i love how he always protects her

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So we know that Oliver is super protective and sweet to Felicity when she's pregnant....Do William and Nate follow in their dad's footsteps with Amelia and Penny??? I have no idea how my mind came up with this by the way. PS Absolutely loved today's PoA chapter..I continue to relate so much to Jules the more I learn. XO!

Great question! And very different answers. (Also, thank you! Very glad you enjoyed today’s chapter). 

Nate is protective and possessive when Penny’s pregnant. He’s always like that with her to some extent, but it’s something that’s even more true when she’s carrying his children. He takes a lot of pride in seeing evidence of his child growing inside her. He loves when she’s pregnant. He’s got an almost absurd sense of male pride about it (which will probably make Felicity raise an eyebrow at him like ‘really??’ and make him blush at her because she’s still his mom no matter how old he is and she can still make him feel about five years old again busted for stealing cookies under Jules’ directions when she tries)

Will is different from his brother. He’s scared as hell. I mean, is he protective? Yes. But it’s in a far less primal and far softer way. He’s a bit of a mother hen about it. He stresses. He worries. He probably drives Amelia slightly crazy in the process. He’d do anything in the world to protect her but this isn’t something he can control and that drives him a little nuts. He’s seen so many things go wrong as a firefighter. He knows all the worst case scenarios. There’s a lot of anxiety there for Will. 

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a/n: say no more. i love him. must protect.

itS A SERIES!!!!!!!


He was staring at you again, though as soon as your eyes would meet, he shyly glanced away and hid behind his book. The Care of Magical Creature’s class was held outside again, the students chatting between one another loudly since the teacher didn’t mind it – as a matter of fact, conversation was highly encouraged. Educational or not. Newton was alone, though, as he always was – not even Leda was around to cheer him up with her new research (you had overheard a group of girls gossiping about how peculiar she was). A familiar voice of a friend reached you, along with a poke to your rib-cage that nearly made you yelp, and you replied with an annoyed ‘Sod off, will ya?’, grinning when Newt glanced at you again. Upon catching him for the second time that day, he blushed a bright red. For the rest of the class he was religiously avoiding you.

After class you were the first to pack your things and hop to him, throwing an old book bag over your shoulder and plopping down on the grass next to the sixth year that was only now closing his book. He looked like a fish out of water finding such a genuinely friendly smile brimming your lips. “Hi.” You broke the silence, seeing as he did nothing but admire you. Extending you hand, you waited for him to shake it, “(Name) (Lastname). Seeker. Pleasure.” As if only now snapping out what ever daze was in, Newt nervously shook his shoulders and clamped his hand over yours. The contact was short lived as he only murmured his name out and let go. “You’re quite shy, aren’t you?” You continued the conversation. “I saw you lookin’. Not the first time either.” You pointed out. He froze for a second. “Please don’t tell me it’s my hair.” Your voice held a strain in it, “After changing it…things haven’t been the same.” He didn’t reply, only gulped nervously and stood up along with his things.

“N-No…Not your hair.” He finally said, seeing as you only followed in his example and weren’t about to let him be, “I find it quite beautiful, actually.” At his words, you grinned.

“Thanks!” The volume of your voice made him twitch, “Quite a relief, actually.” You added, following after him. “Why were you lookin’ then?” your voice grew in suspicion.

Newt tilted his head in your direction, only to see you curiously glancing upwards at him – he was much taller, “People seem to like you.” He blurred out, “I was merely curious as to why.” You smiled, again.

“Don’t people like you?”

“No actually. They find me quite vexing.”

“I don’t.”

“You don’t know me yet.”

“Then let’s change that, shall we?” Your voice sounded much too enthusiastic than he expected, and taken aback he stopped moving only to see a toothy grin pinch your cheeks, “Quidditch practice is in ten minutes. Come, okay? We can hang out afterwards.” He was about to deny such an invitation, you could tell, so quickly you added “It’ll be fun. I swear. Plus, I won’t tell anyone about that Bowtuckle you snatched when no one was lookin’.”

