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Prompt: Naegi and Kirigiri with Saihara as their child (PS this is spoiler-free and I haven’t played/watched the game so excuse me for mischaracterizing)

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Another Detective in the Family - naegiri with child saihara

When Saihara was born, they never talked about his talent.

Instead the parents cried and cooed at a healthy baby born and how they would protect him and shower him in love. Whether or not he had talent was not a concern of theirs so long as he was happy. Makoto did joke before that he wished their son didn’t inherit his luck if that counted as a discussion. Kyouko was still smooth as ever when she calmly mentioned that their son would most likely inherit his hope. They both blushed at that, him more so than her. It was nice and peaceful and all was right in the world in those moments.

When Saihara grew up, he inevitably showed talent.

At first it was just interest in his parents’ works which then developed into skill. He solved his first mystery when he was four and the culprit was his father who ate his mother’s pudding. It was an easy first case but he had been proud over debunking his father’s alibi. He had a feeling that his mother knew all along but just milked the situation for his father’s reaction. The next time they went grocery shopping, they bought him extra pudding as a reward.

From then on, he pursued mysteries with a wonderlust. He solved them left and right and he grew bolder with each success. It seemed as though he was already set on the path of being a detective just like his mother. However, unlike his mother, he didn’t become cold and distant in his work. He took after his father when it came to being social. He was friendly enough and made sure that everyone was at least  comfortable around him. His mother made no comment on his work ethic and his father cheered him on. He would make them proud.

At the tender age of seven, he was a prodigy.

A prodigy that was still babied by his parents just because they can.

“Mom, I have some news.” He declared as soon as he caught sight of her in the living room.

“Really?” Kyouko asked although judging by her tone, it sounded rhetorical.

Saihara’s smile immediately turned into a scowl or at least it was supposed to be but it came out as a pout. “You already know, don’t you?”

She hummed playfully. “If you say so then what ever gave me away?”

This was a test and he just knew it. Ever since he started showing interest, she also began to train him in subtle ways. Sure it was fun at first but after a few years, it got old fast. Well more like annoying since they were easy and she knew how he felt about the easier tests but still handed them out. Her excuse was that it was to drill in the basics but he knew better and that she just wanted to tease him.

He took a moment to reorganize his thoughts into a concise explanation. “Well you’re early but not too early. That provides just the right time frame for you to meet auntie given his schedule. However, the incriminating evidence is that your blouse has wrinkles around the shoulder area that could only be acquired by someone placing their arms there in a hugging manner. And you never let anyone but auntie do that. Given auntie’s nature, I have no doubt that she already told you about the news.”

Kyouko stared at him, her silence carrying judgement with every passing second. “Nice try.” She curtly said.

“Nice try? Not well done?” He asked incredulously.

“It’s not a bad induction.” She shrugged. “However, it is incorrect.”

“Incorrect?” He gasped. It was like a blow was dealt to his gut.

“I learned about the news from your uncle this morning. Everything else, I planned and planted.” She explained in a collected manner and then surprised him at the tenderness in her touch when she patted his head comfortingly. “It seems that you have much to learn since you were deceived easily.”

“It wasn’t that easy. I’m going to see through it next time.” He grumbled and covered half of his face in embarrassment.

“There, there.” She smiled as she continued to pat him.

Makoto came home shortly after and gave both of them warm hugs. “How was your day, Saihara?” He affectionately brushed his hair.

“M'fine.” He mumbled though he did not pull away.

“Oh, Kyouko. It looks like you already know about the news. Did uncle tell you?” Makoto said when he turned towards her.

“Seriously?” Saihara’s jaw dropped. “How did you even find out about that? I thought mom was the detective between the two of you!”

“I have my fair share of experiences at solving mysteries.” He winked at his son. “I just might be better than you.”

“How??” He squawked at how infuriatingly talented his father was. “At least tell me how you figured it out!”

“A lucky guess?” Makoto just laughed at his son’s scrunched up face. “Just kidding, kiddo. I actually saw them when uncle delivered the news.”

Saihara practically fumed. He was played by his parents. Twice! “I hate you both.” He grumbled.

“Love you more.” Kyouko giggled.

“Love you too!” Makoto chuckled.

Despite Saihara’s weak protests, Makoto pulled the three of them together in for another bear hug which Kyouko obliged. He ended up smiling with them and although he did laugh, he refused to acknowledge that out loud. More than the thrill and satisfaction of solving mysteries, he thought that it was moments like these that topped his list. Here, in the safety and warmth of his loving parents. He forgets and forgives them for teasing but they would never let him forget that he was their beloved son.

When Saihara looked up to his parents, he didn’t think of talent since all he saw was love.

10 Things I Hate About You (Part Six) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you’re always right

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Sirius and (Y/N) jumped immediately at the sound of that voice. They both stood frozen facing a fuming James Potter. (Y/N) could actually feel Sirius trembling beside her.

“Uh- P-Prongs, listen, I uh-“

“We weren’t doing anything!” (Y/N) blurted out all of the sudden.

James turned his glare at her and Sirius widened his eyes. “(Y/N), he just saw us-“

“Shhh” she replied hiding herself behind him.

“P-Prongs this isn’t what it looks like, a-alright?” Sirius said anxiously. (Y/N) had to admit she had never seen him this nervous. To be honest, she had never seen him nervous at all.

“Really? Because it looked like you were kissing and groping my sister” James said with a calmed but angry voice that made the other two even more scared. “So, you have sixty seconds to explain why, in the name of Merlin, were you kissing my sister” he said furiously walking closer to Sirius as he and (Y/N) took a few steps backward. “Now!”

“Well, uh-“ Sirius rambled nervously. What the bloody hell am I supposed to do? Pretty much every single thing I say right now will make James want to kill me! “Well, the thing is I uh- we- we were just-“ he stuttered feeling sweat coming out of his forehead. This was it. This was how he was going to die. “The thing is uh-“ Before Sirius could continue, James punched him so hard, he fell to the floor. “Shit!” Two times in one night; that’s a new record for you, Sirius.

“JAMES!” (Y/N) screamed at her brother before she bent down to help Sirius.

“The minute was up” James defended himself.

“You’re an idiot!” she told her brother as Sirius managed to stand up, holding his bleeding nose with his hand.

“No! I am your older brother! And I forbid this to happen!”

“Really? I’m minutes younger than you!”

“Eleven minutes! And don’t you forget that, young lady!”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Remus said turning around the corner with Peter beside him.

“We could hear the yelling from inside the Common Room” the smaller boy explained. “Are you bleeding?”

Sirius” James said making his friend pale one more time. The guys only used each other’s first names when it was really bad. “Was just about to explain why he had his hands all over my sister” he told the other two.

“What?” they said looking back at the couple in front of them; Remus casting an ‘I-told-you-so’ look at Sirius.

“Shut up! Look, nothing happened! I got drunk and I kissed Sirius, alright?!” (Y/N) said all of the sudden.

“What?” James said getting angry over again.

“What?” Sirius asked more confused than he’d ever been.

“Yes! I was just… n-not feeling very well a-and he was helping me and I just uh- got carried away and I k-kissed him” she continued avoiding everyone’s stares on her. “Ok? I kissed him; not the other way around. Is not his fault” she told them. “I didn’t… think anybody would see us-“

“Oh, is that why you did it in the secret hallway where nobody ever goes?!” James mocked sarcastically.

“Look, Prongs, I just-“

“I would keep my mouth shut if I were you!” Remus advised him.

“Ugh! Could you guys… give us a minute?” (Y/N) said frustrated looking at the other two Marauders.

