i love his...acting skills

10 reasons why I love Johnny Depp

1. His acting skills

This is the main thing that made me fall in love with him within a second. When he’s acting, he becomes the characters he plays. It’s like, if Johnny Depp didn’t exist. And not many people are capable of that.

2. His personality

Nothing more to say

3. He’s the most precious human on earth

His smile, his eyes, his hair… EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

4. His love and loyalty to his family and friends.

Johnny would give everything for the people he cares about. His kids are the most important thing in this world for him. And his friends love him to death and are always supporting him and that says a lot.

5. His sense of humour

Johnny is such a funny guy. He’s capable of making you smile with the silliest of things.

6. The way he has of seeing life

He is true to himself. He lived, is living and will continue to live his life the way he wants despite of what anybody thinks.

7. His strengh and how humble he is

Johnny’s been through a lot of tough times in his life and we all know what has been the toughest because it affected him in every way possible. Yet, he keeps moving on.

And then, he’s so humble. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He would never preach himself and of course, he takes nothing for granted.

8. His respect and love for his fans

Johnny treats us like no other. I have never seen another actor/singer care about his fans the way he does.

He spends real time meeting us after a long day working on set. He tries to sign as many things as he can because like he has said before, he doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. He even sends signed pics thanking the fans for the support just because HE CARES. He knows we’re here and forever will be. GOD I AM GETTING EMOTIONAL HERE.

9. His charity work

Johnny has given millions to charities and children’s hospitals. He goes to these hospitals dressed up as Jack Sparrow and spends there 3 and a half hours meeting all the kids and listening to their stories. Making them laugh so they can forget about what they’re going through for a bit. He even went to do a visit like this IN HIS OWN BIRTHDAY. I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS MAN.

10. His ability to make us happy without even trying

Johnny is that person that when you’re feeling down and you think there’s nothing that could cheer you up, there he is. Just a picture or a video, even if they’re not new, are enough for us. He’s with us all the time, the one who never goes away when we need him.

Thank you Johnny for everything you have taught me and done for me over the years. I love you so much 💖

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Happy Birthday, Jack McBrayer!

I love his voice acting skills as Wander from Wander Over Yonder so much! Help save this show by signing here;https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3 Also tell @disneyxd to @savewoy!

Because of this show, I finally learned who Jack McBrayer is as I recognized him from Wreck It Ralph.

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Then I started to watch 30 Rock and fell in love with him all over again.

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Happy Birthday, you wonderful man!

I just saw one of Skam’s season 4 clips and I gotta ask mate: wth is the deal with Noorhelm? I mean, I loved every bit of Thomas Hayes’ acting skills and his character, and I though Noorhelm was a cliché still super cute couple, but he left the show, which is okay.

Now I don’t understand why the writers are still all about Noorhelm instead of showing how Noora, a character that used to be an independent, strong and feminist girl, is moving on with her life. Because they’re making her sound super delusional with the “You know, it’s always going to be me and William” when their friends know he may have another girl already LMAO. 

I guess my point is, that if he’s not gonna do a surprise comeback to close his character and the relationship with Noora for this finale season’s sake, I prefer not to know about him and just to think that they ended the relationship in good terms. I want her character to grow out of the breakup, to stop being naive and pinning around him, and here’s to me hoping the writers will either deleite us with a comeback or with her moving on. There, I said it.

BNHA Chapter 162 and 163: Thoughts and Spoilers

I am two weeks late, sorry, I’ve been busy. Well I am gonna jump right into it and I will try to keep it short since this is two chapters. I say that every week but trust me this time.

So they found Kurogiri and he was looking for the freaking mountain of a man, named “Giganto-machia” (possibly Gigantomachia, one word who knows). Giant is genuinely terrifying, not to mention that he is a “faithful servant” of All for One, which, tied with religious zeal that was revealed in that one flashback with Ashido, is an unusual combination. I don’t know, to me the religious types are fascinating to me, whether they are zealots or simple believers, the absolute faith is typically tied to something that grounds them, and with a person like Giant, I suppose a faith is the only thing that he could latch onto. Side note: is he naked? I would really like to know if it a Thor Ragnarok situation where the Hulk’s junk is just kinda out there, or if he has a loin cloth. Was Gran Torino fighting a naked mammoth?

