i love his obliviousness

Dianne Bentley saved receipts, helped take down her cheating governor husband.

The text copy, of course, leaves out all pics and formatting, (not to mention being unnecessarily laborious and time-wasting) but you can google a sentence or two to find the source (mic.com).

“When male politicians do shitty things, their wives are generally expected to stand quietly and supportively behind them, in press conferences and in life.

Not Dianne Bentley, though.

According to Business Insider, when she discovered that her husband, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, was having an affair, she set the sabotage machine in motion that ultimately brought him down.

The governor resigned Monday as evidence mounted that he had violated a number of campaign finance and state ethics laws in pursuit of an extramarital relationship with his adviser Rebekah Mason. That the Alabama House Ethics Committee amassed so much evidence in the first place is thanks in no small part to Dianne Bentley, who saves receipts.

According to the impeachment report, the Alabaman first lady first sensed something was going on between her husband and Mason in September 2013. At the time, Mason had not yet moved to Montgomery and was living in the governor’s mansion pool house. She was also, Bentley noticed, aggressively texting the governor during off hours and for non-gubernatorial business. But Bentley didn’t get concrete proof until February 2014, when she and the governor attended a National Governor’s Association in Washington, D.C. Mason came along, and Bentley saw her texting flirtatiously with the governor at the dinner table one night.

"I can’t take my eyes off of you,” the governor texted Mason, in full view of his wife, according to the report.

In spring of 2014, the governor made a few unambiguous fumbles that blew his cover. Once, he texted his wife to say, “I love you Rebekah.” He also gave her his state-issued iPad, apparently oblivious to the fact that it was synced with his state-issued iPhone and that any texts he might send from that phone would be accessible on the iPad.

Dianne Bentley watched her husband call Mason “sweetheart” and overheard the pair discussing the governor’s “Private Rebekah phone” and speak of making an escape together. Mason apparently called the governor a “handsome wonderful amazing funny sweet man,” to which he responded, “You are wonderful my sweet love.”

Bentley’s wife took screenshots of it all, which can be viewed here.

She also obtained audio evidence. In March 2014, according to the report, she turned on her phone’s recorder, dropped it into her handbag and told her husband she was taking a “long walk on the beach.” She left her purse behind, and within one minute, the governor and Mason were chatting on the phone. Their conversation eventually took a turn from business to Mason’s breasts.

Dianne Bentley filed for divorce in 2015 and handed over her evidence to the ethics committee in 2016. Taken together with accounts from staffers on both sides, who attested to threats and the misuse of state money in an effort to sustain the affair but keep it secret, it paints a very clear picture. The governor pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Monday, and will never again run for or occupy public office.

And that’s why you always save receipts.“


clarke is in love with bellamy and bellamy is in love with clarke. 

the end. 

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Hi! I love your blog and its Wolfstar and Marauders goodliness. I was wondering if there are any "Harry finds out about Sirius and Remus" fics that you recommend?

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my blend of fluff and shitposts :)

I do indeed have some recs for you! I’ve grouped them by how Harry finds out:

Has To Be Told Directly Because He Is That Oblivious To All The Gay

Lying Low for Christmas- Harry visits Remus and Sirius for the holidays. This is my favorite one, from @ladyamina so you know it’s good.

Lupin, Who Was Staying In The House With Sirius- A short but cute ficlet where Ron’s the clueless one.

Good Thing- Sirius overhears Remus and Harry saying cute things about him.

Catches Them Boning

Lord of Misrule- A mix of current events over the holidays and flashbacks to the marauders at Hogwarts.

You’re A King And I’m A Lionheart- Remus lends Harry some of his memories of Lily’s wedding without realizing that they’re a bit more revealing than he remembered.

The Prodigal- Sirius comes back from the veil and everyone finds out about wolfstar when they start making out in front of everyone. The boning comes later.

Finding Sirius- After Sirius’ death, Harry visits Remus, takes a peek into his pensieve, is traumatized.

Finds Out Via Letters/Keepsakes

Happiness Like Water- Post-war, Harry finds a notebook where Sirius and Remus recorded their feelings for each other. Features Drarry.

Mr. Rule 614- The Golden Trio investigates why there’s a rule banning non-quidditch players from the locker rooms.

Awkward Sex and Dating Talks

The Talk- Sirius tries and fails to give Harry contraceptive advice.

Definitely Not- Harry asks Sirius, renown ladies man, for dating advice, while Remus just so happens to be visiting.