“I honestly think it’s best if there are witnesses” Peter said looking a bit scared at the way James was looking at Sirius.

“Yeah, listen to them. Or would you like me to match your other eye?” James spat at Sirius.


“How could you do this to me? That’s my sister!” James said pointing at (Y/N).

“I know!”

“You’re my best friend!”

“I know!”

“And you kissed my sister!”

“I know!”

“You were not allowed to kiss my sister!”

“Guys, I’m standing right here-“

“I know!”

“You can’t fool around with my sister!”

“I KNOW, Prongs! Listen to me!” Sirius said looking at him straight in the eyes. He knew he was taking this too far. But he couldn’t stop now. Not with what happened back there with Augustus. If he didn’t do this, not only will he lose, but Augustus would hurt (Y/N) in the worst possible way and he couldn’t let that happened. And for that, he needed James on board. “I’m not… I’m not fooling around with her, alright? I… I l-like her” he said quietly. It was (Y/N)’s turn to widen her eyes in shock.

“What?” she asked as surprised as Remus and Peter at the same time.

“WHAT?” James went back to furious.

“I like you” Sirius said looking at (Y/N) feeling his heart sink a little at the look on her face. She felt her heart fluttering a little and herself smiling at him.

“No!” James said horrified. “NO, no, no, no, no! YOU DO NOT LIKE MY SISTER!” he said pushing Sirius away from his sister and stepping in between. “This cannot happen!” he threatened Sirius. “I forbid it!”

“James-“ (Y/N) started.

“You heard me, I forbidded it!”

“Forbidded it?” (Y/N) said frowning her eyebrows at him.

“Forbayded it?” James asked confused. “The point is, you can’t like Sirius and Sirius can’t like you! I don’t want you near my sister and if I see you near him again I will- uh- I will…”

“What? You will what?” (Y/N) snapped at him.

“I’m gonna tell mum!” James finished trying to still sound threatening and (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“Really?” Remus asked rolling his eyes as well.

“Look, Prongs, I know this may be hard for you but… we- we didn’t plan on this to happen” he said hoping not to be punched yet again. “I’m sorry-“

“No! You’re gonna be sorry after I’m done with you!” James said trying to punch Sirius again but Remus and Peter held him back and (Y/N) stepped in front of Sirius.

“James, stop it!” she said making him look at her. “Look, I know that this may… be weird for you and I get that you’re only trying to protect me but-“ she sighed looking down. “I… uh… think I like him too” she said feeling her cheeks burning a bit. Sirius felt his heart flutter just a little bit before it clenched again as a knot of guilt built up on his stomach.

“NO! You cannot like him because I forboded you to like each other!”

“The word is forbade” Remus informed him rolling his eyes a bit too.

“Are you sure? That doesn’t sound right” James told him.

“I think he’s right, mate” Peter assured him.

“GUYS, ALL OF YOU! JUST SHUT UP!” (Y/N) yelled getting the boys’ attention back to her. “Look, this is between me and Sirius-“


“James!” she said raising an eyebrow at him. The other three boys watched as the twins had one of their telepathic twin conversation as they like to call it. They never knew how, but (Y/N) always ended up beating James.

“Fine!” he said angrily. “But I’m watching you” he said glaring at Sirius. “I swear you lay a hand on her and you’re dead, Black” he threatened before walking away from the group; Peter quickly following him and Remus casting one last warning look towards both of them before following his friends and leaving Sirius and (Y/N) alone.

“I think your brother broke my nose” Sirius said still holding his bleeding nose.

“Oh, lord” (Y/N) said getting out her wand. “Hold on” she said pointing it at his nose. “Episkey” she said. Sirius stood there and felt his nose get very hot, then very cold. He raised a hand and felt it gingerly. It seemed to be mended.

“H-how did you do that?” he asked impressed.

“Uh, i-it’s nothing” she said nervously putting a strand of hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry you got punched… uh, twice… b-because of me” she said shyly looking down.

Sirius smiled at how sweet she looked and lifted her head slowly. “Oh, please, this?” he said acting casually pointing at his nose and his bruised eye. “Don’t worry about it, love. I’ve had worse” he said winking at her. (Y/N) smiled a little but looked away as she felt her cheeks burning up.

“Uh- you didn’t have to t-tell James all that” she said quietly.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I know you were nervous that he was going to kill you-“

“I wasn’t nervous” he defended himself but she simply rolled her eyes.

“Well, still” she continued. “Y-you didn’t have to tell him that you… liked me” she finished quietly avoiding his eyes.

Sirius felt his heart clenching a little bit but wasn’t sure why. Yes, maybe he said that to James so he wouldn’t actually kill him. But there was a part of him that knew he had said that because… he felt it.

“But I do like you, (Y/N)” he said softly making her face him again but this time, she pulled away from him.

“No, you don’t, Sirius” she said sadly. “Y-you’re Sirius Black” she said with a frustrated laugh.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sirius said a little offended.

“It means…” (Y/N) said sighing and looking back at him. “I know you. And you don’t like me. For Merlin’s sake, Sirius! A month ago you hated me!”

“No, I never hated you, (Y/N)-“

“Yes, you did! And so did I!”

“B-but you said you liked me” Sirius said not being able to help but feeling a bit hurt if she’d only said that so James wouldn’t kill him.

“W-well, I uh-“ (Y/N) sighed looking down.

“(Y/N), look at me” Sirius said in an incredibly soft tone. “I know you meant that” he continued once she locked her eyes with his grey ones. “Tell me you didn’t” he said quietly. (Y/N) looked at him with a confused look on her face. “Tell me you didn’t mean it. Tell me that you didn’t feel anything when you kissed me” he said getting dangerously closer to her again and making her walk backward until she bumped into a wall. “And I’ll back away” he said in barely a whisper.

“S-Sirius I- I c-can’t-“ she tried to answer but it was too late.

She’d look into those eyes once again and once again, she got lost in them as he leaned down pressing his lips against hers. (Y/N) had to admit that this was probably the best feeling she’d ever experienced. Never in a million years would she think she’d be kissing Sirius Orion Black. But she couldn’t’ help it. He was too entrancing. It was as if the entire world around her melted away when he kissed her. She even felt her knees getting a bit weak but Sirius quickly wrapped his arms around her waist. (Y/N) tangled her hands in his long black hair once again. Their lips started moving together like they were made for it. (Y/N) moaned as Sirius kissed her harder begging for entrance, which, of course, she gave. But soon enough, her mind came back to reality. This was Sirius Black. The guy who’s dated pretty much every girl in school. The guy literally had a Fan Club. The guy who she’s seen has been hexed or jinxed or even hit by some girls because of how he treats them. She knows him. And she knows what games he plays. And she wasn’t about to be another player on his little game just so he could win. So she pushed him away.

“N-no, no. I can’t do this” she said trying to recover her breath. This wasn’t good. Whenever Sirius was around she couldn’t think straight and she needed to think straight to not fall for the Black charm. Although she was pretty sure she was halfway there.


“No, I have to say this” she said looking away. If she were to look into his eyes again, Merlin knows what would happen. “I uh- look, I know that you’ve changed for a while now a-and I appreciate it. You actually happen to be a quite lovely person when you’re not being an idiot like you had been for the past five years” she said really quick. “But I still know you, Sirius and I know what you look for in a girl- or well, girls a-and I can’t give you that! I don’t want to be another one of your bimbos-“

“B-but (Y/N)-“

“I know you said you liked me and I just… I don’t think that you do. I think that you’re confusing this, Merlin knows I am so confused right now, but Sirius, let’s be honest here, alright? Y-you’re Sirius Black, y-you have a Fan Club” she said with an angry chuckle. “Every girl wants to be with you. There is no way you’d be willing to give that up because of me. I mean, I’m just…” she said sadly looking down again. “I’m just the girl Potter” she finished.

