i love how her eyes flick up to his

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i feel like this is hella specific while still being incredibly vague as a prompt but i believe in u: how about rob is upset about something (your choice) and trying his damnedest to hide it as usual, and liv cheers him up without even realising she's doing it? bonus points if aaron does notice but actually thinks that is the most effective way of cheering up rob <33

Liv raised an eyebrow as she looked at Robert hunched over on the couch, staring blankly at the television. It was late enough on Saturday morning, late enough for it to be strange that Robert was still in his pyjamas, the ridiculous Star Wars patterned trousers she’d bought him last Christmas paired with a hoodie of Aaron’s she was prone to stealing herself.

Spreading some more chocolate spread on the pile of toast she’d made herself, Liv picked up her cup of tea, padding across the kitchen to join Robert on the couch, plonking herself down beside him unceremoniously.

“Why are you watching the news?” Liv rolled her eyes, dumping her plate and mug down on the coffee table, half expecting Robert’s usual lecture about getting a coaster.

Robert shrugged, glancing at the television. “Wanted to see if the world had ended yet,” he quipped, gesturing at the news story about Trump.

Liv rolled her eyes, grabbing the control and turning Netflix on, flicking through the shows they’d been watching. She and Robert had been working their way through American Horror Story, Aaron not one bit interested in watching it with them.

“Have you been watching it without me?” Liv asked, suspicious. She could have sworn they’d only been on season three, but Netflix was telling her otherwise.

Robert shook his head. “I think we both fell asleep the other week when we were watching it,” he admitted, leaning back in his seat, the sleeves of Aaron’s hoodie tugged down around his wrists. “Bit gorey for this hour of the morning though, innit?”

Liv rolled her eyes. “What do you want to watch then?”

Robert reached across for the control, flicking through the options on Netflix before he came to an unfamiliar title. “Fawlty Towers,” he grinned, as if Liv should know what that was. “We used to watch this all the time growing up. It aired in like the 1970s, and they only ever made twelve episodes, but it’s the best.”

“The 70s? Jesus, Robert, how old are you?”

Robert rolled his eyes, shoving at her side. “I’m not that old, cheeky. It’s a classic, you’ll love it.”

Liv settled back on the couch, offering Robert a slice of toast before she spoke. “If I don’t, I’m making you watch all of Stranger Things from the beginning again.”

“For the third time?” Robert raised an eyebrow. First time around, the three of them had watched it together, and Liv had then roped Robert into watching it all again, knowing Aaron had little interest.

Liv grinned, confirming his suspicions. “For the third time.”

It was hours later when Aaron finally got home, and they’d managed to work their way through ten of the twelve episodes, half eaten pizza scattered across the coffee table, Liv sitting with an ice cream tub in hand.

Robert was as much of a slob as she was, when he wanted to be, ordering them in a feast from Dominos and trekking to David’s to get in some ice cream and crisps. It was the best kind of day, and Aaron arriving home only made it all the better.

“Hiya,” Aaron greeted, kicking his boots off at the door. “Have you two been lazing in here all day?” he inquired, padding across the room in his socks to drop a kiss to Robert’s chocolate covered lips.

Liv did her usual of pretending like they were disgusting her, but in actuality, she loved days like these, when nothing in the world had gone wrong, and the three of them were just happy.

A happy family.

“I need to piss,” Robert mumbled, Liv wrinkling her nose at his admission.

“Gross, go away.” Liv kicked at Robert with her slippered foot, Aaron snorting as his husband stumbled slightly, his knees cracking as he eased himself up off the couch. “Boys are disgusting.”

“Yeah, they are.” Aaron agreed, sitting down next to her on the couch, stealing a spoonful of the ice cream, reaching for some of the leftover pizza as he ate. “How’s he been today?”

Liv raised an eyebrow. “He’s been brilliant, we’ve been watching some old show he used to watch with his family all day,” she shrugged, wondering why Aaron would even need to ask.

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “So he’s been fine, all day?”

“Yeah, why?”

Aaron tugged her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her forehead. “You’re a star, you know that?” he said, a bright smile on his face. He genuinely looked proud of her, as if she’d done something other than slob about in her pyjamas all day long, eating junk food and watching telly.

“Why are you being so weird?” Liv asked, not protesting the cuddle Aaron was giving her. He was her big brother, after all.

“It’s his mum’s anniversary today,” Aaron admitted, glancing toward the bathroom, checking if Robert was on his way back. “He finds it really tough, and I was worried about him being alone today.”

Liv didn’t know much about Robert and his family, just enough to know his parents were both dead, that he’d lost his mum in tragic circumstances - she’d been a good mum, as well, judging by how Robert would talk about her sometimes, briefly mentioning something she’d do, or cook, a soft, sad smile on his face.

“I didn’t know,” Liv said quietly, glancing at the paused screen. She’d been happy to indulge Robert and watch all of Fawlty Towers with him when she realised just how genuinely funny it was, Robert quoting every character as though he’d watched it a million times over himself.

“Did a stand up job either way,” Aaron beamed at her, munching his way through his slice of pizza.

Liv couldn’t help feeling a little bit proud of herself. Robert had been a rock for her for a long time now, sorting her problems and getting her place back at school, making sure she was getting on alright.

She’d never really thought about how she’d ever be able to help him, return the favour.

But she had, and without knowing, too.

Liv grinned, scooping out the last of the ice cream, the chocolatey mixture mostly melted now, chunks of cookie dough floating in the soupy dregs left in the tub. “Well, he’s my brother too, had to look out for him, didn’t I?”

Kiss It Better (Lams)

CHAPTER ONE: “Can You Kiss it Better?”

summary: They felt less like two individual people, and rather two hearts that beat in time with each other, bound to the same rhythm. And with such a calm and blissful future ahead of them, why not shake it up? Family isn’t a home, it isn’t making small talk over dinner. It’s love, the genuine kind that could rarely be found, and how lucky this family was to have found it in such an unlikely place.

word count: 3008

“Can you kiss it better?”

John Laurens tore himself away from his computer, eyes meeting the six year old’s helpless gaze. “I’m sorry?”

“Can you kiss it better?” she repeated in a small and shaky voice. Eyes flicking down to the floor, she continued, voice growing stronger as she carried on. “That’s what my daddy does when I get hurt. He kisses it better.”

Her eyes told no tales of sorrow, yet she looked up at him in such a manner that John felt as though his heart was being ripped from his chest. “Martha.” He knelt in front of the first grader and placed his hands on her trembling shoulders. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Martha kept her gaze fixed solely on the ground instead of looking at John. “I fell off the swing.”

“Did Theo push you?” John asked, keeping his voice soft and gentle in hopes that it would make her feel better. “I saw you arguing with him at lunch.”

“I…” Martha trailed off, biting her lip anxiously. She still refused to meet John’s gaze, keeping her eyes on anything but her teacher.

“What were you arguing about?” John waited for a few moments for her to answer, but no response came from the first grader. “Martha, I want to help you, but I can’t if I don’t know what happened.”

