i love how ever looks in this cap

Hate Myself

Based losely off of this:

Person A: You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first

Person B: Bullshit. I have never loved myself but her, oh God, I love her so much that i forget what hating myself feels like


Steve and Tony are sitting on a blanket in Central Park while Y/N, Clint, and Bucky play with Clint’s dog, Lucky, a short distance away. Tony and Steve had stopped fighting so much, and had even become good friends ever since Tony started dating Y/N.

“I really love her, you know?” Tony whispered, watching his girlfriend as she threw her head back in laughter

Steve sighed, “Are you sure that you can really love her?”

Tony looks at Steve sharply, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Steve straightens out and turns more toward Tony still keeping Y/N, Bucky, and Clint in his peripheral vision. “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first, Tony”

“Bullshit” Tony snapped

The response is almost automatic, “Language” Steve sighed, “I didn’t’ mean anything bad by it, Tony. All I’m saying is that it might be difficult to really love her is you hate yourself”

“Are you alright, babe?” Y/N calls, noticing the tension in Tony’s shoulders

His eyes immediately soften when they meet Y/N’s, “Yeah, sweetheart, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me”

Y/N nods, giving Tony one last concerned smile, before turning back and throwing the ball for Lucky.

Tony whips back around to face Steve, “You listen to me, Cap. Don’t you ever question my feelings for Y/N, ever”

“Tony, I was just saying …”

“No” Tony interrupts, “I have never loved myself, but Y/N, God, I love her so much that I forget what hating myself feels like” Tony looks over to where Y/N is watching Bucky and Clint wrestle, “My feelings for her are so strong that sometimes it scares me”

“I didn’t know you felt that strongly”

A soft smile graces Tony’s face, “Her love for me makes me forget how much of a fuck up I am, how much she deserves more than me”

Suddenly a shadow falls over Tony’s face, “Are you being self-deprecating again? Saying how much you don’t deserve me?” Y/n chuckles and plops down right in Tony’s lap

He nuzzles into her hair, “You know me too well, love”

“I know that look, is what I know. I also know that I love you and hate it when you get yourself in a bad mood” Y/N narrows her eyes at Steve, “So make sure he doesn’t get in a bad mood”

Steve lets out a deep chuckle, “As you wish, Y/N”

Clint bounds over and grabs Y/N’s had, “Come on, Y/N! Tony gets your attention all the time! Lucky’s starting to miss you!”

Y/N laughs but allows herself to be pulled up, “Oh, he’s the only one who misses me?” she teases, but doesn’t fight being dragged back to where Bucky and Lucky are waiting.

Steve turns back to Tony, “I suppose you really can love someone and not necessarily love yourself”

“Yeah, Capsicle. You really can”

Happier Without Me?

Request from @isabela-claire​: hiya! could i request an imagine please with bucky? could you do one based off the song “happier” by ed sheeran? that would be totally amazing, it’s just so great. but if you don’t mind i’d love a happy ending, sad endings make me cry. & i really don’t wanna cry. thanks so much!!! have a wonderful day!

Note: Song based fics aren’t my biggest strength but I enjoyed writing this one so I hope it proves to be just as enjoyable to read <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,908

Disclaimer: GIF used is not mine. All credit goes to it’s creator. <3 Also the lyrics used do not belong to me!

Walking down 29th and Park
I saw you in another’s arms
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier.

This was the fifth time he had seen you over the course of the past two weeks; despite the rest of the team telling him to leave it he just couldn’t. He needed to talk to you but every single time he spotted you in the city you were always with him. It was the same guy each and every time….his arm wrapped around you protectively.  The very thing Bucky himself should have been doing – instead he had hurt you and now he was facing the consequences.

He never heard the words you spoke to each other as he would only ever get close enough to see you….never to hear that beautiful voice of yours, he didn’t want you to know that he was suffering because he knew he deserved it.

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I fell in love with you when you weren’t looking.
From the way your body twitched every night as you fell asleep to the way you pulled me closer in the groggy mornings.
With the way you genuinely belly giggled when you were truly comfortable in a place or with a person.
And how you would absent-mindedly scratch my head while we watched countless Adam Sandler movies in bed on Saturday afternoons.
When it was just us two and you couldn’t help but sing a little everytime your favorite song came on the radio.
With the way you wore a baseball cap backwards and how you looked from my spot in the passenger seat.

