i love how he checks himself out in the mirror

Bts reaction to realizing they love you:

Anon requested: Bts reaction of them finding out that they are actually in love with you. I wish… but here you go anon, i hope this is exactly how to wanted it to be.


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He probably realized it as he was checking himself in the mirror before meeting you, and soon after, he admitted to you, in the most romantic setup that he has fallen for you.


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He seems like the type who is well aware of his feelings. If anything stopped him from admitting his love, it would be due to his insecurities, that someone could be better for you.


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It was another fun day with Hobi when he suddenly blurted out an I love you. You both stopped in your tracks and he turned around to give you a full smile. “I really do”.

Rap Monster:

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You are the girl he keeps writing about, and he defiantly realized it a while before confessing. While Hobi blurted it out, Namjoon chose the right time and place to deliberately interrupt your speech with “Have I told you I love you?”


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Cheesy Af. Would probably even chuckle with himself when realisation hit him. “Really?” He’ll ask himself. This member is full of love and his confession would naturally be full of affection too.

V/ Taehyung:

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“Do I love her? Yes I do.” As simple and quick as that. However, tae will defiantly be taking a lot of time before saying it to your face as he is planning a grand romantic date to express his feelings in the most sincere way possible.


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The one who took the longest time to come in terms with his emotions. Mainly because he was pushing it to that back of his mind as confessing required a lot of unavailable courage. Yet, and after a push from his hyungs, kookie will nervously ask you to go out with him because he “likes likes you”
RFA: MC Is Gone Pt. 1

I love writing angst you guys can send me more angst requests I enjoy paining myself and you all  It’s super long though, so I split it into two parts!

Part 2


He was in a great mood as he went on the bus after class. He smiled as he took a seat, putting his backpack in his lap as he took out his phone. Yoosung opened the messenger to see that everyone was online. Except MC. He joined, and began to skim through the messages. MC were online for only a few seconds, and had sent a short message. “goodbye”

Yoosung knew why everyone was online now. Shortly after MC’s message, Seven came online, saying he checked the cameras. MC really had left. Yoosung couldn’t read the rest of the conversation. He immediately sent a message.

Yoosung: What happened to MC?

Zen: Yoosung….

Seven: She’s not at the apartment. I’ll keep an eye on her messenger app and see if she logs on anytime soon. 

Jaehee: Yoosung… I don’t think she’s coming back…

Jumin: I agree with assistant Kang. MC said she was leaving pretty clearly. 

And then Yoosung logged off, his smile completely wiped off, He ran to his small apartment, and closed himself inside his room. He slumped against the door, and let himself slide to the floor. He felt empty inside. He felt as if tears would come, but if he cried, it would be like accepting that she was gone. And he refused to do that. 

The next evening, V had come online to discuss a replacement for MC. 

V: I doubt we can find someone in time though….

[Yoosung joined the chatroom] 

Jaehee: Yoosung, are you alright? 

Yoosung: Why wouldn’t I be? I have a nice girlfriend, and we’re continuing Rika’s legacy! 

Zen: Dude… You do realize she hasn’t been on all day after that message? 

Yoosung: She’s just busy, we shouldn’t replace her when she’s working hard! 

Seven: There has been no activity on her messenger app too. In fact, it might have been deleted. 

Yoosung: Lol Seven stop trying to trick me, I’m gonna go play LOLOL with MC now~ 

[Yoosung left the chatroom]

Every day, he would log on, and pretend MC was there. The other members would try to tell him that it had been two days, three days, three weeks, since she had been on, but Yoosung never listened. Every little thing reminded him of MC, of you. And occasionally, he would fall onto his bed, crying. Tears flowing until he couldn’t remember why he had begun to cry. And sometimes, when Yoosung woke up, he would have his phone in his hand, finger on the space where your profile once was. 

You’re coming back, right?


