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Best Friends (Part 11)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 739


A/N: This is right before the end, guys!

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Bucky didn’t see you for the next two weeks. He felt betrayed by you, his heart broken to pieces with the choice you had made. You had chosen a man you barely knew over him, over more than ten years of friendship, of memories and laughter. He thought he’d have some leverage, but you had proven him wrong.

The day of your wedding, Steve came bursting into Bucky’s place and swatted the back of his head. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Bucky yelped and glared at him. “What the fuck, man?”

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 10: Los Angeles (End)

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 9 

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 5226 I’m excessively wordy. Deal with it.

Author’s Note: Here we go! This is the last part! It is longer than it probably needs to be, and there are some parts I don’t love, but hopefully you like it. :)

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Laying on the couch in that massive hotel suite with her stretched and exhausted body half on top of mine, all I can think about is how warm and soft she feels like this. I can feel everywhere that our skin meets like I’m glued to her smooth warmth, her cheek pressed flat against my chest, eyes closed, her fingertips lightly tracing over my neck and shoulders, occasionally sending a shiver running across my entire body. I don’t want to move or think, I just want it to be quiet like this, swirling lazy circles over her back like this. This is how it should have been days ago, this is how close I want her all the time.

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I honestly adore Jisung and Haechan’s love-hate relationship.

Despite how Jisung is constantly roasting him, you can clearly see that he adores and loves his hyung very much.

Jisung seems like the type to be uncomfortable doing skinship, but whenever Haechan does it (hugging him,etc) he lets him.

And that kid low-key admires Haechan’s visual, he even mentioned it in an interview that his first impression of Haechan was that he couldn’t believe there's​ a person as handsome as him in this world * awestruck expression*

Also whenever Haechan is talking or giving speech, Jisung would stare at him with his mouth slightly open (istg he’s so cute) focusing and nodding along to his words, like a boy that wants to learn from his older brother and Haechan definitely fits that role.

swv Dallas recap

- ok 1. getting this outta the way they all Gods or something literally theyre so attractive irl it’s truly overwhelming but like what’s new
- key told a story about how his stylist burned his Gucci outfit after the Vancouver concert on accident bc she put it on some lighting machine and they smelled it burning and couldn’t figure out what it was…. lol he seemed to be in mourning
- at one point the camera was on Minho and he didn’t know what to say he was just standing smiling and the crowd went wild like ppl were LOVINg Minho just standing there bc honestly it was cute.
- jjongs fanboy was there omg at the beginning he SCREAMED (as he does) I LVOE YOU JONGHYUN and jjong stopped and sent him one of these looks 😏 and key was like ITS U AGAIn and I think jjong was like I knew you would be here or something like that
- jinki fell during ready or not bc he got so dizzy he was so cute the whole night and also important side note dat boy got mad thighs
- taemin was p quiet today but super cute as always, said his now iconic “next song is prism” line and also said something like “I hope meet again” he was squishy I lvoe him
- key was talking about the outfits they wear during rdd and how when he saw them lying out he said out loud “I hate these outfits” while his mic was still on in the back. he was like “ I designed these but like… I hate them lol” bc the fabric was too stiff. he touched minhos outfit and was like HEY bc his was soft and then Minho copied him and said “it’s soft. I like this costume” it was SO cute
- Minho rly is full of energy he was BOUNCING he was so excited to be there he was so so so cute idk like so cute
- jjong kept talking about how we all had a lot of passion and it was so nice
- taemin was trying to tell a story but he kept fumbling, as he does bc he cute, and then key brought up his burnt Gucci again and taem kept saying “I’m not talking about that” but key wasnt listening I was living tbh
- jinki was trying to use some metaphor about the concert being like two hands coming together and jjong in a non fake deep moment was like “…. what are u talking about lol”

that’s all I can remember rn but I’m sure more will come back to me but wow y'all…. wow

One Time Thing

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2.9K

Warnings: Smut

Written by: Mik

Laughing as my friend downed her jaeger shot, I let my eyes scan the smoky bar in hopes of a fine piece of good entertainment. Grabbing Y/F/N’s arm as she stumbled, I stood her up right, all while keeping my eyes roaming. Coming to whatever nearest bar to the crappy rundown motel in whatever weird town we happened to find ourselves in had become routine for the two of us. Like clockwork.

But then again, I didn’t mind. It was a nice piece of normalcy in our otherwise crazy lives. Being a hunter had its cons, but besides the almost dying on a daily, the constant looking over your shoulder, taking on demons, vampires, shape-shifters, ghouls and ghosts, and never having a home… it was not as bad as some people made it seem.

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things I, who has only learned about the musical from tumblr, know about Dear Evan Hansen
  • there’s a character named jared and I think he eats bath bombs
  • ben platt is so into it that he has to go to physical therapy to keep his posture poor child
  • i think there’s a map and they sing about it
  • evan broke his arm or something
  • jazz band
  • there’s a funny leg dance at re in ven TION
  • connor is either really pure or made of sin idk the whole tumblr fan base is divided also he’s high most of the time. or maybe that’s someone else
  • evan really likes trees??? i think
  • everyone is gay but it’s not canon………or is it
  • Im in love with ben platt idk how i haven’t gotten sucked into this yet
  • sorry but someone from this show won favorite onstage couple over marvin and whizzer and that does not make me happy at all so they better be fucking good (bc marvin and whizzer are. figuratively AND literally wink wonk)
  • a lot of tears and hugs
  • mike faist is kinda pretty
  • kinky
  • does jared really eat bath bombs or is this like mendel eats dirt
Ivar Headcanons- Ivar in a Relationship

Not to be confused with “Ivar as a lover” (wink wink) which I plan to do eventually.