“How did yo-“

“I like your hair too.” Was all you said, your smile dimming and you took a couple of backwards steps, “See ya in a bit!” and with that, you blazed to the training field.

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“Your eyes light up when you talk about him. That is because he’s my best friend.”

More doodles of Bucky and his service dog FUBAR!

Top Left: FUBAR on a walk with his Human and his Human’s Best Guy!

Top Right: Bucky really loves to lie around in the sun (because it’s the opposite of being in cryo or literally and figuratively living in the shadows), but FUBAR is like 80% floof so he prefers to lie around in the shade. This is how they compromise! 

Middle Left: Sometimes Buck isolates himself a little too much and FUBAR can be a good conversation starter. However, Bucky also sometimes gets nervous around people and FUBAR knows this so he’s always On Duty and ready to protect his human! (I couldn’t resist throwing in a cute Kobik Alternate Meeting cameo because I love her relationship with Bucky!)

Middle Right: Buck loves to go to the library to help supplement his journaling and FUBAR is super helpful and holds Buck’s books while he juggles his apartment keys! FUBAR is very poised. 

Bottom: Sometimes Buck gets a lil overwhelmed and cries and that’s okay but sometimes he has trouble stopping so FUBAR will bring his Human his favorite ball and it makes Buck smile a little, which is good! (Loosely based on this beautiful post, originally sent to me by @doveloves!) 



#they’re in the fortress of solitude   #talking to kara’s future mother-in-law   #queen rhea probably says something snarky about krypton to kara   #and then protective!mon-el steps in front and defends the love of his life   #because he will always be on and by her side   #and then he grabs her face because how could you not   #they probably kiss   #and then i’ll probably die   #when will they let me catch a damn breath

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Genre: Romance.

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

It all had started after the night Yoongi and you had sex for the first time.

The thoughts of that night were consuming, if you closed your eyes, or even with your eyes wide open the memories of it were as vivid as if it had just happened, as you brushed your hair and saw your reflection in the mirror you had to admit your attention was no longer on getting ready to go out as the way Yoongi had held you occupied every single spot on your mind; the way his hands had caressed every single part of your skin setting every nerve on fire, the feeling of him inside of you, the sounds you had made, what you provoked in him and of course, his eyes on you, a dark and exquisite delight that had you yearning for it more than you should.

You knew sex with him would be different from any other experience that you previously had, Yoongi was a demon, and for demons sex alluded a whole new level of sensations; sensations that he had let you feel.

You shuddered at the thought, trying to fight back the wave of heat that ran through your whole body. Because now you were aware that at that night Yoongi had done something that let him sense, if he wished, whatever happened to you, what you were feeling. 

It was a black mark that you had only noticed two days ago when you felt something itching at the back of your neck; but that he had done to you a week ago at his place. Yoongi had thought he could get away with you having it and not seeing it. You had confronted him about it the same day you found out, and when you learned what the mark could do you were baffled, he had stepped over a limit for you. Yoongi had blatantly answered that he was a demon and had no limits nor morals. It was a furious battle that unfortunately you hadn’t won, yet.

Caressing your nape, you felt the spot where the mark was, an intricate circle that swirled in beautiful arabesques. The mark, that looked like a well made tattoo, was placed on your nape just below your hair line, where Yoongi had bit you that time but you had thought it was just out of the heat of the moment, you remembered the whimper you had let out at that precise moment, followed by Yoongi’s husky groans. Your cheeks flushed and you shook your head once more.
Through it Yoongi could know if you were happy or afraid, if you were in danger or even if you felt… aroused.
So you tried to stay calm and not give him any more reasons to be smug. Because he’d know.

You wanted the mark out, because as much as you liked how he could make you feel everything magnified during sex through it, you absolutely hated that your privacy was diminished to nothing. Yoongi had been rather elusive about the mark, telling it was only for your protection, which you believed, but it still made you feel uncomfortable, you wanted it gone.

