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aww ok :( even just otayuri week headcanons or drabbles from you would be awesome! ahh i love thse prompts so much <3

Ahhhh, I can do that for you, nonny! :D Day 2′s prompts are Social Media or Celebration; I’ve written bad-at-social-media!Otabek, now let’s try the reverse. 

  • Otabek is surprisingly good at Instagram? Mostly because he lives away from his family, and he needs a non-taxing way of keeping them updated about his life. He posts multiple times a day - shows off his daily meals so his mother doesn’t worry, photos of him practising on the rink so Yuri doesn’t nag him about it.
  • When he starts dating Yuri, he posts a photo of their hands clasped together, and captions it ❤, and Yuri just about dies.
  • When they’re not together, Otabek posts a photo of Yuri every few days. The caption is always around the lines of: “#myheart #imisshimalready”. Yuri video-calls him to sulkily tell him that he loves Otabek a lot, and misses him a whole lot, so if Otabek can just stop being a fucking sap and making everything worse, that would be great.
  • He comments on all of Yuri’s posts? And is the definition of Embarrassing Boyfriend (almost on par with Victor, it’s like Otabek is taking classes from him or something), but he’s so terribly earnest in his affection for Yuri that Yuri can’t really complain about it.
  • Drunk!Otabek posts a video one night rambling about how wonderful Yuri is, how much he loves Yuri, and how he’s going to marry Yuri one day, just y’all wait. Victor screams, Mila screams, Georgi screams; Yuri just stares at the looped video in stunned silence.
  • Otabek wakes up the next day to way too many Instagram notifications, but the most important one comes from Yuri’s account - yes

I made and posted this edit on my Instagram (@/thepuggylover101) yesterday, but I’ve been seeing more posts and decided to put it here.

Like many others, I’m worried about Jack. He’s been absent on social media for an abnormally long time, and I know he’s trying to have some time to himself after the whole situation, but I still worry.

Hopefully he knows just how much we love him and hopefully this shows him just how much we’ve changed his life for the better. It’s hard right now, but we as a community will get out of it. I know we will. Just give it time.

Sean, if you happen to read this, thank you. You mean the world to us and we want to show how much we care. Take as much time as you need, but know we, the community, are always here for you if you need anything at all. We love you so much.

theories or something TAKE 2

*crashes through my own taped-up window again*

Alright, so. In light of this post with the transcription of the recent livestream (all the love to rubies-and-oaktrees for going to the effort, esp since I hadn’t seen the livestream!), I’m writing a sequel to my previous theory post.

Pretty much none of what Mark said in his livestream negates any of my theories about Anti, which makes sense, since Anti is Jack’s character, not Mark’s. There was one line, “I didn’t want to step on the toes of AntiSepticEye”, which does seem to indicate that despite the parallels, Mark and Jack aren’t actually collaborating with or communicating about these characters, or at least weren’t for the purposes of A Date with Markiplier.

But Mark’s words on Dark are very clear, and very blatantly tell us a lot of things. 

As I covered in my previous post at the end, Dark appeals to a lot of us on some bizarre level. He’s a figure of power who makes us feel important to him, who offers us gifts, offers us everything, and comes across as lonely and desperate for affection and attention. He portrays himself as someone who has been unfairly shut out and betrayed. Before, I was caught between my bleeding heart– my desire to give anyone who seems to be suffering a chance, my desire to listen and forgive my doubts because what if I was wrong and I ended up hurting someone worse by disbelieving them?– and my understanding that Darkiplier is Dark-iplier for a reason, that he was dangerous. Now, with the transcript from the stream– as difficult as it is to do, I’m forcing myself to disentangle from the lie that Dark tried to sell us, that he was a lost soul, that he could be redeemed and gentled, that he only wanted to be accepted. These are very human characteristics that Mark tells us Dark intentionally projects. And they are lies.