Ivar does not know how to be in any sort of relationship. He has never assumed he would have the chance. What woman would want to be with a cripple? Who could exist that would take his heart tenderly in her hands and cherish it? He has taken his desire to be loved and pushed it deep, deep down; locked it up and thrown away the key. He has encased his heart in ice, unworthy to be warmed by any flame of passion.

So when he finally meets someone who truly wants to love him, and that he truly wants to love in return, he does not know what to do.

It is difficult, at first. Everything he wants to say to you comes out wrong. He does not want to treat you like he treats the world, with harshness, sarcasm and bitterness. But he cannot change in the blink of an eye. In the fledging stage of your courtship, there are many times where he causes your eyes to fill with tears with his callous words. It makes him hate himself even more then he already does. He curses his lonely childhood, his twisted legs, the gods for giving him false hope. Yet, you still come back to him, as if you can see there is something soft beneath his hard exterior.

Slowly, he begins to learn. He grows more and more comfortable with you, and his edges begin to soften. His words become kinder, his touches become gentler, his heart begins to unthaw. He has always seen it as a weakness, to show emotion. But with you it does not feel like weakness. With you, it feels like strength, and he feels better for it. He finds himself telling you things he would never share with anyone. It is scary and new and somewhat of a relief. Now he does not have to carry so much weight, he does not have to bottle things up so tight.

Despite this, he will never be a man of many words, or of romantic, flowery language. But he can be a man of action. The words “I love you” stick to the roof of his mouth, but he braids your hair for you after you wash it. He sharpens your knife and repairs your armour. He crafts protection runes to keep you safe in battle. He keeps you warm at night and worships your body with his over and over and over again. Even with his insecurities about his abilities to please you, he finds that physical love comes much easier to him. He has always been skilled with his hands and a quick study. With time and careful practice the rest falls into place, and he gives himself to lovemaking with the fervour and passion he gives in battle.

He learns to love and receive love in return. He cherishes you like he would a precious treasure from a successful raid. His icy heart melts and melts against the flame of your love, and he burns with the joy of it.

But regardless of all these changes, he is still Ivar the Boneless. He rages, he hurts, he gets insanely jealous and throws petty fits. Odin help the man that sends you even the slightest flirtatious look. He snarls and spits and screams “Mine!” He sometimes forgets you are a person and not a possession. It leads to many nights full of screaming and hurtful words and objects being thrown. He needs to always be in control, and you struggle with him for balance. He still clings to his old beliefs that he is not deserving of love, that you will leave him when someone better comes along. You can ease that belief, but some scars will never truly fade.

Loving him is not easy like breathing, or fair and sweet like a summer’s day. It is like being caught in the riptide, not knowing whether you will make it to shore or drown in the salty sea. It is beautifully and deadly, like a shining silver swords ready to pierce your very heart. You carry a great weight when you hold his heart in your hands, and he knows you will cry as often as you will smile.

But he is desperately grateful that you try.

Happy Monday, sister wives! ❤️

When I said that you were my heart,

I meant the poetry wouldn’t write the same if you weren’t around. If my words ever loved me back, it will have been when you came into my life. If my poetry ever gave a solid fuck about my feelings, it will have been the day you started to call me your little brother. If I ever flatline and you still called me yours, I would like you to know, this journey has been worth every night when we couldn’t sleep. If I ever grew roses from my skull, I would like you to have them. If my voice doesn’t sound the same and you can no longer recognize it, I would ask the same questions and you’d recognize me right away. If I ever let you fall too far, don’t worry, darling, I’d become the haystack and you’ll be the needle. I’ll find you, don’t worry. And it’s been a trip, and it’s been a book, but you’ve never looked twice when it came to me. The many nights when you chose to talk to me among others and the many nights when the sky shared shades of red instead of pitch black will always be a reminder that even the sky bleeds at night. Even if we chose to break today, the words we have shared will live on forever and if I ever got another chance at fucking up everything in my life just to find you… You better believe it when I say that I’ll make every mistake just to find the one thing that I’ll never regret. I’ll fall down each time just to return to how it is now and I know it’s a long shot, but if it ever happened, I’m glad to have met you in this poetically burned life.

When I said that you were my soul,

I meant the trees wouldn’t be the same color. The way the leaves shed themselves every fall through winter. The way Halloween makes us mask ourselves because the ugliness we hold within has finally found a place called home. The way December added to our pain. If I ever got away with murder, it will have been because I killed myself once too many in my poems and I finally forgave myself. I meant every word of the undying wish that I’ll always find a way to grow as long as you’re around. I meant every spilled drop when I ripped open my arms and let the veins spell your name. I meant the letters were for you and only you. I know the weather doesn’t always permit, but if it rains and you’re ever sad, I want you to know, that even flowers can live near volcanos. I want you to know that fire can provide water. I want you to know that anger can somehow and someday become refined happiness. I want you to know that your younger brother is slowly growing into his own and maybe I’ve never really needed to grow too much, maybe I just needed to find myself again. I want you to know that besides being a rose, you are the poetry that I couldn’t write, but rather… You are the poetry that I would love to read forever. That’s what I meant when I said that your tore my soul open and restitched it whole. That’s what I meant when I said that you always knew how to make me smile.

