i love how cute annie gets when people can see here

Get Down had me crying like a bish!

I can’t describe how much I love this series. How much respect for it I have. It’s so much of our culture with this important subtexts and messages.

I mean take the finale episode for example - the big get together throw down scene! Even though I’m black and I have interest in just about all the eras when it comes to music it’s still easy to forget how much music - our music - has transformed. It’s easy to forget that we invented a lot of shit even though that’s often been stolen and watered down for others. Music for blacks has always been this element that’s just reigned supreme - no matter what part of our history you look at music has been founding. Music has also transformed our way of dance of course - one thing I love about the get down is its highlight of disco dance in our culture. Because yes be-boying is something that’s populated from that time and while disco music is often brought up on movies that highlight that era (about blacks)…the dance form is often left to the wayside or night shined on. And the fact that the disco king (who refers to himself as such) is someone that always has his finger on the trigger, is my favorite thing. I was so jazzed when there was a battle between hip-hop and disco - because that’s real. One washed the other out before something else came along and affected that thing too (rap). Plus that scene was fucking epic.

Can I also say I’m here for them bringing girls to the mic and having them do hip hop and not just singing disco! I was sooo amped. And baby was referenced as Queen and I dug that too with all the kingdom talks of kings. Ra-Ra is so precious. I love that every member has their role - there own superpower and everytime he creates a plan he’s just like a genius Cinnabon who can do no wrong.

I cried so many times for fucking Shaolin in part 2. I def liked him more this time around. He was more human, more real. You guys know I love my broken baes. My heart broke for him a million times over. Zeke made him believe they were ride or die, that they were family that he could lean on him and the Kiplings and then he turned his back and walked away. He spent his childhood and adulthood being raped by Annie, running drugs for her, surviving alone. He says in one episode - “You’ve never seen me out with a girl, on dates and holding hands, I don’t know nothin bout that shit.” - this part shows is just how Annie has affected him. When he goes to find Dizzee at Thor’s and he’s sees into D’s world/his sexuality we get subtext that maybe Shao’s sexuality ain’t the lady killer as he makes it - he also refers to Dizz as his brother (his alien brother) and we see him refer to the members as his brothers a few times (showing his opening up). When he lets Boo start to run drugs for him, it’s not out of greed or malice it’s because Boo was gonna be in that life regardless of what anyone said and Shao felt like he was better under his care than someone else’s. Its also because Boo hit him with that relatable - they’re gonna leave us one day and I ain’t got no college to go to - line. Zeke often has one foot in and one foot out where Shao is concerned. He had many people in his ear warning him about how bad Shao was. So hearing him out was never on the table. Mentally I couldn’t help but say it’s because you love him when Shao asked zeke what’s stopping him from fucking zeke up right then since they aren’t family, because that’s what it really was. He had stood in front of Zeke and once again stripped himself bare by revealing a part of himself he never showed anyone else (his real name) and Zeke used that against him - telling him things that deep down he believed himself. And then to see him go back to Annie! Gah! I cried and cried and then that bitch shot the kitten! Man….they had me fucked up with this season/part.

Can I give a honorary mention for the fact that it was this shared reality that made homie give up trying to get Shao to come back and sign that paper. That scene was so important.

Last but not least - my baby Dizzee and in part his baby Thor! My boo was somber this season/part. We also didn’t get a lot of him because jaden’s time allot was different/his contract. But I still love this shit! Paint nails, crazy philosophy, considered weird and still a rebel at heart. Diz had to settle more into his own sexuality this season/part. Thors locked up and Diz is taking a stone cold break from his street art and even his old friends. For some reason his father feels like he’s the bad one (ha). It just seems like he’s a little disconnected and trying to keep his head down while making comic sketches for his jailbird boyfriend. That all of course changes when Thor gets out. It’s clear he doesn’t want his family to know about his sexuality or his relationship with Thor. And they’re so stupid they’re still calling Thor his friend even though he took that step towards him before he passed out, repeatedly draws him, spends all his time with him, and draws him hearts with spray pain in the air…he just doesn’t wanna lose those close to him. He doesn’t think they’ll accept him. You could see the fear dropping off of him when Shao walked into Thor’s place and saw everything - from the way he glanced from his Rumi paintings to a sleeping Thor. Rumi is a metaphor for his own sexuality but it was easy to read between the lines in that room. Diz’s art is a very important part of him. It’s how he communicates, how he tells his stories. Like music and dance art (def street art) is a big part of the culture and The Get Down used all 3 to triangle eachother in a nice way. Music, dance, art, they were all a rebellion and art was Diz’s preferred form. It was what originally bonded him and Thor (and can I say how cute it is that Thor supports him and amazed by his performance both with a mic in his hand or an art tool!). I’m gonna have to talk about Dizzee again cause they had me all the way fucked up with that ending. Dizzee is my fav and I’m just not…it’s not where I’m at - at all. It’s frustrating to love this shit so much and know it prob won’t be renewed. Like…ugh. Five fucking episodes - it wasn’t enough! And don’t even get me started on the domesticated house scene of pure freedom and elation as Dizzee and Thor painted each other.

Everything had me crying like a baby and that finale had me wtfing all over the place.

Request: Do you take shippy requests? If you do, could you try Jeankasa? I’d love to see your take on that. 

Word Count: 2,210

Is it shallow to be attracted to someone because of how they look? Perhaps, but you’ve go to start somewhere. And, Jean realizes after watching Mikasa during training, he isn’t so much infatuated with her as he is in awe of her. He’s not so much entranced by how silky and dark her hair is than he is with how she flies through the trees during 3DMG training. It’s not so much her unusual gray eyes than it is the dark and stormy look they have when she’s fighting hand-to-hand during combat training, her eyes glistening as she comes in for the kill. It’s not so much her beauty, he discovers later, than her overpowering strength that leaves all of the other recruits in the dust as they try to catch up.

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Some Things Are Meant To Be

It had been a long few months. Everyone knew that Rafael had wanted to be a judge for some time. After you two had gotten married he decided that he wanted to spend more time with you. He loved his position as ADA but it kept him away from home and you two had talked about starting a family. He did not want to be one of those parents whose kids only saw them at the breakfast table. The conversation had sparked after his abuelita died. She had always told him he would be a judge. So you took a break trying for kids and spent all your time doing whatever you needed to help Rafi get there.

That was six months ago. At the beginning it was fun but the last half you had just been so exhausted and had been sick a lot. But tonight was the night of the results and you hoped that after this, things might cool down.

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Length: 1,942 words

Description:  Annabeth doesn’t usually snap like she did, but Percy Jackson really, really gets on her nerves. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to survive detention with the idiot, but she doesn’t exactly have a choice. Percabeth.

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sugar daddy pool pt.2 (M)

bts member: jungkook x reader you

genre: angst / smut

M = mature contents read on your own risk

well, i was trying to take a break but after the bomb ‘’young forever “ jungkook was so damn hot and mature i didn’t deny my self from writing an imagination about jungkook who turned to his 30 ^^

summary: being jungkook’s sugar baby who was 30 years  old for a while doesn’t go to be easy for both of you it was a night that changed your damn life but does it do the same for him ……..


part 1

part 2 :  

jungkook was standing in the airport his little sweet daughter is supposed to be here an hour ago but the plane wasn’t here yet he felt nervous and happy at the same time he didn’t see “Jeon Junghee” since 3 months it was in his last trip to USA 

seeing people coming out take him back from his thoughts he approaches the side searching for Annie and his sweetheart  but the woman coming now wasn’t his ex-wife she was for sure his daughter that little angel holding a pink bag and holding the new woman hand she was her but why the fuck Annie wasn’t here 

“junghee ya “ jungkook yelled dropping to his knees to receive a big sweet hug from the running coming little girl  “baby girl miss you he cuddled her with love and care “i promise i will be a good father sweetie and i will never let you go anyway “ 

“Appa why i’m here! my mommy i miss her she wasn’t in the plane i was scared appa, i want ice cream you said if i come to korea you buy me ice cream “ jungkook eyes were full of tears he kissed both her hands “sure baby sure i will get for you any thing you want don’t be scared appa is here ok “

“excuse me sir i’m Christine junghee’s nanny “

“ oh yeah hello, welcome to korea Miss i’m sorry i was really missing my daughter”

“hhhh no problem i see that sir “

“where is her mother jungkook asked begging for a strong reason to let the girl come here alone with a stranger he was holding his anger back this woman can’t leave him in peace near or far she is always a river of problem to him”

“ Mrs Annie gave me this letter she told me to give it to you when i arrive here 

jungkook take the shit of paper nervously and start reading

 { i’m sorry i know you will get mad because i didn’t accompanied her i’m too busy to come korea i was in my word i sent her to you you can take care of her i’m sure i know i wasn’t that good mother for your daughter but both of us know that a little girl needs her mom firstly !her nanny is a good girl she raised her from her first year so she knows every thing maybe better than me take care of her jungkook and good luck i forgot to tell you i’m supposed to marry again next month you can be the best father for our daughter good luck -ANNIE-}

jungkook squeezed the letter with his hand ‘that bitch she was always selfish she only carried about her self too busy to take and raise the daughter it’s really good if she get a nanny for her at least she didn’t abandon the little girl

let’s go now your grandpa is waiting for us 

on the way to jungkook’s home where he supposed to live always with his father mother and brother too but after his divorce he wanted to ge more freedom so he always go back to his condo but now his daughter needs a family she needs a normal life… in their way home Christine told him every thing when she gets up when she sleeps what kind of story likes the most what’s her favorite flavors and ice cream what books she started to learn how she always try to talk the hangul with her the way she will not find a problem in future communication so Annie was smart to bring her a girl who knows korean he smirked  and specially she told him about her dance lessons his daughter did lot of things jungkook felt so proud about his seed she is smart and pretty very pretty a sweet angel he tried to thank her nanny because really she is stunning she is even better of that bitch 


“y/N take the order from the coming customers … y/N ah 

“huh oh yeah sorry i’m coming you finally put the cups of hot chocolate in their tables and go back behind the counter you start wiping the glasses but your head was storming thinking about last night and how you wake up this morning alone with a sweet note 

sorry i have urgent works i hated to let you alone you can stay here if you want  or please take your breakfast before living thanks for last night  kiss _

your mind was swinging between how sweet this man was and how so much money he put in your account with your half opened eyes the morning checking your phone you didn’t believe that you get that amount  you harried to wear your clothes it’s only then you noticed how big and stunning his bed room was you take all your belongings  then fix the bed passing by the hall way towards his kitchen you find juice and pancakes you just pick the glass and sip some juice you have to go fast when you finally reach the door you turned and throw a last stare there who said you will come back here again in his note he didn’t hint that he want to meet you again but it’s ok your mission was super successful 

you tried your best to stop thinking of him but he didn’t let you his scent is sticking with you

4 days later it was Saturday the weather was cool you was supposed to work after giving a dance class one of your sunbaenims knows about your state so she asked you to teach’ ballet’ for children in her center twice a week it was helpful you can’t deny 

arriving to the center you get a note that a new little girl is joining the group this day she was with a foreign woman but fortunately she can speak korean she told you that she started dancing when she was 3 years old so she was good she said that she is new here and how you have to  treat her actually you fall deeply for her she was stunning a small body and petite bunny face she was so fucking cute her smile was familiar but where !!! 