But mostly, I fell in love with how you loved me when I wasn’t looking. @needumost

I don’t know how I feel about this one yet, but here it is…

anonymous asked:

Just curious-- what makes the 2009 Emma adaptation a work of art?

*cracks knuckles* *pulls out color coded binder* I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve seen a lot of Emma adaptations: Clueless, Emma (1996), Aisha, the other BBC series (the one with Kate Beckinsdale and Mark Strong), Emma Approved, and of course, the 2009 BBC Miniseries. The 2009 version is my favorite, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of that comes down to characterization, but it is also about the way it captures Austen’s story magnificently though language, set design, costuming, and music.

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can we talk about shawn’s hair?

it’s so soft and bouncy and just looks like i could honestly live in it forever. 

like he’d definitely let you do stupid stuff with it and try and put it in little baby pigtails or something because he secretly just loves when you play with his hair. but when you’d try to take a pic of your work, he’d cover up his face and whine about how “i look dumb” and make you delete any photo evidence that it ever happened. 

his HATS LETS TALK ABOUT HIS HATS. the beanies kill me but seeing him in a beanie is so rare that i haven’t been able to fully develop my obsession. but the dad hats… the dad hats are another story. 

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Louis and his Sweatshirts

the wonderful webetterofftogether requested a louis’ hoodies masterpost and lifechangeing and i basically have been challenging each other with finding the best louis photos and rather than making our huge long post even longer, we decided we should do separate posts as themes, so this is my attempt to take care of two at once!

at first i was trying to find photos of the different hoodies and sweatshirts that louis wore…but it kinda evolved into a post of louis just wearing sweatshirts, i hope you don’t mind.  i figure any collection of louis photos can’t go wrong.  so without any further ado, here we go!

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Blue Streak - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by dailymarvelstories

Words: 1537
Paring: Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: swearing, sadness, crying.
Requested by Anon:
Hi! Sorry it’s long, but could I get a Pietro x reader where (Y/N) Stark is a key asset to the avengers. When she runs into Pietro for the first time they both catch the others eye even though they’re "enemies”. It becomes a teasing match between them every time they encounter one another. In Sokovia, Pietro asks (Y/N) to marry him only after knowing her a few days, she says maybe, but wants to say yes. After the fight is over and (Y/N) finds out that Pietro is dead, she is unconsolable.
A/n: I’m sorry there are so many time skips but I had to do that for it to be able to fit in multiple days. Pretty sure I was able to keep this one gender neutral- so that’s always good! :)

"What are you waiting for? Go!” Steve yelled to you.

You started to run to your next target. That was, until you saw a flash of blue run past you. You stopped moving to see if you could figure out what it was that passed you. Next thing you knew, you were being flicked multiple times on your head.

“What the…?” You mumbled to yourself.

Then, you were spun around. “You didn’t see that comi- woah.” The blue streak turned out to be a boy, who seemed to be around your age, and had an accent.

“What was that, Starkling?” Clint asked.

You didn’t reply to Clint but stared at the boy who spun you around. He was definitely attractive, but was on the wrong team.

“Y/n!” Your brother called. “What was that?” Tony snapped you out of your daydream.

“Oh! Uh, there’s an enhanced.” You spoke quietly, and the man ran off when he heard you speak.

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lucas looking @ riley pt. 2

so, as promised, i’m continuing to post every file that i have of lucas looking at riley because apparently you guys all want to suffer and i want to suffer right along side you !!! it’s been like three weeks but i kind of forgot that this one was in my drafts but i hope that you all enjoy it!!!!! this post covers the rest of s2 (cory & topanga - legacy) and then the next (and last) post will be covering s3. so enjoy this one fam!!!!!!!! it’s painful but it’s worth it i promise!!!!! 

here’s part one. 

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“Get To Know Me” Meme

Favorite Movie [2/5] - A Walk To Remember

“Jamie has faith in me. She makes me want to be different, better”

I just found this screen cap on google and I just love the look of mirrored concern in both Astrid and Valka’s face.

