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In Modern Glasgow, Jamie and Claire go see Joe about their troubles conceiving a child. Could we see a few moments that led up to that decision and how they supported each other since they both want children so badly?

Modern Glasgow AU

“Claire! There you are!”

Claire Fraser looked up from her medical journal, perched at one corner of the crusty table in the ER’s dimly lit break room. “Dr. Abernathy?”

The kindly American doctor allowed the door to creakily swing shut, wiping his sweaty forehead on the back of his scrubs sleeve. “It’s a madhouse out there. I know you’re on a break, but would you mind pitching in?”

But Claire had already risen. “Of course – lead the way.”

It was spring – the first truly nice evening since the previous autumn – and, seemingly, an occasion for people to do whatever they did that landed them in the emergency room. Claire was just finishing up her second year of medical school, and had been lucky to land an internship in the emergency room at one of Glasgow’s leading hospitals. Learning the art of triage.

Dr. Joe Abernathy was on a long-term exchange from Boston – his specialty being OB/GYN – but on a night like tonight, everyone and anyone with advanced medical training seemed to be needed.

“What have you done tonight? I thought it was your anniversary?”

Joe quietly laughed and shook his head as they walked down the hall together – quickly darting around the nurses and orderlies. “Well it was – still is, I guess. But I somehow had a gut feeling that things would be crazy around here tonight – it’s the first full moon of the spring, after all. And it’s fun to be doing sutures and setting broken bones – God knows I haven’t done that for a while!”

By now they’d reached the nexus of the ER – overflowing with half-drunk men bleeding from various places on their bodies, mothers clutching wailing children, and a smattering of elderly people.

Nurse Murdina Bug – who reminded her so much of Mrs. Fitz – appeared at her elbow, clutching a stack of clipboards. Deftly she handed one to Claire and nudged her and Joe toward a small area to the side of the waiting room, where patients waited amid partitions separated by thin curtains.

“Here ye are – I thought this woman would be perfect for ye, Claire. She’s seven months pregnant – complaining of cramps and bleeding. Dr. Abernathy – ye can lead, but I’d like Claire to observe?”

“Of course,” he smiled at the red-cheeked nurse who always had a kind word and smile. “Lead on.”

Claire glanced down at the chart, and Murdina pulled back the curtain, and then she and Joe met Amy Higgins.

“Good evening, Mrs. Higgins – Mr. Higgins,” Joe greeted the nervous-looking couple. Amy sat up straight against the headboard of the bed, tracing the large curve of her belly – her husband stood right next to her, face ashen with worry.

“Hello,” they said softly.

“I’m Dr. Abernathy and this is Claire – she’s a second year medical student and one of the finest I’ve ever seen, if I may say so. You’ll be in good hands with us. Now tell me – what seems to be the problem?”

Claire thanked God yet another time that she had found an internship so close to her and Jamie’s flat – just a fifteen minute walk and she could be home. And after pulling a double shift, full of blood and broken bones and screaming children and just a little bit of heartbreak – she wanted to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine, drink a restorative cup of tea, shower, and go to bed with Jamie – in that order.

*Be home soon,* she texted him as she turned onto the main avenue about five minutes from home.

*Waiting for u mnd,* he replied immediately, followed by ten heart emojis.

How he always brought a smile to her face. A smile which he kissed with such sweetness when she finally strode through their front door, and he swept her into his arms, and time stood still.

“Have you been drinking?” she whispered against his lips a bit later, after he had set her down on the edge of their kitchen table.

“Aye,” he breathed, kissing the tip of her nose. “We got word a bit after noon – Scarlett went into labor this morning. The bairn came around two – so Rupert’s got three now, in less than three years. Can ye believe it?”

And then a most profound feeling of fear and regret – and shame – surged through her heart.

Of course Jamie felt the change in her. He reached down to take her clammy, trembling hands in his.

Her pulse picked up – rapid breaths in and out. Vision blurring.

“Claire?” he whispered. “*Mo graidh* - ye’re scaring me. Did something happen today?”

“I’m having a panic attack,” she observed – voice absolutely detached. She closed her eyes as the room began to spin.

Her senses sharpened – and she heard Jamie swallow.

“Claire? Claire – what can I do?”

Slowly she looked down at their joint hands – distractedly admiring how the J tattooed just inside her right thumb perfectly lined up with the C tattooed just inside his left thumb.

“It’s what *I* can do – or, rather, *can’t* do,” she said, so quiet. Lost.

Jamie gently cupped her flushed cheek with one of his hands, tilting her chin so that his eyes met hers. Waiting.

“How come I can’t get pregnant, Jamie?”

He physically reeled back. Shocked.

“What?” he croaked. “What – what do ye mean? These things take time – ”

“We’ve been married almost two years. We’ve *never* used protection. And I’m still not pregnant.”

Now he stepped a bit closer – eyes still locked on hers. “Aye. So?”

Tears welled.

Where was this fear and pain and sorrow coming from?

“We’ve made love a thousand times, Jamie – but never conceived. Statistically that’s – that’s terrible. Beyond terrible.”

He pursed his lips, and swallowed. “What are ye saying?”

“I’m saying that I don’t think I can get pregnant. If I haven’t already – I’m not going to.”

Now his eyes narrowed – and color flared on his own cheeks.

“How *dare* ye say that?” His voice rose – not in anger, but in emphasis. “Are ye giving up, then? Giving up on our dream of a family – of a house full of children?”

