurt,” she said slowly, “you do know that part of the training I received was how to beat polygraphs.”

He looked at her, uncomprehending.

When he didn’t say anything, she said bluntly, “I lied.”

He blinked. “You– lied?”

She nodded, green eyes solemn and locked on his.

He tried to wrap his brain around what he thought she was telling him. “So you…” She’d gone first. She’d said she didn’t have any feelings for him. And the polygraph announced True. But if she’d lied…. “Why?”

She swallowed. “Because I was sure you’d say no, and it would be true.”

“But after…?”

Her gaze fell then, away from his. “You didn’t want to tell me.” Her eyes flashed green at him again. “And I didn’t want you to tell me if you didn’t want to. If you were only saying it because you were forced into it.”

He drew a deep breath and turned his whole torso to face her. “I’m not being forced to say anything right now,” he pointed out. “So… if I were to tell you… Would you want to hear it?”

She looked at him, eyes wide and the look in them almost frightened. But she nodded and whispered, “Yes.”

He swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. “I love you. I’m in love with you, Jane.”

She blinked rapidly, her eyes overly bright and shiny. “I love you too.”

He had a moment where he felt like he couldn’t breathe at all. But she didn’t move, didn’t shake her head and tell him it wasn’t true. So he leaned toward her, slowly, still half afraid she’d change her mind.

She met him halfway. They both stopped, so close that he could feel the warmth from her breath against his cheek. And then they leaned the fraction of an inch more that it took to bring their lips together.

Her lips were soft and tentative against his, but she didn’t pull away, leaning as close to him as the armrest of the SUV would allow. He took his time, learning the shape of her lips, the curve of her mouth. He reached up to cup her face in his hand, trace the line of her cheekbone with his thumb.

And then a car door slammed, the sound reverberating through the garage, and he remembered where they were. He drew back slightly, her mouth following his, both of them reluctant to end the kiss.

Her eyes were closed. They blinked open, misty and so very dear to him, and he resisted the urge to lean in again.

“We should go,” he said.

“Oh.” It was little more than a soft disappointed exhalation.

He stroked his thumb against her cheek again before forcing himself to let go. “We missed dinner. Can I take you out? There has to be something still open.”

She bit her lip and nodded. “Okay.”

He reached for her hand, threading his fingers through hers. “You should probably text Roman. Tell him you’ll be late.”

She smiled then, a genuine smile that reached all the way to her eyes. She tilted her head to the side. “How late?” she asked in a playful voice.

“I’m going to want to kiss you goodnight,” he informed her. He wanted to kiss her good morning too, but they had time. “So… pretty late.”

She squeezed his hand. “That sounds good to me.”

He glanced around, but the lot was pretty empty, so he leaned in again for a swift kiss, before letting go of her hand so he could start the engine.

He glanced over at her as he maneuvered out if the parking space. Her eyes were sparkling as though something amused her.

“What?” he asked her, helplessly smiling back, his heart feeling lighter than it had in years, maybe ever.

She shrugged, still smiling, twisting in her seat and drawing her legs up so she could sit facing him. “Just… happy.”

He flashed her a quick smile and reached out to capture her hand again. “Me too.”

And that was completely the truth.

Two-shot Fic: The Catch (Part 2 to The Chase)

PG-13 | Humor | Romance | Skank!Kurt | College AU

So, after The Chase, comes The Catch. Which is my clever way of saying this is the sequel to @notthetoothfairy‘s B-day fic some of you guys requested. Find part one on AO3 as well.

I hope you enjoy! This is quite possible the fluffiest ball of fluff I’ve ever written.

The Catch

Blaine tries not to show any external signs of nerves while he waits. He keeps his hands from wrangling, his feet from tapping, and his teeth from chewing on his lip. But he can’t stop his eyes from darting towards every vehicle that drives by or turns the corner. Kurt is so torturing him. He’s late. Okay, so he’s two minutes late, but it feels like it’s twenty, and Blaine is still a little afraid that he hallucinated Kurt’s declarations the morning before.

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Klaine one-shot - “The Heart of the Matter” (Rated PG13)

After graduating high school and marrying the love of his life, Blaine discovers that he needs a heart transplant. But there’s a reason he doesn’t want his heart removed.