Furthermore, Dark isn’t human. More importantly, he isn’t Mark. As a lot of people picked up on, there was a lot of fidgeting and that first breath when he initially appears, as he adjusted to wearing Mark’s body again. Mark has Word-of-God’d this into canon, meaning that part of Dark’s appeal– that he wears Mark’s face, that he could have been a “darker side of Mark”– should have no bearing on how we view Darkiplier. This is literally a demon wearing Mark’s skin. He selected Mark to possess because Mark has influence, power, and probably in part because people consider him attractive. As Mark said– Dark is 100% a social manipulator. He doesn’t want you, he wants you to do things for him. Dark doesn’t care about us. He cares about power.

Considering that Mark put so much care and detail into the glitches and audio for Darkiplier, considering that Darkiplier even has no shadow after the fight sequence, I have no doubt that the lines Dark utters are also perfectly intentional. If you haven’t read my last post, those are: “he needs to die”, “he’s Dark, he’s a bad influence”, “he’ll [indecipherable] everything you ever loved”, and ”he’s a bad man, he does bad things to good people”. And if Dark’s lines are intentional, then surely so are Mark’s– his much vaguer, less accusatory “he’s got the weird eyes and all that stuff”. This again speaks to the social manipulator that Dark is– Mark stutters and struggles to put into words why Dark is dangerous, describing visuals, while Dark has no issue very specifically describing abstract concepts like “doing bad things to good people”, and stating “he needs to die”– anything and everything compelling he needs to say to get you to shoot Mark and leave Dark in control.

As I’ve covered before, Dark pulls us closer by choice– because he wants something from us, whereas Anti… just seems to want to torment us from a distance.

Mark has told us that Dark is full of anger– and maybe it genuinely stems from some feeling of betrayal he has, but I doubt it. I think the entire "he said he’d let me back in!’ thing was just another tool for manipulation. Why, knowing everything we do about Dark now– that he’s manipulative, angry, wants to use people, is the opposite of everything Mark wants to be– would we ever believe the demon that claims Mark said Dark would be let back in? Why would Mark ever promise Dark that? The only answer I can think of is that he wouldn’t. Suggesting that Mark did, however, lulled us into thinking that Dark is at least safe enough to make deals with, and into thinking that he was the victim of a broken promise, rather than a perpetrator of a hostile takeover.

Oh, and Mark has also confirmed that (like Warfstache), Dark doesn’t obey the laws of physics. This is also something I touched on in my previous post– Dark teleported, warped our perception, made things appear, seemed to loop us if we got trapped by the chef. Which, speaking of– by trapping us in that loop, Dark leaves us to get only two endings: Dig and More. In other words, we have to watch Mark scratch at a concrete floor for ten minutes or we are taken to Warfstache. Which is certainly interesting… 

All of this only further confirms that Dark is not human, that he does not stem from Mark, that he is an outside force, using a face we trust to use us and our trust in him

I again applaud Mark for what he did with his Valentine’s day event– every bit of it was elegantly crafted. Understanding that my faint hesitation about trusting Dark was not misplaced– understanding that I came so close to falling for Dark’s act, that it was an act, and that Dark is truly the dangerous figure he seemed to be despite his calculated shows of vulnerability, is genuinely creepy as SHIT, even straight-up terrifying. 

The only question that remains for me, is… What does Dark actually want? There are a lot of things that he could obtain with an army of enamored people at his heels, but what out of all those possibilities could he be after? He’s a creature bleeding over from another world, who doesn’t obey our physics or logic. What the hell could we have that he couldn’t acquire otherwise? Does he genuinely want to obtain our attention and keep it in some fucked-up possessive urge? Does he want to obtain our trust and use it to acquire wealth, keep Mark’s body, what? I can’t place his motivations, which only makes him all the more unnerving– because we can’t be sure we’re not playing right into his hands if we don’t know where his hands fall.