“ so your name is junghee ??” you asked tickling her cheek 

“yes and i like to dance are you my new teacher “

yeah i’m your teacher my name is y/N mind to show me your dance let me see what you get in america 

the morning class was funny this day you felt so happy the party in this center is soon so having such a brilliant cute girl like her in the center will be amazing your mind start drawing choreography’s pictures this girl was able to steal your heart in the early morning so you went to your part time job jumping and secretly laughing 


Teahyung stand in the side starring to the gorgeous young woman coming award him taking by her father her dress was amazing the white suit his bride so damn pretty his heart was pumping up like a crazy one

jungkook who was sitiing next to his mother that was holding the cute little junghee in her lap was daydreaming so bad you didn’t leave his mind for a second since that night  and this feeling was the death for him he felt angry he even gazed taehyung who was busy kissing his bride with death stare because he is the responsible of this shit jungkook hated the feeling of dropping for an other girl he was having really enough but he couldn’t stop he wanted more than one night he wanted more for sure …

the wedding ceremony and reception were amazing the bride and groom looks satisfied and happy  jungkook was playing with junghee cheeks kissing her while she was laughing hard touching her dad’s face with her pale small fingers she was like a doll many girls were starring to him dying to be in her place but he never fucking care  

“jungkookie “ will you planning to stay more “his mom asked him

“you wanna go home omma ??

“yeah i really feel tired you know my back’s disease so i need to rest want you  i take her with me home “

“yeah it’s the better now because i have some works to do after come back mom please if i didn’t come this night try to read the last part of her fairy-tale before bed please “

“ i will give her milk too did you forget that i already raised two children son hhh” 

thank you mom you’re the best he turned his face to see his daughter who was busy touching his hair “ give dad a bog kiss before leaving “

“ommwwwwwah i love you appa good bye now i will go with my grandmother “ jungkook was really taken by her sweet words she is really smart she even understand his speech with his mom 

“emmm take care and be a good girl ok “

“ okay bye appa 

the married couple leave the palace of the party hall jungkook and teahyung exchanged stares it means we will talk late bro 

it’s 5 pm now it’s cool and warm it’s really crazy feeling this need again without giving a shit he really gives so he decided to call you but he remembered that he didn’t get your number that night “oh fuck “he didn’t have an other choice he sign up in the web side and send you a message hoping you reply soon or he will die with this need 

coming out exhausted from working the hall afternoon time you felt your phone vibration it must be a Facebook notification you decided to ignore it and continue walking to the bus station this day your mom role to be with yoonchae so you can go home and sleep your phone vibrates again while you are near to the station you didn’t believe your eyes it was him he said he wants to meet you now asking for a date he asked for your number though you didn’t hesitate for a second to reply him back he immediately call you seeing your screen showing a new number was nervous but you pick the call

“good evening i’m sorry for making you wait i just check my phone right now”

“ no problem happy you reply me sorry for forgetting ask for your number though can i meet you now 

“ well i need to go home first i was coming from my work i need to go change my outfits “

“no need just tell me where are you now…. please “

“i’m in the ninth bus station i’m in my way to go home i can meet you after 2 hours you know the distance i actually live in a normal area so far from yours

“ wait there i’m coming he hangs up the call you were so happy and nervous at the same time you didn’t believe that you will get a chance to meet him again it was only 20 minutes and you notice a black sporty car curbed where you were standing you were alone in the station your eyes connecting for seconds it was like both of you was memorizing the other’s face or just to take a warm look for a missing person you walked towards him and get into his car jungkook couldn’t take off his eyes this is was weird from a man who didn’t know you his stare was full of care!! no no you avoid this it’s lust only y/N only you smile he smiled back”i’m sorry if i come suddenly i should tell you before but i felt the need to meet you “

“it’s really ok “ he turned his face starring to the road running the engine and fly 

“mind to tell me our direction “

“i said we could have a date emm so i will take you for dinner i hope you will like the french food they do there “

“ well i didn’t try it before it will be a good chance thank you “

“he smirked 

you take a look for his outfits he was really charismatic and classy his black suit and his amazing hair style he must be in an important occasion you suddenly look to your clothes a jean short and a white top how the fuck you will be standing beside him this will never work 

“i’m sorry jungkook i actually don’t wear the suitable outfits for this dinner date i told you to let me go home” you murmured and he giggled “don’t worry sweetheart i ‘ll fix this 

his car stopped in an unknown area for you  it was like a beauty center or design something like that he asked you to get out he did too leading the way to the inside where an old chic woman is standing to welcome the coming man “oh jungkookie my sweetheart welcome it’s really amazing to see you here by your self 

“ thank you how have you been “

“i’m ok who’s this gorgeous she asked while look at you, you step award and say hi timidly it was really cool to hear that you’re gorgeous from such an elegant woman like this 

“ antie she is  special  her name is y/N can you please fix her we have a dinner date now i’m responsible i grabbed her to come fast so i need to fix it he was talking smoothly her hands went like charm in your arm taking you in an other hall where there is many fitting rooms the hall way was full of dress; that dresses that you could never get a one of them even in dream 

she asked you to stay there and coming back with a girl holding 3 dresses 

“emmm let me see you have such a bright skin and black hair this is the  most suitable colors to you” the first was black it was tube and middle thigh lentgh it was amazing but it was more for a wedding ceremony

the second was red you didn’t want to wear it you pretend that you hate red it will be awkward wearing same color again though the third dress was fabulous it was made by a satin silky fabric long sleeves made by a lace fabric    surrounding the chest too with a small pieces of glitters it has a short fairy skirt without a single doubt it was made to fit you you looked gorgeous and glamorous the woman shouted when she saw you “oh gosh you’re prettier than me when i was in your age hhhhhhhh “ she made you laugh with her putting a silver high heels and some rings taking a sweet little purse was completely ok now “

“but you can’t go without a magical touch “

“what do you mean Madame??”

“ come here she leads you to the make up room where she take the responsibility to do it for you she didn’t put that much only some blush mascara and lipstick “emmm i need to fix your hair how about to do a side braid with your hair

 time goes “ we’re done let’s go now i think my nephew is out of mind men hates waiting she giggled you felt nervous when your feet approche the first hall where he was standing his back leading on the white coach

“ i did my best this is yours now my work is done have a good night sweetheart “

“jungkook didn’t reply her he was taken by the girl who is standing not too far from his sight it’s not like you weren’t beautiful before but he was sure you are prettier now and maybe you will be every day he smirked holding his feeling “let’s go “

“wait this for her” she was holding a white coat she gave it to you and disappear in the big design room you wear the coat while walking to the car the way to the restaurant was so calm jungkook was driving silently it scared you you take your phone it was 7 pm your mom must leave home to the hospital now you begged that your sister will bear more until you can get the amount for her surgery  we’re here he said leaving the car to open your door and helping you to take off your coat when you entered the restaurant 

every thing was amazing you tried your best to not go into private topics just talking about general things but every thing about him was inviting  “did you enjoy the dishes “

“oh yeah i was scared in the beginning but i think it was superb thank you for tonight”

“ i was planning to call you before but i swear i was so damn busy i just take this weekend off because of my best friend’s wedding

“oh i see congratulation  to him “

“thank you he smirked he was lucky he get a pearl after all his waiting 

“ it’s a big responsibility; marriage i mean “

“ yeah we have to choose correctly our partner “

“you said that from your own experience i think “

“emm i loved her so much but she didn’t deserve any thing she was not for me even i get a great gift i let her go i hate her so bad now it was a mistake and i fix it”

“i’m sorry i didn’t mean to ..

“it’s ok baby i’m done with that don’t worry let’s go out now do you mind to join me into a long ride “

“my pleasure he holds your waist tightly pressing it it was really amazing what is happening now breathing the chilly breeze coming from the window while the car is rolling the road who is coming to be less crowded than before the phone call ruined your mood your heart start shaking when your mom name appeared on the screen she told you that your sister passed by a crises and her surgery couldn’t be so far any more your mom was crying you hung up with shaking hands jungkook wasn’t that fool to avoid that “is every thing ok “

you hold your tears taking a breath “i know i don’t suppose to say that right now but i need to go please stop the car i swear you can do what you want with me later but i need to go now my sister is in the hospital “

“is she ok !! “

in labor” you lied 

“ no need to be sorry let me take you there it will be faster you accept his offer he is right also your shaking feet will never can bring you there before three hours “why you’re nervous she will be ok after giving birth  you must be happy “

“huh oh yeah it’s her first that’s why she must be in pain jungkook of course used his map to find the hospital he didn’t go there before you were in your way to jump off the car when he putted bills in your hands this is for you,you stare at his eyes i’m so sorry “

“it’s ok i just ask for a date tonight not for sex so go on we still have time right ”

“ you run and run quickly whitout seeing jungkook who was walking behind you

“where can i find my sister now you finally start crying speaking to the receptionist nurse  that she already know you she see you usually here “she is ok now don’t worry Miss kim” 

“where is yoonchae don’t lie to me “

the doctor is seeing her now all i can said that you need to pay for her surgery 

“i will i almost have a big portion you took you phone telling here giving her to check the amount in your account this can help you to pay the debt and can just pull of a part of the surgery price i’m sorry you already know all of that 

“ take this too you gave her the bills it was not enough you know but you need to  make her know that you aren’t lying about paying the surgery you only need time why the fuck they don’t save her first isn’t a human who need to live happily “

“please let me see her doctor “

“ the doctor hasn’t got any choice too i’m sorry the only thing is to pay then we can start her surgery she was talking as youalready have the money and hide it !! your tears were heartbreaking for the man who was watching what is happening there he felt sorry actually he put an imaginary amount on your account for a one night stand but he felt sorry why the fuck he didn’t put more maybe you can pay this surgery watching you hurrying to the second corridor to find your sister jungkook approaches the reception where behind sit the nurse “excuse me can i know about Miss kim condition i mean the patient here not y/N i’m their friend “

“ she is in bad condition she need the kidney implantation as soon as possible jungkook now seems to understand many things 

“ just tell the doctor to do it tomorrow “


“ take my card i think you can find here more than this shits worth jungkook pay the owing amount and tell her to keep his name private he has the right then he take his steps back calling his cousin he was a doctor in the “Myong clinic” he asked his help to make sure about this surgery even it wasn’t the same hospital  he sure knows the surgeons 

seeing your sister laying peacefully was the big relief now your mom told you to go home because she refused to go and it’s only one person can stay going back in the reception hall you find the doctor “Miss kim we will do the surgery tomorrow at 10   we can’t wait more you can go back now her condition is stable “

“because you were very glad you forget to ask him about how he changed his mind who cares now 

it was a relief now you can go rest peacefully you take a look to your gorgeous look and heels why the fuck you didn’t get a chance to be with jungkook tonight you need someone who help you discharging stress and sadness  pushing the front door and came out your eyes didn’t believe it was him standing out of his car “why you still here “

