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Why I Don't Like Kacchako

My post is going to get hate. I like venting my opinions.

I personally don’t like Kacchako because it reinforces the “All Girls Want Bad Boys” trope, a trope I HATE so much. I prefer seeing the nice guy get the girl because nice guys should receive positive consequences for good behavior. Nice guys deserve love more than the bad boys. If you want people to like you, be nice. It’s a simple concept.

Also, Bakugou has bullied Midoriya, Uraraka’s close friend, for most of his life and shows less respect towards her because of her friendship with Midoriya. That should be a big turn off for Uraraka. Bakugou reluctantly respecting her shouldn’t be enough for her to overlook Bakugou’s bullying. Sure, Bakugou and Midoriya’s relationship has gotten better, but that’s not enough considering Bakugou hasn’t had any nice moments with Uraraka for over one hundred chapters. It doesn’t even seem like they’re friends, just people who tolerate and respect each other. One doesn’t care much about the other.

I also find it annoying how people ship them after only a couple scenes when Uraraka has so much chemistry and development with other characters throughout the series, like Midoriya, Iida, and Tsuyu. The Bakugou and Uraraka fight is for individual character development rather than relationship development. Uraraka and Bakugou barely interact after their fight, and their relationship plays no significant role and gets very little development, if any, in future chapters.

Uraraka and Midoriya have had a lot of moments leading up to the fight and after the fight. They’ve been so sweet to each other. They’ve been each other’s number one fans. Uraraka was even trying to be more like Midoriya and was thinking about him while fighting Bakugou. It’s crazy how people can dismiss their close companionship and favor the very few moments Bakugou and Uraraka have. Midoriya being Uraraka’s number one supporter and close friend should be more important than Bakugou’s reluctant respect towards Uraraka.

Again, sorry about this post. I don’t normally care too much about ships. There’s just something about the overwhelming support for Kacchako that rubs me the wrong way. Since Bakugou barely interacts with any of the girls, it feels like people are desperate to ship him with some girl, so they ship him with Uraraka because she’s the only girl he has important moments with, albeit VERY FEW, and the moments they have are over 100 chapters ago.

Sorry if you’re a Kacchako shipper and you read this post. You can ship whatever you want. Don’t worry. I’m only one person with an opinion.

CS FF: Never Stop Fighting

Summary:  Missing scene from 6x22.  After finally consummating their marriage, Emma and Killian share a few quiet moments in their bed, as they discuss everything that has happened.  

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to ‘The Journey is Half the Fun’.  So, it goes without saying that there was a severe lack of Captain Swan scenes in the finale.  This is especially difficult to accept knowing that we may never get anymore.  But that’s what fanfics are for.  So much happened and they never got a chance to react to it.  This little scene is something I would have loved to see on the show.  Thank you to daniellm for the suggestion!  Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph 

…Never Stop Fighting: Part 1/1…

Killian stared at his wife, who was lying beside him in their bed.  They had finally consummated their marriage and it was even more incredible than they imagined.  The fact that they had been torn apart again, mere moments after exchanging vows, made their first union as husband and wife that much more special.  And the fact that only two hours earlier, Emma was lying on the ground and Killian thought he had lost her for good, made this moment between them more emotional than they could have ever expected.  They had never felt more deeply connected as they made love.  

Killian lifted his hand and caressed Emma’s cheek, his eyes focused intently on hers.  

“I thought I’d lost you,” he whispered, blinking back tears.

Emma lifted her hand and covered his with it.  “I know.  I was afraid our happy beginning was going to end before it even began.”

Killian swallowed roughly. “I couldn’t breathe when I saw you lying on the ground, Emma.  It felt like my whole world was crumbling.”  

Emma brought his hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles.  She pressed a lingering kiss to his wedding ring and then placed his hand over her heart.  

“I’m right here.  I’m not going anywhere.”

He bit at his lower lip.  “I’m glad Henry got to you first and brought you back with true love’s kiss.  If he hadn’t, then I would have done the same.  We’ve never let death stop us before.  I wasn’t about to give up without a fight.”

