i love how he brings the band in as well

Q Mag: Then you apparently called Carl a ‘racist’.
Peter: Oh shit! OK, I was lairy…and Carl didn’t deserve me bringing up…why did I get kicked out of the band again? It never gets discussed, y'see? Aw I shouldn’t have said it! I love him so much. It’s all coming back to me now. I offered him out as well! 'Toe to toe on the cobbles’ was my expression. I took my jacket off! Jesus Christ.
Q Mag: What’s worse is how gracious Barat was.
Peter: I’ve never seen him like that before, never; he was elegant and charming and didn’t get battered.
Q Mag: Barat bundled him into the toilet and announced some 'massive’ secret news.
Peter: He’s been nest-egging. All our advances. Cos he knows I always just spunk mine. He’s got this gaff now, on the seafront, I won’t say where, and we’re gonna open a Libertines Hotel. With a studio, nightclub, a bar. He’s dead set on it. Open to…anyone who’ll pay the bills!
—  Peter Doherty, Q Magazine, February 2017