Every day, after rehearsal, Zen would call MC. The sound of her voice always made him smile, and if she was sad, he would always be willing to cheer her up. But one day, for some reason, she wouldn’t pick up. One ring, two rings, three rings. Strange. MC usually picks up by now…. But Zen didn’t pay too much attention to it. He assumed that she was busy doing other things, and hoped she would call him back later. 

But that night, when his phone vibrated, it was for a completely different reason. It was a text from MC. One that made his lovestruck teenage boy grin turn into a frown. Goodbye. Forever. He logged onto the messenger, only to see a distressed Seven. 

[Zen joined the chatroom]

Seven: Zen! >_< MC deleted the messenger! 

Zen: Don’t joke around, what’s actually going on? She texted me something pretty strange… Did she get kidnapped? 

Seven: I’m being serious for once! I tried to check the security cameras too, but they were taped over! 

[Zen left the chatroom] 

Things were a blur to him. Zen reached for a jacket, then stopped his hand midair. I don’t know where she is. Mind racing, he went to the sink and splashed himself with cold water. Looking up, he made eye contact with himself in the mirror. For a split second, he didn’t find himself attractive. He splashed himself again. Maybe MC left because of my narcissism. He let out a deep sigh and stared at the ceiling, trying to blink away his tears. 

When he looked at himself in the mirror, he didn’t feel confident. He felt useless, ugly. How was he considered attractive when the only one he loved didn’t love him back? He spent a sleepless night, constantly checking the messenger. 

[Zen joined the chatroom] 

Yoosung: Zen… You’re up late…

Zen: You’re one to talk. It’s three am. Go to bed lolol

[Zen left the chatroom] 

He knew he should have stayed longer to read Yoosung’s response, but he couldn’t bear being in the chatroom without her. MC was always so supportive, so kind and understanding, but he was never there for her, was he? He was always so self centered, He should have told her he loved her more. Said he cared more. But it was too late now. I’m not handsome.  Zen was completely out of it. He refused to  talk to anyone, and only came on to the messenger to check if MC was there. His self confidence was at an all time low. 

[Zen joined the chatroom] 

Jumin: And I want Elizabeth the Third to be the model. 

Jumin: Ah Zen, would you like to model for my new cat project?

Zen: No, I don’t feel like working

Jumin: You aren’t going to yell at me? It’s been over a week now, you should learn to control your sadness.

[Zen left the chatroom] 

Zen became a hollow shell. Others found him attractive, and offered him modeling jobs.  But in his own eyes, he was hideous. Couldn’t even keep one girl by my side… Im useless… He covered the mirrors around his house, and disliked seeing his own productions. He was emotionless. Never wanted to joke around, talk about himself, or even argue with Jumin. 

I should have done more for you. Let me try again, please, my princess… 


It had been another long day of typing reports and scheduling meetings. But somehow her steps felt lighter as she took out her phone and opened the messenger. Jaehee hummed a little as she clicked on the group chatroom, opening the fridge to get a drink. She glanced at the texts while sipping some juice, and the message she saw made her freeze with the cup at her lips. Bye everyone. 

[Jaehee has joined the chatroom] 

Yoosung: Jaehee did you see what MC sent? o(TヘT)o

Jaehee: Yes, but why’s everyone so freaked out about it? It could have been a temporary goodbye. 

Zen: … Jaehee, she hasn’t been on since she sent that message… 

Yoosung: Yea, she’s usually on to chat all the time! 

Jaehee: I’m sure she was just busy. I need to go to bed now, so calm down and go to sleep yourselves. 

[Jaehee left the chatroom]

She felt a little uncertain about MC’s strange message, but she was much to tired to think about that. The next morning, Jaehee quickly ate her breakfast, and checked the messenger. It was pretty suspicious at this point. MC hadn’t been on the whole night, and Seven claimed that the security cameras were not working. 

Jaehee drowned herself in work that day, getting even more done than usual. No one noticed how distraught she actually was, and Jaehee definitely did not want to tell anyone that she was incredibly upset about MC not coming onto the messenger. 