“Can I speak now?”


“Would you look at me?”

“I can’t” she said looking down. Sirius placed his finger underneath her chin once more and lifted her head only to see her eyes starting to fill up with tears.

“I can do that” he simply said making her eyebrows frown in confusion.


Sirius wasn’t sure what made him want to do it. He wasn’t that desperate to win the bet. And if it was the whole ‘Augustus thing’ he could’ve just told (Y/N) that Augustus and Amos had a bet about her (leaving his part out, of course) so she would stay away from him. But no, he knew this was something more. As soon as he had kissed her he knew what it was. Of course, he wasn’t going to say it out loud. He couldn’t; because Sirius Black doesn’t do love. But he knew he needed to do it again.

“I c-can give them up” he told her. “(Y/N), look, you’re right, I am very confused right now and I know that you are too. But I do know that I like you and I really… I want to see where this goes. I mean, I’m willing to take another punch of your brother if that’s what it takes” he said managing to make her laugh just a bit. “I don’t want to be with another girl, (Y/N). I…” he sighed. “I’ve never wanted to be with anybody more” he said looking at her straight in the eyes.

(Y/N) bit her bottom lip. She wanted nothing more than to say yes and throw herself into his arms and kiss him until she was out of breath but there was something inside of her that didn’t let her; something that told her that this wasn’t real. That Sirius was probably just bored and was going to use her until the next girl comes along. And she wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly how she’d felt about him for a long while now but she was too scared to let him hurt her.

“I’m really sorry Sirius” she whispered erasing the smile from his face. “B-but I can’t do this” she said pulling away from him. She was about to walk past him when he stopped her again.

“I will prove it to you” he said in a stern voice. “I promise” he said trying to get her back but (Y/N) pulled her hand away from his and looked at him one last time.

“I’m sorry” she said walking away and leaving him alone in the hallway.

Sirius watched her leave. He had a black eye and bloody nose. But nothing had hurt him more than this.

“And that was it?” Lily asked (Y/N).

“That was it” she said sighing a bit sad.

It had been a couple of days since the whole ‘incident’. (Y/N) hadn’t talked much since, to anyone. She’d only informed her brother that there was nothing, nor will there ever be anything, going on between her and Sirius. Lily and Alice had tried to talk to her a couple of times but she said she’d talk to them when she was ready. So that’s why the three girls were currently sitting outside on the gardens and (Y/N) was filling them on the events of that night.

“Huh” Alice suddenly said.

“What?” (Y/N) asked confused.

“N-nothing is just…” she sighed. “Well, you said you asked Sirius to give up his Fan Club, right?”

“I didn’t ask him to give it up! I just said he wouldn’t be able to give it up-“

“Right, that’s the same thing-“

“No, is not-“

“Let her finish” Lily told her.

“The thing is, I’ve seen a fairly amount of girls approaching Sirius in the last couple of days-“

“So? What else is new?” Lily said rolling her eyes.

“He’s rejected every single one of them” Alice informed them.

“W-what?” (Y/N) asked feeling her heart beating faster.

“Yes. Yesterday I heard Florence and Emma talking about how they both asked him out for the next Hogsmeade weekend, you know, separately, and he turned them both down” Alice continued.

“Wait, Florence Nightgale?” Lily asked a bit shocked.

“And Emma Vanity?” (Y/N) asked equally surprised. Those were two of the, well let’s call it ‘friendliest’ girls around school. They were also two of the prettiest ones. (Y/N) couldn’t believe that Sirius had turned them both down.

“Yes!” Alice confirmed. “I also heard that Lucinda was interested in asking him but he didn’t even acknowledge her presence” she finished laughing a little.

“Really?” (Y/N) asked a bit more interested than she meant to sound. “Well, I m-mean, it still doesn’t matter. That doesn’t really m-mean anything, right-?”

The girls’ conversation was suddenly interrupted when they heard the speakers of the gardens being turned on, followed by a voice, a very familiar voice, singing from them.

You’re just too good to be true 
Can’t take my eyes off of you 

Everyone that was outside on the gardens turned to see where the source was coming from.

You’d be like heaven to touch 
I wanna hold you so much

Finally, Sirius Black revealed himself with a microphone in his hand, hanging himself from one of the speakers’ pole and sliding down from it, landing on the ground.

“Oh no” (Y/N) said at the exact time as her twin brother did on the other side of the garden; only with very different emotions.

At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I’m alive
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

He stood right in the middle of the garden before they all heard a group of students on the other side of the garden starting to play the instruments to keep the song and Sirius continued singing.

I love you baby and if it’s quite all right
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say

Every single girl in the garden, except for the three on that bench, were sighing dreamily as Sirius danced around and sang; each one of them thinking, and hoping it was for them. Oh, how wrong they were. From another bench, the Marauders watched shocked as their fourth member gave the performance of a lifetime. As did two other students. Amos was utterly shocked at Sirius while Augustus felt his blood boiling. He couldn’t believe how far he’d let this go for a stupid bet. He couldn’t let him win.

Oh pretty baby, don’t bring me down I pray
Oh pretty baby, now that I’ve found you stay
And let me love you baby, let me love you

Sirius finished the words standing in front of (Y/N) Potter. The speechless girl was trying really hard to hide her smile and her eyes from welling up. She was too busy getting lost in Sirius’ eyes to even notice every other girl throwing daggers at her.

“Mr. Black! What in Merlin’s name do you think you’re doing?” Professor McGonagall’s voice could be heard as she walked through the garden with Professor Flitwick and Professor Merrythought to get him off the bench. “GET DOWN FROM THERE!”

“One second, Minnie” Sirius said winking at her before turning back to (Y/N). “Love, I told you, I’d prove it to you” he said only to her. “I’ve turned down every single girl who’s asked me in the past days” he said honestly. He kneeled on the bench so he could be on her level and he took her hands in his. “(Y/N) Potter” he said smiling. (Y/N) felt her entire body trembling in nervousness. “Would you go to Hogsmeade with me?”

(Y/N) opened her mouth but nothing came out. She turned to look at her two friends who were behind Sirius and they were both nodding excitedly with big smiles on her faces and she turned back to Sirius.


Sirius’ got a bit nervous when he saw her face shake but she quickly smiled up at him and before she kissed him she replied…


To Be Continued…

tah-dah! so, there it is! haha I had to go for the musical number because, honestly that was my initial idea but I wasn’t sure about it and then TWO AMAZING ANONS gave me almost IDENTICAL ideas which included Sirius singing so IT NEEDED TO BE DONE! so I hope you guys liked it! and still to come, more Augustus, more jealous girls, more protective James and Remus, a Hogsmeade date and… drama drama drama :D suggestions are always welcomed xD stay tuned! and let me know what you think! :D

so… part 7?  :)

He may be my teacher... Part 5

all chapters: http://tattooscondomsandmalik.tumblr.com/post/119726971328/chapters-for-he-may-be-my-teacher-but

His hands were rubbing me while I felt his lips touch mine, his tongue touch mine, his breath touch mine. He was intoxicating. I moaned into the kiss. I then threw my head back as he applied pressure to my clit. He began to apply sweet kisses to my neck. Passion was written within each kiss. But who was this person kissing my neck?

