i love how hilariously awkward he is

Anonymous said:Do a jealous stiles would include pls?

A/N: I’m doing so much Stiles stuff recently and some of it’s perminently like broken my heart. I would love to do another Stiles imagine! Him being jealous would be freaking hilarious!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A jealous Stiles Stilinski would include:

- Stiles getting into awkward situations with you walking in on his conversation with the person he’s jealous over.

- “Go near, (Y/N) again and I’ll shove my lacrosse stick so far up your-

- “Stiles, what are you doing?


- Stiles acting suspicious when he’s jealous.

- “You’re jealous aren’t you?

- “No…

- “Yes you are.

- “How can you tell?

- “You’re acting suspicious.

- Stiles threatening any guy who flirts with you in a sarcastic tone.

- “Dude, you can’t be serious.

- “Yeah? You think so? Well, Isaac Lahey, how about I cook up some werewolf stew tonight? curtsey of you, since you’ll be the meal!” he’d shout, flailing his arms around.

- “Dude, chill out.” Scott would say.

- Stiles pretending to be tough and lurching at people, bobbing his head.

- “Stiles, you look like a lizard choking on a fly.

- “That’s intimidating, right?

- “Yeah, in your books. But in everyone else’s books you look like you’re having a seizure. If you’re suddenly rushed to the nurses office today, you’ll know why.

- Stiles going ape shit when guys touch you.

- Stiles pinning guys to the wall.

- “I may not look like much, but I will end you. I don’t care if I have to unlock the secret of the force or whatever Batman has in his weapon’s belt, but I’ll end you. You hear me, punk?

- You always trying to help Stiles calm down.

- “Stiles, calm down. I love you and only you. My eyes are on you and no one else.

“I can’t help it, (Y/N). When those punk ass little bitches talk to you, looking at you like you’re a meal I can’t help but get jealous.

- “Well don’t, you’re my boyfriend and I love you and only you.

- You walking into the boys locker room when Stiles is giving some guy hell.

- “So it’s just math homework, right?

- “For the love of God, Stiles! Yes!

- “Sorry, Danny. It’s just she’s my girlfriend-

- “And I’m gay.


- Stiles giving Derek the stink eye because he always flirts with you, and let’s face it Stiles would be dead if he said a thing to Derek.

- “I think you should stop, Derek.

- “Why?

- “Because, first of all, I’m not interested, and secondly, Stiles is giving you the stink eye and he looks like: A) He’s going to crap his pants from being so tense, or B) His eyes are going to shoot out of his head, his head will propel off and we’ll be covered in Stiles’s blood. So for the well being of my amazingly sarcastic and sassy boyfriend: Stop.

- Unlimited reassurance.

- “Stiles, I love you and only you, stop okay?

- “I can’t help it. You’re the hottest girl alive and every guy wants a piece of you.

- “Well that’s too bad, Stiles.

- “What?

- “It’s too bad, because no guy, other than you, is getting a piece of this.

- “God, you’re so hot!

- Stiles always having his arm over your shoulders.

- “Who’s this, babe?

- “This is, no one, Stiles.

- “Yeah, that’s right. You’re no one. Get out of here!” Stiles would say, nodding his head.

- “Shut up, Stiles.

- You cringing and being painfully embarrassed when Stiles tries to be tough but it fails.

- “His ass is going to be bruised tomorrow, isn’t it Scott?

- “Definitely.

- “Go help him!

- Stiles thinking he can do karate and shows off his ‘mad’ skills.

- “And that’s your boyfriend?” Danny would ask.

- “Yeah, sadly.

- “He’s something special.

- “Yeah, special.

- Stiles grinning at you when the guy runs away.

- “That’s what I thought!

- “Stiles, just stop.

- “But did you see that, (Y/N)?” he’d ask energetically.

- “Yeah and I wish I hadn’t…”

- “What? That was so cool though!

- “Alright, karate hamster, that’s enough.

- “Hamster? Can’t I be a lion? That’s more masculine and cool.

- “You’re a hamster, Stiles.”