That night, she looked at the chatroom again. The other members were chatting, but Jaehee wasn’t in the mood to be responsible, like she usually was. She closed the messenger and tried to go to sleep, but her mind stayed awake. Did I say something wrong? Should I have welcomed MC more? Jaehee couldn’t help but feel sad. MC had become such a close friend in a matter of days, and she was already gone. 

Work took over her life after that. There was nothing to look forward to, no one to share secrets and be a teenager again with, and nothing to break her monotonous work days. But maybe it was for the best. 

Jaehee pretended everything was fine, and just decided to devote all her free time to staying ahead of the workload. There was an empty void in her life, and the only way she could think of filling it was by becoming completely absorbed in work. 

[Jaehee joined the chatroom]

Seven: !! JAEHEE IS HERE !! 

Zen: Don’t overreact… 

Jaehee: Was there something you wanted to say to me?

Seven: O yeah. You seem really busy lately. Are you ok? 

Zen: Yeah… Is that damn trust fund kid overworking you? 

Jaehee: I appreciate your consideration, but you don’t need to worry about me. I’m just trying to focus more on work.

Jaehee: ah, speaking of which, I should get to bed now.

Zen: Get some rest, and I hope you don’t overexert yourself~  

Seven: Good night!

[Jaehee has left the chatroom] 

And that night, when she went to her bedroom, tears began to wet her pillow. She didn’t know why she was crying, but she couldn’t stop, and cried herself to sleep, desperately trying to fill the gaping hole in her life through  tears. 

It’s been so long since I met someone like you… Don’t leave me… 

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Scenario when Yoosung changes his hairstyle? :'o

Author’s note: OMG my first scenario!! I’m so sorry if it’s rough, I’m still trying to figure out formatting

“Hey guys, how do you like my hair?!?”

*dead silence*


Yoosung decided that he was tired of having to clip back his hair. So when he told the hair dresser to slick it back instead of leave it down, he was ready to commit. “Not bad,” he muttered, checking himself out in the mirror. 

I definitely look older with my hair like this… OH, I SHOULD SHOW MC AND THE RFA!


“Guysss, I need some sort of response!!”

He was starting to get worried. Crap maybe it doesn’t look as good as I thought… I should-


MC ran up to Yoosung and wrapped her arms around him. “You look so much older like that!!”

“That’s what I thought too!!”

After that, each of the RFA members began to give their stamp of approval.

“It does make him look more professional,” Jumin agreed.

“Yeah! He looks like an old man now!!” Seven joked. he was still the only one that laughed

Zen ran his hand through Yoosung’s hair. “It feels healthier too.”

Jaehee nodded, “If Zen likes, it you know it looks good. His hair is seemingly flawless.”

The new and improved Yoosung smiled. “I’m glad you all like it!”

MC, who was still hanging onto him, leaned over to his ear.

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what your hair looks like to me. I’ll love you all the same.”

And she was right. The next day, when he wore it natural, she loved him. And when his hair started turning grey, she loved him. And when he began going bald, she loved him.

And that’s all that mattered to him anyways. That she loved him.

Bradley Simpson - Team

Hey guys, so as I earlier said, I’m expanding the blog’s repertoir. This is the beginning, and I’m starting it with a The Vamps imagine hoping some of you also like Brad and will be happy to read about him. It’s not going to be only about him, I have a lot on my mind, I hope I’ll be able to write them. But I will continue to post about the usual people, so don’t worry!


“I really can’t believe you made me do this,” he muttered for like the hundredth time.

“Oh shut up, I know you also wanted to do this,” I laughed focusing on my task trying not to mess it up.

“But not online, in front of our fans!” he exclaimed pointing towards his laptop that was currently broadcasting as I was straightening his hair out. I had been whining to Bradley about how badly I wanted to see him without his extremely cute curls, and he finally gave in! When the boys find out what we were about to do they made us do it live online, and even though Bradley said no for the first… eighty times, he finally agreed to do it.

