i love his school outfit okay

Svt at Prom

In honor of my schools prom being today and me not going i have created this masterpeice lol. enjoy ~

Coups: Okay so you’re going to prom with Coups, and tbh you thought it was going to be a chill night…like getting the outfits to match and everything was chill and easy, and he asked you super calm and well put together, but then you finally arrive at the venue and oh god what his wrong with him. Really dumb dancing and youre like wth i know you can dance better than this but nope, cheolie has embraced the awkward dad dancing and its embarrassing af but yet you lowkey love it. Also catch him shoving all the yummy prom food in his face when hes not dancing

Jeonghan: literally the best matching outfit to ever be seen on earth like literally. Totally helped you find your dress and its the most stunning outfit you’ve ever seen. He’d somehow locate flowers that perfectly matched your colors like how ??? totally ended up on prom court and no one was surprised. Idk why but i feel like he’d be a great slow dancer. Also before prom photos were better than anyone in the whole school.

Joshua: Super gentlemanly, like okay he put your corsage or whatever, anyways he was all blushy and cute when he was putting on you and he’d look so good in his suit you’d be worried that people would try and steal your precious date. Okay back to the gentlemanliness of our shua, he’d be the guy that opened all the doors, even the car door, pull out your chair, and like helped pick up your dress if it dragged on the ground so it wouldn’t get dirty and you wouldn’t trip on it. Hella weird on the dance floor tho, like pin drops everywhere and just extra shua all the way.

Jun: Wild all the way. Like the way he asked you was wild, and the whole school knew within minutes. Like Jun was already super popular and all the girls are like !!!!!! i wanna go to prom with juuuuuunnnn!!! But then he asked you and it was extra and so everyone knew real quick. Anyways he was like lets do this weird neon color together and you’re like lol no ??? the after prom party oh lord. So wild just imagine.

Hoshi: Okay so like first of all lets just imagine hosh in high school. I feel like rather then being super flawless i feel like he’d be kinda frumpy like shows up with sweatpants and messy hair  and wearing hats when he can, tbh probably plays sports too so when he shows up at prom with you everyones like wtf who is that and you’re just standing next to him like yah you betcha this is ma date. Like he’d clean up so freakin well. Crushed it on the dance floor and everyone is like messy hair hosh is actually amazing ??? im amazed just thinking about it.

Wonwoo:  Tbh you’d a bit worried prom would be a bit boring because wonwoo is like the most chill person in the school and you’ve literally never seen him at a dance let alone actually dancing but you love wonwoo and honestly if all he wanted to do was sit at the table you’d be 100% chill with that because simply going to prom with wonwoo is enough. The photos before prom wasn’t as awkward as you imagined it to be, and honestly you were shocked when you got there and danced to a couple slow songs with you. Going with wonwoo would be great for anyone who wants a chill time.

Woozi: Oh woozers what a great time. Freaking cutest couple there by far. Like both you and jihoon by yourselves are adorable, but when you both dress up and match each other the cuteness. Everyone at prom gushes of the two of you and jihoon is embarrassed as heck and youre just kinda giggling like wow. Tbh i feel like jihoon would be an embarrassed blushing mess from the moment he asked you to prom until he dropped you off at home but it would be the best experience for both of you.   

Seokmin: can i just say life of the party like holy cow. Tbh i feel like there wouldn’t be a whole big promposal or anything it would have just been like “oh hey yah seokmin we are going to prom together right?” and that would be that. Going to prom with seokmin would be so fun tho like even if you are shy or reserved like im positive he would be able to get you all crazy with him and like dancing all over the place and laughing super hard during dinner and the after party was just as fun. Just imagine omg

Mingyu: Ah mingyu. Our little puppy. I think he’d be more excited about prom then you would be. Like he’d be bouncing around and talking about it for weeks before it actually happened. Tried super hard to make the promposal really cute and just ended up stumbling over his words and like tripping or something but that just made you love it that much more. Seeing him all dressed up in a suit and everything was amazing but being able to spend the whole evening with him was even better. Id be you two and then you’d probably hang out with wonwoo or minghao and their dates and it would just be one big wild party.