When I said that I loved you,

I meant if everyone decides to leave you. If everyone you have ever loved abandons you. If any stranger that has befriended you betrayed your trust. If anyone who has ever touched your heart and decided that it was too broken. If religion finally realized that you weren’t a complete angel. If the sand near your toes decided to return to the ocean. If your fingers can’t remember when they were last held. If you can’t sleep at night because you miss him, him, her, him, him, him and him. If you ever miss that seed that you never got around to grow because life wasn’t meant for the both of you. If the mistakes finally carved themselves into your wrist. If the memories slowly destroy your very being because you can’t forgive yourself for being a shitty human. If your smile is fading by the hour and the caretaker you once knew, when she was standing way taller than you… but now she won’t be able to even match your laughter. If your inner child finally feels your first cut. If your outer adult finally feels your first tears. If you finally crack and can’t go on. If you finally give up. I meant that I will always love you. Even if you break. Even if you bleed. Even if you’re sick. Even if you’re lonely. Even if you have no one. Even if they all leave. Even if you’re unsure. Even if you’re frustrated. Even if you’re angry. Even if you’re indecisive. Even if you’re insecure. Even if you’re crying. Even if you can’t think. I will always have your back because you’re my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I said that I will always love you,

I meant the noose will always be ready for my neck. I meant the bullet will always have a name. I meant the blood will always stain. I meant the pain you have gone through isn’t beautiful, it’s simply you. But anything about you, it is laced with beauty. And the sadness we still endure will always have a home, it will always have a home as long as I’m around. And the black magic we write together, it will be used to put out fires, it will be used to calm the ocean, and it will be used to slow self torment. I meant if love ever made its way into my arms, I will most likely find you alone on a bench and I’ll say “it has to.” Because it does and it will and I believe it.

When I said that I will always have your back,

I meant you won’t ever have to be uncertain. I meant you won’t ever have to think twice. I meant you won’t ever have to be afraid. I meant you can sleep with both eyes closed. I meant you can love and be free. I meant you won’t ever have to doubt. I meant you can be anxious. I meant you can be nervous. I meant you can be you without fear of rejection. I meant you can change and I’d still love you. I meant you won’t ever need to trust again.

When I check up on you everyday,

I meant hello. I meant hey. I meant I missed you. I miss you. I love you. I’m here. Hi. I meant how are you. I meant how is my sunshine. I meant how is your heart. I meant how is your smile. I meant how is your mother. I meant how is your poetry. I meant how is your trust coming along. I meant do you still trust me. I meant do you still feel hurt. I meant you can trust me with your woes. I meant I won’t pry, but I will low-key try to find out if you’re okay or not. I meant if you don’t talk about it, just know that I’d still love your ways even if it meant you took forever to open back up. I meant if you ever needed to trip, I’ll be the unlaced shoes. If meant if you ever needed to die, I will be your reason not to.

When I asked you “does it get better?”

I meant how are you real. If you exist, then what am I? If you’re more than a mirage, then am I just another small piece of sand in the desert? If you’re a dream, am I just a nightmare gone wrong? Am I the sweat pouring from your skin or am I the rainfall you’ll feel each year when the earth splits into something that feels like everything and nothing at the same time. I meant does this room have enough space for two poets. I meant does your heart have enough cracks for a garden of roses. I meant does your smile have enough happiness to fill your lungs. I meant when was the last time you woke up with a smile. I meant if you broke today and no one was around, would you tell me?

When I said that you were my darling,

I meant that it’s almost been a whole year since I’ve first talked to you. I feel more now, I feel the lightness of it all. I feel okay now, I feel my wrongs but I also feel hers. I meant the first time I read your poems, I felt inferior. I meant when I read them now, I feel like family. I meant your bluntness kinda reminded me of my cousin, but now you’re bluntness kinda has its own ring. You have your own number and your own phone company. You have your own sting and your own hive. You are a queen and you are the workers. You are the trees and some days, I’m all of the leaves and it’s spring forever.

When I said that your poetry was beautiful

I meant I could pick it out among a million other poets. I meant I could spot an imposter an inch away from your greatness. I meant I could smell the bullshit they try to string you up as. I meant the words can never leave our veins and if we happen to trip, and if we happen to bleed for too long. Hang me up in the sky and let the rain drizzle for a little longer, don’t worry each drop is a poem and each thing we grow with this soft memory of us will always be just another reason to believe that you’re everything beautiful and pure.

When I said that I can hear your smile,

I meant we were children growing up that found out about the crowds. I meant we were teenagers growing up that looked for something more. I meant we lived two different lifestyles, but ended up seeing eye to eye. I meant that a family doesn’t always end up as family sometimes, because the pain isn’t always seen and the fear isn’t always said and that scares me the most, doesn’t it for you? I meant that if I were to simply disappear, I would want you to know; that even if I didn’t see you smile in person, I will have known peace because the ring of it all, the way I can hear the birds flying away when your lips decided that being quiet was enough and this isn’t going anywhere unless you told the truth. I meant that even if I became a liar and I couldn’t see myself for who I really was, I’d always have someone like you around. We’re all just lost souls trying to find a home and darling, I know people make shitty homes, but you’ve always been my favorite and it has been some time and I’ve never thought about relocating to anywhere else but inside of your lungs and you may not be able to breathe… but it must be gorgeous being you.