“I think everyone is enjoying it, don’t be a crybaby,” I teased him taking another curl into the ironer.

“I’ll look like Joe Jonas in Camp Rock,” he huffed crossing his arms on his chest.

“Okay, I’m not going to ask why you know how Joe looked like in that movie, so let’s pretend you didn’t say anything and you can keep your manhood.”

“First, that’s a great Disney Channel movie. Second… you are right, let’s pretend I never said that.” I chuckled nodding to myself. I was sure his fans were dying in front of their laptops watching their idol getting all glammed up and talking about Camp Rock.

“Okay, Mr. Camp Rock, you are almost done,” I announced taking care of the last curl. His hair got so long and… weird, I immediately started to laugh when he turned around and I saw my work on his head.

“How do I look?” he winked at me checking himself out in the mirror and then turned to the camera so the fans could admire his beauty.

“Fancy!” I heard Connor comment as he came in grinning at his bandmate.

“You like it?” he asked running his fingers through his new do.

“Totally. You should rock it on the new album cover,” he suggested laughing at him.

“You’re right. It should be my new image, I’m sure the fans love it!” he said acting like he was being serious and then started to read the comments that were running through the screen. “Well, according to the messages, I should never do this again, so thank you for the great experience, Y/N,” he said turning to me.

“To be honest, you really look like Joe Jonas. You were right.” I took my phone out and Brad posed for a quick photo. He started to reply to comments while I edited the photo and uploaded it before he could stop me.

“What’s the cheesy smile for?” he asked when I sat down next to him on the couch.

“Nothing, but I think you should check my Instagram,” I said shrugging innocently. His eyes went wide grabbing his phone from the table.

“Oh my God,” he sighed closing his eyes seeing my latest post. I made a montage of his photo and from a photo of Joe Jonas rocking the same hairstyle. They really looked like two long lost twin brothers. “Are you enjoying humiliating your boyfriend?” he asked looking at me trying to convince me that he was hurt by the picture.

“I live for it, baby,” I said patting on his thigh and stood up.

“Okay, I think that was enough. Hope you guys won’t have nightmares because of how I look right now,” he said talking to his audience. “See you guys later, thanks for watching my humiliation, it was a pleasure.” Waving into the camera he ended the broadcasting and shut the laptop down. “I’m starting to feel like Joe Jonas,” he sighed taking another look of himself in the mirror.

“At least your clothes don’t look like the ones he wore in the movie.”

“Yeah, my pants are tighter,” he nodded pressing his lips into a thin line while I laughed at his self-irony.

“You know, I think half of your fans like you because of your tight pants.”

“And what about the other half?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Oh, they are going for the curls.”

“So no one is interested in my voice? That sounds great, I love being the singer of a band,” he commented sarcastically. “What about you?” he grinned at me pulling me close to him. “Which team are you in?”

“Me? I’m definitely in team pants.”

“It was hard to tell between two ass grabbing,” he laughed pressing his lips to mine. He was right, I grabbed his ass often, because I was his girlfriend and because I was obsessed with it. Can’t help it.

“And what team are you in?” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“I’m team shut up and kiss your Joe Jonas look-alike boyfriend,” he replied before attacking my lips again.

Glitter! Michael

So I did a short imagine like this with spanking, I’m going to include the blurb in this imagine anyway..But if you want it, it’s here. but theres not a point really whoops. ALSO I WROTE THIS AGES AGO 


Pairing: Y/N and Michael

Words: 1.8K

Warning: Smut, Spanking and GIFS

Summary: Michael and Y/N go to a glitter party and bring home some glitter and things get interesting!

I’ve never seen anyone do this soooo here we go!