“I’m surrounded by women who get pregnant as easily as sneezing – I treated a woman today who has been married for three years and is pregnant for the second time. Rupert and Scarlett met not too long before we did, and she’s been pregnant non-stop since they married.” She closed her eyes, chest heaving with feeling. “Why can’t that be me? How come I can’t do that?”

Jamie leaned and wrapped his arms around her so tight. She buried her face in his shoulder, and all of a sudden let out a sob that shuddered through her entire body.

“Sshh,” he soothed. “Sshh. My love – my heart. Let me comfort ye.”

And she clung to him, mourning the life she didn’t have – and feared she would never have with him, this incredible man who deserved so much more than she felt she could give him.

Sometime later he carried her to their bedroom and helped her shed her sweaty scrubs. They burrowed under their plaid quilt, naked, but not wanting to make love – just craving skin-on-skin intimacy. Oneness.

“I want so, so badly to give you children,” she whispered after a while. “And I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to.”

“We can always adopt,” he replied softly, thumb tracing the contour of her hip, dipping into the hollow of her navel. “There are so many needy children in this world – we could give one a proper home.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “Of course. But – but it is selfish to say that I want a child that’s part you and part me? That I want our lovemaking to create a product of our love? That I want to grow and shelter a child inside me? That – that I want to make love when I’m pregnant? And – and that I want to feed you, so close to my heart?”

His thumb skimmed up her side to swirl around one areola, watching in fascination as her nipple puckered.

“Those arena selfish things,” he said after a while. “Lord knows I want to see you pregnant – show it to the world. Have a daughter that looks like ye, or a son that looks like me.”

He shifted his hips a bit closer toward hers, tracing his hand down her side and then cupping her lovely round arse, anchoring her to him.

“Are ye telling me ye’ve given up on that dream?”

She jerked her hips against his, seeking friction.

“I want you inside me,” she pleaded.

He stilled her against him. “No, *mo nighean donn* - no. Not now. We need to talk about this.”

She closed her eyes. He watched her – would keep watching her for as long as it took.

“No – no. I haven’t given up. But I don’t think we can do it on our own.”

He pressed his thumbnail into the sensitive flesh of her lower back. “All right – so what do we do?”

“I’ll ask Joe. We should both meet with him – he’d give us an honest answer. And then we’ll know.”

He leaned in for a long kiss. Full of strength, and promise.

“I love you,” he breathed against her lips. “I will love you until the day I die. No matter if we have no bairns or adopt fifteen or you carry a few of our own. I have *you,* Claire. That’s the most important.

“I so, so want a family with you,” she whispered. “I want what I didn’t have.”

“So we shall make one together.” Gently he eased onto his back, letting her straddle him. “Full of so much love that we won’t know what to do with it all.”

She leaned over to kiss him. “I love you, Jamie. I – it just keeps growing. I can’t believe how much I love you. How lucky I am to have you.”

He nudged up a bit. “God blessed me with you – and God will bless us with children. He may just need a bit of help from your friend.”

She reached down between them, stroked her thumb back and forth to prepare him, and took him inside. They both gasped. Yet she held still.

“You astound me,” she whispered. “In everything. Always.”

“It’s because I love you. How could it not be so?”

Impatient, he rolled his hips. Helped her take power in that moment – so that she could take power in the days and weeks to come.

And prayed that their firstborn would have her eyes.

Dylan Strome - Insecure

Anon: Hi! Could i request a scenario with Dylan strome where the reader is having a little crush down because of insecurities as she has thick thighs, a bit of stomach rolls and dyl just comforts her and just becomes all squishy cause she’s usually all bright and smiley? I’ve been a bit down in the dumps and your writing cheers me up a lot ♡

A/N: I love dyl and I LOVE how this imagine turned out, definitely one of my favs

Warning/s: Mentions of of insecurities and such

Word count: 1,102

Song: Turning Page - Sleeping At Last

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Pairing: Shawn Mendes x female character
Request: 5, 12, and 48 from this prompt list/drabble challenge.
Rating: General audience
Words: 812

Her hand shakes as she unlocks the door to his apartment, opening the door slowly to not make any sounds. Realising that he hasn’t become aware of her presence she stills by the entrance. She takes a few deep breaths to relax.

“Honey, I’m home!” she lilts, then laughs at her own words. “That is probably the cheesiest thing I have ever said.”

“Well, I like that you’re so cheesy.” Shawn appears in the hallway, stretching out his arms to her with a big grin on his face.

“Hey, you’re the cheesy one!”

“Whatever you say,” he says. He pulls her into him, pecking her lips before he reaches for the bags in her hand. “Let me get those.”

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Little Quirks

Hey y’all, this is a comfort fic, I was in desperate need of it.
I kinda took the cowards way out in terms of choosing a character to write, but I’m trying something new…
In the interactive box, write a male’s name that you would like to be paired with… and if the box doesn’t work, H/N stands for “His Name” then there’s the usual YN for you… (that’s not interactive, I apologise.) This is just fluff and comfort
Here goes

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Your name: submit What is this?