“ i thought you will be out in any times after seeing your sister is she ok 

“oh yeah she is i need to go home now my mom is there  thank you for asking me you rubbed his arm softly you felt the need to be kissed now it will be amazing if you get a chance to be with him again jungkook pulled you near to drop in his torso while his back was supported by the car “what about go to my apartment i think you need a special treatment tonight princess it wasn’t that much hard to start the kiss you needed to do this dropping all the troubles from your shoulders for a while wasn’t bad he already bring you closer smooching your cherry lips biting it with hunger “thanks god i stay here to wait for you it worth it you know he said rubbing your back you buried your head in his neck and wrapping his neck by arms you pressed your body into his torso you know he is not a boy friend to reassure you he was a man searching for his own pleasure but you couldn’t believe that the way he hugged you back was as tender as fuck 

“i think we should bring this to somewhere else he said helping you to go into his car the way wasn’t too long maybe because you felt nervous you feel the time is running faster than usual but it was really his condo again jungkook take off his shoes and coat and take your hand he leads the way to his well equipped kitchen “ your throat was dry not because you are thirsty it was because seeing this man gulped some water in front of your eyes your hormones are going crazy tonight it’s really awkward you must be scared but the happy news you got really help you feel the ecstasy you want to drink something “ no i’m ok “ “sure he said killing the short distance your back pressed the cramped counter when he pressed his wet lips against yours you stand here completely at his mercy you can barely keep your balance when his tongue start circling with yours but he was totally taking control he holds your waist tightly the way you felt the fabric of his suit jacket is so damn velvet  jungkook lift you up to sit on the counter he can easily find a way to touch your top body by his lips while his hands didn’t stop squeezing your ass he unzipped your dress from the back and pull it off where he can see your lace bra holding perky fruit grabs you lost all train of thoughts when he start putting butterflies kisses in your sensitive exposed skin you completely turned on you feel so horny just by kissing him your core was creaming you needed more than kisses you need him to fuck you senseless just to forget your messy life your fingers grabbed his hair and massaged his neck from the back your sweet action pleased  him he lifts you up to his waist and walked to the nearest sofa not even to his bed room you grinned when you saw his torso again you was thinking you will never get this chance again both of you laid down on the sofa kissing roughly hot your lips will be swollen tomorrow for sure but you don’t fucking care it was good so damn good your chest was rises and falls hardly when you see him start attacking your thighs and inner thigh though you moaned “oh jungkook “

“ do you like daddy’s touch babe “

“ please fuck me now you said shameless moaning his name was so damn good for jungkook to hear he was already turned on but he didn’t want to make you wait more something told him to treat you well he hovered around your body and positioned him self between your legs his thrusts were not hard he fucked you as he was making love you felt that care and it feels so damn good his rhythm increase both of you were moaning in each others lips  “i’m close “

you pressed your fingers in his back “you’re so tight babe but beautiful his words hit your mind you felt your juice is mixing with his own but he can’t oh no please pull it down it was the last thing you want to get pregnant from a fuck buddy 

laying down on his lap was really satisfying “why you were so gentle with me i thought you enjoy being rough “

“ you didn’t like soft and gentle i saw you so fuzzy tonight i didn’t want to be hard he said playing with a part of your hair we are supposed to take care of each other moral right “

“ yeah i like it so much you are good “

“just good “

“i mean amazing in bed ”but you prefer rough and hard he said cutting you “you ask for it baby come here 

“jungkook what are you doing he lifts you up and heads to his bed room “we needs round two don’t beg me to stop because i’ll never do before heard you scream till the coming morning

 the next morning you tried to move your legs waaah you can move them after really last night you bet if you can walk a couple of meters after that hard passionate sex  “jungkook” was deeply sleeping he was like an angel his chest was naked he must be cold you lift the blanket to cover him it was 6 am early to wake up but you need to go your hands dropped the blanket but suddenly his hand catch it snatching you to drop on his chest where are you going sweetheart “nowhere i can stay an extra time for you “

“this is what i want cuddle me i want to sleep more he said lazily but funnily too you felt your heart beat increase touching his bare skin  it was white and soft but in a beautiful way manly you felt the need to kiss him a morning kiss but you can’t do this things with him oh god not him “ this war of thoughts was so damn tiresome you felt sleepy again but you endure the desire you need to go home get changing and heads to the hospital “i’m sorry jungkook i need to go 


the surgery last more than 4 hours the nurse who was going in told you that she will be ok because there are the best surgeon there you didn’t understand her you thought she only talks about one of her ordinary stuff colleagues because you didn’t get any idea what jungkook did last night after a while of pressure the doctor comes out talking with you and your mother “ we did our best i hope she can accept the implantation we need to keep her here more because her immunity system is weak “

“can we see her please “

“ oh yeah after the nurse does her work bringing her back to post operative unit

she was sleeping deeply like an angel finally she can be able to live normally ….

see you next update ^^

The Mission: A Suicide Squad Fanfic - Part 6

The paper sat on the desk in front of her; taunting her.

Certificate of Death

Names: Lynn and Elliott Y/L/N

Died: 2/11/14

Immediate Cause of Death: Fractures to skull and various internal injuries

Due to: Collision with inebriated driver

Then, yet another form was placed on the table before her. It read, ‘Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights’.

This form was essentially an out. A way to escape being her little brother’s legal guardian. A way to live her life without the burden of acting as a parent.

She reached for a pen that sat adjacent to the sheet, scribbled on it, and walked out of the room.

It wasn’t y/n’s signature, but the words ‘hell no’ written in ink, and set in stone.  


It was a cold, bitter night in Gotham City. Y/n folded her arms close to her chest to retain heat as she turned a corner into a dark alley. She was on her way to Eve’s Diner to work the graveyard shift for the second time that week. Her worn down converse tapped the ground lightly with each step she took. She heard a small thud coming from behind a dumpster and quickened her pace.

‘Hey.’ A voice said menacingly. ‘Hey, I’m talking to you!’

She stopped and clenched her eyes shut. If she was held up by some trigger happy douchebag, she wouldn’t live to tell the tale. She had spent all of her money on her brother Jaxon’s meds the previous day. She slowly turned around and found herself staring down the barrel of a gun.

‘Shit.’ she whispered.

‘Hello…kind sir.’ she began, raising her hands. ‘Um, do you…do you need directions? Or- or maybe a map of some sort? This area is not exactly safe at this time of night.’ She chuckled nervously. ‘If you need some help, I’m an excellent tour guide. B-because I’m sure you’ve got places you need to go. And, and I’ve got a job to get to where people are expecting to see me…ya know…alive.’

‘Shut the fuck up,’ the man said aggressively, moving closer to y/n.

She stumbled backwards and held her hands out in front of her body. “Look, hey, I’ve got a brother. Okay? He’s only 13 and he’s got heart problems. He’s in the hospital. It’s just him and me. He doesn’t have anyone else.’

The man raised his gun threateningly, saying, ‘Well where the hell are your parents, huh?’

Y/n gulped. ‘They got killed by a drunk driver two years ago.’ She saw the man’s hostile expression falter for a split second, so she continued. ‘Just, please, just let me go. I-I’ll bring you some money when I get my next paycheck, I swear, just…please.’ Her pleas must have had some impact on the mugger, because he ran off into the night without laying a hand on y/n or her wallet.

She held her breath and stood in the alley for about thirty seconds, staring at where a gun had been pointed between her eyes only moments ago, before saying, ‘I’m a motherfucking sorcerer!’ She was helpless to contain her laughter. ‘I’m invincible!’ She yelled. Just then, a faint ‘meow’ came from behind her, causing y/n to jump and yell ‘SHIT!’ She then hauled ass out of that alley and made her way to work.

She rushed to Gotham Mercy General Hospital after work to visit her brother. She greeted the receptionist and proceeded to climb four flights of stairs to reach Jaxon’s room. ‘Hey, stranger.’ she joked. ‘How ya doin’?’

‘Well, I got that cute nurse, Annie, to hug me during an impromptu screening of ‘Marley and Me’. So, I guess things could be worse.’

‘How’d you get to be so smart, kid?’ Y/n asked, chuckling at the cleverness of her younger brother.

‘Hey, when you’re moving along the stages of life as quick as me, you gotta make sure you sound the part. I have a congenital heart defect, sis. I’ve got the heart of an 85 year old, and it’s on it’s last legs. I’m just embracing it.’

‘Hey,’ y/n said, attempting to remain positive. ‘Don’t talk like that, Jax. You and me, we’re doing just fine. You’re- you’re gonna be just fine. And so am I, for that matter. You know that surgery Doc Allen said he could do? The one that could cure you?’

Jaxon nodded his head, a cautious smile forming on his face.

Taking notice of her brother’s blossoming optimism, she continued. ‘Yeah, well, I’ve almost got enough. Money, I mean.’

Jaxon’s eyes lit up like stars in a pitch black sky. Y/n relished the look of hope that fell across his features. That was the greatest news y/n had ever gotten to give, except for the fact that it was total bullshit.

She was nowhere close to reaching the amount of money needed for Jaxon’s surgery, but she didn’t have to tell him that. She was still desperately clinging to the hope that a miracle would occur and she would raise every penny that was required, and maybe a little extra.

‘Lemme tell you, Jax, we’re gonna find a way to get by. Just like always. And I will do everything I can to make sure you’re outta here in a few months. Hopefully, with Annie’s phone number.’ Y/n joked. ‘Ok, little bro, I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.’ She leaned down and kissed her brother’s forehead before turning and walking out of the room.

She exited the hospital and stood, silently, outside. She inhaled deeply, trying her best not to lose it. Sadly, her attempts were ineffective. Tears began to trickle down her face, and then the waterworks began. She covered her mouth to stop a horrendous sob from escaping her swollen lips. She trudged over to a nearby bench and plopped down. ‘Oh, god.’ She choked out, weeping uncontrollably. Her hands flew to her bloodshot eyes as she did her best to hide from the world that terrified her.

Then, like a ray of hope from heaven, y/n lifted her head up and her gaze shifted to a utility pole with dozens of neon flyers stapled to it. But one flyer in particular caught her eye; it was the only flyer that wasn’t colored. It was plain white with no extravagant fonts or anything else that would usually make it noticeable. Y/n stood up and crossed the street to get a better look at it.

It was an advertisement for an experiment that required a test subject. The nature of the experiment was not stated on the flyer, but it said that any volunteer test subject who fit the requirements would be paid $1,000 a day for ten days.

That would be more than enough to pay off Jaxon’s medical bills and pay for his surgery. So, she ripped the flyer off of the pole and returned home.

Later that morning, y/n went to the address that was written on the flyer. Lucky for her, she fit the requirements for the experiment to the letter. 

The scientists put her into a comatose state and performed whatever experiments and tests they needed to for ten days straight.

On the tenth day, after the the scientists had finished their tests, one of them sat y/n down and explained to her what she should expect.

‘First of all, Ms. y/l/n, we here at the Briarwood Center for Scientific Research and Development would like to thank you for your participation in this experiment. Some side effects that you may experience are as follows: migraines, nausea, and fatigue. However, if this experiment comes to fruition as we hope it does, you can expect to see something, well, amazing happen to you within the month.’ Y/n just nodded along, indulging the scientist.

