i love his songs so much

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Okay hear me out Junkrat's theme song is totally "What a Fucking Lovely Day" by Stephin Merritt. He sings it while blowing shit up and you know it.

holy shit this is so his style wtf the fuck,, the lyrics and the style of this song and everything is so HIM. i can easily picture ‘rat screeching this on a day to day basis, 24/7, and roadhog wanting to rip his ears off after the very first hour of it. ((junkrat sings it so much that roadhog unintentionally winds up learning the lyrics by heart and at times, even absentmindedly humming it himself, much to his chagrin

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Jim Kirk saved millions to the same song that he almost killed himself to as a depressed teenager. this movie is Too Much, the development, I love him

It’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?? I adore it so much. Thank you, Simon Pegg, or making that connection it’s so kind. 

Jim was just so damn happy. It’s this song. His face when he recognised it. Oh my heart. 

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I'm just so sad and furious about it. Harry is living such a low key life, he's so private, he holds his family and friends so close, he's not on SM, we know nothing. He's also out there waving rainbow flags, using gender neutral words, writes the biggest love songs, says don't knock it till you've tried it and skips around on stage. He always treats people with respect, especially women, and people who meet/work with him are especially in love with his heart. He deserves so much better 💔

Honestly. I’m so thankful for him and it is my one true hope hat he and Louis know that we see them and love them for who they are no matter what.

He never deserved any of that womanizer nonsense.

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bonus: hanzo isn't "i hate you jesse mccree" or whatever. he LOVES IT 100% and downloaded it and it's his go to "I Want To Listen To A Song Over And Over Again" song.

I love this so much okay like……. I love McCree serenading Hanzo with a guitar it brings my heart so much joy

A Start

A fix-it fic for episode 9 of Preacher, Finish the Song because my baby Cassidy deserved better than that half-assed apology.

Dedicated to @skellydun, my preacher pal <3

Cassidy was still burning. The fire had been put out days ago, but his whole body was riddled with open sores that oozed pus and blood if he so much as twitched.

Someone – Cassidy might have known her name once but he couldn’t remember it now – was trying to feed him but it wasn’t enough. Dogs and rabbits and Guinea pigs, they weren’t enough, they didn’t have enough blood in them. He was hungry; he was hurting; and nothing they were feeding him was taking the edge off. He could barely speak to cry out for blood, and even then his voice was a ragged approximation of its former Irish lilt.

Then Someone changed. Gone went the hard edges, the jagged words and sharp fists. Regret went with them and part of him was happy for the change. The new Someone was softer. Nettled and churlish but still softer. Gentler, somehow. Both Someones were tough as nails, no matter how they looked on the outside.

“Please, I’m hungry!” he rasped as loud as he could manage. The new Someone, who he associated with endearingly rolled eyes and muttered remarks, had already fed him but he was still hungry.

“Don’t worry,” she promised through the door. Smart. Cassidy liked this Someone – he liked them both – he didn’t want to eat them. He wanted to eat something, not Someone. Either of them. Cassidy could hear her voice again, speaking to another person, and she sounded panicked. He wondered why but the horrible, hollow feeling in his stomach didn’t leave a lot of room for contemplation.

Then the door opened and Cassidy lost what was left of his damn mind. The world blurred into a haze of violence and blood. Absently, he could hear something screaming – a man, maybe? – but it was overshadowed by the relief of hot blood sluicing down his throat and pooling in his belly. Finally, Cassidy came to and shoved away the body he recognized as the mayor. Unpleasant bastard, he had to say, always sniffing at Emily’s heels. Emily, his second Someone.

“Cassidy?” she whispered.

“Don’t come in here,” Cass croaked. He was himself again, but he still looked right monstrous. He guessed it made sense considering he was a soulless bloodsucker, not that he was much to look at before. Still, he supposed his human shell was better than this. Bloody hell, anything was better than this.

“Are you…are you hungry?” Emily stammered. Tulip must’ve told her the truth about him. Where was Tulip anyhow? She was the one who’d been feeding him since Jesse put him out. Jesse. The thought of the preacher made bile rise in Cassidy’s throat and anger lodged behind his heart.

“Yes,” Cassidy said simply. “Did you feed me yer boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Emily said primly. Cassidy took that as a yes.

“Didn’t know yeh had it in you.”

“Didn’t know you were a vampire.”

“Well these devilish good looks come wit’a price. Yeh don’ get t’be this handsome for free.”

“Are you going to be okay?” Cass almost smiled at that. Almost. He always knew she liked him, deep down. Very deep down.

“I’ll be alrigh’ soon enough, don’ worry about me. You got kids to mind.”

“You’ll be okay if I go?”

“I won’ go mad and eat the neighbors, if that’s what yer worried about.”