H/N groaned as the bed jostled, he felt the sudden emptiness next to him and heard the light pat of feet against the floorboards as YN disappeared out of the bedroom and into the ensuite. The tired partner fell back asleep, waking five minutes later to notice YN was still gone, the slight illumination from a phone coming from the crack in the door to the bathroom.
H/N rolled over and rubbed at his eyes, kicking back the covers and standing from the comfy, warm, bed.
He padded over to the door and tapped twice, pushing it open when YN gave a faint hum.
“You okay?” H/N croaked, his voice still thick from sleep. Looking down at YN, she was sat on the toilet, phone in hand, sudoku open on the screen, her other arm wrapped around her middle.
“Yeah,” YN answered, halfheartedly.
“What’s up?” H/N asked, crouching and circling his fingers around her calf, tentatively, remembering how she’d pushed his arm off her and rolled to the fair side of the bed, earlier that night.
“I don’t know, I just woke up and didn’t feel good.” She sighed, meeting his concerned gaze. Her mouth was turned down and her eyes reflected her tone; defeated.
“Do you want me to get you anything?” He asked, rubbing lightly up and down the back of her leg.
“A stomach that doesn’t hate me?” She asked, shaking her head for a real answer. He murmured an okay and kissed her hair before he left. She gave him a weak smile as he closed the door, mouthing a thanks.
She sat there, concentrating on the pattern and the numbers on the phone’s screen, forgetting about her stomach pain until, finally, she was able to move without her body protesting. She finished the third game, and balanced the phone on the sink’s edge, staring at her toes as her brain receptors sent message after message to wiggle. Her feet were numb from sitting for so long. She closed her eyes, resting them for just a moment before cleaning herself up, then pushing up onto the useless limbs, balancing. She leaned against the sink and washed her hands, picking up her phone and turning quickly, praying she could make it back to bed before her feet began to tingle painfully from new blood flow.
She climbed into bed and repositioned the pillows, packing them against the headboard and propping herself into a half sitting position. Her stomach was already threatening to start doing weird flips and knots, would she never find peace tonight? YN frowned and huffed, unlocking her phone, she started another game, grinding her forefinger back and forth over her sternum as she began to concentrate, again, on fitting the numbers into the boxes.
“Still no good?” H/N muttered, rolling over to face her, propping himself up onto his elbow. She shook her head and kept going with the game. He watched her for a while before stilling the hand on her chest, moving it so he could start rubbing firm, broad, circles into her chest. She let out a deep breath, relaxing under his fist. For a second, he experienced an out of body thought; how weird it was that he was rubbing his knuckles, hard, into her chest and this seemed to relax her. He quickly discarded the thought and watched the game, she was quite good at it, finishing one game in five minutes before starting another.
After three games, they were both struggling to keep their eyes open. She locked her phone and put it down, H/N withdrew his hand and folded his pillow under his head, watching as she slowly and carefully sunk further down the bed, finally horizontal. He could hear the faint noise of the sheets moving, he could feel the slightest tug of the material against his boxers. He reached across the bed toward her.
“H/N,” She groaned, telling him she wasn’t well enough to cuddle, but he continued, he knew her well enough not to attempt to smother her, but he did want to feel her, fall asleep to the touch of her warm skin. He found her hand smoothing circles on her belly and took it in his, squeezing gently. Even in the dark, he knew she was trying to smile at him, her hand slipped from his, back to grind against her sternum as he gently pressed the heel of his palm into her stomach, drawing a large circle, moving in a clockwise direction.

What were once odd quirks to H/N, were now routine. If YN had a stomach ache, she’d lie on her left side or rub clockwise circles into her belly. If she was trying to take her mind off anything, she’d play sudoku, and if that wasn’t quite working, she’d press against her sternum. If she had a sore throat she’d sip hot lemon and honey, and if it progressed, she’d start on the vitamins before ever seeing a doctor.
H/N once teased YN for all these different remedies, but now he could see just how much they worked for her… and somewhere along the way, they started working for him. Maybe not in the way they were intended, but they brought him comfort.
Her slow and even breathing told him that she was finally asleep, her body had given into the night and let her drift off peacefully.
“I love you.” He breathed into the dark room, retracting his hand from her abdomen, knowing if he were to fall asleep, the dead weight of his hand would wake her up in the night, and the last thing he wanted was to do that. He had faced her wrath of a morning once before, and he’d sworn never again. As much as he loved her, a tired, ill and angry YN was worse than a hundred hellhounds.

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It’s been nearly a year. The past is exactly that, unchangeable. I have accepted things about her, about me, that I never wanted to, and never thought I could. I am better than the girl that sobbed at the edge of her bed begging her not to leave. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt sometimes when I think about it too much.
It’s painful isn’t it? The healing. It isn’t predictable, you can’t prepare for what it does to you. Days pass so slowly but in the end, if there is one, it feels like a blur. Nights weren’t as bad as the mornings. I’d wake up with the sun aggressively peaking through my blinds to an empty side of the bed where she used to lay, and the pain would resurface. If I’m being honest, I still feel that way sometimes. Not because I miss her, but I miss the company of someone. There was always so much beauty in the silence of the first minutes of daybreak. Rolling over to the comfort of another warm body, so easily wrapping my arms around her, the way she’d squeeze tighter once she felt my skin on hers. It was like reassurance she loved me back without even opening her mouth.
I look in your direction from time to time, and I don’t see the home that you once were to me. It’s a strange feeling really, knowing so much about you, seeing what others don’t, but being reminded that you ruined me. If it wasn’t you, maybe it was us, how toxic we were but how I couldn’t bare to let you go. I don’t think I could have even if I tried.
The healing has been painful. I am subtly reminded of it during lonely mornings or the seconds where you glance in my direction.
I made the mistake of putting so much of me into you, that when you left I didn’t feel whole. You still have a few pieces of me, things you know and have seen about me that no one else will. I’ve decided to find comfort rather than anger in the idea that we both know each other in a way that only we understand. I hope you know there will always be a part of me that still sees you lightly, no matter how dark you made my world when you left.
—  the truth about healing
but just imagine

Being Feyre and going to dinner with the Inner Circle the first time. Not only is this a new city, in a new body, trying to adjust to potentially leaving her fiancé, recovering from abuse, but now she has to go to dinner with a group of friends who have literally been friends for hundreds of years.

