i love how expressive he is when he speaks

So late to this train, but...

During Vegas Con 2016, the boys are asked how they knew their partners were the one. Watch how uncomfortable they get!

Jared: “Jared and Jensen, when did you first meet your future ex-wives?” He’s jesting, obviously, but I would never joke about something like that. The thought of my boyfriend being my future ex is just too horrid.

Jared thinks long and hard for what to say, eventually finding the words. He speaks of a she while Jensen sits next to him with a stony expression on his face. He talks of how he didn’t want to see anyone else after their first date, about how he feels loved even when he can’t love himself and how (s)he makes him a better person. He can’t look at Jensen while he speaks, but once he’s done, he pats Jensen’s knee as if to say “You know you’re the one for me, don’t be fooled by the pronoun.”

Meanwhile, Jensen has had time to think. Watch how different his response is! He holds eye contact with Jared, carefully keeping any gender pronouns out of his reply. He speaks of how his partner was somewhere in between destiny and a leap of faith (makes sense, as Jensen is said to be a little reserved), but he does not regret choosing to take a chance with the partner of his choice.

Phew. I’m getting some serious chills down my spine from watching this. I get the feeling they’re not really talking about their wives here. Jared is just too careful not to look at Jensen, as if he fears losing composure. Jensen, on the other hand, is solid as a rock, as if standing in support of his man. It feels like he’s convincing Jared, “You’re my one, too. We’ve been through so much, but I don’t regret choosing you.”

I personally feel conflicted about all the personal questions asked at the cons. I feel horrible for J2, who have to endure with all the prodding and poking, but… I get to have stuff to analyze. Still, I think I’d have stuff to analyze even without the questions.

This footage is by SPNConGirl from YouTube, shortened for convenience’s sake. Check out the full panel video and her channel! She’s a great contributor to the fandom, throw her a like or a comment as thanks. :)


My thoughts as promised. It’s long. Read it in bed. 😂 I’m just gonna say this up front. I briefly fell for the okie doke. I too was wondering why John, in bed with a beautifully naked Madi, would be speaking of Billy Bones and Flint? And then I heard Madi say? “And it upsets you. Because you believe he is your friend.” John: “Yes, it upsets me.” *V8 forehead smack* Symbolism much?!

*Important: This is not the first time Madi and John have made love! There is no awkward fumbling or nervous giggling. When John kisses Madi, he is locked on. He knows how to handle Madi’s full, petal-soft lips.*

John is being truly naked with Madi. Here John is voicing and expressing a lack of control over situations; Billy telling tale-tales about him and making him an unwilling legend, in his own time. And Flint. John is worried about Flint’s EGO. Something he’s had to contend with “alone” for some time. Now, he has a confidant in Madi. Someone to help, if for the moment, lighten his imagined burden. I say imagined, because soon Madi will free John of this albatross. 🙂 Bear with me. I promise the good part is coming (no pun intended.)

We all know John is a wordsmith. He has the ability to speak his way out of most situations. By telling the listener what they “want” to hear. It’s a gift, to be able to read a person so quickly. In this, John is unmatched. Welp, until he met Madi.

Princess Madi has a gift of “communication”. She doesn’t tell the listener what they want to hear. No, she repeats their words, but without judgement. I read once of someone’s frustration with Madi for throwing John’s words in his face. “Did you not once, tell me of your worry? About the fate of those whom Captain Flint called friends before you?“Madi repeats this, not to throw John’s own words in his face, but to remind him of the intense emotions he was feeling when he said it. Maybe John feels this way too, because he attempts to qualify his original statement. “A lot has changed since then. This would make more sense, if I didn’t need him [Flint] as much as he needs me.” Again, Madi gives him his own words…“ A lot has changed.” But this time, Madi adds subtle nuances and inflections to get John’s attention. John being so in tune with Madi and the power of words, he finally catches the difference. John is no longer listening to the thoughts in his head. Madi has his undivided attention.

*Taking a moment to scream, whoop and holla! Madi is John’s equal when it comes to the use of language. Different styles but no less effective. They are so equally yoked!*

John is “upset” because he’s been trying to find a way for them (he and Flint) to be successful in this endeavor. But Billy is making things difficult. John likes Billy and thus, is trying to figure out how to handle him. John also “believes” Flint is now his friend and even contends that together, they are an unbeatable combination. BUT, despite “believing”, John is upset. Because his gut/instincts is telling him something else.

