i love how everyone goes to harris to ask for advice

100 Harry Potter Prompts: Part 1

This list is #$@&%*! amazing, amigos! Thanks for all the submissions. Here is part 1:

  1. Parseltongues aren’t the only ones who can talk to certain animals; There are a number of hereditary abilities that allow wizards to understand and communicate with other species. You are a young wizard who can understand birds, and it is driving you CRAZY.
  2. 10 years later, on the day of the battle of Hogwarts. George is standing in front of the mirror, looking himself in the eyes, wishing that his reflection was someone else.
  3. Harry Potter prompt: The Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets is back! …but now it’s the size of a thread snake.
  4. A muggle angered by the fact that there are only 10 dragons in this world and 7 of them are European, sets off to find more dragons.
  5. Your entire family is full of Hufflepuffs, so during your sorting you begged the Sorting Hat to place you there. Now you’re older and definitely a Slytherin and you need to hide it.
  6. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes has an adult section in the back.
  7. after Ron picks up the wrong hairs for a polyjuice potion Hermione is making, the two find themselves in each other’s bodies.
  8. You are the new heir of Slytherin, capable of opening the Chamber of Secrets and talking to snakes. On your first visit you find the monster dead. Not that you care, you never hated muggles anyway. Instead you start giving guided tours, charging a couple of Sickles for each tour, trying your best not to make the teachers notice.
  9. You’re a muggle born sorted into Slytherin of all places. The other students warn you that the Bloody Baron hates muggles, but to your surprise, the ghost has somewhat of a different view on muggleborns like you…
  10. Harry DOES get sorted into Slytherin when he asks not to be and becomes best friends with Draco as well.
  11. No one knew Voldemort was the last line of defence against them. Now he’s gone, and they are coming.
  12. Many years after the Dark Lord Voldemort was killed, a new dark lord has come. He’s part of the ministry and the new candidate for minister of magic..
  13. When Harry Potter dies in his first year at Hogwarts, Hermoine Granger takes on the duty of defeating the dark lord and succeeds in her task in the second year. The wizarding world is safe once again. Describe how she managed this.
  14. Write about Hermiones struggles and success as Minister of Magic.
  15. The dementors may suck the souls out of their victims with their kiss, but what happens to the soul after that?
  16. As a young gifted wizard, Sirius Black once found the Mirror of Erised; but what did he see as he glanced upon its glass?
  17. Hagrid comes every year to celebrate Harry’s birthday
  18. Harry never got a letter. He goes through his day to day life as a muggle, never noticing obnoxiously weird things around him. Write a day in the life of harry the muggle
  19. You’re invited to Tom riddle’s 6th birthday party
  20. Magical patronuses are extremely rare. It’s said that only the pure or the purely evil can conjure them. You’re a Slytherin trying to prove what they say about Slytherins is wrong. In Defence against dark arts, you just found out your patronus is a Hungarian horntail.
  21. “Don’t worry, Potter,” said the Dark Lord, “killing will get easier. And as my right hand man, you’ll need to get used to it.”
  22. Au where Snape is the chosen one and Harry is the Potions master
  23. In second year, Draco writes in the diary of Tom Riddle instead, and gets some pretty sound advice.
  24. “You went to school for seven years and THIS is what you use your skills on? Just- Just tell us why THIS branch of Animagi…?”
  25. Harry’s a girl, and has to deal with all the Voldemort shit when she has cramps so she’s extra pissed off.
  26. The Nimbus 3000 just came out, you are one galleon short but you desperately want it, how will you get your hands on the new broom?
  27. You somehow stumble into Filch’s office and grab the nearest artifact before you escape.
  28. Both Harry and Neville are the ‘chosen ones’. Only together are they able to defeat the Dark Lord. Unfortunately, everyone thinks only Harry is the ‘chosen one’. Follow Neville and co. as they discover the truth.
  29. Divination has a new muggle-born teacher, who seems more intent on teaching useful life lessons than magic.
  30. “You’re a wizard, Hermione.”
  31. “How many times have I told you to leave your dragons in Romania?!”
  32. “You’re a wizard, Harry.” “No shit!”
  33. All the Harry Potter character have switch roles, so that the heroes are now the villains. Who’s who and what happens?
  34. Mcgonagall, after noticing Harry’s letter is being ignored, goes to the Dursleys to check on the young wizard.
  35. Harry wonders what the fuck kinda school this is when Dumbledore says “ The third floor corridor is out of bounds for anyone that doesn’t want to die a most painful death.”
  36. Hermione Granger is one of those kids who is in classes meant for those a few years older than her, she is a genius.
  37. You are a muggle, yet direct magic doesn’t affect you, you wander into Hogwarts, you are not harmed by the shriek of mandrake plants, a basilisk cannot petrify you, magical devices break at your touch. you are a magic null.
  38. You thought you’d made a simple mistake in potions. As you sit outside the headmaster’s office, straining to hear the grave conversation from behind the door, it dawns on you that your error couldn’t have been as simple as it seemed.
  39. Harry goes on a journey of self-love by hiking around an Arby’s parking lot at 2am.
  40. The series is entirely the same but Voldemort and Snape have swapped noses .
  41. A day in the life of Dobby.
  42. Lucius is sacrificed by Voldemort and dies in the Wizarding War leaving pregnant Narcissa disillusioned and scared. She seeks help from Dumbledore and becomes a double agent.
  43. “Hmm, courage… yes… plenty of intelligence too! Very loyal… but crafty… hmm. Tricky, very tricky. I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to belong in any specific house. Better be… HOGWARTS!!!”
  44. Harry and Ron/Hermione and Ginny become the canon ships.
  45. Hermione and Ron visit America for a family vacation. Write about their adventures.
  46. Sassy harry calling Snape and Dumbledore out on their bullshit   24/7.
  47. Ravenclaws have a chamber of secrets, but it’s just a library of infinite knowledge too nerdy to touch.
  48. Post-apocalyptic Draco and Harry, where Draco needs the help of Harry in order for both of them to survive.
  49. You thought you were a muggle-born witch/wizard and then you find one of your long before ancestors in the portraits of the school’s corridors.
  50. You can do magic without a wand. You are the second most wanted after Voldemort.
  51. Disco balls and disco and lgbt folks at Hogwarts
  52. A student is accepted into Hogwarts only to find out it was a mistake and they don’t actually have any magical abilities. Tell their story of trying to make it through Hogwarts after all these years.
  53. Remus Lupin adopts Harry.  He never lived with the Dursleys. Tell us his happy Wizarding Childhood.
  54. You’re a historian writing a critical paper on The Battle Of Hogwarts. You believe the existing discourse has ignored the significance of one woman: Mrs Norris. Write a paper discussing her much-maligned role in the Battle of Hogwarts.
  55. A story about the lonely, never-useful life of Snape’s shampoo bottle.
  56. Rumour has it the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher has already arrived and is hiding. Whoever finds them gets 500 points for their house.
  57. write the wizarding sex ed pamphlet that gets handed out to fifth years.
  58. everything’s the same except every character is a lizard.
  59. Describe the three trials in the next Triwizard Tournament.
  60. “Nobody knew about the fifth Hogwarts founder, and the secret they hid in the castle… until now”
  61. Minerva McGonagall is quite puzzled by Dumbledore’s recent hires for Defense Against the Dark Arts, and would like to have a serious talk with him about it.
  62. You decide to try flying on a broom just for shits and giggles. It works, and now you need help. A lot of help.
  63. The previous magical protection of the prime minister has been retired. You have taken their place.
  64. The Wizarding World decided it’s time to explore space.
  65. Doleres Umbridge is now the head teacher of Hogwarts and president Snow form panel is the minister for magic. They have reinvented the triwizard tournament to have aspects of the hunger games. Tell the story of this year’s tributes.
  66. “When I wished to be part of the world of Harry Potter, I was hoping for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, not for the bridge I was crossing to be demolished by death eaters on my way home from work!”
  67. You are a squib from a long line of witches and wizards who has never made any contact with the Muggle world. Today is your first day of high school.
  68. Hermione blinked. “You’re right, Ron. I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.”
  69. Through a series of events, you land yourself in the world of Harry Potter. The catch? You’ve never read a word from the books and have absolutely no clue what’s going on.
  70. The entire series but everyone is emo as hell.
  71. You are Harry Potter’s less famous twin sibling. All you want is a quiet wizarding school life.
  72. Write the science behind magic.
  73. You are in the infamous library where no books have titles. Somehow, you pick up Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You want to help in any way you can.
  74. “The wand chooses the wizard” except this time three have chosen the same master. And they’re attempting to duel each other.
  75. Re-write one of the quidditch chapters from the perspective of the snitch.
  76. Harry being raised by Sirius and Remus because they actually caught Wormtail
  77. Dumbledore reads My Immortal and thinks it’s really good.
  78. “The Death Eaters stole this from the Muggles. What is it, Hermione?” “Ron, I…I think it’s a Nuke.”  "WICKED! Dad’s gonna love this!“
  79. Draco and Ron get in a wizard’s fight; Harry has to reveal his love for Draco by protecting him.
  80. While looking through Filch’s files of rescinded objects, you find something extremely dangerous. Just as you put it in your pocket for later investigation, you get caught by Peeves the poltergeist.
  81. A deaf Ravenclaw, a disabled Slytherin, a mute Gryffindor, and a black trans Hufflepuff help together to cope with each other’s’ problems.
  82. You’ve just received a Howler in front of the whole school. What does it say and how does the school react?
  83. A very derpy Dementor who doesn’t even try and suck souls, but just wants to be friends with everyone and gets sad easily so everyone has to cheer it up.
  84. As it turns out, Neville is the strongest wizard of all.
  85. Write a love story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald.
  86. Your boggart and your reflection in the Mirror of Erised show the same thing.
  87. Who maintains the enchanted ceiling at Hogwarts? How did they get the job and what’s their life like?
  88. Finally, Hogwarts gets its Wi-Fi hotspot.
  89. After a traumatising first year at Hogwarts, Ginny Weasley has to learn to deal with the long-term psychological effects of having been possessed by a dark wizard.
  90. Someone didn’t focus enough when trying to apparate somewhere and somehow wound up on Mars.
  91. You show someone the Mirror of Erised for the first time. You ask what they see, and they just look at you strangely. “What? Did you forget how mirrors work? I just see us.”
  92. A story written from the perspective of a student who died in the battle of Hogwarts, and is now a ghost there.
  93. Hogwarts wants to open a school in another part of the world.
  94. It’s been a hundred years, or so, and you’re still stuck in this dusty, shabby place. As a wand, it would be nice if you could finally choose the perfect wizard to wield you.
  95. You hide pictures of Voldemort in most  unusual places to freak other students out
  96. AU where all spells are imaginary. They’re basically running around with sticks yelling nonsense.
  97. The DA learned their most important lesson from Hermione - always bring a gun to a wand fight.
  98. Write about the day the magical world discovered internet (and proceeded to make their own WizNet)
  99. Harry Potter where Harry’s dad survived but is left emotionally destroyed by Voldemort’s attack.
  100. Harry Potter lowers his wand at himself. He swore he would rid the world of Horcruxes. He was about to make good on that promise.

