i love his shows so much

I can’t really put into words how I’m feeling right now but I’m so fucking proud of niall. I knew the songs and the lyrics before the album came out because I’m extremely impatient and I’ve been listening to shitty low quality audios for weeks. I’ve been waiting for this album since this town came out and all I can say is that it’s absolutely amazing. this is exactly the music that I love and I love every song so much. it’s 1am and I can’t stop smiling because I’m sooo proud of niall. we all know that he deserved to have more solos in one direction and even though I miss 1d, I’m really glad that niall can show the world how talented and amazing he is. I always knew that he was special and extremely talented. he’s my fave since 2012 and now I’m listening to his album and I don’t have to wait for his 3 seconds solo. I know niall doesn’t care about the charts but this boy deserves to be #1 in every country and he deserves all the awards. I love him so much.

Jaemin as a boyfriend

Jaemin as a boyfriend  ♡ 

  • One of the warmest and most loving guys you’ll ever meet
  • Jaemin is very happy and upbeat and he likes to make you happy too
  • He is very affectionate
  • It doesn’t mean that he’s going to make-out with you in every public place possible
  • But he will enjoy holding your hand, putting his arm around you, and maybe sneaking a quick kiss
  • He will outwardly show his love for you by telling you how amazing you look and how much he loves that outfit on you
  • There will be no criticism, just his complete adoration
  • “I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you.”
  • Jaemin desires a fun and easygoing relationship with someone that is both his lover and his best friend
  • And he has found that with you
  • You and him have built up a comfortable space where you both can kick back and let your guards down
  • You both put so much energy out in the world, and it’s nice to relax together and recharge
  • Neither of you will nag at each other for playing video games for too long, or procrastinating on your homework
  • Jaemin is an extremely generous lover
  • He’ll shower you with all kinds of gifts, usually for no reason at all
  • He’s motivated by his affection for you
  • Of course there are things he’d do for himself
  • But often he finds himself doing things in an attempt to make you proud
  • He’ll volunteer more and use more of his time to help those less fortunate
  • And he’ll do it to help them, but also he’ll do it because he knows that it would you make you proud
  • Jaemin has a light-hearted outlook on life
  • He’s someone that can sleep-in, play around, and luxuriate for long periods of time
  • But he is by no means lazy
  • He just likes to sit back and enjoy what life has to offer
  • And when it comes time for him to work, he’ll do it with intensity and determination
  • “Babe we can clean up later. For now, lets go outside and play.”
  • Jaemin has this undying loyalty
  • He holds on to situations and people for a long time before he gives up
  • Which is a good quality to have when it comes to relationships
  • You’ll never be in a one-sided relationship, where you are forced to plan all the dates, text/call first, etc
  • Jaemin will always put in the effort and ensure that your relationship will be healthy and stable
  • You’re his go-to person when he needs to talk
  • Jaemin will contact you when he needs to vent, when he has a question, and when he just needs to be heard
  • He knows that no matter the topic, you’ll always provide worth-while insight and that you’ll never judge him for the things he says
  • “Babe all this time I thought Europe was a country. I’m so embarrassed”
  • Jaemin is an expressive and animated conversationalist
  • And on top of that he’s quick-witted and he can have a playful sense of humor
  • So when you guys are having light-hearted conversations, its almost guaranteed that you’ll both end up laughing the whole time
  • “Yeah it was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in tiers.”
  • “That just might be the corniest thing you’ve ever said Jaemin lol”
  • But he is also a strong and independent thinker
  • So conversations with him can leave you inspired and enlightened 
  •  “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
  • Calm, cool, and collected sums up Jaemin’s demeanor perfectly
  • It seems like no matter how stressful a situation is, he still manages to smile and think rationally
  • He wants to know the bottom line, and is good at scoping out a situation and finding answers to problems
  • In fact, he is a problem-solver, and will spend a lot of time helping others solve problems if need be
  • He remains cool-headed and reliable, even when his emotions are running rampant under the surface
  • He tries to remain strong for you
  • And after the turbulence, you can coax him into letting his guard down and expressing his feelings
  • Jaemin is highly devoted in love
  • His kind and compassionate nature makes it easy for him tune in to your needs and make the best decisions for the relationship