If he doesn’t, he will die. But if he does, will that mean losing the man he loves more than life itself? (2965 words)

I had started writing the premise for this a while ago, but stopped when @sunshineoptimismandangels wrote her amazing fic “Soulmate Script”, which I think eclipses this one by far. It’s much more fleshed out, more adorable than angsty, and who doesn’t like adorable Klaine? This is a bit more personal on my end, but I wasn’t going to finish it. After reading sunshine’s recently for about they 80th time, I was inspired to polish it off for her birthday. So here it is. Let me know what you think. And make sure you read hers because it’s amazing <3

Warning for talk of hospitalization and heart surgery. 

Read on AO3.

Beeping monitors.

Cords and IVs.

The sharp smell of alcohol and industrial disinfectant.

The draft from an overhead vent where a steady stream of cold, conditioned air bleeds in nonstop.

Rough sheets beneath his fingertips that he can’t help straightening, can’t stop adjusting.

The urgency hidden beneath the tension-steeped calm, that even as they wait in this one, quiet room, in other areas of the hospital, nurses and doctors are scrambling. Prepping.

Fighting against the clock.

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lover, come back to me (jane/kurt fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 16. undercover

rating: slight M

A/N: title from City and Colour


lover, come back to me

She sat on the counter in their bathroom with her legs crossed, wrapped in one of his shirts, as she watched him move back and forth between their bedroom and the bathroom.

He was packing, collecting various items as he saw them, tossing them into the bag at the foot of their bed.

She couldn’t stop touching him as he moved around.

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The Invisible Cord ch. 6

Looking for chapter 5?

November 2011
Location unknown

“How the hell did this happen?!” I yell at the useless clone before me.
“They were working with someone. We have yet to find out who.” Spender’s clone responds as he puts another cigarette between his lips.
I swat it out of his mouth in anger, “Check fucking security cameras! Talk to witnesses! Do what you have to do to find them! They are too valuable to lose!”
“I understand ma’am but it may become more complicated if it turns out Mulder and Scully are involved…” He has the grace to look nervous as he suggests this.
“If they get involved I will burn up your body and build a new one of you. It’s been done before. Maybe the next one will actually be able to do it’s fucking job. I don’t want to hear any more excuses take care of it.”
The clone just stares at me for a moment and then nods, “And if Mulder and Scully are involved?”
“Kill them.” I say and I feel a faint protest deep inside but push it aside.
“I doubt it will be that easy.”
“All I hear are more excuses.”
“What if the children fight back?”
“Don’t kill them. You can knock them out, sedate them, or anything else to get them to come with you but don’t kill them.” I make a mental note to talk to my biological engineer about making the clones more effective.
“Who would you like me to take?”
I look around the room at the various clones that we have in constant circulation. They are the syndicate. All of them have the memories and personalities of the real men who, in their pride, decided to record their consciousness before they died. I doubt they imagined it would be used in this way. That it would be used to make them slaves rather than leaders. That they would be forced to take their orders from a woman.
A small smile forms on my lips as I recall all of the times they gave me various orders and degraded me.
I have to admit that I get a sick kind of pleasure in seeing these once powerful men that I used to work for reduced to my lackeys.
“Take Krycek and some back up. Next time I hear from you it better be to tell me you found them or you won’t live to try again.” I warn as he nods and walks away.
“Jeffrey!” I snap and he materializes at my side.
“Yes Diana?” He asks.
“I want you to go keep an eye on Mulder and Scully. I don’t want them getting in the way of this. Take some of the grunts with you.”
“Do you still want them dead if they interfere?”
I pause at this. It’s been years since I’ve seen Fox but I still find my heart beats a little faster when I hear his name. I allow myself this one moment of weakness before I answer him.
“Kill them and anyone else who tries to help them.”

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At the end of the day

Blindspot fanfic.

Loosely based on my prognostications and the promotional stills for the finale. A little angsty optimism, which kind of sums up my mood at the lack of a season three renewal announcement. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s episode and the season finale don’t kill us. 

“Come in, Jane.” Weller waved her into a chair in front of his desk.