 Let’s make a new list right away. Do you have a prompt for us?

Imagine James and Lily as an old couple

• James is absolutely horrified when his hair starts to turn gray.
• But than much to everyone’s annoyance he looks like a fricking anime character and his hair remains messy and full until the very end
• Lily makes this really horrible pranks like she doesn’t remember people or stories and practically kills James every time she does it
• James loves to tell anyone who will listen about their romance and how it started
• He goes into the most meaningless details and bores his grandchildren, shoppers, baristas, nursing stuff, doctors and even random people on the street
• but they all listen because he tells it with such an excitement and spark in his eyes
• they are both forced into retirement eventually because they won’t quit
• “ old?!?! What do you mean old?!?! Of course I can bloody go on a mission I just need a hand out of this chair”
• when they are finally retire they spend every possible moment with their grand children
• and are OF COURSE the best grand parents ever
• James spoils them waaay too much
• Lily just never says no to them
• they love to go to the park together with or without the kids
• they sit on a bench in the sun, Lily’s head on James’s shoulder as she reads him a story
• because he can’t see -let alone read- a bloody thing (but would never ever admit it)
• they also kiss a lot
• especially in public
• both of them are so proud to be “high school sweethearts” who are still very much in love
• James tells Lily everyday that she is only getting prettier with age
• Lily would brag about all of her family’s successes even the silliest things
• “oh how nice that your son is a healer BUT my grandson just burned down his house while discovering his magic!”
• Lily learns how to knit and loves it
• James loves watching her while she sits on the sofa with her little glasses at the edge of her little nose and just stair at her in awe
• she really did got only prettier with age
• they host a brunch almost every sunday
• and they invite EVERYONE over for every single holiday
• and James tells the same old lame dad jokes every year
• and Lily keeps on laughing even after over 70 holidays together
• Harry calls them every single day and still asks them for advice about everything
• Harry sings to his kids a lullaby that Lily used to sing to him
• which makes Lily so very happy because it’s a muggle lullaby that her father sang to her
• they have a competition to see which one can outlive the other one
• but inside both of them want to lose
• because after all these years they don’t even want to imagine life without the other

astrological movie masterpost


any genre film based on sun/moon 

aries sun/moon: “boyhood” (growing up and all the rash and/or unwise decisions that come with that. competitive upbringing)  “the aviator” (a frenzied soul who fakes it till ya make it. big dreams, a big persona, and a pioneer to an industry but deeply troubled behind it all), “the wolf of wall street” (honestly this movie was so fast-paced and mad that i could only take it in small doses. everyone is selfish and turns on a dime) 

taurus sun/moon: “the grand budapest hotel” (a film rich in aesthetic. a hotel owner who is a professional lush sets out on an adventure as he is being pegged for murder. a tale of paintings, pastries, and paramour), “big stone gap” (excessive family. stubborn and perseverant. a bit apprehensive of change)“today’s special” (a chef gets back to his roots and has to learn why he was passionate about food in the first place and how to savor every second) 

gemini sun/moon: “ferris bueller’s day off” (witty and incredibly adaptable. can make friends with anyone, anywhere. being childlike and curious, enjoying the little things), “black swan” (ambiguous film where you don’t know what to believe), “the truman show” (his whole life has been unknowingly documented. everyone is just playing a role. media manipulations)  

cancer sun/moon: “take care” (feeling like an inconvenience. wanting to be taken care of. guilt trips), “lymelife” (putting family and ‘home’ into perspective. awkward, at times endearing, a bit hectic), “high fidelity” (old fashioned guy. stuck in the past wondering where it went wrong), “the other woman (2009)” (learning to be a mother. the emotional rollercoaster of trying to love and be loved) 

leo sun/moon: “confessions of a teenage drama queen” (i mean…do i even need to explain this lmao), “beaches” (pride and loyalty. learning to love without having to be the only one receiving love), “anywhere but here” (self-centered mother who wants her to be a star. fixed opinions but is powerful & warm)“grease” (good girl, bad boy. popular. all love their hair lol)

virgo sun/moon: “beyond the lights” (never feeling good enough. a mother who compulsively criticizes her. the theme of ~what happens behind the scenes~ and going back to the basics)“short term 12″ (wants to service everyone else but forgets about themselves), “the intern” (an observant elderly man is methodized and eager to work, always there for advice & support), “as good as it gets” (a bitter man who struggles with OCD overcoming his fears and unleashing his compassionate side)

libra sun/moon: “legally blonde” (a bit superficial. values doing the right thing. people think she’s air-headed but is actually more ‘in the know’ than given credit for)“can’t buy me love” (getting caught up in the popular crowd. pretending to be something you’re not), “he’s just not that into you” (most confusing movie ever. literally nobody can make up their mind lmao) 

scorpio sun/moon: “st. elmo’s fire” (this film has literally everything scorpio and/or related (8th house) in it; secrets, betrayal, intimacy, transforming, debt, etc), “stealing beauty” (uncovering mysteries, forbidden affairs, paranoia. a taboo film), “lila & eve” (crime drama. goes to show just how far two resentful mothers will go)

sagittarius sun/moon: “bruce almighty” (humorous. has the theme of ‘luck’ and ‘higher power’) “away we go” (redefining what ‘home’ means. traveling across the country, new experiences, lots of bad jokes) “funny face” (an amateur philosopher has strong opinions for the modeling industry, wants nothing more than to travel for lectures), “good will hunting” (a genius and self-righteously so but doesn’t know how to truly appreciate life) 

capricorn sun/moon: “uptown girls” (learning to adult from a surprisingly mature child. a mother who is too concerned with her career to pay attention to her daughter), “the pursuit of happyness” (suffering hardships, feeling down & out as he climbs his way up the totem pole. a tale of being a father being able to provide), “the devil wears prada” (another tale of climbing your way to the top, along with the cost of it)

aquarius sun/moon: “scott pilgrim vs the world” (not your average film, includes an alternate dimension. has its technological, futuristic quirks. becoming superior to the rest and standing out in the process), “mona lisa smile” (50′s women gaining new perspective from a ‘subversive’ professor), “the martian” (innovative, humorously noble, feeling castaway, ‘space pirate’) 

pisces sun/moon: “the imaginarium of doctor parnassus” (a fantasy world with a damsel in distress but everything isn’t as it seems),  “because i said so” (milly is bright-eyed and a bit hopeless. her mother pays favor to her. always ends up doing what other people want because although she is highly spirited, she can be a pushover), “amelie” (imagination, imagination, imagination. sets out to help others by being a bit manipulative in the process), “big fish” (reality vs fantasy. idealized & exaggerated upbringing)

romance films based on venus 

aries venus: “10 things i hate about you” “she’s all that” (both films show they can treat romance as a competition but once they are in love, will do whatever they can to keep it alive), “two night stand” (hasty romance. lessons of ‘rushing’. a candor appreciation for another), “beginners” (being honest with yourself. ‘a movie with an unflinchingly tough heart.’)

taurus venus: “dirty dancing” (stubborn, sensual, and learning to position yourself securely lol), “the great gatbsy” (wealth. everyone indulges themselves, goes overboard out of love), “happily ever after” (sudden yearning for stability, excessive in more ways than one) 

gemini venus: “save the date” (a girl who is scared of commitment. covers up her fear with humor. ‘word vomit’ through the whole movie lol. works at a bookstore. has a sister dynamic in the film of the one who is a bit silly & immature and the one who acts like she knows everything), “how to lose a guy in 10 days” (a two faced romance. lighthearted mind games and calling each others bluff), “garden state” (a lost fella falls for a quirky compulsive liar. a surprisingly intelligent and outlandish film) 

cancer venus: “closer” (kind of shows more unhealthy traits of this placement but shows they just want to be in comfort with you but can guilt trip people and ask for reassurance where its not needed), “a walk to remember” (two lovers jaded in their own right find love. trying to protect one another from getting hurt and hurt each other in the process), “brooklyn” (building a life together. choosing between a lover at home or a home within a lover) 

leo venus: “elvis and anabelle” (a radiant beauty queen has a near-death experience that alters her way of existing. brings a boy out of his shell through theatrics and love), “take this waltz” (she meets a man and starts rethinking her own loving marriage, does she want more? demanding, bold, and has a childishness to it), “anomalisa” (uplifting one another, making each other feel extraordinary) 

virgo venus: “people places things” (a man of many standards and subsequently hypercritical in the name of love), “me before you” (taking care of another. breaking free from routine), “when harry met sally” (constant challenging of standards. loving the little things), “enough said” (looking beyond imperfections. practically endearing) 

libra venus: “hitch” (got his heartbroken. now runs a business as a ‘love doctor’ where he gives men the push to pursue love through setting a meet-cue. but when he falls for a girl he has no idea what to do), “alfie” (a womanizer who refuses to be seen as a regular person who experiences the everyday woes that we all do. says he’s ‘always okay’), “27 dresses” (jane is a ‘more’ evolved version of this venus. loves love, is a major people pleaser. her sister on other hand pretends to be whatever her partner wants, is a major socialite) 

scorpio venus: “love actually” (falling for what you can’t have and having difficulty expressing it), “no kiss list” (liking someone you can’t have and making that person feel like you can’t like anyone other than them), “chasing amy” (obsessive. sabotaging a relationship out of fear), “a dangerous method” (a forbidden and intoxicating affair with a patient), “last night” (temptation and affairs) 

sagittarius venus: “begin again” (greta is independent, blunt, and spontaneous. teaches dan and his daughter a few important lessons. love is a learning experience), “definitely, maybe” (flashbacks to 3 romances, all with women who either write, travel, and/or simply free-spirited. habits of running away. being judgemental of how to live life. expanding horizons. shamelessly honest), “they came together” (clumsy, a straight up mess. light-hearted. mocks romance films) 

capricorn venus: “timer” (doesn’t see the point of a relationship if they aren’t ‘guaranteed’. uses a timer to tell you when you’ll find your soul mate)“meet my valentine” (a family man who finds out he’s terminally ill is determined to find a loving provider to replace him), “before sunset” (an assertive romance, at times a bit cynical, but cheeky and loving) 

aquarius venus: “friends with benefits” “no strings attached” “sleeping with other people” (all the couples in the films were meant to keep things casual but got messy in the process), “frequencies- oxv: the manual” (s/o to @astr-logy for the recommendation! a film about being outcasted, breaking the world & love down to an equation, feelings of not feeling) 

pisces venus: “500 days of summer” (tom is a prime example of the idealization and fantasy romance that can come with this placement), “practical magic” (loves unconditionally but there is a tragic twist. two sisters - one who has a homemaker persona and one devastatingly bored of the mundane), “listen to your heart” (a deaf girl, who is a bit of a damsel in distress as her parents crush her dreams, and an amateur piano composer find inspirational love) 

romance films based on venus in the houses

venus in fire house (1st, 5th, 9th): “50 first dates”“the holiday”, “deadpool” (a stretch? no), “before we go”

venus in earth house (2nd, 6th, 10th): “everything before us”, “friends with money”, “chocolat”

venus in air house (3rd, 7th, 11th): “celeste & jesse forever”, “nick and norah’s infinite playlist”, “her”, “the beauty inside” 