Her voice was barely a whisper as she finally spoke. “He doesn’t like me. He… he hates me.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t hate you,” John assured her, unable to fathom how someone could possible hate another person at six years old. “I know you’d probably rather not talk to me, but you’ve got to tell someone what happened. A friend, your mom-”

“I can’t tell anyone.” Martha’s eyes watered but John pretended not to notice. “Everyone will call me a tattletale. And besides, I don’t have a mom. That’s…” She stopped mid sentence, cheeks growing pink. “That’s why they don’t like me,” she finished quietly.

“Because you don’t have a mom?” John couldn’t quite fit the pieces together. “Trust me, Martha, you’re not the only kid at the school who hasn’t got a mom.”

“Yeah.” Martha bit back a sigh as if to directly tug at John’s heart. “But I’m the only one with two dads.”

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Rowaelin Fanfic, Modern AU, But She’s Looking at You, Part 9

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 

 Maeve owns the best club in the city, but when Aelin shows up demanding answers from her Aunt, she is forced into one month of working as a DJ in her Aunt’s club in exchange for information. Along the way she meets Rowan and the rest of the cadre, who are working as bartenders in the club… and Rowan is given the task of babysitting Aelin for the month.

 Here she is!! The final instalment of But She’s Looking at You! I Just wanted to say thank you to all the beautiful messages you guys send me, because they honestly keep me going. Since this was the first thing I’ve ever written, I wasn’t even expecting anyone to see it, let alone like it J So thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

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three rings | john shelby

links to ‘these moments’ and ‘schooldays

You and Ada stumbled along the street, arms linked and singing.

“You sound like warbling cats”

“It’s my birthday! I can sound how I fucking want”

Ada doubled over in laughter and you swung around to stand in front of her, looking back to where the lads were trailing behind you.

“Johnny, come love me!”

He pulled the pick from his mouth and walked over to you, smiling all the while. He wrapped his arms around your waist and bumped his forehead against yours.



“Happy Birthday”

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Inukag Oneshot

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome had a weekly routine. They would go somewhere good to have breakfast and spend their day on a private not-a-date. But what if one of them wanted it to be a date?

This is a gift for my precious baby Zoe @vividxdreaming a girl full of light and love.

I love you babe!!!

Also on ff.net and Ao3 if you prefer. 

Inuyasha walked through the streets on his way to Kagome’s home as he did every weekend for the last six months.

Waking up and having a real reason to get out of bed, shower and dress. Taking a shower in the morning when he normally wouldn’t  spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed spending time with his wench.

He made a face as he crossed the street. She wasn’t exactly HIS wench, Kagome was HIS friend. Maybe she was the only friend that he made plans with every week, without asking. It was the only permanent appointment he had, every Sunday early morning. Which for Kagome it meant every Sunday at noon.

The door of her apartment was in front of him, a cute lilac door, the only one that was not the custom dark brown on that floor, and he suspected, the only one of the building. He rang the bell knowing a half ready woman would open the door because it was still half hour to noon.

The door opened and soon after a petite woman poked her head out with a big smile on her face.

“You are here! Welcome to my kingdom,” she declared holding the door open for him to enter.

“Humbled to be allowed here…” he kept the joke going.

She batted her hand dismissively, “As you should be!” Her voice lost the dramatic tone before she continued. “I’m almost ready, just getting dressed and make up!”

“You don’t need make up, Kagome! We’re only going to have breakfast!” He complained but the girl was already in her way to her room.

Before entering her room she turned to him with a pouty face, “but I want to look pretty…” and she closed the door behind her without looking back.

‘For you’ remained unsaid on her part, just as his answer ‘you are always pretty’ was not brought into the conversation.

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Originally posted by ssonqs-archived

Summary: What proved to be sweeter than baked chocolate chip cookies at 3 in the morning? 

A harsh clatter coming from the kitchen jolts her awake, darkness meeting her sight and she’s reaching out to his side of the bed instinctively, fingers only reaching out to empty, wrinkled sheets.

The bedside clock blinks 3 am and her heart begins to pick up, did someone break in?

Minho, where are you?

She snatches her phone from under the pillow, heaving off the bed to tiptoe across the room, halting midway when she catches the line of dim light through the ever so slightly opened door. A frown waves her groggy face when the clutter of sounds continue on the tapping of a bowl, the dull rustling of plastic bags, the slow turning of paper against paper.

Nothing clicks and she can’t piece the sounds together, having no clue of what could possibly be going on in the kitchen at this time of night. She draws a short bracing breath, poking a finger to nudge the door a little as she peeks through the gap to get a clearer view into the living room.

Light from the kitchen projects distorted shadows onto the carpet, but she knows him too well to recognize it’s him, pacing back and forth to what seem to be the cabinets, the sink, and the counter. The abrupt scare dissolves the sleep that hung on her lids, now wide awake she trudges out to where he is, doing god knows what.

“What on earth are you doing?” She asks quietly, crossing one arm over the other as she stands by the kitchen doorway.

Minho looks up in a state of shock, bed-head hair unruly in all directions as he holds onto a flour sieve in nothing but a pair of baggy sleeping shorts.

“It’s totally what it looks like” He lets out a smile too alive at this time of day, and she’s threatened to return it, “I’m making you chocolate chip cookies.”

This afternoon’s antics flash at the back of her head, leftover irritation nagging her still over how Minho had snacked on a batch of cookie dough, twice.

“I know you’re still mad about it.” Minho shrugs subtly as he turns to tap the sieve repeatedly against his palm.

She’s not, not anymore. How can anyone be seeing what she’s seeing right now?

“Minho, it’s three in the morning.” She presses a smile, trailing close to his side and nudges her shoulder to his arm.

“I couldn’t sleep.” He murmurs, concentrating while he scoops out the bicarbonate of soda rather clumsily and she’s grinning from ear to ear at his dedication.

“You’re high on cookie dough and chocolate chips, Minho.” He’s on a damn sugar rush, of course you can’t, you dork.

“You just make the best ones, okay?” Minho turns around and presses a single chocolate chip to the tip of her nose, chuckling deeply when her eyes cross to focus on what it is. “You keep ruining my diet, do you know how much more they make me do when I train? It’s fucking ridiculous.”

“You don’t need to go on one, anyway. Ugh.” She pokes his soft belly, the one she never minded.

Minho scowls, sulking a little, “Don’t you dare say I’m cute, we’re trying out a sexier concept this time and your damn cookies ain’t helping.”

It makes her break out an amused laugh, in all honesty, Minho didn’t need to try because he already is. His taste in chocolate chip cookies and strawberry ice-cream just doesn’t back it up sometimes.

But there’s so much more to him, so much more than what meets the eye and she’s completely head over heels.

“It’s not my fault you love them so much, maybe even more than me.”  

“Don’t be silly.” Minho pinches her chin with flour stained fingers, stifling a smile because she has no idea how she’s close to resembling a cookie herself. He leans in, gingerly flicking his tongue over the melted chocolate on the tip of her nose, “I love you more.”