“HEY WAKE UP” I heard as a big book slammed near me. I jumped up straight up. My math teacher was right in my face. “you will not waste my time by sleeping in my class. do you understand?” she said. I nodded and rubbed my eyes as I hear my classmates’ chuckles all around me. They were silenced when she proceeded with the lesson. That was just the cherry on top for my day(note my sarcasm). I didn’t get enough sleep this weekend. I couldn’t stop thinking about Mr.Malik, and to make the situation worse, I have him next class. I wanted to just ignore him but my mind is continuously introduced to new “what if’s.” What if he calls me back? What if he gives me detention again?

The bell rung and I started shitting my pants. I stood around th corner staring a the door. Mr.Malik was standing there, smiling and saying “Good afternoon ” to people walking by. “what are you doing?” Jenna shouted into my ear. “waiting for a crowd of students to go into Mr.Malik’s class so he doesn’t see me.” I told her. “okay weirdo, I’ll do it with you” she told. “fine” I told her “ here comes a group, stand behind them and put your head down” I commanded her. She giggled as she followed me as I got behind them. Michael noticed me , of all the jocks he really had to notice me. “hey babe” He said and put his arm around me. “um hey?” I said to him. I thought he forgot about me. “Sit next to me” He stated. “assigned seats, remember?” I told him. We began to pass Mr.Malik and onto the class room. I looked up at him and he looked back at me, I snapped my head back at Michael. “oh yeah.” He said. “Well, that sucks. Just know I’ll being thinking about you all class.” He winked at me as he went to his seat. “why the fuck did I like him?” I whispered to Jenna, and faked a gagging nose. I sat in my seat. Mr.Malik started to teach the lesson, well more like passing out a test. TEST?! I haven’t been studying. He interrogated basically most of my life this weekend. I groaned as he put it on my desk face down. I don’t want to fail. “Okay you all my flip over your papers and start” Mr.Malik instructed and sat in his seat. I flipped over the paper and read the first question. My eyes went wide. I didn’t know any of this. Is this even on the lesson we were learning? I ran my hands through my hair in frustration. okay, here we go.
After the test, I realized they were like 6 or 7 questions I knew out of a 35 question test. “I’m most definitely failing.” I mumbled under my breath as Mr.Malik collected my test. After he finished collecting them he passed out homework. A new lesson great. After everyone received homework the bell rang. As the stampede tried to leave his class, I made the courageous decision to stay back and talk to him. “May I help you ms.(y/l/n)?” He asked at his desk. I stood up and walked to him. “I knew nothing on that test and it’s unfair to assume I would still know the material after your interrogating this weekend. ” I told him. “Interrogation? I remember fornication and that’s it” He said. What a slick bastard. “you really expected me to study when all I could think about is you throughout the weekend and even in this class?” I said in frustration. He smirked, “you thought about me this weekend?” He asked, amused. “that’s beside the point. Please, don’t let my grades suffer because what we did is all I could ever think about.” you pleaded. “That’s not my problem, (Y/n). Sorry I can’t help you. ” He said. With those words ,that set me off. “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. this is your fucking fault. HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO FAIL ME. THIS IS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. YOU CANT JUST HELP ME OUT HERE?” I yelled at him. Mr.Malik walked slowly to me and got up close in my face “don’t raise your voice at me.” he said sternly to me. “then don’t fail me. ” I countered getting even closer. He held his breath. He leaned away from me and onto his desk. Legs and arms crossed. He scanned me with his eyes. It’s like he was eye fucking me. “ I won’t fail you only on 2 conditions.” I gave him a displeasing look. He better not be going where I think he is with this. “1. you actually pay attention in class AND study and 2. we have sex every once in a while. ” He said in a nonchalant manner. “ you’ve got to be fucking kidding me? it’s like your asking to go to jail.” I said through my gritting teeth. “ who says we’re going to get caught or going to get told on ?” He said . Each word was like a push for me to punch him in the neck. “excuse me, I will march to the principle right now and tell her what you’ve been doing.” I threatened him. Its one thing to do it every once in a while, but for him to use it against me. He had no right. “No, you won’t ” He said like I was bluffing. “pardon me”
“you won’t tell the principle because I have insurance. ” He said as he walked to the back of his desk. I have no idea what he meant by insurance. So I just watched him. He unlocked and opened a bottom draw. He reached inside and pulled out a black cloth, with partial lace.“shit.” I said under my breath. “See you won’t tell because I can say you are using that as an excuse because I can easily say that you flirted with me constantly, then maybe one day you decided to leave me a pair of panties and winked at me. And when I gave you Saturday detention for it, you purposely hit my nose. Then today you asked to fuck me I said no and told you I was going to tell the principle. But if you do choose and decide to tell then I’ll tell them my story which has a whole lot of evidence backing it up.” He said with a smile. “How will they be able to tell it’s my panties?” I asked.
“DNA testing, darling”
“I fucking hate you.”
“nah, c'mon you’re gunna love it. I do recall making you orgasm, twice ” He winked at me. I leaned over and put my elbows on desk with my head in my hands. Frustration and the feeling of guilt and realizations of stupidity ran through my mind. I was on the verge of tears. This is dangerous. I don’t think he understands that. He sounds outright evil and I hate to admit it but, he’s right, about EVERY FUCKING THING. From him being able to get me in trouble and from me liking having sex with him. I looked up at him holding back my tears. “the good guys always win” I told him. “If that was true then George Zimmerman would be in jail and you KNOW you won’t tell because think about all the comments they will say. ‘what a whore? what a bitch? probably has std’s? she fucked our teacher EW!’ I know you wouldn’t want that.” The frog in my throat grew as I got the feeling to cry. I kept them back. He was right,I just can’t taje hate, I can’t take rumors , I can’t take that. My fence isn’t that sturdy it can easily fall. Too much of something can make it outright collapse. He was right. “why? are you seriously doing this for your own pleasure?” I asked. “ I mean, good grades and a fucking buddy. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. ” He said. I rolled my eyes. “ I have no way out of this mess. So fine, let’s do it. ” He grinned. He put his arm out for me to shake it. I shook it. “ Okay, tomorrow, meet me here at lunch”

I didn’t even eat lunch. I just went straight to Mr.Malik. I passed through people who were heading to lunch and made it to his class. I knocked first. After a couple of moments he opened the door. I walked into the classroom. He closed the door and locked it. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the far corner of his classroom. He pushed against the wall and grabbed my face and kissed me, passionately. I responded with adding my tongue. He pulled me closer from my waist. I had to get on my tippy toes. The situation got heated real fast. I love this feeling. A warmth and an excitement began to circurculate through my veins. He put one of his hands down my pants and began to rub. Slowly but with a good amount of pressure. My stomach did cart wheels. He detached form the kiss and said “ Told you that you would like it.” I nodded cause he was right. I don’t like that he held this against my will, in order for him to raise my grade. It was like me sucking his dick as he dangled a paper with an A+ on it above my head. I didn’t like that. But I can’t lie and say I won’t enjoy it. “Here’s the the thing babe. I want to fuck you in privacy. Where I can do comfortably. So if we do it at my place, I can fuck you against my walls, in the kitchen, on my bed, in my shower, jesus! babe, you name it. So here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to give me your phone and I’m going to put my phone number in it. Then I’ll text you my address and that’s when you will start driving to my place. okay love?” He explained to me. I nodded and pulled my phone out of my back pocket and gave it to him.“ He grabbed it with his free hand but he continued to rub me as he did put his number in my phone. I closed my eyes and through my head back. He was going so slow which just made things more intense. Once he finished with my phone, he slipped it in my back pocket. He grabbed the back of my neck and made me look him straight in the eyes. "When I text you to come over, I expect you to be there in less than 20 minutes understood darlin?” He commanded. I nodded. He smiled then took his hand out of my pants. As he was looking me straight in the eye he licked his first three fingers. “ You taste good baby girl. I can’t wait to see you tonight” He said with a wink. He walked away to his desk. I stood there stunned. “I have something for you love.” He said as he reached down for something and pulled it out behind his desk. It was a gift bag. “Don’t open it until you get home and once you do get home, use it.” He instructed and walked over to me. I took it from him. He nodded to the door which instructed that I should leave. I made my way to the door and looked back at Mr.Malik. He was biting his lip as he smiled at me. He looked beyond content and he was a hell of a sight. I walked out his classroom. “good grades and a fucking buddy, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. ” repeated in my head.