When I said that I will always be here for you,

I meant the number is always here and you know where to call. I meant the poetry is always here, you just need to write. I meant my heart is on your sleeve, you just need to feel. I meant the stars are in your eyes, you just need to see. I meant freedom is in your words, you just need to speak. I meant literature runs down your spine, you just need to read. I meant the world may be going to shit, but as long as you’re around, there’s still hope and as long as I’m around, there’s a chance that I’ll always be here for you.

When I said that you need not worry,

I meant don’t. Don’t worry about me. Don’t be scared. Don’t add to the stress. Don’t add to the red of Fall. Don’t look back. Look forward. I’m not too far. I’m not in the past. I’m now. I’m always. I’m forever. I’m a promise you’ll never have to worry about being broken. I’m a morning with sunlight and clouds fighting to cover your skies. I’m a night with moonshine and stardust waiting to touch your eyes. I’m your favorite song on repeat. I’m the last thing you’ll hear before bed. I’m the person checking your closet and under your bed. If monsters are real and sure enough, they are, I’ll make sure they understand that even people need space. People need room to breathe. And if they want to live, they better get out of the dark and run into the light because it’s such a tragedy if they just stopped being. We live in such colors, we live in such grey. The world is such a dangerous place, but you’ve managed to make it feel safe. The world is so flawed, but you’ve managed to make it feel perfect. I meant everything about you and I hope one day, I’ll understand everything that you’ve been meaning to tell me about myself.

So when you said that you loved me too,

I finally understood all of the things
I’ve always meant to tell you.

—  I mean it.

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Hi! :D I was wondering if you could do a Clint Bartons daughter but dating Peter Parker headcanon?

 A/n: I love the idea of this. It has to be one of my favorite Marvel x reader AUs. So i’m glad i get the chance to write it! I’d so be glad to get more requests like this.

-When Clint finds out you’re dating he completely flips out. Not because you’re dating Peter, but just cause you’re dating anyone.

-To him you’ll always be too young to date. And it took a lot of convincing from his wife to actually let it go.

-Clint would be so overprotective.

“Where are you going? Are you going out with Peter? Because i won’t allow that. Not this late.”

“Dad, it’s 5 pm. And no, i’m not. Just going to a coffee shop.”

“Okay. But you better not go sneaking off to see him! I’ll know if you do.”

“Dad no.”

-And would have a really really long talk with Peter about if he ever lays a hand on you, upsets you in any way, or steps out of place once, he will personally kill him.

-Which really freaked Peter out.

“He hates me!”

“No he doesn’t, he does this with everyone. I’m just glad he didn’t give you a different kind of talk.”

-Let’s just say that every single time Peter sees Clint he freezes up and is overly cautious.

-( He’s legit scared of PDA a bit because he expects Clint to always be watching over you two )

-Almost always going over to his place instead of yours. It’s just safer that way.

-And if you stay over night for some reason, you wake up to around 100 texts asking if you’re OK.

-And when you two spend the day at your place, Peter always brings some sort of home made desert for Clint to try and get on his good side.

-( You bug Peter about it a lot, saying stuff like “I don’t get sweets! It’s almost like you’re in a relationship with my dad, not me!” )

-None of it really works though. Clint still gives him the death glare when you only hold hands. (God forbid the time you once pecked Peter on the lips in front of him. Clint looked like he actually might kill both of you.)

-You insist that if your dad gets in the way of anything you’ll deal with it yourself and make sure he backs off.

-Which eventually happens. He does too far and you tell him off in front of the whole team.

“I don’t think you get it, Dad! I love him, and you want this relationship to fail. If it doesn’t work out because of you i don’t even know how i could ever forgive you!”

“Honey, i’m sorry. I… I didn’t know it was that serious.”

-That happened to be the first time you actually say ‘i love you’. So high key Peter is just in panic mode.

-And in the middle of a very cute father Daughter forgiveness time Peter just ruins it all by saying ‘I love you too, Y/n’ like five minutes after you had admitted it.

-( The team would totally laugh at his awkwardness )

-Clint actually said sorry to Peter for scaring him so much. And invites him over to dinner with your family. Which is big, since Clint hadn’t done that ever. With anyone you knew.

-He would never ever ever admit it but, he’s very glad you picked someone as nice and sweet as Peter.

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Hey!! I loved loved loved the bi!Jonas at university you wrote. And I need more of it and more of Alexander/Jonas. Could you PLEASE write more??

I AM SO DELIGHTED YOU LIKED IT. i can’t tell you how excited i was to get this!! <3. So if anyone is confused af about wo Alexander is READ ME (its a drabble I did last week on Bi!Jonas)


It’s almost six months into their actual fully-formed, adult relationship that Jonas brings himself to think the words. It’s not that he hasn’t felt it. Because he has. He’s probably felt it from the first night he ever spent with Alexander– the warmth in his stomach, the overwhelming sensation of being seen; of being looked at and known from the inside out.

So yeah, feeling it isn’t the problem. It’s more like…

Okay, so this isn’t very good of him, but Jonas doesn’t exactly know who is supposed to say the words first. Like– in his relationships with girls, he always expected to say it first. He said it first with Eva and he meant it then, in the way that you always mean it for your first love.

But Alexander is different and stronger and—

So he feels it. But does he say it? 

“Are you really asking me this?” Isak says over the phone after two hours of Jonas staring at the ceiling, wondering if he was going to be banished from the Bi-club for not knowing how to say ‘I love you’ to another guy.