venus in water house (4th, 8th, 12th): “the time traveler’s wife”, “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”“stuck in love”, “candy”, “comet”

action/drama films based on mars

aries mars: “death proof” (daredevil central. going toe-to-toe with a killer), “crank” (a film literally about keeping your heart rate up. will die without an adrenaline rush), “spring breakers” (living in the moment. playfully deviant and childishly so), “the challenger” (learning to fight for what’s worth it; choosing your battles) 

taurus mars: “matilda” (all the antagonists were greedy slobs who put themselves on a pedestal by making everyone else feel inferior), “the shawshank redemption” (avoids conflict, plays his hand slowly, no stranger to money), “american hustle” (luxuriating in ‘sin’, glorifying the hustle, high-resistance characters) 

gemini mars: “pirates of the caribbean” (jack sparrow is a character that’s easy to be allured to but difficult to trust. never seems to be who he appears and covers everything up with slurred antics), “seven psychopaths” (comical murder film where even has a darker or lighter side than you thought), “the prestige” (two illusionists go head to head to out-trick another. the huge secret of ‘duality’) 

cancer mars: “punch-drunk love” (stereotypical ‘nice’ guy with a lot of problems and insecurities. falls into a weird blackmail ploy), “mad max: fury road” (emotionally raw. recklessly protective. driven by the familial and home), “mr nobody” (recounting of memories. driven by pure emotion) 

leo mars: “hot rod” (acts like a big shot, always attempting to prove himself worthy), “guardians of the galaxy” (everyone has a major ego and wants to show off. music reminds me of the 80′s which reminds me of hair which is leo lmao), “frank” (i feel like many would believe this to be a more aquarius film with its long-standing reputation of being one of the most unconventional films of all time but the film is about fame, how to get there, how to stand out, and being histrionic in the making) 

virgo mars: “pay it forward” (actions geared toward helping others, insecurities and not wanting others to feel sorry, a need for efficiency), “captain america: the first avenger” (modest, just wants to contribute. high energy, lots of stamina ‘i could do this all day’), “cyberbully” (theme of words cutting deeper than you’d think) 

libra mars: “mean girls” (acts nice & unassuming only to better manipulate a situation), “gangster squad” (puts justice into their own hands. has people in pocket and knows how to work a room to use people to one’s disposal), “v for vendetta” (another film of putting justice into your own hands. created a tragic scenario to trick evey into learning no matter what one goes through, the right thing to do is the only appropriate way to live)

scorpio mars: “heathers” (conniving & hypocritical. veronica isn’t a saint herself but disproves of people who are cruel and sets out to teach them a lesson), “mr & mrs smith” (secretive. both know they’re spies but never tell each other & don’t feel neither has the right to be; in the same field of work but criticize each other for it), “django unchained” (rescue and revenge. will exploit anything or murder anyone to get back to his lover)

sagittarius mars: “maidentrip” (a young adventuress sails across the world)“artifact” (documentary film giving insight into the truth of the music industry. pretentious, pseudo-intellectuals), “the believer” (heavily controversial film. audacious in the name of beliefs and what one believes to hold verity) 

capricorn mars: “erin brockovich” (a relentless environmental activist sets out a case against a gas company where their supplies have left residents fatally ill. demands respect), “whiplash” (pushes limits beyond limits. ambitious to the core and seeks to achieve aspirations continuously), “american psycho” (a successful banker has an alter, killer ego who relishes in all that he does & ‘achieves’)

aquarius mars: “the big lebowski” (acts above violence and just says ‘fuck it’ to everything), “equilibrium” (feelings are literally outlawed but an enforcer soon falls victim to rebellion), “terminator” (a cyborg on a mission. a young boy fighting against the technologically advanced) 

pisces mars: “snowpiercer” (sacrifice, clairvoyance, spiritualism. as pete travers said, ‘a slambam sci-fi thriller with a brain, a heart and an artful sense of purpose’), “fight club” (gasp. shocking it isn’t aries mars, right? the story is about a man wanting to escape his everyday life, has an addictive personality, and finds himself immersed in this extracurricular activity), “philomena” & “of mind and music” (one defines true forgiveness. looking past all the tragedy and finding the beauty) 

Band of Brothers Homecoming AU

-homecoming week is here!
- this means lots of pranks, so of course the terrible trio of malarkey, muck and penkala are wreaking havoc
- they filled vice principal sobel’s office with cups of water and put his stapler in jell-o
- they got detention but claim it was totally worth it
- Winters and Nixon are those seniors who’ve been dating since week one freshman year and never once had a fight
- nix asked dick to prom by having the marching band spell out the question on the field while playing “can’t take my eyes off of you” and it was pretty iconic. they say dick cried
- perconte is in the band and he plays a mean trumpet solo
- you can always tell where he is during shows because he’s the smallest guy on the field with the most energy
- Lipton plays the tuba and he’s also a drum major
- Speirs is a walking bad boy trope
- he wears a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle and they say he once went to juvi for stealing cigarettes??
- So it’s weird that he’s always at the football games, waiting for the halftime show so he can stare at Lip as he’s conducting
- And it’s all very intense and confusing until Speirs finally admits he’s been working up the courage to ask lip out since they were sophomores
- Lip promises to meet Speirs behind the bleachers after the homecoming halftime show ;)
- Webster is a Nerd™
- but he looks like a movie star and has lots of friends and punk skater boy Liebgott is so annoyed??
- Lieb always tries to get Web’s notes from class, to which he vehemently refuses
- literally no one is surprised when they’re caught furiously making out behind a bookshelf in the library
- George Luz is the class clown
- but when he’s not being The Most™ with his countless friends, he can always be found in the theater working on the next show
- He’s president of the theater department and this year the fall musical is In the Heights
- he plays the lead, of course
- Bill Guarnere and Joe Toye are stagehands
- they both thought theater was lame until Luz dragged them into it
- (that is, Joe dragged Bill into it, because Joe may or may not have a MAJOR crush on a certain George Luz)
- but shut up about it or he’ll break ur jaw
- Eugene Roe is very quiet and just a little emo, but he’s studying sports medicine and he’s on the sidelines at every game in case someone gets hurt
- bright eyed freshman Babe Heffron brings smiles everywhere he goes
- He and Gene have been making eyes at each other for months
- but gene is shy, and the homecoming dance is fast approaching and he still hasn’t gathered the courage to ask babe out
- Gene’s best friend, Renee, is done with watching the incessant pining
- She befriends Babe and subtly drops a hint that Gene may never get over his social anxiety enough to express his feelings
- a delighted Babe walks right up to gene in the cafeteria, gets down on one knee, and asks Gene to the dance in front of all their friends
- All Gene can manage is a breathless “y-yeah, babe, i’ll go with you”
- everyone cheers and it’s super embarrassing but babe is sitting next to gene and holding his hand and the world is so colorful now??
- Game night is here and the team is READY
- Buck Compton is the star quarterback and all the ladies love him
- he’s already got a full ride to university for football
- Bull Randleman and Johnny Martin are the best defensive lineman on the team
- They’re both super intimidating, but you won’t find two people more protective of their friends
- If you mess with his freshmen, you’re gonna catch Bull’s hands
- Harry Welsh and his girlfriend, head cheerleader Kitty Grogan, win homecoming king and queen
- no one disagrees. they’re the perfect couple
- Harry spends the rest of the night grinning like a dope while he dances with Kitty
- Liebgott shows up to the dance with his sk8er squad, which consists of Hoobler, Tipper, and Shifty Powers
- Web is just a little shook
- Lieb actually put on clothing that isn’t ripped, his tux is well fitted and his hair is gelled and Webster can’t believe how GAY he is for this punk
- he can’t even be mad when he notices Liebgott is wearing vans with his tux
- Web compliments Lieb and the kid just blushes and says something like, “yeah well you’re a geek, let’s dance”
- This is nixon and winters’ fourth homecoming dance
- They spend most of their time talking with teachers, doling out advice to underclassmen and slow dancing
- that is, until it’s halfway through the night and Nix is just a little tipsy from the contents of the flask he snuck in
- the two of them clock out early because the School Dads are too old for this shit
- Lipton and Spiers, also graduating seniors, show up right when Winters and Nix are leaving
- Lipton has a fresh hickey on his neck
- Spiers looks just a little bit proud
- They slow dance and start kissing tenderly and Principal Sink tries reminding them to leave room for the holy spirit
- but only before getting a barrel of gatorade dumped on his head by the Terrible Trio
- they run away in triumph and once more Sink wonders why he ever chose to be an educator
- Chuck Grant has a band that plays almost every school dance
- They’re called “Airborne” and they’re really good
- George Luz decides to ask them a favor
- During the band’s second set, George gets onstage and announces he’s going to perform a song for “someone very special out there tonight ;)”
- he literally wrote a song called “Boy Toye”
- its an epic love ballad with iconic lines such as “you only have one leg but 12/10 would bang” and “your eyes are brown like beautiful, wet dirt”
- who could forget the refrain, “my life would be joy if you were my boy toye” ?
- it’s all so ridiculous and theatrical and so completely LUZ that joe doesn’t even think to be embarrassed
- “c'mere, asshole” joe mutters as he pulls a grinning Luz off the stage
- everyone cheers when George stands on his toes to kiss Joe on the cheek
- babe and gene are clumsy and unpracticed but they keep on dancing because they like being close together
- it’s all just pureness, blushing and smiles with those two
- Of COURSE they won the game and Buck Compton spends the whole dance triumphantly grinning at people and talking to his admirers
- Muck, Malarkey and Penkala are the last to leave because they have to clean up as punishment for their shenanigans

pining fic rec (21 fics)

here is a quick little fic rec of some of my favorite fics with pining!! i hope y’all like them, and as always drop by my ask with requests!  💖

❉ - means you need an ao3 account to read!

Searching For The Cure (We Found Us) by itsprobablylarry (30k)

“So you woke up as a frog,” Louis considers out loud. “What if you’re like that princess that turns into a swan during the day but is a human between sunset and sunrise?”

Harry just blinks at him, clearly unimpressed.

(Basically: Louis doesn’t quite know how to handle the fact that his best friend/roommate wakes up as a frog.)

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alice-in-torah-land  asked:

I'm writing an R-rated Disney fanfiction that deals with Jewish versions of Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Merlin (from Sword in the Stone) battling against zombie neo-Nazis and other threats. How do I write battle scenes? And what should I do if a toddler character is caught in a violent situation?

Hello, darling!  That sounds like a fantastic kinda terrifying fanfiction!  When it’s finished, be sure to let me know if you publish it online – I’d love to give it a read :)

So these are two very different questions.  For the issue of the toddler, I’d prefer a little more insight into what you’re asking – do you want to know how the child would react emotionally/mentally to the situation?  How the adults should react?  I’ll also need to know what kind of violent scenario you’re entertaining, since the answer would vary in differing degrees of violence, or in the presence of comforting adults, etc.

But your first question – how to write battle scenes – is a common issue that I’ve yet to discuss here!  So I’ll give you a few personal tips, then link you to other resources :)

The Rules of Battle (Scenes)

There are two types of “battle scenes”: duels and wars.