no problem~

Jimin: When he hears the other members hissing and teasing you two for kissing he’d probably have a good laugh. Jimin would probably say something like “if you don’t like that, beware when the door to my room is closed” and give you a suggestive wink and more in depth kiss

Suga: he’d accept and return the kiss very casually not thinking twice about it, he wouldn’t really care whether or not the members were around and occasionally mouthing “I love you” while the members were talking and kissing your hand while your fingers were both intertwined

Jhope: After kissing in front of the members he would probably hold his chest and act like he’s melting. Even when the members tease him he would say something like “you guys don’t understand how it feels like to be in love” and pulls you into his chest sweetly kissing you again

Rap Monster: He wouldn’t care one bit but once the boys begin tease. he’d probably pull you close and lightly bite your lip just for the hell of it causing you to blush with the boys shouting “get a room!” which he would respond with “doesn’t sounds like a bad idea” and wiggle his eyebrow making the other members make throwing up noises.

Jin: After kissing him when the other members are around . He would be totally comfortable with it until he hears the other members “ouus” in the background he would probably joke around and say “Don’t worry guys we’ll keep it pg-13” and give you a playful wink followed by a kiss on the forehead.

V: Once you surprised him with a kiss you’d immediately see his rectangle smile at full power. He’d blush slightly remembering the other members were there but it still wouldn’t stop him from grabbing your face giving you a kiss in return multiple times while squishing your cheeks together making your lips stick out.

Jungkook: he would turn the brightest red you would ever see, he would just stand there internally panicking thinking to himself “ oh god act cool, hyungs are watching” but would crumble and burry his flustered face in your shoulder. while the other members whistle and tease him making him hold your waist tightly.

What’s the Other 10% For?

Pairing: Dan x Reader

A/N: I promised it would be up by the end of the week so here it is! Part 2 to You’re Serious About the Pizza, Aren’t You?” (there’s also a little reference to tmi so you know)

Warnings: Swearing, and tw / teasing about food, it’s in a cute, playful way not a mean and horrible way but I’m trigger warning it anyway

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Part 1

“Ash come on, you have to eat something,” you whined, trying to get your little brother to eat some breakfast. “But I don’t want to,” he pouted.
“Why not?”
“I’m not hungry”
“Chick, you literally said ten minutes ago that you were starving and wanted cereal”
“Not this cereal,” he replied, pointing to the bowl in front of him.
“Well if not this cereal, what cereal?”

Dan’s POV

Like most mornings I woke up in a very cuddly mood. Unlike most mornings, when I reached out to my right, [Y/N] wasn’t there. Confused, I grabbed my phone and checked the time. 9am. 9am in the fucking morning. Okay, firstly why am I awake and secondly, where the fuck is [Y/N]. She was never up this early, hell she normally woke up later than me in fact, it was usually me that woke her. “Babe?” I called out, but nothing. Okay she’s actually going to make me look for her, great. I slowly got out of bed and pulled on a shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms, its not like I was about to walk around the flat in my pants.

I checked the bathroom, the office and was about to check the lounge when I heard talking coming from the kitchen. “Not this cereal,” I heard a small voice say. Ash is here! How the fuck did I forget that Ashton is here? Obviously [Y/N] would be up early because he always wakes up at the crack of dawn, and by that I mean 8am, he always has. “Well if not this cereal, what cereal?” I heard her ask. It was obvious to me from the tone of her voice that she was starting to get annoyed at her little brother so I decided to cut in.

Reader’s POV

“Hey,” you heard from behind you. “Daaannnn,” Ash called, jumping up from his chair and running over to Dan and hugged his legs. “Morning,” you sighed, running your hands through your hair as Dan picked up your little brother. “Coffee?” you asked, moving away from the breakfast bar. “Please,” he smiled.
“You’re up early,” you said, boiling the kettle and pulling two mugs from the cupboard.
“So are you”
“Yeah,” you yawned, while you finished making Dan’s coffee and a tea for yourself.
“I’m going to have to put you down mate,” Dan said to Ash, doing exactly that before taking the mug from your hands and pecking your lips.
“Eeewwwww” Ashton said, squirming.
“Oh hush,” you scolded.
“What’s up?” Dan asked as the three of you moved back to the bar. Dan now sat with Ashton and you stood across from them.
“This poop,” you said, pointing to your brother, “won’t eat the bloody cereal”
“Why not Ash?” Dan asked, turning to face the little boy.
“I want toast instead”
“Are you shi-” Dan cut you off with a look. “Kidding me?” you continued, “I asked if you wanted toast and you said no!” you complained, running your hand through your hair again. It was a habit you had when you were tired or frustrated and right now, you were both. “Ash the cereal is already-”
“Don’t worry about it,” Dan interrupted. “Look chick, how about you go and shower or whatever and start getting yourself ready to go to Mod and Podge’s and I’ll make sure Ash eats yeah?” You looked from Dan to Ashton and back again. The expression on Ashton’s face was one of confusion. He just didn’t understand why you looked so upset about cereal
“Yeah okay,” you said glancing at your feet.

You got out of the shower and wrapped a towel tightly around your body before walking into the room you shared with Dan. You walked over to the bed and collapsed onto it with a sigh. “Lol same”
“Dan what the fuck?” you shrieked.
“What I was just straightening my hair jeez”
“You scared the shit out of me I thought you were downstairs,” you explained, sitting up. “Sorry bubs,” he smiled, turning off the straighteners and turning to you. “C'mere” he said, grabbing your hands and pulling you upright and into a hug. “You okay?” he asked, running a hand up and down your back. “Mhmm, just tired,” you replied, “where’s Ash?”
“Downstairs with Phil, why?”
“Just wondering”
“They’re probably fine”
“Probably? Dan what did you do?”
“Nothing, I did nothing!”
“Shush shut up” Dan said, covering your mouth with his hand, which you licked in response. “Okay what the actual fuck was that for?”
“You better start telling me what happened or I’m going to-”
“Empty threats mean nothing”
“They wouldn’t be empty if you let me finish speaking,” you teased.
“Well then..”
“Dan start talking”
“Let’s say that hypothetically Ash was running and he hypothetically fell, what would you say if hypothetically this had all happened but he was okay?”
“Are you saying he’s not okay?”
“Well if he’s okay, I don’t care and I’m about to hit you up-side the head for wasting time. However, if he’s not okay I’m about to kick you in a place young men never particularly like being kicked, then I’m going to check on my little brother. So, which is it Dan?”
“He’s fine”
“Is he?”
“I don’t believe you..”
“He is!”
“Ash can you come here for a minute please?” you called.

