i love how consistently rock and roll has borrowed from byron

how byronic // a fanmix for leading men in literature who are mad, bad, and dangerous to know (in chronological order). listen.

one. people are strange / the doors (1967)
two. sympathy for the devil / the rolling stones (1968)
three. born under a bad sign / cream (1968)
four. all the madmen / david bowie (1970)
five. no quarter / led zeppelin (1973)
six. wilderness / joy division (1979)
seven. the shadow of love / the damned (1985)
eight. the boy with a thorn in his side / the smiths (1986)
nine. touch me i’m sick / mudhoney (1988)
ten. pennyroyal tea / nirvana (1993)
eleven. useless / depeche mode (1997)
twelve. i’m finding it harder to be a gentleman / the white stripes (2001)
thirteen. stormy weather / the kooks (2008)
fourteen. lonely boy / the black keys (2011)
fifteen. i want it all / the arctic monkeys (2013)