  • He’ll totally give you some space so you can be yourself and live your own life
  • But he’ll also make the effort to fit you into his life and his schedule
  • No matter how much he’s working or how many other commitments he has, Jaemin will fit you in
  • If there’s no time in his schedule, he’ll shift things around until there is time
  • “If I skip my shower tomorrow, we’ll have time to go get something to eat together.” :D
  • “…Please take your shower.”
  • Jaemin finds anything you say fascinating and he wants to remember all the details 
  • And later he’ll impress you with how much he listened to what you said
  • He’s incredibly thoughtful
  • He brings you food when you are hungry, or he does something sweet to cheer you up when you are having a bad day
  • He considers your feelings and his actions reflect his thoughtfulness 
  • He’s Big-hearted and exudes generosity
  • No other man will spoil you more enthusiastically than Jaemin
  • He’d give you the world if he could
  • And all he’d want in return is your love and support
  • Distracts you during class
  • “Psst…psst”
  • “What Jaemin? I’m trying to learn.”
  • “Hi.”
  • He checks up on you randomly to see how you’re doing
  • “Hey babe, I know I just spoke to you 30 minutes ago, but I just wanted to make sure that you’re okay.”
  • He has a severe case of wanderlust
  • Loves to explore new cities and countries
  • “One day we should visit New York together.”
  • He gives you the better half of everything because he believes that you are his better half
  • He gives you the bigger half of the sandwich, the last slice of cake, and the movie theater seat closest to the center
  • He loves music
  • So concerts and music cafes are frequent date locations
  • He really wants to celebrate your relationship
  • So expect a dozen roses, a giant teddy bear with 20 balloons attached to it, a 14 karat gold necklace, some expensive jeans you wanted, or even a book you’ve been dying to read
  • He’d give all these things just to show how much he loves you
  • He is more likely to remember your anniversaries than you are
  • “Our 3 month anniversary is in 32 days, 5 hours, and 26 minutes.”
  • He protects you and cares for you more than himself sometimes
  • He’ll walk on the edge of the side walk closest to the cars
  • He feeds you, he checks on you, he takes care of you when you’re ill, and he’s there for you when you’re feeling down
  • “Baby give me a kiss”
  • “Jaemin I have a fever and I don’t want you to catch it.”
  • “It’s okay, I like your germs.”
  • He becomes interested in your interests
  • He sits and watches penguin videos with you because he knows it’s your favorite animal 
  • He plays Ariana Grande in his car and sings as loud as he can with you
  • He takes you to your favorite ramen bar
  • He takes you salsa dancing every Wednesday night because he knows how much you love it
  • He’s just focused on creating memorable experiences for the two of you to share together
  • Jaemin’s kisses are unhindered and wild
  • He has fierceness and passion
  • And his kisses are loaded with energy and a great deal nibbling and tongue
  • He greatly appreciates making you feel adored
  • Fiery Jaemin will suddenly grab for your face and pull you into one of the most impassioned and fervent kisses you’ve ever had 
  • He’s bold and uninhibited
  • The kind of guy that can make you melt with just his lips
  • He’ll give you the kind of kisses you want and need
  • And he won’t give up until you’re screaming for more
  • Jaemin is a pretty balanced guy with no detrimental flaws
  • The only thing that might become an issue is his resistance to responsibility
  • He’s the kind of guy to say that he’ll mow the lawn today, but not do it until a week later
  • This is just a maturity thing
  • As he gets older he’ll realize that he’s going to have to learn how to be an adult and handle his responsibilities like one
  • Honesty is a virtue and Jaemin will embody that
  • When he makes promises, he keeps them
  • When he says he is going to call at 9 pm, he does
  • You will never have to worry about being consistently let down by your boyfriend
  • Jaemin watches and takes notes of the details about you that others might not even notice
  • He remembers how many spoonfuls of sugar you put into your tea
  • He sees your lips pout as you try to concentrate
  • He notices that you always cover your mouth when you’re embarrassed
  • His attentiveness is a sign of his adoration and love

Writing for Jaemin was hard. He’s been inactive for a long time and there isn’t much content to watch and learn about his personality. I’m glad he’s recovering well though, and I hope to see him soon <3

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Going to the Chapel - Derek Hale x Reader

This is part of @fillthevoid-stilinski writing challenge, my prompt was ‘I never imagined you in a suit before’ I had so much fun with this, thanks for letting me take part! 