Technicalities- Sirius has to specifically mention Remus’ junk before Harry understands what he means when he says he doesn’t have much advice on dating girls.

Something Different

Waking Up- A longer fic. Sirius and Remus weren’t together before he died, but once Hermione brings him back, they sort out their feelings for each other, despite the fact that Remus has a boyfriend now, and Harry thinks they’re just bros having bro problems.

Wine and Magic- After Sirius’ death, everyone shoves pictures and likenesses of Sirius in Remus’ face until he cries

Crush- Harry eavesdrops on Sirius and Remus discussing why Harry hasn’t warmed up to Remus.



Fight for me


Betty’s world was spiralling. Not in the bad way where everything was falling apart. But not in the good way either. Her world was crumbling but she sat and watched it with a grin. Nothing was right, everything was wrong, but she was starting to enjoy being wrong.
Jughead Jones, the love of Betty’s young life, was at a loss. Whilst trying to find himself he ended up only more lost. And who wants someone who’s lost? Betty Cooper was the answer, she was always the answer.
Both teens met in their early childhood and hit it off almost instantly. Who knew that a moment like that, so innocent and so pure, could lead to a moment like this.


The clustered room was dark, no light emitting from anywhere but the street lamp gleaming through the curtains from a distance. Betty almost thought maybe if the light was on, it’d give her some more metaphorical light on the situation at hand.
Jughead sat on a worn out arm chair, rocking slightly whilst thoughts spiralled out of control in his mind. The room he was situated in right now reminded him of the darkness and cluster of his mind right now. The darkness.
The sound of silence only made the tension on the air thicker and more prominent. There was no escaping it this time. When the door shut and they were alone, that’s when they knew they couldn’t pretend anymore. Yet they so desperately wanted to carry on.
“This has to stop.” Betty croaked out, her voice reaching barely above a whisper. Her hand was swatting at her blue skirt, flattening it, before she sat down. Jughead visibly froze, his body stopping for only a second before resuming to his previous rocking.
“I know.” He bluntly stated, his voice thick with disgust. Shaking his head ever so slightly, he reminded himself that he had nothing to feel bad for. This wasn’t his doing. If anything he was the victim.
“I’m not sorry, Juggie. It isn’t my fault any of this happened.” Betty threw back with almost as much haste. She tightened her arms around her chest, adamant to close herself off as much as possible. How could she have let him in so easily? She was a fool. A fool for him.
“Are you kidding?” Jughead spat out, flying off of his chair and onto his feet. He stood hunched over slightly, his body shaking even more with the anger coursing through his veins. Betty flinched away, scared he’d do something even though she knows he wouldn’t.
“If you’re gonna blame anyone why not Archie? Why me? Is this just a ploy to break it off because you don’t want this anymore?” She calmly gathered her things, voice soaked with pain. She knew he wasn’t ready for commitment. The only reason they dated was because of Jason Blossoms murder mystery. All of the times she defended him and his family, why is he so sure she would hurt him? She’s not the rest of the world. Wiping a stray tear that rolled down her cheek, she opened the door.
“I’m hurt, Elizabeth. Can’t you tell? I really fooled myself into thinking you wanted me. I really thought you were the one. But now Archie wants you back it’s just all about him.” Jughead slammed the door shut again, shrugging his beanie off of his head, revealing the tousled mess beneath.
This time Betty didn’t flinch, she wasn’t scared, she had no reason to be. She knew he was scared right now. She didn’t want to lose him.
“For the last time, Forsythe.” Betty smirked, walking towards the sad boy who audibly gulped at the mention of his real name. “I don’t want Archie. He kissed me, I said no.” She whispered, getting closer and closer until their chests touched and all that could be heard was the heavy breathing both harmonised.
“I wanted you to fight for me.” Jughead leaned closer to the girl before him, all anger and upset being erased. All he could feel was Betty and that’s all he ever wanted to feel.
“I love you.” She breathed before the distance was closed and their lips connected for the first time in weeks. There was no worry of having to act like this was believable because they both knew this was real. No more pretending everything okay, no more hiding for each other, no more angry glares or tears.
“I love” Jughead breathed through a kiss. Pulling his head back he took a good look at the girl in his arms. Her silky blonde hair was tangled between his fingers, her eyes dark with lust but still full of raw emotion. He loved her. There was no doubt in his mind. Yet the words were so hard to say. He knows that she means all she says. She does love him. But shouldn’t a mother love her son. Or a father love his son. Did Jughead Jones know love?
“It’s okay, I know.” Betty sympathetically smiled up at him. His eyebrows were knitted in sheer frustration. He may not know love, but Betty Cooper is there in the sidelines cheering him on even if he doesn’t understand. He may never know love, but he knows what this is. And he knows it’s real. The fact that Betty understands him, she took the time to. No one else has done that for him, not even his own mother.
Before Jughead could say anything more, Betty jumped on him. Her lips attacking his feverishly. He relished the feeling and her sweet taste. He missed this.
They both collapsed onto the sofa in a messy heap, hungrily ripping off clothes that stand between them. And before they knew it, they were lying there, breathless and cloth-less. Betty was snuggled into Jughead’s side whilst he laid a protective arm over her. The make shift sofa bed wasn’t the most comfortable place, but any place with Betty was perfect. He pulled the blanket over his and Betty’s shoulders before lulling away into a deep sleep, surrounded by his favourite scent. Betty.