Minghao: Okay so hao hao, lets just say right off the bat that he is the best dancer at the entire prom, and also yours. Freakin flawless in a tux just picture it. He’d be that guy that ended up on prom court all though no one really expected it but they also don’t have an issue with it? Best date for prom because he knows how to have fun but also keep things chill. You’d get to hang out with Jun and his date and it would be such fun time like oh wow. You two and jun and his date at a table and tbh you and hao just kinda sit there and drag all the really slutty dressed people and everything and just wipe out all the snarky comments lol

Seungkwan: Prom queen. Jk jk seungkwan would be a great person to go to prom with because again like a few of the others he can both be a lot of fun but then have serious moments when need be. Catch him singing along to every single song they play tho. Like even when its a slow dance and a slow song, he’d be humming right along with the song as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Vernon: tbh i feel like vernon wouldn’t want to go to prom but like, he ended up being on the prom court so he was like shoot, but the thought of being able to take you made him want to go a little more like, he’d say he didn’t want to be there but deep down inside he was having a blast right alongside you. He ended up getting crowned king and you were all “see it was worth going” and the two of you ended up having more fun at the after party than the actual prom itself.

Chan: Chan really didn’t want to go to prom, but all his friends were going and he really wanted an excuse to spend the whole evening with you so he was like fine ill go. Super stiff the whole night lets be real like not super comfortable in his tux and he really wanted to impress you. He finally started to loosen up around the last 30 minutes, but it was still fun for the both of you. Rather than going to the after party like everyone else you went to some cheap restaurant still all dressed up and you got so many weird stares but whatever the two of you had a blast.


Okay but guys. Look at what my son wrote for his school project. The husband asked if there was anything he wanted to ask her. I did not suggest it. I was thinking it, but I did not say a word. The Scorbus is strong with this child.