Then there are more hospital scenes, Deku still is forbidden from seeing Eri, and he ends up visiting Mirio. The following scene is what cemented my absolute adoration for Mirio as a hero (though arguably that happened when he kept fighting after getting hit with the bullet). Mirio immediately took Sir’s words to heart, he was the one comforting Deku, he was the one who kept smiling despite being the one who lost everything. Deku shows more immaturity with offering Mirio One for All, even if Mirio does not fully understand the offer, he promptly rejects. The rejection was so fast and so sure that I was amazed, it was a seemingly hypothetical offer that Mirio did not even mull over. When a question is posed as hypothetical the typical response would be to think about it, but Mirio is set in his morals that he did not even think of the “what if”.

All Might also over hears this conversation, but from what I’ve seen, in this chapter and the next, he does not scold Deku for sharing this information, which is interesting. That could be because All Might is coming to terms that Deku’s quirk is now his own, and this thought could be driven by loss. He sees it within Deku, something which he once had but now he is without and is painfully helpless. It could because of this that All Might has resigned to himself to letting Deku share the specifics with whoever, though that is a terrible idea. Or it could be a show of trust, either way, Deku needs to learn to shut up.

The next chapter starts off with a heartwarming scene. All the class 1-A kids rushes the four involved with the raid and are immediately comforting them. Iida was also being super kind by not rushing them even though he really wanted to (then the “well then” reaction thing happened and I genuinely hope that it becomes a meme). Ashido goes out of her way to show specific concern for Kirishima and Kirishima thinks he has a long way to go, even though he is already an A+ hero. Uraraka has a flashback with a super supportive Aizawa, and she wants to save people. While I did not think much of that as it happened, thinking about it now, this is amazing development. She starts off wanting to make money for her family, but after this arc, what she wants now is to save people. Originally, she did not fit Stain’s “ideal hero,” but she certainly does now.

Ya boi Bakugou is chilling on the couch. Even though he does not say anything, this is the most compassionate thing he has done in a while. When Deku rushed into the slime monster to save him, Bakugou became angry. When Bakugou was successfully saved from the League of Villains, before the fall of All Might, he was not saying any thank yous. The closest thing to compassion he has achieved was when he told Deku not to follow him through Kurogiri’s gate. In this scene, he was in the room, just to see them, he didn’t say anything probably for a couple reasons. He probably didn’t trust himself to say anything comforting, and he probably knows that if he did comfort someone that more attention would be drawn to himself than what the situation called for. He is capable of comforting people, but he has only ever comforted Kirishima while we was with the Bakusquad, so something like that would be hard for him.

Also Kaminari is straight up fearless when talking with Bakugou, even calling him Kacchan. This in particular gets me, because never once has he ever told anyone to stop calling him that nickname, and now we see someone other than Deku saying it, and since Bakugou doesn’t react at all, can we assume that this isn’t the first time? Did Bakugou give him explicit permission? Did Kaminari say it once, Bakugou just stop in his track for a while and stared at him before silently carrying on? I’ve noticed that Horikoshi like to develop characters off screen without Deku being a part of it (which is great, it shows that Deku doesn’t know everything and that the characters are not dependent on Deku for development).

Bakugou and Todoroki head to bed early and Todoroki seems disturbed with something on his phone, but they have make ups coming up and I want to see how they have grown since then.

Present Mic greets Todoroki and Bakugou by screaming that they are “bad boys.” All Might’s attitude surprised me at first, it being so somber and all, but with Sir’s death in mind, it makes sense. The fact that All Might got information about Giant could also cause this. Gran Torino was forced to retreat from a monster that was reworking the topography of a mountain, that is nothing to sneeze at, even when All Might was at his peak, that is excessive firepower that no individual should have. Good news is that Kurogiri has been captured, and without a team mom I feel like the League is gonna have a harder time mobilizing, unless Giant becomes the team mom… scary…

Todoroki seems discontent that All Might is there, but we see immediately that this is because Endeavor is at the exam sight. Endeavor demands a quick chat with All Might, and Present Mic bails, not that I blame him.

We see Todoroki’s side and I have never seen so much emotion is a fairly straight face before. The text he was upset about was straight up his dad saying that he will be watching the exam. After thinking to himself that it would be better if no one bumps into him, Todoroki bumps into that super loud kid (forgetting his name sorry, the wind dude that is fiery of spirit). Then there is that girl that was being impersonated by Toga showed up, and honestly, I am terrified. Deku needs to out her as soon as possible since he figured out that she was there during the raid. I hope, no I am begging that she is not Toga. I love Toga’s character, but she is just too good.