I don’t know if the requests are still open , but if they are could you do an imagine where YN and Blaise prank Draco ( YN’S boyfriend). Also your blog is awesome and I love your aesthetics.have an nice day

a/n: thank you, love! I hope you don’t mind, but the relationship is slightly altered. it’s a bit more…dramatic? oh well, comme est la vie.

To befriend Blaise Zabini, one must have a certain edge. They have to embody Salazar’s dream, while remaining interesting, confident, and remarkably intelligent. It was no wonder when he began sitting next to Y/n L/n during meals. 
They had met in Transfiguration. Neither could remain interested, and both would rather fight the Whomping Willow than hear another lecture on the power behind accenting certain syllables. As his moon-like eyes wandered around the room, they paused on a girl attempting to morph a feather into the past night’s homework. She stared with determination at Hermione Granger’s scrolls, not bothering to watch her own quill morph into a near replica. Zabini was astounded, and exceedingly intrigued. They’ve been best friends ever since.
It wasn’t unusual to see the two lounging under a tree, casting pebbles into the Black Lake. When Y/n needed the sun, and Blaise needed fresh air, the two would find their way to a tall oak, casually discussing life, sinister plans, but specifically, the past week. 
‘And I swear, if that oaf, Weasley, thinks I’m just going to let him ruin our project, I’ll positively pass out from internal combustion. If we get paired up again, I think I’ll accidentally crucio him.’ A smirk of realization made its way to Blaise’s lips. Of course! How had he never thought of this before…

Y/n and Draco!

It was a perfect match! The way they talked, the way they acted, it was like a pair made in heaven. 
‘Oh, Y/n, dear, have you ever thought about dating anyone at this barmy school?’ She narrowed her eyes, flicking his hand with a small smile. ‘Now, Blaise, you know I love you, but-’ ‘Not me, dimwit. I’m just wondering if you ever thought about, perhaps, going on a blind date?’ Her nose scrunched in thoughts, a gentle breeze kissing their cheeks. ‘I suppose, after that horrendous afternoon with Oliver Wood, I wouldn’t mind being courted.’ He jumped up, already marching towards the common room. ‘Then it’s settled. Puddifoot’s, half past five, dress nicely!’ Y/n chuckled to herself while staring off at the branches. Maybe the mystery boy wouldn’t be all that bad.
‘No.’ It was preposterous. Feigning a look of astonishment, Blaise gasped, plopping himself onto one of the common room’s multiple armchairs. ‘And when have I ever steered you wrong?’ Draco looked up from his novel, milky tendrils falling onto his forehead. ‘Last month, I had to sit quietly while Daphne Greengrass complained about magical nail polish for three hours. Two weeks ago, you set me up with Bullstrode at Honeydukes. Have you ever seen a Bullstrode at a sweets shop? It’s like watching a starved warthog chomp on cake.’ Heaving an exhale, Zabini strolled towards the fire, a shallow smirk gracing his lips. ‘I guess I’ll have to find someone else to quench L/n’s loneliness.’ As expected, Draco looked up, his eyes wide with astonishment. ‘Y-You mean…L/n said yes…to a date with me?’ Blaise couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty at the childlike wonder in his best mate’s eyes. ‘Course she did. But, since you’ve no interest-’ ‘I-I’ll make time.’ He looked down to the blonde, watching as he picked at a fingernail. It was as easy as taking candy from an elf.
As the breeze tickled down his back, his nervous breath floated with the current, eyes everywhere at once. She said yes. Y/n L/n actually wanted to have dinner with him! For years, he’d watched, wondered, craved. Zabini always had a knack for collecting the most marvelous things for his collection. He had a cufflink once belonging to Merlin, a hairbrush used by a young Grindelwald, but most importantly, he had the most exquisite being in Britain swayed with ambitious alliance. No one could ever even touch an item in his possession, and here Draco was, standing outside Puddifoot’s, anxiously waiting the arrival of Zabini’s pride and joy. ‘Don’t tell me you got all dressed up for little, ol’ me?’ He spun, quickly, inches away from deep, e/c eyes. Pronounced speechless, Y/n curtsied, offering her hand. ‘Y/n L/n. I believe you’re my date.’ They entered the quaint shop, diving into interesting discussion. You must understand, Draco didn’t do anything like this. He’d been on dates, sure. He’d conversed with some of London’s finest. Yet, none grabbed his attention. No witch could ever light that spark behind his eyes, and here she was, igniting an inferno. Y/n, on the other hand, never did anything like this. She never dated, never conversed. To say she was a recluse would be like calling Dumbledore ‘aged.’ When she won Zabini’s care, she had been playful, spunky, and snide. What she hadn’t thought of was the side-effects, resulting in a mean-streak, harmfulness, and ultimately, cruelty. She watched as Draco’s expression turned from joy to horror as he looked in his tea. A live cockroach climbed out of the cup, fluttering onto his pant leg.
Most people didn’t have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. He was optimistic, but spoiled, yet curious. During a trip to South America, the young boy promised himself to try new and exotic foods. What he hadn’t expected was the lack of cleanliness in the kitchen to affect his meal. He bit into a crunchy, odd tasting soup, finding half a bug left in the substance. He had to be immediately apparated back to his room in England, where his mother cradled him for a week.
Y/n did not have the luxury of knowing Malfoy as a child. 
He stood, quickly, his body shaking violently as the roach clung harder to the fabric of his pants. He began pulling at his hair, while Y/n became actively worried about the state of his mentality. She, hastily, pulled out her wand, zapping the creature out of existence. Looking around in fear, Draco met the eye of every patron, their stare forcing him to run from the shop. Y/n flicked a galleon onto the table, before following him into a darkened alley. She found him in a ball on the floor, his head resting between his knees as his hands scratched his leg where the insect had resided. She kneeled next to him, brushing a strand of his hair. ‘A-Are you-’ ‘Why did you do it?’ Her mouth gaped while his shut quickly. Through clenched teeth, he hissed. ‘Puddifoot’s is clean, and c-clean places don’t have roa-’ He had to stop himself. She fiddled with her dress, looking anywhere but his trembling figure. ‘I didn’t think it’d be that bad. I-I’m sorry. I’m not good with dates, a-and I thought it might be funny. I didn’t think-’ ‘No, you didn’t.’ She sat next to him, looking at his scrunched nose and boiling cheeks. ‘Will you come with me to one more place before our date ends?’ Although he was shaken and certainly unsure, he had never been more curious.
Poofing out of thin air, the pair found themselves a few miles outside Hogwarts, feet pooling into a crystal clear pond. A faded waterfall poured misty water into the lagoon, the forest cocooning them into a peaceful frame of mind. ‘It’s called the Cleansing Pool. Legend says if you bathe in the water, you’ll be rid of all sorrow.’ He looked at her, his hard exterior melting light a candle. ‘I really messed this date up, but if you’ll let me, I’d really like to swim with you.’ He grimaced, his gaze following the ripples. ‘I’ve brought no swim trunks.’ She smiled, meeting his eyes which matched the lake. ‘Lucky for you, I’m excellent with transfiguration.’ 