Emma smiled sweetly.  “I knew that when I made the decision to sacrifice myself.  Saviors sacrifice.  It’s in the job description.  But I had faith that one of my true loves would bring me back.”

Killian sucked in a deep breath.  “I fought so hard to get back to you, Emma.  I knew you were frightened and alone.  I knew you didn’t remember who I was.  It was killing me to know that you had lost faith and that I couldn’t do anything to help you.”

Emma nodded.  “It was terrible.  But even through the fog, I felt you, Killian.  I felt our connection.  You were the only one who broke through.”

Killian lips slipped into a smile, as he cocked a brow. “Really?”

Emma bobbed her head.  “Henry brought me up to the roof where we were married.  And he told me that I had married my true love, Captain Hook, right there.”  She paused, chuckling. “Of course, I thought he was crazy.”

Killian laughed. “Naturally.” 

Emma’s expression softened.  “But then these images flashed in my mind.  I saw you as I walked down the aisle and then saying our vows and exchanging our wedding rings.  I saw us kissing for the first time as husband and wife.  And I knew deep down that you were my husband, my true love.  I couldn’t deal with it then, couldn’t fully accept it.  But in my heart, I knew.”

Killian leaned forward and pressed a kissed to her lips.  When he pulled back, he rested his forehead against hers.  

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have i mentioned how much i love the show “Villanos”?
and how amazing the character designs are?
and how happy it makes me that it’s a show produced in latin america that managed to get such a large gathering of fans very quickly?


5.0.5 deserves to be protected, it’s so great that @markiplier voices the cutie
as my friend put it
all of his goofy cartoon noises have paid off

Even if I’m really dissapointed that they didn’t animate Bakugou showing concern properly, which is a pretty unique expression for him so far, after rewatching the fight several times

I decided on not to hate this scene so much anymore

Because he never let off his guard down and he wanted to keep going as he was getting excited. He was actually waiting for her, he believed she could still stand up and keep going in any minute. 

And wow, I can’t believe Bakugou is such an Ochako stan.


Mark: *gets cute note from you* “It’s the best day of my life!” *overreacts a bit but it’s because he’s happy lmao*

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Renjun: *showers you with love just as much*

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Jeno: *can’t contain his happiness, needs to calm down*

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Haechan: *shouts out to the sky* “I’m so blessed!”

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Jaemin: “Do you like me that much?” *winks*

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Chenle: *secretly likes it but gets shy*

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Jisung: *is frozen everytime you show affection, unsure what to do, will find a way eventually but needs some time*

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Hi! I love your post of Keith things soo much. I was just wondering if you can expand on him being self-conscious about his temper and which episodes he shows this?

[/EDIT: I rewrote and restructred this answer a little, just so that it makes more sense & flows better. I also added another example, but the general message is the same.]

Hey there :D Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! And sure thing, he doesn’t really show it often, but I’ll explain why I think he feels self-conscious about his temper.

Before I start with the 3 scenes I want to talk about, let’s establish something first - that he knows he has a temper and knows that he needs to work on it. He shows awareness of that quite often, so I’ll just mention s1e1, the first time it becomes apparent. It’s on his mission to find Red. “Patience yields focus” makes an appearance, which something that he carries with himself all the way to season 2. He wouldn’t have done that if it didn’t mean anything to him. He definitely knows that it is something he has to work on.

Next - the self-conscious part. Let me make another thing clear:

Being self-conscious about something does not mean being insecure about it. That’s very important in regards to Keith’s character, who is absolutely self-confident in himself. What I have to prove is not that he is insecure about his temper but that he can be uncomfortably aware of it.

Moving on to the actual meta part. Surprisingly, the moments where Keith seems to feel guilty and/or self-conscious about his temper usually aren’t around Shiro. Maybe that’s because they know each other so well. Maybe it’s because Shiro has called him out on it often enough that he has gotten used to it. Maybe it’s because Shiro is pretty nice about calling him out, he usually just tells him to “work on it”. 