She entered his office and perched awkwardly on the edge of the seat. Such formality seemed so foreign after all they been through today. After the passionate kiss they’d shared when they thought they’d lost, when they believed there was nothing left to save them from Shepherd’s wrath. Nothing but…

“There’s no sign of Roman,” Weller said quietly. “He’s gone.”

She nodded. She already knew that. She’d known the minute he saved them that she’d already lost him. The look in his eye had told her that. He’d barely glanced at her, just stared at Weller for a minute, raised his chin for a minute in a slight nod, and then took off.

“We’ll keep looking.”

She sighed. “It won’t do any good. He knows how not to be found.” And he didn’t want to be found, not by the FBI and definitely not by her.

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The Dinosaurs Will Turn to Dust

 *shows up to my own fic 15 minutes late with starbucks, wearing sunglasses*


i’m so sorry this is late!! one of my coworkers had to go back east because her mom’s in the icu so i’ve been working overtime lately…hopefully she’ll be back soon and my hours will kinda normalize.

okay, disclaimer: i have no idea how fast drugs would show up in a urine test. that, i am happy to say, i have never had to find out. having said that, i figured most drugs absorb into the bloodstream fairly quickly, and since your body is constantly filtering your blood to remove toxins which are then expelled through urine, a few hours would be leeway enough. let’s just pretend i know what i’m talking about. 

on the other hand, i’m actually kind of happy with an ending?? for the first time in forever?? *closes eyes and crosses fingers*

(i’m gonna try and get this crossposted on AO3 soon, when i have the time and the motivation hyoop)


part one here / part two here / part three here / part four here / part five here / part six here / part seven here

Originally posted by ayeohwesterburg


Veronica was hanging upside down on the monkey bars at the park by her house, giggling as she felt the blood rush to her head.

“I haven’t done this in forever,” she laughed, and JD smiled at her, one eyebrow arched.

“You look ridiculous,” he told her, and she grinned.

“I know,” she replied. “It’s fun. You should join me.”

“I don’t think so,” JD teased. “I’d spill our slushies.”

Veronica rolled her eyes, sitting up so she was on top of the monkey bars and grabbing onto them for support as her world blurred for a second.

“Ah, yes,” she said, “we can’t have that.”

She jumped lightly to the ground, leaning up to kiss JD as she took her slushie from his hand.

“Hey, don’t knock it,” he breathed, and she smiled.

“Of course not,” she chuckled, kissing him again briefly before pulling away and making her way over to the grass. She collapsed onto the ground, staring up at the sky as she saw JD sit next to her.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Veronica sighed, letting her happy smile fade away. “I guess I just have to accept the fact that my social life is ruined and do my best to protect Martha from the worst of the fallout.”

“Don’t say that,” JD replied, frowning slightly. “We’ll figure out how to make them stop. Our love is God, babe.”

Veronica wrinkled her nose and squinted up at JD.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked, confused. He shrugged and took a sip of his slushie.

“Nevermind,” he said, and Veronica decided to let it slide as she sat up and took a long drink of her own slushie, wincing at the now-familiar pain of the brainfreeze.

JD laughed at her, pulling her into his lap.

“You’re adorable,” he told her, and she scoffed quietly, eyes dancing.

“No, you’ve got it wrong, babe,” she said, casually intertwining their free hands. “You’re the adorable one here.”

“Hey,” he protested, chuckling as he kissed her nose. “I’ll have you know, someone once called me a Baudelaire-quoting badass, and she looked smart so I think I believe her.”

Veronica grinned, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I love you,” she said, and felt him kiss the top of her head.

“I worship you,” he breathed, and Veronica felt her heart soar.

They spent the rest of the day talking and laughing, and as they made their way to Veronica’s house from the park, she could have sworn her feet didn’t touch the ground at all as she held JD’s hand.

Veronica fell asleep quickly, nestled securely in JD’s arms. She didn’t wake as he slipped out the window and walked to the payphone down the block, dialing a number he hadn’t used in years.

“Hey,” he said as the voice on the other end greeted him. “What’s the going price for steroids these days?”


Veronica woke the next morning to JD humming as he read a thick book, sitting in the chair at her desk.

