i love hot rod

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is hot rod a soft lovely robot boy i need to know

he is a soft lovely robot boy and one of the very few things i liked about TF5 :))) if i go see it again it will solely be for my hubbys Hot Rod and Optimus


Jorma Taccone as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Just got done seeing The Last Knight. Holy crap it’s the best one. Megatron is no ones bitch. Even the Cons got at least a little character. Hot Rod…I loved Hot Rod. I’m definitely gonna see it again this weekend. I’ve emnever seen any Transformers movie twice in theaters.


Favorite Rodimus Moment: Meeting Wheelie 

Which took place in my favorite issue: The Transformers (On-Going) #19: “Space Opera Part 1: The Stars My Destination”

I already loved Hot Rod/Rodimus before I read this issue–He won me over long ago in Maximum Dinobots. And I’ll admit, I didn’t get around to reading On-Going until I was into the MTMTE run, but after I did–this issue stood out as my hands-down favorite.

And not just for the awesome trio that Wheelie, Rodimus and Garnak made, but specifically for this moment.

Rodimus remembered Wheelie.

Wheelie, who got sent off on what was for all intents and purposes a suicide mission (and nobody cared he was leaving), and has been missing since close to the start of the war. Wheelie, the little guy that everyone ignored and is often considered a joke. Wheelie who’s been missing for a hell of a long time and stranded on this planet, and more or less considered dead.

That Wheelie.

A Wheelie Rodimus met, as stated above, a few times–and Rodimus recognized him immediately. Even under all the bad ass upgrades and wild man look–Rodimus knew him.

And then Roddy goes straight into asking about Wheelie about Wheelie–he’s interested in how he got there, and how he’s doing.

That always stood out to me. It says something about what sort of person Rodimus is. It means he pays attention to people. It means he cares about people. And that Rodimus spent the rest of the issue determined to get Wheelie home along with himself, was the icing on the cake.

If Rodimus wasn’t already my favorite character before, he would have been after this issue. <3

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Hello yes. Not undertale but like. Cogman: "I prefer the term sociopath" like I die. And hot rod with the accent and *drift* ((Imagine drift in italics lol)) hoo. Okay, I go now lol

Never thought I would say this, but I love Hot Rod in this Movie.

“No! I hate the accent, I am…just stuck with it!”

You know he loves it.