Imagine how intimidating it would be to be the new person at the table. The odd one out who has not gone through hell and back with these incredibly powerful fae. The one who doesn’t share their secrets.

But they are so kind and welcoming to her, they all do their best to make sure she is comfortable and I just love them all so much.

If Mor and Az and Cassian and Amren don’t end up happy at the end of ACOWAR, I’m going to have a literal cow.

Art & Anatomy 3.5 (Trixya) - Pinky
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 AN: For the Shrooms to my Pink! I hope you like this QweenKimChi/Rose/Shrooms/Squeaky 😊  This takes place between parts 3 & 4 - a little summer interlude. I apologize in advance for the concerning lack of pee scenes, this was a gift for Squeaks and we all know I’m the pee qween. ~ Pinky 🎀

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Prompt: Thanks to Ashlyn, Ali was proud of her body, but at times self-conscious. The team was out celebrating, some girls left early so the remaining players had to pile into the last van. Seats were limited, so Ashlyn pulled Ali to sit on her lap. Ashlyn could feel the stiffness in Ali's body, she knew Ali was worried about being too heavy. She tried to quell her fears but it didn't work. Once they returned Ashlyn effortlessly pick Ali up to reassure her she'd never be too heavy for her. ♦️

Ever since Ali was a teenager, she had struggled with her body image. She never looked the same as the girls in school and there was a small part of her that resented being different. All of her friends had skinny legs with gaps between their thighs. They had falt stomachs and curvy hips. Most of them had really narrow shoulders with slender arms. Ali on the other hand, had thick thighs that were all muscles and biceps that were bigger than most of the boys she knew. It wasn’t until she got to high school that she realized that this wasn’t the normal body type for girls her age and she began to work out even harder while eating less to try and get rid of her ‘fat’ thighs.

As she had gotten older, Ali had learned to appreciate and accept her body, even if she still didn’t look like other girls.

Ali had just graduated college and was heading to national team camp. Out of curiosity, she had looked up the girls on the roster that she hadn’t met yet just so she could see what she was getting herself into and familiarize herself with the women that she would be working with for the next few weeks, and most likely the next few years. It was in this camp that Ali met Ashlyn Harris. As the two women grew closer, Ashlyn had come to learn about Ali’s lack of confidence in her body. Whenever Ali was feeling low or just needed some advice on how to change her diet, she went to Ashlyn first. Ashlyn was always supportive and did everything in her power to help Ali achieve whatever goal she had set for herself, but she also always found a way to remind Ali of how beautiful she was. Ali and Ashlyn were not only best friends, but they were gym buddies as well. If Ali wasn’t eating properly or tried to change her workout so that she could lose weight, Ashlyn was always there to give her a gentle nudge in the right direction and make sure that she was taking care of herself.

The last time that Ashlyn remembered Ali having trouble with her body was before the ESPN photo shoot. Ali had come to Ashlyn, almost in tears, because she was scared of having her naked body displayed on the cover of a magazine. Ashlyn had tried to pull her down on the couch so that they could cuddle and talk about why Ali was nervous but when Ashlyn pulled her closer, Ali stiffened up. Ali had explained to Ashlyn that she didn’t want to be too heavy laying on top of her. Ashlyn just smiled and pulled Ali to lay on her chest, hugging her as close as humanly possible, showing her that she would never be too heavy to cuddle with. They spent the next hour talking about all of Ali’s fears and insecurities and Ashlyn was nothing but caring and supportive. She reassured Ali that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body and that women everywhere were going to be jealous that they didn’t have a body like hers.

Ali had been in Orlando for a few months and things couldn’t have been better. She was strong, healthy, and happy. All of the girls from Orlando Pride were going to take one of the team buses to a bar to meet up eth the Orlando City men so that they could all celebrate and have some fun together. Ashlyn and Ali had decided to carpool with Servando and some of his friends because Ali was taking forever to pick an outfit, which was nothing new.

“Al, hurry up! Serv just pulled up and we have to go pick up a couple of the other guys too.”

Ali walked out in a simply outfit, looking as gorgeous as ever. Her and Ashlyn made their way to Servando’s car and piled in.

“We may have to double up.” Servando informed he as he pulled away.

“Not a problem.” Ashlyn said with smirk as she pulled Ali over to her.

Ali crawled onto Ashlyn’s lap as two men from Orlando City got in the car. Ashlyn had her arms wrapped securely around Ali’s waist, which is why she could feel the stiffness in Ali’s body. Ashlyn ran her hands up and down Ali’s arms and started placing little kisses on her neck to try and get her to relax. All of the boys in the car let out a collective ‘awwww’ at the action, which made Ali and blush and Ashlyn laugh. Ashlyn put her arms back around Ali’s waist and hugged her closer. She could feel Ali’s arms and back relax slightly, but she was still clenching her leg muscles to keep from putting her full weight on Ashlyn’s legs.

“Baby, relax.” Ashlyn whispered as she smiled up at Ali.