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

(All credit for the mood board goes to @agirlwithpointlessideas go show her some love!)

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abossycontrolfreak  asked:

Hi, I hope this isn’t too forward or anything but I just want to say how much it means to see a queer (Aussie!) woman writing for one of my favourite tv shows, especially because that so clearly influences what you write. It’s just so lovely to see people like me succeeding in the world. So yeah, congrats and good luck with everything :)

this found me on an emotional day and made me burst into tears in a totally lovely way. thank you for your nice words. thank you for reaching out. let’s never hesitate to be forward when it comes to supporting and encouraging other women  \( ゚◡゚)/ 

Headcannons that no one asked for

-Richie loses his voice

-Richie talks a lot and he’s incredibly loud

-so it’s not much of a surprise when he shows up to school with his voice gone

-ofc he tries to talk

-but eventually he gives up bc his voice is so raspy and would give out every other word

-when the losers find out, they’re all celebrating

-“finally I can hear myself think-“ “sh- *cough* the fuckkk up Stan *voice crack* ley”

-Richie doesn’t know what to do with his life ???

-what was his purpose if he wasn’t constantly yelling about how he banged Eddies mom or asking absurd questions during class ???

-he ends up pretty much silent all day and everyone is so concerned

-his teachers are just like ??? U okay Richie ??

-he just shrugs and does his work

-it’s depressing to look at

-after school the losers all go to the barrens

-and it’s oddly quiet without Richie keeping a constant flow of conversation

-none of the losers has had to say beep beep Richie since yesterday and it’s WEIRD

-Richie’s in a bad mood all day bc he can’t stand not being able to annoy Stan or call Eddie any of his nicknames

-Bevs the first to notice and she brings it to attention

-Richie tries to wave them off but Mike speaks up and says that Richie looked sad all day

-Richie just sighs loudly and dramatically

-then he goes into a coughing fit bc damn that hurt

-Eddie huffs and tells him to cough into his arm

-Richie doesnt

-he just coughs more in Eddies direction for a solid minute

-Eddie gets tf up and l e a v e s

-fuck this shit I’m out


wyattghouleff  asked:

jaime i hope you feel better! how about some cute mike and eddie hcs, our new fav boys

Thanks so much! And yes!!

~ok So Mike is a collector. He’s got vintage patches, coins and pins. His favorite though is his bottle cap collection!

~All the losers help him find some. Eddie picks up everyone that crosses his path. Whenever they go for walks and they see something shiny on the ground, Eddie frickin’ darts over to check what it is.

~Eddie loves animals so Mike likes to take him to the farm and show him the animals. He likes to call Mr. Chips, Señor Tasty Snack to tease Eddie because of the time he forgot his name and called him that.

~Mike is such a dad™, he has dad nicknames for everyone. He calls Eddie all sorts of stuff.

~Ranging from Sport, Buddy, Pal, and champ.

~Because Eddie is tiny, he mooches piggyback rides off of everyone. Richie pretends to drop him way too often, so he likes them best from Mike cause “He’s stable, Richie!”

~They get coffee once a month to discuss everyone else…. secretly.

~Mike gets black coffee a few times and then the most sugary thing the next few times.

~Eddie is boring, he gets decaf with skim milk Everytime. Mike buys them something from the bakery everytime.

~They sit at the same table too.

~Mikes Grandpa has decided he likes Eddie and Stan the most out of Mike’s friends. They always clean up after themselves.

~When the Losers go on road trips, Eddie and Mike get the best spots in the car cause Eddie is the co-pilot who always knows where to go and Mike finds all the cool side trip spots from the map.

~Mike always brings back vintage comics for Eddie whenever he and Ben go to antique places. He looks out for Spider-Man and Batman comics.