‘Alrighty!’ She replied, feigning enthusiasm. ‘Wow, can’t wait! Can I get my money now?’

Y/n took her big, fat check and went to see her brother at the hospital. She bounded up those four flights of stairs and practically skipped into his room. ‘Jax! Guess what I- who the hell are you?’ She asked, noticing that the person lying before her was not her brother.

After speaking to Doctor Allen, y/n discovered that Jaxon’s condition had worsened in the ten days since she had seen him. He had been transferred to the ICU just three days earlier.

She used her money to pay off all of the medical bills that had been piling up, which cost more than she had anticipated, but she didn’t have enough for the surgery. Once again, y/n was desperate. She worked day and night trying to raise enough money for her brother’s surgery, while dealing with the side effects of the experiment she had participated in.

One night, she arrived home from work and ran straight to the toilet to puke up her dinner. That paired with the brain-melting migraines and how difficult it was for her to keep her eyes open, she became convinced that she was trapped in her own personal hell. ‘What the FUCK did I do to deserve this, huh?’ She yelled, still bent over the toilet bowl. ‘I’m a good person, goddamnit!’ She shrieked, wiping the vomit away from the corners of her mouth with her shirt sleeve.

She stumbled into the piss-poor excuse for a living room in her tiny apartment and dropped to her knees. She became filled with a white hot rage. She felt so unbelievably angry at everything. She was angry at the world, angry at the scientists who experimented on her, and she was angry with herself. She clenched her fists, shut her eyes, and screamed as loud as she could.

All of the pictures that hung on the walls fell to the floor, her television rose into the air and dropped just as quickly, her bed lifted off of the ground, and the dishes in her sink flew across the room and hit the wall, shattering them. By the time she opened her eyes, her apartment was a complete wreck.

‘W-what?’ She wondered quietly. She looked down at her hands and noticed that they were glowing. ‘What the hell’s happening to me?’ She asked, knowing that no one was around to answer.

Then, an idea popped into her head. An idea that she dare not say out loud; it was too heinous, too reckless, too…bad.

‘No. Uh uh, this-there’s no way…’ She trailed off, realizing that there was, in fact, a way. A way that would solve all of her problems. A way that would make everything alright for her and her brother.

In that moment, y/n decided that if she wasn’t going to be given anything in this world, she would have to take it.

She started by robbing local mom-and-pop banks to get the money for her brother’s surgery. She robbed 7 small credit unions before it happened. She got a call from Doctor Allen.

‘Y/n? It’s Doc Allen. Please come to the hospital as quickly as you can…it’s urgent.’

She ran to Gotham Mercy as fast as her legs could carry her. She shoved the doors open and slammed her hands on the front desk.

‘Where is he?’

The receptionist looked at y/n with sad eyes, ‘I-I’m so sorry, sweetie.’

‘No.’ Y/n insisted. ‘No, no, no, no, no. He’s fine, he’s ok, please…tell me he’s ok!’ Some nurses gathered around her as Doctor Allen approached holding a clipboard with forms attached. She recognized those forms.

Certificate of Death

Name: Jaxon Y/L/N

She was sobbing without shame as she yelled, ‘NO. HE’S OK, HE HAS TO BE! NO, NO, NO, NOT AGAIN!’ The nurses held her arms as she tried to collapse on the ground. Y/n was now completely and totally alone.  

Her brother was dead and y/n was livid. She was filled loathing and fury that couldn’t be contained. Jaxon was all that she had left. He was the reason that she stayed good and sane.

But he was gone now.

Now, instead of robbing banks to help her brother, she was gonna rob them to avenge him. She decided to get revenge on all of the rich people in Gotham, all the people who had everything and wanted for nothing, all the people who would have been able to pay for her brother’s surgery. She decided to rob Gotham National Bank.

She planned the heist out for months, put together a team of four other criminals with the skills she required, and then it was finally time.

Y/n’s crew stood at the back entrance to the bank, waiting for their leader to open the door for them. After she had put the idea to go bowling into the minds of the guards at the front entrance, she made her way to meet her team. She walked in front of the group and put her fingers to her head and closed her eyes. The door slowly lifted off of its hinges, and then landed quietly on the ground. The thieves rushed inside, knowing their time was limited.

Every member of the group was loading stacks of cash, uncut diamonds, and priceless jewelry into their rucksacks. That is, every member except for y/n.

‘Hey, sexy,’ one of the more grotesque male group members began. ‘Why aren’t you gettin’ anything?’

Y/n chuckled lowly, then said, ‘I’m not wasting my time. I’m just gonna let you all do the dirty work for me, kill you, and keep everything for myself.’ A hush fell over the group, but then y/n began laughing.

She continued to laugh until she had every crew member laughing with her, and then she used her powers to snap each of their necks.

One by one.

She grabbed each bag that was filled with riches and left the bank, smiling at her wickedness. But, just as she thought she was home free, who should drop from the skies but Batman?

She stopped dead in her tracks, ‘Well, well, well, what do we have here? The big bad bat making an appearance just for me! How sweet! If I’d known you were coming I woulda dressed up a bit.’ She chided.

‘You’re coming with me, Hypnotica.’ Batman said through his teeth.

‘Hypnotica? Really? Is that what people are calling me? I mean, I get it. I control people’s minds, it makes sense but it’s so cliche!’ Y/n turned her back to Batman while still complaining about her nickname, but when she went to face him again he was gone.

‘Huh,’ Y/n said, feeling an eerie sense of relief. ‘That was almost too easy.’

Then, she heard a ‘whoosh’ sound coming from behind her, felt a sharp pain in her neck, and everything went black.

Her eyes fluttered open and she yawned. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She inquired. She sat up from the uncomfortable mattress that she had been lying on, stood up, and walked to the door. She shook the handle and yelled, ‘HEY! WHERE AM I?’

A man in a uniform with the words ‘Arkham Asylum’ written on the chest walked up and said, ‘Shut the hell up, Hypnotica.’

As the man walked away, y/n yelled after him, ‘THAT’S NOT MY NAME YOU ASSHAT! MY NAME-’ she trailed off, and then said under her breath, ‘my name is y/n.’

Y/n remained a prisoner at Arkham for about 8 months until she attempted to strangle a guard because he didn’t give her a full scoop of mashed potatoes.

The night after the mashed potato incident, while y/n was sound asleep, she was heavily sedated and transferred to another institution. An institution called Belle Reve Penitentiary.

This was the place where y/n would live out her three life sentences; where she would remain for the rest of her days.

Or so she thought.


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All Stars Two - An Evaluation of the Queens Before the Final

Now we’re approaching the end of Drag Race All Stars Two, with a lot of opinions flying around about Queens, I thought I’d give my opinion for whatever it’s worth about every Queen this season, their conduct and how my opinions have changed since their seasons.

Adore: Thankful there’s someone before Alaska alphabetically so I don’t launch straight into the negativity. Adore was judged too harshly for her personal aesthetic in episode one and I thought it was a shame she had to quit, but I completely understand why she went. When you’ve worked to be comfortable about yourself, it sucks to continue to be picked at. I wanted to see more, but I’m glad I saw her perfect lipstick for one episode at least. 

Alaska: I’m one of maybe 3 fans who didn’t like Alaska after watching season 5. I couldn’t bring myself to like her seriously affected personality and she was a departure from the humour I had come to like in Drag Queens. Despite being even more affected than she was before, Alaska started growing on me a little at the beginning of this season. I still didn’t like her, but she was slightly funnier, I got her appeal a little more. However, recent events have solidified my initial opinion of her and the reservations I had about the season. Let’s put an elimination that was complete bullshit aside, that Lil’ Poundcake inspired temper tantrum was so off-putting. The twenty fans she has left can write it off as passion all they want, that was some pathetic, childish nonsense and an unacceptable way to act when you deserve to be in the bottom, especially when you compare it to the composure of queens who have actually been eliminated like Tatianna in the last episode, you know, ones who didn’t deserve to go home who wanted it just as much. I know it’s pretty 50/50 as to whether her or Katya wins. I just hope she doesn’t.

Alyssa Edwards: A truly lovely fifth runner up who, perhaps, in a season devoid of bullshit cliques, could have won. She’d certainly have the fan support. I was so ambivilant about Alyssa in season 5 and now in All Stars I was gagging over everything she did. Special mention to her playing Annie Oakley in Herstory of the World, could there have been a more perfect part for her? She was really excellent, she didn’t deserve to go either of the times she was eliminated, and I come away from watching this with Alyssa as one of my favourite Queens of all time.

Coco Montrese: What little I saw of Coco, I liked. I felt like she grew a sense of humour since season 5, coming in with her Dorito fantasy, joking with Alyssa about their rivalry in days past. They probably could have picked a more interesting queen for the season but hey, at least she didn’t eliminate anyone we loved.

Detox: Deep sigh. Detox was doing a good job of growing on me after having spent most of season 5 irritating me. Her runways have undoubtedly slayed all season, but seriously? If your friend has been in the bottom 5 times, the kind thing to do is cut the life support off. Surely they must have know people wouldn’t think it was cute they were saving friends, especially when they get rid of one of the most popular queens ever? In the ever relevant words of Lashawn Beyond ‘This is not Rupaul’s Best Friend Race’. The queens should have stuck to the elimination rules they made up in week one or just said ‘oaky, eliminate whoever you want’. Side note: wtf was with them giving Alyssa shit for breaking the rules in a minor way and then being completely hypocritical and breaking the rules two weeks in a row in a major way?? Also I wanted to say this in Alaska but it was too long - what the fuck is with the physical intimidation in lipsyncs this season? It’s so uncomfortable to watch! Drag is not a contact sport!

Ginger Minj: Why do so few people like Ginger? I love my glamour toad! Having said that., she was pretty out of her league in this group of girls… But, there’s no way she should have gone when she did. She shouldn’t have even been in the bottom that week. Based on performance, it should have been Roxxxy or Detox (how Detox ended up in the top on that challenge I don’t even know I was so confused I really thought she was one of the least funny?). It’s a shame she didn’t get the chance to earn herself more fans because she’s a really good Queen imo and she deserves more recognition. So she’s bitchy, so are most of them, and she’s funny!

Katya: I’ve been #TeamKatya since this began. I welcome all you jumping on board from team you-know-who but let it be known, I’ve been here longer. She actually flew under my radar for a lot of season 7 until close to when she went home - I still think it’s a travesty she left for the Hello Kitty challenge after she created the best mascot… Sorry, still salty. A lot of people talk about Alaska getting the winner edit this season but has anyone else kind of picked up on Katya getting almost the opposite treatment? They gave her the shittest Herstory part, she was in the bottom the week after despite not deserving to be there at all… I don’t know, seems like they were trying to get the audience to think she was doing badly so they could justify an Alaska win more. Am I reading into it too much? One last time for good measure: #TeamKatya.

Phi Phi O’Hara: You can’t blame editing for all your mistakes. If words came out of your mouth while you know there is a camera, the only person you have to blame is yourself. I was rooting for a comeback. I was glad to see her go.