The Weight of His Words::.Fred Weasley x Chubby!Reader

Hope this is okay! I’ve been busy because I have school starting up in two weeks and band camp next week. Trying to get myself organized has been rough so I’ve been writing this is bits and pieces throughout the week. Feel free to request anything! My box is still open. Please give me feedback!!
Love you all, Claire
You glance at your clock quickly.
“Shit.” You mutter under your breath. You’ve been trying on clothes for 30 minutes now, and you just can’t seem to find an outfit you look good in. You were supposed to meet up with the twins 5 minutes ago. They had some prank planned for this weekend and of course needed the help of you, their best friend since first year. You decide to waste no more time than necessary and throw on a pair of black leggings and an oversized sweater. The leggings, you’d grown to love after the first few times of feeling self-conscious in them, and the huge sweater hid what needed to be hid-in your opinion anyway.
You rush out of your dorm and to the Great hall. Entering the room, you find yourself out of breath but immediately spot the 2 redheads you are searching for.
“Fred! George!” You call as you make your way over to them.
“You’re late, love.” George calls back to you in a sing-song-voice. You roll your eyes at him.
“You’ve been late to see us every time we schedule something lately, y/n. What’s more important than me?”
“Nothing obviously,” you respond with a smirk “and I’m fine. It just can take a while to find something that I look okay in.”
“Y/n, you always look amazing.” Fred says. You snort a laugh and roll your eyes, hoping to move on from the slightly uncomfortable topic.
“Yeah, okay… Anyway, what do we have planned today?” You ask. Fred’s eyes study you warily, almost worriedly, but George’s eyes light up like a kid’s on Christmas morning.
“We’re going to collect Flobberworm mucus in a bucket, enchant it to always refill, and set a trap for it to tip over every time someone enters or exits the Slytherin common room.” He blurts out quickly with a mischievous grin on his face. Fred seems to have taken his interest off of you for now, so you agree enthusiastically, and set off with the twins.
After an interesting afternoon of collecting Flobberworm mucus, you have a free evening, and then at midnight, you have to meet up with Fred and George to set the trap. Usually, you’d just wear any old t-shirt and shorts/sweats to bed, but if the guy you liked- oops. ‘No, no, no, no!’ You scold yourself. If you let yourself continue to think that you like Fred as 'more than friends’ then you might ruin everything. You don’t know how to look like you’re not trying, but still look good in pajamas. As you get ready 'for bed’ with the other girls in your dorm, you notice for the first time them in their pajamas. They wear essentially the same things as you, but they are slim. They still look pretty.
As the other girls go to bed and shut off the lights, you close the canopy curtains around your bed, but sit up, with 2 hours to go. As hard as you tried to stay away from detrimental thoughts, all you could think was that Fred will never like you like you like him. Not only are you his 'friend’, but you stand no chance against the other girls he knows. Luckily, everyone in your dorm falls asleep quickly, and no one notices your bed shaking slightly with silent sobs.
At 11:45, you crawl quietly out of bed in yoga pants and a Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt. You pull your hair into a messy bun and sneak out to the entrance of the Gryffindor common room. The twins are already there and so lost in a heated conversation, they don’t see you at first.
“Y/n!” Fred whispers, surprised.
“You’re early.” George smirks.
“Shut up.” You mutter shoving him sideways, but giggling as well. You’ve started sneaking to the basement to the Slytherin common room by now. George shoves you back, with more force than intended, and you go toppling into Fred who’s on your other side. He catches you easily and shoots you a dazzling smile before helping you stand up again. His touch and smile make you swoon a bit, but thankfully, not enough for you to lose your newly regained balance.
“Thanks” you whisper.
“No problem, love.” Fred whispers back, shooting you a wink. And here comes that swoon again… Luckily, setting up the trap goes as planned. Out of the three of you, you are the best at casting charms, so you set the bucket to always refill, and help the boys set up motion detectors they made. Once everything’s ready, and you’re all about to sneak off, you hear a meow and approaching footsteps.
“Hide!” Fred whisper-yells. George leaps one way and Fred grabs your hand leaping the opposite direction. You see George open a hidden entrance to god knows where while Fred does the same right in front of you. Fred pushes you lightly into the entrance and follows you in before closing the door quickly. You were just in time. Through the door, you hear Filch muttering to himself, annoyance rolling off every syllable.
“I swear they were here…” You stifle a nervous, relieved, excited giggle and look up a Fred to see his reaction. He’s grinning and staring down at you. A blush rises to your cheeks. When you realize your hand is still grasping his, the blush heats up, but Fred doesn’t make a move to loosen his grip, and you don’t bring it up.
When you’re sure Filch is gone, your giggle spills out.
“Where are we anyway?” You ask.
“Oh, just some old passage George and I found. It’s saved us quite a few times.” He says with a wink. The two of you walk in a comfortable silence for a while, you hoping he knows where he’s going, him trying to navigate the dark, twisting halls, while figuring out the best way to bring up a certain topic.
“Y/n, about this afternoon in the Great Hall-”
“Ugh, I know I’m sorry I’m always late, i just-”
“ No, not that.” You feel a nervous clenching in your gut. You know where this is going.
“ Listen, if you want me to shut up at anytime, just tell me, but I need to try to talk about this.” Fred pauses momentarily before continuing.
“You’re always late, you say, because you’re trying to look okay. But don’t you realize you always look great no matter what? I mean look at you know! You’re in pajamas, and you look absolutely stunning…” His cheeks heat up, and you see him about to continue.
“Fred, look, this is kind of…awkward, but I-” your voice catches in your throat.
“I’m-” Suddenly, to your great embarrassment, you start bawling unexpectedly. You feel angry and sad and worthless and everything just comes flying out at once. Fred looks worriedly at you, and sits you down on the floor before taking a seat next to you.
“It’s just all these other girls are so pretty and skinny and athletic, and I’m not. I’m just overweight and 'bleh’. I’m nothing next to them.” You wail. Fred puts his arm around you, and you bury your face in his shirt, soaking it almost immediately. You continue sobbing for what seems like forever. The whole time Fred just stroked your hair, silently consoling you. When your eyes are finally cried out, and you’re only shaking every once in a while, he pulls you back from him, so you are looking each other in the eye.
“Okay, y/n. I want you to listen to me and take everything I say right now to heart because it’s all true. Do you promise?” He asks, still gripping both of your arms firmly. You nod and sniffle an agreement.
“So, you already know that I think you are beautiful.” You freeze from his words. He seems to think your tension means another break down, and he eyes you warily before continuing.
“I’ve told you that twice in the past 24 hours and before that, even more. If you think that your weight defines you at all, you need to think again, love. You are the smartest, funniest, most beautiful person I know. How can you possibly not see that? How can you think the opposite?”
“What?” You mumble, confused. “You think all of those things? About me?” You feel dazed. Your crush just said he thinks you’re beautiful and smart and funny.
“Of course, y/n.” He breathes. You lean your face a little closer to his, and his closes the distance, connecting your lips briefly. Your breathe hitches, and you dig your fingernails into the heel of your hand, just in case this is some crazy ideal dream.
“You really don’t think I’m fat and-”
“Don’t ever say anything bad about yourself again, or I’ll have to hurt you.” Fred says playfully. And then more seriously,
“Y/n, you are my everything, no matter what.”
The weight of his words, or perhaps their lightness, fills you. 'I am beautiful’ you think to yourself.
'I am loved.’