What struck me is: this is the first time they have ever seen each other properly.
Valka might not have even known of Astrid’s existence. Valka has no idea how big a part Astrid is, in Hiccup’s life and the Haddock family for that matter.

I just think it’s so nice that they just accept each other and support Hiccup together.

What do other people think about Astrid and Valka?

Blame - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

Words: 1791
Paring: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: death, fighting, sadness
Requested by @breathingvapor
hey,I adore your imagines!could you maybe write one where reader and Piet have been dating for some time& after the battle in sokovia, he’s dead &u take out ur anger on Clint because you blame him for it (reader is his niece). u can finish however xx
A/n: (I’m glad you like my imagines :D ) I wasn’t planning on the imagine to be this long, but I ended up having more ideas for this than I thought. ALSO, OMG, 300 FOLLOWERS! WOWZA! *love heart* I’m just so glad people actually like my writing ^-^

Part Two

You really didn’t like the sound of going on a Sokovia mission. You knew who was there, and what they were capable of, and you really didn’t want to have him see you there and have him making assumptions.

But alas, there was no getting out of this one. You had to go. Steve really wanted you there to make sure things went according to plan. And with your skills with a bow, you would be a great help.

Your uncle also thought it would have been a good idea for you to go with the team. You hadn’t been out on many missions and he wanted you to show everyone what they’re up against. It was the one time Clint would admit that someone could be better at him with a bow- and that’s rare.

You were stressing about landing in Sokovia, up until the jet actually took off. That’s when you realized that there was no going back.

You did as you were told and stayed near the forest and started to take out some Hydra agents. Then you saw it. Him.

Draga? What are you doing here?” He asked you. “It is dangerous! How did you even get here?” He started to speak quickly and he walked towards you. “Come on, let me get you out of here.”

“What was that?” Rang through your ear.

“What?” You said under your breath, trying to make it seem like there was nothing there.

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May fic rec and OTP soundtrack

Hi everyone!

So, this month is nearly over. With it came good things (like CACW) but also very, very bad things (fuck you Marvel for this Hydra!Cap…).
In a month, I watched the entire 5 seasons of Teen Wolf and discovered myself a new OTP (and a very big one ^^): Sterek.
Needless to say that this month rec is mostly going to be about it so sorry (not really ;) ).
I’ll also have one or two Stucky fic, and of course, my OTP soundtrack (songs I listened to while reading,songs that I think correspond to the OTP because of the lyrics or music or because of a little something I can’t describe).

If I post a fic rec, it’s because I liked it :) 

Don’t hesitate to recommend music or fit :)

You can find all my bookmarks on AO3 here.

All my thanks to @theofficialstereklibrary you guys are amazing and your blog is my number 1 reference.

Thank you to all the authors. I don’t know what I would do without your work.

Originally posted by abbraccicomemedicine


- This is Where it All Begins…  by Hannahlenore  It truly is where it all begins cause it was the first Sterek I read (and it got me into the Soulmate marks).

“The pack is living in an alternate universe where all supernatural creatures are born with (or appeared when bitten) a “soul mark,” that matches the one of their soul mate. It can be a star, a lightning bolt or just as simple as a red triangle. But, when Stiles gets his, tying him to a supernatural creature, they are all shell-shocked when it comes as a triskele.Is his life over?

Will he ever gain the strength to tell Derek?
Will him and Derek ever get together?
Also… What is wrong with him?This is where it all begins…”

Too Familiar by Rehfan  

“Derek’s family has had it. He’s too grumpy. They want him to get a boyfriend.
Enter: Deaton as matchmaker.
The only problem is: the match he has in mind for Derek isn’t looking for a boyfriend - he’s looking for a familiar.”

- Cornerstone by Vendelin (Tumblr: @ljummen )

One of my absolute favorite <3

“Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.”

- Ring of truth by exclamation

“When John Stilinski got a call about someone acting suspiciously in a jewellery store, he didn’t expect to find Derek Hale looking at engagement rings. Despite all the dangers Derek has faced, somehow buying a ring is his most challenging battle.”

- Kaleidoscope by Vendelin (Tumblr: @ljummen )

My other favorite!