Homecooked-Rafael Barba

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: Rafael going home after losing a case.

He leaned back against his chair, eyes sharp as a razor, glaring right at the defendant. The tips of his fingers turned white from holding his gold pen too hard. Fury coursed through his veins as the smug defendant flashed him a knowing and confident look, taunting him for losing the case. “Court is adjourned.” The judge pound her gavel and the courtroom was dismissed.

Rafael was furious with himself. How could he let someone who had no law experience beat him like he was some amateur? He went to Harvard for goodness sake. He worked hard to get to stand where he is now. So where did he go wrong?

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Try to get out~Daniel Atlas~

Prompt: An Atlas smut, where he’s trying to helo you get out of handcuffs, but deep inside he really likes to see you struggle to get out.

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Warning: Smut, swearing, oral, sex, riding

Word Count: 1,975

P.S: This is a 100 follower celebration smut!!

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what could have been | john shelby

anon requested john’s kids finding and playing with one of his guns and how you deal with the aftermath

You lay beside the kids, fixing the covers around them and flattening their hair as you watched them sleep. Your heart was still beating heavy. It had slowed to normal, but every thud against your ribcage echoed through your chest and stole half your breath. The shadow of the adrenaline still snuck into the root of your nerves, rolling over your skin leaving faint prickles in its wake.

The scrape of the lock downstairs made you set your jaw and your eyes fill. You took deep breaths, reaching down to the pit of your stomach with each draw. The steps kept pace with your heart, beating opposite to each other, filling the space the other left.

You shot your eyes up to him as he pushed through the doorway, bringing his hand up to grasp the doorframe and leaning his head against the fist, smirking.

“Thought you’d all skipped out on me. Never heard ‘em so quiet”

“Get out”

His face fell and he moved away from the doorway, standing straight.


“Get…out of this room. Wait for me in the hall”

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Kong: Skull Island fic

Chapter 1: Tourist

Her feet hurried through the rough Hong Kong bar. Her hand was quick to swipe a scarf from someone that was too drunk to care. She stopped, out of breath and able to rest for the first time in hours. It wasn’t possible who he found her but she knew she had to keep moving.

From the bar, she could lose herself in the alleys along the pier and from there, as long as she kept her head down, she’d make it past any security cameras are any hired hand that he could spare to find her and knowing him, he had a good few favors under his belt looking out for her. She ordered a shot of whiskey as she planned out her escape.

Her ears caught the quiet, controlled laughter. About another hour and the place would be filled to the doors. She’d wait another minute and then would become a ghost. She pulled her jacket together out of instinct as her ears caught on the slow tune pouring from the busted looking jukebox on the other end of the bar. It didn’t mean to happen but for a moment she grew sentimental. She closed her eyes and could remember everything.

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date masamune x mc (unnamed)

a/n: @bakers97​ indulges my love of masamune and requested prompt 60 - “you are my sunshine,” so here it is <3 @jemchew​ and @demon-princess-anastasia

He kisses the tips of her fingers, reverent, and although she stammers on about how he shouldn’t be doing this, as Lord of Oshu, he can’t bring himself to care. His blush makes his blood pound in his ears, drowning her out until she falls silent, his gaze flicking up to hers.

Can’t you see? He begs her to understand, his one good eye meeting hers. I love you so much — can’t you see?

All he wants is for her to feel the same way he always feels when he’s with her; loved, unconditionally, beyond all his flaws and all his mistakes and his history. Even if she’s a cook and he’s a Lord — it doesn’t matter, not to him. He doesn’t love her like a Lord, he loves her like a man loves a woman, like the moon loves the stars (so much it disappears to let them shine their brightest in the sky, to admire them).

He can see the moment where she begins to understand, the blush still high on her cheeks but her smile curving gentle. She looks so beautiful; he swears she shines, just like the stars he used to wish on when he was younger and less guarded.

The stars granted my wish, he wants to say. They gave me you. That’s all I need. But he’s too timid, despite the passing of time, to do more than turn her hand over in his and kiss her palm with all the reverence he can muster, feeling the way her pulse quickens at her wrist. Their hearts beat almost in time, a little too fast, but neither afraid.

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False Facades

Characters: Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Juvia, Levy and Lisanna.
Rating: T (somewhat adult themes?)
Note: Inspired by Kuzu no Honkai, also known as Scum’s Wish, but doesn’t follow the same path.
Summary: Lucy has been in love with her childhood friend, Gray, who is only a few years older than her. But she knows her feelings for him are more than likely not going to be returned. Lucy then meets Natsu, a boy who is in love with his childhood friend as well. Lucy and Natsu make a pact to begin a fake relationship to satisy each other’s loneliness from their respective unrequited love. They agree not to fall in love with each other and end the relationship if love is returned from the people they love.

“But I guess it’s always been that way, wanting to be loved…to find someone that makes your heart ache in a good way.”
                                        —Brooke Davis
                                          False Facades
                                           Chapter One


An intense feeling of deep affection.


(it’s a human thing to do
as humans we crave it)

It was something, everyone desired in their life, for they didn’t want to live in this world by themselves. They didn’t want to live in the world—alone.

(to love and be loved, it’s a special feeling.
One that you never want to let go)

“Lucy?” It started to unnerve Sting, the way Lucy was staring at him. He didn’t mind that she was looking at him. But there was something off in her eyes, that made him feel well—nervous. She stared blankly at him, as if she was looking through him, as if he wasn’t there. “Lucy!” Sting called, waving his hand in front of her face.

She slowly blinked as if she just now realized he was there—right in front of her. “Ah, Ohayo, Sting.”

Flustered, Sting ran his hand through his blonde hair out of nervousness. “I need to ask you something, Lucy.” He swallowed the thick lump in his throat; sweat building on his forehead.


Do it!

It was now or never. Heart pounding and panic stricken, Sting closed his eyes—head down, afraid to look at her, he thrust the heart-shaped chocolate box tied by a red ribbon forward above his head and shouted, “Will you go out with me?!”

(I know that everything I do is being watched)
There was a long silent pause. The air between them was thick. He felt the awkwardness in the silence between them. Sting could feel the pain of his heart clenching. Lucy, his crush, came to his rescue, her voice cutting the silence, “Ano,”

His stomach dropped.

“I’m sorry, Sting.” She began to walk passed him.

Persistent, he reached out, and grabbed her wrist—trying to get her to turn to him, trying to see that chocolate colored gaze that made his knees weak. “I waited a week,” he whispered. “You really kept my expectations high.”

Lucy bit her lip, gently shrugging her arm out of his grip. “I’m sorry, Sting.” she said, “I just can’t.” She breathed in before glancing at him quickly over her shoulder, “I gave you my answer, now goodbye.”
And she left.
Autumn’s sweet breath chilled her as she walked around the campus. Tucking a loose blonde strand behind her ear, Lucy cursed for hurting Sting. She had been too harsh, hadn’t she? He, like her, wanted to be loved, by the one they loved. But sadly, Sting would never achieve that, only because Lucy was in love with—
Lucy staggered back immediately as she crashed into someone. A raven-haired boy looked down at her, with an amused look clear as day on his face.