The sun cracked through the closed curtains, beaming in Jugheads face. A groggy smirk appeared on his face as he remember last night and how perfect it was. He knew this was for forever. He just couldn’t put that into words.
“Hey sleeping beauty.” Betty cooed from across the room, carrying in a tray of pancakes. Jugheads eyes snapped open to notice she wasn’t beside him but clothed in front of him. Her hair was messy yet tamed and she was wearing nothing but one of his oversized t-shirts. She was beautiful.
“Good morning Prince Charming.” He snapped back with just as much sarcasm. He was happy. He took her hand in his and kissed it softly, maintaining eye contact the entire time. A deep blush rose to her cheeks as she looked away. If only he could savour this moment forever.
“I made your favourite.” She changed the subject shoving a plate of pancakes over to him. That’s when he knew. He found the words she’d been dying to hear.
“Betty.” He said quickly. She nodded a confused yes, completely oblivious to his next actions. “I love you.” The room feel silent. There were no stutters, no second guessing, no overthinking. Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Third loves Elizabeth Cooper. And that was all anyone needed to know.
A smile wider than he’d ever seen before was plastered across Betty’s face. She tackled him into an embrace, not caring about spilling anything or knocking anything over. They were in love, and that’s all she’d ever wanted.


This is my first fic on Betty and Jughead and it’s only a quick dabble but I hope you enjoy!!💜

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So happy you got 600 followers. You deserve so much more. For the sentence starters thing Keith-“Oh my god! You’re in love with them!” "No, Dumb-ass I'm in love with you"

Aww thank you so much anon!! I still can’t believe I’m at 600! And I love this request it’s so cute!!


“Oh my god! You’re in love with them!” Keith said, a heart broken tone in his voice. Looking over at group of paladins.

You looked at him shocked at the statement before feeling a bit enraged at his obliviousness, “No, Dumb-ass I’m in love with you!” You yelled at him.

“You’re what?”

“I’m in love with you Keith! Not Shiro, not Lance, not Hunk! You! Geez you’re so dense sometimes!”

He stared at you wide eyed. Gaping like a fish, unable to find any words to express the joy he was feeling. “Please, say something” you pleaded.

Keith continued to keep his silence, but instead of gaping at you he took your face in his hands and in a rush of confidence crashed his lips onto yours. You were shocked at first before melting into the kiss.

“It’s about damn time!” Lance could be heard from across the room.

Keith pulled away, “Shut the hell up!”

600 Milestone Sentence Starters (Open until tonight)

I had a dream the Beatles (- George) came to visit my HS choir (so John was alive, old and well) and they asked if there were any requests. Since I was the only Beatle fan there, I made a joke referencing their songs and they laughed
Then John sang his own thing and I was wondering why he and Paul weren’t singing together… and concluded after I woke up that even after death John’s prolly still a lil thick headass

Beer Pong Part 2

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Request: @harrypotterpostblogger asked if there was gonna part 2!

Words: 716

Warnings: none

A/N: (who can spot the small in the heights quote?)

Part One

You kept replaying your last conversation with John. You thought of the forced smiles and stiff movements. You thought of the loving looks shared by the couple, and the lingering touches. You groaned, picking up your phone to call Alex.

“Hey, what’s up?” His voice asked through the receiver.

“Why didn’t you tell me John had a girlfriend?” You demanded, your voice slightly cracking.

“Well, I was going to, but he said he could do it. You’re jealous aren’t you?” You could hear the smirk in Alex’s voice.

“Shut up.”