Stiles spends a year before college working at the all-night coffee shop in town. It’s nice and quiet, until one dark and brooding Derek starts coming in every morning, ordering coffee so strong that it should not be fit for human consumption. Ever. Stiles tries not to be affected by the mystery guy, but it’s not like anything else happens around here, so really, what did you expect? And when he’s already in too deep, he realises he might even be in way over his head…”

- Riding the Lightning by Vendelin

Stiles finds himself on the doorstep to his home in Beacon Hills, not remembering how he got here or why he’s barefoot. As it turns out, he was abducted a couple of weeks earlier from a college party and bears the same marks on his body as victims of a serial killer his dad just can’t seem to get a hold of. So there he is, with no memories of what happened, the last couple of weeks like a blank line in his mind and knowing all too well that he’s the best shot they have at catching this guy. As a key witness and in acute, assumed danger, he finds himself under surveillance 24/7 and more often than not, his dad’s best Deputy: Derek Hale, is sitting at his kitchen table.”

- The View From My Window by primroseshows

Derek is a glassblower on the hunt for new ideas. His assistant Scott has some artist friend named Stiles.”

- Diamond by ericaismeg

“Allison and Lydia own an wedding planning company called, Allydia Diamond Events. Stiles has been working for them for four years as their caterer. Their latest client? Erica Reyes from high school. She brings in Derek Hale with her.Derek used to hate Stiles in high school, and he clearly still does. That doesn’t stop Stiles from crushing on his client - knowing he’s getting married doesn’t stop him.Only Derek’s not getting married to Erica. He’s just lost his ability to speak around Stiles. Again.”

- When They Bloomed series by Lion_ness (Tumblr: @lion–ness )

Another absolute gem

“Derek is the alpha of a pack of young wolves who are busy finding babysitters, planning holidays, holding jobs and clinging to normalcy. When Peter pitches the idea to plant flowers on the Hale property, Derek doesn’t quite take him seriously. That is until he walks into the little floral shop off 1st and Oakheart and meets the strange young man from out of town, Stiles Stilinski.”

- the Rory to my Amy series by linksofmemories

A really really great one. I’m more than impressed by all this work.

“Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.”

- Pictures Of You by charlesdk (Tumblr: @hoechlbutt )

Prompt: “how about photographer!derek and model!stiles with derek taking sneaky pictures of stiles on set laughing/eating and sitting around reading in his glasses every time they shoot together? (maybe laura steals the pictures and publishes them -maybe with quotes derek said about stiles when he thought no one was listening- and that’s how stiles finds out about derek’s crush on him?)"”

- between the click of the light and the start of the dream by thepsychicclam (Tumblr: @thepsychicclam )

I’m in love with this one. Really.

“A twig snaps, and then Stiles hears breathing and the rustle of leaves. He strains to get a better glimpse into the darkness, but it’s pointless. There’s nothing but a black void.

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things - like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) - when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, and he’s being haunted by a hag. Great.”

- Snow Flirting by thepsychicclam

“As Beacon Hills get pounded with foot after foot of snow, single dad Stiles can’t quite keep up with his four year old, his job, and shoveling his driveway. Derek makes his teenage son shovel Stiles’ walk, and that just leads to Derek helping Stiles out with a whole bunch of other tasks. That’s okay with Derek, though, cause any chance to be with Stiles is okay with him.”

- sometimes fate is like a small snowstorm by thepsychicclam

“In a coffee shop two days before Christmas, Derek meets Stiles. Despite neither of them being interested in relationships, they spend an unforgettable evening together, but then part ways. During the following years, Stiles competes in the Olympics, Derek tours the world - and neither of them forget. Then twelve years later, two days before Christmas, Derek finds Stiles in that same coffee shop.aka a kinda sorta serendipity au”

- Didn’t imagine this happening by Shippings_galore

Derek surprises Stiles at school by coming back. And Theo doesn’t like it. A week later, there are hunters and Stiles is in danger. Well who’s fault is that?”

- The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski by howl-to-the-wind (green leaf)

Amazing! I sometimes laughed way too hard. I highly recommend it.