And now to finish off the series as he always does is the second half of the Busan line, our half bunny half cheetah maknae with the cute lil bunny smile but long ass cheetah legs, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Taehyung’s part is already completed, you can find it right here so we’re gonna just move onto kookie’s part !!!
  • Since Jungkook is still a teenager, I’m gonna be adding in an AU for sure
  • So I’m gonna be making this a prequel to youtuber!Jungkook (can be found right here) as always, you can easily read this post even if you haven’t read the original bc I’ll be providing a summary
  • And if you wanna know what happens when he proposes, you can click here
  • So for everyone that hasn’t read youtuber!Jungkook, he has a gaming channel
  • He isn’t the type to rage quit, the more he loses, the more he wants to win
  • He’s v v competitive and he doesn’t like to quit at all so even though he does get frustrated 90% of the time, he just keeps playing until he’s beaten whatever it is
  • He’s more of a story based game player
  • Like he loves his more action driven games that don’t really depend on the story line and are just plain out fun to play
  • But he would l o v e when the game makes him stop and think about what he wants his next move to be, does he want to side with that person or that person
  • He’s that gamer that’s genuinely good at playing the Souls games like he makes that shit look easy so he’s got some skills  
  • His viewers kinda suspect that he’s dating someone bc they can hear your voice in the background in some of his videos or streams
  • And he calls you babe a few times so people are just kinda like maybe he does maybe he doesn’t
  • But it’s confirmed when he gives you a quick lil thank you kiss while he’s streaming bc you’d helped him find his phone
  • And then of course you two end up getting married and being cute
  • But rewinding to before all of that
  • You two meet when he’s a lil 16 year old playing video games in his room until 4 in the morning
  • You’re friends with Jin bc he’s actually dating one of your friends
  • You two had become best friends
  • Jin and Jungkook are friends I mean Jinkook is honestly fucking adorable it’s the mom and the bby the eldest and the youngest
  • Jin is hanging out with Jungkook one day, they’re just chilling maybe catching up on some studying maybe listening to some new songs they’d just recommended to each other maybe both
  • You see Jin so you decide to say hi, just a quick one in case he’s busy
  • He invites you to sit with them once he sees you
  • You see kookie looking ni CE and you’re just like should I talk to him I mean if Jin likes him he has to be nice plus he looks 10/10
  • He’s got on a baggy hoodie and some black jeans and the infamous boots that I love on him and his hair is all messy bc he’d been up late playing video games he didn’t have time to style it he’d already had to rush around to get to school in time
  • But he makes that messy I just rolled out of bed and ran over here type of outfit look amazing and you’re just a bit ?? bc how the fuck
  • Okay so here’s the thing youtuber!kook is super shy when he’s around new people
  • Anybody that actually knows kook knows that he’s not all that shy once he’s opened up a bit
  • Once you get past the first conversations and he starts to feel more comfortable, he starts coming out of his shell
  • Like we all know what Jungkook is like when he’s goofing around with the boys or even by himself
  • This kid was sitting there climbing on the train while they were filming I need you and he was playing with rocks and the dog and the umbrellas
  • He’s hilarious tbh like some of the things he does are ?? but they’re so funny he’s an honest gem
  • Imagine all of that but combine it with it being 3 in the morning like I wanna see that shit
  • But kookie does act really shy the first time you two are in the same area
  • Jin has told him a bit about you but it’s just the basics like how old you are, what your name is, a bit about your personality, things like that
  • Jin can see kook giving you lil looks whenever he thinks you aren’t looking at him and he just knows right away this kid is gonna develop a crush within 0.3 seconds
  • “Hey kookie why don’t you tell us about that new game you mentioned earlier ??”
  • Jin knows the easiest way to get kook talking is to start up a conversation about either music or video games
  • If you really wanna get this kid going, mention video game soundtracks and he’s off
  • At first kook is still a bit quiet and doesn’t really say much but then you start asking him questions about it and he gets a bit more outgoing
  • The next thing you know, you’re noticing you two had been talking for an hour and that Jin had, at some point, left
  • Kookie just get this cute shy kinda sheepish smile and is just like oops??
  • “Would you…idk maybe wanna go see a movie or something?? or just get something to eat??”
  • “I’d love that”
  • Oh sweet I mean that’s great!! I’ll pick you up tomorrow at like five??”
  • “It’s a date”
Spider’s Girlfriend