After he helped Lucy regain her balance, Gray chuckled deeply, “Careful, Lucy-Goosey. You might hurt yourself.” He let go of her forearm once he was positive she wouldn’t fall.
(when someone loves you,
the way they say your name is different.
You know that your name is safe in their mouth)

“A-Ano, is that why my heart speeds up, whenever my names rolls off your tongue?”
Her rosy cheeks were now painted a darker shade of red, as she punched him in the shoulder. “Shut up!” She snapped, praying that he wouldn’t point out the obvious blushing. He grinned. She scowled. He laughed. She pouted. They talked. It was easy to talk to Gray about things, about everything, except—

I’m in love with you.

“So how does it feel to be a graduate?” Lucy asked, holding her wrist behind her back.

(there’s no one better than you)

Gray blew out a puff of air at his shaggy bangs, “Amazing. Besides the fact that I have to come here every damn day.”

(forgive me, please notice how I feel)

Lucy laughed, “Your fault, you wanted to work on becoming a teacher.”

The raven-haired male chuckled bitterly, “Yeah, keep reminding me about that, Luce. Sometimes, it gets too stressful, sometimes I just want to go out and have a smoke.”

Lucy arched her brow, “I thought you quit.”

“Quitting.” He corrected. Gray looked up at the single golden pirouetting down an invisible spiral of breeze. It blew past Lucy’s face, ruffling up her hair, she watched how it shook slightly as if it could be whisked away any second, but instead it kept twirling, floating down until it landed on the black mop of hair.

“You really need to cut your hair.” Lucy said, walking closer to him, examining his locks that nearly touched his shoulders.

Grab his hand.

Gray looked up, trying to spy the golden leaf on top of his head. “Tell me about it.”

Grab his hand!

Her heart thumping she reached forward, “Maybe—”


Gray turned his attention away from Lucy. The blonde, herself, slowly lowered her hand back to her side. “Oi, Juvia.”

The woman beamed at him, and Lucy felt her heart drop. “Ohayo, Ms. Heartfilia.” Her attention immediately turned back to Gray, eyes twinkling, “Gray-sama, you left you folders in the teacher lounge!” Juvia said thrusting the folders out in front of her.

A slight shock look appeared on his face before his cool, calm and collected, “Thank you, Juvia.” He said taking the folders out of her grip.

Lucy bit her lip, holding back the tears, as she saw the two graduates have a light banter. Suddenly, Lucy felt as if she were alone.

“Ah, Gray-sama you’re so cool!”

“Eh.” His attention turned to his bangs, “I really need a trim.”

“Don’t, Gray-sama! Juvia loves it the way it is!”

“Just Gray is fine, no need for the ‘sama’ part.”

“Gray-sama, Juvia couldn’t!”

Caramel-colored eyes sneakily glanced at the two. Although, Gray played it cool, she could see that he was nervous. The way his left eye ever so slightly twitched, and how his hand kept fiddling with the buttons of his white shirt.
The look Juvia that gave him, she knew, she knew that look because—
“I have that exact look whenever I’m with him.”

(painful love
heartbroken love
unrequited love are they really that beautiful?)

Autumn leaves spiraled in the wind, her feet stepping on the already fallen golden and red leaves. “He loves me, he loves me not.” Lucy repeated while she plucked each petal off the daisy, as she travelled her way up to the roof. “He loves me, he loves me not.” She finished as the plucked the last petal, watching it fall slowly beneath her feet.

She opened the door leading to the roof, eyes watering. She closed her eyes, afraid to cry.
He’ll never know how much I love him.
A body bumped into hers.
She opened her eyes.
Caramel brown bore into mossy green.
“Are you—are you crying?” He asked.

He has—he has pink hair?
(don’t take your eyes off mine once they’ve met)

Lucy glanced up at him, wiping her eyes, “No, stupid! I’m not crying!”
He rolled his green eyes. His hand reached out and flicked his finger at the side of her face.

“Ow.” Lucy whined.

He glanced at his now, wet finger, “So you are crying.” He confirmed.

“I’m not crying,” she said, using her school’s cardigan to wipe away the fresh tears cascading down her face, “I…I just have allergies.”

“Uh-huh.” He said skeptically. “So what’s got your allergies actin’ up?”

Lucy continued to wipe her eyes, “N-Nothing.”

“So you’re crying over nothing?”

“I’M NOT CRYING!” However, she couldn’t stop hiccupping with new tears. Be strong, be strong.

He stared blankly at her, “Uh-huh.”

The blonde glared through her watery eyes, “I didn’t come up here to have some stupid, pink-haired jerk—”

The pinkette grinned boyishly, “Feisty aren’t you?”

Lucy didn’t say anything.

“The name’s Natsu.” He said.

Natsu, the name that means summer…

She looked back up at him, not understanding why he was so tall, “…Lucy.”

“Well, Lucy.” He said testing out her name. “You’re not going to cry again are you?”
He rested his head on his folded arms which were placed on the roof’s railing. Lucy’s hands grasped the chain-link fencing, the flower stem still in between her fingers. She rocked back and forth on her heels.

Below them, they watched as people walked and talked amongst each other. One particular couple caught the blonde’s eye. Of course standing out with shaggy black hair, and the other one with long navy blue hair, it had to be them.
Her heart thumped loudly.
(if destiny is real,
then you are the person I’m destined to be with)

Lucy watched inquisitively as Gray and Juvia had stopped walking to talk to a girl with short hair. Lucy couldn’t see her face, very well, but she could tell she was very pretty. Lucy’s hands clenched tighter around the chain, crushing the flower stem and creating red markings on her palms. Why couldn’t it be her?
The blonde glanced at Natsu slightly to see he was staring at the two as well, with a deep scowl on his face.

The three seemed to be very good friends, as Gray sighed about something Juvia had exclaimed, the girl covered her mouth to keep herself from going into a fit of giggles. Natsu’s mossy green eyes never left the girl. Lucy looked down at his hand as it was clenched into a fist, his fingernails digging into his palm.

“I know that look,” she said turning her attention back to the view down below her. Her eyes shifted slightly just to see his reaction as she said, “You’re in love with her.”

Lucy expected him to deny it, to freak out, or mumbling something about how they were just friends because that’s how boys in Magnolia were. But instead he surprised her, by slowly nodding his head, “Yeah.” He whispered, “I am.”

Caramel eyes widened before they quickly went back to their normal state. Lucy stared at Gray, “Love wouldn’t be messy if it wasn’t important, right?” she asked, more so for herself, for self-assurance.

“Yeah,” Natsu he said softly.

There was a silence between the two as they just watched below them. Lucy figured Natsu didn’t want to talk anymore, and to be fair she did not want to talk much either. Then his voice broke the thick air, “We used to be childhood friends,” he stated, “we were close. She skipped a few grades, and then went on to study in biology.”