Ali finally let her body relax into Ashlyn’s lap. She was much more comfortable this way but she was still worried that she was going to be too heavy for AShlyn’s legs and make her uncomfortable. She didn’t have to worry about this for long because by the time Ali relaxed, it was only another five minutes before they pulled up to their destination. Ali slid off of Ashlyn’s lap and jumped out of the car with Ashlyn following closely behind her.

The rest of the night was spent fooling around and laughing with all of their friends. Ashlyn made sure to keep a close eye on Ali. she wasn’t going to fight her on eating a proper meal in front of a bar filled with their friends, but if she didn’t eat, it was a conversation that they would most definitely revisit when they were at home. Ashlyn was pleased to see that Ali ate all of the meal that she ordered and she even drank more than half of the chocolate milkshake that Ashlyn had ordered for herself.

It was nearing thrr in the morning and Ashlyn could tell by the look on Ali’s face that she was getting tired.

Ashlyn went to the back of the bar to find Servando. “Hey, Serv. Me and Al are headed out.”

Servando jumped to his feet. “Oh, let me take you guys home.”

Ashlyn waved him off as she spoke. “I already called an Uber for us.” She leaned in to give him a quick hug. “Stay and have fun, We will see you soon.”

Ashlyn texted Ali to meet her outside. Once they were out of the bar, Ashlyn and Ali waited on the sidewalk for their Uber to show up. They didn’t have to wait for long before they saw their car and got in. Ashlyn gave him the address and they were in their way. Ali leaned her head on AShlyns shoulder and wrapped her arm around her bicep on the way back to their house. Ashlyn could see that she was fighting off sleep the entire time. The traffic made the trip home a long one, but they eventually pulled up outside their house. Ashlyn held her hand out for Ali as she got out of the car and they started walking up the driveway, towards the front door. As soon as the Uber was out of sight, Ashlyn bent down slightly to wrap one arm around Ali’s back and the other around her thighs so that she could scoop her up in her arms.

Ali let out a squeal as she wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s neck. “Ashlyn Michelle! What are you doing?” Ali pretended to be shocked, but she loved it when Ashlyn would run up behind her and pull her into her arms or give her a piggy back ride when she was too worn out to walk.

Ashlyn opened the front door to the house and kicked it closed behind her once they were inside. “I can’t have my drunk, tired Princess falling up the stairs, now can I?”

“Excuse you! I am not drunk! Tired, yes. But not drunk.”

Ashlyn gave her a look that said oh please and Ali just shrugged in agreement. “My knight in shining armor.”

Ashlyn set Ali down on the bed and grabbed some clothes for them to both change into. Ali stripped off her tight jeans and pulled on her shorts with a sigh of relief. She loved getting dressed up to go out with Ashlyn, but there was nothing that felt better than putting on freshly washed pajamas and cuddling in bed. When Ashlyn was finally changed, she crawled into bed next to Ali. Before her head even hit the pillow, Ali’s body was on top of hers with her head nuzzled into her neck. Ashlyn smiled and wrapped the comforter around both of their bodies. Ali squirmed for a minute, trying to find the perfect position to sleep in. When she finally settled, Ashlyn knew that she had accomplished her mission. Ali was fast asleep with her body completely draped over Ashlyn.

Ali knew that there would come a time when she was unhappy with her body, but she also knew that Ashlyn would always be there to remind her of how beautiful she really was. For now, she could sleep comfortably knowing that she was safe and loved.

Ashlyn laid awake, rubbing her hand up and down Ali’s back. Before she fell asleep, Ashlyn whispered, “You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you more than anything, Ali B.”

Ali shifted slightly and said, “Love you more, beautiful.” before falling back asleep with a smile on her face.

Gruvia Short FanFic

“Are you ready Juvia?”

She responded with a weak nod and hardly a smile. Gray took her hand suppressing any evidence of his own pain to comfort her. What she was about to do was the ultimate test and if he failed what they had will be over. Gray’s throat tightened thinking of this possibility.  

Not so long ago he had given Juvia his answer thus forming an official relationship. It was a struggle at first seeing how she enjoyed public gestures and he didn’t. But they eventually came to a compromise and any doubts he had were gone. He was even ready to move on to the next level. He bought the perfect ring in the shape of a snowflake and reserved her dream restaurant for the proposal. Everything was going to plan until they were sent on a mission two days before he popped the question. He wasn’t thrilled but Juvia was excited since it required ice and water mages and to make matters worse Gajeel and Erza decided to tag along. Gray had entrusted his plan to his fellow comrades so to prevent any casualties they decided to be their bodyguard. Lucky for him Juvia didn’t suspect a thing. Unfortunately Gajeel nor Erza were still powerless to the cold truth that befell when they met a mage who was once Juvia’s rival.

“What do you mean Juvia’s love for Gray-sama is a lie?”

“It’s exactly like I said. I enchanted you with a spell before your battle with this mage. You were to fall deeply in love with the first mage you entered battle with. I must say you’re lucky it was this delicious looking boy.”

Those words hurt him more than any other injury. He was even more horrified than Juvia.  

Juvia’s love for Gray-sama is a lie? It can’t be.

He kept repeating her words and refused to see it as the truth. He remembers their every touch- the warmth her body released that melted his iced heart. That warmth was real; her love was real.

Juvia’s love for Gray-sama is a lie?

Or was it a lie?  Was he saved from a mere lie? Gray decided to brush the idea until they confirmed the proclaimed truth.  Erza decided to go to a trusted mage who’d be able to either kill or relief them.

It’s true. This girl has been enchanted with some powerful spell. I’m sorry.