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Spider’s Girlfriend

Peter Parker X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hi! Can I get a CACW Peter Parker imagine like dating him would include?

Notes: This was a sort of vague prompt and it reminded me of the fic I wrote for Mo a long time ago so I hope you don’t mind haha, I’m still pretty proud of this, anyways!

Warning(s): None.

Being the only one to know Peter Parker’s secret could be tough sometimes. You were constantly covering for him, telling his friends, aunt, and everyone else that he was just grabbing his sun glasses, or that he forgot his jacket. It could get exhausting sometimes, constantly lying. Sometimes you got the truth and your lies mixed up, but the reward was all worth it in the end.

Being Peter Parker’s girlfriend was another matter entirely. You would do anything for him, you loved him with all your heart, and every smile from his handsome little face sent your heart flying. There was constant cuddles and hugs, not to mention he loved to kiss you when together. You loved it too, the kisses, cuddles, hugs, all of it.

Tonight was no exception. Peter had knocked on your window, hanging upside down from a web. It was somewhere around midnight, so he woke you up from a peaceful slumber. You rubbed your eye and opened the window, smiling groggily at him.

“Hey, spider-dork. What….What’s up?” You yawned happily.

“Oh haha, (y/n). Well obviously I am- I’m in the air after all- um- uh- Can…Can I come in?” Peter asked, the eyes of his costume dilating as his eyebrows furrowed. How Tony Stark got the eyes to move with his eyebrows and such you will never know, to be honest.

“Hm? Oh- uh, yeah.” You opened the window more and stepped aside while Peter flung himself in. Closing it and pulling down the blind, you turned around while Peter turned on the light. He gave you a small smile after pulling his mask off. You gasped at the new black eye he was sporting.

“Oh Peter…Who was it this time?” You sighed, pulling him close so you could push him onto the bed. You rushed to your mini fridge (Peter insisted you have it for his late-night-after-battle visits) and grabbed familiar yet worn ice pack.

“Uh, It was Taskmaster. Managed to get me pretty good this time…I won’t be wearing short t-shirts and shorts anytime soon.” He laughed, stopping to hiss softly and wrap a protective arm around his ribs. He took the ice pack you offered and held it gingerly to his eye.

You helped him out of the costume, not minding the old t-shirt and shorts underneath. Inspecting the bruises on his legs and under his shirt, you sighed and got out the other ice packs.

“That bad?…Oh who am I kidding yeah it’s that bad. Taskmaster packs a punch..” Peter muttered from behind the icepack on his face. You laughed and shook your head, applying an ice pack to his bruised left thigh and one to his shoulder.

“You need to rely more on your defense, aggressive little spider…” You mumbled. Peter muttered a “hell yeah I do” and continued to apply the ice. Silence ensued for a good ten minutes.

Around One, after thoroughly inspecting the rest of his wounds, you helped the bruised infamous Spider-Man back into his outfit. Every pained groan made you wince, feeling the pain as if it were your own.

“Be careful next time…See you at school tomorrow, Pete..” You mumbled. He laughed and nodded, slipping the mask on but not quite. He stole a kiss, and hugged you tight, nuzzling into your neck. A laugh escaped you and you hugged back carefully.

“I will, I promise (y/n). See you tomorrow…I love you, a bunch…A lot….Probably with more energy than it took to create the universe- okay no that’s a lie I would probably explode if I had that much love and then I wouldn’t be able to hug and kiss you and- I should probably go because I bruised my tongue from all this talking,” You laughed, swaying in his arms while your bubbly little Peter finished his goodbye.