“Well, I’ll be at your dorm in like 5 minutes.” You sighed in relief, knowing he’d bring popcorn.


Knock. Knock. Knock.

You raced to the door, greeting your friend.

“Sleepless as always. Seriously, your bags are dark as hell.” You commented, letting Alex inside, smiling slightly at the bag of uncooked popcorn kernels in his hand.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I have like 10 electives.” He defended, walking to the microwave to cook the popcorn.

“It is literally all your fault for choosing 10 electives you idiot!” You laughed, following him.

“Yeah yeah.” He waved you off, putting in the time for the microwave. It started; a faint noise rang out that indicated it was working.

“He never expressed any interest in anyone when I knew him, so why is he suddenly in love?” You wondered aloud.

“Well, there has been a girl he’s had his eyes on for a while.” Alex laughed at your sudden interest and surprise. “But I think she’s extremely oblivious to his love.”

“W-Wait who?” You questioned, frustrated.

“You, idiot! He went up to me last month raving about the ‘cute girl’ he ran into in the hallway!” Alex was smiling, but your expression hadn’t changed from surprise.

“Wh- But, he’s dating-”

“Probably trying to get over you.” Alex pulled the popcorn from the microwave, walking beside you to the couch.

“Damn.” You breathed. “I’m just too late.”

“I’m sure you could still go over to his house and tell him.” Alex mentioned, causing a grin to break out on your face.

“You think?” He nodded, and without another word you ran out of your dorm. You navigated through the halls, and finally found yourself in front of John’s door. You knocked, waiting impatiently for the door to open. When it did, you realized how stupid this idea was.

“Oh, hey Y/N. What’re doing here?” John smiled, and you could see Annabeth in the background. She was watching you with an odd look, which made you uncomfortable.

“Can we talk?” You managed to say, as he gave you a confused expression. He closed the door behind him, leaving the two of you alone in the hallway.

“You alright?” You nodded, swallowing hard.

“I just… Well Alex kinda told me-” You were cut off by John groaning.

“He told you about my crush on you, didn’t he?” He sounded annoyed, making you regret talking to him.

“Um… Yeah, and I just wanted to-” You paused, not meeting his eye. “I like you too, but now you’re dating Annabeth and so you probably don’t like me anymore and that’s ok I just needed to tell you ok bye.” You said in one breath, quickly turning to leave before he processed the sentence.

“Wait, Y/N!” He grabbed your wrist, launching you backwards. He caught you before you stumbled onto the ground, and gave you a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I- uh- I know I have a girlfriend. But, I don’t know, I still really like you. Plus, Annabeth’s kind of a bitch.” He laughed.

“You still like me?” Was all you could say. He nodded, pulling you into a hug. You immediately melted into it. “What are you going to do about her, though?” Your voice was muffled from the hug.

“I could just break up with her and start dating you instead.” Your cheeks heated up, and suddenly you were stuttering. John laughed, breaking away from the hug and giving you a quick kiss before returning to his dorm. You smiled to yourself, and ran off to tell Alex the news.

  • Ryo: [ casually changes clothes in front of Yukina]
  • Ryo: Um, changing? We are going to another gore movies marathon? Hurry up
  • Yukina: I meant why are you taking off your clothes here?!
  • Ryo: Because you’re gay so I don’t care
  • Yukina: Kisa-san is the first guy I ever liked, don’t suddenly assume that, I could be bi!
  • Ryo: You have an army of horny girls after you willing to do anything for you, and instead of having lots of sex with them, you sell them Shojo manga. Shojo manga you also read and cry over. Then you fall for your male stalker.
  • Yukina:
  • Ryo: [ Casually] Is this bra making my boobs look bigger?

you have been in love with your best friend for three years when he proposes to someone that is not you.

Keep reading

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What if Keith is Haggar's son instead of Thace's?

Oooooo, Anon, that is a very clever idea. 

That would make the Keith is a Galra Druid Theory so much easier

-As I’ve mentioned before, Keith being a druid Galra would cover his ability to change his appearance between Galra and human, so him being the descendant of Haggar would further solidify his ability to do it. It is quite literally in his DNA.

-I also really like the idea that Keith’s Galra side is his mother?

-Okay but Imagine (Warning I’m going pretty angsty!): 

-Keith was the accidental child of Haggar, she had had no intention in children so when Keith came along she had every intention of giving him away. Except Zarkon wouldn’t allow it. 

-Zarkon saw Keith as having every potential Haggar did so the last thing he wanted was for him to be breed and raised against the Galra Empire. 