Also, shoutout to @darkiplier-support-group, my other post got so much more traction than I expected it to after you reblogged it. Thank yoooou! ♥

Sorry that you’ve had to see my face twice in one day XD but here is my happy selfie with Sam to spread positivity in this community! :D

Jack has made me smile with his positivity and making me laugh with his videos, and by helping me learn to be more positive! The community makes me smile because everyone is so accepting and welcoming and I have made the most wonderful friends! This community has really showed support today, to me and towards Jack and everyone in the community! I love everyone and Jack so much ❤

I love the way Magnus is using his magic tho, the way he’s given so much more space to show us what he’s capable of like??? He literally pulled a barrier up the ENTIRE building to ensure that NO ONE could leave whatever form theyd take, can you imagine ? It took him one second one move to summon enough energy to do that and it wasn’t in the least bit HARD

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On the subject of Jin not getting any attention: I live in a Chicago and I frequent the K-Pop store in Chicago's Chinatown. (They were playing the Not Today music video yesterday and I squealed). But anyway, one of the workers at the store told me yesterday that lately she's noticed an increase in sales of Jin merch. They sold out of his acrylic stands and postcard sets. It made me happy to know he's getting so much love here!

Yeah, Jin has definitely been getting so much more fan love! I remember hearing from a few people who collected photocards that Jin’s PC sold out pretty quick for Wings from eBay sellers, even before some of the maknae line. He’s definitely been getting more and more attention since the Fire era! 

I’m also really happy he’s been going on variety shows like Law of the Jungle! I know that the boys will be touring for a lot of the year and will be busy but I’d love for Jin to go on more variety shows, he does so well on them! Dad jokes aside (who am i kidding I love dad jokes) Jin is just really entertaining man I love him so much #varietykingseokjin

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ok but how does yoongi even manage to make everything about hoseok.. he could literally be talking about taking a shit and still somehow make it about how great hoseok is??? like??

nah he’s not THAT whipped. i mean sure he was so focused on hobi when they watched their performance that he said his name even though hobi was only somewhere in the back and then he screamed jhope every time he saw him on stage to cover that up. he tried to turn into a joke but ended up getting too much into it and just kept JHOPE-ing every time. but it’s not like he was trying to make it about hoseok it just happened. and yeah he promoted hoseok’s song mama instead of first love on that one show but it was only because his own song got censored and yeah he could choose any other song but he chose mama but whatever. and sure yoongi talks about SOPE all the time but i doubt it’s only because he’s just so happy to be doing a duet with hoseok maybe he just likes the name? oh wait sope = suga and hope combined does it mean…. he likes!! how their names sound together??? nah he probably just likes soup

Cursed Child recap 19/02/16

Hello! So on Sunday I was sat at the side of the stalls, row F and had a bloody amazing time! I finally took my little brother and he loved it!

I had Stuart as Harry- He was fantastically emotional. I really enjoy his Harry- I find it much more subtle that Jamie’s. This works really well during the scenes where he’s meant to be portraying PTSD but I think I prefer Jamie during the arguments. Some great things he does is show his “I might not tell lies” hand is hurting after he tells the lie that ‘the time turners were all destroyed’ and he also shakes his hand and touches his scar after he shakes hands with Delphi. He REALLY thinks of the backstory in that scene and I love it! 

Also Stuart at stage door gives me life- all the most main cast ran of to the WOS awards (which I was cool with because I’ve met them all before- OMG Sam and Anto ran past me in a suit my life is made), and Stuart just owned stage door, took the time to chat to us and really seemed to care about what we were saying!

Special mentions from this show go to Anto in the library scene- he was really visibly upset and crying to the point that I wanted to pass him a tissue. It was so SO raw and broke me! Before the hug in this scene when Albus asked ‘friends?’, Anto stayed sitting for a moment longer than usual and sort of chocked back tears/chuckled before standing up and being launched into a lovely hug. Big praise for Sam in this scene- the way he changes from angry to utterly heartbroken is stunning and incredibly believable. 

Recently Alex has been really upping his game in the Harry/Draco scene after Harry and Dumbledore have chatted in his office. Stuart was already looking very upset which added to it but Alex’s voice cracked when he was talking about Astoria wanted Draco to have somebody for when she left. I mean the lines are heartbreaking enough but I felt so much compassion for him during that scene. 