Duel: a battle between two (or, for the sake of the example, three or four) individuals, composing its own scene.  A duel involves people in the immediate vicinity, and, typically, main or secondary characters.  (Examples: lightsaber duels in Star Wars; the battle at the cornucopia in Hunger Games.)

War: a battle between two or more groups of people, which is composed of multiple scenes – either summarized overall by the narrator or shown through duel scenes.  A war involves many people, usually including stock characters or “bodies”.  (Examples: Battle of Helms Deep in Lord of the Rings; the battle at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.)

It’s important to recognize that while both types of battle scenes can stand alone, wars don’t tend to fare well in fiction.  Massive battles are riveting on a movie screen, but they’re difficult to capture on a page, without visuals – so the more you can lean on individual duels, involving characters your readers care about, the more tension you’ll be able to develop.

So I’ll lay out my… um… my ten duel commandments.

Originally posted by youforfeitallrights

Actually just five.

  1. Be quick and unspecific.  When two people fight, they’re not thinking full thoughts or planning what they’re doing.  They’re not noticing the feeling of their knuckles clacking against someone’s jaw.  They’re not admiring the shiny rose-colored blood as it trickles from their enemy’s nose.  What they’re doing is clumsy and half-instinct.  Feelings only appear in flashes – sweat gets in their eyes and blood rushes in their ears, and things take them by surprise.  If they’re thinking anything, it’s probably something along the lines of, “Oh, sh*t,” as they see their opponent’s fist heading for their face.
  2. Keep it physical.  I think everyone can agree that when you’re watching two characters face off and they keep stopping to exchange witty repartee, it’s eye-roll-worthy.  This trope needs to die.  If you want it to be realistic, have Character A start to monologue until Character B notices they’re off-guard and goes for the throat.  But please, don’t use a battle scene as a dialogue machine.  If words are kept rare, then when they are used – when Character A winds up backing Character B into a wall with nowhere to go, and A sees the fear of god in B’s eyes as they whisper, “Okay, okay, okay wait…” – they gain real weight.
  3. Mix it up a lil’ bit.  No matter how much people love your characters, they’re not gonna sit through a stereotypical, you-hit-me, I-hit-you, oh-look-at-that-we-both-hit-each-other-and-threw-each-other-off, so-we-back-up-and-stare-at-each-other-menacingly.  Seriously.  We’ve seen it all before.  Instead, interchange small blows with spats of violent throat-grabbing, kicking, hair-grabbing, shoulder-dislocating – if your characters have weapons, break them, or make your characters drop them.  Just don’t let be it predictable.
  4. Don’t forget mistakes.  Your characters will have varying levels of experience or training, and even a warrior with decades of training will make mistakes.  Opponents are unpredictable, and even their body can fail them.  If a character is newly trained, they should fall a lot.  They should drop their weapon, or scream, or try to reason with their opponent, or stumble into things because they aren’t totally connected to their surroundings.  They should scream out for help from their allies.  Mistakes are endearing and realistic, and they increase the stakes.
  5. Scare your characters.  There are no stakes if your characters feel confident in what they’re doing.  Let it hit your MC that just one miss, one bad decision, could take their life.  Let them notice the look in their opponent’s eye – that look that says they will kill your MC if they get the opportunity.  Don’t give them never-ending cockiness.  I don’t care how many years they’ve trained, what weapon they have, or what god they believe in – failure is always an option, and it threatens your character with every blow.  Don’t lose that tension.

Those are just basic thoughts, but if you have any more questions, my inbox is open!  As for resources for battle scenes:

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Give me a Sirius Black who takes History of Magic until he graduates, even though everyone around him hates it and says it’s boring. Even he hates it, but he has a collection of thoroughly researched files on wizarding families of Europe, just in case someone needs to be forged into one to be kept safe.

Give me a Mary Macdonald who studies Divination, not only because she loves it but because she wants to cling to any hope she has of knowing what’s coming. A Mary who believed in fairy tales her whole childhood, when she learned she was a witch she was elated, only to find out that the stuff of her dreams was really a nightmare that she could never escape.

Give me a Remus Lupin who pours over books on Ancient Runes, who spends his free time studying Magical Theory, hoping he can translate something that was misunderstood before. Something that might help give his side an edge against the darkness approaching. Hoping there’s a way to create a spell to defeat the man coming for those he loves.

Give me a Lily Evans who studies Potions meticulously, sitting two desks over from Severus Snape, never looking his way. A Lily who makes note of every antidote, every poison, every possible aid or weapon to add to her arsenal. Give me a Lily who in carries life in little bottles and can bring death anyone with a single drop, magical blood or no.

Give me a James Potter who takes to Defense Against the Dark Arts like he was born to it. A James who can cast a Shield charm faster than anyone in his class and have a Disarming spell ready to go. A James who, during a practical exercise pitting the class against each other, doesn’t hesitate to Stun the opposing student when he narrowly misses Mary’s ear. His friends realize that day that his unwavering belief in the good in people only goes as far as the safety of his loved ones.

Give me a Marlene McKinnon who storms into her career advising meeting with McGonagall and demands that she be allowed to take whatever necessary to learn to fight. “I don’t care that you think I’m too young Professor, I know what I believe and it isn’t that Evans or Macdonald or anyone else is any worse than me because of their parents. I’m going to fight no matter what so you’d best teach me how.” Give me a Marlene who refuses to take any advice other than what she’s asked for and when she finally leaves with a schedule full of defensive magic and practical learning Professor McGonagall watches her go with a mixture of pride and fear in her heart. 

Give me a Peter Pettigrew who aims for a N.E.W.T in Herbology. A Peter who works with Professor Sprout to breed and train plants to fight, plants that poison or explode or entrap their victims. A Peter who knows his strengths and plays to their advantage. Years later, when Professor Sprout gains a new assistant in this endeavor her chest tightens. Maybe Neville Longbottom will be different.

Give me children who study the practical things, Children who know they have been drafted into a war they never wanted. Children who don’t plan to go down without a fight.

Jily Lives AU: Headcanons

Hi guys! So I made some Jilyheadcanons that I hope you like! They’re really not serious, so I will make another one and maybe another and then another. Regardless, I hope you like it! Sorry that I haven’t been updating as of late! Sorry!

I accept requests! Thanks and sorry again! :)) 

  • Fighting over who Harry loves more
  • Fighting over who SIRIUS loves more 
  • “Ladies, ladies, there’s plenty of me to go around.” “SHUT UP SIRIUS WHO DO YOU LOVE MORE” 
  • Sirius effectively avoiding contact with Lily and James for a month 
  • Remus using it to his advantage that sneaky lil 
  • “James if you shut up, I’ll love you more” 
  • “Lily if you bake me a cake, I’ll love you more” 
  • “Well Lily if it makes you feel better I love you the most” 
  • “Aw”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • “But Sirius still loves me more.”
  • James and Lily taking pictures of Harry so much that James sometimes uses it to punish him 
  • “DAD NO” 
  • The baby picture is of baby Harry lying on his stomach, his bum clearly visible 
  • Sirius shows Harry a picture of Baby James in the exact same pose and it’s basically a war between father and son 
  • Sirius, Lily, Harry and Remus wearing it on Father’s Day
  • James does not leave his room for the duration of the day 
  • Remus and Sirius being like weekly guests and really theyre basically family 
  • Harry asking James for girl advice 
  • It backfires completely 
  • Harry is sent to detention for a week 
  • Lily is laughing in the background
  • Harry goes to Sirius for help 
  • “Harry I am gay” 
  • Harry goes to Remus 
  • “Harry I too am unfamiliar with the female psychology” 
  • Sirius and Remus fight for who’s a better uncle
  • Every year, they dress up as mascots (Remus joined it after much persuasion) and somehow convinced Professor McGonagall to choose who looked, to quoted Sirius, “So sexy it burns” 
  • Harry gave Professor McGonagall a McGonagone t-shirt Lily had printed out and he received a detention for a week 
  • She likes wearing it on PTAs with doting parents 
  • Also during Quidditch matches
  • Whenever the Marauders are around
  • She just really likes wearing it 
  • James once attempted to replace Harry in class
  • It did not work out 
  • “Must be because I’m HARRY-er than you! Geddit, geddit?” 
  • Burning pancakes 
  • Burning cakes
  • Generally burning stuff because really how can you focus when James Potter is in the house (dressing up as the tooth fairy if he has to really) 
  • This literally goes on and it’s to the point where everyone in Hogwarts knows bc really “GO JAMES I MEAN HARRY WHOOPS I TOTALLY MISTAKED YOU FOR THE HUSBAND I LOVE SO DEARLY” 
  • James literally loving every single moment of it 
  • Harry almost got hit by a bludgerbc of their shouting 
  • Remus is just done and sits next to McGonagall 
  • McGonagall whispering, “He was my student. I love him most.” 
  • McGonagall is laughing 
  • And really it’s just a life filled with bickering and burning and a lot of arguments, but it’s a life that’s happy and complete with the people they love and really what else could they have asked for

So, guys, these are my Jily Lives AUs, and they’re absolutely just a portion of however I imagined life would turn out with them breathing and living. 

I will no doubt do this again, with better and much more serious headcanons, but I hope you like them, regardless! 

Thank you, I accept requests! :) 

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in so long!

anonymous asked:

Our favorite Mystic bitches with a Hufflepuff s/o?

W E L P. I’m about to go bananas on this ask because I’m a freaking HP nerd (I’m Gryffindor btw) and have spent a LOT of time thinking about this shit.


Okay before I go into answering this let me first explain which houses our mystic bitches are in so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ll break this down by individual houses first.



  “This house values hard work, dedication, fair play, patience, and loyalty. Hufflepuff’s are known for being just and true. “Do what is nice” is their motto.”

◆Yoosung—It’s quite obvious that Yoosung is in Hufflepuff. He may have been a slacker due to depression for a short amount of time, but he was dedicated after meeting you and was the fastest to get his PhD! He joins the men of monogamy to show how loyal he is to you. And of course, he’s a sweetheart and can’t imagine a person having malicious intent, which is why he is so gullible.

◆V—We don’t get to see enough of V, but from what we know I think it’s safe to assume he would be sorted into this house. He’s incredibly loyal to his friends and the people close to him. It’s very important to him that everyone is happy. Puts others before himself, even if it means he will be hurt, because its the nice thing to do.



“This is the house of the cunning, prideful, resourceful, ambitious, intelligent, and determined. Slytherin’s love to be in charge and crave leadership. “Do what is necessary” is the motto of this house. Slytherin is a fairly well-rounded house, similar to the other houses. They are loyal to those that are loyal to them just as Gryffindors are and are intelligent as Ravenclaws.”

◆Saeyoung—A lot of people would probably put him in Gryffindor, but I don’t think that’s where he belongs. It’s true that he is extremely loyal, but that doesn’t mean he belongs there. He’s also extremely intelligent as we all know. He’s very resourceful and cunning as well. He can think on his feet and works well under pressure. We know he’s prideful. He is really full of himself when it comes to his work, sometimes to a fault, because he believes he’s coded so well that no one could possibly hack him. Intelligent, cunning, cocky…this boy is a Slytherin.