“I’ll come back and check on you later.” Emily paused. “And Cassidy? I’m glad you’re okay.” He could hear her footsteps retreat and then silence. Despite what he told her to the contrary, he really wasn’t all right. He was hurting and hungry and probably looked like holy death. Curled in the corner where the sunlight couldn’t touch him, Cassidy felt more like a wounded animal than a man.

“Cass?” The anger behind his heart bloomed into something feral and ugly and Cassidy just barely tamped it down before it could overtake him completely.

“You should go, preacher,” Cassidy growled. “It’s not safe fer you here.”

“You killed the mayor,” Jesse said, obviously seeing the drained, broken body on the bedroom floor.

“I’ll kill you too!” Cassidy snarled, his whole body spasming as he jerked towards the preacher. His rage was a physical thing, filling every cell in his body. “You bloody deserve it.”

“Cassidy – ”

“You let me burn, padre!”

“I put you out,” Jesse said, using the same tone he used with ornery parishioners, not friends he hesitated before saving.

“You waited. You waited and watched! Do you know what it’s been like? I’ve been dying for over a week.” Dying again. Technically Cassidy was already dead and this was the closest he’d ever come to simply not existing anymore.

“I’ve been – ” Jesse started but Cassidy cut him off again. He wasn’t interested in sanctimonious excuses.

“Rattling around with that butcher motherfucker? Defending yer dad’s church that you don’ really give a single damn about? And while you’ve been playin’ vigilante, Tulip’s been trying to keep me alive. Where were you, Jesse? Where were you?”

“Quincannon, he – ”

“Called you out on your holier-than-thou bullshite? S’about time someone did that. You were doin’ what you always do: Talking out yer arse and leaving everyone else to shovel up the shite. D’ you know how many times I coulda killed Tulip? Or Emily? How many times I wanted to?”

“I put you out as fast as I could,” Jesse said softly. Still making excuses, always making bloody excuses. “You kind of took me by surprise, Cass.”

“Surprise?” Cassidy repeated, hating that fucking nickname and how, even when he was so angry it felt like his skin might combust again, it still made him weak in the knees. “You know what was a bleedin’ surprise? That you’re such a fuckin’ wanker that it took Tulip screamin’ bloody murder to get you to move your arse? What if she hadn’t heard me, huh? What then?”

Jesse, for once, didn’t seem to have an answer.

“I woulda died is what. An’ gone straight to Hell, like arsefaced Eugene.”

“I’m gonna get him back, Cass.”

Don’t call me that – yer gonna do what now?” Against his will, some of the anger dissipated to make room for curiosity. “How do you plan on doing that?”

“I’m going bring God to Annville.”

“You are off your head, padre.” Bring down God? Assuming that He existed at all, that seemed like a tall order even with Genesis on their side. His side, Cassidy forced himself to correct mentally. He and the preacher weren’t anything, not anymore. Not even when some part of him still wished that they were. You bloody sap, Proinsias Cassidy, no wonder he’s got you wrapped around his finger.

“I’m going to bring God to church on Sunday and then I’m going to get him to bring Eugene out of Hell. You were right, Cass – Cassidy. I need to do right by that kid.” Jesse reached out as if to touch Cassidy’s shoulder and stopped himself. Cassidy was grateful and made sure his face didn’t show it.


“I, eh, I haven’t really gotten there,” Jesse admitted, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I might have an idea,” Cassidy said in spite of himself. Jesse’s eyes snapped to him and Cass couldn’t help the way his heart jumped. Blood hell he really was in deep. “On one condition. Three, actually.”

“And they are?”

“Yeh get Arseface out first. If y’do manage to contact the big feller in the sky, t’at is.”

“Deal. What else?”

“Yeh apologize t’ Tulip and Emily and swear on yer dad’s grave that you’ll stop treatin’ em like shite.”

“I don’t – ”

“Yes, yeh do.”

“Fine, yes, I swear.”

“Good,” Cassidy said, nodding before he dug the angels’ phone out from under a pile of clothes and body parts on the floor. He’d nicked it after the fiasco at Sundowner. It’d seemed like the right thing to do at the time and he couldn’t help but be curious. A direct like to Heaven, that was some heavy shite. “It’s broke as far as I can tell, but here’s your mobile to God, I suppose.” Jesse reached for the phone, a hungry look in his eyes that Cassidy recognized, before slowly retracting his hand.

“That’ll keep,” he said, dark gaze taking in the demolished room. “I’ve got till Sunday. How ‘bout we get you cleaned up, maybe get you something else to eat, and put this place to rights. Bury that body, too.” Cassidy nodded after a single, hesitant moment. He didn’t quite trust this change of heart but he wasn’t willing to turn Jesse away either.

“This don’ make us square, padre,” Cassidy said as firmly as he could manage. “Not by a long shot.” It was a start, though. It was a start.