Esther just keeps getting better and better at Delphi. She is SO cute at the start and if I let myself forget what she turns into I find myself falling for her just as much as Albus does which is a testament to her acting because I KNOW who she is! I particularly enjoyed her performance in the owlery scene. You suddenly felt her gain power when she gets hold of the time turner and feel the atmosphere switch in a second. Also her performance during the fight scene is so polished now! If you saw her early in the run I would urge you to try to get a ticket to see her again- she is on fire at the moment and I feel so blessed to have watched her character develop over time- its been stunning! 

I’d also like to say how much I loved Tom Mackley’s Craig. He plays him much more timid than Jeremy does and (I know this is probably an unpopular opinion) I really love the Northern accent! I was surprised at how much I was like “Oh, wow! I LOVE Toms Craig!” because I have such a soft spot for Jeremy but I was really into it! 

Finally, Paul B’s performance as Voldemort has suddenly got so much more subtle and its honestly a bit of a relief! He was quiet and creepy and it worked a lot better than the louder, more commanding version he’s been doing for a few months- much creepier! 

Also Cherrelle broke down laughing during Act 4, Scene 14 (like from the start, way before she’s supposed to be laughing) which had a knock on effect on Anto, who did not look embarrassed but very amused. She sort of squeezed his face before she ran of laughing- hilarious! The final hug was scorbus-y brilliance and there was the casual Albus nose boop to top it off! It was definitely a gay A4, S14!

Martin Freeman's headcanons about John

We all know it that Martin is a damn fine actor, and a professional one at that. Any halfway decent actor is going to construct backstories and ideas about their character’s motivations so they can portray their character with honesty.

Show runners have said that Martin is the heart and soul of the show.

What I wouldn’t give to know what Martin had inside his head about John. Things that he never said publicly.

We know that Martin likes to choose roles that have an undercurrent of something in opposition. Some sort of internal dichotomy.

Personally I don’t think it’s as simple as John is a closeted bi and literally knows this. It’s so much more nuanced and indefinable than that.

I would really love to know what Martin thinks about John that made him so spectacular in this role, to the point where critics, fans and the showrunners are in awe of his performance.

Sylvester’s speech was probably the most relatable thing I’ve ever heard on the show. It’s odd to hear a fictional character describe using fictional characters as an escape from life, but it’s also super nice to see. Sly’s courage has been giving me courage for three years, and it’s nice to know that his courage comes from the same kind of place.


(A/N: Hey guys! How are you? I hope you’re good. So in this preference, which was requested, I’m not going to explicitly write, ‘And that was the moment Caspian knew he liked her,’ cause that’s way to cringey and sappy for this author to handle so nah. These are essentially going to just be the instances in which the reader was really showing him how much she cared about him. You can understand what the guys are thinking because I’m telling you now that they are realising that they have feelings for the reader. Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Preference: The moment he realised his feelings for you

Ed- you show that you really know him


       You cared about him even while he was sick.

       “You really aren’t feeling well, are you?” Y/N asked, putting her hand to his forehead. Caspian nearly flinched away from the touch, her cold hand contrasting with his burning skin so greatly it gave him shivers, though shivers were commonplace for him in Y/N’s presence. “I daresay that Peter will have to wait for that rematch.”

       “But the rematch was scheduled for next next week!”

       “And I doubt that you will be well by then, given your symptoms.” Y/N busied herself in Caspian’s bathroom, wetting a towel and bringing it back to him in bed, laying it on his head.

       “At least let me do some paperwork,” he begged, knowing he would feel useless if he didn’t do something productive while under the weather.

       Y/N bit her lip. “I’ll think about it,” she said. “I know how cooped up you feel right now, but know that it is for your own good. You need to recover.” She leaned down and pressed a kiss to his flushed cheek. “Now, I need to go check on Peter. Apparently he wasn’t feeling well either.”

       “Look at what I’ve spread,” he laughed, watching his beautiful girl exit his room.


       You care about his siblings.

       “Have you seen Lucy today?” Y/N asked Peter as they walked the halls of Cair Paravel. The High King shook his head.

       “I’ve not seen her since dinner last night,” he said. “Why?”

       “Do you think she’s feeling alright?” Y/N rubbed nervously at the arm encircling hers. Peter grabbed her hand.

