i love how he shows no emotion for the majority of the show and then bam

anonymous asked:

I saw on one of your answers that you dislike OQ more than CS. What is it about OQ in particular that you don't like?

Many things, anon. Many things, indeed. 

This is going to be rather long, so I will put it under a cut.

This is an ANTI-OQ POST, so don’t click if you aren’t into that.

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The God Complex: The Flash 3X08 Review (Invasion)

It’s crossover time!!! 

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I love the crossover episodes (4x08 notwithstanding. Oh the rage.) I have an innate desire to see my favorite superheroes either team up or fight each other.  If I must accept the premise of aliens for that to happen then so be it.

The Flash’s piece of the 4 night crossover event was a good time. Great action, hilarious, speedy and even pacing, delivered some really necessary emotional resonance and set up Arrow’s piece of the puzzle extremely well.

(Fair warning: I felt now would be an apropos time to express my anger with Barry Allen.)

Let’s dig in…

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