i love how he has a massive break down just cause she went on a school trip

The Girl by City and Colour

This is part of a drabble a day for seven days challenge, where you out your playlist on shuffle and write a drabble inspired by each song. @japril12 encouraged me to do this because she believes in me more than I do lol Sorry, if I don’t stick to schedule. :D 

I wish I could do better by you

Cause that’s what you deserve

You sacrifice so much of your life

In order for this to work

“Janine, who approved this?” He asks, trying to keep his voice calm. It’s not her fault. She’s not the one to blame, so he’s not going to yell at her. But, he’s this close to yelling at somebody and he needs to know who it is.

“I’m sorry, Dr.Avery. But, Dr.Harper Avery thought it would be best if it was you who gave the key note at the conference, since you’re set to take over soon, anyway.” She say, sounding a little nervous.

“Don’t remind me,” He groans, “There’s no way I’m getting out of this, am I?”

She smiles regretfully, and shakes her head. She’s a good assistant, loyal, smart and has never once tried to make a move on him. He appreciates all that. So, he keeps to his promise and doesn’t take his anger out on her.

“Thank you. Tell John we’ll be taking off tomorrow morning to Tokyo.” He asks her, and she jots it down on her tablet before heading off.

He falls back on his chair, and runs a finger across his brow. It’s something April always does when he’s frustrated, smooth his brow. She always offers a kiss after that and he misses that now. He has to call her. He has to let her know. He’s already wearing too thin on the whole business trips allowance. He’s been gone for a almost a week now, and it looks like he’ll have to extend that trip to about a week and a half.  He’s not particularly looking forward to this conversation.

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