“ “Curly fries are only for the brave, so is love.”

Five times Stiles interviewed celebrities for his popular YouTube show, ‘The Curly Fries Show with Stiles Stilinski’, and one time he was the one interviewed.


Five times Stiles hung out with his attractive, adorable, bashful, architect building-mate Derek Hale and one time he hung out with his attractive, adorable, bashful, architect building-mate, boyfriend Derek Hale.”

- Murder, He wrote by mklutz

And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.”

- He blinded me with library science by klutz

Stiles blinks. “Right, the reading room. Do you have your, uh …library card?” he asks. He’s never been able to make that sound normal and not vaguely dirty when he actually means wand.”

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and now my personal soundtrack :)

Sterek soundtrack

- By Thomas Azier 

Shade Of Black  

“Watch those eyes again /All of them painted in a different shade of black / Could I run or should I hide / Do they disappear when I forget” 

Red Eyes 

The title. And I’m not gonna lie I love this track

- By Imagine Dragons:

Battle Cry  

“Stars are only visible in darkness / Fear is ever-changing and evolving / And I have been poisoned inside / But I, I feel so alive”


“I’m only a man with a candle to guide me / I’m taking a stand to escape what’s inside me / A monster, a monster / I’ve turned into a monster /A monster, a monster / And it keeps getting stronger.”

I see it as Stiles speaking during 3B. 

Deathbeds by Bring Me The Horizon

a sad, sad song but fucking beautiful

That little kiss you stole / It held my heart and soul / And like a ghost in the silence I disappear / Don’t try to fight the storm / You’ll tumble overboard / Tides will bring me back to you”

Just need your love by Hyphen Hyphen

So, about this one. I just pictured it as a song playing in one of this party Teen Wolf has the secret. And I really could see Derek and Stiles dancing ^^ (and the lyrics, it’s like they’re talking to each other, especially this part)

“You’re always so near we’re always so far / We come from the dust where we hopelessly rise / You’re running the fever desire’s so fine / You come from the fire you’re always mine “

Belong To The World by The Weeknd

But you to taught me how to feel / When nobody ever would (nobody ever would) / And you taught me how to love / What nobody ever could “

(Derek to stiles <3 )

Wherever i Go by One Republic

“Wherever I go, I’ve been looking for you” 

- By Amber Run :

I Found (and this beautiful version

It’s one of my favorite song ever. Everything is perfect. And to me, it applies well to Sterek. In every way.

“And I’ve moved further than I thought I could / But I missed you more than I thought I would 

And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be / Right in front of me / Talk some sense to me”


I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna love you now”

Clocks go forward by James Bay

Beautiful <3

In The Woods Somewhere by Hozier

the entire song

-Beautiful Crime by Tamer

We fight every night for something / When the sun sets we’re both the same / Half in the shadows / Half burned in flames / We can’t look back for nothin’ / Take what you need say your goodbyes / I gave you everything / And it’s a beautiful crime”

- By Our Last Night

The heart wants what it wants (cover)

I can see Derek fighting over this, and Stiles saying:

“The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here / The future that we hold is so unclear / But I’m not alive until you call / And I’ll bet the odds against it all / Save your advice ‘cause I won’t hear / you might be right but I don’t care / There’s a million reasons why I should give you up / But the heart wants what it wants / The heart wants what it wants”

Maps (cover) 

I hear your voice in my sleep at night / Hard to resist temptation / 'Cause something strange has come over me / And now I can’t get over you / No, I just can’t get over you”

Same Old War (acoustic version)

Derek begins to loose faith in everything but Stiles, and Stiles is here for him

“Stay strong, keep moving, can’t let the darkness blind us / Carry on, we’ll be the ones that pull the stars down to us / Stay strong, keep moving, can’t let the darkness blind us / Carry on, we’ll be the ones that pull the stars down to us”

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and I absolutely need to speak about a Cap/Bucky fiction that I read this month, written by the adorable @whydouwantaname <3

It’s a series of letter by my dear James Buchanan Barnes and they are simply amazing!!!!!!!!

Go read them here!