Lucy was silent.

“I want to confess, but—” he cut himself off.

It was silent again.

Lucy debated if she should say something, anything, but before she stopped herself she had already said, “Do you know who she likes?”

Natsu nodded, his pink hair blowing slightly with the breeze, “I do.” He lowered his head further into his arms, “and he’s not me.”

Lucy watched how the three parted ways, Gray looked up at the sky, probably to watch the trees shed the golden and red leaves. Then he continued to walk down his path, humming a soft tune that only the wind could hear.

Lucy twisted.

(there will never be another like you)

“Huh?” Natsu focused his attention to Lucy when he heard a soft sniffle. Her pale face, covered with red, and he watched. He watched how the tears cascaded down her cheeks, one by one, before the dropped on her small black flats. “Lucy?”

“I’m not crying,” she whispered, “I’m not crying.”

He didn’t say anything.

“I know how you feel, Natsu.” Lucy said to stare at him. She cracked a small smile, with a tiny heartbroken laugh. “Because she’s not me either.
And suddenly, they both understood how they other one felt.
"We were connected.”

“So who is it?” Natsu asked after sometime, no longer leaning over the roof’s railing, but instead sitting. His back pressed against the wall.

“Who?” Lucy asked, in the same position as Natsu. She looked up at the sky, enjoying the blue.

“The guy you’re in love with.”

Her cheeks reddened, and she said quietly, “Gray.”

Natsu’s brows furrowed, “Gray? As in Gray Fullbuster?”

She nodded.

“You’re in love with that asshole?” He groaned, tossing his head back so it could rest back on the wall.

Lucy scowled, snapping at him. “Don’t call him an asshole!”

“Fine. He’s a stripper.” Natsu finished. Lucy opened her mouth to retort, but found herself unable to defend Gray on that subject, so she closed her mouth, and said that he was a great guy.

Natsu chuckled, before sighing dramatically, “We’re both in a shitty situation.”

The blonde nodded, “You’re right, I just wish-” she sighed.

They were both thinking the same thing.

“—that I wasn’t so lonely.”

Natsu and Lucy both laughed.

The class bell rang. Lucy said, “I guess it’s time to go.” As she stood up, Natsu’s calloused hand wrapped around her wrist. Lucy turned to look at him, his bangs almost covering his eyes, but she could see them. She could see how intense they were.

Lucy licked her dry lips. “Natsu?”

He didn’t say anything. He moved closer to her.

Her eyes widened as his other hand cupped her cheek, but once again he didn’t say anything. His lips slowly brushed up against hers as he said—
“Why don’t you pretend that I’m Gray?”
With his intense gaze, Lucy felt herself with weak knees. She stuttered out, “I-I-I…have to go to volleyball!” Before stumbling out of his grip and out the door to get off of the roof. Leaving him on the roof by himself.

And once again,

Natsu was—alone.

(forgive me)

                                      not returned or reciprocated

Lucy wiped off the sweat on her brow with her towel as she grabbed her bag in the locker room. Practice didn’t go so well, her serves were off and her timing for hits were terrible. Coach had asked if there was something wrong, and made her take a break since her head wasn’t in the game.

For all of practice, all she could think about were Natsu’s words. His voice was like a broken record in her head. “Why don’t you pretend I’m Gray?” she scoffed to herself, he could never be Gray, her heart told her. But her mind, wondered off into the thought, of just what it would be like for someone to love you. Even if…

Even if it was all a lie.


Lucy jumped at her own name and turned around. Her best friend, of two years, stood short, her curly blue hair tied back in a ponytail. “Ah, Levy-Chan, Ohayo.”

Levy smiled, “Are you ready to walk home?”

Lucy beamed, “Yeah!”

The girls left the locker room. “You seemed out of it today, Lu. Is everything alright?”

The blonde sighed, flicking a wet strand away from her face, “Just a lot has been on my mind.”

Levy frowned, but didn’t pester her about it. “You know if you need to talk about it I’ll be here?”

Lucy grinned, reaching over to pull her friend in a sideways hug, “And that it was you will always be my best friend.” The two quickly bonded freshman year. They both had a passion for books, and once Levy found out Lucy had dreamed of writing a book, they were inseparable. Joined at the hip, they hardly left, whenever one needed cheering up, the other would go out of their way and drop everything.

Lucy was lucky to have someone as caring as Levy.

As they walked passed the rooftop, Lucy looked up.

Brown and Green.

Lucy froze.


The blonde, grinned sheepishly. “I forgot something in the classroom, you can go on without me!”

“Are you sure?” Levy asked skeptically.

“Yeah, I’ll see ya later.” And Lucy zoomed off back inside.
(if fate is real,
then I’m fated to be with you)

Lucy held the door open with one hand, as she panted. Her eyes finding Natsu’s.

“You’re back.” He muttered in disbelief.

“It doesn’t help that you were staring at me like a hawk.” Lucy said once she caught her breath. She stood up fully, and let the door shut behind her as she walked closer to the pinkette.

If I see Natsu as Natsu or not, it doesn’t matter.

Because I’m just a replacement as well.

Natsu grabbed her hand, the other caressing her cheek just like before. “Close your eyes.” He said. And for some reason Lucy followed his command. Although afraid, she did as he said. His hand had left her cheek, and slowly brushed her bangs out of the way.

—Pretend I’m Gray

Pretend he is Gray

His lips gently pressed on her forehead, and as she could vision was Gray. Something that she wanted strongly, his lips left her skin before they found away to her mouth, and her heart clenched painfully.

Pretend he is Gray

Pretend he is Gray

…he is Gray.

Lucy kissed back, her hands finding a way to tangle themselves in his messy locks. She pressed herself against him. It was electric, the feeling.
He pulled away and looked at her flushed face.

“That was my first kiss.” she whispered. “It felt…nice.”

She pulled him close, “One more time?”
“I’m just a replacement.”
At that moment, I couldn’t answer Natsu.


“Do you want to say that we’re dating?”


“We’ll be able to depend on each other.”
“Are you sure you won’t fall in love with me?”

He laughed, “You’re not my type.”

Lucy didn’t take offence to that, “You’re not mine either.”

He grinned.
She held out her pinky

“So let’s make a pact. No matter what happens neither of us will fall with the other, and at the end of the year we will confess to the one that we love.”
His pinky locked around hers.
(we are dating but we are each other’s replacements for someone else.)

“We mustn’t fall in love.”

Their fingers intertwined, and his lips were on hers once again.
(I know longer understand boundaries…
so don’t say anything for now)


Lyrics used: Scum’s wish intro and outro. Outro: Heikousen, Parallel Lines. Intro: Uso no Hibana, Sparks of Lies.

Note 1: This is the longest chapter I have ever written.

Note 2: My uncle is handling everything pretty well and I’m proud on how strong he and his daughters are.

Note 3: If you can handle slightly adult themes, and gross (spit-string) kisses from time to time, then I highly suggest you watch Scum’s Wish!