When John asks Madi if she thinks he’s unqualified to have an opinion about Flint? Madi, ever the diplomat doesn’t tell John…Son you so close, you can’t see the forest for the trees! Because to do so might cause John to stop listening/thinking outside of the SilverFlint tandem. What she does convey, like any good leader, is her belief in him!! “I don’t believe you need him [Flint] to be the man you are. *John’s nostrils flare, slightly* I think you would be a very good king.” *Blink* “If I were a no good pirate, I’d follow wherever you led.” Madi in 3 simple sentences has freed John, mentally and spiritually from the weight that Flint has become. Madi removed Flint from the equation. She gave John his individuality by making him King. She reminded him he is whole and formidable, in his own right. AND now the good part… she declared her love for him!

I said it before and I’ll say it again. John is shook!! Madi just served him up everything he ever wanted in minutes. This is why John is speechless. Let the lovemaking begin! And for a brief moment, the sun was shining, ichabbie was Canon and I didn’t have bronchitis. 😷😋

Bonus: He went into the water and came out Long John Silver! *bound amid the wreckage*

“I am no one, from nowhere, belonging to nothing. I’m a wretch like you. And yet, mountains of gold have changed hands because I choose it. Thousands of men in Nassau are living in fear of my return because I decreed it. Hundreds of dead redcoats in a forest not far from here because I made it so. I’m the reason grown men lie awake at night. I’m a new beginning for Nassau. And you’d trade all that for what, 500 pieces?”

John drank every 💧 of Madi’s Kool-Aid. He believes in himself. He’s embracing his persona and running with it. Madi is his match, lover and soul mate. Period. 😜 They so CANON, it’s ridiculous. ~PitchingWoo™

this is my favorite jinhun moment from the whole episode, hands down. look at the way jihun’s expression changes from laughing to being serious and attentive towards youjin real quick and then he just listens to youjin speaking as if it matters a lot, as if whatever youjin’s got to say matters a lot. 

it’s one of the things that i love about their dynamics - that jihun, despite his playful self that would sometimes ~make fun~ of youjin when the older’s rambling, he also knows how to listen, and he listens well.

Madi Scott is sooooo good. I love this actress. I love her facial expressions. She speaks like a Queen, she walks like a Queen, but her heart and her quick thinking make her and Silver such good partners and more. And they both know how to handle Flint! I like how Flint let her speak to Billy first. Flint thinks sanely when he has a sane voice in his ear. Which gives more perspective to Madi approaching him after he picks up the Miranda cup piece and her reminding him in some ways what theu are doing and if it is done. She’s calling him to arms.

She is doing her best to maintain this damn alliance with two men that hate each other, slaves suicidal over slave master tactics, and a broken heart. In a world she barely knows among people she dont trust.

My boo boos are on some journeys. I cant wait until they reunite.

I’m eating crow over her knowing the treasure location. I can admit when I’m wrong lol But my friend is saying she didnt admit to not knowing. Flint made the supposition and she countered with why she did it. She just had a look of, and so? It doesnt even matter though as Flint surmised. A boss move is a boss move.

Ugh I want to binge watch this season.

Vineyard Scene Feelings

(Taken from my long ass review of the show)

In the vineyard scene, the first thing I noticed was the transitional music, it was cute and lighthearted, it made me think of Ernst as a character. Then I noticed how, when Hanschen said the line about the bells, Ernst’s voice made him sound like “pshh, totally, I get what you mean, of course”.

DDS’s voice sounded a little different when he was speaking for Ernst, a bit of “sh” sound in his words and he sounded higher pitched and softer.
I loved Andy’s piano slide, it was so smooth and perfectly timed, as was the one from the very edge to Josh in the song.

The voice falling on the keys when Hanschen got too close was a perfect way to express Ernst’s inner feelings, as was when he spun around on his chair, it was a way to show Ernst’s giddiness. Hanschen shushing him, I’ll admit, was funny.

The way Andy portrayed Hanschen in this scene was the best portrayal. When he said “let the status quo defeat you like Moritz”. He says “Moritz” sadly, looking at the ground, giving a moment of silence. He was reverent and knew Ernst and Moritz were friends. He showed he could actually feel! It was a great change from the other portrayals of the line.