No, the moments where he shows being self-conscious the most are around Lance. There is that scene in the Balmera in s1e7 (I zoomed in on his expressions here):

“We can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho!”

Oops. That’s what his face is saying after being presented with a simple and better plan. Keith definitely feels guilty and self-conscious here for not thinking things through. There is not much explanation needed, it’s all in the facial expressions. 

Something like that happens again in s2e8. There are 2 scenes in this episode that I want to talk about. Firstly, Hunk and Allura voicing the though that the Blade of Marmora base could be just a trap, followed by Hunk saying “maybe we shouldn’t go in there at all.” Keith absolutely blows up at him - and then there comes Lance: 

“Okay, geez, calm down!”

And Keith’s reaction?

Turning away. He actually calms down and turns away. He didn’t apologize, but the silence is heavy. He was definitely uncomfortably aware that he had just yelled at Hunk for next to no reason.

The next scene comes when Shiro picks Keith to accompany him into the base and Lance does not agree with this decision. “But Keith’s a hothead! He’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later and they’re not gonna be able to answer his questions because they’re gonna be dead!”

Keith’s reaction to that statement is what initially convinced me that he is self-conscious about his temper:

He looks away. His eyebrows raise. He feels like Lance is right about what he is saying and he definitely feels bad about it. It’s the definition of a “guilty as charged” face. And since we know that Keith shows pretty much every emotion he feels on his face, I think it’s safe to say that he feels self-conscious here.

Unfortunately, there is not much other material to go of. Shiro is kind of Keith’s safe spot (explained earlier) and none of the other paladins have ever confronted Keith about his temper. But Lance isn’t afraid of calling him out in the “hey, you are wrong about that way” - Shiro just tells him to be more patient and “work on it”. With Lance, there is no sugarcoating it. His reactions get especially powerful if you compare it to their usual behavior: Keith is not the type to get hyper aware of himself just because Lance said something unflattering about him. They are fighting far too often for that. And we know that his usual reaction is to just fight back or grimace heavily and stay quiet. Not this.

So, to summarize - Keith isn’t overly self-conscious about his temper, it’s mostly just a part of himself that he isn’t proud of. He usually just kind of deals with it, but when someone bluntly puts it in the spotlight and really makes him aware of what he is doing, his self-consciousness shines through. That does not make him any less self-confident.

Trending Wander Over Yonder

Happy Birthday, Jack McBrayer!

I love his voice acting skills as Wander from Wander Over Yonder so much! Help save this show by signing here;https://www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3 Also tell @disneyxd to @savewoy!

Because of this show, I finally learned who Jack McBrayer is as I recognized him from Wreck It Ralph.

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Then I started to watch 30 Rock and fell in love with him all over again.

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Happy Birthday, you wonderful man!

I bet aph america says things like “oh man!” and “oh boy!” a lot, regardless of the severity of the situation.

drops his papers? “oh man!”

sitting down to watch his favorite show? “oh boy!”

gets kissed by his s/o for the first time? “golly gee!”

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Daichi being hit by a ball by his s/o in public, scenario , please ?

Hey! I hope you like this scenariooooooo wifi suuuucksss but i’m trying my beeeessst!

sorry this was short~!!


“Okay so when you serve you throw the ball up in the air and hit it with this part of your palm,”

Daichi had brought you out to a park nearby his house and thought,

Why not teach my lovely girl how to serve? It was both things he loved so much, why not have them both, right?

And it was a beautiful day, the sun was out, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, it couldn’t get any better than this.

You nod and he shows you how to do it, serving towards you. 

Since you didn’t know how to receive, you just caught the ball instead.

Daichi beams at you and says, “Why don’t you try?”

You shake your head and laugh, “I can’t do it like that!”

He rolls his eyes and goes into his receiving position.

You take a deep breath and recall what Daichi told you to do. You bite your lip, thrown the ball upwards and hit it with your palm.

Daichi, who was too distracted by you, had his eyes wide.

Your eyes widen, and as if in slow motion, the ball hurtled towards his face

Your jaw drops as the sound of the ball hitting his face echoed through your ears. He falls backward, and strangers passing by were staring at you and him. 