Roxxxy Andrews: I had Roxxxy pegged as a filler from the second the cast was announced, I just didn’t think she’d be a filler who made it to the final four. “If there’s a week you feel I was like booger, send me home” said Roxxxy in week one. Apparently no-one was paying attention. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not her fault she’s still there, she’s probably as embarrassed about it as the viewers are annoyed. My final word on the matter is that they probably should have realised having three close friends in the competition was not going to be good watching. All it’s done is unite the majority of the audience against them which is a shame for Roxxxy because she’s essentially not done anything wrong.

Tatianna: Okay but I have one question here: how did she knows ‘choices’ was going to be a thing and how gagged everyone was going to be by it? Also let’s just remember she was the one who said ‘I think later on people will choose friendships’. This hoe is psychic. Also just a moment of recognition that this bitch performed a fucking spoken word in episode one and we all loved it. No-one else could have done that. Sorry, just love Tati. Would have killed for her to be in the final three. I hope she does really well now she’s been introduced to the new Drag Race audience, she deserves it.

Jeff x Annie Episode Reference Guide UPDATED

Ever felt like binge watching your favourite Jeff x Annie episodes but couldn’t remember what episode that specific shoulder hold/goggly eyed stare was from? Now you have a reference! All episodes featuring significant Jeff x Annie summed up in a few sentences. Under the cut.

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The Roommate

Chapter 1;

 I zipped the last bag of luggage, put it on the top of the rest of the bags and sighed loudly.
 “Finally everything‘s ready.“ I said while smiling slightly but it wasn‘t convincing enough for my best friend Gabby.
 “Hey, cheer up, okay?“ she exclaimed, jumped out of bed and took my hand into hers.
 “I don‘t know what you‘re talking about, “ I protested, jokingly pretending to be hurt by her words, “I‘m pretty sure what I just did was a very big smile.“
 “You can‘t lie to me, Anna. We‘ve been best friends for more than 10 years now, don‘t you think I know you well enough to know how you really feel?“
 Damn. I hated it when she could tell how I was feeling just by looking into my eyes. Gabby and I have been friends since kintergarden. It all happened when she offered me a cookie and basically won my heart. And up till now we‘ve always been together, always have supported each other and always had each other‘s backs.
 However, we were about to start going to college now and of course, my parents insisted that I went to Korea to continue my education instead of just staying here. Their arguments were that the colleges there were so much better than the ones we had here. From some point of view this was true but it also meant that I’d leave Gabby and basically everyone I’ve ever known behind. When I found out that I got accepted into the college I had applied to, which also happened to be one of the most elit schools there, I couldn‘t be happier about. It wasn’t until later when I started realing that I was actually leaving home and staring to live on my own. Not something I certainly was ready about.
 “Did you already talk to your roommate?“ she changed the subject when she realised I was on the verge of crying. Again. For the sixth time today
 “Not yet. Mom said he‘s going to pick me up at the airport and drop me off in the apartment.“
 “He?????“ Gabby‘s eyes suddenly widened and I laughed at her silliness.
 “Yeah, don‘t you remember what I told you? A family‘s friend‘s son lives in Korea so being the caring mom she is, my mom settled things so that I‘d live with him for the first couple of months. I know this sounds strange but it‘s only for a little while until I‘m able to afford living on my own.“
 “I hope he‘s sexy as hell. I really do.” Gabby teased me even though she was completely aware of the fact that I wasn’t the “dating” kind of girl “Don‘t you know anything about him? Not even his name“
 “It‘s J-something….. James, Jane…… Jay! It‘s Jay. The only thing I know about him is that he‘s somewhat famous in Korea…. so honestly I‘m expecting a really cocky Mr-Getting-All-The-Bitches kind of guy.“ I laughed but I felt my insides turned upside down just thinking about it.
 “Hey, if he really is a celebrity you can take sneaky photos of him and then blackmail him for money… or just leak them online if he pisses you off. But always make sure to keep me updated on that. Also hey!! You‘re gonna be his roommate which gives you lots of privileges - to see him naked and make out, simple things like that“ Gabby started laughing too.
 “HEY!!!“ I yelled which only made her laugh more.
 “Just letting you know that I DO NOT want photos of that“ she teased.
 “Annie, darling, the cab is here!“ my mom shamelessly interrupted our little moment here by showing at the doorstep and saying the words I was most afraid of.
 “Feel free to spam me on facebook as much as you want. Also on snapchat. You better remember what we talked about the photos. I love you, Anna and I promise I‘ll come to visit you soon.“ and with that, I hugged Gabby tightly for goodbye and kissed her cheek.
 “I love you too and I‘ll miss you.“
 “Everything‘s settled, your flight lands at 19:00 and Jay will pick you up at the airport and drive you home… I mean to the apatment you’re sharing.. Call me the moment you land and if I don‘t pick up it‘s because of the time difference but I don‘t care, call me anyway. And don‘t forget to call regularly… I love you Annie, my sweet girl.. You‘ll be fine. “ mom actually started tearing up and I giggled at how childish she was behaving.
 “I love you too, mom. I’m a big girl now so I can take care of myself. I will also check up on you daily. Tell dad I love him even though it would have been nice if he could get out of work to send me off today but whatever. I’ll go now or I’ll miss the plane. Bye now! Love you.“
And with that, I grabbed my suitcase handle and started pulling the luggage while heading to the plane. When I got on, I started looking for my seat and it didn’t took me long until I found it but sadly for me,it wasn‘t the window one. There were only few minutes left until the plane set off and nobody seemed to have booked the seat next to the window so I shamelessly moved and sit there.
And of course, by the laws of nature, the moment I sat comfortably, a very tall and handsome boy stooted in the aisle next to the sits and smiled at me.
 “Let me guess, you have the window seat“ I smiled shyly and my cheeks turned into the redest shade of red.
 “You guessed right but it‘s okay, I‘ll just take yours instead then.” He laughed and sat next to me. “I never really understood why girls like the window seat better. I‘m Gray by the way.“
He was noticeably amused by my confused expression but he added.
 “My real name is Lee Sunghwa but I work as a producer and singer and use Gray as a public name. And what‘s your name, beautiful?“
 “Annie… no Anna. It‘s Anna.“ I stuttered and by then I swear I could fry eggs using my cheeks. “Nice to meet you.“
 “You‘re cute Annie. Anna. And pleasure is all mine.“
 “Hit me up some time, I‘d love to take you around the city.“ Gray told me and I smiled the wildest I could as a response.
 “I‘d love to.“ I said and waved him goodbye.
 I looked around to see if I could spot my roommate, Jay, anywhere in the crowd. There were so many people that I couldn‘t even……Shit.
 Then I saw him.
 Holding up a piece of papper with “Anna“ written on it and dressed up in the latest fashion trends - nothing too glamorous but so incredibly stylish at the same time - tight, so fucking tight black V-neck shirt, casual denim jeans, Seattle snapback, Nikes in matching color and of course, sunglasses which only emphased more on the cocky character he probably had. So after all I was right.
 And Gabby was right too.
 He was so freaking hot. Fuck.

A/N: Sooo, this is the first chapter of the fic… I‘m sooo nervous to be honest so please give me honest opinions;;; Did you guys enjoy it?

My thoughts on the EreAnnie subtext in the Anime

Spoilers, obvi. and CLEARLY I’m gonna be a little one sided. This is just my opinion btw everyone.

I see a lot of people outraged that Annie and Eren’s sparring wasn’t included in the anime. Some people even think the anime is hinting towards EreMika more and leaving Annie out on purpose.

I think this is intentional and I think the anime supports EreAnnie more than most fans think. For starters, the anime actively goes out of their way to show Annie as beautiful and cold. 

External image

External image

External image

External image

and they make the female titan SUPER FUCKING HOT FOR NO REASON

External image

(sorry best of what I can work with using google images lol)

External image
This one especially gets my attention

External image

The anime team went out of their way to make the female titan look like she’s posing for playboy after she just got captured. OMFG.

External image

Annie’s laugh was SUPER well done and really pretty looking on purpose. 

Now that I’ve covered my Annie base, obviously the anime team really likes Annie, they didn’t give her much background but likely that’s because of time restraints. Frankly I’d have cut Marco’s screen time and stupid pointless moments out to give a main “villain”  a little more time and energy but out of 25 episodes they did alright.


Their fight scenes for starters. They were choreographed like a fucking martial arts porno. It’s like Mr. and Mrs. Smith or something. 

External image

External image

Do I even need to go more into this? No I don’t but I will

External image

That aside Eren and Annie had so little screen time aside. Now reading the manga you know WHY he cared so much about hurting her was because they spent time together, she taught him to fight and that was likely the only reason he scored so high (in on panel it states Eren was top in his class for sparring which we  all know wouldn’t be true if Annie didn’t let him win) and that they were friends. I THINK THIS WAS INTENTIONAL. You as the anime watcher know so little about their interactions that his reaction is super confusing. Then out of nowhere he seems to have really really strong feelings for Annie. He screams at his commanding officers asking how they could accuse Annie of being the female titan

He is obviously terrified that it’s gonna be true as well. He wants it to not be her so badly it hurts. And lets not forget this scene

External image

He refuses to believe it to the extent that he actually has to get smashed to pieces, STABBED THROUGH THE FUCKING CHEST and then guilt tripped by Armin to fight her. 

External image

That’s the face of a guy who just got his heart smashed into a thousand pieces I’M SORRY BUT IT IS. I thought he was DEAD when I first saw this scene. 

External image

Like not even mad, he had to go fucking nuts berserk in such a heat of passion and furious righteous anger that he went balls out trying to murder the shit out of her. 

External image

For someone we know next to nothing about their relationship, his response to the betrayal strikes me more as someone who he was SUUUUPPPEERRRR close to in order to have such a reaction. He felt so much passion for this person that he goes friggin crazy over her.

External image

Let’s not forget Annie’s side either, I couldn’t find a good screenshot so I had to use a snippet of the manga but it’s the same dialogue. This scene in the anime seems really weird, right before you see this scene Annie is trying to kidnap him and kill all his teammates. Then she starts talking about special people and obviously is thinking about Eren. This could be taken for huge respect for him despite what she has to do and then she makes a comment about wanting sheep who go along with the flow to be treated like humans too. 

External image

Then her crying. I remember watching the anime thinking it was because she was thinking about her dad, but she was crying before that. 

Annie and Eren’s relationship is given almost no context in the anime, I didn’t read the manga before watching the anime because I didn’t want spoilers but I was under the impression he was in love with her that’s why her betrayal hurt him so badly to the point of insanity. Annie is supposed to be the bad guy here, but she is obviously just a teenage girl trying to not die in a world that wants her dead and doesn’t actually want people to hate her. 

She went along with Armin’s plan, knowing the possibility that she might be found out, because he said he saw her as a good person and she wouldn’t be anymore if she didn’t help them. That’s super manipulative and it seems Annie knows it, but at the same time she went along with it anyway. Was it because she had an ulterior plan or was it because she was afraid of him not thinking she was good. That’s pretty sad. 

BACK TO EREANNIE real fast to end on, This scene was the one that solidified what I thought their relationship might have been.

External image

Annie is caught and she looks pissed right

Eren tried to run after her. He would’ve if Mikasa hadn’t held him back. 

External image

I couldn’t find the actual screenshot but here it is. Even after knowing who and what Annie is, he still wanted to help her. 