“I could wake up like this every morning,” Veronica greeted, sitting up and rubbing her eyes as JD grinned, dropped the book on the desk, and made his way over to press a gentle kiss to her lips.

“I thought of the perfect way to get revenge on Kurt and Ram,” he said happily, and Veronica smiled.

“Oh yeah?”

He held up two bottles. Veronica took one and read the label, furrowing her brow.

“What’s…methandrostenolone?” she asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Steroids,” JD said casually, and Veronica’s eyes went wide.

“JD, do you have any idea how much trouble they would get in for this? They could go to prison,” she hissed, and he shook his head with a fond smile.

“Relax,” he said. “The label’s fake. Those pills are just your common garden-variety ibuprofen. We’ll plant these in their gym bags, make it look like they’re taking drugs, but everything will come back clean, and they’ll be the laughingstock of the whole school.”

Veronica blinked as a smile spread across her face.

“You’re a genius,” she said, leaning up to kiss him once more.


Veronica straightened her skirt anxiously and knocked on the door of the locker room, knowing that Kurt and Ram were the only two in there.

Kurt swung the door open, squinting at Veronica.

“What do you want?” he asked, and Veronica held up two mugs full of green smoothie.

“Well, I wanted to thank you,” she said sweetly, “you know, for showing me such a good time at the party, and I know you guys like protein shakes, so I made these for you. It seemed fitting that I help you keep your…manly physiques.”

Kurt raised his eyebrows, but Ram had made his way to the door and grabbed a mug.

“Hell yeah,” he grinned, grabbing one mug and downing the whole thing in one go.

Over his shoulder, Veronica saw JD, who had entered quietly through the other door, slip one bottle of pills into each boy’s bag.

“Oooh,” she said, looking back at the two jocks. “That was impressive…but I bet Kurt can’t do that.”

Kurt’s chest puffed up angrily, and he snatched the other mug and threw it back even faster than Ram had. Veronica pretended to swoon.

JD gave her a thumbs-up and slipped out of sight, and Veronica smiled at the two boys in front of her.

“Well, I’d better be going,” she said, “but hey, maybe we should spend some…quality time together later.”

Kurt and Ram nodded, and Veronica forced a giggle, stepping back to let the door swing shut.

“Later,” she cooed, and the door shut. She heard one of them tell the other to “punch it in” and rolled her eyes, turning around and making her way out to the football field to meet up with JD.

While she had been distracting the two of them, he had gone to the football coach and faked concern for the two, telling the coach he suspected drug use, before sneaking into the locker room to plant the bottles.

She grinned as she saw him, relief and happiness spreading through her whole body.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” she giggled, and JD grinned.

“I can,” he said. “I can’t wait to see their faces when they realize what we’ve done.”

They sat on the football field for a while, talking as they watched the clouds.

Almost three hours had passed when a siren whooped from the parking lot, and Veronica craned her head to watch as two uniformed officers made their way into the locker room, followed by a man holding two plastic cups and some paperwork.

“What’s he doing?” she asked, and JD hummed, turning his head to look at the man.

“Oh, those are drug tests,” he said. “Looks like the instant-result kind too. They’ll know in seconds if it’s positive or negative.”

Veronica waited anxiously as five minutes ticked past.

The door burst open again, and Veronica squeezed JD’s hand as Kurt and Ram were led out in handcuffs by the two police officers, followed by the coach and the drug-test man.

“Wait, what?” Veronica gasped, watching as the drug-test man said something to the coach. Kurt and Ram were unceremoniously helped into the back of the police cruiser, and it drove off.

She heard JD laugh, and whipped her head around to look at him. He looked back with a gleam in his eye that scared her.

“What the fuck did you do?” she demanded, and he bared his teeth in a chilling approximation of a smile.

“Don’t worry, Veronica,” he soothed gleefully, a hint of hysteria dancing in his tone. “They won’t be able to hurt you for a long time.”

“You lied to me?” she screeched, not caring who heard. “Those drugs were real?”

“Of course they were,” he laughed, and Veronica shuddered at the manic glint in his eyes.

“This will ruin their reputations,” Veronica cried. “They’re going to have a drug conviction now, and they’re…wait, how did the drugs even get in their systems?”

