i love how jinki looks at key ; ;


160417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

Taemin couldn’t stay still at all! Dancing, and acting cute towards the audience even when the lights are out. It was probably because of that cute pose during Your Number intro, that Jinki almost burst out laughing. Jjong looks so gorgeous! And happy! It was funny when he was trying to appease Key after that Your Number fail. I’ll also never get over how mr. director always focuses the camera on key’s lips and eyes during Dream Girl, no matter how many times i see it. KEY’s LIPS ON THE WHOLE SCREEN. ugh. And Minho’s body wave during ABOAB too!

And Jinki. He’s fiiiiiiiiiine. He was dancing, and running, twirling, jumping (landing on both feet), and sliding across the stage.^^ He did all the moves and he doesn’t look as tired as he was yesterday. He was so into it during ABOAB. 😂Love the part during MTTM, when the camera panned to Jinki and he smiled, THEN WINKED. Then during one of the ments, when Jinki made a joke and failed, Key shot an imaginary dart at him so he laid down on the floor. Jjong saved him by pulling the “dart” out. Later, when the others were talking, Jinki took the “dart” from Jjong, threw it on the floor and crushed it with his foot. 😂 My favorite thing today though was Jinki’s hearty laugh. I felt my heart swell with love. Lol.

i love watching you boys when you’re just having fun! And thank you for always giving it your all. 수고했어요! ❤️

Love at First Sight with SHINee

Request: Can u plz do a reaction of Shinee seeing u at a fan meet and they instantly fall in love?


Onew: He’s been eyeing you whenever he had the chance and when you’re finally in front of him, he can’t stop himself from smiling widely. “Y/N, that’s a beautiful name.” He says after you tell him your name. “Please come back to see us.” He holds your hand a little longer than necessary and lets you leave, a little saddened by your departure. 

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Key: “Damn girl..you’re prettier than me.” You blush as he signs your album and you go so the next person can come, You look back to see him staring at you and pointing to the album. You look down and it reads: Call me so we can make pretty babies together. xxx-xxx-xxxx -Key

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Jonghyun: “Hi.” Is all you have to say to have him smiling widely. He becomes a nervous wreck as he autographs your CD with hearts all over it. “Thank you for your support, please come back to see me soon. I mean us…” He smiles as you leave and spends the rest of the day thinking of you.

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Minho: When he first sees you, he notices how beautiful your eyes are and he can’t stop staring. When he gets nudged by Key, he realizes he didn’t sing your album yet. “Sorry…your beauty distracted me.” Your cheeks heat up when he hands you your album, “Thank you. See you next time.” You say before leaving.

“I’m sure fate will allow us to see each other sooner than you think.” 

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Taemin: At first he avoids eye contact with you but gains confidence when he sees how shy you are. “You look so pretty!” He exclaims happily, “We appreciate your support.” You smile brightly and he blushes, “I think I just fell in love.” 

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ok, I’ll make a legit fan acc later but:
-key jinki and minho dabbed. (Im so sorry @fairykibum )
- key kept trying to remember a la la land song and minho just looks at him and goes “are you ok?”
-taemin being SHY and hiding in his HOODIE he is ADORABLE….
-key’s ass
-minho is just so…..so excited about basketball and key just says “ok I don’t know anything about basketball, so what’d you eat yesterday?”
-Jonghyun liked the birthday sign project and they all rly liked the 1of1 project!
-jinki is literally so cute. his smile is the sun and I’m dead? Also how the hell does he manage to give his ALL on that propellor move EVERY TIME
-minho is made of love. he is 200% love

150417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

That was another fun show, loves! I was laughing too much at your antics, like Jjong’s robot dance from MTTM which Jinki and Taemin followed, even up to Diamond Sky and the last ment. Kibum can’t even recover fast enough from laughing too much because of this during MTTM! There were too many moments that i wish I could capture forever, like Taemin’s wriggling handstand, or the way Jinki was looking at Jjong the whole time the latter was doing his rifts in Love like Oxygen, or when Jinki forgot about the Do Me Right part with Minho, so Minho pat his shoulder and only then did Jinki place his head on it. Taemin’s adlibs during Downtown Baby. And how could i forget Your Number, as Key was doing his dance routine, Minho was at the back holding a paper with Key’s pictures on it. Jjong saw it and laughed, even Jinki. Jjong then took it and ran towards the middle of the stage, right in front of where Key was going to land after that chair thing. Jjong was waiting for Key to see it, who laughed when he did. The way Minho sang during Winter Wonderland. Taemin talking about his solo concert. Jinki brushing his hair back with his hand during his Kiminoseide solo. I wish i could go back again and again to these moments and re-live them.