       “If it’s worrying you, why don’t we go and check?” he offered. Seeing her upset made his mood fall. Y/N nodded, quickening her pace towards Lucy’s quarters.

       When they arrived, Y/N knocked on the door. “Lucy? Lucy, are you alright?”


       Y/N quickly opened the door, revealing Lucy, laying on her bed, curled into a ball while clutching her stomach. Her eyes were brimming with tears at the pain she felt. Y/N poked her head back out of the room. “Guards!”

       A short time later, as two centaurs carried the young queen to the infirmary in a hammock, Y/N stood by and watched as her friend was taken away.

       “She’ll be alright, won’t she?” Y/N asked Peter hurriedly.

       “I believe she will be.” Peter was worried himself, but he knew that if worst were to come to worst, Lucy’s healing cordial could save her from anything.

       “But what if she isn’t? What if it’s something that even her healing cordial can’t stop? What then, Peter?”


       You really knew him.

       Edmund sat on the beach, the seaside wind cooling against his lightly sunburnt skin. He had taken everything except for his tunic and trousers off, not caring for the many layers in the first place.

       He didn’t hear her coming, but she didn’t startle him when she sat down in the sand next to him, having stripped of much of her clothes as well and only appearing in a thin slip.

       “What are you doing down here?” She asked. Edmund leaned back on his hands.


       “Well, we all know how dangerous that is for you,” she partially joked, taking her hair out of its updo and letting the wind whip it round freely. “What are you thinking about?”

       “Can’t decide, really,” he admitted. “My head’s a bit all over the place right now.”

       “How about you focus on me?”

       Edmund laughed, turning his body to face Y/N. “You really know my favorite thing to think about, don’t you?”

     EXCUSE ME WHILE I JUST TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE NNOITRA. Okay, so WHY is Nnoitra my favorite character? I don’t even know. I remember when I first watched bleach, I didn’t really notice him, and neither did I the second time around ( though at least then i remembered his name lol ) — And then, for some reason in april 2013, I was drawing a bit, and then IDK WHY, but I decided to draw Nnoitra. And it’s not like i really showed off my art to anyone, so I was just drawing for myself, and holy shit, I got SO much muse to draw when I drew him, so, basically at the end of that year I was only drawing him ( still haven’t recovered from this, since 99% of what I draw is nnoitra ). And since I was drawing him so much ( just for his aesthetics, really ), I got more interested in him as a character. I guess I got pretty obsessed with him??? Because I was making a ton of HCs that I drew out ( never gonna show this trash art tho lmao ). And then, late 2014 when I made my blog for him, I finally got to know what it was like to actually ENJOY writing a character. I had been roleplaying for about a year on tumblr, as two other muses, but when I picked up Nnoi, I got a lot of inspiration to write, just like I got with drawing. basically nnoi is literally my muse like LITERALLY. Aaaaand from then on it was a wild ride with getting to explore Nnoitra’s character and share in all his hardships. Some stuff happened in my personal life so now it’s pretty much ALL about Nnoitra and I just ??? really ??? need this blog ??? And to interact with everyone and have fun and have a GOOD TIME. Plus Nnoi is really inspirational because he never really gives up even if he so wants to. Without Nnoitra I really don’t have the inspiration to do anything at all so i guess that’s why I love him SO GOD DAMN MUCH. — And to see him happy makes me happy ( luckily for me, I don’t get upset when he’s upset, we’re not the same person after all ). I am just fucking BLESSED to have found this muse and to have a platform where I can let him inspire me. So I’m super grateful to everyone who writes with us! THANK YOU!

Adding to the positivity spreading

With all the negativity going on at the moment I decided to contribute to the #JSEpositivity tag (go add stuff because positive posts are always great)
Anyway i just wanted to share that i have social anxiety and like some days I don’t even want to speak to people let alone leave my house and it gets super difficult sometimes to pluck up the strength to message someone and be like ‘hey im not too good right now’ which is why im so greatful for jack’s videos ☺ no matter how low im feeling or how much i feel alone i know that i can always count on the videos on his channel or his random ass tweets to cheer me up and show me that I’m not alone! His videos have really inspired me to push myself and to try and overcome the things im going through 💚
So heres to things getting better and knowing that you are loved and deserve to be happy! Stay strong guys

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I felt like all along in this relationship Aaron was going to be the one showing more of his love for Robert, but I love how comfortable Robert is with him, basically flying the flag, feeling all this pressure for this wedding, even though he didn't to Chrissie. I LOVE HIM.