You continued brushing your hair, now looking at your reflection, but instead of only seeing yourself your eyes caught a shadow, it moved behind you hiding when you focused on it. You were no longer alone in your apartment.

Jumping to your feet you looked around for something to use as a weapon, you knew it couldn’t be Yoongi, he wouldn’t bother scaring you like this. Your heart beat faster as you felt the creeping sensation of fear start. The only weapon you had in hand was your hair dryer, so you grabbed that.

The shadow, that had previously disappeared, got into the light, revealing to be a young guy, more or less your age that you could have confused with a college student, but there was something off about him, he exuded the same aura that you had seen in Yoongi’s companions. Albeit him looking kind of angelic with fluffy honey hair and soft features you knew better. He was also a demon.

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Okay so…
It’s Zen day today! It’s kind of weird, but I’m trying to do something different for each character for @mysticmessimagines ’s Valentine’s Week and so, since I couldn’t come up with anything to do for Zen, I thought I’d rant a little about my opinion of him and why I love him.
It might be a bit of an “unpopular opinion”, but I truly consider Zen an older brother. Like, of course in his route he is really romantic and I love it, I really do. But to me, in the end, he will always be a big brother. He is just so caring and protective (like in the screenshots above) and just seeing him in the other routes made me realize how much he actually worries about MC and wants her to be safe. He puts her well-being before his own, he makes sure she eats properly and is safe. Like in Jumin’s route, he is constantly worried about her and it’s not just because he “hates” Jumin, no, he is concerned for her in his own way and I find that super adorable. Even in his own route, the way he tries to protect her from himself and from “the beast” shows how much he actually wants her to be comfortable and how important her feelings are to him.
Another thing that makes him the best big bro to me is the fact that he is always willing to give you advice in many occasions, I especially noticed that in Saeyoung’s Valentine’s Day After Ending. I’m just so happy that he still cares about MC in the other routes as much as he would in his own and yeah I just thought I’d make a Zen appreciation post because everyone I know underestimates him or doesn’t particularly like him because of his narcissism. People, appreciate Hyun Ryu pls

You know what I love about that Fitzsimmons moment?

Yes, Fitz wants to protect her. 

BUT HE WANTS TO WORK WITH HER. (Well he always does, but hear me out.)

Not just because they are Fitzsimmons and they’re at their best when working together. But also at the fact that he believes the tech would be better if she actually got her hands on it. That her touch would somehow make the tech GOOD.

I love how Leopold Fitz loves Jemma Simmons.


The Three Omniteers


Or ‘Protectors of Overwatch’, to reference 'Town Musicians of Bremen’ … cuz it just fits X’D

So yeah, have some chibi Omnics and slight shipping :3 (*Hinthint* Orisa holding Bastion’s hand so that he won’t fall and Zen being super protective about Ori and Bassy; nobooty shall hurt 'em X'3)

And like always I nearly forgot Ganymede … god damn it Gany, you need a role in the actual game, other than just existing X’D

But anyways, I really love how it turned out, espacially Ori since it’s the first time drawing her … and I still suck at drawing weapons, Imma sorry X’D

Prompt: For Her.

Harry hadn’t ever really considered himself to be a jealous person. He had always been secure in himself, never feeling inadequate or threatened, well that was until a very attractive old friend that Y/N hadn’t seen in a while had cornered her at a mutual friends wedding and Harry felt like his jaw was about to break with how hard he was gritting his teeth.

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Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 2.

Request:  Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

It wasn’t your first time in Yoongi’s manor, during the time you’d had been together he had brought you here several times, you didn’t remember how many, but in all those times you hadn’t been able to get to know the whole place.