Thank you 샤이니 and see you again tomorrow! 화이팅!

May I Flirt With You?

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

“You dropped something.”


“Your standards.”

Jinki gapes at the stranger and Jonghyun huffs and stands a little straighter. Then the words really register and Jinki bursts out in laughter, only causing Jonghyun to look even more hurt.

“You’re the worst best friend ever!” Jonghyun says and Jinki promises to buy him another Strawberry Daiquiri. Jonghyun sulks until Jinki promises to buy him one more.

The stranger has gone and Jinki can’t find him in the darkness of the club. The pick-up line (Jinki assumes it’s a pick-up line anyway) stays with him throughout the night as they get drunk.

Jonghyun is drunk before Jinki but that’s nothing new and Jinki watches him on the dance floor, disappearing in between taller people only to show himself again.

When they leave the club, they’re both drunk. Jinki is giggling in the night. He thinks he heard the lyrics as ‘farts farts farts’ before they left and for some reason, that’s hilarious to him and he can’t stop repeating it. Jonghyun is getting tired, slowly sobering up in the night air and he’s going to have a hangover before they arrive home. Jinki is blissfully unaware of Jonghyun’s misery, however, and he continues his giggling as he staggers home with Jonghyun at his side.

It’s 12 PM when Jinki wakes up the next morning. He’s tired and fatigued but doesn’t have a headache. He doesn’t feel nauseous either. That’s something he can’t say about Jonghyun, though.

“Shut up,” Jonghyun says as he cradles his head in his hands. Jinki just pats his hair a little in sympathy before he goes to find a glass of water for both of them. They spend the afternoon eating fast food and pitying themselves but it’s the best cure for a hangover.

“Meet my girlfriend!” Jonghyun says and looks fondly at a tall woman by his side. She smiles a little and bows politely to say hello to Jinki. Jinki just lifts his hand in a wave from where he’s sitting on the couch. Jonghyun frowns but both the girl and Jinki ignore him.

“You must be Minjung?” Jinki asks and the girl nods. Her dark hair falls into her eyes and she fumbles a little with the short bob-cut before she gives up. Jonghyun gently removes the hair and fixes it behind her ears.

“Yeah and I’m guessing you’re the worst best friend, Jinki?”

Jinki snorts and almost chokes on the sip of coke he has just taken.

“Fuck you Jonghyun,” he says when he’s done coughing. Jonghyun just smirks a little.

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So I watched the performance version of MTTM and I saw this part

and I just started laughing because I noticed how sexy Taemin is doing this move but then there’s Minho who looks like he’s going to duel someone on a chicken fight, Jinki looking like he’s about to break his neck, Key is smacking some butt and Jonghyun and his tiny palm tree are just enjoying themselves. I love this.


happy 8th anniversary to my favorite group in the whole wide world! 

from debuting with replay to members becoming successful solo acts, fashion editors, and acting in movies and dramas, you’ve come far from those early days. I’m beyond proud to be a shawol. let’s go for many more years and even more success! 

Ooh I like this one! Angry SHINee is always fun! :) 

Gifs not mine, credit to all the wonderful gif makers!!!

Onew: *Confused* We were arguing and now there is crying….?

*once he has come back to his senses* Nooo Don’t cry I’m really sorry, look I’m not angry anymore. *acts like a dork to cheer you up*

Jonghyun: *still yelling sarcastically* 

*When he finally sees your tears* ‘Shit, babe I’m sorry! Will this make you happy?’ (stripper Jonghyun emerges) 

Key: *Sees you crying, but is still really angry* ‘Ooh look who’s bringing out the crocodile tears’  

*sees that you are actually crying* ‘AHHHHHH noooooooo I didn’t mean it! I love you, look at the love in my eyes!!’