◆Jumin—Also extremely intelligent. Remember when he went off on Zen about marketing strategies and importing/exporting? Literally wrecked him. He’s also very cunning. What business man isn’t? And he’s cocky about it as well. He prides himself on being able to make business deals with anyone and often sweet talks his way into them. Loves to be the one in charge. Needs to be the one in charge. Incredibly loyal to his friends (V. lolol) and does whatever is necessary to make things go the way he wants them to go, regardless of what others think.



“The house of the brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and chivalrous. Those who stand up for others are typically Gryffindors. Brave-hearted is the most well-known Gryffindor characteristic, and Gryffindors are also known for having a lot of nerve.”

◆Zen—Brave. Courageous. Hmmm? Like, when he was literally the only one to be like “idgaf tell me where the hell MC is she is in danger I’m not sitting on my ass I’m gunna go save her!” Chivalrous? This guy literally calls you a princess and has every opportunity to take you up on your offer of staying over but instead forces you to go home. Because it’s the chivalrous thing to do for a lady. Adventurous and daring? Oh. Like being in a FUCKING BIKER GANGG?! Plus he is so in love with himself, like all Gryffindors who think they’re gods gift to earth lmao.

◆Saeran—Some people might be like, “whaaa-?! He should be in Slytherin!” No. NO. Okay yeah, he did some bad things. But also he was, like, drugged. And also, say it with me folks, not all Slytherins are bad people. This kid had a rough life. He could have just shrunk into a little ball and stayed, as he put it, the “weak twin” and went on with his life. Instead, he chose to stand up and fight for what he wrongfully believed was right. That’s pretty brave. Obviously he is extremely loyal. I think it’s canon that he is chivalrous, and does care about women. In a chat with Jumin he says something like “all women are the same” and if you answer that you’re sad he feels that way you get a white heart. He has a lot of nerve and, unlike a Slytherin who is usually more tactful and cunning, acts on impulse and feeling. This is why I believe he is a Gryffindor.



“The house is known for their wisdom, intelligence, creativity, cleverness and knowledge. Those who value brains over brawn can be found here. Ravenclaws often tend to be quite quirky as well. “Do what is wise” is the motto they strive to follow.”

◆Jaehee—What a shocker. Baehee is a Ravenclaw. Wisdom and cleverness, that’s our girl. Who is always the voice of reason in the chat? The one giving sage mom advice? Yup. She’s also extremely intelligent and creative. Who else could pull together all of the random ass projects Jumin would throw at them. And we know our girl is quirky. She’s an active member of a fanclub and collects DVDs and posters of a guy in black leather like come on.

Alrighty, so I’m taking it that this ask is like an AU where they’re all in school at Hogwarts? Sorry if that’s not what you meant…Also I think this turned more into what they would be like in Hogwarts I’m so sorry lol


  • Being a Hufflepuff himself, he loves that you both belong to the same house!
  • You two are sickeningly cute
  • Like
  • Feeding each other in the banquet hall cute
  • Fav thing is walking around the grounds just holding your hand so he can show you off to everyone
  • Loves your heart
  • Fav subject is herbology
  • Can you imagine Yoosung out in the garden planting omg so cute
  • When you’re sick he always has herbs to treat you and make you better
  • Really good at Wizards chess!
  • Though he has never beaten Saeyoung
  • His companion is a snowy owl named Marshmallow


  • You’re one of the only people who laugh at his sarcasm
  • And he admires your loyalty as well as your kind heart
  • Not many people in his life have been as pure in intention as you are
  • Super protective over you
  • Favorite subject is Arithmancy
  • also
  • Jumin buys that gold cauldron !!!!
  • And all of your supplies every year
  • Has house elves sorry Hermione
  • Elizabeth 3rd is his companion at Hogwarts
  • Will go to Quidditch games with you but really doesn’t care for them much


  • Plays Quidditch
  • He saw you watching them practice and that’s when he first approached you
  • Very handsy with you on school grounds omg
  • And he’s very popular
  • You guys are the ‘it’ couple
  • Some girls are super jealous and spread rumors that you used a love potion on him
  • But you both know your love is pure and beautiful so you ignore it
  • He says he plays matches better when he sees you in the stands so you always make a point to cheer super loud for him!
  • Fav subject is obviously flying
  • He’s so naturally good its crazy
  • But he has trouble in classes and you’re his #1 study buddy
  • Also had an owl companion.
  • A screech owl named Zeke


  • You’re her rock in school
  • She’s incredibly smart of course but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get stressed out!
  • You’re always warm and kind to her
  • You calm her down
  • Fav subject is History of Magic
  • Obsessed with Quidditch
  • You both get decked out in your colors to go watch together
  • Hates the staircases so much omg
  • Has yelled at paintings before
  • Always in the library
  • She ends up helping you study a lot
  • Has a northern spotted owl named Elwood


  • Has blown up a lot of cauldrons
  • Just for the fun of it tbh
  • Because he’s super smart and knows how to do it
  • “Hm, wonder what happens if I add..THIS” //BOOOM
    • “Get out of my class this instant, Saeyoung.”
  • Fav subject is Potions and Astronomy he can’t decide
  • Met you in charms class
    • “Wanna hold my elder wand?”
    • “…You’re an idiot.”
  • You’re so innocent and pure he loves it
  • Is constantly trying to make you blush
  • Carries Bertie’s Beans with him wherever he goes
  • Constantly pranking Yoosung into eating the gross flavors
    • “Yoosung it’s popcorn this time, I swear!”
    • It’s not.
  • Super good at Wizards Chess
  • Steals herbs from Yoosung so he can secretly experiment with potions he’s creating
  • Has a black cat named Felix as his companion


  • Guilty of hanging out in the Hufflepuff common room with you all night
  •  You guys stay up waaaay too late talking
  • And laughing
  • You’re a lighthearted and kind soul like him so you both get along so well
  • The quiet and mature couple in school that everyone looks up to
  • Fav subject is muggle studies
  • Says good morning to paintings
  • Fav thing is going to Hogsmeade with you
  • Has a long eared owl named Monet


  • You met him on the train in first year
  • You were cute and sweet
  • And bold to just waltz into the compartment and sit by him
  • So of course he fell in love with you right away!
  • Sneaks out of his dorms at night to come see you
  • Fav subject is Transfiguration
  • Gets lost on purpose sometimes and wanders around by himself
  • Fav thing is Autumn when the leaves change and you walk around together on the grounds
  • He likes to lay in the leaves with you
  • Very quick study with charms
  • Casting spells comes super easy for him
  • His companion is a siamese cat named Toast

anonymous asked:

Hey Serra! Do you think you could maybe rec some coffeeshop au fics? I live for clichés 💕

Who doesn’t? I certainly love them myself! Here are some :)

Twelve Hours by @eidheann (15k)
The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49k)
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by @femmequixotic (21k)
Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

Coffee by Writcraft (5k)
Sometimes it’s just a story about two wizards and a Muggle coffee shop.

Collect Your Courage by Mervab (44k) 

Potter needs control; Draco needs forgiveness. They shag; Lavender gives advice; they yell; Seamus makes muffins; they fight; and everyone else drinks far too much coffee for their own wellbeing.

A Fair Cop by @oceaxereturns (6k)
Harry Potter walks into a cafe for some coffee, and instead gets the surprise of his life. Plus some coffee.

And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree by lauren3210 (7k)
Draco works in a coffee shop. Harry drops by every day to get his fix. Of coffee, Ron.

Some Like It Hot by @goldentruth813 (3k)
Harry work at a coffee shop, and is perfectly content to do his job and mind his own business until Draco Malfoy comes in. [Sequel Will you…]

We Might Be Too Old for a Bildungsroman by calrissian18 (21k)
Harry finds something he’s been looking for since the war’s end. Admittedly, the packaging’s a bit odder than he expected.

A Love Story Told in Caffeine by phoenixthecookiemonster (3k)
In which Draco is an overworked university student and Harry’s a barista at a local cafe.
Alternatively: in which Draco makes moaning sounds when he eats and Harry is sexually frustrated.
Also: in which Draco is the worst tease Harry has ever seen. [Harry POV You won’t BELIEVE how the dorks fall in love THIS time + Sequel Sleepy Snuggles]

Left My Heart by emmagrant01 (85k)
Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him. [Sequel Surrender the Grey]

The Interest Here by disapparater (9k)
Draco has his own morning show on the wireless, which he loves; an ambitious assistant, whom he needs; and days in The Tea Shop, where he relaxes. He also has a new caller on the show, whom he finds bloody annoying.

Once Upon An East End by @julietsemophase (9k)
Bistro owner Harry is closing up for the night when a young man stumbles through his door in need of help. The night takes them in a direction neither had expected.

Salted Caramel Mochas (Or How to Pick Up Draco Malfoy) by loopyzoop (4k)
Harry’s good at making coffee, bad at flirting, and thinks Draco is cute. And might actually like him back. Why else would he come into Starbucks on Christmas eve?

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Napkin by Saras_Girl (1k)
Draco isn’t exactly a man of action. Until he is.

Home Cafe by Eleanna_Lee (12k)
An Auror mission brought Harry to the cafe where he met the two blondes who shall steal his heart, and make the place his ‘home’

Black Coffee by Candamira (17k)
Something is very wrong with Draco’s wand. No matter the spell, it won’t respond with anything but a silver stag Patronus.

I’ll Try Again Tomorrow by @shewhomustnotbenamed (3k)
Harry goes to the same coffee shop every morning, awaiting the blond haired man who arrives at 7:13 on the dot.

Counting Stars by panicparade (0.9k)
After a broken car and sudden stop at a bakery Harry just might start believing in fate.

When It Alteration Finds by momatu (55k)
After the war, Harry left most of the Wizarding world behind and built a new life for himself in the Channel Islands. He opened a bakery and is happy with his life. Draco is a fiction author who writes under a penname, and he’s currently suffering from writer’s block. His agent suggests he try writing in a new environment and rents a cottage in the Channel Islands for him.

The Tip of the Icing by megyal (32k)
Harry’s successful cake/pastry career brings an old nemesis as a new client.

