i love how he reacts to her wedding dress

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How would RFA react to seeing MC in her wedding dress for the first time?? (Like her being walked down the aisle) I would say include V and saeran if you wanna ((I'm tearing up just thinking about this :,) ))

i’m going to start a petition on change.org this is my third time writing this because tumblr kept crashing

but this request is super cute and i love it so much omg


  • “God, she always looks gorgeous, but she’s fucking stunning.”
  • He never had any doubts about wanting to spend the rest of his life with you, but now he was absolutely certain that this was the best decision of his life
  • When you finally reached him at the altar, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you, even when he was supposed to be looking at the wedding officiant


  • “Preeeeettttyyyyy!”
  • Every thought going through his mind had disappeared
  • Now he could only think about how pretty you looked and how excited he was for you to get to him so you could finally get married
  • When you got up to the altar and were standing right in front of him, he couldn’t get over how beautiful you were
  • He was blushing so hard, oh god, can everyone see how hard he’s blushing?


  • “She looks beautiful… her hair looks better than mine, she’s so pretty.”
  • As the two of you walked towards each other at the beginning of the isle, she couldn’t get over how gorgeous you looked
  • When you finally reached each other and started walking towards the altar, she couldn’t stop looking over at you and blushing
  • How could she be so lucky?


  • “We’re getting married, she’s going to be my wife…”
  • He had waited for this day since he first met you, and it was happening
  • He simultaneously wanted this moment to last forever and for time to hurry up and have you be right next to him


  • “God she’s so beautiful.  What a fool she was to show up.”
  • He always knew he wanted to marry you, but he still couldn’t understand why you wanted to marry him
  • But any of his insecurities disappeared as you walked closer and he was able to see all the details of your dress and hair and makeup
  • He was so excited to spend the rest of his life with you


  • “It’s finally happening, i’m getting married.  And to her.”
  • Even if his vision wasn’t very good, he could still see how beautiful you looked
  • He’s just… ecstatic
  • It had been a long time since he had been so happy to be with someone, and he had no doubt in his mind that you’re the best person for him to spend the rest of his life with


  • “She looks so gorgeous… Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.”
  • Being the huge tsundere he is, he has to stifle as much emotion as he could
  • But he couldn’t help the huge smile creeping onto his face
  • He was so happy to be able to marry you
  • He couldn’t believe how lucky he was for you to want to marry him, too
Dear Ria...

@riayamazaki, @dtladventures​, since I loved the little comic you made, I have an idea or “request” for you, if you will…

By the end of the game in DTL universe, MC always returns to the past to confess her love to her suitor and stay with him. Imagine that MC returns to the Bakumatsu era and tells Yamazaki how much she loves him and wishes to stay with him…

The thing is, she’s wearing this modern dress!

What kind of face do you think Yamazaki would make? How would he react? The only thing that comes to mind is that he replies, “This is it. This is your wedding dress.” Wouldn’t you agree?  

If you’re into it, I hope you have fun drawing it! :D 

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I just recently started to follow your blog and I just love reading your drabbles.♡ I am not sure if it had been requested already, but can you do a drabble of how the boys would react to watching Candy walk down the aisle on their wedding day?

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my material. I have done a few wedding posts, but none involving the the boys watching Candy walk down the aisle. So here you go!


Upon seeing Candy for the first time all day, he was left breathless and blushing when the doors opened to reveal her in her wedding dress. Without thinking about it, he would place his hand on his heart, feeling it race. She was radiant. And soon, she would be his wife and he her husband. He was ready. As her father walked her down the aisle, he never looked away. A huge smile had appeared on his face and he gazed lovingly at Candy as her father gave her away to Nathaniel, to have and to hold…and to love.


Castiel was nervous. He wasn’t getting cold feet, he just wondered if he could be good enough as a husband to Candy. His best man, Lysander, would give him a reassuring nod, noticing Castiel was tense. But once the doors opened and he saw Candy, his nerves disappeared and instead were replaced with determination and love. He loved her. That’s all there was to it. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she made it the front to join him, and he would take her hands into his.


For once his patience was growing thin. He didn’t want to rush this day, this moment, but he was eager to see Candy. There was no nervousness or uneasyness. Just pure bliss. And once the doors opened and he saw her, he almost forgot how to breathe. He gave Candy a tender, loving look as she made her way down the aisle towards him. Lysander made sure to soak up this moment and preserve it.


Kentin would do his best not fidget. He had been waiting for this day for so long, and now it was finally happening. He felt so elated. But his heart swelled when Candy appeared and began to walk towards him down the aisle. He took several deep breaths, fighting back tears of joy and placing his hand over his mouth in awe of her. Soon they would be joined in marriage and begin a whole new adventure as husband and wife.