OVERALL ANALYSIS. The anime team wanted her betrayal to look like the betrayal of a lover rather than just someone he super respected. 

DON’T BELIEVE ME?! Don’t think the anime was shipper fodder enough? Read the Attack on Titan Junior High spin-off. Annie has the hugest crush on him and it’s pretty clear the writer totally ships the cute girl has crush on stupid boy but he doesn’t notice that goes hand and hand with puberty and they have many shojo-esque moments together even as far as Annie being in a cheerleading outfit two times too small for her and Eren telling her she looks great and Mikasa getting super jealous everytime Eren even looks at her.(it’s pretty clear Mikasa has a crush on him too) 

I’m just a shipper who loves this show and this pairing to death, if you don’t like it that’s fine this is just what I interpreted. 

EDIT: Also I don’t want to forget Eren asking where Annie was after their fight OR the important talk he had with Mikasa. In the anime, crazy ass titan-murdering Eren Jaeger stopped in his tracks from killing Annie and he even admits, seeing Annie he froze. 

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how sjws on this site aren't all over Erwin and Levi which is obviously intended in canon and instead prefer to ship ships that have no foundation in canon (as more than friendship) like er*min, jeanm*rco or mikas*sha or mika*ni. Idk, I don't even care about ships, but considering that sjws always want more gay content...

A lot of shippers want to relate to ships they ship. You can see this highlighted especially how some shippers (in any fandom) blatantly prefer one of the two characters in the ship and multiship them, while the other character they don’t relate to “cannot absolutely be shipped with anyone else!!!” (a phenomenom that me and my friend @lexorcista talked about recently). Another thing that happens often is “this character —that is like me—- “deserves” another person, so they should get them and not that other character who is not relatable”. Shippers very often make shipping personal, I have noticed. This is why shipping causes so much headache for me these days, because people become blind to canon and make the shipping all about themselves and twist the facts and characters to their own liking. This has happened also with gay characters before, fans’ favourite gay/bi character’s canon love interest is not “interesting” enough so they wish they would broke up and the character would be with their preferred character instead. It’s not always about representation but more like about personal preferences.

If we talk about like… the many teenager sjws on this site, I don’t think they can relate to a very heavy, very tragic subtextual relationship between two middle-aged men where one of them is suicidal and the other one is an emotional mess. Erwin/Levi is a very popular ship in Japan too, and here many adults like it. And ironically, even male audience in Japan started to see it during this emotional rollercoaster that was the recent arc (Yams used to get flak for “pandering to fujos” when he talked about BL and implied Levi is not interested in women and such but now more people have started to accept Levi is intended to be seriously gay and not just yaoi fanservice). But teenagers on tumblr? Maybe some, but not all. And I’m not even gonna talk about how unrelatable Kenny/Uri is as a ship. Historia/Ymir is more relatable because they are teenagers.

Also, some people have deluded themselves to think Erwin is a bad person and abuses Levi or something (as if Levi could even be abused). You don’t see this kind of behavior in the japanese fandom, they love Erwin and understand his character. Yams himself talks about Erwin in a praising way and basically has debunked every complaint about him, but when some people decide their minds on something, even facts won’t change their minds.

And yeah, Jeanm*rco and Er*min are fluffy friendships in canon, that’s it. But they probably appeal to many people exactly because they are “cute” and “fluffy” and relatable. They are very normal relationships, not complex like eruri. Mikas*sha I don’t even see on the same level as these two, let’s face it, Mika would throw the other one under the bus if it would somehow help Eren&Armin. They are not as close as the boys. With Annie on the other hand, they don’t even like each other so it’s not in any way on the same level as the other ships.

I used to not like any ships in snk and it actually frustrated me to no end how ships were like… most people’s main concern. I actually started to read more horror/dark fantasy in the hopes of less shipping (mainsteam shonen is a nightmare when it comes to shipping wars). But I like what yams did with eruri and I’m kinda impressed because it’s not a very typical relationship, at least I can’t think of any similar ones aside from superficial similarities. Also I’m not saying people can’t ship any of the other ships I mentioned, but the question was “why these not canon-founded ships instead of this obvious one?” so yeah the biggest reason is that people just don’t like certain characters or certain kind of relationships, and many people want to relate to the ship they ship.

I find it ironic though that there are many men or people who don’t care about ships (or even homophobes) that see eruri, but there are many fujoshi who don’t. XD The power of shipping!

[TRANS] ToppDogg Interview in e-Pop Magazine


Q: This is the first time ToppDogg has come to Malaysia. What are your thoughts on Malaysia?

P-Goon: Yes, this is the first time we have come to Malaysia and it’s also the first time we’ve come to a country with a tropical climate! While we were sitting in the car, we were admiring the view outside. We feel fresh especially seeing the flowers and grass that are beautiful because it’s rarely seen in Korea. Malaysia has left us with a good impression! Besides that, we’re also touched because we never thought we’d have so many fans in Malaysia. We’re thankful for the support of the fans! After we’ve reached Malaysia we took a stroll and took some pictures at KLCC!

Q: How are your feelings a year into debut?

Yano: Within a year… (Jenissi: Don’t cry~) We realize that it’s not easy to enter the entertainment industry, whether it’s for music or art.

Nakta: It’s been a year since our debut. Compared to when we first debut, we feel much more free now. But we’re always worried on thinking of ideas to make our group even better! In this aspect, our members have different opinions. So we gathered all the ideas of the members to produce something fresh in our work. We will come out with a new album this year so please anticipate it!

Q: Can you tell use each member’s characteristics?

Yano: In the eyes of fans, Nakta is seen as someone who is polite, tall and handsome! But honestly, he’s a 4D prince. His thoughts are different from others. He’s really funny, not handsome at all, haha…

Nakta: Fans may think that Jenissi is cute, but he really has a big mouth! What’s great is that Jenissi knows how to twist facts a lot. He’d be a great seller if he runs a business!

Jenissi: A-tom is someone who has a strong stance, it’s because he’s the group’s rapper. He always has to look cool! I think that fans should know his realistic and dark side. He needs to shower a lot!

A-Tom: Hojoon isn’t really tall, but his fans think that his body proportions are good. Maybe its because he has a small face, he looks like a model, haha… but it’s all because of his insoles!

Hojoon: P-goon is the leader. It’s not that his behavior is bad but he takes his responsibilities seriously. He’ll lose patience if we don’t listen to him! His temper will explode once his patience is gone! Till now, he hasn’t beaten us yet haha… But I believe that one day he’ll eventually beat us because his responsibilities are too heavy!

P-Goon: Hansol loves laughing. His laughing tone is nice but it’s really loud till it makes others sitting next to him uncomfortable.

Hansol: Kidoh is a producer and rapper. He really likes playing and sometimes injures himself. Like today, his left hand got injured because he played too much. His mom must never know this. Please take note.

Kidoh: B-joo has small shoulders, but he really fits wearing any type of clothing. He always knocks his head and when he does it, you’ll hear the sound “Kong Kong”. God is fair; he’s good looking but has an empty brain!

Hansol: Hahaha…

B-Joo: Fans think that Xero is someone who is calm and cool. There’s a reason why he’s so quiet. It’s because he’s not a good speaker and has a short tongue!

Xero: I wanna tell everyone that Gohn is really talented! He’s good at composing songs and doing things related to music. While we were filming MV <Annie>, he styled (comb) his hair to the front. A lot of people think he’s scary and fans are afraid of him, but he’s really a nice person!

Gohn: Haha… thank you! In the eyes of fans, Sangdo is really nice, bright and likes to smile. He’s honestly the scariest in the group! Every time he’s “emo-ing” or facing something bad, he turns really scary. Sometimes P-Goon would also turn scary. But he does that for the sake of the members. So we would usually listen to his orders. But if Sangdo gets angry, we’ll feel like the end is nearing! Haha…

Sangdo: Yano is the maknae and he’s really cute. He just turned into an adult and you could see that he’s changing bit by bit. He’s looking charismatic nowadays but he’s still so stubborn till we felt that he’s being way over… he makes us feel tired. For example, he likes the colour grey, so all his stuff including his shirt would be grey! We really can’t stand him!

Q: What do you wish to achieve this year?

Hojoon: For us, music is like air! This year, we’ll promote in a lot of countries and gain more recognition. Next month, we’re going to the US to promote so that more fans would get to know and like us. We’ll work hard to produce new music and show everyone our different sides.

| © ToppDoggMY | Click here for scans

TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Entry One!

Title: Twelve Days of Christmas

Rating: T

Characters & Pairings: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Prim Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Finnick Odair, Everlark, Gale/Prim

Triggers: Talk of people who have died in the past.

Summary: Peeta, who runs food service for the Hawthorne Gaming and Sporting Goods corporate offices, has had a huge crush on Katniss, VP of design, for about as long as he’s run the cafeteria. On Christmas, he decides to admit his adoration with twelve days of goodies.

A/N: The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas Day (Dec 25) and move on to the eve of Epiphany (Jan 5). I decided to do take the song and have Peeta show Katniss some attention every day in the best way Peeta can: with food. Thanks a million to fyeaheverlark for organizing this challenge. I hope everyone reading has/had an amazing holiday and a happy New Year! And best of luck to all other participants!


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Katniss stepped into the cafeteria in her ugly Christmas sweater and looked around nervously. She always found Gale and Prim in the crowd first and spent most of the evening with them until it was acceptable for her to leave. She walked toward the table and sat down the pot of beef stew she’d put together for the potluck.

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All’s Fair In Love & War #1

Summary= When Lucy finally joined Fairy Hills High, she never imagined she’d end up wrapped in prank war with the boys rival school, Fairy Tail. Or, that she’d end up falling for that pyromaniac boy who has this habit of kissing her whenever they’re in trouble. [Nalu AU]

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 4194.

On FF.net |Prologue | Chapter One 

Ahhh I’m so glad this story got so lovely reviews, here and on ff.net! Your support always give me strength <3 Thank you so much! The chapters of this story are supposed to be this long, hopefully! And this update is so soon because I’m still super excited about this, but I’ll do it again after I update the rest of my stories! Thank you again!

Midnight Kisses

“That’s what life is about: People come and go.”
— Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie

Lucy as never one to be shy, but for some reason, as she opened the tall door, something made her feel the urge to be cautious. Maybe it was the endless mass of girls on casual clothes fooling around and talking to each other like they’ve been best friends for years, some of them with the same amount of bags as her, meaning all of them were her future classmates.

All of them were going to live together. And Lucy knew that could be a double-edged sword when it came to girls. Because she knew the two faces of it.

Slowly, and making sure not to trip in someone else’s suitcase, she made her way to the secretary’s counter. A fine lady looking around its thirties, with reading glasses, beauty marks, and a crooked nose smiled at her sweetly.

“Hello, welcome to Fairy Hills. Your name, please?” Mrs. Annie said, as it read on the badge.

“Lucy Heartfilia,” Lucy answered, putting a lock of hair behind her ear. “I got transferred this year.”

Mrs. Annie stopped midway of writing on her computer to take a good look at her. Lucy felt her brown eyes scan her completely, from her blonde hair to her waist, since the rest of her body was behind the counter.