“If you exploded with love for me then I would explode with love for you…I love you very very much, Peter Parker…My spider-dork…  Goodnight.” You breathed, breathless after another stolen kiss.

An open window and the echoes of the ever restless New York was the only sound as you watched Peter Parker, your boyfriend, fly out of your room and into the night. You smiled and laughed, shaking your head before shutting the light back off and heading to bed. Peter Parker, to say the least, was lucky to have you for a girlfriend.

  • Chas: Okay, was that a real siren or are you two skiving off and playing x-box again?
  • Aaron: Oh yeah, as if we can get anywhere near it with Liv.
  • Robert: Cain's caravan is on fire, Charity just said.
  • Chas: Oh, my God.
  • Robert: Don't worry, no-one's hurt.
  • Chas: Shall I go up there?
  • Aaron: Dressed like that? You'll put firemen off their hoses.
  • Chas: Eh? I'm going out for a meal later. With Paddy.
  • Aaron: Oh?
  • Chas: Just some scran at the B&B. Nothing to get over excited about.
  • Robert: Have you been snogging his face off already? Cos he looks pretty sore.
  • Chas: No, Robert. That was an accident, actually. With a gerbil. Anyway, what are we doing for Aaron's birthday on Thursday?
  • Aaron: I've not really thought about it.
  • Chas: No, that's okay, love. We've still got time. I just need to know dress code. You know, smart, cazh... inflatable sumo outfit.
  • Robert: Calm down, it's not like is a big one.
  • Chas: What? Every year is a big one until you get to 40, at least.
  • Robert: It's a school night. I've got meetings. Aaron's fine with it, don't worry.
  • Chas: Meetings? You're not Richard Branson, love. Look, this is the one day of the year when you get to shower your fella with everything his little heart desires.
  • Robert: It's not really my style.
  • Aaron: I'm honestly not bothered about it.
  • Robert: If it makes you happy, do the sumo thing.
Nerdy Ashton Smut

Okay you guys enjoyed the Nerdy Luke Smut so I will be doing Michael after this if this post gets near enough as many likes and reblogs as the Nerdy Luke post did

Oh and This isn’t really very smutty but still fairly smutty-


School Outfit for the day-

Ashton Irwin was that one nerd who all the girls knew was gorgeous but didn’t want anything to do with him because he was an unpopular nerd-

Ashton was your best friend ever since you stole his juice box in play school, you loved telling that very short story, it was one of your favourite memories of you and Ashton.

“Hey Ash, wait up!” you shout as you see as halfway down the corridor

“Oh hey” Ashton smiled

“You look pretty today” Ashton complimented

“Thanks Ash, let me fix your hair” You giggle, looking at Ashton’s messy hair

“Really, your gonna fix my hair?” Ashton raised an eyebrow

“Its messy” you pout

“Leave me and my hair alone” Ashton sighs, opening the door to leave school

“Are you coming round my house today, y/n?" 

"I got my books so I guess” you reply

“I f***ing hate science” you curse

“It’s so f***ing easy, what are you even complaining about” Ashton laughed

“Your smart, I’m not” you sigh

“C'mon, Y/n” Ashton gestured for you to jump on his back. You and Ashton always did this when you got to the first crossing and he carry you either all the way back to your house or his.

You jumped onto Ashton’s back, grabbing onto his shoulders, Ashton gripping your thighs and running across the road

“Slow down” you laugh

“We gotta study y/n and when we finish studying we can go to the park or something”

“I don’t wanna study, can we not just go to the park?” you pout

“Well I don’t really want to study either but if I want a A grade then I have too” Ashton replies

“Fine” you sigh as Ashton put you down and opened his front door

“Mum, I’m home!” Ashton shouts

“Oh hello, Ashton and y/n” Ashton’s Mum smiles from the dining room

“We’re going up stairs to study” Ashton says, grabbing your wrist and pulling you up stairs into his room

“Whats the rush Ash?" 

"No rush” Ashton sighs as he fell back against his bed

“Whats up with you?” You frown, lying down next to Ashton on his bed

“Just girls” Ashton says

Your heart instantly stopped, you knew it was wrong to have a crush on your best friend but you couldn’t help it he was basically perfect.