The way Andy said “and so you should” was exactly what I wished Hanschen would have sounded like. His “I know” was just the same as always, but instead of his “and so you should” being condescending, it was sweet. It sounded like “You should. You should be allowed to love who you love, yes I’m a boy, but does that matter? No.”

If you recognize this somehow, it’s because I took it directly from my long ass review. I know no one wants to read that shit, but I wanted to bring it up for Hansi haters


“Please be careful,” she said. Draco looked almost amused. “It’s nice that you’re concerned.”
Ginny’s next words came out of her mouth without any foreknowledge on her part that she was about to speak them. “I am concerned,” she said. “I love you.”
His head jerked up and he stared at her, an expression of absolute astonishment on his face. She stared back. She would have thought she would be fighting to keep her expression neutral, but really she only felt very calm. She had said it. Let him do with it whatever he wanted. Although really, he must have known. How could he not? When he replied, it was with only one word, and not the one she was expecting. “Why?”


I love thinking that both Neville and Luna are autistic because they show how different it can be. He starts out too nervous to speak to his peers, while she is unapologetically blunt and happy. That’s also why I love them as friends. I imagine he admires her self-expression and she loves to hear him infodump about herbology and how excited and animated he gets when explaining its intricacies.

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RIGHT HES SO CUTE I LOVE HIM I LOVE SEEING HIM HE’S SOI CUTE AND PRECIOUS i love when the center of attention isn’t on him so he’s sitting all chilled but then when someone shines the light on him he fidgets a bit BECAUSE SAME LOL and then he’s like aLWAYS WIPING HIS HANDS ON HIS PANTS OR SOMETHING taeil is so shy and sweet its so cute i also love to see taeyong interacting with him like in nct u days he’d alWAYS be touching taeil when the attention is on him im :’((( 2tae is 2cute


Min Yoongi is my ultimate bias.
Min Yoongi turns me on so fucking much it’s almost embarrassing and I would never admit to it out loud just how much.
His voice when he raps slays me
His speaking voice is so gruff and ughhhh
His hands, God his hands
Those fucking eyes, sleepy bedroom eyes
How dark and deep and warm his eyes are
Such a languid expression
Like its lazy and bored and just sexy to me
Even his gummy ass smile turns me on
It’s so perfect and cute
The way he dances on stage, he gets so into it
His style too, I love Yoongi’s style
Even his piercings are sexy, man idk anymore
His personality
The way he smirks
The way he laughs

Man I have never been so enamored with someone who I will probably never know well. Here’s to hoping, but we all know that’s less than likely haha.
I really hope and pray that I can find someone to become so enamored with as I am with Yoongi.

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What are your head canons about Ed?

:) !

  • He knows most of his favorite movies by heart and sometimes just…. sits his friends down and acts them out in their entirety.  Once he starts he cannot be stopped.
  • When he was younger he did not understand the laws and implications surrounding marriage so for a while he just assumed that he and the other two Eds would all get married someday.  
  • Speaking of which I also do not think he experiences differentiation between romantic and platonic love regarding friendships and relationships?  I think he generally just experiences varying levels of affection & he has 0 qualms about expressing that affection even though some people misinterpret it.
  • He is incredibly knowledgeable about the movies he loves, regarding not only the films themselves, but how they were made.  He would be that one friend who pauses the movie every five minutes to explain how an effect was done or to tell a story about how two of the actors met, except he gets so absorbed in watching the movies that he cannot stand when people talk during them or interrupt.
to those who say thranduil didn't love leggy

*swears in elvish cause it’s classy*

I’m getting tired of reading shit about how Thranduil only said “Your mother loved you” and not that he loved him. Thranduil’s actions speaks louder than any I love yous.

So let’s take this slowly…

For a start when Legolas told him he would have to kill him too if he kill Taubaby, he withdraw his sword. He made no retort like “I’m your ada you listen here you lil shit”, he backed down and his expression tells everything a father must feel when his son threaten him with that crap.

AND even after he told his army to retreat, he stayed behind to go after his baby leggy and make sure he’s safe even though he knows wee greenleaf doesn’t want to go back without Taubaby

AND he told him about his mother even though the thought of her still pains him CAUSE LIKE HE DOESN’T EVEN MENTION HER ANYMORE.