To finish with this post, I just wanted to say that I’m more than pissed of with Marvel. They fucked everything up. I seriously hope that this Hydra!Cap is just a big joke and even if it is (which I highly doubt), Marvel and Nick Spencer, you have no right to do that.


Love you all

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Lumen (part 5/ ): Other intentions

Originally posted by sheisraging


Read up here:

Part 1: Good intentions

Part 2: Honest intentions

Part 3: Dark intentions

Part 4: Wrong intentions

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 5: You and Steve have a serious conversation ahead of you.

Warnings: None that I know of.

Word count: 1.783 (without background information).

A/N: The workload is getting to me and I have very little time on my hands because I’m in the middle of starting up my own research at Uni, but I still managed to write this in between classes. Italics are thoughts and the quote that inspired this part has been highlighted.

This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated! Since this is an ongoing series, the tag list is open as we speak so don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Background: Iona Cole is a perky, gifted and ambitious assistant to a critically acclaimed professor at a renowned university. That is, until she snaps in the middle of class, the auditorium packed with students on introduction day. Having a long family history of psychiatric diseases, her mother sends her to a private clinic to receive the best treatment. In reality, this institute for people with “special needs” is a smokescreen for the underground operation Hydra is running there.

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New Fairy Tail Meme! (#2)

Tagged by @emmathehalf-bloodhunter to post 5 of my favorite manga panels/ anime screen caps from Fairy Tail and then tag other people! 

1. The moment I started shipping Stingue and slowly became Stingue trash

2. THIS look how fucking cute these dorks are


4. Natsu glomping Gray in OVA 3 like isn’t that the cutest thing ever????


6. haha imma rebel i’m adding more than 5 basically I love ANY moment that Gray and Natsu are touching each other so here’s one of my favs: (I’d add more but I’m trying to limit myself since I’m already over 5 xD)

7. Look how cute they are omf

8. IDK WHY but I loved this scene so much like it made me laugh xD Makarov doing it just for the money and Macao’s expression lmao

9. sMoL eRzA iS sO cUtE

10. i ship them so hard i can’t even-

11. This episode had so much Gratsu i died

12. fav dragon slayers <3

13. Gray protecting Natsu and Natsu going into dragon force because his bae has been hurt 

14. Stingue bbys <3 and that line from Rogue just yesss



17. Tsundere Gray secretly caring about his boyfriend 


19.  the beauty of light and shadow


ahaha 5? more like 5 x 4 xD i would’ve added every stingue moment and all the gratsu ones but that probably would’ve taken ages and i had to stop myself

I dunno who did this already and who didn’t but imma tag: @evilkitten3 @tokikurp @artsy-cado @purpleddragon @ghostal-service and anyone else who wants to do it c:

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Bucky tells Steve about how all the Howling Commando's totally knew about them because when Bucky thought he was going to die, he spilled his guts to all of them about how much he loved Steve and how if any of them ever saw Steve again to please please tell him how much Bucky loved him and that he will be watching him from heaven because he knows damn well no matter what anyone says that no one could ever go to hell for loving someone like Steve. idk i like pain apparently.

“Yeah, of course we knew about Cap and Sarge.” 

On camera, Jones shrugs. The room he’s been interviewed in looks distinctly nineties in decor, and he’s an old man leaning heavily on the walking stick balanced between his knees while he sits. It’s unsettling to watch, and not just because of what he’s saying. 

“When we were captured at Azzano, me and the boys were in the same cell as Sarge. He caught a fever, pneumonia or something, thought he was gonna die from it. We’d see them dragging the sick guys off down the hall every day, so if the fever didn’t get him they’d handle it themselves.”

He pauses, clearing his throat and picking up the glass of water to his left. His voice is crackly with age, but still as strong as Steve remembers it. He’d decided to finally watch the documentary Nat forwarded him while Bucky was out, not sure if it was a good idea to expose him to too many memory triggers all in one go. Probably a good idea, as it turns out, because as far as he knows Bucky’s still convinced that the Howlies didn’t know about his and Steve’s relationship, and if it turns out they disapproved he’d be heartbroken. 

“He was delirious, y’know? We were just kids, he was scared out his mind. Started babbling about Steve, making us promise to tell Steve he loved him. Never stopped talking about the guy. Whenever he started fading out, that’d bring him back. ‘Tell me about Steve’, and he’d keep talking.”