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Beauty and the Beast 30-day challenge: Day 13

Time for question thirteen…

13. What did you think of the added dialogue?

I think it’s nice to get to know the characters a little better, especially spending a little more time with the side characters. Gaston is absolutely hilarious and Belle is still the smart, sweet, fierce heroine we know and love. Stage!Beast seems even more…childlike in his social awkwardness, and depending on how he’s played by the actor, can be more comedically pathetic than his film counterpart (though he’s still wonderfully emo, as he should be). He’s not as menacing unless the particular production has the budget to make his costume genuinely scary (so again, it depends kinda on the direction that they decide to take it, and I’ve seen different interpretations). 

I also like the twist that the servants are turning gradually into objects, instead of all at once like in the film. (Not that it’s better, it’s just different. In fact, in animated form that would probably be more horrifying than it is on stage.) It sort of emphasizes the ticking clock and raises the stakes for them a little.

As per the request of @your-democracy-is-fucked I’m going to do some headcanons based on if I, myself, were in Mr Robot. I’m totally taking the opportunity to describe what me myself would be like as a character - in short, very fucking awkward and hilarious. So don’t take this post too seriously. Also @daddymenrah needs to do this so you can all see how fuqed up she is. 

- Name: Ilana (I’ve been watching Broad City - my real name? bitch u thought-)

- Literally out here just trying to live her life in peace 

- Neighbour to Elliot Alderson 

- Overwhelmingly attracted to him and terrified of him at the same time

-Hopeless romantic yet the biggest cynic you’ll ever meet!! 

- Says she hates everything but actually loves Elliot

-Elliot shows up at her door one night

- ohshit.jpeg

- He literally collapses. The dude is high as a kite. She rushes him to the emergency room. 

- Elliot doesn’t have insurance (ffs) so she covers it with hers. Starts complaining about gross capitalist America.

- Elliot enthusiastically agrees with her - holy shit why does he have to smile like that I wanna die o h g o d 

- They have the most woke ass conversation for hours. Elliot moves in for a kiss but she panics because he’s high.

- It’s super awkward.

- After they go home she hides in her apartment for like 2 weeks 

- One day she bumps into Elliot when putting the bins out

- Somewhere in his mumbling he suggests they should hang out!!

- thiscouldbethestartofsomething

- ‘You know you just said that outloud right?’ ‘(-:’

anonymous asked:

It’s Obikin Time - 💕 Special Valentines Edition! How do they spend it? Is it romantic or does it go hilariously wrong? If there are presents, what are they? Special food, love holos, romantic location - yes/no? What’s the vibe: fluffy, sexy, awkward, something else? (As it’s V-Day, feel free to tag another Obikin shipper & send them this heart: ❤)

oh my god obikin time, valentine’s day edition? what a glorious day!

anyway, i’m absolutely certain that anakin, being a romantic, would try to do something really cute and sweet. but also being anakin, it’d be hilariously off-base. he’d probably create a new droid to help out obi-wan but it would show up at obi-wan’s quarters at an absurdly early hour (like, 4am after anakin finished programming it) and proceed to just wreak havoc. but obi-wan would know he meant it with love. love and exasperation, that’s the two of them.

also, gonna take this ❤ opportunity to send some love to some adored obikin mutuals, @vaderwan and @laventadorn, who’ve been the source of much amusement over the past several days

I got ten minutes into a play-through of this game before I turned it off and bought it myself. So far, the only good thing that came from my computer update disaster is being able to play this.

This sketch dump was inspired after I went on a date with Papyrus to blow his mind and it was hilariously awkward. (It was super weird searching the secret to his other outfit…) I’m rather uncomfortable that a 7-10 -year old human has the option to flirt with monsters clearly much older than herself. (Except Papyrus’ mental state) This guy is adorable, and it’s too sweet that San’s loves how “cool” he is.


I’m seriously dying laughing watching this. He is hilariously awkward and adorable. I love how incredibly red he turns!

I’m sure most of you have seen it, but just in case …

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