I’ve been thinking about how great a Harry/Draco and Draco/The Golden Trio friendship would be and how similar Harry and Draco are (I have a major headcanon that Lucius is abusive towards Draco and that Draco is a werewolf) (Immzie has a total headcanon in which Darling Draco admits this to Harry and also admits he may slightly love Harry) and how much better the events of HBP could be if their friendship was a thing like imagine

  • Instead of Harry immediately realising Draco is up to something and thinking I must stop him, Harry sees Draco struggling he actually goes and confronts him about it.
  • Harry asks what are you up to and Draco refuses to say- which naturally starts an argument (since they have been at each others throats for years thats not going to go away any time soon)
  • But then Harry makes a sudden move which results in Draco flinching and Harry freezes, going what he hell- not as a question but because  he recognises it from his own behaviour at the Dursleys. This gets him thinking about what Draco’s life is actually like and he starts to see that maybe Draco isnt everything he appears to be.
  • Draco would try to brush it off and then storm away and he ignores Harry when he attempts to talk to him about it in the next few weeks Harry wants to know and if he can do something to help.
  • One day Harry corners Draco and they have like a huge fight about it which results in a kind of confession about it on Draco’s part and Harry trying to be like I understand.
  • So after that they are both awkward around each other and tend to try and just0 pass each other because they don’t know how to deal with this new information about each other. Each is starting to realise what they think of the other isnt necessarily true.
  • After a while of this they start to have small exchanges and form the start of a friendship
  • Harry talks to Ron and Hermionie about all of this because he’s unsure what he should do and unsure if he should actually try and be friends with Draco and if he did he would likely want Ron and Hermionie to be friends with him too. Or, at least, be civil.
  • The Golden Trio are all questioning their views on Draco but also having trouble getting past all the crap Draco has done to them and said about them during their time at hogwarts so it takes a while before the hostility between all of then starts to ebb.
  • But one day Harry finds out about the werewolf thing and so Harry is like I need to do something to help because damn it Draco may have done some bad shit but he doesnt need to go through all of this alone with no support or maybe not even a full understanding of it. Harry gets Lupin and Draco to talk and help each other out
  • Draco is both annoyed at Harry for intervening but also a little grateful because its starts to take away some of the fear he had about it and if Draco needed help he wouldnt know who to ask but now he has Lupin and possibly even the trio for advice and help so he starts to try and be nicer to him and the others as a thank you.
  • This also causes Draco to questions his own views of purebloods being the best and his prejudices of werewolves and everything like that bc he’s seeing that everything he has been taught isn’t necessarily true like here are muggleborns, werewolfs, half-bloods and blood traitors doing what they can to help him despite how shit he has been to all of them in previous years.
  • Their friendships start to form once they all see that they can work on the things that have gone on in the past - not necessarily forgive but they can at least understand it and help to fix it - and once they both see that their beliefs of purebloods being the best and slytherins all being evil are not necessarily true
  • One day the Trio find out about Draco’s order to kill Dumbledore because they see that he is still struggling. After asking him repeteldy about it he cracks and tells them because he is starting to realise that this task is supposed to kill him and its not something he wants to do. He was willing when he thought it could make his family great agin but after he sees that that isnt necessarily what is a good thing to do or even true he questions his motives towards the task. But he has to do something because of the consequences if he fails. The Golden Trio start to help him try and figure out a way out of it.
  • Because of their help, Draco further questions his beliefs and realises his parents are wrong. They may have drilled it into him since his childhood but they are wrong.
  • Once he realises this he tries to make proper amends by learning from his mistakes and apologising to everyone (or at least some of the people) who he has wronged even if he is reluctant to do this at first. He finds it hard- but the Trio are always behind him, there to help.
  • From there they all try and help Draco through everything in HBP and draco in turn tries to help them with their own tasks.  
  • Imagine Ron refusing to let draco go back to the manor so Draco stays with Harry at the Dursleys until the Weasleys can come and pick them up.
  • Imagine Draco standing up for Harry to the Dursleys and possibly protecting him if Vernon gets mad at Draco being there. Imagine Draco perosly winding up Vernon because he sees how the Muggle judges- just like his family did, and he wants to challenge the muggles thinking.
  • just imagine a harry and draco friendship okay

edslover  asked:

i asked this to drarryking and they told me to ask you? im kinda new with drarry (not really new, like i've been in it for 3ish months). can you rec fics that is in third person, dracos POV, and draco-centric? and either 8th year or post war?

Hey @edslover​! @drarryking​ is lovely and, yup, I have some ideas. I don’t keep track of whether a story is told in the third person, but I can rec some fics that are draco-centric Draco’s POV (as best I can recall) and post-war. I’m a little short on time so this is a list that pulls from recs already on my masterlist which is also a good place to start and where you can find even more. Hope you find what you’re looking for, and please remember to leave love for the authors!!

Drarry Recs: Post-War and Draco-Centric

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by femmequixotic - M, 21.5k - Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

Collect Your Courage by mervab - NC-17, 44k -  Potter needs control; Draco needs forgiveness. They shag; Lavender gives advice; they yell; Seamus makes muffins; they fight; and everyone else drinks far too much coffee for their own wellbeing.

Mate by LadyVader - NC-17, 15k - Draco’s a Veela and does NOT want Harry for his Mate - well TOUGH ;P

On One’s Knees by pir8fancier - NC-17, 34k - The war is over and to the victors go the spoils.

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by lauren3210 - NC-17, 31k - Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

The Pensieve Project by curiouslyfic - PG-13, 7.5k - Of the 116 Hogwarts students who took part in the final battle, only five are officially invited to the Ministry’s first annual memorial. For everyone else, there’s the Pensieve Project.

A Private Reason for This by femmequixotic - NC-17, 92k - When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, endangering not only his case, but also his heart.

A Quiet Full of Longing by themostepotente - R, 6k - Draco could have the perfect life; all that he desires. If only he’d talk to Potter.

Requirements by ravenna_c_tan - NC-17, 5k - Draco is spending much of sixth year in the Room of Requirement. But sometimes the Room has a different idea of what he requires than he does.

Said and Unsaid (Or the Value of Knowing When to Stop Talking) by bryoneybrynn - PG-13, 15k - When the Interrogator asked if he had anything to say on his own behalf, Draco shook his head, his lips pressed tight in a thin line. There was nothing to say that wouldn’t sound like an excuse.

Says the Magpie to the Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice) by femmequixotic - NC-17, 34k - It’s terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you’re still half in love with the bastard.

Sealed With a Kiss by Faithwood - NC-17, 46.5k - Harry Potter will fall in love with the first person who kisses him. Draco knows what he must do. A Christmassy Hogwarts fic, this.

The Sheep Whisperer by RurouniHimi and There’s Always One More Sheep Around the Corner, or A Week in Cumbria by coffeejunkii - M, 13.5k/20k - Oddly enough, war-worn Harry finds solace among green hills, deep clear lakes and a herd of woolly, sweet, but very stupid sheep. He is also the keeper of a very lovely and secluded B&B (wizard or muggle optional. could be both). Workaholic-from-trying-to-forget-Harry and with a secret fetish for women’s lingerie!Draco is sent there by interfering!Hermione to “rest his poor misguided nerves”. Stir, season with pepper and a lot of dreadful weather.// No good deed goes unpunished, especially if the deed is Draco Malfoy’s. 

A Single Soul by noeon - NC-17, 6k - In which Professor Draco Malfoy attempts to survive the inaugural Hogwarts Visiting Weekend with a shred of dignity intact, and Head Auror Harry Potter thwarts him at every turn, supported by a Cast of Thousands (or at least Hundreds).

Single Wizard Seeking Same by jennavere - NC-17, 19k - Lovelorn Draco has been secretly pining for Harry for months. He’s finally forced into action when ex-boyfriend Blaise shows up. Starring an awkward, smitten Draco and a cameo by Harry’s chest monster.

Take These Lies by white_serpent - R, 35k - Repeatedly rejected by the Auror training program, Draco Malfoy attempts an unorthodox disguise to gain admission.

Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop - NC-17, 70k - It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

There Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain by faithwood - NC-17, 21k - It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross.

This Unstoppable Thirst by birdsofshore - NC-17, 5.5k - Draco really should know that things have a habit of not going according to plan, especially where Potter is concerned. (Sequel to This Monstrous Need)

Tick Tock by fireflavored - NC-17, 11k - Draco Malfoy is in serious danger of becoming an old maid.

A Thousand Beautiful Things and Delicate Sound of Thunder by Duinn Fionn - R, 108k/62k - Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.//Draco knows that happily ever after is for fairy tales. When someone threatens to expose his wartime past, he risks his life to protect his secrets, but learns he’s not the only one with something to hide. (Delicate Sound of Thunder is the sequel to A Thousand Beautiful Things.) 

AU where Harry is hit with a curse that reveals his deepest thoughts.

Imagine Harry going to Neville and just tell him what a great herbology professor he is and how he treasures him as one of his closest friends. Because Neville has stuck with him through thick and thin, even when Ron and Hermione wasn’t there, and even standing up against him when he was wrong.

Imagine Harry going to McGonagall and telling her that she was one of the best people in his life and that he thanks her always being there for him, especially when Dumbledore wasn’t. He told him of how much he loved her, how because of her he could generate the rage to cast a Cruciatus, but only for her and no one else.

Imagine Harry cursing himself that he can’t cast a Patronus anymore after the war. He calls himself pathetic and hates himself for no being able to think of happy memories. But, it’s not exactly his fault. Everything about his loved ones before the war are overshadowed by their deaths afterwards.

Imagine Harry going to Fleur to ask for clothing advice because he has insecurities about his appearance. She takes him to buy Muggle clothing, knowing that he wouldn’t be comfortable with Wizarding clothes.

Imagine Harry going to George and asking for forgiveness because he failed to save Fred. But, George doesn’t blame him. He just holds him, as they cry together, putting themselves at fault.

Imagine Harry going back to Hogwarts because he felt like he had no other home and teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts (which he considers just Defense now, since the Dark Arts aren’t as big of a worry now), as a substitute for the professor, who is pregnant. He goes under a glamour as Hadrian Black and the students love him. In honor of Lupin, he teaches about werewolves and boggarts and even if he can’t perform a Riddikulus as well as he did before, it still manages to capture the students’ attention. He goes as far as defending the Slytherins when the other houses are being cruel and becoming a safe haven for them when they need it, something he never got.

Imagine Harry going to Draco and giving a heartfelt apology. Then, he extends out his hand and waits for Draco to shake it. He doesn’t. Instead, the blonde pulls him into a hug. It is then that Harry reveals how he didn’t love Ginny, but Draco instead.

Imagine the curse wearing off and everyone is absolutely worried about Harry, wondering why he was being sincere when he usually bottles things up. They learn that it was Luna, who cast the spell, wanting to help Harry. In the end, Harry feels a weight lifting off his shoulders and he feels loved (especially by Draco). There is a smile on his face when he casts a Patronus and it appears in the shape of a familiar stag.

Limerence [Baekhyun]

{{ noun // the state of being infatuated with someone, characterized with the desire for the reciprocation of one’s feelings }}

You’re basically living in one of those cliché muggle romance novels.

Fluff. Hogwarts!AU. Request. 2,091 words.

x o x o x o x o x o x o

“You’re insane.”

You stare at Baekhyun, completely wide eyed, as he rigs a couple fanged frisbees to hit Kyungsoo in the face when he walks under the doorway during his nightly prefect rounds.

“You think your brother will enjoy the surprise?” Baekhyun winks at you, stuffing the packaging into the pockets of his robes before tugging on your arm to pull you behind a large suit of armor. You stumble behind him, nearly falling before he steadies you.

“Remind me again why you brought me along with you?”

“Because Chanyeol and Jongdae are in detention with Filch, and Kyungsoo would never hurt his little sister.”

“This is ridi–”


The sudden noise of frisbees whizzing around and slight tearing of clothes is heard as Baekhyun is in hysterics next to you.


Keep reading

fashion killa


She jiggy like Madonna but she trippy like Nirvana.


Harry thinks competing for an unofficial award of fashion is a bit childish and Y/N loves the competition.

[ inspired by the song Fashion Killa by A$AP Rocky ]


Harry knew how to set a trend.

It was something that usually came natural to him. He sometimes thinks it’s just because he has the money to afford fancy clothes but many people tell him otherwise - that his sense of fashion was one of the best.