Your cheeks turn red and you rush over to him, slightly giggling as you asked him if he was alright.

He scratches the back of his neck, blood from his nose dropping to the ground.
Your eyes widen and you rush to get him a handkerchief from your bag.
You hold it to his nose and he looks away from you sheepishly.

“And I thought you couldn’t do it!” He exclaimed as giggles erupted from the both of you.

“And I thought you would be able to receive that, captain.”

He chuckles and you help him stand up. “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”

He groans as he looks around, seeing the people of the park staring at him.
You smile and kiss his cheek as you nod and walk back to his house.

“Can you teach me to receive too?”

“Only if you promise not to hit me in the face.”

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When Soo said he has no abs and said that he is sorry and then he bowed. I dont know but it made me sad. He doesn't have to feel sorry about it. The issue that the ideal body type is imposed to people and is considered beauitful. I think this idea is wrong. Everyone is beautiful. Do Kyungsoo is beautiful. and also I feel sorry for Exo sometimes actually. I love Jongin so much. But i hope he didn't starve himself to reach that body. People's expectations are burden sometimes.

I felt sad about that too.. 

I really don’t think someone needs abs to be beautiful! Don’t get me wrong here, but ji showing his abs didn’t make me love him more? Ya know what i’m saying? I love him for his personality, and talent! He’s an incredible guy, super smart. All that other jazz with looks and everything is just a bonus, but it’s not the reason why I stan him? (this is the same with fanfan for me, I would never be able to stan him solely for his looks? I stan him cuz he’s a dork lol) 

And same goes for Soo. He doesn’t need to be sorry for not showing his skin? That’s his business. And if he doesn’t want to do that, then he doesn’t have to at all!!! That’s totally up to him, and no one should push him to do it. Respect his wishes. 

But yeah, I hope that this was smth that ji wanted to do for himself, it was probably really difficult and involved dieting… and if he wants to get rid of them right after dot is over, then that’s fine ^o^ he’s just as beautiful with or without abs! It doesn’t define him. 

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Hey Rosy! Yes, the flashbacks were confirmed as a storytelling device by JR for s5. I speculate too that the fandom's somewhat negative reaction to Momma Clarke isn't so much transference about not wanting to grow up. If it was a Bellarke baby, people would be through the roof. The show put the cart a little before the horse (I imagine they think) because we skipped the love/romance of Bellarke and went straight to a kid that's not his. Maybe they feel they're getting cheated somehow?

You say that, but I got a LOT of flack for suggesting that we would see Clarke with a baby. Even a Bellarke baby. Lot’s of hate. Or for any of the delinquents having a baby. So, no, I don’t think it’s just about feeling cheated over not having bellarke growth. I got anon hate over it. I got a shitpost about it, declaring single motherhood and a traumatic family history to be the worst horror I could inflict upon a character. Keep in mind that I am a singe mother with a traumatic family history. 

This fandom has *issues* with mothers.  Do they also want Bellarke to have a romance? Sure. Are they also watching through shipgoggles? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t  a certain unwillingness to to let their self-identified characters grow up and move into a stage they are not ready for or do not want. And also, there is, sadly, a bit of misogyny about this. Yes. Feminists struggle with internalized misogyny. 

Motherhood is a traditionally feminine role and The 100 is an empowering, feminist, female heroic story. Mothers are not heroic to many. Despite motherhood being treated as heroic in this show. This is an aspect of this show that makes them uncomfortable. As seen, in the fan fiction representations of, particularly Abby and Aurora. Aurora is pretty much seen as an abusive, neglectful, drug addled, incompetent mother. Despite raising Bellamy and Octavia to be these powerhouse heroes. Bellamy acknowledged Aurora as the one who taught them how to survive.  And Abby, who has literally moved heaven and earth to save her daughter and thus save her people. The 100 was Abby’s plan and this show wouldn’t exist without Abby. But you know, fandom often writes her as a criminal, neglectful, prideful, dishonest, classist, racist, selfish, power hungry and the actual villain of a good many Bellarke fics. 