Gray’s world shattered. Her feelings for him were a lie after all.

I know it’s hard but I think it’s best if you undo the spell.

Juvia refused the potion being handed to her and a part of Gray wanted too. If her fake love made him feel this good the hell with it. He can manage to spend the rest of his years with this lie. But it wasn’t fair to Juvia. He couldn’t do this to the woman he was in love with and has done unspeakable things for his well being.

Give it to me. I’ll make sure she takes it.

Now she is seconds away from taking the potion.  When they arrived at the guild Erza notified everybody of the tragic news. Gray asked for privacy while Juvia took it. On the way home, he contemplated their situation making a certain resolve stronger. 

“I’m sorry Gray-sama” Juvia said trembling in sobs avoiding his eyes.

“Juvia listen to me-” Gray lifted her chin with his free hand earning her sight back.

“-if you think I will give you up so easily you’re mistaken.”

“Gray-sama” she mumbled.

“I will work hard to get Juvia Lockser to fall in love with me. Don’t you think it’s fair?” Gray smirked giving Juvia the motivation to drink the potion.

“Thank you” she said and drank it. Her trembling stopped and her sad, worry face transformed to a confused one.


“I feel nothing” Juvia said looking at him. She didn’t look distraught and Gray took this as a sign.

“Thank God” he sighed relieved.

“No Gray-sama. I feel nothing.”

Gray did not like the tone of her voice. What the hell did she mean she feels nothing?

“Please don’t make me say it again.”

With those words he finally understood. Juvia felt nothing for him.

“I’m-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean any-” before her next words came out Gray moved closer and hugged her. He could tell by her body language she wasn’t comfortable with the intimate gesture. This Juvia wasn’t head over heels for him.

“Shhh. It’s now my turn to fight for you.”

Author’s Note: I decided to join Gruvia week :). This short fanfic is the prequel to what I’ll be writing for Gruvia week. In other words for Gruvia week I’ll be writing how Gray gets Juvia to fall in love with him and some more background as to why the mage enchanted Juvia. Hope you enjoyed. 

The Road Trip│Chapter 8

Riley is twenty-one years old, who does whatever she is supposed do. She stays in her safe zone never wondering out, until something happens that makes her rethink her life. Riley decides to do something for herself and hit the road for a solo trip. While trying to figure out her life and find inspiration to start writing, she meets a green eyed stranger. Is it possible to feel an instant connection with someone, and know they are the one for you? Riley and the stranger seem to think so, but will something come in the way of stopping them from being together?

chapter 1 │chapter 2 chapter 3chapter 4  chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7

Word Count: 8,494

The weekend had passed faster than I had thought, and before I knew it was Monday night, and I still hadn’t told my parents about me inviting Lucas to New York.

I told Auggie Saturday night, and he seemed to be happy. He said he was excited to meet the person that has his sister all smiley, but he warned me of dad possibly overreacting, and mom’s reaction. I told Farkle the same night, and he seemed happy to hear. He said he’s seen a change in my mood since meeting Lucas, a good change. Although, he wasn’t too happy about hearing I forgave Maya, I didn’t explain because it wasn’t my story, but I told him she is our Maya and we love her.  

Sunday night, I muscled up enough courage to tell Maya. I wasn’t too sure how she was going to react, and I was a little nervous.  She was a bit hesitant at first about the idea of Lucas coming, but she eventually came around. She was more concern about where he’d be sleeping, but I told her we have a perfectly comfortable pull out sofa bed; plus, we stayed with him in his family home.

However, now, sitting in the guest bedroom, that I’ve been staying in, staring down at my phone, I can feel the fear coming in. Tonight, I plan to tell my parents. I’m trying to find the nerve to make the call. I told Lucas that I’ll be out in a bit, but that was almost thirty minutes ago. I’m afraid of my mom’s reaction the most. Our relationship is not the most solid right now, and I’m scared that she’s going to say something, and I’m not going to be able to control what I’m going to say.

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Describe to me what you see in yourself,” he said one day.
“Well,“ she started, “I see blue eyes that could be brighter, brown hair that could be sleeker, a smile that could be straighter, skin that could be smoother, arms that could be stronger, fingers that could be thinner, legs that could be longer…” He stopped her mid-sentence.
“You want to know what I see? I see ocean-blue eyes that gleam with happiness, hazelnut hair with hints of honey, a smile that brightens cloudy days, skin that is slightly sprinkled with freckles, arms that are strong enough to comfort many, fingers that play beautiful music on the piano that also fit perfectly with mine, and legs that are the perfect length so that your head rests on my chest when I hug you.” She started to blush but he continued, “If you could see yourself through my eyes, maybe you’d realize how beautiful you truly are.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 50
“The image of her”

star wars ficlet that i wrote out in the shower this morning and it’s been nagging at me for the last few hours so here???

You weren’t supposed to make a sound.

Even a slight hitched breath would get you dragged out of bed and forced to run laps until you puked or be shoved into janitorial duties for a month or given to some commanding officer as a test subject of the latest torture device.

It wasn’t like Finn didn’t know or remember he was free from the Empire. It was just…

Certain behaviours had been so ingrained into him from literal birth that he just couldn’t drop the feeling of fear that took over him every time he laid down to sleep. Even in a room of his own. Where he was solidly and wholly by himself.

No one was monitoring him. No one was waiting with sick glee for him to accidentally cough or mumble something so they could drag him out and lash the skin off his feet.