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Can you please tell us your top five fave exo songs and why? Thanks!

I have so much!! thith is gonna be hard I rly love a lotta songs for diff reasons but ok here goes:
1. what is love (Exo M version) / ksoos version of tell me what is love bc the original song itself is just a masterpiece it’s rlly rare that I can listen to a song so much without getting tired of it n the song itself truly is beautiful then ksoo sings the remix tell me what is love n his vocals r deep n smooth then he got a lotta runs in the song it’s just really really good
2. mama ok I fucking love mama the build up to that screamo part is phenomenal n it brings out my inner emo my eyeliner stream I bang my head to tables n suffer I love it
3. love love love it’s so cute the lyrics r rlly cute to me the beginning with the harps is magical
4. love me right not only is the mv really pretty the song is just one that’s rlly memorable
5. last but not least monster!!! IT MADE ME SO HYPE I stayed up so many days for it then woke up early to see the release its one of my fave immediately bc of the dark themes
+ honorable mentions: Thunder, Lady Luck, unfair

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Hi, I'm Meg. Congratulations on reaching 10k!! You deserve it, your blog is amazing. <3

Thank you so much! <3

meg. watching the stars. black coffee. fierce. reading feminist literature. leather jackets over dresses. independent. dark eyeliner. protective of loved ones. indie pop songs. stiletto heels that could kill a man.

NO MORE PLEASE! // blacklist ‘cindy does na’

It’s More Than a Song

SPNsongcc|| tequilasdean vs missybaconator
↳Prompt: Bobby Singer + Hey Jude
Word Count: 2169 (holy shitballs)
Pairing: None
Warnings:  None.  A 5+1 attempt between Bobby and Dean

I love the Beatles so much that it took me way too long to even pick a song and then this came out.  It wan’t even close to what I sat down to write but Bobby and Dean kind of just took over.  I had too many feels from this and I hope y‘all like it.  It’s also the longest damn thing I’ve ever written

The first time Bobby Singer laid his eyes on John Winchester and his kids, Dean was only about four years old.  Bobby had told himself he wouldn’t get attached to these kids no matter what.  He knew he was wrong the second his eyes met those sad green eyes of the quietest boy he’d ever seen.  He found Sam to be an adorable and surprisingly well behaved six month old as well.  

Hey Jude don’t make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

The first time John asked Bobby to let the boys stay with him, Dean had just turned five.  He was much more talkative now but usually only to John or little Sam.  After putting the boys to bed the first night, Bobby sat in his library and poured himself a whiskey.  Before the alcohol even hit his lips, he heard a sound from the boys room.  (No matter how hard he tried not to, he already considered the spare room to be Sam and Dean’s room).  

He set the glass down and quietly made his way to the door, leaning in to try and hear what was going on.  When he heard the quiet whimper again, he eased the door open and saw Dean wrapped up in his blankets, head tossing left to right.  ‘Nightmare,’ Bobby thought as he tiptoed to Deans bed and gently lowered himself to sit.  

He decided to start humming the only song he knew all the way through.  The tune to ‘Hey Jude’ began leaving his lips and almost immediately Deans eyes blinked sleepily and caught sight of Bobby.  Confusion crossed his face before he just stared at Bobby, not making a sound.  Bobby looked down at Dean and smiled fondly when he saw Dean had fallen back to sleep.  He re-tucked Dean into bed and then left the room again.

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Project Happy Trails

Ok, kids, gather round; listen up.

As we learned a few hours ago, Daveed is leaving on Friday. I know many of you are upset and I’m sure just as many would love to be there to wish him well.

So here’s the deal.


Write as much or as little as you want. Write a letter, write a poem, write a rap, write a song; I don’t care. 

Just write and send him your love, your well-wishes for his future; tell him how much he means to you, how much his music, his performance, his very being has touched your life. Etc, etc, etc.

Everything will be compiled; I’d asked for a rush price-quote from a booklet-printing place in the city. If it’s not awful, I’ll have it printed professionally. If it’s not feasible, they’ll all be printed & cataloged in a binder. 

I will personally be there on Friday to make sure it gets to him in some way, shape, or form. (I’m trying to get my co-mod there as well, but she’s a little strapped for cash at the moment; if anyone wants to fund her to be there to present it with me, feel free to hit us up, lol.)

Time is clearly of the essence; we do not have much of it. 

So write away and submit anything you want as soon as possible (nothing inappropriate please, people; we track the tag; we know what some of you write, lol). Submit via the Ask box or even better, shoot an email to DailyDaveedDiggs@gmail.com (<– better way to format a letter, yo).