So when we get to Clarke becoming a mother and fandom reacts negatively, I’m going to have to say it’s not *just* sadface over no Bellarke baby. Nope. Too much evidence to the contrary in the fandom. Especially when I bet any mother on this site who has been outspoken will have heard, “why are you even here? shouldn’t you be taking care of your CHILDREN?”

Sorry. None of us are immune to bias and bigotry. I’m not going to brush it off because it’s not a cool social justice issue. Oh well. Did I even say all this in my last post,or did I avoid it because I was trying not to call people misogynists? I think I took the misogyny part out of my last post on this. Oops. I think I just left it at transference. 

I’ve been saying that children were part of the genre. I said that Clarke (or Octavia, wasn’t sure with the symbolism which would become a mother) might have a child. I have a tag #pregnancy in the apocalypse about it. Now I was thinking of the traditional manner of having children, but Clarke adopting a child does actually fit right in along with the symbolism and themes. It also avoids the technical and storytelling struggles of filming an action show with babies-toddlers-young children around. Not just the little actors, but the difficulty of making it action oriented when the characters are trying to raise children.

They didn’t cheat anybody out of a story. This is the story they were always telling and being a parent has ALWAYS been a part of it. Abby, Aurora, BELLAMY, Vera. Dante. Jaha. Hannah. The fandom gets off on all the found families and loves EarthDad and EarthMom, but when it gets beyond playing house into actual responsibility, and parenting, they react with outrage?

Listen, if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, okay, but this is just a little bit of what I’ve been experiencing as a mother and in regards to mothers for the last year and a half I’ve been on this site, so I am not nearly as inclined to brush it off as just  shipping stuff.

my puzzleshipping heart is singing from the rooftops right now

but seriously though, holy shit, what kind of fucking death grip did Yugi have on the puzzle that even Honda pulling him didn’t make him budge? this boy wasn’t going to let anyone separate him from his other self again. not even his friends trying to save his life.

now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to bed, because it’s late and i don’t have the necessary mental energy to deal with all the feels from next episode. ngh.

You know this was how i thought the show was going to end. With clarke dying and bellamy becoming a leader who will use both his head and heart because of clarke. I really would have loved that ending cause im a masochist but im so happy they’re giving this to us cause i cant wait to see what those two characters are after 6 years. After 6 years of being separated but carrying the other one with them every day. Cause in large parts they are what they are because of each other and no matter how much time passes that never changes.
This is it. They are the otp

“Well there it is! 350 followers!” Flug sighs. “Let it never be said I’m not a man of my word. I said I would show you all my face when this happened and I meant it.” He takes a deep breath and clutches the sides of his bag with shaking hands. Slowly, he removes it.

“Hello, everyone… This is..what I..,” he clears his throat, “What I really look like. Anyway, the askbox is open and you can ask me questions while I’m not wearing my bag. The mun is going to go to sleep and when she wakes up, the askbox will be closed. You have until then to ask me whatever you like! All questions will be given a drawn responses too!”

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Just wondering why u don't like Riker? I mean I don't care for him much but I'm curious

Oh the short answer to this is that I hate R/iker because I love Deanna? Their relationship is so unbalanced– he sets up standards for her that he doesn’t meet himself, gets angry when she shows interest in other people when they aren’t even together but has his own fair share of outside romantic interests. There’s just a major power imbalance there, and he’s not even nice to her? He’s just kind of that contradictory GUY type that drives me up a wall in real life, and I kind of just…. don’t want him around. Especially not around Deanna. Their relationship honestly just never made sense to me. 

Anyway! Sorry if I’m crapping on anyone’s fave. I just…….. R/iker.

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HEAD CANNON THING please,, how would Garrett (Twilight)) react to a english human mate?

I love it!

-I can’t see him taking a trip to England so hi future SO must be in America, most likely in Forks.