A few moments later your little brother appeared at the door. “Why are you in a towel?” he asked.
“Because I just had a shower silly, anyway I didn’t call you up her to speculate why I’m currently wearing a towel. Are you okay chicken?”
“Yeah why?”
“Dan said you fell”
“That was ages ago”
“So you’re okay”
“Yep,” he said, spinning in a circle to prove he had no physical injury. You heard Dan let out  breath of relief and you shot him a quick glare. “Can I go back downstairs now? I want to play with Phil”
“Of course,” you smiled.
“Come on Dan,” Ash said, waving towards the door in hopes that your giant boyfriend would get the hint that he wanted to play with him too.
“I’ll be down in a minute bud, okay?”
“Mhmm,” Ash smiled, running out of the door.
“See, he’s fine, just like I said,” Dan smiled, tugging you into another hug. “You did, I’m like 90% sorry,” you said before giving him a quick kiss.
“What’s the other 10% for?” he asked.
You pecked his lips and answered, “this,” as you hit his head playfully.
“Why?” he whined, acting as though he would cry.
“I told you, I don’t make empty promises”
“Shut up,” he laughed, pulling you close and kissing you. When you both broke away from the kiss, Dan held you to his chest and kissed the top of your head. “Now as much as I’d love to stay and admire the view,” Dan smiled cheekily, putting you at arms length, “I think I should let you get ready and go and find Ash and Phil before they come looking for me”
“I mean you could stay if you really wanted to,” you said with a wink.
“No! Hurry up and go play with Ashton, or keep him occupied for a bit and give Phil a break the sooner we’re all ready, the sooner we can go to mum and dad’s”
“Ugh fine”
“By the way, sorry I keep dumping him on you and Phil”
“Stop, you know we love him”
“I know, I just feel bad..”
“Well don’t,” Dan smiled kissing you again, before leaving the room allowing you to get ready

“Guys are you good to go?” you called.
“I’m right here,” Ashton smiled and you handed him his coat.
“Coming I’m coming relax,” Dan said, running down the stairs.
“Where’s Phil?” you ask.
“Lounge, he’s not coming, he’s going to try to film a video”
“Oh okay, Ash chick, did you say goodbye to Phil?” He shook his head in response. “Come on then,” you said, holding the little boy’s hand and walking to the lounge. “Phil we’re off”
“Do you know when you’ll be back?”
“I’d say tonight but if we’re being realistic it’s more likely to be sometime tomorrow but who knows?”
“Okay fair enough, text me and let me know what’s happening yeah?” he asked.
“Of course,” you smiled as Phil stood up, wrapping his arms around you in a quick hug.
“What about me?” Ash chirped.
“I’ll see you soon mate, and then we can play pokemon again” he smiled.
“Of course, come here,” Phil said and Ash hugged him.
“See you later Phil,” Dan shouted from the hallway.
“Bye,” Phil shouted back as you and Ash left the room.

“Got everything?” Dan asked when you met him at the door.
“Yeah I think so”
“Okay let’s go,” he said. You stepped outside and locked the door before turning back to your two boys, now holding hands. You glanced between them and then at your feet as you tried to suppress a giggle. “What is it?” Dan questioned, pulling you close and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You began to walk to the bus stop. “Oh nothing”
“Tell me,” he whined.
“You just looked cute you know?”
“Well yeah, I always look cute,” he joked.
“Shut up,” you said, burying your head into his shoulder, laughing. “I just mean with the height difference and everything, it was cute!”

You loved going on the tube and trains, you had always found it really relaxing. Ever since you were little you had found most transport relaxing to be honest. You always felt kind of bad when Dan had to go on longish journeys with you because it was guaranteed that you would fall asleep for a bit, if not all of the trip. He never complained though. He said he thought it was cute when you fell asleep on him and anyway, he used the time to listen to new albums or come up with ideas for videos. Thankfully, Ash was just like you and fell asleep within ten minutes of being on the train. “Babe what are you doing?” Dan asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know, you’re being weird, how come you’re not asleep yet? We’re a good fifteen minutes into this journey now,” he laughed.
“I’m trying to stay awake”
“Why though?”
“Because what if Ashton wakes up?”
“Then I’ll sort him out, you’re knackered go to sleep love,” he whispered, wrapping an arm around you.
“You’re great, you know that right?”
“I’ve been told once or twice,” Dan winked, making you laugh.

You placed the old key in the door and twisted it before pushing the door open. “We’re here,” you announced, loud enough that you’re parents would hear as yourself, Dan and Ashton entered the house. “Kitchen,” you dad called back. “Curry is almost done, does someone want to tas-”
“I’m on my way Podge, I am on my way” Dan shouted through the house like an excited little boy. You heard your mum laugh in response as Dan left you and went to see your parents, and taste the curry of course. “Hey Ash why don’t you give me your coat and then you can go and play yeah?” you said, turning to your younger brother. “Okay” he smiled, shedding his coat and leaving it in a pile on  the floor then he ran off. You picked up the jacket, placing it on the coat rack along with your own before going into the kitchen yourself.
Upon entering the room, you saw Dan towering over your mother just as he did to most and had an arm wrapped around her shoulder. She was laughing at something he had said and he was holding a fork with a sizable lump of chicken on the end.
“So are you going to eat all of the curry or can the rest of us get some?” you teased.
“Are you calling me fat?”
“Am I what? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over all of the food in your mouth”
“Are you calling me fat?” he repeated and you could tell that he was trying to hide a smile.
“Maybe I am”
“Oh? You are are you?” he said, leaving your mother’s side and moving to stand directly in front of you.
“Yeah, maybe I am, what are you going to do bubs?” you teased and he bent down so he was now at your height.
“You want to say that again?”
“Sorry did I stutt-” you were cut off as Dan shoved the piece of chicken in your mouth. You ate it quickly and then began to laugh as Dan tickled you. “S-sto-oh my fuck- STOP” you squealed. By this point, you had dropped to the ground and Dan was now sitting on you while tickling you. He stopped only for a minute as he turned to your parents who had been laughing at the whole situation. “What do you think Mod and Podge? Should I let the troll go?”
“Troll?” you exclaimed before Dan covered your mouth with his hand for the second time today.
“I’m going to check on Ashton,” your dad said, making a quick getaway. “I better go too,” you’re mum added, following your dad out of the room. Dan slowly turned back to you. He removed his hand and quickly kissed you. “The chicken is fucking good right?” he asked, breaking the kiss.
“Mhmm.. Dan?”
“Yeah?” he smiled lazily.
“You’re kind of crushing me”
“Oh fuck yeah sorry babe,” he said before flipping you both and sitting up so you were now in his lap.
“Thanks,” you giggled, pecking his lips. You both stood up just as your mum walked back into the room. “Everything okay now?” she laughed, knowing that the previous events were just you and Dan teasing and playing around with each other, its what you did. “All good,” Dan smiled.
“Great, I’m just going to put on the rice and then we’ll have dinner okay?” You and Dan just nodded in response.