Jonas groans, “Shut the fuck up, Isak. I know. I know, okay? It’s weird and probably low-key offensive but it’s weird for me to think about saying it to another guy.” 

“Why though?” There is a thump on the other side of the line and then Isak calling out in English, “John, please don’t set the lab on fire- tonight is date night with my boyfriend and I’d like to be there. Jonas, man, do you love him?”

“Yes,” Jonas grouses, “Enough to genuinely think about buying him a Valentine’s day card. Capitalist bullshit, but he’s romantic like that.”

“Romantic,” Isak says dryly and then, “For fucks sake, John. Okay, Jonas, bro, it’s not any different from a girl. If you feel it, say it. Jesus Christ, was this how Eslikd always felt?”

Jonas rolls his eyes and hangs up shortly after.

Okay. So that wasn’t a lot of help. But he can do this. Practice makes perfect, right?

He moseys his way out of bed and into the bathroom, glaring at the mirror above the sink.

“I love you,” He says to his reflection, picturing bright hazel eyes and dark golden hair in his place. “I love you. Enough to want to buy flowers and shit. I love you.”

He closes his eyes and thinks about last weekend, when they stayed in bed all day and just– lived, laughed, breathed together with a documentary about the benefits of legalizing weed. They got into the spirit, of course, and spent much of the time shotgunning.

“I love you,” Jonas says again, eyes still tightly shut, “I love you. I love you. Okay. This isn’t so bad. One more time.”

A deep breath, “Alex-”

A dry voice, “You love me?”

Jonas jumps hard enough to hit his hip on the sink and rattle the mirror. “Alex.”

There he stands, in all of his glory, lightly worn leather jacket across his shoulders. He holds up the spare key Jonas always leaves under the mat in explanation on how he’s here and why he didn’t knock.


“Um-” Jonas thinks fast, pulling a hand through wild curls, “So-”

 Alex pushes off the doorway and crowds into Jonas’s space. And fuck, he must love Alex, if the lack of distance doesn’t bother him at all. “You love me?”

“Yeah,” Jonas says, “Yeah I do.”

Noctis Lucis Caelum Honeymoon (Headcanons)

Tagging my Noctis Hell friends: @cupnoodle-queen, @stunninglyignis, @xnoctits 

Heheheh I’m an enabler

Note: Each of the Bro’s honeymoon headcanon’s will have there own aesthetics and fic! <3

  • Marrying King Noctis means no expense is spared to give you a dream of a honey moon
  • You thought your wedding was phenomenal?
  • Your honey moon is going to knock that out of the park, to be perfectly honest with you.
  • You and Noctis take your vacation at a private villa.
  • When I say private, I mean 100% private
  • There are no guards
  • There are no servants
  • Just you and your new husband to do whatever you please
  • You honey moon is a week long, so you have plenty of time to prepare for your duty as Lucis’s Queen
  • Though, you don’t find yourself focusing on the future
  • Your very content with the present
  • You’ve finally married the love of your life
  • Your literal Prince (King?) Charming. 
  • You know what I mean
  • Noctis and spend the first few days without moving from bed
  • Sleeping
  • Maybe other things that a SFW blog can’t disclose
  • But mostly sleeping
  • This is the first time you two can really relax in… six knows how long.
  • Your home for the week has everything.
  • Everything.
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • A game room that includes: 
    • Pool table
    • A bunch of game consoles
    • Ping Pong
    • Mini movie theater
    • Everything?
    • Beanbags
  • Side headcanon: Noctis loves beanbags
  • You low key find it better than the Citadel
  • So does Noctis
  • Ignis has pre-made all the meals you will be requiring for the week
  • No need for takeout
  • I mean, there are no guards protecting the King and new Queen.
  • Never trust a pizza man, I guess
  • You have never seen Noctis so happy and relaxed in his life
  • You both pretty much live in your pajama’s until it is time to return back to the Citadel
  • Possible best honeymoon on Eos?
  • In my opinion; yes.
My thoughts throughout both times I saw Newsies Live

Why does Jack get a full pillow and Crutchie only gets crappy looking blanket?

Okay but you’re like 12 why are you shaving

Chaz’s face once they say “AND DEAD” Don’t worry I’m dead too.


The nun harmonies though

I didn’t even realize jack runs all over the towers from the Delancey brothers during Carrying the banner

Medda is Queen

There was a super long camera pan around Jack and Davey when they were talking about forming a union and it was SO COOL


…He got it.

“I dunno about that- But we sure scared the begibles out of Wiesel!”

When jack hides behind Davey after “are you following me??”

Right before her interview with jack, Katherine just looked so freaking excited

Jack’s so defeated when Katherine ignores all his flirting attempts

Why did they have her say screaming instead of wailing? They kept all the other changes from the tour so why not this one?

That all depends on how you look at it. If you see Brooklyn, then they’re with us!

“My SKULL BUSTIN fist can use a day of rest.” woah okay calm down there Morris.

The over head camera shots. My heart stopped.

Jack wanted to run to help Crutchie SO BAD but he knew that he woulda been caught too and I cry so hard

Santa Fe? More like watch me cry, watch me sob

Why didn’t they just have the boys dance for 15 minutes for the intermission??


Chaz’ face when he sees Ben Cook tap dance for the first time

After convincing Katherine to tap Ben looks SO defeated. “That’s it?!”

~Pulitzers Poodles~

Letter form the refuge had me SHOOK

Watch me cry watch me sob part 2

There’s no escaping us pal. We’re inevitable.