LIKE THINK about how much pain someone must be going through to not be able to bring themselves to speak of a loved one?


Thranduil loved Legolas. Perhaps not as much as his mother loved him, but Thranduil raised Legolas and he watched him grow. Without the necklace, Legolas is literally the only thing he had of his Elvenqueen.

*more classy elvish swearing*

Something I love about Jung Daehyun:

When his members can’t find the words to express themselves, are too emotional to speak, or even too shy to speak their feelings on camera, he will speak for them. They all trust that he knows how their hearts feel, and because of that we are able to know just how much B.A.P love and care for BABYz. Thank you, Daehyun, for being B.A.P’s voice when it is difficult for the other members to find their own. 

2p!Allies: First time saying ‘I love you’-

America/Allen Jones:
It would be fairly easy for Allen to express how he felt to you. The problem was waiting for him to accept what he was feeling. He’d insist the rotten food was the reason his stomach tightened whenever you were around. The moment finally came when the two of you were walking around, just being with each other. He was telling horrible corny jokes and making your sides spilt. After a final lame antidote he waited for your sweet laughter to cease before speaking again.
“I really love you, Doll Face, you know that?”

China/Xiao Wang:
This guy. He’d wait until after you’ve had some ‘private’ time. You’d be lying on his chest, still fairly dazed. His fingers would push through your locks, satisfying his need to see your face. He’d look down and lock with your eyes, realizing just then what he felt.  
“Shit. I think I love you.”

England/Oliver Kirkland:
Oliver had stuffed his feelings down for sometime, thinking they would pass. But when he caught himself thinking of you before he slept, and then again when he first woke, he knew better. He planned ways to tell you for weeks on end, but all ideas ended up discarded. Until finally he had the perfect thought.  
“Poppet, could you take the last batch of cupcakes from the oven?” He asked, his voice regrettably shaking. Of course you obliged and headed to the kitchen to fetch the treats. But when you pulled them from the oven they weren’t fresh baked, quite the opposite. They’d already been beautifully decorated, the words “I LOVE YOU” written in pink frosting.  

France/Francois Bonnefoy:
You heard the confession by accident. It was very late at night, after he wassure you’d fallen asleep. Francis had kept it seret fo awhile, unsure what the feleign could actually be called. It wasn’t that he was ashamed, not in the least. He just couldtn believe it was him that had such a caring nature buried within. He was running his hand across your cheek and through your hair, thinking of how lucky he was.
“Dammit, at least it‘s you I’m in love with.”

Russia/Viktor Braginsky:
You’d known about his feeling for quite some time, but knew it simply wasn’t in his nature to express such things. The way he let you know was by tossing small affections, one’s no one else was allowed. On occasion in public he’d kiss you cheek or hold your hand upon request. The moment finally came during a rare scene, the two of you were arguing. The subject? His constant jealousy. He blurted it out when you were in the middle of your own point.
“It‘s because I love you, not because I don’t trust you!”

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10. as a stโ˜†rlight, you love your bias because...

the small things :’) like his little smiles

or how he acts when he’s embarassed

or the fact that he adores children (esp his nephew omg♥︎)

or that he absolutely loves to eat

and have i mentioned his 핫바디 yet…

or how he has his own way of showing affection

and his soft voice when he speaks, when his face scrunches up into that expression when he hits those high notes, when he plays soccer, how he gets super competitive (and loses. esp against hyuk lol), how he cares for his fans, etc etc

i could go on and make an essay out of this with proper reference and diagrams…. :’)

Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane appreciation.

Harry to me has perfectly embodied Magnus Bane in every single way and then given him even more. He plays him powerful,wise,charismatic, strong, but also adorable,& humorous. With every movement he makes its Magnus. When he walks, when he talks, his facial expressions the way he moves and speaks is exactly how I always imagined Magnus Bane. Every time he comes up on the screen I squeal because I honestly have fallen even more in love with the character now that Harry is playing him. IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD. And very under appreciated in my eyes. Harry was meant to play this role. And everything he’s doing with Magnus makes me very very very happy.

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You know what? I need to express how much I love that Daryl and Carol can reach these special places in each other’s hearts that no one else can, and that no one ever has.