After dinner, you and Dan had offered to clean up but your mum refused and so you went into the lounge. You sat on the sofa with Dan’s arm wrapped around you as he flicked through the channels trying to find something to watch. After flicking for a while, you gave up, went to netflix and put The Aristocats on. As Dan mindlessly ran his fingers through your hair, you could feel yourself drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

You rubbed your face and went to put your hand on the soft pillow that your head was resting on but instead you hit something hard. Slowly, you opened your eyes and yet them adjust to the dark surroundings. Once adjusted, you realized that the soft yet hard surface you had been resting your head on and hit with your hand was Dan’s chest. Apparently you hadn’t been the only one who had dozed off and you had somehow required a blanket. The telly was quietly playing and you heard your parents talking to Ashton. “But I want to play with Dan and [Y/N/N],” he whined. You quickly closed your eyes.
“Maybe later chick, they’re asleep right now,” your mum answered.
“How about me and you go and watch Space Jam in your room and we can build a fort?” That was your dad, he always loved building forts and used you and siblings as an excuse to make them. There was more kids in your family other than you and Ashton, but your brother Jamie was on a French exchange, your sister Alayna was at her friend’s house for the weekend and your brother Calum was at college.
“Can we really?” Ash asked.
“Of course let’s go,” your dad said and with that they left the room.
“I know you’re awake [Y/N/N]” your mum said.
“I am not I’m sleeping,” you replied quietly.
“Mhmm sure, you know it was pretty cute”
“What was?” you asked, opening your eyes once again.
“How you both fell asleep. Like I mean, you were leaning on him and fell asleep and Dan moved so that you would both be more comfortable. I told him that I was going to get myself a cup of tea and would be back in a minute. Well, by the time I came back he was asleep too and had managed to get you both lying down without waking you. So I got a blanket, put it over you both and you’ve probably been asleep for a good two hours now,” she smiled. “It was just like when you were younger and would have sleepovers. You would try to stay up as long as possible but you would always fall asleep and Dan would eventually follow suit. Either me or your dad would put a blanket over the two of you and well that was that,” she finished. You smiled at the memory and Dan began to stir. “Wakey, wakey, eggs and backey, well bacon.. anyway wake up bubs,” you said drawing circles on his chest with your finger tips. “Really?” he asked sleepily, running his hands through your hair.
“Obviously not loser its like, mum what time is it?”
“Seven,” she replied.
“See it’s seven”
“If it’s seven in the morning why the fuck are you waking me up babe?” Your mum did even react to Dan swearing, she was so use to it by now and she herself swore a lot, its where you picked it up so she didn’t really care. You were all just careful around Ashton because he was only 6. “It’s seven in the evening bubs,” you explained.
“Ugghh,” he groaned.
“I’ll leave you two to wake up properly,” your mum laughed, leaving the room.

Part 3?

Part 1


anonymous asked:

Can you tell us the story of how you met Van/ what he was like?


6/17/16 12:32 AM

(Ok I am unworthy of him and excuse how disgusting I look, I was fresh out of the mosh pit)

Van noticed how afraid/excited/emotional I was when I saw him. I had no idea idea what to say, I was shaking and so I started with “HI VAN! YOU’RE FUCKING AMAZING! OH MY GOD! SIGN MY PURSE! ” ( and as he was signing it he said “What? No ‘Please?’” I literally started crying and I said “FUCK OH MY GOD. I AM SO SORRY VAN!  Van, can you please sign my purse?!”

 AND THEN THIS FUCKER SMILED AT ME , WINKED, AND STARTED TO LAUGH. He’s a fucking tease! I then said “Van, can I please give you a hug?”  He then looked at me straight in the eyes and I honestly felt like I was going to die because they were so beautiful.. then he laughed again and said  “HAH YES LOVE!” and I fucking Jumped on him and he gave me a strong hug, the full embrace and everything. I stopped shaking.

It was all just so lovely! I told him how I’d seen him in Chicago twice and that going to Milwaukee was worth it. I also mentioned how I bought the pre sale tickets for their fall show (because the presale was the day before i saw them) He looked happy and he said “aww thank you!” 

One of the last things I said to him was “see you in October!” and he looked down at my hand, grabbed it, shook it and said “See yuz in october” and he smiled that beautiful smile of his.

My best friend got to talk to him as well, and they talked about Ewan McGregor. she said “I’m happy to know there is someone who loves Ewan as much as I do” Van said “AH YES! McGregor! proper G aint he? 

Van was chatty but more importantly sweet and genuine. Ufortunately some other fan approached us and as she said Hi, Van’s security guard picked him up and took him away. I have on video him looking back at me and saying “thank you goodbye”

I don’t think any other memory can top meeting Van McCann and the rest of the boys of Catfish And The Bottlemen. 


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Stay with me

Things were changing. The colors around you seemed to be fading, days were slow and nights were lonely. You never thought that you could miss someone as much as you missed him. It had been almost three months since you had seen that face. He said that the two of you would skype and talk any chance you got but now it just seemed like empty promises. 

You missed the morning kisses, the late night conversations, the adventurous car rides to the next few towns over. But most of all you missed his voice. Maybe it was the way that it sounded the moment he woke up, or maybe when he started laughing in the middle of telling one of the worst jokes you have ever heard. The continuous “I love you’s” and the “Text me when you get there safely’s” haunted your dreams. You tried so hard to keep in touch and you felt like he had completely forgotten you to the point where it broke your heart.

You thought about texting, always glancing at your phone every few minutes, It was hard constantly getting your hopes up for a fulfilling conversation only to have them crushed after one or two texts. But who could blame you? 

*Flashback to the night before he left*

“Come on! You are cheating and you know it!” You laughed as you threw your cards down on the table.

“Oh stop being a sore loser, [Y/N].” He chuckled as he moved closer to you, kissing your temple softly. 

“I can’t lose if you cheat, Harry!” He knew that you had caught him, but he was not about to let you know that. 

“That’s okay, you can just be a sore loser. I still love you.” There it was, that cheeky grin you adored so much. The two of you fell silent as you laid your head on his shoulder, mindlessly listening to the music playing in the background as well as the rain falling outside. 

“I really wish you didn’t have to leave tomorrow. Or at least that I could come with you…” You fingers were now intertwined with his, his thumb gently gliding over yours.

“I told you that you could have just quit your job and come with us. I know the lads love having you around, mainly because they think you tell better jokes than I do… But we both know that’s a lie.” He winked and gave your hand a soft squeeze as you smiled.

“I know, I’ve just worked too hard to get where I am to just throw it all away. I know that you can relate.”

“I can. But hey, it will be a short five months.”

“Harry that’s almost half of the year…”

“Okay, well how about this? I promise that I will call and text you every chance I get. We can set up skype dates once or twice a week just so I can see your pretty, little face. [Y/N], you mean the world to me and I will do whatever I can to prove that to you. I will never forget about you. I mean how could I forget my happy place?” After that last line you had practically melted in his hands. You reached up to cup his face, giving him a few kisses.

“I’m so lucky to have you.” After that he took you upstairs to give you a night you couldn’t forget.

*Back to present*

That’s it. You refused to keep replaying that night in your head. As you got up to grab your phone, you noticed a few tears had fallen down your cheeks. With a sniffle you wiped your eyes as you took a breath and hit send.

Harry. You.

Hi x

*20 minutes later*

Hey xx

How have you been? I feel like we haven’t talked in awhile…

I’ve been good. I know it has been a while. I’ve just been really busy.

You hated when this happened. You hated how short he was being with you. It got to the point where you were actually angry.

Too busy to call? Even once or twice a week? I’ve been on tour with you before, I know you have a little bit of down time.

Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll call you later. Happy?

What the hell was this? This was a side of him that you rarely saw because he knew that him being angry only made the situation worse. 

No I’m not happy. You have been ghosting for three months now. I feel like you don’t have time for me anymore. It’s hard to even think that we are in a relationship anymore…

Well maybe I needed a break from you being so clingy! You always want to know what I’m doing, who I am with, what time I’ll be home. God [Y/N], you’re not my mum! I don’t think you can see how annoying you can be sometimes!

Your mouth dropped as you read that text about one hundred times. Who the hell did he think he was? How dare he treat you like that. This was not Harry. You completely understood how stressful tour can be and how nothing ever goes as planned but it was not okay to take his anger out on you. 

Fine. If you don’t want me to care, I won’t care. Looks like you’ll get all the time away from me that you wanted. Piss off and go be mad at someone else. 