And Harry was not one to gloat about his successes because he was a very humble lad.

Given, his mum taught him to never take his opportunities for granted.

But his humbleness might be tested when a certain scarlet takes ahold of his title as the most fashionable trend setter. An almost game they played; either one of them would wear something bold that turned heads all over the fashion world and vise versa.

It was a game. It was an unofficial challenge.

And Y/N loved that challenge.

“Harry, what’re your feelings towards Y/F/N?” the interviewer speaks with a smirk decorating his face, because of course, everyone knew their attitude when around each other was more competitive than friendly.

“Oh Y/N, she’s something alright.” Harry grins with full on dimples, a condescending smile non-the-less. He loves the attention the media gives to his game with Y/N. Always playful with each other but you couldn’t exactly call them friends per say because Y/N “didn’t associate herself with people in boy bands”, apparently.

And Harry believes that to be boldface lie. She was probably a fangirl of N'Sync or some shit - the truth being she just doesn’t want to associate herself with the one other person in the whole damn world that could ever compare to her trend setting.

And especially at something as important as The Grammy’s. Because Harry got nominated along with the other lad’s of One Direction with their single after coming back from hiatus 2 years later. He remembers Niall telling him rumors about Y/N and Rihanna (which might sound surprising but Y/N was also friends with Drake so it makes a lot of sense) possibly in a relationship (which is why she would be here) but neither of the girls have ever said anything about being lesbian or even bisexual for that matter. Quite possibly it was simply a rumor - as it almost always is - and the two were just great friends. But Harry would be hesitant to admit that he thinks the two might look rather ravishing sprawled amongst the silk sheets in his bed. But, ya know, that’s a completely different story.

Because Rihanna is a gorgeous woman but Harry thinks that Y/N is much more mesmerizing and electric; something about her being only 20 and already so known and he adores how she’s so confident in the eye of Hollywood when he knows how ruthless this line of business can be.

But Harry’s brought back to reality when he sees the one and only walking down the carpet with no one but herself (because Y/N never came to events with arm candy, her Tiffany diamond bracelets were far better and much prettier) and he notices her waving briefly at - oh damn is that really Justin Bieber she’s waving at? Y/N knows a lot of people, Harry would say.

“Someone’s looking ravishing tonight. My my, what designer?” The interviewer goads at Y/N and Harry is a little pissed that the attention isn’t on him anymore. Even if that was a bit childish in retrospect because she’s four years younger than him.

Harry and Y/N’s eyes connect and she smirks at him as he rolls his eyes before he can stop himself (he knows the camera picked that up and he can already see the headlines) before Y/N directs her attention back on the interviewer.

“Thank you! It’s a Dolce and Gabbana one of a kind,” she peers at Harry and looks down at what he’s wearing (a Gucci suit that has Y/N smirking in approval), “but I wouldn’t want to take away from your interview, Harry, so I’ll be on my way-”

“Leaving so soon?” Harry asks with a coy smile that brings a smile to the interviewer’s face because he knows this interview will be a hit.

Harry reckons she’s loving this too, they always playfully flirt with each other at events like this. This is the most they ever talk, however. Harry finds this to be a tad upsetting because he wants to be Y/N’s friend, in the most casual phrase of the instance.

“Yes, stay stay!”

And Harry couldn’t be bothered to look at the interviewer when Y/N looks like this.

The majority of the joint interview were questions on the two of them - and a couple were about the rumor Harry was thinking about earlier, the one with Rihanna but Y/N quickly shoots that down as Harry’s smile during the ordeal is enough to break the internet probably - questions about their friendship or if they were even friends because they had many mutuals but Harry’s favorite question is if they knew about the dating rumors on them two and Y/N’s favorite question is if they’ve ever fucked (because Y/N wouldn’t really mind if that rumor came true, if she’s being honest.)

And with the words of “Imagine if you two dated! Best dressed couple, every single time.” Harry and Y/N make their way away from each other but not before Harry pulls her away and whispers in her ear a thing that’s sure to kill Y/N (and the world, if they knew Harry’s words of advice.)

“The dress is rather gorgeous, Y/N, must say. But, love, always remember to never let sticky tape show. Big no no.”

And he walks away with a haughty smirk dancing across his lips as Y/N’s cheeks turn a deep shade of crimson as her eyes dart down to her chest because, God sticky tape showing is a big no no, Harry was dead right.

But she soon comes to realize that there in fact was nothing showing and her jaw drops in astonishment at Harry’s audacity and Harry just really likes fucking with people, especially Y/N.

He winks back at her with that coy grin he’s famous for, yelling out a curt, “Made ya look!”


yikes don’t know how i feel about this one ????

imagine being in a fashion rivalry with harry tho lmfao

this is soooo ugly idek why I’m posting it lmfao

my masterlist

- amanda !!

anonymous asked:

Do u know fics where derek is jealous/possesive ? Btw i love ur blog


Anonymous said:Hey, do you have any possessive fics? Either sterek or sciles?:-) thanks!!!!

We have a jealous tag. But it’s a little dusty. So here’s an update!! - Anastasia

Originally posted by thespectacularnow

That One Time Sterek Burnt Their Dinner by plead_guilty_but_insane

(1/1 I 749 I Teen I Sterek I ABO)

In their defense, they were otherwise occupied.

“The Perfect Couple” by Queenofhearts98fan

(1/? I 817 I Explicit I Sterek, Steo I Abuse)

Stiles is with Theo for a year before Theo asks for Stiles to marry him. Things start to change from good to rock bottom bad. Stiles can’t hold himself anymore… That all changes when he meets a friend of Scott’s at a party.

I’m Yours by voidstaleinski

(1/1 I 933 I Mature I Sterek I Lapdance)

Derek visits Stiles at work and makes sure everybody knows exactly who the boy belongs to.

Fixing the Old by voidstaleinski

(1/1 I 1,345 I Not Rated I Sterek I Hurt/Comfort)

Things were great between Stiles and Derek. But then one day Stiles gets a phone call from Lydia saying she wants to rebuild their broken friendship. Derek believes Stiles still has feelings for her and for some reason Stiles can’t bring himself to answer that question. Can one phone call ruin everything?

A Start by Inell

(1/1 I 1,458 I Teen I Sterek I Deputy!Stiles, Deputy!Derek)

Derek’s acting like a jealous boyfriend. The only issue? He and Stiles aren’t dating.

Interruptions by Inell

(1/1 I 1,731 I Teen I Sterek I Pining)

It’s oddly convenient that various supernatural shenanigans seem to happen whenever Stiles has a date. Derek just says it’s an interesting coincidence.

sweetest devotion by allhalethekings

(1/1 I 2,138 I General I Sterek I Established Relationship)


Derek expected a lot of things in his life to change after the fire but he didn’t expect that he’d be able to fall in love again. That one was a tricky idea to come around to. But then it turned out to be with Stiles and that…that needed some serious debriefing time with himself.

Because, seriously? Stiles?

Just a Fluke by Keyshiano

(1/? I 2,319 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia, Berica I Cancer, Major Character Death)

Stiles Stilinski was diagnosed when he was fifteen, and has been in and out of hospitals since then. Cora Hale happens to get herself into something that ends up with Stiles and Derek Hale meeting each other at odd circumstances. They may fall in love somewhere down the road. Or down the hospital halls.

Because, baby, love is more than that by dedeecated_dee

(1/1 I 2,765 I General I Sterek, Steo I ABO)

Jealousy doesn’t always mean love. It could mean you have trust issues.

Dance With Me by Inell for PrettyInSoulPunk

(1/1 I 3,003 I Teen I Sterek I Pining)

The pack is at a dance club to celebrate Malia’s 22nd birthday when Stiles realizes maybe his unrequited feelings for Derek actually are reciprocated.

Don’t Even Get Me Started on All the Little Things You Do by the_boy_and_his_wolf

(1/1 I 3,502 I Teen I Sterek I Neighbors AU)

“He didn’t like him at first, so stern and cold
Didn’t like him at first, 17 years old
Didn’t know he loved him
Just the boy next door”

Or, the one where Stiles goes on a number of dates and comes home to Derek sitting on his front steps after every one. But, no, of course Derek isn’t waiting up for him.

Gods & Monsters by dweekhale 

(9/? I 10,442 I Explicit I Sterek, Steo I  Stripper AU)

‘In the land of Gods & Monsters
I was an angel
Looking to get fucked hard’
Derek is a 24 year old self-made millionaire who enjoys all aspects of ‘live hard, die young’ way of life. Drugs, money, sex, he has it all but it’s not enough for him. Stuck in an unhappy engagement his advisers locked him into, Derek finds his satisfaction in visiting strip clubs to get his fix, and when he hears about the hot new thing his favourite club has to offer, he can’t get there fast enough.

And I Will Try To Fix You by FarAwayInWonderland

(5/? I 11,755 I Teen I Sterek I Suits Crossover)

Stiles Stilinski wasn´t a spark. He was a mage. And that little miscalculation of Deatons’ may lead to his fiery death. Okay, it really wouldn´t because Deaton contacted the son of some old friends of his, who was a mage as well and who would be the Yoda to Stiles and teach him his mage ways, but Stiles liked the dramatic flair that came with pronouncing your inpeding death to lighten up the atmosphere during Harris’ torturous chemistry lessons.

Mike Ross, on the other hand, could really do without the whole teaching control thing. Foremost because he really didn´t want Harvey to find out about the little part of himself that he had never shown to the older lawyer he may or may have not a little crush on - who was he kidding, it had the size of Mount Rushmore.

Donna and Lydia just rule supreme. And Derek should really use his words.

My Scowl Says I Like You by lyvanna

(6/? I 15,304 I Teen I Sterek I Mates)

   It’s summer and for some reason Scott has managed to rope Stiles into helping rebuild the old Hale house, despite the fact that he’s pretty sure none of the pack like him that much. Especially Derek. I 

Tick Tock by PolarisTheYoungWolf

(5/? I  16,162 I Not Rated I Sterek I Once Upon A Time Crossover)

There’s a prophecy that Scar plans to use to become a god, since he failed to become king. That prophecy involved Sleeping Beauty’s unborn child. Pregnant Aurora takes shelter in Pride Rock for the remainder of her pregnancy and mere hours after her son is born, does Scar appear and takes him from her. As Scar tries to escape, things happen and the child is sent to the world without magic…except it’s not so magicless. The child itself has great potential for amazingly powerful magic…good or bad remains to be the question. Will this child be a hero or a villain?

In Misthaven he is named after his father, Phillip, but in the world without magic he was adopted by a Sheriff and his wife, who they named after her father, but he goes by Stiles.

Seventeen years later destiny comes a-knocking, dragging Stiles into an enchanting mess. Derek isn’t sure if the rest of the pack is on board, but he definitely is. No way is he going to let Stiles go anywhere without him to protect him from monsters, charming knights, and promised suitors.

Summer lovin’ by niquess

(6/? I 16,392 I General I Sterek, Stackson, Aiden/Ethan/Stiles, Petopher, Sheriff/Melissa, Scallison, Scisaac I Infidelity)

The summer holiday left stiles feeling relaxed and refreshed. Now a shitstorms heading his way - The alpha pack, two of whom he slept with, a jealous Derek and relationship advice needed by EVERYONE. Crap. Stiles doesnt know how he’s going to fix this.  