~Eddie bickers (lovingly) with Richie, Bonds with Stan (with their shared interests and issues), Reads with Ben, Rants to Beverly, and looks up to Bill.

~And what type of friendship does he have with Mike???

~They’re ‘old man’ friends who get coffee and sit on porches watching animals for thirty minutes and are perfectly content.

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2x18 is filled with so much love between Magnus and Alec that I can’t handle it. Like that moment when Magnus shows his cat eyes is so pure and beautiful, and even the break up is so much about love that it was the first time in my entire life when I cried over fictional characters.

All of this, so much.

2x18 is really THE malec episode. Even more so than 1x12 which was given that title. Now I love 1x12, but still…

Not only did that episode take the time to correct the nonsense of 2x7, it also dove even farther back, to 1x6. It showed us the scene we’ve all been discussing, imagining, writing fic about since Alec walked into the Institute the next morning and said “I slept at Magnus’” to Isabelle.

It showed us the kind of pain both Alec and Magnus were in due to their fight. It showed that siding with the Seelie Queen was not an easy decision for Magnus, but a very painful one. It showed us that even when fighting its Alec’s instinct to seek out Magnus. For help. For comfort. For support. That episode really showed, in both the flashbacks and the present storyline, how much these two men love and trust and care for each other.

It was beautiful and it was heartbreaking.

The cat eyes moment was… that really hit me, that they Did That™. Had Magnus lose control, not when upset or angry, but because being touched by this man was too much. Too good. And to have Alec not even hesitate to touch him, to hold his face, and tell him flat out that his eyes are beautiful. To tell Magnus that heis beautiful. Like that’s almost too much. That’s legit the good kinda fic trope being executed to perfection.

That episode was practically a love letter to malec. And it’s my favorite episode so far.

Honestly, after that episode anyone who thinks Alec is in love with anyone other than Magnus is legit watching a totally different show. The fact that people try to claim Alec and/or Magnus was indifferent to the breakup… watching a totally different show. Those men are so fucking in love with each other and are both such good men, and make each other so much better… like I’m gonna go cry about this now. Fuck.

perfectly imperfect (baby, that’s love)

for @yuuriandviktorr thanks for claiming dear, hope you enjoy it~

Fingertips putting on a show
Got me now and I can’t say “No”
Wanna be with you all alone
Take me home, take me home

There was a stiffness to his shoulder, something familiar and yet not. Eijun knew all the right ways to deal with pain. He knew the wrong ones, too. The different kinds of tenseness, the pull and itch of the muscles, the strain of his back as he tried not to show how much it hurt on his way too expressive face, so that no one could send him off the mound.

And just as well as he knew his body, as well as he knew how much he could pretend to be fine before anyone noticed, he knew that there was someone else who knew it just as well.

“Sawamura.” Miyuki’s face was unreadable when he paused by Eijun’s seat on the team bus. “Come sit with me.”

He was already opening his mouth to argue, but Miyuki’s hand fell on his shoulder – a light weight that made the discomfort of his back that much more prominent. So he stifled his protests and picked himself up, following Miyuki to the back of the bus. They didn’t speak a word to each other until the engine began humming under their feet.

“Sit up a little,” Miyuki said quietly.

Eijun did as asked before he even realized he was doing it. The hem of his shirt was lifted slightly on the back and Miyuki’s hand sneaked under it, warm against the skin of Eijun’s spine. He sucked in a breath, turning his head so fast he cuffed his ear on the headrest of the seat before him.

“What are you doing?” he hissed just as Miyuki’s fingers slowly climbed up the length of his spine.

“Don’t make a ruckus,” Miyuki chided. There was still no trace of his annoying grin on his face. It was strangely grim. “Your shoulder, how bad is it?”

Eijun’s mouth clicked shut. Miyuki sighed. His hand pressed against Eijun’s left shoulder blade, a hot touch on the still cool patch of skin from the icing.

“Just tell me.”

“It’ll be fine if I rest it for a while,” Eijun said.

Miyuki snorted. “That’s exactly what I kept telling myself when I got injured and we all know how that ended.”

“I’m not you,” Eijun huffed.

“I sure hope not,” Miyuki replied, almost too quiet to hear, but Eijun caught it.