But still.

He shifted agitatedly. A fuzzy feeling ran up his throat and he coughed.

Panic set ablaze in his and he went unbearably still. Eyes snapped shut and his body frozen.

Like a corpse.



And nothing happened. No one came in hollering. No one grabbed his arm and wrenched him from the soft blankets.


He was safe.

He was fine.

Then the door creaked open.


Rey’s voice. She was gonna hit him or yell at him or-or-

“Finn, are you awake?”

What if she beat him? That wasn’t like her but he didn’t know. He hadn’t seen her in so long and even so, she could’ve just taken him to someone else. Put him forth for punishment. Corrective treatment.

Clean the objections from his mouth and rip his tongue out.

“Finn!” Rey’s finger prodded his face rapidly. “Wake up!”

He woke up.

She was hovering over him, eyes mildly concerned and her hair spilling out over her face.

“What are you doing?” he whispered at her.

She shoved her way under his blankets and into his side. “Couldn’t sleep.”

He shifted to let her get comfortable because he couldn’t really work up the energy to protest and knowing full well she’d ignore him and stay there. “So you decided to wake me up?”

“You didn’t really look like you were sleeping,” she muttered as she dropped her head onto his chest. “More like a corpse, if anything.”

He scowled. “Well, you had to fit the area you were given,” he said. “Not everyone has the luxury of being a mule.”

Her eyes blinked up at him. “What’s a mule?”

“It’s a thing that kicks,” he said, tucking an arm around her.

“Huh.” She scratched her face and sighed. Her head ducked down a little low. “I missed you by the way.”

He swallowed thickly and squeezed her gently. “I missed you too.”

He did. He really really did. A lot more than he’d thought. He just woke up and she was gone and he didn’t know when she’d be back or if he’d be there to greet her and everything just seemed…


Cold at the prospect of not seeing her for who knew how long.

He couldn’t really pick out the feeling but it definitely wasn’t a good one.

Finn closed his eyes and let his hand still on Rey’s side. He could feel her light and warmed breaths through his shirt, the inhale and exhale of her chest shifting against him. Felt her fingers tapping restlessly on his stomach.



“Just thought you should know but I, uh-” Her free hand shifted until it clasped the one on her side nice and tight. “I love you.”

His eyes snapped open.





Um…” He glanced down at her but she was patiently at ease, didn’t seem too bothered by his stiffened body and probably evident confusion. “Okay?”

She sent him a quick flashing grin and then cuddled deeper into his side.

Okay, okay, so it wasn’t- it wasn’t anything like… weird. Just normal. She loved him and he’d think about it but he probably loved her or could and they’d have to discuss it but…

But everything was warm and soft and comfortable. Rey was tucked up against him and humming to herself, drawing shapes and lines on the exposed line of his stomach. And he was tired and okay. And she was tired and okay.

So he closed his eyes and kept his grip on her tight like she kept her grip on him tight and went to back to sleep.

“Oh, also, Luke is my father.”

His eyes snapped open again.


anonymous asked:

You know, I don't think you have mentioned that you love Emma? What *do* you love about her? And what are you most excited about in her character development that she's shown in s6 vs s5 vs s4 vs s3 vs s2 vs s1?

Allow me to nominate this for Best Anon Ask Ever (reference is to this post). I am so excited to write this. :) Because the thing is, Anon, that I fell stupidly in love with Emma before the end of the pilot episode.

She is my favorite character in the show, and in the running for All Time Favorite From All Things. For all of my critiques of the show, I have very rarely had any quibbles with her portion of the story. This is literally one of those “how am I supposed to know when to stop writing” situations; I could go on for quite a while and include several hundred screen shots.

But to do that, one must first begin! So let me count a few of the ways in no particular order, knowing that the moment I post this, I will think of something I should have included.

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Remedy (12)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smutty, surgery, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.


Next part is nice and steamy and even more fluffy, promise :)

Originally posted by enochianess

If anyone were to ask me: ‘what’s the one thing you want most in your life?’, I wouldn’t even have to think twice about my answer. Because the one thing I want, is for Y/N to be okay and happy. Second to that is, that I want her to be happy with me. And for now, she is; but today I woke up with a determination to make her happier.

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Pack Mom:Part 5

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Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17 @winchesterreid

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Peter, Jordan, Scott, Kira, Allison, Isaac, Lydia, Jackson, Malia, Stiles, Aiden, Ethan

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1844

Warning: Slight angst. Insecure Liam once again. Cute protective Derek. Little mentions of sex. Stiles being a moron.

Summary: Pack night. What could go wrong?


Pack Mom Masterlist

Pack night. 

The night y/n loved and hated. 

She loved having the entire pack over, including Jordan and Peter, when he decided he could be bothered. 

But she was a perfectionist. 

A pleaser. 

While this was great for Derek in the bedroom, he hated it anywhere else. 

She would run herself ragged, trying to get everything right, every snack and every type of food people could ask her for. 

She knew she should slow down, but she couldn’t.

So here she was, making a few different dishes, baking cookies and brownies and plating up the food. 

Derek was just watching her run around. 

She always did this and she always ended up exhausted. 

So he got up and took the oven mitts out of her hands.

“Go sit. I’ll do this. You can watch my fine ass, I know how much you love that”, he said, winking at her. 

She giggled. 

She did love to look at his ass. 

Firm and hard, but still soft at the same time. 

She loved wrapping her legs around his waist, her feet touching it. 