Our unexpected journey *Sterek* by AsherWatt

(15/? I 16,891 I Teen I Sterek I MPreg)

When the pack has a run in with a mean witch, they are all just happy that they made it out alive. Stiles took the brink of the fight getting picked up by the thing and then thrown against the tree. He started feeling sick later… But it was more than a simple cold.

We Will Survive by VoidSterekOTP

(15/? I 19,205 I Mature I Sterek, Scisaac, Jydia, Berica I Alien Invasion)

“Can you feel that?” Isaac asks curiously looking around at his friends who are sat around the large pool soaking up the sun.

“yeah, It feels like electricity” Scott answers sending a look towards his alpha. Derek just rolls his eyes and smirks.

“It’s just a storm guys. Will probably start in about 20 minutes it’s definitely close” He chuckles and adjusts his sunglasses.
They are all so relaxed enjoying their time on vacation in Carmel, far enough away from the supernatural hell hole that is Beacon Hills to actually enjoy some time together. They just have no idea that life as they know it is going to change forever in a matter of hours.

Hereditary by skeleteen

(7/8 I 20,690 I Not Rated I Sterek I Avengers Crossover)

After a blood test shows that Stiles Stilinski’s real father is actually Tony Stark, a famous weapons designer (and superhero), he’s sent to live with him for the remainder of summer vacation in order to bond and avoid legal complications. Meanwhile, Tony has to fight the instinct to protect Stiles from the danger following his lifestyle and come to terms with the fact that his son might have a few tricks up his own sleeves.

I know (I’m worthless) by Mittymitty

(11/? I 31,671 I Mature I Sterek I Angst)

Years of abuse has destroyed Stiles’ self esteem. It began to change once Derek came around, slowly but surely.
It changes back to sour once the pack pushes him out.

As he tries to overcome his abuse, while being ignored by the pack and pursued by the town’s latest supernatural creatures, controlling his fire gets harder because Stiles Stilinski never does anything half way. He couldn’t be a spark with a traumatic life, he had to go and be an uncontrollable flame.

The Lycan by HiAjay

(24/? I  32,289 I General I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia, Ethan/Danny I Mute!Stiles, Girl!Stiles)

Now, Stiles is your typical employee, hard working, smart, and polite (when need be). The only real issue is, Stiles is mute.  

The Catalyst by Breannanotbre

(12/? I 32,279 I General I Sterek, Scira, Allison/Isaac, Jydia I CSI AU)

Stiles has been assigned a new case. One that could possibly have him killed. He needs help, he needs a partner and well he gets one. He just didn’t think his partner would be rude and sarcastic and leave him feeling things he didn’t know was possible to feel. He didn’t think he could possibly be falling in love with this asshole. He didn’t think his partner on this case would be Derek Hale.

Game On by Kaname

(12/? I 38,829 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Berica I Football (Soccer) AU)

Sometimes, Stiles whispers sweet nothings to his laptop and asks the gaming gods to bless him with quick fingers and an indestructible bladder. For gaming. Obviously.

What he didn’t ask for was a bitchy new guild-mate with a God complex and a famous next-door neighbor who plays footie and throws house parties every time Stiles is trying to sleep.

Or; The one where Stiles is a famous web denizen, and Derek is just plain famous.

Stiles and Derek: Destined Lovers and True Mates by aries1972Sterek

(17/? I  46,256 I Explicit I Sterek, Stiles/Parrish, Danny/Jackson, Scisaac I Werewolf!Stiles)

Deputy Parrish takes a liking to Stiles and asked him out. Stiles accepts since he thinks that Derek will never be asking him, so he settles. The date is planned, but will things go like they think? Will they even make it out on their date? What does fate have in store? Stiles dad sees first hand Dereks reaction that he had hidden from Stiles so well. He has a talk with Derek because now he cannot ignore the way his son has obviously felt about Derek the past year that he thinks he knows about. John now knows they have been oblivious to the way the other has felt for far too long and it’s time to do something about it. He knows how stubborn they both are so it’s going to be up to him and the pack to see if they can put them in the right situation to where it would be almost impossible for the truth not to come out in some form or the other

When the wolves come out, they go straight to your heart. by Linneus

(17/? I 54,339 I Explicit I Sterek, Scira, Chris/Melissa, Danny/Jackson I Magic!Stiles)

Derek’s pack has to go to England to strengthen the alliance with the pack that is hosting Jackson and Danny there.
Stiles, being the pack’s emissary (in training) organizes everything for the journey.
Will the change of country change something between the Alpha and his emissary? Will it bring other relatioship to life?
And meanwhile, what will happen in Beacon Hills under Scott’s supervision with the Nemeton back to his former glory?

Follow the adventures of our favourite pack of werewolves, dealing with a stranger land, a foreign pack and emotions that maybe aren’t that unknown as they try to let themselves believe.

Bucketlove’s February Fic-Recs!

I’m on time this month (whoop)!! This month was pretty chill regarding work etc. so I read quite a lot (rip). Here we go (in no particular order):

Pi Time by aclosetlarryshipper

Harry, 20.
Less Than 1 Mile Away, Active 1 minute ago.
I think when it comes down to it, I’m just looking for someone supportive. That’s all I really need in life. I know this is an app, but we can find people in all the most obscure places ☺ -H.S


Hot, hipster Harry from Tinder is nothing like Louis expected.

Mine Now by aclosetlarryshipper

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Sitting on Truths by aclosetlarryshipper

“I know,” Harry says, unsure what exactly he’s agreeing to.

“Can we just…” Louis sighs. “We don’t have to do this right now.”

And Harry feels it to his core, then. That wall between Something and Nothing, hit by a cannon ball but still standing, though it’s crumbling by the minute.

or, A summer camp AU where Louis is Harry’s High School Romance that Could Have Been.

Song For The Springtime by sunshiner

“Cherry blossoms,” Harry mumbles. “The solution’s cherry blossoms.”

Uni AU.

walk heavy on delicate ground by deadspy

“What do you want more than anything in the entire world?” Harry asks, dragging a finger lazily up Louis’ bare chest.

“To know myself again.”

[Louis grows a beard and battles depression during the hiatus.]

the boys of fall by godgavemelou

“And everyone, this is Harry Styles. He’s going to be our starting quarterback this year.”

Louis looks at him, the tall and lanky Harry Styles, and takes it all in. He’s got hair to his shoulders that curls at the ends, tattoos all down his arms, and a bright smile on his face as the team cheers him on. He’s lean and fit, and absolutely beautiful, and Louis hates him to the core.

OR an american football au where the boys play for the university of tennessee, and harry and louis quite hate each other.

slow dancing in a burning room by oopshidaisy

strictly come dancing au ft. sexual tension, glitter, rimming, and too many references to hugh grant

A Red-Dusted Planet by onewasturning

Harry finally makes it to the edge of the pool where Louis is almost curled up in on himself laughing in the shallow water. He wants to feel annoyed, his competitive side rankled at the unfair and unjust tactics used by his opponent, but it’s like—

The light refracts off the water and moves across Louis’ skin, darkening the ink of his tattoos, and he looks beautiful, dazzling, still that god laughing down on all the destruction he’s caused. And Harry’s heart is caught somewhere in his breathless chest, like it’s become tangled amidst the veins and arteries whilst trying to make room for wet boys on warm, summery days.

Or, a one-night stand in a small town in Australia turns into a weekend that Harry could’ve never predicted with a boy he may never forget.

(i’ll be right) beside you by oopshidaisy

golden age of hollywood au ft. harry being a little shit, louis trying to make movies and eleanor despairing in everyone

my kingdom for a kiss (tonight you’re on my mind) by ab_hinc

“Oh fuck, I’m going to have to tell my mum,” Louis says, closing his eyes.

The silence stretches between them for a long moment until Harry starts breathing heavily. “I’m going to have to tell the Queen,” he says, “and my mum.”

Or, the one where Zayn and Louis make a friendly wager and it goes too far, Harry’s a baker with a heart of gold and really great hair, Liam is an overworked PA who just wants to enjoy his holiday and Niall is completely at ease, as always. An accidentally married AU mixed with a splash of modern royalty.

like dying young idols by deadspy

“Hurry up,” Harry hisses through clenched teeth. Louis giggles then sprays a smiley face on the front door with two X’s for eyes.

[Louis and Harry go on a bank robbing spree after Louis gambles away their millions.]

Has Me By My Heart by LoadedGunn

It’s probably not normal to even try and find his soulmate – who even believes in that shit anymore – but if Harry were normal he’d be a student or a singer right now, instead of a millionaire con artist who doesn’t own a house because he wants to settle down with someone special.

He watches Louis tell a story with a happy flush in his cheeks, and Harry’s heart thrums painfully because he knows. He’s the one.

Or, Harry steals hearts, Niall steals everything else, and Louis should probably be less cool about knives being thrown at his head.

Faking It by TheCellarDoor

A uni AU in which Louis has been Harry’s best friend since he offered him cubed fruit on the playground, and they spend more time cuddling in their dorm beds than they do apart, but it’s not like that. Or is it?

Aka Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.

Hiding Place by alivingfire

Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual.

From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance.

Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

Unbelievers by isthatyoularry

It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

Rather this than live without you by mediaville

Harry decides to give it all up. Louis refuses to be left behind.

Nothing Gold by FeelsForBreakfast

A High School AU where Harry flirts with girls and Louis flirts with danger. Louis jumps off cliffs and drives like car crashes don’t apply to her because she likes the rush. Harry tells stories and tries to keep her safe. (ghosts, glow in the dark stars, and numb hands)

Her eyes are a challenge: Let go of the brake. Let yourself come down. Don’t be afraid. When you’re young, you aren’t afraid of falling and so you go as fast as you can to feel the rush. And you don’t fall.

(your heartbeat) rang true inside my bones by flimsy

Harry goes as Louis’ date for a weekend wedding. He ends up taking the role a bit too seriously.

“Hey,” Harry hears himself say just as Louis climbs back into the car. He ducks down, holding onto the roof to look at Louis who cocks his brow at him and says, “What?”

“I meant it,” Harry starts. “Like, I’d do it. I’d be your date for the wedding. If it’d make you feel less awful about being there and if you want me to, I’ll do it. I promise I’ll be good.”

You Are The Blood by sarcasticfluentry

A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall gets all the girls, Liam goes on a journey of self-discovery, Zayn falls in love, Harry wants something more, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin. 

Ultimate Spider-Man: HarryxPeter shippy stuff

A while back, a friend and I were going to do a shipping manifesto for Parksborn. 

Unforunately, we never did get around writing that manifesto, but we did gather “evidence” and take pictures.  Thought that it might not be a bad idea to dump the “evidence” here on tumblr, just in case it proved useful to anybody. 

It’s bit of a jumbled mess, and some of the evidence may not make any sense.  That’s because, for some them, they were gathered to show how Harry and Peter’s friendship seemed to resemble an actual romantic relationship.

Anyways, the evidence. (Feel free to use to help promote the pairing.)

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