He looked into Miyuki’s eyes and for a moment they stayed like that: swaying with the movement of the bus, faces close, open and honest. A shadow of worry hid somewhere inside Miyuki’s gaze like a ghost. Eijun softened.

Without as much as another word he turned his back fully on Miyuki and pressed his forehead against the seat in front. Miyuki’s hand moved from his shoulder blade, a little higher up, while the other climbed up to join it as well. Eijun’s shirt ended pushed up to his chest, but the warm touch and the cover of the seats didn’t make him feel any cold.

“Try not to be too loud,” Miyuki said and his breath tickled the hair on Eijun’s nape.

He shivered. And then bit his lip, holding back a keen that was threatening to slip out, because Miyuki’s thumbs rubbed into the tense muscles of his shoulder and he could see the stars exploding behind his closed eyelids.

Really, Miyuki always seemed to be asking for the impossible, but… for once, a little drunk on the hard yet soft touch, Eijun wasn’t complaining.  

anonymous asked:

I'm not against Kastle but I really wish more fans were excited to see Frank, and not just him as part of a ship. It's really disappointing me to see everyone talk about only a ship when there's so much more to his show than that. Some fans have waited years for Frank to get his own show and now it feels like a shipping show.

ANON!!! you took the words right out of my mouth. you are not alone in this at all. i’m always cautious to say things about ships because a lot of times people misinterpret. i love kastle, but me personally - i’m here for frank (and jon) FIRST. while i enjoy the ship i won’t lie i have been a little disappointed today that it seems to be all anyone is talking about. hey i’m excited about it too, but i wanna be excited about frank as an individual as well as him w/ karen. there’s a lot more i’m looking forward to in this show than just that ship and it really does seem like that’s what most people are talking about right now. 

Ask and submit box is closed until I can post the remaining headcanons. Sorry.

Not gonna give much of an explanation to my absence because I don’t exactly have one. All I can really give as one is my depression got REALLY bad again, and it turns out it’s likely because I’ve been holding off on my transition for so long (ftm) (it’s because of money, fear, anxiety, everything). But… starting next month I start testosterone, and I’ve been doing a makeup beard every day and it makes me so happy as is that numerous people have told me I’m much more sociable and seem a lot happier than normal! :D

Here’s a few cool pics of your modern-age viking mod because he’s self-centered and loves himself and wants to show the world how much he loves himself.

Aaaaannnnndddd his Halloween costume.

Glad to be back my dudes! :D

okay so citizen cold is basically just regular asshole len is a criminal that keeps his evil deeds under the radar so the whole world doesn’t catch on so he continues to be seen as the hero to the whole world- orchestrates everything, putting all the pieces on the chessboard so to speak and does this all for the money and fame. All this i summarized myself from what I read on the wiki that didn’t show me much but damn. He’s a master deceiver and I LOVE.

feel free to comment with comic recs so I can start reading to get educated.

anonymous asked:

Wait Lance has this book?? Whaaaaat?? Where can I read it?????

Gahh I’m really wishing I reblogged this now so I can easily show it to you. But I’m pretty sure if you scroll down the Voltron page a bit, someone might have it still up. It’s pretty much just a page from their new Voltron comic book and it’s his helpful guide to falling in love for Hunk :D

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to echo that anon's sentiment, I love how much positivity you spread about all the ladies in the arrowverse/dctv shows. I can't believe that the fandoms made it a rare occurrence to find people who like & support all the female characters without distinction. They're all amazing, fuck the petty sexist bullshit people spew about them, over ships of all things. Yay for Iris, Caitlin/KF, Laurel/BS, Felicity, Dinah, Thea, Nyssa, Sara, Amaya, Kara, Lena, Alex, Maggie, Cat & all the others!

Thank you so much, I am glad to know this makes some people happy :) People will come up with dozens of excuses to hate on the “other” female character; part of it is induced by some challenge of prevalence for the narrative because as women we are used to having one relevant character per team (you will never see the argument on Diggle/René/Curtis, Cisco/Julian/Harry, etc.) and it doesn’t help that we’re induced into an environment that pits women against each other, blames women for everything (ex. many fans blame female characters for their actions but blame the writers for the main protagonist’s behaviors; mmmh?)