Steve has to pause the video for a second and let out a long, shaky breath that feels like it doesn’t want to leave his lungs. He hasn’t let himself imagine it, Bucky lying there scared and sick and waiting to die, even back then he’d forced it out of his mind. It takes him a few minutes before he can press play again. 

“Guy’d been so sick he didn’t remember saying any of it when we busted out. It was strange, y’know? Hearing all about this little skinny guy, then all of a sudden here’s superman and that’s Sarge’s Steve. Not like we ever brought it up, wasn’t really the kinda thing you talked about, but we knew they were together. Nobody gave a shit, they were just Cap and Sarge.”

Steve blinks hard to try and get the prickling of his eyes under control and hunts his phone out of his pocket to text Bucky. He should to come home, there’s something he needs to see. 

Avengers Academy Starters || Part 5 || N-R


  1. “Are you staring at me because I’m blue!? Or because I’m bald?”
  2. “Do you think I want to waste my time guarding the galaxy?”
  3. “Gamora is the most dangerous young woman in the galaxy?!”
  4. “Get out of my way!”
  5. “I can’t believe you actually live on this planet…”
  6. “I hate metal detectors.”
  7. “I swear… if you do that one more time!”
  8. “It’s not easy being blue.”
  9. “Ridiculous!”
  10. “Try and stop me.”
  11. “Where’s Thanos!?”
  12. “Who is this Nick Fury, and why does he think he can steal my haircut?”
  13. “Will you just stop?”
  14. “You don’t wanna be my enemy, and we definitely can’t be friends.”

Peggy Carter

  1. “Am I speaking too fast for you?”
  2. “Anything else?”
  3. “Cheers!”
  4. “Did you forget the password?”
  5. “Do that again, and you’ll regret it.”
  6. “Do you mind? I’m a bit busy.”
  7. “Get your own coffee!”* “Get your own coffee!”
  8. “Howard has a statue. Of course.”
  9. “I know my value.”
  10. “I’m no one’s secretary.”
  11. “I think Captain America owes me a dance.”
  12. “It’s pronounced ‘Agent’.”
  13. “My grandmother has more life in her!”
  14. “Oh how I miss the S.S.R.”
  15. “Oh please.”
  16. “Some things never change.”
  17. “You win wars with guts.”

Phil Coulson

  1. “Did you know my nickname is Cheese?”
  2. “Ever think about working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?”
  3. “I am with Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.”
  4. “I have a weird feeling about this place.”
  5. “I love superheroes. I also love thinking about ways to dismantle them.”
  6. “I’ll do what I have to.”
  7. “I’m pretty super, you know, for a normal guy.”
  8. “We’re the good guys.”
  9. “What do you mean I don’t look like a secret agent?”
  10. “What’s the least awkward way to ask Cap for his autograph?”
  11. “Yeah okay, I’ll brief you when we’re finished.”

Punisher - Frank Castle

  1. “I don’t judge, I punish.”
  2. “I’m the guy the bad guy’s fear.
  3. "Let’s finish it.”
  4. “Let’s make them pay.”
  5. “Let’s punish.”
  6. “No deal.”
  7. “Stay out of my way.”
  8. “Tell them Punisher is coming.”
  9. “There’s work to do.”
  10. “You don’t wanna be on my to do list.”

Quake - Daisy Johnson

  1. “Don’t stress me out.”
  2. “Follow me.”
  3. “I need some time to myself.”
  4. “I’ll do what I have to.”
  5. “I’m workin’ my way up.”
  6. “I’m working through some things.”
  7. “Keep calm.”
  8. “Stay positive.”
  9. “That’s the mission.”
  10. “We can do this.”

Red Hulk - Thunderbolt Ross

  1. “Code red!”
  2. “Don’t call me Rulk.”
  3. “I give the orders here.”
  4. “I’ll show you who’s the strongest!”
  5. “Is that all you got?”
  6. “Let’s crush something!”
  7. “Stand down!”
  8. “That actually almost hurt.”
  9. “Try and stop me!”
  10. “Worry about your own temper.”

