i love how jinki looks at key ; ;

So I watched the performance version of MTTM and I saw this part

and I just started laughing because I noticed how sexy Taemin is doing this move but then there’s Minho who looks like he’s going to duel someone on a chicken fight, Jinki looking like he’s about to break his neck, Key is smacking some butt and Jonghyun and his tiny palm tree are just enjoying themselves. I love this.


happy 8th anniversary to my favorite group in the whole wide world! 

from debuting with replay to members becoming successful solo acts, fashion editors, and acting in movies and dramas, you’ve come far from those early days. I’m beyond proud to be a shawol. let’s go for many more years and even more success! 

I rewatched all of shinees Korean mvs today and man….I love their progression as a band. Remember when OnJongKey got every part???? Look at where our boys are today. FUCKING LOOK AT HOW FAR THEYVE COME. With this comback coincidentally falling so close to their 7th anniversary I’m just so very emotional. I love shinee. I love Lee Jinki. I love Kim Jonghyun. I love Kim Kibum. I love Choi Minho. I love Lee Taemin. They make me so happy. I’m so pumped for this new album. I’m excited to see what Taemin, Key’s, Jonghyun’s side projects/solo ventures have brought to the group. I’m so ready for this and about 99.99999% this close to combusting from the sheer love and pride I have for this group.