At first you really didn’t want to go. You’d only just had a shower and the idea completely sounded insane. A glitter party. Parties in itself were boring to me. I always thought they’d be better but the best you get nowadays is dancing to YMCA or cha cha slide not to mention watch me whip. 

But my boyfriend persuasion technique was the best. Getting ham and pineapple pizza with sweet potato fries and dough balls after the party got me going. I managed to find my creamy blue skirt and my small white crop top. I had done my make-up and leaving my hair down. I looked into the mirror and smiled. 

“Babe you look so good” I smirked to myself and turned towards my boyfriend. He was wearing a black buttoned up shirt and his signature black skinny jeans. He was drinking in my appearance and to say the least I was doing the same exact thing, god he was so fucking hot and I bit my lip at the sight of him.

“As do you” he raised his pierced eyebrow and made his way over to me. He placed his hands on my hip and brought my body closer to his. His forehead rested on mine as he pecked my lips. 

“C’mon lets get going” He pulled away and reached his hand out.

“Wait let me grab my heels” I walked to my closet and pulled out my cream basket filled with all my shoes, some that I’ve bought but most Michael bought me as he knows I love shoes. Although I tell him not to he always gets me them and loves treating me, especially designer shoes. I pulled out my leopard print heels, placed them on my feet. I grabbed hold of his hand whilst he was checking himself out in mirror. He paused and and turned to me, he gave me a sly look and edged his face towards mine. 

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Fist date clambu! Jambu planning everything, and clay being super nervice, and then by the end of the night jambu relaxes clay with something about how he loves him??

“Where do you wanna go tonight, hun?” Jambu asked from the bedroom into the washroom, where Clay was trying to examine all of his bulky form in just a tiny mirror, not wanting a scale out of place! “Oh It doesn’t matter! You know I’ll eat anything.” He responded, ending on a rather nervous chuckle as he checked his teeth, making sure to not have any fruit in there. “Well, there’s this new place that opened up near—” Clay tuned his lovely Rainwing out as he frantically checked all over himself. He needed to look perfect for Jambu, he deserves it!
As Jambu was finishing his platter of exotic greens and fruits, Clay was just handing his third plate back to their waiter. It was a nice place, not many other dragons were out that night so they got a very nice seat with a view of the Rainforest. Finally Jambu finished and he gave Clay a look. It was a look that the big lug knew well, it was as if Jambu was interrogating Clay, and he had to figure out what Jambu wanted to know. He gulped nervously “Wh-What’s wrong, Jamby?” He asked, hoping to use a little nickname to calm the tension. Jambu just smiled and shook his head. “Clay… I saw that orange goop you slathered on your scar before we left.” The Mudwing looked down and wrapped his tail around said leg, using his thick tail tip to caress the edges of his scar. Jambu reached forward and placed one pink paw on Clay’s much larger paw, which prompted Clay to meet his understanding gaze. “Clay… You know I love you for all that you are. It’s almost silly for you to think otherwise. You’ve made me change from some lazy Rainwing who just acted like a Sloth’s grandfather all day, into a very active Rainwing.” Jambu said smoothly. However, this just prompted Clay to fret more. “B-But I thought you didn’t like that! I always thought you always wanted to go back to that, so I’m trying to be less problematic!” Clay said, trying to appear big and strong. Jambu just raised an eye ridge. “That way you won’t have to worry about me at all, and you can nap more!” It was silent for a seemingly long time before Jambu chuckled, even starting to laugh softly. “Clay… You’re the best thing that has ever come into my life, and that’s saying a lot since not too long ago I found out Glory was my sister, and now she’s even the new Queen! You’ve changed me into a Rainwing that she is proud of, that I am proud of. There’s nothing that I would trade to have my old life back. I can’t be happier spending it with you.” Clay was beaming by this point, but he hid it behind a shy grin. He leaned over and gave Jambu a quick smooch on the snout, not wanting to cause a scene in public. Jambu grinned, then he jokingly got serious, knowing this would mess with Clay. “Oh, and if you call me Jamby again, I’ll get Glory to exile you.”