Rescue - Pepper Potts

  1. “Fire away.”
  2. “I can handle it.”
  3. “I like being in charge.”
  4. “I’m always busy.”
  5. “It’s on my list.”
  6. “It’s under control.”
  7. “Looks like Pepper to the rescue.”
  8. “That’s priority number one.”

Rocket Raccoon

  1. “Ha ha ha ha, that’s great!”
  2. “Hey, where’s the closest place around here to get some space ship parts.?”
  3. “I - am - surrounded - by - IDIOTS!”
  4. “O-ho, wouldn’t do that if I were you!”
  5. “Oh, I got’ a missile with your name on it!”
  6. “Oh, yeah…”
  7. “There ain’t nobody like me, but me.”
  8. “What? You think you’re some kind of big shot?”
  9. “Where’s Groot at?!”
  10. “Yeah… you’d be mad too if your only friend was a tree!”
  11. “Yeah? Well I’d like to see ya’ try!”
  12. “Yeah go ahead… I’ll give ya’ the first shot!”
  13. “You don’t know me!”
  14. “You gotta be kidding me!”
mahou shoujo adrien agreste

I didn’t think that I could possibly love Adrien Agreste any more than I already do, but Origins definitely proved me wrong. I loved absolutely EVERYTHING about Adrien in this episode, and my heart is just bursting with feelings for my little kitten son! 

Where do I begin? Well, let’s start with the moment we see Adrien on screen for the first time. (the rest of this is under the cut bc I’m including a lot of screenshots and a hell of a lot of flailing. this post is not what I’d call coherent lmao)

Keep reading

You will never be let down by anyone
more than you will be let down
by the one you love most in the world
it’s how gravity works
it’s why they call it “falling”
it’s why the truth is harder to tell
every year you have more to lose
but you can choose to bury your past
in the garden by the tulips
water it until it’s so alive
it lets go
and you belong to yourself

When you belong to yourself again
Remember forgiveness
is not a tidy grave
It is a ready loyal knight kneeling before your royal heart

Call in your royal heart
Tell it bravery cannot be measured by a lack of fear
It takes guts to tremble
It takes so much tremble to love
Every first date is a fucking earthquake

Sweetheart, on our first date
I showed off all my therapy
I flaunted the couch
Where I finally sweat out my history
I pulled out the photo album from the last time I wore a lie to the school dance
I smiled and said “that was never my style
Look how fixed I am
Look how there’s no more drywall on my fist
Look at the stilts I’ve carved for my short temper
Look how my wrist is not something I have to hide” I said
Well I was hiding it

The telephone pole still down from the storm
By our third date I had fixed the line
I said listen
I have a hard time
I mean I cry as often as most people pee and I don’t shut the door behind me
I’ll be up in your face screaming “SEATTLE IS TOO RAINY SEATTLE IS TOO RAINY
I sobbed
on our fourth date

I can’t live here
In my body, I mean
I can’t live in my body all the time it feels too much
So if I ever feel far away know I am not gone
I am just underneath my grief
Adjusting the dial on my radio faith so I can take this life with all of it’s love and all of it’s loss

See I already know that you are the place where I am finally going to sing without any static meaning
I’m never gonna wait
that extra twenty minutes
to text you back
and I’m never gonna play
hard to get
when I know your life
has been hard enough already
When we all know everyone’s life
has been hard enough already

it’s hard to watch
the game we make of love,
like everyone’s playing checkers
with their scars,
saying checkmate
whenever they get out
without a broken heart.

Just to be clear
I don’t want to get out
without a broken heart.
I intend to leave this life
so shattered
there better be a thousand separate heavens
for all of my separate parts
And none of those parts are going to be wearing the romance from the overpriced vintage rack
That is to say I am not going to get a single speed bike if I can’t make it up the hill
I know exactly how many gears I’m going to need to love you well
And none of them look hip at the coffee shop
They all have God saying “good job you’re finally not full of bullshit”
You finally met someone who’s going to flatten your knee caps into skipping stones

Baby, throw me
Throw me as far as I can go
I don’t want to leave this life without ever having come home
And I want to come home to you
I can figure out the rain

—  Andrea Gibson, Royal Heart