I will continue to support all these amazing women. Also, as a bisexual woman, the Arrowverse has a world of femslash ships for me to dive in instead of you know, picking which girl should have the privilege to date those main men. I’m fine here where I stand.

wedjustberunningdown  asked:

boi i love that hockey verse so much ™ harry being so stupidly oblivious about everything and pansy being her amazing self and now they have a child!!!

harry the oblivious hockey bro is my favorite harry tbh

especially because i keep injuring him off screen and his primary concern is ??? still ??? somehow pansy it’s incredible



i have Thoughts about harry the hockey dad and pansy the slightly too competitive PTA mom and just. man. what a shit show am i right


anonymous asked:

It feels like the 'romance' between Jon and D are entirely by D point of view. At least for me. It's very difficult to know what Jon is thinking. And I don't believe undercover theory is totally right, but yes I think Jon tries to manipulate her (like Kit says "In a very kind way") and falls in love with her?... Idk.. Any thoughts?

Jon thinks she has a good heart.. ? 

I don’t know what Jon is thinking and I prefer not to speculate too much because honestly, I don’t think the show wants us to, so I don’t think we should bother, cause there’s nothing there to guess. That is, if Jon is playing here, I don’t think there are hidden suggestions for it in the way he raises his eyebrows. The raven fiasco of 7.6 proves to me how they don’t want us to think at all, just enjoy the action, dragons and whatever they seem to think we want. It’s kinda insulting really, because I feel like they assume we’re all idiots who lack the common sense to spot total bullshit even when it’s undressing in front of our eyes, dancing in front of our eyes. Bullshit like the raven fiasco. And Jon actually being able to not only stand, but also respect Dany’s trash. 

That said… it’s book canon that Jon is hard to read. ‘His face gave nothing away’. We’re not really supposed to read Jon Snow. It’s a reason for me to accept the way Kit plays his role, he grows in the part more every season. Where Emilia fails painfully to bring the complexity of Daenerys to the screen, Kit succeeds in making Jon a brooding, chronically depressed good guy with strong morals and a ruthless pragmatism, without actually doing much. A reason for us to either hate or love Daenerys is that Emilia can’t bring her greyness to the screen. That is, Emilia does nothing even though she should, and Kit does nothing and gets way with it cause it works. As Jon’s face doesn’t give much away. It’s not surprising to me that the Jonerys disaster came out of nowhere to many. 

That said, Tyrion saw him stare? And Davos? and I swear I saw Missandei wink at Dany at one point. 

My head canon is everyone on set eventually realized and accepted Kit and Emilia’s chemistry was cringy at worst, unnoticeable at best and therefore they just threw in those ‘Jon stares at Dany’ awkward mentions to not make that chicken filets rolling on top of each other scene too random. 

Show Chapter | Archive of Our Own
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Chapter 5 is now LIVE! 

Summary: The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black has crushed a werewolf uprising that threatened their Empire. One lone wolf is left standing. Sirius, the deviant Black heir, is captivated by the handsome werewolf and takes him as his slave, heedless of the consequences. What begins as pure passion has the power to destroy not only Sirius’ heart, but an entire empire.

**Based on a prompt from @asktheboywholived at: http://asktheboywholived.tumblr.com/post/160361366017/wolfstar-au-synopsis-the-empiremore


Thank you so much for your patience on this chapter as life and my muse took drastic turns, but I’m back on track now and will have the next chapter out soon.   

Special thanks to my fabulous beta @birdieming for taking my words and making them infinitely better!

as soon as dan outright said he suffers from clinical depression, my heart stopped. saying that so clearly is so hard to do, and he’s so brave for doing so. the entire video showed that depression was always there, regardless of his appearance in collabs and at events and the life he’s been given. I’m honestly so proud and close to sobbing because I’m so happy that he had the courage to share his story for such an amazing cause. his advice, like seeing a therapist and speaking to people you trust about how you feel, is so important and should be talked about and shared so much. dan howell, you’ve done a wonderful thing. i love you.