Undercover | Carisi × Reader

It was a Friday night. The entire community is coming to the local night club just to hear your beautiful voice. You applied the finishing touches on your makeup and hair before taking a look into the body length mirror. 

“ Y/n, it’s almost time ” Olivia says as she walks into your private dressing room. Last Friday, you became a rape victim. Since your rapist is a regular at the night club, you KNEW for sure that he would be here so SVU though it would be easier if they go undercover to catch him. 

“ What if things escalates? ” you asked “ Last time someone tried to help me they ended up in a body bag “ 

” I promise you nothing is going to happen, We’ll be in the crowd “ Olivia says, you let out a shaky nervous breath before storming out your room with Olivia trailing behind. As you walk out onto the stage, in the crowd you see Carisi and Rollins sitting in front, Fin and Dodds standing on the side and Olivia scanning the entrance. You placed both of your hands on the old fashioned microphone before letting your beautiful voice fill the entire club. 

" I wanna fly away with you until there’s nothing more for us to do I wanna be more than a friend until the end of an endless end and I can’t go on this way…
with it stronger every day ” you sang, surprising everyone especially Carisi. Just as you started to feel safe, you look up and see your rapist walking into the club with both of his hands in his coat pocket. 

Just as you make eye contact with him, he sends you a warm smile before walking towards the back which was only a bathroom, your bosses office, the utility room and your private dressing room. You kept on singing to keep everyone calm.

 ” ..but being too shy to say that I really love you…and I can’t go on this way…feelin’ it stronger every day…but being too shy to say that I really love you…ohh.. ooh…I… do… “ you turned your attention to Carisi, you slowly brought your hands up to your face as you ended the end in a high note to ‘wow’ the crowd. 

Everyone rised from their seats before clapping their hands, receiving a few male screams. Quickly, you make your way back to your dressing to find your rapist checking himself out in the mirror. 

” You sounded great tonight buttercup, how about an encore? “ your rapist says as he begins to make his way over towards you. You slowly backed up into the door, you sucked in a sharp breath as his chest means yours. He places both of his hands on both sides of your hips before placing soft kisses on your collarbone.

His left hand slowly slides down your right leg before slowly going under and up your dress. You placed your left knee in-between his legs before sending a painful kick in his sensitive area, he let’s out a loud scream in pain before dropping onto the floor. You walk over to the other side of the room as Carisi, Dodds, Fin, Olivia and Rollins burst into the room, Olivia reaches behind her back before taking out a pair of cuffs and taking him into custody. 

You cross your arms over your chest as you watched Olivia and Rollins escort him out the club. 

” Your safe now, he’s going away for good “ Carisi says as he places his hand on your back. 

” Tell me that after I testify “ you whispered. You look up and see Fin and Dodds smiling at you and Carisi. 

Red Lipstick

Jungkook x OC ; FLUFF

Summary: Jungkook asks you how to apply makeup. Fluffy, romantic makeover session. 

“Jagi?” Jungkook called softly. You groggily you propped yourself up on the white pillows, mumbling incoherent words as you rubbed your eyes, sleep coating your eyelashes. 

It was a beautiful morning - light pouring in from the sun, birds chirping on the tree right outside your apartment window - except it was way to early to be awake, considering it was a Saturday. You groaned when you read the clock as 6 o’clock, because which rational person wakes up this early on a Saturday?

“What are you doing, Jungkook?” you sighed, figuring you might as well go make yourself a cup of coffee. Slumping against the bedroom door, you waited for Jungkook to answer. When he didn’t answer, you frowned as you banged on the bathroom. You heard some shuffling, and Jungkook came out the bathroom sporting a shy grin. He held up a few bottles on his outstretched palms, holding them out for you to see.  

“Are those my makeup products?” you asked, holding back a chuckle. Jungkook blushed even more, tinging his cheeks a pale pink. 

