i love hollywood undead

underrated HU things
  • new day
  • jorel’s ‘’you didnt have to die’’ at the end of i dont wanna die

  • hip hop medley
  • i am

  • charlie’s tweets
  • ‘’can your rottweiler dial 911, sir?’’
  • scene for dummies

  • da kurlzz choking kink
  • me was frEAkY

  • charlie scene eating cheetos
  • jorel and dylan in ponchos
  • johnny in a wheelchair
  • du hast and shipping up to boston covers

  • charlie being johnny cash
  • dylan’s ‘’haha oh shit’’ right before the last chorus in pigskin
  • ‘’fuck deuce, he’s a faggot’’

  • matt with a beard
  • gangsta sexy
  • also their tour with avenged sevenfold

  • ‘’da gurlzz, wait what was it?’’ ‘’DA KURLZZ!!!!!!!!!!’’
  • johnny wearing a charlie scene bracelet
  • lgbt+ support
  • charlie’s ‘’wooooooooooohhh’’ in take me home

  • i’ll be there. everything about it.
  • johnny’s verse in sell your soul
  • dyl & j being thugs and eating two and three pound burgers

  • ‘coming in hot, motherfucker!!!’
  • ‘‘if you guys are happy to be alive right now, let me hear you scream!’’

  • dylan and charlie’s matching floral shirts 
  • tear it up
  • johnny and danny’s selfies with ava and scarlett
  • their selfies in cool places

  • their selfies
  • them

feel free to add more !!

What I love about Hollywood undead

-their music is perfect for any situation. Feel depressed? Lion. Feeling festive? Everywhere I go. Feeling a little mad? Usual suspects has got to back. All of them? Party by myself dudes.
-they dedicated an entire song to burn an ex member. Brah.
-if the best of videos have anything to say about it they’re hilarious
-they delay their album release just to find a company who won’t censor it. Thats dedication.
-they use the genre of music I grew up listening to and the genre I listen to all the time
-Charlie scene is like a godsend among people, but Danny sent him
-they wear masks just to look cool
-all of the above


CS: People think we are dicks. But we’re not, we’re very nice guys. So I think that’s what people get wrong.

happy birthday, my darling @soundofyourlife

Aye I need more content you scrubs

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A Day to Remember

Attack Attack!

Hollywood Undead


Pierce the Veil

Rise Against

The Banana Offenders


We Came As Romans


Any Sufficient Memeage That Could Potentially Make Me Laugh

So yeah idk how to end this post cause I’m a bum but yeah maybe we can because super awesome mutuals out of this or something who knows 

Status Update

Well, we’re at two weeks already and it’s been…interesting.  The anxiety died off some until yesterday.  Now it’s back with a vengeance and I don’t know why.

In the time I’ve been off, I have:

1) Sorted my Viktuuri and Otabek pics into folders (priorities, you know)
2) Spent two days watching every Avenger/Guardians of the Galaxy movie.
3) I’ve edited way too much and I’m not even close to being done.
4) Started a new Dragon Age Inquisition game with a Qunari.  I named her Sooka.  Means “bitch” in Russian.
5) Renewed my love for Hollywood Undead.  I’d Sell Your Soul for them.
6) Watched a lot of Red vs. Blue AMVs and forgot how much I love Felix and Locust.  Life goals right there.
8) Slowly working on the last chapters of MbA (I mean like end of series).
9) Trying to go out of the house but WE HATES IT!
10) There was something else but I don’t remember.

Today….today is not a very good day.  I’m hoping it’s better than yesterday and tomorrow will be even better.    I miss you guys terribly and thank you so much for the well wishes, pics you’ve shared and omg INOIML!!!  Still.  

I’m going to wrap for now since I was supposed to be out the door ten minutes ago lol.  I’ll leave you with the theme song for the day:

See ya in two weeks!