“Heartfilia?” the woman finally said, obviously not believing her. “Are you sure?”

Lucy sweat dropped. “I’m pretty sure I know my own surname, ma’am.”

“It’s nice having you here with us, Lucy.” a new voice said.

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I knew I was too early to this concert. It started at 7 and I was here at 2. I wasn’t the only one though. There were about 50 fans already lined up to get in.

I promised my best friend Annie I would get there early and get us a spot in line, not that I was sure she would show up. I love Annie but she’s really flakey. If she found a boy she’d be gone for the night. That scared me about tonight. She was my ride home.

I stood in the blazing heat, worrying my ass off about tonight. Security started showing up and that only freaked me out more. I began sweating and breathing became harder. Shit, not here. I didn’t need a panic attack.

“Miss, are you alright?” A security guard asked. I shook my head. “What’s wrong?”

“Panic attacks.” I breathed.

“Oh I understand. My daughter gets those really bad. Would you like to come inside? Get a drink of water and some cool air?” He asked.

“Y-yes please.” I said.

“Alright follow me.” He smiled, leading me into the venue through a security entrance. “Here take a bottle of water.” He said.

I grabbed a bottle of water and sat down in a chair he had pulled out for me. “Thank you.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’s hard enough without the heat.”

“Yeah, I usually can handle it but this was really kind of you.” I smiled.

“Did you come here all alone?” He asked.

I shook my head. “No, well sort of. My friend is supposed to meet me here but I’m not sure if she’s actually going to show.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I mean-”

“Fuck you Matt! You’ll never catch us!” A familiar voice interrupted me. I turned my head to see Jack and Alex zipping by on a scooter. They back tracked and stared at me. I gave them a shy smile.

“Who are you?” Jack asked. Alex slapped his shoulder for being rude.

“My name is Natalie.” I said softly.

“Not to sound rude but why are you in the venue?” Alex asked. I slowly put my hands over my ATL bracelet. I probably looked like an obsessed fan.

“I um, it got really hot and I almost passed out.” I half-lied. Anxiety isn’t really something I like to talk about.

“Oh, are you alright now?” Alex asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, thank you.”

“No problem… Want to run away from Matt with us?” Alex asked.

“Am I aloud to?” I asked timidly.

“Why not? C'mon blondie!” Jack smiled at the nickname with an outstretched hand.

“Thank you.” I whispered to the security guard. He smiled and waved me off.

“Here, hop on we can share my scooter.” Alex smiled.

“I can just run.” I said. Any other girl would die to be on a scooter with Alex Gaskarth, part of me was. But the other part of me told me it was safer to just run.

“Nooooo get on the motherfucking scooter girl.” Alex said in a girly voice. I giggled and got on. I held onto the metal of the handlebars while Alex wrapped his hands around the grips.

“Away!!!!” Jack screamed and we took of speeding through the hallways of the venue. After about 35 minutes, Matt finally caught up with us.

“Boys! Stop, get back to the dressing room you know you aren’t supposed to be running around here!” Matt scolded.

“Who are you?” Matt asked, addressing me.

“Our new best friend, obviously.” Jack smiled as Alex wrapped and arm around me.

“Obviously,” Matt mocked. “But I asked her, not you.”

“My name’s Natalie. I was about to pass out from heat when a security guard brought me in here. Alex and Jack started talking to me as they zipped past on their scooters. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be here, I can leave now.” I said, stepping off of the scooter.

“Awww don’t make her leave, Matt! She’s fun. Can we keep her?” Jack asked.

I blushed, “No I don’t want to cause you guys any problems. It was nice meeting you, good luck tonight.” I began walking away when Alex’s hand gripped my wrist. Alex gave Matt a look and Matt nodded.

“You can stay on one condition, keep these boys in check for me. They don’t listen to me, maybe they will listen to you.” Matt said.

“O-okay.” I said.

“YAYYYY buddies! To the dressing room!” Jack yelled as he began to scooter fast, past Matt, taking his hat.

“Jack you fucker!” Matt yelled as he began running after him. I giggled a bit.

“Aww you have a cute laugh.” Alex said.

“Um, thanks?” I whispered.

“You’re welcome, now c'mon, we need to get back.” Alex forced me onto the scooter.

“Ayyyeee.” Zack yelled a we arrived in the dressing room.

“He’s back! With a lady friend!” Rian teased.

“Fuck off.” Alex teased.

“What’s your name?” Rian asked.

“N-Natalie.” I stuttered, I hated meeting new people.

“And you’re a fan?” Zack asked.

“Um yeah. Been a fan for like 3 years or so. This is my first show though.” I replied.

“Holy shit, that long? Wow. But you’re so mellow.” Rian said.
No shit, asshole, I’m nervous.

“What do you expect? Me flailing around because I’m talking to you guys? I’m not that kind of fan. I’m lucky enough to even be back here.” I said.

“Truth.” Alex smiled, “But we like you so it’s okay.”

“Real talk though, who’s your favorite band?” Jack asked.

“Probably Blink or Green Day.” I said.

“Hell yeah, high-five for awesome music taste.” Alex high-fived me. We spent the next few hours talking and I was starting to get a bit more comfortable with them. As the show was about to start I checked my phone like I did every five minutes hoping Annie would say she was here.

From: Annie
I can’t make it tonight Nat! My mom has gone pyscho! Have fun though! Give Alex a kiss for me!

Shit fuck shit fuck shit. She was my ride home tonight. Now how was I supposed to get home? I decided to enjoy the concert from side stage with Matt before I started worrying myself.

“There’s a monster standing where you should be…” Alex sang. We locked eyes for a moment and he winked. I couldn’t help but feel a bit giddy. I told him this was my favorite song off of Don’t Panic and now they were playing it. Alex Gaskarth was playing a song for me, how do you expect me to feel?

The show ended and that’s when my worries flooded back. “That was fucking fun.” Rian yelled.

“You guys did awesome! Thanks for letting me watch from back here.” I smiled shyly.

“No problem! Hey, did your friend ever show up?” Jack asked.

I shook my head. “No she didn’t. She was my ride home too, but that’s okay. I can take a cab.” Honestly, I was terrified to take a cab home by myself.

“No, you shouldn’t do that. Cab drivers can be shifty.” Zack said.

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah well.”

“You should just crash on our bus.” Alex blurted.


“I mean we are staying in a parking lot tonight anyway because we have the day off tomorrow, you can just crash on the couch and I can take you home tomorrow morning.” Alex said.

“Actually that’s not a bad idea, maybe you can show him what to do on a day off here while he drives you home.” Matt said.

“Um…okay.” I whispered. My mom was out of town, it’s not like she would know, right? And they were really nice guys, it’s not like they are going to rape me or anything. Still, my anxiety was getting to me.

“Yay slumber party!” Jack yelled.

We spent an hour or so on the bus, all of us were drinking even though I am only 18, it didn’t really matter. Soon everyone was off to bed except for me and Alex.

“Do you want to borrow a shirt? I’m sure it’s more comfortable to sleep in then what you’re wearing.”

“Uh sure.” I said softly. He went to his bunk and grabbed a shirt. “Here, put it on. Take off your shorts or don’t, I don’t really care. I can turn around if you’d like.” Alex said.

“Would you please? I’m sorry it’s just-”

“No I get it. Go on.” Alex turned. I slipped on his shirt. I took off my shorts too. I got under the blanket and coughed to let Alex know I was done. “Ah much better.” He smiled sitting down on the opposite end of the couch.

“Yeah…y'know I’m not going to be able to wash this and give it back you in time right?”

Alex smiled. “Nah keep it, it looks better on you anyways.” I blushed.
“You’re really quite, you know that, right?”

I nodded. “I know. I can’t really help it. I just worry about everything all the time and it keeps me from saying much. I’m too anxious half the time.”

“You had a panic attack this morning didn’t you?” Alex asked. I shamefully nodded. “Hey, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, okay? It happens to me all the time. You’ve just got to find a way to my let it take over your life.”

I looked up at him, trying not to let him know how ashamed I was of my anxiety. “Thanks.” I said with a shaky voice.

“Aww come here.” Alex scooter closer to me and I did the same. He wrapped his arms around me and I instantly felt better. “You’re so pretty and adorable, you shouldn’t let this run your life.” Alex said. I blushed deeply. “I’m going to give you my number, anytime you have an anxiety attack, text or call me I will listen.”

“Thank you Alex.” I whisper.

“You’re welcome, Natalie.” He kissed my cheek lightly and I knew everything was going to be okay.


Hey, sorry this one isn’t perfect. I have Finals(Midterms) next week and I’ve been studying like crazy!! After next week I should be able to write more! Hope you liked it though.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Chapter 53; my thoughts about what I think is important and what others think is important.

This is driving me nuts.

There are a lot of remarkable things in SnK’s latest chapter, and I have read a lot of comments about this matter, and now I want to write my own thoughts on the chapter and about other people’s thoughts. So here we go, this is going to be pretty long so I will organize it by subject with numbers, no order.

1. The title

“They are idiots, but they are MY idiots" 눈w눈 Heichou has faith in his idiots. Not important, just cute.

2. Eren’s abs


I saw many posts about them and it is like, seriously, of ALL the things that happened in the chapter this is what impressed you the most? 

Get over it. They are not important.

And Levi’s are better _

3. Cowboy Jean

 Haha not really important I just wanted to bring it up. He looks funny ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Oops, I see no difference ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

4. Sleeping Beauty Eren

 I feel you.

5. Eren can’t get hard

Hahaha, very funny 눈_눈 and this only works in English, I read the chapter in Spanish first and I didn’t get the joke until I saw all the comments on tumblr about it.

6. Levi’s vision of the world and Hanji explaining it

Wow, I believe this is important in Levi’s character. He is talking about himself; he is talking A LOT about himself, his feelings and his vision of the world, and his desire of freedom. And Levi’s thoughts are a lot like Eren’s. I think this means Levi is more confident with these people, especially with Eren; he is basically talking to him. Levi is talking about this because he wants to remind Eren that THIS is their goal, this freedom outside the walls, and he also wants Eren to know that although it’s a shame that he can’t harden his titan skin like Annie, it is NOT his fault, and that he is still being helpful.

"Do you understand? Everywhere inside these walls, a cistern smell hangs in the air…. but the air I smelled outside the walls was different…. There is a freedom there which is unlike the walls that surround us” Translation: “We HAVE to get out of here, Eren, this isn’t our place; humans don’t belong inside these walls. We need to achieve this and you are our hope. You can’t crystallize your skin like Annie? That’s ok. And it doesn’t matter that you’ve tried, because you CAN’T do it and there’s nothing you can do about it. Now we have to focus on what you CAN do to help.”

And then this:


Look at Levi’s face…. “Yeah but I was talking about my feelings too, you know?” I just love how expressive he is in this chapter ◤◡ᴥ◡◥

7. Grisha was eaten by Eren

 What Eren writes as a titan strongly suggests that he ate his father. That would explain why Grisha is missing. He is or was an important medic, and he traveled through the walls, if he is still alive someone must have recognized him. He just disappears without a trace. So he is very good at hide and seek or he is dead. 


 Here in English we can complete the sentence like “My father was eaten by me” and then it makes sense that Eren looked very sad about it.