“I made those smoothies,” JD chuckled. “Easy enough to slip a few ground-up pills into it.”

Veronica’s jaw dropped, and she could only stare. He rolled his eyes.

“This is a good thing,” he reassured her. “Now they won’t be able to hurt you anymore. Our love is God, Veronica.”

He pulled her into a hug, and she let him hold her, not knowing how he’d react if she pushed him away like she so desperately wanted to. She wanted to rage and cry and scream, but she stayed silent and motionless.

“Our love is God,” JD repeated, squeezing her arm.

“Our love is God,” she echoed back, and felt him laugh as she fought back the urge to scream.

Klaine one-shot - “Longing to Be Yours” (Rated NC17)

From the moment Blaine Anderson walked on to the campus at Dalton, he longed to belong to the alpha of the Dalton pack, Kurt Hummel. But day after day, Blaine begins to fear that his past screw ups will make him unworthy of his boyfriend. (3035 words)

Notes: This is a re-write. For clarification on the term “omega”, I am using this term found in the Teen Wolf wiki to describe Blaine -

An Omega is the “lone wolf”; existing without a pack and without an Alpha.

They have all the werewolf abilities mentioned above but are considered weaker than other types because they are not part of a pack.

Werewolves can become Omegas by choice or be forced out of a pack by the Alpha or by circumstance.

NOTE: The term “omega of the pack” has been used in reference to the lowest ranking member/members of a pack. This does not indicate a drop in actual werewolf status but is instead used as an insult.

Read on AO3.

Blaine leans against the metal frame of the bleachers, letting the dull edge dig into his shoulder, the pain keeping him grounded as he watches the alpha of the Dalton pack … his alpha … walk across the lacrosse field alongside the alpha from another Westerville-based pack – a junior boy from some obnoxious public school not too far from there. Blaine tugs on his uniform tie, unbuttons the top three buttons of his wrinkled, white button-down, and growls low in the back of his throat, his entire body vibrating with the sound. From across the field, Kurt’s body becomes rigid. His ears perk up, but he doesn’t let the omega’s disgust keep him from missing a beat. The boy beside him makes a comment and Kurt laughs his flirty laugh – a laugh that makes Blaine seethe, his eyes glowing crimson in the shadows underneath the bleachers.

Blaine can see the wolf beneath Kurt’s skin – lithe, muscular, preening under whatever flattery this other alpha is feeding him. Blaine’s wolf reaches out for his alpha, trying hard to listen in on their conversation, but he’s too unfocused, his thoughts too muddied. He can’t concentrate on anything other than his wolf in his head growling murderously at this other alpha who dares waltz into his territory and come on to his boyfriend.

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lighthome (jane/kurt fanfic)

the light of home / burned out and dark now

you held me captive / the thief that takes it all

from me

a love not to return

light of home

rating: M

A/N: So. I wrote angst. Angst with a bit of smut. I also wrote in the present tense for (what I think is) the first time? Idk. I sincerely hope that this is not terrible. Either way, fluff will return soon as this hurt my heart.

Title and lyrics from Lighthome by Matt Corby.


“Two rooms, please.”

She feels both relief and sadness when she hears him arrange their rooms with the clerk at the front desk.

As they had neared the hotel, she had wondered what they would do about hotel rooms.

They’d spent two days together now, traveling from Nepal to Venice, but had spent both nights camping on the mountainside. They’d just had the one makeshift tent but had taken turns with sleeping and keeping watch.

This was their first night in a hotel and she wasn’t sure what they would do.

He was her husband. She was his wife.

But two days ago she thought she would never see him again.

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Stay With Me (Part 2)

Summary: Jane’s thought process from when Kurt says those three little words, right up to when she shows up at his apartment.
A/N: Thank you all so much for the lovely feedback on Part 1, I’m so glad you liked it! If you haven’t read it, it’s available to read here!

The pounding in Jane’s head had gradually eased, but her heart was still thumping, louder than ever. She was itching to leave the cubicle; the doctor was taking his time to discharge her. She hadn’t heard any news of how Kurt was. Jane suspected she was driving Patterson crazy, as she kept ringing her to see if anyone at SIOC had news of Kurt’s condition - but it was the same answer every time.