She shook her head, pushing the images of his ass to the back of her mind, this proving difficult seeing as Derek just bent over, shaking his cute butt a little as he got the cookies and brownies out of the oven.

“Really, guys? Keep your weird kinky stuff in the bedroom please”, Liam said, walking into the kitchen. 

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Together- Ben Parish x Reader

Request: Hi ! :) I’m new on your blog and i absolutely love it ! Could you possibly write a Ben Parish one shot where the reader has ‘larva’ as nickname, because of her clumsiness and inattention everybody bullying her and say that she never be worth anything, but Ben has a big crush on her, and comfort her ?

A/N: Based upon the first book in The 5th Wave series, not the later books!:) Also, sorry in advance I really tried on this piece, but I’m not sure I like how it came out, I hope it’s okay!

Part Two

Originally posted by ewbooks

You slammed into the mat for what felt like the hundredth time. Pain spread across your body. Your vision blurred a bit as you tilted your head up to look at the guy who just shoved you down. He was laughing at your clumsiness, you’d fallen after a mere push.

“You’re training to be soldiers not children, get up.” You turned your head towards the booming voice that could only belong the Colonel Vosch. Your throat tightened with anxiety. You’d never been the strongest of the bunch mentally or physically. You weren’t ready for the end of the world when it hit, I mean no one was, and you definitely weren’t ready to fight humanities last war. You weren’t ready to be a solider. “I said get up Larva.” Vosch barked again. You cringed at the sound of your nick name, you hated it, it took away the last piece of your identity you still hand.

“He said stand up.” The boy who shoved you down spoke now placing a hard kick into your arm that was propping you up causing you to fall back on the mat again. You could hear everyone in the training room laughing now. You struggled to stand from the mat raising your hands in fists in front of your face, mustering the courage to fight again. The boy sneered at you hooking a punch under your arms into your rib cage. You let out a small cry of pain and attempted to lunge forward with a punch , but the guy was faster reaching out, twisting your arm down and throwing you into the ground.

You felt like the room was spinning. “Well don’t stop.” You heard Vosch ️Laugh. The boy came at you again. You held your hands over your face to protect your self when shadow fell over you. You glanced up to see Zombie,another one of the trainees, standing there offering you a hand to help you up. You tentatively accepted it and he pulled you to your feet.

“Move man, this is between me and her.” The guy who’d been fighting you gave Zombie a small push.

“I think you’ve had your fun.” Zombie stood protectively in front of you. Everyone knew he was one of the strongest fighters here and the boy seemed to realize this wasn’t a situation in which he could win because he walked away grumbling. “Are you okay?” Zombie turned to you with a smile.
You nodded brushing back your hair, embarrassed you need someone to come rescue you, but also very thankful. Even Vosch seemed to back off.
“Let’s head back to the bunker we can get you cleaned up.” You hadn’t even realized a small cut on your head had started to bleed until he’d said that.

“Thanks.” You finally spoke up. He gave you a side ways glance as you walked down the hall.

“No problem.” He had a crooked smile. You tried to think about what it would of been like meeting him in a normal world. He was extremely good looking with dark hair and deep eyes, maybe there could of been something between you two. Yours hands brushed as you walked and you felt your face grow warm. “What’s your name?” He suddenly asked catching you off guard. 

 "L-larva.“ You replied. 

 "No.” He stopped talking and faced you, “your real name." 

 ”(Y/N).“ You said quietly. No one had asked you that in so long. 

 "Ben.” He flashed that amazing smile again. You thought about what had crossed your mind before, being able to have something with him only if out of this situation, maybe you still could, maybe even now in this messed up world you could still be together. He was the only person here that seemed to be interested in something other than hunting down aliens, it seemed like he still had something human in him something that wasn’t cold and lost something that still cared. You returned the smile, maybe with him there was hope.

Can i tell yall a thing?

Im feeling really shitty rn because i forgot my antidepressants and this week as been utterly horrible (and the weeks to follow will be worse tbh) but, im tellin a nice story to try to up my feels a bit.

I came out as trans to my family last year and only half way through the year did my mother finally let her parents know about me as well, and this year for christmas my Nana got me a gift. She was nervous about how i would respond because she doesnt know how sensitive i am on the subject, but it was actually really cute and really funny. 

She got me a super fukin comfortable pair of Batman boxers, as well as a Tshirt that says “Caution: Body under construction” with a pic of a stickfigure man lifting weights and i kinda just??? It was a really sweet gesture and made me super happy because it is actually really relevant to how im very slowly trying to build muscle mass and change my body for my own happiness.

so yeah. I love my nana.

Fifty Shades of Flashbacks

Rating: R
Warnings: Description of abuse.
Summary: Years after the fact, a night out with friends reminds her of a time when the word ‘no’ wasn’t an option.

A/N: This is written due to the feelings that today’s Facebook drama invoked in me. I wrote a status expressing my dislike of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, stating that Christian Grey is an abuser. So many of my friends and loved ones commented in defense of the books/movie, the most prevalent argument being that it’s fiction and therefore not important. Also, I was told that the books “get better” and that the first one is “hard to read”  but that they’re not all filled with abuse.

As someone who was in an emotionally abusive relationship (that was never made official, because he was happy to take my money and have sex with me, he didn’t want me as a girlfriend) this struck a cord. Reading those books reminded me so much of how I felt back then: That if I just tried hard enough, he would see that we should be together. That if I had sex the way he wanted, he would love me and we would be happy together.

So, if you like 50SOG, I recommend you don’t read this.

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