 Maybe in his titan form he has access to memories that are normally blocked. Maybe the more he transforms, the more he’ll remember.

 In Spanish is the same… Here the phrase can be completed like “Mi padre fue comido por mí” and it’s exactly the same meaning. I’m comparing it because this could mean that it’s not a translation coincidence, this is meant to be like that.

 This is also linked to the theory in which all titans are humans and they eat humans looking for a titan shifter so they can regain consciousness and become titan shifters. Ymir said that she was unconscious for about 60 years until she ate Berik, who may or may not have been a titan shifter. And then it makes sense that Eren lost consciousness when Grisha injected him, and then Eren ate Grisha and regain the control of the titan body and became a shifter. But what about Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt? They ate a titan shifter too? And what about the very first titan shifter, who did he ate to regain his consciousness after the transformation? There are lots of holes in that theory and I think we can’t speculate more for now.

8. Historia

Another non-important thing but I wanted to talk about it.

She has been so grim without Ymir! I hope they will have a beautiful reunion. And I pray to any god, or angels, or demons or whatever that could listen to me: that Isayama don’t kill one of them and make the other watch it.

9. How to train your titan

 And again, this isn’t important. It’s just cute ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

10. Horse face

Yeah…. not much more to say about it.

11. Levi is an idiot, he said it himself

 So… he thinks that those who believe in Erwin and his plan are idiots. He believes in Erwin’s plan, therefore HE is an idiot. He knows it, and he accepts it. I just wanted to say that ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

12. I don’t get this, somebody please explain it to me

This scene. I don’t get it. Is this important or random?

In this point Levi is clearly not listening to the man talking to him

And he pays attention to this woman. She has a skirt so I assume she is a woman but she’s also really ugly or old and maybe is a man in drag, I don’t know. …why? Does he know her? Is she important? Does she remind him of something? Does he pity her? Does her presence mean that the horse cart is coming? I really don’t get it. I have no theories for it, just those vague speculations. I do believe that Isayama puts everything for a reason, and that every detail has its meaning, either subtle or important, so she must mean something, I just don’t get it because I’m stupid

13. Ships

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this part, I respect everybody’s ships, but you all have to admit that ships causes pretty funny reactions in their fans and even some of them are almost ridiculous. And I include myself here. This is part of what makes it funny and enjoyable ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Let’s all just accept that ships are very stupid, but we all love them anyways. And everybody’s ships deserve to be respected.

  • Let’s talk about Ereri

I saw this post more than once. OMG HE’S ON EREN’S BED OMGOMG. 

I do ship Ereri, and I don’t understand why Levi sits on the other bed to talk… maybe to be closer to Eren’s face when he talks to him, I don’t know.

But all ships aside, Levi really cares about Eren; he cares about all of his idiots, but specially Eren. Not just because he is humanity’s last hope, but also because he is almost Eren’s guardian, he took full responsibility for him. Levi and Eren act different around each other than they do around others. I’m not going to start talking endlessly about this ship, I’m just going to say that Levi never talks about himself, and after this scene he explains to Eren all his thoughts about these walls and the outside world just like that. Levi cares about his shitty brat, not romantically, not yet but he cares a lot I know it and he would be devastated if he ever have to deliver on his promise to kill him if he loses control of his titan body.

  • Let´s talk about Rivamika

 Same here. OMG SHE CARES ABOUT HIS WELL BEING SHE LOVES HIM!!! Before I continue, I don’t ship this, but after reading the chapter for the fourth or fifth time I noticed that this is not all. In fact, in Trost they are side by side, even when the horse cart came Mikasa didn’t leave Levi’s side and she jumps to the same side that he does. So there is more than just this for you to ship them.

 Now, ships aside, it’s obvious that they are going to be almost always close to each other from now on, because Mikasa (being the strongest after Levi) is now practically Levi’s right hand. Levi is humanity’s strongest and Mikasa is the best of her generation and a real prodigy in battle, they make a fearsome team. And in this particular scene is not that she cares about him (well, of course she does, but not in a selfless way), she asks him about his ankle because maybe, MAYBE SHE FEELS GUILTY BECAUSE IT’S HER FAULT THAT HUMANITY’S STRONGEST SOLDIER IS INJURED NOW AND NOT AT HIS 100%

  • Let’s talk about Jearmin

How about NO?

This is not funny.

They are both terrified, and this is not a laughing or shipping matter. If it ever crossed your mind that this is arousal on Jean’s face then you are disgusting. (I say this because I saw a post about that)

Don’t make jokes about this.



And for those who think why Jean isn’t helping Armin? : Seriously? But… SERIOUSLY? He can’t fucking do anything, as soon as they get discovered they are dead. He is powerless here.


14. Little Levi

I guess they thought that humanity’s strongest soldier was more imposing.

 I would do this very same thing if I could. But I can’t, because I’m shorter than Levi (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

He looks like a kid and I just love it ◤◡ᴥ◡◥

15. Erwin and that guy’s conversation (Nile? Nail? Whatever…)

“Do you know about that incident?” about Nick’s death…

He knows

He fucking knows everything

So basically Erwin is trying to convince him to cooperate with them. An ally in the military police would be very helpful.

Trying to make him think…

“I’m just a pawn”

Now… this is interesting…

Oh my god! Erwin is straight! This is very, VERY meaningful. This could mean two different things: 1° Erwin is trying his very best to manipulate Nail. Reminding him of their friendship, of the things they shared. He is trying to sound desperate, this really sounds like his last confession to his old friend, like <I’m going to die soon if you don’t do something right now>, this is the most obvious thought, we know Erwin, we know he is capable of anything. 2° Isayama is trying to make us feel empathy for Erwin, this is not my theory, I read it somewhere but I can’t remember where, sorry. But basically Hajime Isayama is a cruel god, we know that, he wants us to care for Erwin, he is telling us that he is just a human, that he can love, that he can suffer, that he isn’t the cold blooded man that we have seen until now, he wants us to care about him just to kill him mercilessly. And if that’s the case, Erwin himself knows that his time is close. 

 I don’t know what to believe right now, it’s too soon. We need to give it time. For now I leave this unanswered.

16. SHE

This is IT. The newest mystery (as if we needed more)





 If I’m completely honest, the first time I saw this page I immediately thought that this was Eren. Now, before you make fun of me, I have my reasons. In the first place, you can’t deny the resemblance between them. 

I don’t know whatwhy or when this happened (and I don’t know which of these questions is the most important) but for several hours I firmly believed that this beautiful lady was in fact, Eren Jaeger. 

 I have seen a lot of theories, and I think about 3 of them: 

  1. She is an unknown girl from the Reiss family
  2. We are looking at a young Carla Jaeger
  3. She is, somehow, Eren.

 Now, for the first one, the arguments are that Eren himself thought about Historia when he remembered this. The girl does look like her, the eyes precisely. The Reiss family is proven to be even more important than the king himself, so believing that this unknown girl is a member of that family is very reasonable. So the girl looks like Eren and Historia at the same time, this could mean that Eren is somehow related to the Reiss family. If they are all relatives they must look alike in some way, right? Historia and the girl have the same eye shape, we don’t know if she has blue or green eyes, but let’s not forget that Historia got his hair and eye color from her mother, which wasn’t a Reiss, so as far as we know the Reiss family could be characterized by people with dark hair and green eyes. As far as we know, maybe Historia doesn’t look like a member of the Reiss family, and maybe Eren does.

 For the second one, we continue on with the thought that Eren is related to the Reiss family, and this time we believe that Carla Jaeger is a Reiss. Maybe a bastard child like Historia, forced to run and change her name. This might be a really early memory from Eren, a memory of her young mother living as a Reiss.

 And the third is just based on the resemblance and the fact that this is Eren’s memory.

 I desperately tried to find something in that image that could give me a hint, anything. God, I can’t wait a whole month to know more about her. For the things in the background you can clearly see that this is a rather rich girl, probably living in the center, inside of wall Sina, this just helps the theory that this is in fact a Reiss. After a long time of looking for something that isn’t there, I realize that the most important, the most meaningful thing about that picture, is the first thing you see, the most obvious thing, that thing that is not there just for whim (I already told you that I firmly believe that Isayama puts everything for a reason). The most important thing about this is, in my humble opinion, the fact that this girl is looking at herself in a mirror. Perhaps you have already realized this, and now you think I’m an idiot for taking so long to see it. (I mean, I immediately realize that she was looking at herself in a mirror, it’s no mystery, but it took me some time to realize how important that is) But let me tell you why I think this is so important.

 This is a memory. This is in Eren’s memory. And the girl is looking right at her eyes in the mirror. So this means that she could not possibly be Carla, or anyone besides Eren. If this is Carla, or anyone else, and Eren remembers to be looking at the same mirror in which this woman was looking at herself, then the girl would have been looking away from “the camera”. But she is like, looking right at you, the reader, which means that the owner of this memory must be the same owner of this reflection on the mirror.

 This is NOT Carla.

 So this could actually be Eren, I don’t know how, but it’s a possibility, as stupid as it sounds. After all, it’s Eren’s flashback about looking into a mirror, and this girl returned the gaze at him. 

 This doesn’t mean than this girl couldn’t be an unknown Reiss member. But this would imply that somehow Eren has a fragment of this girl’s memory. It would imply that they somehow managed to bottle the memories of this girl, and injected them into Eren’s mind. Or it could imply that there is a kind of people who has their own memories database, and that anyone in this group can access to this base of memories. Maybe she is or was a titan shifter, and all titan shifters could have some kind of base of information, and they are all connected in some unknown magical way. I don’t believe this. I don’t like to believe this. It’s too complicated and magical. How is Isayama going to explain that it’s possible to implant someone’s memories in somebody else’s mind? We are talking about humans, not machines; you can’t just download information to a brain. 

 So I choose not to believe that, I don’t like to believe that, it bothers me that the answer is so overcomplicated and magical. Is easy just to say “she is an unknown Reiss member”, but it’s not that easy to explain why the fuck Eren has this memory if it’s not his.

 There is no solid theory about this girl, in fact, every possibility about her identity are highly unlikely. I already said why I don’t want to believe that this is an unknown Reiss member, but the hypothesis about her being Eren is much more confusing than it seems. Think for a moment that this is actually Eren. Now, the why of this situation is a very disturbing thing to think of, but I think that the when is more important. She is clearly not a child, she is a young woman, Eren spent two years just with Armin and Mikasa, then they join the academy and now, at his 15, he is part of the Survey Corps. So, WHEN does this happened? No answer. And at first I thought that she was exactly as Eren with long hair and long eyelashes, but if you look closely, her eye shape and her eyebrows are slightly different from Eren’s.

 Is this really Eren? Why is he looking at himself as a girl? Another life?  A parallel universe? A twin sister who has a mystical connection to Eren so that’s how he can see her memories in his mind? If it’s not Eren… who the hell is she? And why does Eren has her memories? As I said before, every possibility about her identity are highly unlikely. But this is what I got for now.

 I could be wrong. I could be TOTALLY wrong about EVERYTHING. But this is my situation now, sanity: almost lost.

There. It’s done. Now I’m relieved. Now I can survive until next chapter.