“Oh I-whats up with girls” You stutter, not really wanting to know the answer

“There’s a girl and I like her and I’m a nerd, so why would she like me?” Ashton put his hands in his face

“Ash, your gorgeous, smart, funny, amazing at playing drums, great taste in music, whats not to like about you?” you blurt out

“You really think that about me?” Ashton smirked

“Yea, I do” you sigh, knowing you were helping him out with this girl, who was probably much prettier than you, skinner and pretty much perfect

“I wanna know who you like y/n” Ashton demands

Your heart stopped again and this time it was because you can’t tell your best friend you like him because that would be so f***ing awkward, knowing he doesn’t like you back.

“I can’t tell you that, Ash”

“But were best friends” Ashton points out the obvious

“Exactly Ash”

“What do you mean?” Ashton questions

“Actually no, I don’t give a shit who you like” Ashton announced

Ashton sits up on the bed before leaning down into your lips, you wasn’t sure what was going on but you like it so f***ing much.

You kissed back reluctantly because your best friend was kissing you and you wasn’t really sure if you should be doing this.

“Y/n I don’t care who you like because I like you and I know it’s so wrong to like your best friend but your perfect” Ashton mumbles against your lips

“Ash, we really shouldn’t be-”

“I know we shouldn’t be doing this y/n but-”

“No, I was gonna say we shouldn’t be doing this when your Mum’s home” you giggled

“You mean you wanted me to do that?” Ashton raised an eyebrow

“Maybe” you reply

“I’m gonna kiss you again” Ashton smiled

“Okay Ash”

Ashton presses his lips to yours, you could feel him smirk into the kiss as if he won a prize or something

You hands shot up to Ashton’s curly hair, your fingers getting knotted in it, earning a small moan from Ashton.

Ashton put his hand on your waist, he poked your waist making you gasp and making Ashton’s tongue take advantage of the situation, quickly diving into your mouth

“Ash, oh f**k” you whisper as he sucked at your bottom lip.

Ashton ran his tongue along your top set of teeth, he seemed to know what he was doing considering you knew he was a virgin, not that you weren’t.

You hands ran down from Ashton’s soft tangled hair all the way to the hem of his black t-shirt, you tugged at it, you then slipped your hands under his t-shirt as Ashton clearly didn’t get the hint that you wanted his t-shirt off, your hands went up and down his muscled chest

“Y/n” Ashton moaned quietly still focused on the kiss, since you pulled him away from that focus, he moved his lips to your neck, he shifted your jumper collar to the side and started nipping and biting at your collarbone.

Ashton pulled away and looked into your eyes

“I love you so much, Y/n” Ashton smiles

“Ash, you have no idea, how long I’ve loved you”

“I think I have some idea” Ashton replies

“Not as long as I’ve loved you, y/n”

“So can we-urm-do this again sometime, instead of studying?” Ashton smirks

“Did Ashton Fletcher Irwin, just say he would rather make out with me than study” you laugh

“I did, yes” Ashton says

“That’s fine with me, Ash”

Thanks for reading as I said it wasn’t exactly smut but it was on the verge x

Maybe I’ll do a part 2 with real smut if you like this and I will also do a Nerdy Michael smut if you like this

Coldflash - “Leverage” (Rated T)

While surfing the Internet, Lisa Snart finds something that she’s sure her brother can use to his advantage. It’s nothing tremendously earth shattering, but it might be enough to blackmail Barry Allen into giving him something he wants.

Plays with the crossover idea of Barry Allen being a Warbler instead of Sebastian (Glee), and either Len or Lisa stumbling across videos of the show choir on YouTube. Also includes my own personal head canon that Barry asked Felicity to remove those videos the minute they met xD Also, I don’t know why Lisa’s so good with computers in this (she’s not Felicity level good, but she’s good). Just go with it <3

“Len. Len, come here.” Lisa giggles, rapidly drumming her fingers on the table in her excitement. She waits a moment longer for her brother to respond, then stares pointedly at him over her shoulder when he doesn’t. “Len, stop playing with your gun and come look at this.”

Len doesn’t remove his eyes from his weapon, which he’s been tinkering with, to humor his sister, who’s been attached to her computer screen for the last hour.