The POOR GUYS head is spinning

My theatre didn’t have a lot of reactions to the daughter reveal so I just wanted to yell “WHAT?!” But I didn’t ://

When jack throws the cloth on the table to the beat of Brooklyn’s here.

Just Brooklyn’s here. The whole song. It’s such a clever song.

TOMMY IS SO SHORT and yet he could have Ben on his knees at his mercy in a split second if he wanted to

Ben’s face when he’s looking at Jack after the betrayal. Like it’s so full of hurt and anger and sadness and yet it’s almost expressionless.

They did such a good job with Something to Believe in ike I usually don’t enjoy that scene as much but it was so great

“We could throw a hoedown in here and no one would be the wiser!”

Jacks little “sorry” after he spits in his hand and Darcy looks like he wants to puke.

I love how they put Les right in the middle of the towers during the Once and for All Key Change.

Jack’s face when he sits down in one of the fancy chairs.

Also Jack’s face when he shakes hands with Roosevelt

“Don’t just stand there letting those kids sing. Endlessly.”

“He doesn’t do happiness, does he?”

“Heck, you can’t even get out of your own office.” …I don’t think he does go out of his own office honestly.

“I’d do it with a smile!”

Just… Roosevelt’s character all together.


What’s Santa Fe got that New York Ain’t… Tarantulas? (Pssst Jack is afraid of spiders.)


And then just curtain call was flawless as always

Also they spelled Tommy’s name wrong in the credits I demand a refund

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I feel like I'm alone in thinking that that Bellarke scene was (no sarcasm this time!) actually pretty platonic. I know that it's a big trope to have an aborted love confession, and I'm sure the writers wanted us to speculate that it was romantic. But the "special" line was kind of awkward, and I didn't feel anything romantic from how Bob was reading the line. I consider him the best actor on the show, so I feel like he would have made it more emotional if that were the case.

See, here’s the thing. I think from Bellamy, this scene IS platonic. I don’t think Bellamy has ever thought he had a chance with Clarke. Not before. Not after L. He probably knows about Niylah and he’s just not going there. He has no idea that Clarke is falling all over herself and salivating over him. He might be pining for her, but he knows how to keep it locked down. He’s steering away from love and focused on the mission and his sister. 

Clarke was in no way, shape or form, being platonic. You don’t rake your eyes over your platonic friend’s body and then gasp and turn away sadly, hiding your face, if you don’t want to turn that platonic friend into a NON platonic friend.

They’ve spent the last few episodes trying to prove to us that Clarke is totally devoted to Bellamy. That she thinks he’s special. That he is special to her. Not as a partner or buddy. As That One Person. “I was willing to risk my mother” she says. SHE IS NOT WILLING TO RISK BELLAMY. what? Gosh people were so upset last season when there was the speculation that she would not have sacrificed Bellamy the way she did Abby, and here she is, in canon, saying she WON’T sacrifice Bellamy. Wow. Platonic? Okay.

And how about they way she kept checking out his body. 

How is that conceivably platonic? This is the one I don’t get. She’s been doing it forever, but it’s getting more obvious. Like MULTIPLE times she’s looking him up and down. How is that not sexual or romantic or lust or longing any word which would make it NOT PLATONIC?

What was he going to say? I don’t know. It could have been a love confession, or it could have been something about how special SHE was. 

Because it was absolutely triggered by that word to HIM. She called him special and he looked at her as if it meant something. It was personal. It was not for the mission or the partnership. It was him. How she felt about him.

And I think what felt forced about it was that she wasn’t talking about Octavia’s feelings for Bellamy, but for her OWN feelings about Bellamy. She sees him as special and she wants O to value him the way she does. 

And I think HE noticed that. 

Clarke is a puddle of unrequited love and longing. Bellamy is STEERING AWAY. (Bob I love you for giving me that key to his behavior in season 4 and then trying to pretend you were joking. Nope. This is it.)

I love how all the characters on Andi Mack have a lot of depth. A lot of times with kids shows there is a key “smart” character and “clueless” character and either “sassy” or “troublemaker” character. But all the kids on this show have a lot of layers and show a wide range of emotions. It’s just really nice to see kids being portrayed realistically.

Dying Petals - Joker Imagine

//This is so bad I apologize ahead of time.//



Splayed across the floor like the bodies of the dead men and women the joker has left behind, were the small but fragile rose petals which would usually represent romance but in this case it didn’t even get close to that mark. 

It was three days after our 1 year anniversary and yet I felt no love or joy or even thrill that could quite possibly come with the joker, all I felt was despair. I was a broken doll, stuck on repeat; going to meetings, being the precious queen and his partner in crime. Only that gimmick gets old quickly. 

With my hands folded in my lap covering a small petal, the heat that radiated throughout my body killed the beautiful petal with one fatal swoop, much like Joker did three days ago when the only thing he could muster up to say was, “A year already? Crazy how Im not tired of you.” 

Now that small joking sentence crushed my small heart surrounded by petals as beautiful as these. The tear drops cascaded down my cheeks in an ugly manner  as I pulled my self off the floor threw threw the deceased petal from my palm and grabbed my suitcase. 

Looking behind me I saw the home I’ve been trapped in and the home where I was once happy, but I no longer saw joy but a prison. I walked out the dark door into the nippy Gotham air and began to walk. 