“No, Jane, I know just as much as you. Look, I know you’re worried, but I’m sure he’s fine. You’ll be the first to know if we hear anything. I gotta go.”

Hirst is clearly keeping the team busy, Jane thought to herself.

She couldn’t help but let her mind wander to the events of the past 24 hours. They had gone from being infiltrated by Sandstorm, losing several of their best agents, to capturing Shepherd, Sandstorm’s leader, the most threatning terrorist in the world - and Jane’s mother. God, mother. Even the word was enough to send a shiver up her spine.

What kind of mother trains her children to be so heartless and void of emotion? Jane thought. Shepherd had played us as pawns the whole time, taking advantage of our vulnerability as orphans. She used me, she used Roman, she drilled it into our heads that what we were doing was for “the greater good”. That it was humane. But nothing about it was humane.

Although Jane’s memories weren’t coming back as frequently as Roman’s, they still frightened her. She knew that she and Remi were separate people now, but that didn’t stop the memories from being real. She had done terrible things, and although she wasn’t that person anymore, it didn’t make her previous actions any less significant.

Kurt’s words - only spoken a few hours ago - echoed in her ears. “We’re not our families.” And it was true; Kurt’s mind wasn’t his father’s, and Jane’s mind wasn’t Shepherd’s. She had redeemed herself - the erasing of her memory had been a blessing in disguise. It had led her to the team, to Kurt. But the nightmares were something that might never be erased.

The thought of the future frightened her. Hirst had told her that she could go anywhere once Sandstorm was stopped, but deep down, Jane didn’t want to go anywhere. She wanted to stay here, where she had finally found a feeling of comfort, a feeling of security, a feeling of home. She didn’t want to leave that - leave him - but she also knew that her spot on the team was now uncertain. Her deal with the FBI had come to an end, and there was no true obligation for her to remain on the team. Shepherd was in custody, that was it. So what would she do now?

The doctor whipped back the cubicle curtain, interrupting her thoughts.

“Alright, Miss Doe, you are free to go.”

It’s about damn time, Jane thought to herself, but she just nodded curtly at the doctor and thanked him.

She slid herself off the hospital bed, ready to leave, when she remembered.

“Wait, sorry, do you have any updates on my colleague? His name’s Kurt Well-” “Yes, I know, but I’m afraid I can’t disclose patient details.”

Jane sighed, closing her eyes briefly. She needed to know if he made it. If she would see him again.

“Please, I’m begging you. I just need to know if he made it through surgery. Please.

The doctor gave her a pitied look, then said “He’s fine. He just got out of surgery a few moments ago, it went really well.”

Jane clutched the side of the metal bed frame to stop her knees from caving in. He’s okay. He’s gonna be okay. Tears sprang from her eyes.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

The doctor smiled at her, clutching his clipboard. “You’re welcome. Now, make your way to reception whenever you’re ready,” he said, before leaving Jane alone in the cubicle.

It was only when the curtain was fully closed that Jane allowed the news to sink in, and allowed her emotions to be released. She couldn’t believe it. She had thought that…

She couldn’t bear to think of her life without him.

With her hands shaking, Jane pulled her cell phone from her back pocket, dialling the number that Kurt had forced her to memorise off by heart.

Patterson answered after two rings.

“Agent Patterson.”

Jane breathed a sigh of relief. “Hey, it’s me, uh-”

“Jane, what did I tell you about calling me?”

“No, no, it’s not that. The doctor just told me that Kurt’s out of surgery. He’s gonna be alright.”

“Oh,” Patterson said, a hint of shame in her voice. “Sorry! Well, that’s amazing news. I’ll tell Hirst and the others right now. Are you discharged yet?”

“Yeah, I’m about to leave right now.”

“That’s great!” Patterson replied. “Okay, I gotta go, Tasha’s getting irritated with me cause she doesn’t know what’s happening. Let us know when you land back home, alright?”

“Okay, I will. Bye.”

Jane clicked ‘end call’ with a slow smile spreading across her face. Patterson could’ve said “Let us know when you land back in New York”, or “SIOC”… but she didn’t. Jane leaned back against the cubical wall, closing her eyes.

Kurt was okay. And she was going home.