You walked down the hallways watching the art hanging on the walls, beautiful sceneries in some cases, rather grim ones in others. The manor had a nineteen century western ambiance, you could say even more ancient, it had a gothic feel to it, maybe because it was inhabited by demons. Nevertheless it also possessed the modern touch of technology and asian culture. Yoongi, you had learned through time, was actually quite enthusiastic about asian calligraphy, art pieces about it could be found throughout the manor as he’d say that words had power.

Every room in the manor, at least the ones you’d visited, had the right amount of light for it to create shadows out of almost everything, it didn’t matter which hour of the day it was, each room poured shadows that if you had to be honest you were still getting used to. One thing was Yoongi’s shadows and another were these, they created movement, allowing someone who knew how to occult and lurk in plain sight so although you were completely safe in his place, you also knew there were a lot of things to be wary of.

-Miss Y/N-

A voice made you jump, you turned around to find one of the members of Yoongi’s inner circle. He was Hoseok and at first you’d thought he was a butler, because to be fair, he dressed just like one, a black tuxedo and the white dress shirt underneath showing just enough, a bow tie adorning his neck. Out of all the demons you had seen he was the most elegant and proper, him and maybe Jin too.

-Hello- you muttered, feeling a little startled for not hear him coming, you never heard them coming. -You can just call me Y/N, I’ve told you-

He nodded, his orangey silky hair bowing down. -I know Miss, Y/N, Yoongi is waiting for you at the dinning room-

-Alright, you should have told him to just find me himself- that made him chuckle.

-Imagine the outcome of that though- you laughed a little too, Yoongi could be a lazy ass when he was set for it. But as solicitous as Hoseok was you knew he was no butler, although his main job required him to never leave the manor.

Hoseok escorted you until you were in front of the dinning doors which opened at his will, you entered and found Yoongi at the head of the table, a scowl on his face and a meat knife going around his hands.

-About time-

You rolled your eyes and sat beside him, watching as the servants came with the food, walking around Yoongi carefully although not fearful.

-Thank you for waiting- you said despite your eye roll. You knew that if you were around he didn’t eat if you hadn’t eaten.

In front of you you saw what you thought was venison, the herbs making the smoke coming from it to water your mouth, it wasn’t the regular meat you’d eat on a daily basis but here they ate it a lot. You had inquired Yoongi about food before, because it was kind of odd that demons fed the same as humans, Yoongi had explained that they ate because they enjoyed it, but not because of need. Although there was indeed something about it that benefited them. 

The hunting, the killing.

He had let you know that what fed demons was no other thing but power, and there was absolute power in those two activities.

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Unpopular opinion: touka Acknowledged shironeki's change, she just couldn't accept the destruction that was causing him(losing himself slowly). Sadly, it obviously came out wrong when she tried to voice it out due to her old miscommunications issues.

Hm, well Touka was certainly worried for his safety during that time, but I’m sure that a lot of her frustration came specifically from how Shironeki treated her. 

Kaneki abandoning her for the sake of protecting her really rubs her up the wrong way, because Arata did the same thing (albeit his death was unintentional, but he still disappeared from her life) and so did Ayato (becoming stronger in Aogiri to protect her). It’s extremely patronising and she rightfully resents it since it always leads to loved ones causing her pain because they don’t think she can handle herself. 

So she does resent Kaneki’s new persona on that front, but you’re right in pointing out that she also wants to stop him from walking down a self-destructive path - the Ghoul’s path, a path she’s walked on herself before.

This is Touka ‘Let’s bring the fight to the Doves!” Kirishima talking here, after all.

She was mad at Shironeki both because he was hurting her and because he was hurting himself. She was totally justified in all she did on the bridge - true, it was delivered in a very, uhm, Touka way, but that’s precisely what wakes Kaneki up to the ridiculousness of his overprotectiveness of her. Let’s not forget, if the Anteiku raid hadn’t happened when it did, Kaneki would have come back to Anteiku and his tragedy would have hit the pause button. Still reeling from the death of Arima, Kaneki’s slipped back into ‘protective’ mode recently, but Touken talk 2.0 should fix that right up.