“Yeah?” Jungkook replied. “Y/N, I-I was wondering if you could t-teach me how to do makeup.”

You were taken aback at his bluntness. You had heard from the other members that Jungkook had been into cosmetics recently, but he only went as far as collecting them. The most he ever put on was moisturiser or lotion, but even that was on a good day. 

Figuring it wouldn’t hurt, you gently grasped his right hand, making a shiver run down his spine. You loved how he jumped at the smallest touch, being too shy to initiate any skinship. Leading in front of the bathroom mirror, you told him to jump up to the area next to the sink.

“Let me give you a makeover, jagi,” you said, picking up a few products. “Any look you had in mind? Cute schoolgirl? Sexy club makeup?”

“A-anything you think fits me, Y/N,” Jungkook smiled nervously, staring intensely at all the products arrayed on the countertop. 

“Your wish is my command, sir,” you gave him a mock salute, grinning as you thumbed over your makeup collection. Picking up a deep blue eyeliner, you replaced it with a subtle brown one that would complement his doe-like eyes. 

It was a nice moment, for him and you to be enjoying such a mindless activity together. Jungkook was usually always too busy with his work that the most he did was sleep or eat breakfast in the shared apartment. You both knew that when the weekend was over, you would have to go back to school while Jungkook would go back to spending twelve hours in the practice room.

With expert hands, you applied the eyeliner on Jungkook’s crease. “First tip to eyeliner is not overdoing it. Don’t make the line or wing too thick, because too much of it actually makes your eyes look smaller.” Jungkook nodded, taking in all the new information. “How do you like it?” you asked, tilting his chin and allowing him to open his eyes. Checking himself out n the mirror, Jungkook seemed satisfied as he smiled contently. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said, pinching your cheeks. 

“God, are you just saying that because I’m doing your makeup right now?” you laughed, and Jungkook fervently shook his head no. He tenderly placed a hand on the nape of your neck, pulling you in for a kiss. It was not sloppy or chaste, but just the right mixture of sweet and passionate. Pulling away to take a breather, it was your turn to grow red. 

“W-we’re meant to be teaching you makeup,” you giggled, picking back up the brown eyeshadow you were meant to put on him. 

“Should we stop here for now?” Jungkook asked mischievously, slyly guiding your hands down on the countertop again. “I think I like kissing you better.”

Shaking your head and determined to give him a proper makeover, you swept the eyeshadow brush across his entire eyelid. Working diligently, you also dabbed some burgundy on his crease, smiling as Jungkook yawned. Giving him an adoring kiss on the tip of his nice, you added the final touch of shadow.

“If you don’t know what colour to use,” you continued on with your tutorial, “Just use matte browns. Shimmers and glitters can easily look tacky.” 

“Mhm,” By this time, you knew Jungkook was barely listening. Your boyfriend always got bored easily, and had a short attention span. Instead, he was fiddling with the ends of your sweater, picking at the loose thread that had come unraveled. 

“Jagiiii,” Jungkook whined. “Are you almost done? I want to cuddle with you.”

“Almost done,” you replied, deciding his lip colour. “Are you up for some red lipstick, Jungkook?” you asked, casting a longing gaze on the bright orange-red one you had in mind.

“I think that might be too over the top -” Jungkook said, sighing. 

“Please?” you interrupted him, giving him the best cute face you could muster. 

“Fine. But only because you’re cute,” he said, sweeping loose strands of hair out of your forehead. You could feel like looking straight at your face, bunching up in concentration as you carefully filled in Jungkook’s lips with the rich red colour. He loved the way your eyebrows would knit together slightly when hard at work, or how your bottom lip projected in a pout whenever things weren’t going perfect. 

“All dolled up and pretty, Jungkook,” you announced after a minute, looking up the admire the masterpiece within his face. “I’m done. Do you like the way I did it?”