You threw your phone onto the bed and pulled your knees up to your chest. Without trying to stop them you let the waterfall of tears flow down your cheeks. By now it was 10:34pm and you were defeated. You turned off the tv, the lights and even the music you normally leave playing because it helps you fall asleep. The house had never felt so large, you had never felt so small and nothing could heal the stab wounds on your heart tonight. 

When you woke up, the sun was peaking through your windows. You groaned and rolled over, pulling the blanket over your head. As you bed started to vibrate you jumped slightly and sat up. Moving your hand around the sea of sheets and blankets you finally found your cell phone. But when you saw it was Harry you simply clicked ignore. Your stomach sank when you saw everything that popped up on your phone.

*5 missed calls from Harry*

[Y/N] would you please call my back? I really need to talk to you.

*3 missed calls from Harry*

Look I know I messed up but I really need to fix this. Please call me back!

*6 missed calls from Harry and 1 voicemail*

Taking a deep breath you held the phone up to your ear.

“Look. I know what I said was awful and I can’t unsay it.. I just really need to hear your voice right now…” Was that a sniffle you heard? Was he crying? “I have to make this up to you. Nothing I can say or do right now can make you less angry at me. I had no right to take my stress out on you. I know I have sucked at keeping in contact with you lately. But with this being the last tour… What am I talking about? There is no excuse… Please just call me back.. I love you.”

Before you knew it, your hands were shaking and you were crying all over again. If you remembered correctly, you thought that towards the end of tour he would be closer to home. Rocking back and fourth slightly in bed you thought about driving over to talk to him. This was a conversation that needed to be said in person. You played out all of the possible outcomes in your head. As you bit your bottom lip, you gently tapped on his name and held the phone back up to your ear while crawling out of bed. 

“Hello?” He sounded like he had not slept in a long time.


“I am so sorry..” You heard his voice break and that only hurt your heart more. You held your breath as you balled your hand up inside your sweater. 

“Look. What you said really hurt me. I care about you so much and for you to just sucker punch me in the gut like that…” There went your voice. 

“I had no right to say that to you. Plus I didn’t mean it. I love how you care so much and always want to make sure I’m okay. Just give me a chance to make it up to you, okay? I promise I will do whatever it takes to win your love back..”

“Harry I don’t know…”

“Let me show you. Just open the door.”


“Open the door..”

Almost scared you slowly made your way to the front door. You let your hand out of your sleeve and very slowly went to touch the door knob before turning it and pulling the door towards you. The second you saw what was there, you began to cry again.

There he was. The love of your life standing in the door way holding your favorite flowers. You couldn’t help but weakly smile at the fact that he remembered that conversation you had a long time ago. 

“I know it’s not much but it’s a start. I will do whatever it takes for you to stay with me. We can get all the pets this house can hold, we will go out to dinner more often, we can travel. Whatever you want. Just please let me in…”

“I’m still mad, just know that. I want you to call me once a day and update me with tour since you still have one more month. No matter what you do, I could never hate you and I won’t be mad forever.” You smiled softly as your reached out for his hand, gently pulling him inside. 

Overwhelmed with joy he engulfed you in a hug that felt like it was never going to end. Good thing you didn’t want it too. 

“You’re a pain in my ass, but I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Forever and always and even after that.” 

There it was, the words you had longed to hear and the kisses you had missed so much. For right now, everything was at a sweet bliss.

*A/N - Today has been a long, crappy day. That’s why it’s kinda sad, but the end feels make it all better. Please feel free to give feedback and be sure to send in requests!*

Texts ~ Part 2 (Jack J Imagine)

Part 1: http://xjackxjohnsonx.tumblr.com/post/116421694983/cover-part-1-jack-j-imagine


It had been a week since Jack J followed you on Twitter, and you hadn’t stopped DMing each other. You always answered each other immediately. He’d even used a winking emoji once or twice. You gotten so used to talking to him, it didn’t even feel like you were messaging a celebrity anymore; it felt like you were just texting someone you’d known your whole life.

So how has your day been today, love? :) He said when you told him school had let out. (Even though you messaged him throughout all of your classes.) He’d been calling you ‘love’ for the past couple of days, giving you butterflies every time you read the word.

Pretty shitty actually. I found out I have to take my history final and almost got my phone taken away. >.<

I told you to wait to message me until school was out. You’re worth waiting for. ;)

He didn’t know that you got chills every time he used the winking face. He also didn’t know that you were developing a crush on him the more you two talked. And not just a celebrity crush. Like a real crush like you’d have on a guy from school. I know. But I can’t help it. I love talking to you :)

He sent you a message of a phone number, then another a few seconds later that read, Here, this will make it easier.

Wait, what? You thought, looking at the number. He trusts me?… He trusts me!

You never thought that something like this would ever happen. First, he follows you on Twitter, and now he gives you his number? What if you decided to leak it? Of course, you’d never do that. In fact, you never understood why people did that. Why didn’t those people want the number just for themselves?

You were so caught up in the fact that you just received Jack Johnson’s number, that you didn’t even notice Molly tugging at your shirt.

“Hellooo?! Earth to y/n! What are you and Jack talking about that’s so much more interesting than me?”

You paused and looked away from your phone. “He just gave me his number.”

“Finally!” She said, as if she’d been expecting it. “Gilinsky says that you’re all Johnson talks about.” She smiled.

“Really?” You couldn’t stop yourself from blushing.

“Yeah! So have you texted him yet?”

“No, not yet, it caught me really off guard.” You looked back down at your phone and saved the number to your contacts.

“Well do it! He’s probably waiting for you.” Molly teased, walking towards her car.

You followed her, never looking up from your phone other than to get in the car and buckle up. You didn’t know why you were so nervous to text the number. Not only that, you didn’t know what to say. Why? Talking to him had been so easy up to this point.

You regretted the text just after you sent it. Jack?

In no time, the three dots popped up on the screen. I was wondering when you’d finally text, love :D

There it was. ‘Love.’ You smiled. I didn’t know if it would be a real number. You answered honestly.

The three dots popped up on the screen again, and you got nervous. You really think I’d do that to you? I’m a little hurt, actually.

Sorry, I mean, you never know. For all I knew, you gave me fake number to see if I would put it all over the internet.

Nah, I was kidding lol I trust you. I know you’re better than that.

:) Good to hear (Erm… read? lol). Cause I’d never do that to you.

I know ;)

{[Flash forward to that night at Molly’s house]}

You completely neglected Molly for Jack at her own house all night. You felt bad about it, but at the same time, she never pointed it out.

So I have a question. Jack said.

I have an answer.

Have you and Molly ever been to one of our shows? Or a meet and greet or anything?

No. :/ You’ve always come so close, but never close enough. You go to places around us that would be way out of our way and expensive for us to try to go to.

Oh… Well what if we flew you guys out to our next one?

You felt like your heat stopped. Wait really?

Yeah. :) We wanna see you guys. Plus, I think your subscribers would really like to see a vlog of you guys meeting us.

You dropped you phone, causing Molly to look up at you. “What’s wrong?”

Your voice struggled to make the words you so desperately wanted to say. “They wanna fly us out to their next show,” you squeaked.

“No way.”

You handed Molly your phone so she could read the message Jack sent you.

“No way!” She repeated. “But their next show is in New Jersey in like June.”

You grabbed your phone and quickly texted Jack back. YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME WAIT UNTIL JUNE?! That’s just cruel.

Sorry, love. :’( As bad as it sounds, we didn’t know you guys existed when we were in Illinois on the 1st and 2nd.

I know, I was teasing. :) But you’re seriously going to fly us all the way from Tennessee to New Jersey?

Me and Jack are already excited to meet you guys :)