Excitement had overtaken him as he eagerly awaited for Candy to walk down the aisle. Armin kept looking over at Alexy who would return his gaze and smile. Then the doors finally opened, and Armin froze, struck by the mere sight of Candy. She looked like a princess. He would grip Alexy’s shoulder for balance, blush a great deal and make a small laugh, covering his mouth with his other hand to stifle his nervousness. He was marrying this young woman. New life accomplishment unlocked.

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Could you do one of Ota or Iori trying to get the MC pregnant? I love your writing and I hope your work clears up!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Thanks. I will chose Iori since my feel over this topic is more on him. Hope this is okay for you.

From Iori POV
Revance recently takes up a TV show where we have to go to a baby childcare and learn how to take care of infants. The firming crews would have to follow and firm the documentary live. I guess I have to do it since it for job. However, I never expect to end up hoping to have a kid of my own. I believe the face that I make is so obvious that the rest are making fun of me.

“Just propose to her and officially make baby.” Kyohei teases

“I can help you design your wedding dress.” Nagito smiled.

“I can write lyric for your wedding.” Ryo volunteer himself.

“I can compose music for you.” Takashi added.

“You guys are jumping too fast. Can he even open his mouth to propose?” Kota smirks and everyone start laughing.

I can feel my face burning and I can’t admit to them that I do love to have a baby with ___ soon. However, Kota is right. I don’t even know how to pop the question. How would she react? I am glad that she is not with us today and can’t imagine if she seeing me now.

“You guys are over reacting. I bet she is eager to marry me as well.” I protested, trying hard to hide my bashful face.

However, I can’t stop thinking about the whole baby topic and how should I propose. Suddenly, an idea pops into my head. If I get her pregnant, we would definitely need to get married, right? It will work thing out automatically. I know _____ do not want me to touch her when she is having her period. Thus, I can start tracking her ovulation date from there. I feel like am a genius to come with such idea and I happily proceed with my plan.

2 Months later
I know today is her ovulation date since I have been tracking it for 2 months. I invite her to my apartment, so that we can be alone. I even bought her sexy lingerie and she put it on despite feeling embarrassing. Once we settle down on the bed, I strip myself naked. I start caressing her body over her clothes and slowly moving my hands down to her calves. I run my fingers from her calves to her inner thighs, and caress her clitoris over her panties. I slowly slipped off her panties and starts kissing her inner thighs, kissing my way up to her clitoris.

“Mmm… Iori..” She moans and twists her body. I further spread her legs apart and start kissing aggressively her clitoris. She smells so seductive today than usual. It must be due to her ovulation period. I slip my tongue in and her body twist upward in pleasure. I hold onto her, and slowly move my kiss to her abdomen. I kiss my way up, at the same time pushing her lingerie out of her. I kiss and suck her breasts, nipples and slowly move to her neck, cheeks and then eventually capture her lips. My hard member is already at her entrance and making it way inside slowly. My lips capture her fiercely, taking her moan inside my mouth.

My mind is going crazy once I am fully inside her. She is so wet and hot today. I can feel myself cumming just by inserting inside her. I continue kissing her from different position, while I oscillating my hips roughly below. She already in her ecstasy and wraps her arms and legs over my body. That position allows me to push deep into her and I can feel myself losing my mind with every single thrust. I lift myself up with my member still inside her, lifting up both her legs over my shoulders and push my member deep into her, thrusting faster and faster, hitting all her sensitive spots. With her legs still above my shoulders, I lean down and start kissing her breasts, and my hips continue to thrust even faster.

“Iori..Mmm…where is your condom…Mmm…"She gasped.

“Let’s just forget it…Arghh…Mmm… I can’t stop now…Mmm…” I gasped and increase my speed at my hips area. Her moaning sound get louder and louder that it fill up the whole room. Finally, my body shiver and shot my seed deep into her womb. I thrust a few more times, until I am sure that all my seed are empty inside her. I pull out from her and flop down beside her. She wraps her hands around me and lies down on my chest. Feeling her naked skin against mine again; my urge for her start to increase again. Without giving her any chance of protesting, I once again make love with her until we lost conscious eventually.

2 months later
_____ came to me looking worry. “Iori, I miss my period this month.” She said worrying.

My eyes immediately light up and my hope get high. However, not wanting her to know about my plot, I tried to remain calm, “Let’s visit my family doctor.”

The test proven that she is pregnant and she can’t help but feeling worry. I hold her hand tightly and lead her back to the car. I then lead her to a jewellery shop and she look at me in surprise.

“We need a ring for our wedding. So why are you so surprise about it?” I smirked.

She tears and throws her arms around my neck. I know that she must be happy until she tears.

“Will you marry me?” I finally propose. I guess I still need to say the magic words. She nods her head and give me an answer yes. A sense of relief is what I felt when I heard the word yes from her. I guess I can’t help but worry as well. We are finally going to create our own family.