Aaron is more of a shy guy. he doesn’t need to use his words for rob to know how aaron feels about him. but today’s ep was just amazing by him.. that quote “I know he’s not for you, but he’s definitely for me” just literally killed and meant so much for me.

Robert was always the one who says how he feels. He’s more pratical on that. But yeah, today he was such a nervous wreck. 

Chrissie wasn’t the one and thats why he was more chill during their wedding. This one is especial,in rob’s head, is the last wedding he’ll be as a groom, bc aaron is the one. so he wants to make it perfect not just because it’ll be aaron’s last day as free man, but also for him is the day he’ll marry the love of his life. so yeah, it’s very deep. 

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Thank you for taking the time to put what was such a mess in the tags into such thoughtful words. I do hope that somehow the letter can be read by Norman and he can reflect on what you so eloquently wrote. As a 46 yr old mom of three, who happens to be married to someone who is four years younger, I would love for HIM, not Daryl, to gush about Carol, as a peer to Daryl, who also happens to be a strong and sexy middle-aged woman. Carol is such an inspiration to me. Thanks again.

Thank YOu so much. AND yes, that’s exactly it. I’d love him to answer Caryl questions like “Well, who knows what will happen on the show, I mean if it happens lucky me I get to kiss Melissa and get paid for it (segway into answer about acting with Melissa)” or “Well, Daryl would certainly be a lucky guy is Carol is interested in romantically, cos she’s definitely out of his league, in his eyes definitely (segway into talking about how Daryl doesn’t think of himself in romantic terms). See? It’s easy? ;)

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Prom, question, who do you think out of the chocobabes is cut,muscular,average?

Oooooh good question. Well, obviously Gladio is an Adonis. That’s just a given. He is chiseled like a damn statue. Ignis, I imagine, is quite cut under that suit. Broader at the shoulders, slimming down at the waist.
Prompto only works his glamor muscles haha! He makes sure his biceps are in point since he loves to show them so much. I think his chest is toned, and has subtle abs.
Noctis haha I imagine is average. Like he says,“ I have muscles. You just can’t see them.” Haha
I imagine he’s toned, but not CHISELED like Gladio haha! Noctis is fit, but looks very normal. (Reference Omen trailer with that sweet nip shot) hahaha!

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Uh, relationship headcannons for characters from Undertale of your choosing?

Thanks for the request, anon!! Just for the record, this and the last few posts have been written by a half asleep Quinn, so I’m sorry if anything I’ve written today doesn’t make sense. -Mod Quinn


-He loves to show off his S/O. He wants the world to see how amazing they are.

-He likes to spend most of his spare time at home cuddling with them.

-Long arms are useful for high-quality hugs!!

-A lot of random gifts and a lot of surprise affection.

-He is 100% for PDA. Hugs, holding hands, quick kisses, ect. He likes everyone to know how much he loves them.

-He loves romantic clichés. They’re definitely going to end up slow dancing in their living room at some point.


-A lot of pet names. Everything from “dear” and “sweetie” to puns on her S/O’s name.

-If the S/O likes to bake, she’ll try to bake with them as often as possible.

-She holds their hand with two of hers.

-Constant talking. Even if her S/O isn’t much of a speaker, she’ll always be telling them about something or other.

-She’ll take her S/O everywhere. She loves having them around.

-She’s the type to leave weird notes everywhere. Not necessarily romantic, more like random facts she thought her S/O would enjoy. 

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I just started reading them again, and I'm falling in love with Damon all over again. Is it bad I like his personality better in the books? Don't get me wrong, Ian is the perfect Damon, I just like book versions kinda better if you know what I mean.

I feel like books are always better than shows/movies. There’s just so much more detail and description rather than in a movie or show that needs to cut things out. So no I don’t blame you!