By this time Jungkook could honestly care less how he looked. All he wanted to do was curl on the bed with you laying on his chest, and cuddling the morning away. With his long, volimunous mascara-ed lashes, deep eyes and fierce cat wing topped off with the red lipstick, he admitted the transformation was pretty cool.

“Y/N, you’re pretty good at makeup,” Jungkook said. “I wonder why I haven’t asked you to give me a makeover before. It’s fascinating. But now we should go and cuddle.” 

He desperately grabbed at your hand, leading you towards the couch. He put the blankets over both of you, getting in to a comfortable posistion. Throwing one leg over yours, Jungkook snuggled you close, enjoying the warmth your bodies emitted. Feeling protected underneath his arms, you lazily mumbled as you felt yourself growing sleepy.

“I was thinking I could do Yoongi next,” you piped up. 


mitsuzukibaru  asked:

Hi! I wanted to tell you that I love your blog.Also,I want to ask how sakamakis and mukamis feel about their physical appearance...(p.s. keep up the good work,love ya)

Shu- He doesn’t care about how he looks.

Reiji- He cares a lot about how he looks and often checks a mirror to make sure he’s always presentable.

Ayato- Ayato kind of cares, but only if he’s going out or snapchatting. 

Laito- Laito cares a lot about his appearance and can get insecure about it at times.

Kanato- Kanato is very insecure about himself in general, but he doesn’t spend much time on it because he thinks it’s just a waste.

Subaru- He is very insecure, but you can tell by his boots that be doesn’t care or pay much attention to his appearance-

Kino- He doesn’t care about how he looks.

Ruki- Ruki is very secure and confident about his appearance always.

Kou- Kou is kind of in the grey- he knows he’s hot, but he does often panic before interviews and concerts and needs to be assured he looks okay.

Yuma- He really doesn’t care, but he does sometimes feel a bit awkward for being so tall and lanky.

Azusa- Azusa is very insecure about his looks, but he just deals with it and doesn’t try to change himself anyway.

The boys tease him about being whipped (requested)

i don’t know what i did with this, but here it is…


Ashton: One of the boys would be all “Hey mate! You wanna come out with us for drinks on Saturday?” and Ashton would say something like, “I’m not sure. Let me check something.” And he’d go on his phone to text you, and one of them would say “Ten to one he’s texting her for permission. *cough cough* WHIPPED *cough*.”  And Ashton wouldn’t even look up, he’d just flip them off and keep texting you with a little smile because he know’s they’re right.

Calum:  He would be working out with the other boys, and be a little nervous because you finally agreed to go out on a date with him.  (side-note: i feel like when Calum is all by himself, he’s probably kind of critical, and like checks himself out in the mirror and i don’t know.) After every couple reps he’d go over to his phone and check to see if you’d texted or called, and then go back and do a few more before returning to the phone to check again.  And the other boys would just whisper about how, “He’s not even been on a date yet and she’s already got him whipped.”

Michael: Okay, the only way i can see this really happening is if he like, lost a bet or something.  I’m not saying he wouldn’t love you with all his heart, but he just wouldn’t be like whipped type boyfriend.  So he’d loose a bet, and you’d all be hanging out with the boys watching TV from the couch, and you’d tell Michael to go and get you a drink, and he’d just do it.  The other boys would be kind of shocked because that’s just not Mikey, and wonder what’s gotten into him.  When he gets back, they’d be all, “Damn, you whipped.” You’d blow a kiss and smirk as you felt him settle back in beside you, curling to your side while he flipped them off.  

Luke: You guys would all be walking around a park or something, and you’d have worn the new shoes, so your feet have started hurting.  I feel like Luke would just be so attentive, and he’d probably just pick up on it, and he’d stop you and piggy back you.  One of them would laughingly say, “He’s whipped.” And laughing even harder, “Pussy whipped.” You’d look down at him to see his face bright red, but a glare on his face.  You’d just wrap your arms around him tighter and kiss his cheek.