Then the last couple panels of wanting to “dial it up a couple notches,” really gets me. It gets me because it is Bakugou that is saying this, he is the one focusing people up and is somewhat encouraging. He has always been able to get people to focus (besides Todoroki during the tournament) but it has never been this neutral or this positive before. I am sensing that the supplementary lessons he has been receiving really honed his hero personality skills. I would love to see someone acting as a victim and Bakugou stumble on them and gives them a super forced grin that would be the embodiment of the “your smile is $3″ meme.

Well that is it, but I have two theories that I’d like to share. So what if, and bear with me here, this secondary exam is to weed out a traitor? What if the schools know that they have a student that is a double agent? Think about it, U.A. knows they have a traitor somewhere, why would U.A. be the only one? So if multiple schools are having the same issue, something like this would be great to root out some individuals. Villains disguised as students would not necessarily desire a license because that would remove them from the school that they are trying to get info from. Plus there are a couple other things. If a villain were to try to pass a hero test, they’d fail naturally right? So individuals that have to retake the test are your best villain candidates. There is also the fact that Endeavor is there, and while it seems to be just to check in on Todoroki, I feel like the #1 hero would be busy, plus this is a high priority thing, to root out traitors. Even if the girl Toga was impersonating was returned (which is becoming less likely), her quirk would be different and that would give the schools some place to start. 

And my second theory is a lot more straight forward and almost seems obvious. I think Giant might have a couple quirks in him. He worked for All for One so it is possible, and it would account for his overwhelming strength. But what about the whole “become unresponsive” thing? Well, Gran Torino said that he had a single minded determination, and coupled with the fact that he could very well be a zealot would mean that this mind would be like a steel trap. His incredible concentration and determination could be what has kept him sane, and it could also be due to this that he has become All for One’s greatest modification, greater than the Nomus and anything else he may have created.

Now I am really done, and I failed on keeping it short again. Oh well, I needed it out of my system. Thank you all for taking your time to read this, and I hope you all have great days.

hi, i love boo seungkwan. i love his voice, i love his hair, i love his eyes, i love his cute ass little nose, i love his pouty lips, i love his glowing skin, i love his gorgeous thighs, i love his really nice hands, i love cheeks, i love his adorable ears, i love his “english time”, i love his laugh, i love how he talks, i love his smile, i love his booty, i love his extraness, i love how sassy he is, i love his inner diva, i love his dramaticness, i love his a grade acting skills, i love his eye smiles, i love his eyebrows, i love how memey he is, i love how cute he is, i love how adorable he is, i love how sweet he can be, i love how talented he is, i love how he can dance, i love how funny he is, i love everything about him.
if you haven’t got the moral of this post yet; i fucking love boo seungkwan, and i really want to wish him a happy birthday (even though his birthday is now over in korea) and i hope he got everything he wanted because he truly does deserve the best. he deserve the god damn world, if i could fly to korea and physically give him the whole and entire universe i really would; because he deserves all of that and even more, because he’s boo seungkwan and he runs this fucking joint.

i’m crying, boo seungkwan is now 20 years old, my lil baby is growing up so fast. next thing you know it vernon will be 20 and chan will be 19. my heart can’t take this anymore, it isn’t fair. someone stop them all from growing up, please.

I honestly believe that Jared Padalecki is the most beautiful human on earth and I can’t help it. I absolutely love his acting skills in Supernatural; I constantly forget that Sam Winchester is not an actual person, and it’s like a slap to the face. I have fell in love with a fictional character and it’s amazing and saddening all at once. If I ever met Jared, I would probably fangirl and make a fool out of myself because he has convinced me that he is really Sam and Jared is the fake one. Regardless, I am so grateful to have experienced the both of them:)

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What are your Top 5 arrowverse Characters?