I left my phone and car behind knowing Joker would track me, once he sees I’m gone. Headlights flashed by me in a daze and my strides became larger. I wasn’t afraid no one would touch me but I couldn’t bear to life my head up and face the civilians who fear me. 

I reached my old apartment where Joker had broken into in order to use it as a safe house. I laughed at the memory while touching the card board that covered the shattered window. Turning on the lights was no use since the electric bill hadn’t been payed, there was no running water and dust had ben collected everywhere. Perfect. 

I went to my room and laid on the bed trying to soothe my mind and maybe gets some peaceful sleep, away from his yelling. Soon enough i found my self dozing off for the first time in days, it felt great. 

Joker’s POV 

I slammed the front door open fuming from a heist going wrong, I should of brought Y/N with me. Already agitated all I wanted was to go drink myself to sleep and not hear her annoying voice. 

It was eerie in my house, I didn’t hear Y/N humming over doing anything, who am I kidding she was probably asleep its all she does anyway. I opened my door to my office poured myself a glass of hard liquor and slumped into my large chair. I sat there pondering in the silence not being able to shake the feeling of something missing. 

Finally having enough of it, I charged out of the room ready to yell at Y/N for making me feel this way but when I went into the bedroom she wasn’t there. I checked the kitchen, the basement, the living room and the garage but she was nowhere to be found. 

I went back to the bedroom to find her phone and her keys, I checked all the drawers and the closet and all her personal items were gone. She was gone. She left me. How dare she. 

Who does she thinks she is, thinking she can leave the Joker? Jokes on her I didn’t like her that much anyway, it was time for me to upgrade. 

I glided back into my office and calmly sat in the chair trying to erase the ache I was feeling. With the more alcohol I consumed the more my thoughts raced. 

Why did she leave me? 

She knows better. 

She loves me. 

Over to my right I see the roses I had given her thrown all around the floor, destroyed. The petals withered and brown and a small note laying in the middle of all the chaos. 

“You don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.” 


This was shitty but I’m bored so HEY! Legoo. 


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14. “How can I hate someone that I’m in love with?” Andreil. I am ready for angst (such Christmas spirit, wow)

14. “How can I hate someone that I’m in love with?” (Hi there I combined this with another request, so this is the sequel to my 99 prompt with Neil getting hurt !!)

“All they had in the tooth-rotting section at the corner store was coffee crisp and triple fudge so I got both,” Neil announces, shouldering their door open with his hands full of ice-cream tubs and an array of keys.

He’s taken to wearing them on a lanyard like a school teacher, and Andrew knows he does it because he wants them at hand, near his heart. Renee bought him a fox charm and it hangs between the key to the court and the first one Andrew ever gave him — he’s memorized the shape of it without trying to.

Kevin glances at Neil over the screen of his laptop and stands immediately, walking wordlessly to his room. He retreats to his bedroom whenever Andrew and Neil are in a room together, lately. ‘A precautionary measure’ he’d sneered when Nicky had asked.

“Is that okay?” Neil says, suddenly standing above Andrew, head cocked.

“It’s acceptable,” Andrew replies, and opens his hand. Neil presses the triple fudge into his palm, and produces a plastic spoon from the shopping bag to balance on top.

“I figured you wouldn’t want to wait,” he explains, mouth quirked.

Andrew ignores him, hooking his finger in the plastic seal and breaking it apart. Neil collapses into the couch next to him, tossing his feet up over Andrew’s lap and dropping the bag on the carpet. Andrew looks at him. “It’ll melt.”

“Eat fast,” Neil says, and grabs Andrew’s first spoonful for himself.

“I should’ve let the FBI take you.”

“You should’ve,” Neil says seriously, “Now I’m your problem full-time.” He leans in enough that Andrew can see the chocolate in the corner of his mouth, the complicated relationship between his freckles and his burns —


He’s yanked back to the present by Nicky’s frantic voice, a high discordant thing like a wrong note in a bad piece of music. The rest of the foxes crest over the slant of the hallway, a wave of good intentions that pushes Andrew back into the wall and takes his breath. He can’t deal with them, he can’t escape to somewhere else when prying voices are trying to keep him here. He can’t be fighting to see Neil with foxes holding his hands behind his back.

“What’s the news,” Allison asks when they’re close enough, looking uncharacteristically haggard with her lipstick wearing away and her shirt untucked.

Andrew shakes his head.

“He’s not…” Dan starts to ask, horrified, and Andrew’s fists clench so hard his knuckles crack.

“No,” Matt says firmly. “The monster would be ripping this place apart.”

Andrew produces a knife instantly, and renee catches his wrist, eyes hard and terrible above her smile. “You’re going to get yourself kicked out of the hospital.”

He hates it, he hates it, because it’s the only thing that could’ve made him stop.

He drops the knife on the floor and Renee quietly stoops to pick it up and pocket it.

“He’s going to be okay, Andrew,” Nicky says earnestly, skirting carefully around Renee to stand in front of him.

“He’s survived worse,” Kevin agrees, an old haunted look on his face.

“Don’t,” Andrew says. It’s all he can manage.

There’s a knife in his chest and Neil has the handle; if he dies now the blade never comes out. If he dies it won’t matter how much armour Andrew puts on, the knife is already in, always.

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Many people say Snape's love for Lily redeemed him. I don't really agree with it. Tbh while his relationship with Lily is too problematic to work. Snape, while he doesn't care about the quality of it, is committed to preserving life. That's something not even McGonagall has done as religiously as Snape, and definitely not Dumbledore. It is Snape who is horrified at how expendible Harry's life is to Dumbledore. I think it's this dedication to life that redeems him rather than the "Always".

