i love how completely oblivious everyone else is

LIW Recommendation:Middlemarch: The Series

Too many colons in that title. Oh well.

So I hadn’t wanted to watch Middlemarch: The Series before reading the book, but then I caved, and boy am I glad I did.

My mom once told me I should read everything else George Eliot ever wrote and then read Middlemarch, and I’m still pretty committed to doing that, but the series looked so good I just couldn’t resist.

This series is SO good. It’s a little unclear at times how the whole thing is working – who exactly can see the footage in-universe? What exactly is happening with the timeline? But that’s a very small problem.

The premise is the college sophomore Dorothea (Dot) is making a documentary about herself and her friends at Lowood College in Middlemarch, Connecticut. Dot is oblivious, her roommate Celia is lovely and slightly awkward, and everyone else keeps surprising me.

It’s lovely to form expectations about a character and then realize that they’re completely wrong. That’s happening to me with both Lydgate and Jamie right now, and I couldn’t be happier. These people are all so flawed and yet also loveable and just generally three-dimensional.

The diversity in fantastic in this, both in the ethnic and LGBTQ+ departments. Gender and sexuality are both discussed/clarified and just not made a big deal of, which I think is definitely the way to go, and the protagonist is an intelligent, beautiful, flawed girl of color. Need I say more? 

People also actually talk about money and careers, which is a nice extra layer above just “what are you studying?” or “what are you interested in?”

New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Also: Fred and Max are so perfect. I ship them so hard. I have a ship type, and they are fulfilling it better than almost any other pairing ever has. More please.

***If you share my ship type, just know that Fred is basically a mix between George Bates and George Gleeson (so George Squared as one person), and Max is like a less shy, less musical, less white Balthazar Jones (relationship wise, that is).***

Go watch Middlemarch! I swear you won’t regret it.

Follow their blog @middlemarchseries and subscribe to them on YouTube.

can you imagine fredrobin having their first dance as a married couple to the song can’t help falling in love omg… like they can’t do anything super fancy bc robin’s not much of a dancer but still!!!!!

robin’s head on frederick’s chest and listening to his heartbeat more than the actual song. frederick’s hands are entwined with hers and he’s just absolutely enthralled with how beautiful robin looks and ultimately they’re both completely at bliss and oblivious to everyone else aHHHHHH

Someone write me a fic where Lopez is slowly falling in love with Donut and ends up having an existential crisis like “jesus fuck but i’m a robot how the hell am I having these feelings things????” and Donut is completely oblivious to it, but everyone else is like “you alright there dude???” 

And then something bad happens and Lopez pushes Donut out of the way and gets wrecked and they have to run and leave him behind (because the building/ship is blowing up??? who knows) but Donut goes back for him because he’s Donut, and ends up taking the AI chip out of Lopez’s robot body and escapes by the skin of his teeth. 

And everyone’s mad at him for doing that but at least he saved Lopez, even if he was just a chip. And Carolina and Donut are talking about it (because they can be friends fucking fight me I bet Donut’s super nice to her) and Carolina’s like “You know you can put that in the AI slot in the back of your head right?” and Donut’s like !?!?!?!?! And so Carolina helps him get the chip in, and Lopez comes up as a hologram and Donut’s so fucking happy but Lopez is freaking out because “HOLY SHIT OUR MINDS ARE ONE NOW THOUGH I CAN’T HIDE SHIT FROM YOU DIOS MIO” 

And Wash is kinda pissed that Donut went and did that, and is also confused as to how he could do that, and further analysis comes up with the fact that Lopez was a fragment of Alpha, Lambda, and was lost somehow and they thought it was destroyed but it ended up in a jet in the ODST. In which Sarge built him a body, and they got kicked out of the ODST and to blood gulch. And he was there the whole time and no one fucking knew. 

And then back to main plot love story, where Donut realizes how much Lopez loves him and suprises him with a new Android body that’s more human looking (but still looks like his old one because he apparently liked that one, I mean his Hologram looks like it so, he’s gotta right?) and they smooch n stuff.

And maybe there’s some other cool plot devices too but??? Smooches. 

I love that Poe is canonically a bad liar. Like, he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings for shit. He’d be blushing constantly and tripping over his words and it would be so painfully obvious to everyone around just how goddamn smitten he is with Finn.

Finn would somehow be blissfully unaware of this tho. Like, completely oblivious and so confused about his own feelings because romance is something so new to him. and hes like ‘Poe would never love me like that he’s too wonderful’

and everyone else is just. :l