Hng. Why would you make me do that? Narrow it down like that? *whines*

1. Felicity Smoak. Like, this one is a total no-brainer, didn’t even have to think about it

2. Barry Allen, between first appearance and the end of Flash season 2. Season 3 Barry can literally go and fuck himself and is very far down on my list of liked characters. Haven’t watched season 4 yet but I pray to all gods listening that he will be redeemed from the fuckery of that shitty excuse of a season that was 3…

3. Leonard Snart (I mean, 75% of that really is Wentworth Miller. Cartoon!Cold is such a generic, bland villain but Wentworth is so gorgeous - not just physically, also his voice and his fucking acting skills)

4. Cat Grant (I love this woman so fucking much and I have such a ridiculous fictional character crush on her, it ain’t even funny anymore x///X)

5. Cisco Ramon | Winn Schott (don’t make me pick. They tie. They’re essentially the same archetype character anyway if we’re being honest here)

Is it a coincidence that most Kylo Ren stan/Reylo shipper blogs tend to focus on fangirling over Adam Driver’s looks?

No, no it is not. 

I’m not criticizing Adam Driver’s looks or his acting skills. In fact, I love his performance! I think he’s one of the most interesting Star Wars antagonists/villains, and he really puts a lot of heart into his angst and conflict. God bless the man. He’s a really compelling actor creating an equally compelling villain. 

HOWEVER, I am thoroughly disgusted by the baseless woobification of a character who’s done nothing but a shit ton of awful things and NEVER ONCE verbally expressed his remorse. We can read anything in facial expressions, but the key thing is he NEVER said aloud, “What have I done? I am awful. I can’t do this again. Etc.” Everything he’s done and said in the first two films of the sequel trilogy shows a man who is conflicted, yes, but never actively turns away from his horrible deeds. 

But that’s okay, cuz he’s pretty and pretty boys always get woobified in fandom. Y’all are too cowardly to admit it. The ONLY reason you love Kylo Ren and/or ship him with yourselves Rey is because you think Adam Driver is hot. They say that inner beauty outweighs outer beauty, but apparently, it’s the other way around: it doesn’t matter how awful of a person someone is. If they’re hot, you’ll excuse anything to make your sick fantasies come true. 

Congratulations. Y’all are fucking shallow. 

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Look at this angel. His sectoral heterochrome eyes are so beautiful. I love them. Oh, and his acting skills are really nice. There is always a little bit of Dom in it because no actor can transform completely from himself to another character. And whoever says “he said the f homophobic slur word. I hate him! He is an asshole for it!” He made a mistake, he apologized for it, let it go. There is no debate left anymore because of that. The context is here the key. He was with Matt in a live chat. People can forget that they are being live and they say dumb stuff to each other but as a JOKE. Not to any of you guys. I don’t think he is homophobic and you shouldn’t, too. One mistake is not an indicator to what or who people are. Even if it is something like this. He apologized. Get over it.

If you are part of the LGBT+ community you would look for clues whether he is always that way. If he isn’t, then what’s the point of hating on someone because of onw shit they did? There is no point. I am part of the community, too, and I would be far more concerned if he never apologized for his behaviour.

So, Dom, I still love you. Don’t listen to those who are still bitter. You may be imperfect but who in this world is perfect? People make mistakes and they learn from it. Without them they are not human. So be a human and live on life. ❤👍🏼

Cameron Monaghan ❤️

I love how cameron Monaghan is featured with the joker hashtag after only being the joker among the greats such as Heath ledger and jack Nicholson after only portraying the joker for a few episodes I think it says a lot about him and his acting skills! I just love him I know I’d be a villain to be by his side 😍❤️

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Seth Rollins Appreciation Week

Ok, at first I was like “I’ll go with his black eyes”, then I thought “No, I’ll chose his high-flyer abilities”, then again “Oh and what about his acting skills”, but eventually I told myself “I love everything of this dude. Which feature am I going to choose? What’s the thing I like the most of Seth Freaking Rollins?”. And then I knew… HIS UNBELIEVABLE NERDINESS.
Let’s enjoy some dorky Seth Rollins ♡♡

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Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world!

I can’t express how much I love this man for his acting skills, his good looking and his character. He’s just awesome and I wanna celebrate this awesomeness with all of you together. 

I love all the birthday posts I already found on tumblr today, so here’s my “birthday card” 

I love his photoshoots, were he just looks so gorgeous….

He will alsways be MY Doctor

He made me love Shakespeares work!

I was proud to be a lunic.

I sang and solved a case in Blackpool.

I fell in love with your Casanova.

And of course I suffered vicariously with DI Hardy

And I’m really looking forward seeing you as Kilgrave! 

Thank you for being such a wonderful human being! Never stop being magnificent! 

Happy 44th birthday David Tennant!!!!