-You know Carlisle through Bella and the Cullens

-Carlisle thinks its hilarious but tries not to show it too much in front of Garrett

- Emmett does not hide it, his booming laugh gave you headache

-No one would tell you why the Cullens strange red eyed friend kept glaring at you

- or why Emmett kept playing the English national anthem

- He doesn’t talk to you for the first few weeks but when he does its like hes almost expecting you to swoon

-you don’t, you just ask him if Carlisle surgically removed the stick from up his arse

-que another booming laugh from Emmett

-things only get better when you find out their family secret when you cut your finger cooking and Garrett knocks Jasper across the room and carries you and Nessie out into the woods

-You hide from him for weeks until he posts a CD of ‘Englands greatest hits’ through your front door as a gesture, even though he has drawn an angry face in permanent​ marker

- The next time you see him you both have an in depth chat about his life and post death experience

- Your accent is the only English accent that he can stand, its a beautiful melody to him

- He spends most weekends trying to take you around American museums

- When Edward asks if you have any plans to return to England Garrett throws a strop and refuses to let you out of his arms until you agree that its a bad idea

-but you know that he can’t say no to you

- You and Emmet spend a whole day replacing all of Garretts clothes with clothes covered in the Union Jack and Saint George’s Cross.

- You hide behind Esme, Emmett is not so lucky, Garrett has to hide from Rosalie for a few days

-He loves you but if you’d not been his bloodsinger/mate he would have eaten you for​ sure

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Hi, could you pls do a Taeyong smut where his girlfriend Is really insecure because she is dark and he shows how much he loves her.. I really love your writing btw.. 😘😘

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  • He would understand to an extent, but also not understand.
  • He’d understand the widely-accepted beauty standards in Korea and almost the rest of the world, would be lighter skin, etc… but at the same time he wouldn’t understand how you didn’t see your beauty, assuring you he was so lucky to have you.
  • When you’re upset tho it’s difficult for words to make an impact.
  • He’d initiate intimacy, hoping it would serve as a way for you to know your beauty. To prove that he found you beautiful.
  • He’d murmur how much he loves your soft skin, letting his hands skim across your warm skin, to hidden crevices.
  • He really wouldn’t want to see you down or hard on yourself, but he would still encourage you to talk with him if you ever felt that way, if there was ever anything he could do to quell your worries.

we’re watching hxh with my friends and it’s soo funny bc like. “Damn I know they will all four of them pass the exam but It’s still so intense” had me laugh for ten minutes

they kept yelling at Gon taking Hisoka’s badge because it was too intense

th e y love Kurapika and Leorio I’m gonna c r y

but what made me really laugh was when Illumi showed his true face and my friend went “wait… Is that that Chrollo guy????” and I’ve been trying not to laugh 

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Hi honey, it's lovelyaarondingle just want to send you a hug, I completely agree with everything you have said about Aaron being hurt. It breaks my heart that they've been hurting him for years and will never allow him to be happy for long. I love Aaron so so much, he's got such a beautiful, kind heart and he doesn't deserve this pain. I know it's because Danny is so great at these scenes and I love Danny and I'm proud of him I just wish they'd let him show what else he can do more often.

It’s just getting to the point where it’s ridiculous I mean he’s been to hell and back HE GOT HURT IN PRISON THIS YEAR GOT TOLD THAT HIS HUSBAND CHEATED ON HIM WITH THE WORST POSSIBLE PERSON WAS TEMPTED TO SELF HARM AGAIN and my brave strong boy god through this he’s fighting so hard to be better to be not that broken person anymore and for what to be broken all over again? I mean how much can he take how much more are they gonna hurt him? I can’t watch him suffer anymore it’s not fair it’s not fucking fair. We all know Danny plays drama so good he’s rocking every scene he’s just brilliant and he deserves all the awards for it but he also has shown us how amazing he’s with nice happy scenes Aaron smiling is every thing and I need him to smile!!! I really hope it’s not gonna get that bad like I fear it’s gonna be I hope he’s taking care of himself and he’s gonna be selfish for once not getting pushed but caring about himself making decisions for himself to get to a better place coz fuck Aaron deserves all the happiness in the world and it’s about time he’s gonna get it!!!! I love him so so so much and it crushes my heart to see him get hurt