Dating Harry Would Include..

• Fucking Jealously omg.

• “Stop hanging out with her!”

• “Who?”

• “Cho!”

• Being best friends with Ron & Hermione.

• Harry sharing his food with you.

• Harry teaching you how to play quidditch.

• (If Muggle born or half-blood) showing Harry all the new things from the Muggle world.

• (If Pureblood) showing Harry, what he doesn’t know.

• Never leaving each other side’s.

• Always Always Always comforting him after the battle of Hogwarts.

• “Do you need any tea?”

• “No love, I’m okay. Go tend to the baby.”

• Him holding the baby all. the. god. damn. time.

• Both of you being protective of your children.

Alright look, you can parallel Stanley and Mabel all you want, but you can’t just ignore all the parallels between Stanley and Dipper

you can’t call Mabel only Dipper’s protector when in every single dangerous instance he is always the one putting himself in front of her to protect her

and she is always the first person he’s worried about protecting

you can’t ignore that the bully that calls Stanford a loser looks like Pacifica who calls Mabel a loser, and that Stanley and Dipper are always ready to defend their twins

Stanley and Dipper were bullied in the past, Stan for being weak and Dip for his birthmark. They are not anymore because they hide their insecurities instead of embracing them as Stanford and Mabel embrace theirs

  • “It was terrible. I was the weakest kid on the playground.”
  • “Kids used to make fun of my birthmark until I started hiding it all the time.”

and knowing that Mabel is a little odd and unashamed of it is what draws Stanford closer to her

  • “I like this kid! She’s weird.”

You cannot say that Dipper ditches Mabel to pursue the supernatural when he always wants her, just her, to come on adventures with him like Stanley just wants Stanford to go adventuring with him

  • “Everything was fine until you started bringing your friends around every night. I mean, hanging out with you this summer’s been fun. But, now you’re always with Candy and Grenda, and I’m… like… just, left behind.”

and you cannot say that Dipper doesn’t sacrifice his wants for Mabel because he sacrifices more than she does and this is what Bill Cipher literally knows and uses to manipulate Dipper in Sock Opera into making a very bad deal with him.

And the only thing that changes Mabel’s mind about giving Dipper up for her show is remembering everything Dipper has done for her.

I’m not saying Mabel’s not like Stanley in some aspects; she obviously is. But let’s not ignore Dipper’s loyalty to Mabel, alright? Sock Opera was a really important episode. The twins’ issues weren’t really resolved here, and I feel like it was foreshadowing a lot to come, especially because some of the twins’ dialogue parallels the Stans’ flashback down in the portal room.

  • Stanley: “You’re selfish!”
  • Stanford: “I’m selfish? Look at you!”
  • Dipper: “You’re obsessed!”
  • Mabel: “I’m obsessed? Look at you!”

and this confrontation

looks an awful lot like this future confrontation between them

I just wanted to point out another way Rhys is awesome. As if there weren’t enough already. When Feyre goes into the Spring Court at the end of ACOMAF, the Inner Circle is freaking out cause THE FREAKIN HIGH LADY IS SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES, everyone except Rhys. I mean, Mor and Amren are all “She’s your mate not your spy.” And “You mean to tell me my High Lady is surrounded by enemies?”

While their concern is somewhat warranted, I love how Rhys is just so on board with this. Do you know what an average male love interest would have done? Stormed in there, taken her back, shielded her, protected her, etc etc. But that trope always left me with a feeling of “that’s sweet but do you not think she can fight for herself?”

And I love Rhys because, even though his mate is in huge amounts of danger, even though he had no idea this plan was going to occur, even though he was totally blindsided, and even though it means “giving” (used lightly) his mate to a guy that probably will want to sleep with her and that she can’t outright refuse without raising suspicion, he STILL supports her. He KNOWS she can fight for herself. He believes she is FULLY CAPABLE for this task. He knows she isn’t some fragile glass vase. And he realizes this was her decision and he RESPECTS THAT. Her sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain, even if it meant both of them would suffer.