Minho: *notices you crying, immediately proceeds with aeygo* ‘Look at me, look how cute I am, no more crying please!’

(Blonde Minho because I couldn’t resit)

Taemin: ‘Ooh God I’m a terrible boyfriend’ 

*Full on man crying….* ‘Please forgive me!’

high school au where

  • taemin is part of the “bad boy” group
  • he’s not necessarily mean or anything but like his lil group of friends
  • aka jongin, ravi, & moonkyu
  • they like never tuck in their shirts and their ties are always loose and their hair is always either gelled up or messy af and they’re almost always in detention for something or other
  • and basically they goof around all the time and they have the bad boy reputation and girls love them uwu and one of them drives an suv and another drives an old mustang and they’re always going somewhere in one of the two cars and the music is loud and they’re just obnoxious lil shits
  • and minho, key, jonghyun, & jinki are upperclassmen who think taemin’s group is annoying lil shits that don’t care about anyone and basically they think they’re just super annoying underclassmen 
  • but then jinki gets a new job teaching piano to little kids at the local music school
  • and he always thinks he sees a familiar car in the parking lot but he doesn’t pay much attention to it until one day the person in charge says one of the students from the advanced class is going to help him teach the lil kids
  • and he’s like oh okay cool that’s good because u know lil kids can be hard to manage in big groups
  • and taemin walks in and he’s all untucked school shirt and loose tie but his smile is literally so wide when a couple of the little kids flock over to him because they’ve seen him play at the recitals and he’s really good and they want him to teach them how to be that good
  • and he’s helped teach them before and they really love him and taem really loves them
  • and taemin’s just !!! okay children i will help teach u today r u excited???
  • and they’re like lil 4 & 5 year olds and they’re all !!! jumpy jumpy super excited
  • and taemin’s still super goofy smiley until he looks up and sees who exactly he’s helping and his smile falters when he realizes it’s an upperclassmen from school
  • and even worse it’s an upperclassmen from key’s group because key hates his group and now he’s all nervous because he thinks jinki is going to tell everyone that taemin plays the piano and takes lessons and does recitals and helps teach the lil kid beginners class
  • but jinki just smiles and asks taemin if he’s ready to get the class started and taemin just
  • very quietly nods and the kids who he’s helped teach before are confused and like
  • “mr. taemin why r u so quiet today??? mr. taemin did u bring gummies??”
  • and jinki’s all confused like “gummies??”
  • and taemin can’t help but smile at the lil kids and he pulls a bag of gummy bears out of his backpack and he holds them up all proud of himself like
  • “if u do well u get a gummy u know the rules lil children pls do well for mr. jinki because the prize is a gummy bear of ur choice”
  • and the kids all !!!!!!!! “mr. taemin ur the best!!!”
  • and jinki just laughs 
  • and they actually work really well together and the kids listen a lot better when taemin is there because most of them are used to him because jinki’s still fairly new but taem actually helps teach the lil kids pretty often so they’re like !!! mr. taemin!!!
  • but afterwards taemin has his own one-on-one lesson with his own teacher and jinki asks if he can watch
  • and by the time all the kids leave taemin is all quiet and reserved again so he just kinda shrugs like “yeah okay if it’s okay with my teacher okay”
  • and jinki’s confused because the taemin at school is completely different from the taemin at piano lessons
  • but he watches taemin’s lesson and he’s actually in the process of learning a piece for a recital and so he’s a little fumbly with it but his teacher helps him figure it out 
  • and jinki’s just so amazed because taemin is so concentrated and working so hard and he’s seen taemin in class while jinki is a t.a. during his free period and taem’s usually a lil shit who texts during class or doodles all over everything instead of paying attention
  • and so when they’re walking to the parking lot afterwards they talk a lil bit 
  • and jinki kinda figures out for himself that taemin is embarrassed about playing the piano and jinki doesn’t really understand but he just tells him
  • “u know if u don’t want me to tell anyone i won’t”
  • and taemin just ??? “really u would do that for me i thought u hated me???”
  • and now jinki is  ??? and he just “i don’t hate u??”
  • “but key hates my entire group i thought ur whole group hated my whole group??”
  • and jinki just like rolls his eyes like “ur annoying lil underclassmen but i don’t hate u i didn’t even really know u”
  • and taem just quietly like “oh okay well thank u i’ll see u tomorrow or something okay bye”
  • and then jinki just kinda smiles and laughs because taemin shuffles off to his car and the next day taemin is all blushy around him when they pass by each other in the hallway and then he sees him at the music school after school almost every school day after that and jinki just laughs because taemin seems so shy about playing the piano
  • but it’s actually really cute and he thinks it’s really nice that taemin plays the piano

and basically i just have a lot of feelings for taemin playing the piano

anonymous asked:

Gif reaction: how would Shinee react to their gf sitting on their lap out of no where and kissing their cheek.

Heya sweet! Thank you so much for requesting and I really hope you like it~~

Onew: He would have been really caught of guard, automatically stopping mid sentence trying to be cool before breaking out into a smile finding her adorable.

Kibum: This cheeky chap would even bat an eyelid seizing the situation to his advantage and pulling her into a deep kiss as he says “You didn’t think you were going to get away with just that did you?”

Minho: It all happened so quickly it would have taken him time to register what she did, looking at her with big bambi eyes as it finally clicks in his head.

Jonghyun: He would find it completely adorable and he’d just give her his smoldering look with a little teasing smile urging her to kiss him more.

Taemin: He would be a little more innocent like her, returning her sweet, sweet gift with a little kiss on the forehead as realizes just how lucky he is “Jagi I love you so much” 


Ayy, look, it’s part three!! Glad I finished it at 2:30 in the morning last night -_- but anyway~ Here it is! The links to part one and two are here
Part 1, 2 
Also, if you still haven’t finished part 1 (there was a mix up.. I ended it on a bigger cliffhanger than I intended) than please go read that because nothing will make sense otherwise..
Okay, thank you ^^ if you have any questions or whatever, you can always inbox me
oh yeah caesien this is here!

Jonghyun stood awkwardly next to Key. Where as Key’s style fit his entire being, Jonghyun’s didn’t and felt out of place on his body. He fidgeted with the red flannel that was tied around his waist. The skin tight jeans with gaping holes in the knees didn’t feel right on him, the designer clothing didn’t feel like him, they felt like a costume compared to Key’s. His face felt heavy with makeup, caked on to “bring out his best features.” Best features his ass, it felt as if he had on a completely new face.

“You’re walking next to an idol in our company’s clothes,” Key whispered next to him, “the least you could do is act the part.”

Jinki peaked back, smiling at the two, hoping to encourage them to be more lively, but that didn’t seem likely to happen. Key was stoic. He would occasionally wave at fans and accept gifts. Other than that, he walked with purpose through departures until he was safe behind airport security.

The amount of people that were at the airport just to see Key was astounding. Now Jonghyun knew why Jinki gave him a pair of designer sunglasses. The flashes of cameras were going off in every direction. Over the dull roar of people all you could hear were camera shutters, hoping to snap a good photo. Instead of seeing people’s faces, all he could see were lenses and phones.

People were calling out Key’s name from all around, trying to get him to look their way, and almost no one payed attention to Jonghyun. Occasionally, a present would be thrusted in his direction, and he would take it, thanking the fan who would just look at him with confusion.

It wasn’t until they made it past airport security that Jonghyun saw Key relax a little bit, but the songwriter could tell that Key was still tense, anxious to run into a curious fan.

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Hello Everyone!

  I just hit 1500 followers! I’ve been here on tumblr for about two years now and I’ve met so many lovely people, so I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has stuck with me for this long! We may not talk all the time, but I just want to acknowledge a few of my favorite followers as a thank you! Just seeing you all in my notifications makes me smile!

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 I was scrolling through some very old messages and I saw a lot of you there cheering me up, making jokes, venting, looking for comfort and etc. and I just want to say how happy I am to have joined this fandom. Some of you may not remember, but the conversations we’ve had were lovely and I hope we can continue to lean on each other if needed. I wish all of you happiness! 

    This is my first time doing something like this, so I deeply apologize for forgetting anybody!


This is the performance that made me fall in love with Onews voice…his tone is so warm and perfect…and Taemin at the beginning omg…is voice is so delicate and peaceful i could watch this endlessly