Note 4: I worked really hard on this please leave a review! Sorry if there is any errors, the ending was a little rushed so I will go back and fixed them later.

Note 5: I will see you next time and remember: YOU ARE LOVED!

Day 6: Reconcile/Makeup Sex

@accidental-rambler - I hope you expected this.  Also @illyriancrown, who apparently like my smut.

They had fought.

              And fights were typical for them.  Their relationship had started as a fight, because Cassian had needed to get under Nesta’s skin, and she hadn’t been able to stop him.

              Cassian would say he even liked their fights.

              But not this one.  This one had been The Fight.  The Fight that would end them.

              He looked at the pretty chain, with the sparkling diamonds around a red stone with a heart of fire.  It had reminded him of Nesta, all hard edges until you found that fire within.  It had been exactly twenty minutes and thirty… thirty-one… thirty-two seconds since Nesta had thrown that necklace at his head and stormed out.

              He still didn’t understand, why it had made her so angry. It made him think of her - he was always thinking of her, dammit -  and  he thought it might make her smile.  She didn’t smile enough, even though Feyre was back with them, and Elain happily settled in her new life.

              He clutched the necklace,  hard edges cutting into her palms, and he wished that he could curse her, could wish they had never met.  Instead, he just felt so tired.

              Twenty-seven minutes and four..



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Secret Meetings - Remus Lupin x OC (Request)

Warning: Graphic Smut & Strong Language

Request: “Can you do a Lupin/OC one-shot? Possibly with some sweet, smutty goodness?”


“I really can’t be bothered with Transfiguration.” Sirius huffs, dragging his feet along the stone floors of Hogwarts.

“Remus is raring to go.” James chuckles to himself, nodding his head towards the girl walking in front of them.

“Oh yeah! Look, Remus, it’s your girlfriend!” Sirius sniggers.

Remus nudges Sirius harshly in his ribs with his elbow as his cheeks redden.

The girl in front of them was called Ella Wilde; a beautiful 7th year student that almost every guy at Hogwarts adored.

She is a short, curvy girl with blue eyes, a pale complexion and long black hair that cascades down her back.

“What!?” Sirius laughs, “It’s not like she’d take any notice of you anyway. Look at her!” he exclaims.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” Remus replies sarcastically.

“Oh, come on, Moony! Look at her body! The way her hair swishes right above her perfect ass.” James describes dreamily.

“Argh, that tiny little waist!” Sirius groans in awe, mesmerised by the sway of her curvaceous hips. “You could just imagine grabbing her while you-”

“You do realise there’s more to girls than their anatomy.” Remus barks, clearly affronted by his friends’ comments.

“Oooh, calm down, Moony! You’d think she was your girlfriend the way you’re going on!” Sirius taunts.

Little did the two Gryffindors know that Remus Lupin had in fact been secretly seeing Ella for the past four months, taking her on dates to Madam Puddifoots Tea Shop and meeting her in abandoned classrooms across the school.  

The boys finally reach Transfiguration class where they take their usual seats at the back of the classroom.

Sirius and James sit on the opposite desk to Remus and Peter, while Ella Wilde and her friend Arya Wood sit in front of them.

Whenever Peter wasn’t looking, Remus would push Ella’s stool forward with his leg and she would respond by kicking her leg back and playing footsie with him for the briefest of moments, every touch sending shockwaves through Remus’ body.

“Oops!” Ella exclaims, turning around and pretending to pick something up off the floor, discreetly leaving a scrunched up piece of parchment on Remus’ desk as she looks up at him with a wink before turning around again.

Remus snatches the piece of the parchment up off his desk as he notices James and Remus craning their necks to see what she had left there.

“What’s that?” James mouths.

“Rubbish I think.” Remus lies convincingly, pretending to discard the parchment but instead opening it under the desk.

Meet me tonight, Classroom Eleven.’

It read in Ella’s elegant handwriting and Remus couldn’t help but grin to himself stupidly.


It’s eleven o’clock and Remus has finally reached the door to Classroom Eleven, an old abandoned classroom, having snuck past several prefects and almost being caught twice.

Remus raps on the door before letting himself in, finding Ella sitting on a desk directly in front of him, her shirt unbuttoned and her legs parted slightly under her short skirt.

“Ahh, there you are Remus! I was beginning to think you had forgotten me.”

Remus walks over to Ella and she grabs his tie and pulls him in to kiss her.

“Sorry, there were prefects everywhere.” Remus explains, running his fingers through her long black hair and tucking a few stray strands behind her ear.

“I heard your friends earlier by the way.” She smirks, looking up at Remus’ mortified face.

“I do apologise, they were just trying to wind me up.” Remus declares.

“Oh you don’t have to apologise.” Ella states, stroking up and down her thigh playfully, “In fact, it turned me on quite a bit.”

“It did?” Remus breathes, watching her nimble fingers move slowly up and down her leg.

Ella hopped off the desk she was sitting on and turned on her front, arching her back and swaying her hips seductively.

Remus can already feel himself hardening as her hips hypnotise him.

“Oh yeah! What were they saying again? I’m sure my ‘perfect ass’ was mentioned.” she teases, looking back at Remus and biting her lip as she notices his trousers tenting.

“That ‘perfect ass’ is mine.” Lupin growls, stepping forward and grabbing Ella’s round cheeks possessively before slamming his crotch into her.

“Mmm.” Ella smiles, clutching onto the sides of the desk and pushing herself into Remus’ demanding erection.

Remus’ hands glide around her stomach and begin unbuttoning her shirt, massaging her breasts while grinding into her.

“Did you get a bit angry?” she giggles innocently.

“No. Why would I? I know I can make you crazier than any other guy in this school.” Remus replies confidently, taking a fistful of Ella’s hair and turning her head so that he could look her in the eye as he lifted her skirt above her waist.

Remus bent down and gently sunk his teeth into her voluptuous behind before slapping her ass sharply with his left hand, leaving a red mark on her pale skin.

Remus spins Ella back around on the desk and pulls up a chair, taking off her underwear and placing her legs over his shoulders.

“Hmm, if this was on our curriculum I think I’d attend every lesson.” Remus jokes, his eyes roaming over Ella’s womanhood as if contemplating where to begin.

Ella’s hands snake down her stomach, reaching down to play with herself but Remus stops her.

“Oh, no! Patience Ella.” He smirks, taking her hands in his and resting them on the juncture between her hips and thigh.

Remus runs his deft tongue up her folds and circles her clit as she moans quietly and digs her nails into the back of his hands.

“Mmm, I love how you taste.” He groans huskily before flicking his tongue rapidly against sensitive bud.

Ella moans louder and calls out Remus’ name; begging for him to be inside her.

He responds by sliding one long finger inside her, filling her up slowly whilst sucking on her clit.

“If this was on our curriculum I think you’d pass every exam with flying colours!” Ella moans, her thighs shaking as Remus slides another finger deep inside her before curling them up and thrusting hard into her.

Lupin can feel his throbbing cock straining against his trousers, he loves seeing Ella in this state; sweat on her body, her hair a wild halo above her head, her own wetness spread across her thighs as she bucks her hips into his tongue.