That’s just another difference between Rhys and Tamlin.

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 5.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Demon AU - Featuring all BTS

Genre: Romance / Drama. 

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6

You didn’t know what to expect, Yoongi didn’t tell you specifically what you were going to do, only that would be going back to the manor with him and from there you’d be taking off to wherever place in which the collect had to be done.

It made you excited as it made you nervous thinking about it. Yoongi told you you’ll be going after you had your breakfast, you were having toasts with jam, eggs and a big cup of coffee all by yourself in his room. Getting your back comfier you thought how much you liked his bed, being in a place that was just all him, after cleaning your lips you put the little tray aside, rolling on the bed, trying to pick up his scent, you could truly say you also loved how he smelled, but you knew it wasn’t the same thing he sensed while doing it on you. It was something made you scowl with envy and craving, you wanted to be able to sense him like that too. 

Yoongi told you he had a few things to do before going,  he had still the runaway demon closed in the dungeons but apparently it wasn’t it. The killings had stopped but barely, now they had resumed which made them think the runaway demon was still on the run and this just a distractor. Yoongi wanted to see what could they get out of the captive demon but it hadn’t been very fruitful.
You wondered if you were conceited, rolling around in bed when Yoongi had that burden, but then you’d be going to help him today, at least try your best at being useful. You stared at the katanas on the wall, how the blade was slightly curved, the grip simple and yet with a beautiful design, you wondered what would be like holding one of those with your hands, how much would a katana weigh.

The doors opened letting Yoongi in, he just stared at you for a few seconds before approaching the bed.

-I thought you’d be ready by now-

You smirked, trying to hide your nervousness with a bit of arrogance. -I was waiting for you-

He smirked back. -Yeah? For what?- Yoongi saw your playfulness flowing out of you, you knew he couldn’t resist to it, so you waited until he went closer to you, a sigh of surrender escaping his lips before sitting down.

-No reason, just for you- you whispered near his hear, wanting to tickle him a little with the movement of your lips. Yoongi groaned.

-You should be preparing Y/N- he observed, his shadows pushing you to him making you gasp. -Unless you prefer changing the schedule for today-

-No- you decided immediately. -Today I want to learn, I want you to teach me things-

He turned his head, the dark orbs staring at yours seriously -I know, I… I guess I was trying to push back these things as much as possible at least while you are a human-

-Why?- you asked also in a whisper. -I mean, you had showed me other things too, remember?-

-That was only showing, this time it won’t only be like that, so be prepared, I won’t go easy on you Y/N-

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Because she loves him. She loves him, you know? She’s not gonna let him control her, or be her “everything”, you fall in love with someone and there’s a commitment there.  They made a commitment with their marriage to each other, support and be there together, through ups and downs, through thick and thin. It was made a long time ago, and through all the bad he has done, it’s always been with the guise of protecting her. It’s never been with destruction in mind, or causing harm and pain towards her. 

1.1k celebration → for @betsypaige22​ (x)

i thought i would be more upset about the finale, but i’m just so zen because i know somehow, someway stefan and caroline will find their way back to each other.

and if im being honest i would MUCH rather have gotten all we got

  1. caroline knowing he was the one from the first time she saw him
  2. stefan helping caroline transition
  3. caroline being his sober sponsor
  4. caroline being there for him when he lost his memory
  5. them becoming best friends
  6. theyre friendship growing into something more
  7. stefan always protecting caroline and putting her first
  8. multiple i loves you’s
  9. two proposals
  10. a june/march wedding
  11. i will love you forever

than a bone that something might happen between a ship that will never be seen.

but hey, thats just me.

i know my otp is epic and even if the finale didnt go the way i wanted, nothing will take away how much i love steroline or this fandom.