i love how his lip twitches in the second one


TEEN WOLF FLUFF: Derek x Reader

Fic where Derek is secretly likes to cuddle and when he gets caught, the pack teases him.

Word count: 447

Warnings: Like, one cuss word.

I loved how warm his arms kept me.  It was hard to find time, but when we did, we used every second available.  Around other people, he wasn’t touchy and no one expected him to be, but late at night ‘til early morning, he loved to have his arms around me.

Most of the time, I would have my face buried in his chest, inhaling everything about him. He would breathe and mumble into my hair and it sent shivers down my spine.  Occasionally I would look up at his face while he slept.  I would watch the way his lips would twitch then a small smile would appear.  I loved him so much.  

I love him - his lip twitched

I love - another twitch

I - another twitch, this one more down south

“I love you.” He smiled.


I woke up late the next morning to an empty bed and distant laughs.  I slowly get up out of bed and walk to the doorway.  Leaning against the wall so I could hear what was going on in the other room.

“I can’t believe I walk in to see the big bad wolf as a golden retriever.” I hear Stiles say and hear the laughs of about three people.

I smile. They were teasing Derek.  I heard a slight growl and knew it was time to make an appearance.  I walk out into the main room and pretend to rub the sleep out of my eyes.  Stiles, Scott and Kira all stand in front of a defensive looking Derek.  I stand next to Derek and run my fingers along his back until the muscles un-tensed under my hand.  Then I went to make a pot of coffee.  

“Anyone want to let me in on the joke?” I ask, my face serious and stoic.  

“Are you aware that your boyfriend is an over sized puppy?’ Stiles asked.  I get five sup out and set them all on the table.

I smirk and look at Stiles. “Well, no shit, Sherlock.  I sleep with him every night.”

As if on queue, the coffee machine dings and I turn, missing everyone’s reaction, but I hear Kira giggle, so I know what I said must have been good.  I pout coffee into each cup and fix Derek and mines how we like it and carry his cup to him, mine also in hand.

“Fix it how you like it.” I motion towards the sugar and milk on the counter and take a sip of my coffee.  Derek put his arm around my shoulders after they all went to fix their drinks.

“I love you so much.”, He said.

I felt my lips twitch, then I smiled.

Okay so how was this one.  The premiere was great.  I really enjoyed it. like a lot, but I’m going to miss Derek (he was my favorite character) so I decided to write something about him.  Im so excited for the season and please send feedback for this fic thank you!