Let’s send him off in a goddamn wave of love.

i think we defend louis so viciously and so passionately because the way his management and the media displays him is such a negative and poor one. they make him out to be this homophobic, immature, uncaring monster who fucks whoever he wants to fuck and hates his kid when the fandom and louies know he’s not that. he’s the exact opposite. he’s so accepting of us lgbt+ fans, he wants to make us safe. he writes songs like home. he cares about us so much. he had to grow up quickly to watch after his sisters. he genuinely loves his family and fans and we feel the need to reciprocate that care. the way the media shows him is so twisted and not louis that we feel the need to do the promo of louis on our own since we’re the only ones who can do it right.

something i think about a lot is how much louis wanted to be a singer and how much shit he got for his voice from the beginning (thinking about his mic being turned off makes me want to kill something lmao) and just. i wonder if he trained himself to pretend not to care about it or want it so it wouldn’t hurt as much? that type of reaction is So Me, but i feel like it’s very louis too because i know he cares so much and tries so hard to be good and when he doesn’t… well. there’s always a reason for it.

it’s just so infuriating when people shit on his voice for not being like the other’s (and it’s irritating when it happens to niall too; his voice is unique and lovely too) as if that means he’s bad singer? his voice ties the songs together. they’d be so boring without him. it’s also really fucking cute 2 me when people pull this shit bc he sounds so much like billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins or brian molko from placebo, who are incredible artists who’ve both made a lasting impact music and on entire generations. like, just because he can’t pull out a falsetto like 15 times in a four line solo doesn’t mean he can’t sing. people just love to be ugly to make themselves feel better and it’s so fucking ridiculous.

Aaahhh! Those episodes were so good!

“Steven Floats” was such a sweet episode. The Gems love Steven so much! And Steven loves the Gems so much! It’s so neat to see Steven not only discover a new power but confirm that he understands how his powers work which means he’s in a better position to control his powers in the future. Its also nice that they touched upon how complicated his feelings toward Rose are (we know we’re getting a song by Steven about Rose soon, afterall)

I loved how they all stayed with him and tried to help him, it was so sweet. And Pearl was sad about not getting a hug from Steven, which is just really really sweet to me

I’m amused by the partial conversation we heard about the jetpack, ‘cause it implies Amethyst said “He could use a jet pack” and then Pearl said something like “He doesn’t have a jet pack and that would just make him fly even higher”, to warrant the response of “But if he had a jet pack he could just put it on upside down”

I wonder if one of the Pizza family episodes next week will touch upon how Garnet stole Kofi’s phone.

ok so “Drop Beat Dad” was so good too! Like, it was hilarious. My little sister and I just lost it at the “Woo! It’s some guy!” joke, I don’t even know why it just cracked us up. I loved how Steven was like “I’ll protect you dad!” and then Greg is like “Its ok, I have a hose”

I mean, the whole time I was a bit anxious ‘cause I knew Marty was doing something sleazy and I was just waiting for it to happen and I felt so bad for Sour Cream. But it turns out good in the end, Yellow Tail is supportive of Sour Cream and he and Vidalia are raving at Sour Cream’s show! That was great

I loved how Sour Cream slips into whatever language Yellow Tail speaks when he was upset. That was a really neat detail

And we have set up for the next episode, with Greg getting a lot of money! I kind of figured Marty probably used from of Greg’s music from back in the day (it was one of my theories on how Greg got the money), like he’s totally the type to do that. He’s also the type to have to be legally obligated to give the money to Greg rather than paying him ‘cause it was his work he was using.

I definitely have some more thoughts on these episodes but they went by really fast so I’m forgetting some stuff, but I’ll post as I think of things

Super messy sketch of ballet!AU Grantaire, who:

- slouches most of the time, so when he stands on his toes it looks like he’s grown half a foot taller

- uses this skill to slowly raise himself above Enjolras’s level when he’s trying to yell at him

- only dances to tragic, angsty songs, with lots of dramatic “falling to the floor moves,” as his friends would put it

- has been with the same company his whole life, he’s grown up in it, so he’s basically regarded as a mythical creature by the newer, younger dancers

- always offers help and pep-talks to the younger dancers

- is very self-conscious of his feet, which are constantly bruised and appear deformed because he started pointe training at such a young age

- once showed up late to a meeting still wearing his tights and the whole room rioted

- desperately tries to hide his smoking habit from his director because even though he knows it will eventually destroy his body, he just can’t stop













reasons why you should love stressed out
  • spooky vibes
  • the piano riffs in the second verse and chorus
  • tyler basically wrote the song for his brother zack
  • the little “oh”s in the chorus
  • introducing blurryface as a character
  • solid drum beats compliments of spooky jim
  • it’s relatable to pretty much anyone
  • “out of student loans and treehouse homes, we all would take the latter/ladder”
  • the music video is so amazing and stupid and dorky and wonderful and it features their families
  • tyler and josh put their heart and soul into every song they create, stressed out is no exception.