The problem is, some people see the obvious and miss the wood for the trees.  

Snape’s love for Lily didn’t redeem him at all.  His redemption came through him changing.  

There are several examples of this, but two key ones are:

  • Young Snape freely uses Mudblood as a slur, whilst Headmaster Snape rebukes Phineas for using it.
  • Young Snape is somewhat complicit in the death of relative innocents, whilst adult Snape states unequivocally that he does his utmost to save lives.

So yes, his love for Lily motivated him to change, but it is not how he gained his redemption; he gained his own redemption.  It saddens me that so many seem to miss this - and it is this which leads to the, “Harry forgave him because he wanted to bang his mom,” claims.  It is obvious that these people do not understand the story.

im glad shawols appreciate our leader jinki and the stuff he does for shinee like….he is loved by everyone and we all know how much he cares for shinee and shinee world and thats just !!! you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart just thinkin abt onew and he’s such a sweet guy and we all gotta keep on giving him infinite love bc he deserves soso much

Lip Balm | do kyungsoo

Originally posted by sehoney22

isn’t it nice to have a sweet boyfriend to take care of you?

“Hey, you haven’t been smiling recently.” Kyungsoo eyed you suspiciously as he peaked over his laptop screen as you continued to look at yours.

Quickly taking off your stare from the screen, you respond to Kyungsoo. “Cause I don’t want to.”

“(y/n), you do know that’s my thing, right?”

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#okay but dean has a point#I’d like to see some meta on this

OK here’s a stab at that (informed by many discussions with wiser heads than me): Dean is right that Sam has been playing mediator all season. He’s always so willing to bend over backwards and see the other person’s point of view that some of the Sam fans I know have been getting frustrated with it - because it effectively erases Sam’s own wants/needs/opinions from the picture altogether. He’s just, like, a compromise machine. But rather than (or at least as a possible alternative to) seeing this as bad writing (which is certainly… an explanation but less fun to get into than trying to make things work on a narrative level), it’s possible to read this as a kind of emotional defence mechanism on Sam’s part. If he concerns himself with the reconciling the conflicting desires of the people around him, it means that he doesn’t have to take the time to consider or tackle his own. It’s self-preservation (and it’s particularly useful given that Sam’s desires are usually thwarted. He really didn’t need that reminder from Mary that we don’t always get what we want).

This tendency of Sam’s seems to be closely related to his tendency to process or talk about his own experiences primarily in the context of other people’s - so for instance when he is talking to Magda about his own psychic powers, or when he is talking to the girl in the Hitler episode (who discovers she’s Hitler’s descendant) about having been chosen as Lucifer’s vessel. Packaging up his own traumas as reassuring lessons for others is a way of making them into something useful (which is good) but is also I think born out of Sam’s feeling that he’s not, sort of, entitled to feel his own emotions on their own merit?

I wrote a fic in season 11 after Chuck came back which was sort of about this, about my feeling that Sam’s refusal to get angry really with anybody on his own behalf is a symptom of the carefully constructed mental architecture that he uses to handle all the horrible shit that happens to him. (He’ll get angry with Magda’s mother for betraying her daughter but he’s repeatedly shown willingness to work with the people who have violated, tortured and otherwise hurt him if he’s told that it’s necessary for the greater good.) He doesn’t necessarily process his feelings, he swallows them up and deflects the question by focusing on the feelings of others around him. Thus also his tendency - and we see it in this clip for 12x14 - to be always asking how Dean feels, even (especially?) at moments when Sam’s own feelings might legitimately be brought into question.

Does that all make sense? I don’t know if it’s all terribly obvious or terribly vague or… what, but I was interested to see Dean call Sam out on ‘playing peacemaker’ because it is definitely something that I see as a key constituent part of Sam’s personality in later seasons, and it’s something that I would love to call Sam out on because it’s part of his tendency towards self-erasure (as a self-preservation strategy). If he doesn’t ask himself what he really wants then he can’t be unhappy about not getting it. But he also sort of thins down into this person who isn’t the primary contact for anybody (I keep thinking about that scene in 'Regarding Dean’ where he’s like 'oh your phone is broken so I better tell Mom and Cas to contact me if they want us’, like, Dean is the one everybody talks to by default - even Alicia ringing the Bunker in 12x09 asks for Dean), where he doesn’t have his own car, he doesn’t really ever assert himself meaningfully as a person with wants and interests and connections and desires of his own. (That’s when the rare occasions where he does do that, like in the Lizzie Borden episode where he gets all nerdy serial killer happy, are such a delight.) I think that’s why the fact that Mary seems to share all Dean’s interests has been a sore point for so many Sam fans, too - her arrival (especially her wariness about hunting) seemed to suggest a space for alternative possibilities to open up in their lives, like even a space where 'not hunting’ as a choice could be played out by ANYBODY, but it hasn’t been realised.

So yeah, I’d like LOVE to see Dean call Sam out on the fact that Sam never sort of admits to being a whole person, and to ask Sam what Sam wants and actually be open to hearing the answer, but… I don’t know, Dean’s not in a good mood lately (he’s so angry all the time about Mary!) and (as seen in the clip, and as is perhaps inevitable when you live with somebody) he often takes a lot of that out on Sam. So I don’t know if it’s the most promising environment for Sam to open up.