“Lisa,” he says in his condescending older brother knows better tone, “can’t you find something more productive to do with your time than watch CinemaSins?”

“But Len…”

“I’m not really interested in Everything Wrong with Mean Girls in Ten Minutes or Less.”

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Bad Boys Part 2 - Omaha Squad

Part 1


I was making food for me and my dad. “Y/N, I’m home” my dad screamed. “How was your first at school?” he asked. “It was fine” I said smiling while turning my head to the food. “It was more then fine. Oh no, you met a boy didn’t you?” “No” I said looking at the ground. I wasn’t lying, it was more then ONE boy. “It was a boy. I prepared my whole entire life for this.” he said laughing. “O my god, dad, stop!” We were lauging our asses of, until the doorbell rang.

I hear my dad walking back in the kitchen with someone. “Hey, Y/N” It was Sammy, what is he doing here? “Hey, Sammy” 

My dad looked at me with his brows furrowed, I gave him a ‘get out of here’ look and he walked out of the kitchen.

“Wassup?” I asked Sammy. “I thought you needed help with school, ya know. You have to catch up on all the subject, so I thought maybe I could help you” he said.

I never thought Sam Wilkinson would help me, I know he’s one of the popular and hottest guys of the whole school.And every girl wants him. Why would help me? 

“No, I can handle it. But thank you” Of course I can’t do it all alone, like I missed two months of school. 

“Are you sure?” he said a little bit disapointed.

“Yeah” it came more out of a question.

“No” I sighed. And he smiled down at me.

And then my dad came back in the kitchen and asked; “Do you wanna eat with us?” 

“No, it’s good”

“But Y/N made enough for four persons our something. She always makes to much food” 

“If it doesn’t bother, then yeah” I smiled at him and we went eating.

We ate in a comfortable silence, untill my dad began to speak. I knew this was coming.

“So you go to the same school as Y/N?”

He definitely heard us.

“Yeah, we’re in the same grade.That’s why I’m her to help her catch up with school” he said while smiling at me.

“That’s good, she missed two months in this school. So it’s really help full”

It was a couple of minutes silent.

“Y/N, I have to do work again at night next week”

I sighed, and looked at my food.

I hate it when my has to do nights, see he has difficul work hours. And it sucks, it means I’m alone at night and I hate when I’m alone at night I’m scared like a mother fucker. 

“Why? Can you just say no, you know I hate it when you work at night”

I knew Sammy is really uncomfortable right now.

“You know I can’t do that that, I choosed for that job”

“Yeah, I know” I said sighing.

We were doing English on my bed for like half an hour or something and I can’t concentrate, I keep thinking when I’m gonna be alone at night. I choosed for it, to be with my dad and not my mom.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You can tell me you know” I shrugged my schoulders.

“You can trust me, Y/N. You’re gonna feel alot better when you say it to someone.

“It’s just my dad works really long in a day and like he said he’s gonna start working at night again and …. You’re gonna laugh at me”

“No, I promise, I’m not gonna laugh”

“I’m always scared when I’m home alone at night and I don’t live here really long so. Yeah, ya know.”

“I understand that, I’m like home alone at night alot my parents allso work really late or do night shifts. But what about your mom?”

Oh, no. My mom. I looked at my lap. I feel it the tears are coming. Oh, boy and there they were.

“I - I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” he embraced me in a hug and stroked my hair.

“Is she dead?” he asked quietly.

“No, she’s not dead. I just don’t talk to her anymore”

He placed a kiss on the top of my head.

“Me and my mom, we were like bestfriends I said everything to her, we did almost everything together. But my parents got in a stupid argument, but dad was right and I said he was wright and then she said; ‘well, if you choose his side, well then live with him’ and then she leaved”

I started crying harder when I said that.

“Shhhh, it’s okay, it’s okay” he whispered.

“What if we gonna stop for today with school and stuff and watch a movie together” he said, I smiled at him. 

I nodded at him, “But I’m just gonna change into something else” (outfit at the top).

We where watching ‘Bad Neighbours’ (I love that movie), Sammy was tracing patterns on my back it was so relaxing untill I fell asleep.

I felt him placing a kiss on my head and saying; “Goodnight, babygirl”