“You’re such a gentleman, Remus. Making sure that I’m taken care of before thinking about yourself.” She smiles, sliding off the desk, onto his lap and stroking his penis through his trousers.

Remus takes a sharp breath in through his clenched teeth, the smallest touch was now emphasised tenfold on his sensitive member.

Ella takes out Remus’ throbbing penis and begins pumping his thick shaft in her small hands, before moving up to his head with a slight twisting motion.

She raises herself up on her knees, placing herself above Remus’ cock and using her wet folds to tease him further.

“Ungh!” Remus groans, rolling his head back and closing his eyes as Ella licks up his neck before biting his defined jawline.

He snakes his hands around her thighs and picks her up with ease, his naked cock teasing her hardened clit as he lays her down on the floor.

Ella pulls Remus in for a kiss as his bulbous head pushes against her tight entrance.

“Oh, fuck!” she moans into his mouth as he plunges into her cavern.

Remus takes her hands in his once more and lifts them above her head, his elbows on the floor steadying him as he ever so slowly pumps himself into her, letting her body adjust as he kisses and sucks on her neck.

“You’re always so tight!” Remus growls, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder, enabling him to push himself deeper into her soaked depths.

“Mmm, yeah! Right there, Remus!” Ella screams as the new position allowed Remus to hit her g-spot directly with every thrust.

“You like that, baby?” Remus asks, leaning up and using her leg as a support as he thrusts himself deeper and deeper, trailing his tongue up her calves to the sensitive skin around her ankle.

“Unghh, yeah! Please, don’t stop!” she moans, her hand finding the leg of the desk and gripping it tightly.

Remus could tell that Ella wasn’t far from her first orgasm and began fervently rubbing her clit with his skilled thumb.

Ella’s hips bucked upwards against Remus’ thumb and as he had predicted, Remus soon felt her walls convulsing around his cock and her juices gushing onto him, her mouth forming a silent ‘O’ as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

He kneels down, kissing her passionately while she moans and writhes as her orgasm washes over her, her hands clawing at his muscular triceps as he continues to pump himself into her slowly.

“I want you to come inside me, Remus.” She breathes in his ear, her fingers entwined in his messy brown hair.

“Whatever you say darling.” Remus replies with a grin, thrusting himself deep and hard into Ella’s spasming core.

Ella’s screams reverberate around the abandoned classroom and Remus hoped to god that there were no prefects hovering around outside as his pace quickened.

“Shh, baby.” Remus chuckles, resting his forehead on hers and kissing her so as to stop her from moaning too loudly.  

“Oh, fuck me, Remus!” Ella cries, her nails digging into the skin of his back as she bucks her hips forward, desperately trying to get Remus deeper inside her.

Remus can feel his cock twitching inside her and thrusts himself into her one last time with a low growl, his seed squirting deep into her core as he feels her gush over his softening penis once more.

“Ungh, fuck Ella.” Remus pants, collapsing on top of her and nuzzling into the juncture between her shoulder and neck.

Ella lets out a contented sigh, her nails drawing light circles into Remus’ sweat soaked back.

“Why didn’t you tell your friends that we were together?” she asks after some time.

Remus thinks for a moment. He wanted nothing more than to scream from the castle battlements that they were together.

“You didn’t want me to.” He replied truthfully.

“I never said I didn’t want to. It’s just kind of always been a secret for some reason. Why did you think that I didn’t want you to?” she quizzes.

“I don’t know, I mean, look at me and look at you.” Lupin confesses, his face still nuzzled in her neck, hiding the embarrassment creeping onto his face.

“What!?” she exclaims, taking his face in her hands and looking him in the eye.

“You heard Sirius. ‘It’s not like she’d take any notice of you anyway.’, and he’s right. I don’t know what you see in me and neither will the rest of the school.” He admits, looking up at her sheepishly.

“Well lucky for you I’m not like most of the obnoxious, narcissistic twats in our school. I adore you.” She declares. “Plus you can make me crazier than any other guy in school.” She adds with a smirk.

Remus chuckles to himself as he leans down to kiss her on the forehead.

“So you want me to tell my friends about you?” he asks as they both get up and begin redressing.

“Yeah. I hate seeing you around school and not being able to just hug you whenever I want!” She exclaims, buttoning up her shirt and taking Remus’ hand as they sneak out of the classroom.

“But wait until I’m there. I can’t wait to see James and Sirius’ faces!” she giggles, standing up on her tiptoes and kissing Remus on the cheek before turning off towards the Ravenclaw common room.

Neither can I.’ Remus thinks to himself excitedly as he wanders back up to the Gryffindor common room.


Hope you like it!


AN: Hi! I know that many of you are probably waiting for the next Avengers imagine (seeing as that is the bulk or my requests), however, I really did want to do a second one. I knew going into this Charles one that it wasn’t going to earn as many notes as my first one, and that is okay. I wanted to extend the story and explore the reader’s abilities a bit more. I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Charles (Young) X Reader

Part One: ( XXXXX )

Warnings: Some violence, a lil swearing

((You probably should be familiar with X-Men: First Class ( and a little of the first X-Men movie) to understand this part, it also contains spoilers to the movies))


“Out of Place, Out of Time” (Part Two)

“Charles.” You groaned, though he ignored you and kept walking, grabbing his timer off of the coffee table. You had caught him just as he was about to head out the door, right in the room in which you two had first met. Well, at least where you first met his younger self. "Charles!

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All I Know Is I Love You

Liam’s helping Zayn babysit Safaa, and her choice to watch Brokeback Mountain leads to more than just awkward conversation aka Liam’s too caught up in his own embarrassment to realise that Zayn might actually feel the same. (PG-13)

Word count 5k

Liam flicks absentmindedly through the TV channels, staring blankly at the stream of cartoons, informercials and crime shows surging before his eyes. Eventually settling on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, he nestles further into the cushions of his couch.

He recognises the episode almost immediately - it’s the one where Ted thinks the girl Barney has found him to take to an awards show is actually a prostitute, and in fact he’d watched it with Zayn only a few weeks ago after that douche had almost given Liam a heart attack by flinging open the curtain of Liam’s tour-bus bunk at 2 am and shaking him awake demanding “Liam time”.

He fumbles for his phone among the cushions and starts typing out one of the jokes from the episode to send to Zayn but - no, he’d best give him a break, let him enjoy some time with his family. They’ve only been home for 3 days, which means it’s only been 3 days since the end of a 2 month leg of their tour - 2 months of spending nearly every waking moment with the rest of the boys, whether on stage, out doing interviews, or just messing around playing Mario Kart in the tour bus. Liam doesn’t mind the constant togetherness that was their life on tour. He loves that there’s always someone around to watch movies with, to ambush with a Nerf attack, or to talk to on the days when the craziness of their fame hits him like a tonne of bricks and leaves him practically gasping for air, fearing that he’ll never have another normal day in his life. As stupid as it sounds, the boys keep him sane, and he loves them more than anything.

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