I love that Daryl can make her smile with his fumbly adorableness, and his opinions on art. That his words and actions can move her to tears. That he causes that adoring sparkle to light up her eyes when he shows concern for her. That she finds ways to keep reminding him that he’s loved and important. That she speaks highly of him when he’s not there to hear it. That he’s the only person who can cause her walls to crumble.

I love that Carol causes his voice to change and turn soft. That she can dissolve him into chuckles. That he smirks and blushes at her sass, corny jokes, and flirtations. That he needs to look directly into her eyes, every time, to make sure that she’s okay. How fiercely protective he is of her. That he’ll stop at nothing if he believes her to be in danger. That she can disarm him with a touch of the hand.

That the sight of each other after a long absence can cause them both to cry tears of joy.

And I love that no matter where this world takes them, their truest, safest, most unconditional home will always be in each other’s arms.

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Do you ever have these moments where you literally wanna bust out crying because of Barry and Iris? I mean, like, Barry is so sure of his love for Iris. So sure that when he first confessed his love for her, he was sorry. But even before that, he denied his love for her saying, “Eddie’s wrong” in regards for his feelings for her - to actually confessing then telling Iris “I don’t have those feelings for you anymore” - to being bashful with Iris spoke the words “Iris West- Allen, huh?” But as time progressed, he grew confident in his love for her. “Without you there wouldn’t be The Flash” to expressing how he needs her to be whole with “every time I falter..” - to “she’s not Iris” and speaking so confidently when Iris asked if their counterparts are married (did you see the look on his face when he said “mhm” BARRY YOU SO SMUG, YOU AIN’T SLICK, anyways) - because Barry is SO sure of his love for her. Even with Barry continuously doubting himself and being unsure of himself and the people around him, his love for Iris is the thing he’s most sure about. And I just wanna cry all the time, honestly.


Grell gave the vampire a sickly, twisted smile. “Come now, don’tsay things like that, you’ll hurt my feelings.“ he mused. He dropped the needle down on the floor, causing the shaft of the device to shatter. Grell knelt down and in front of his former lover and grabbed his chin and turned him to look the red in the eyes. “Look at me when you’re talking to me. It’s rude to not look someone in the face while speaking to them.“ he smirked.

He pulled the mask off of Ryuu’s face to get a better look at the vampire’s face. His thumb slowly ran over the male’s lips. “How cute, your pained expression is truly the best I’ve seen yet~“ he sighed in delight. The red’s twisted nature was coming to the surface. He was tired of being the love-sick, goody-goody he had been playing for so long. “I’ve been dying to come out and meet you face to face~ The real me~“ he said with a twisted delightful tone. He leaned in and lapped up the tears spilling from the vampire’s eyes. “So salty~! Your anguish is absolutely intoxicating~!“ he sighed happily.

The red pulled Ryuu closer to him, knowing the vampire couldn’t do much, having his entire body drugged and unable to move at all. “I want to see more of your pain Ryuu~ I want to know what hurts you the most before I have to go away~!“Grell said with a dark grin. “Show me that beautiful pained face, the face twisted in pure pain and agony~ You’re my little vampire, don’t think I’ll let anyone else experiment on this beautiful body of yours~“ he smirked.

“Now where shall we start, hmmm~?“ he asked, sliding his fingers down the male’s body. “Shall we start  at the usual spot? The chest and see how your broken heart beats~?”

“You’ll have to turn me in eventually…..if you like it or not…..If you took their drug they know you have me or someone of my kind and they wont stop until they have me” He murmured, eyes almost dead and vacant as Grells tongue traced over his soaked cheeks. 

“Do whatever you want to me…..nothing can hurt more than what you have already done” He growled, eyes looking away from the other once more. He hated Grell…..hated that his lover…..that this man would go to such lengths to get rid of him. The malicious tone in his voice, the sadistic glare in his eyes…..it was too much for the Vampire….why couldnt he live with his sweet adorable Grell for just a little while longer?

He wished he could move, wished he could push the other off of him and run away…..but the drug was already working its way through his body. No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt will his legs to move. 

More tears fell from his eyes, as he tried desperately to hold back the anguish the other seemed to get off of…..He just wished he could die. The pain in his chest was worse than anything he had ever felt before.