-At first Haggar does the absolute bare minimum of requirement, leaving Keith to be watched by some other Galrans so she can focus her efforts on continuing to serve Zarkon and the empire. 

-But as the months go by, Haggar starts to keep a closer eye, not from love, but because she had somewhat realized some truth in what Zarkon had said about his potential.

-One night, when Haggar happened to be passing his room late at night when she was returning from work she noticed Keith was awake, but not crying like normal babies..

-When she goes in she sees Keith’s eyes glow just slightly brighter and a light explodes next to his crib from his uncontrolled emotions. 

-And Haggar’s suspicions are confirmed, and after that night Haggar starts to pay more attention, subtly slipping small things before Keith slowly not only gaining attachment, but beginning to think that she can raise Keith to be just as powerful as her one day, another piece for Zarkon’s empire.

-However, when an attack happens on the main ship Haggar runs to Keith instead of Zarkon’s side which results in devastating damage on the ship, and Zarkon is furious because she wasn’t there. 

-At this point Haggar realizes that Keith will only be a distraction and decides that Keith cannot stay, and therefore slips away to send Keith to Earth where she knows he wont be able to ever hone his skills and become a threat

-Therefore, Keith finds himself raised on Earth completely oblivious to his heritage. 

Oh man, I love this idea. I love love love this idea!

Boyfriend Taehyung

Yoongi // Hoseok // Jimin // Jungkook // Taehyung  // Namjoon // Seokjin 

Dating Taehyung would include:

◍ Forehead kisses/nose kisses/neck kisses

◍ A lot of lip biting 


“Babe I’m bored.”

Do you wanna make out?”

“Hell yeAH.”

◍  making out when you both have nothing to do

◍ making out when you both have stuff to do but would rather kiss each other ferociously than face your responsibilities



“But I already named him.”

“Jfc, what is it.”





◍ zoo dates/dessert run dates/park dates

◍ silly snapchats some of which would be somewhat nsfw and make you 

◍ back hugs where Taehyung’s chin resting on your shoulder and the comforting scent of his cologne in your nose 

◍ him offering to give you a piggy back ride 24/7

◍ anime marathons

◍ texts like this:

    ◍ Tae: gOoD mOrNinG tUrD nUgGeT

    ◍ You: it’s 5 in the morning tae wtf are you doing

    ◍ Tae: staring at your front door, waiting for you to let me in because I can’t          sleep in my own bed duh what did you think I was doing


◍ The two of you have ugly selfie wars that always begin when one of you get the “_______ took a screenshot!” notification.



“I love you.”

◍ Despite his cheery and sometimes oblivious demeanor, Tae would have the tenancy to get jealous, not very easily, but it would happen. And when it did, he would be sure to rush you home and show you all the frustrations he’s been harboring. (in them pants amirite)

◍ Slow and sensual sex with Taehyung would be rare, something reserved for special events or times. During these, however, he would be mindful of your pleasure and making sure he puts it before his own. A slew of loving words and confessions would tumble from his lips; his eyes darting across your features, memorizing each twitch of your jaw, each crease between your eyebrows, and each moan that emitted from your throat. 

◍ Typical sex with Taehyung on the other hand would be wild and kinky. We all know this innocent boy in disguise probably quite a few kinks up his sleeve. Have you seen his habit of not keeping his dammed tongue in his mouth, I MEAN NEED I SAY MORE. He would get off on the feeling of you trembling under the pressure of his tongue, indulging in how each lick caused you to writhe and beg for him. He’d actively torture you with a teasingly slow pace until he was satisfied with your pleas enough to completely immerse himself into the act of ravaging and glorifying your body in the form of sharp, fast thrusts.

◍ Taehyung and his fetishes, including: mouth/oral asphyxiation, breath play, blindfolds, bondage, being a dom, being a sub, and over stimulation

◍ “If I eat a bug will you buy me food.”

◍ Essentially a relationship with Taehyung would be fun and weird all at once. At times it may be hard to keep up with this bundle of energy but through it all the two of you would make it through every rough patch and prevailing against all the odds. Because an unstoppable couple, such as you two, is one that always stands the test of time.

fiNALLY lmao these get longer and longer the more I do them I may have to do some part two’s to some of them

Ask Box is open from 3PM - 9PM Monday - Thursday (EST) and all day on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

- Celeste xx

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Alright, I've got a list for you! I love your writing as much as Dean loves pie! I love your writing as much as Sam loves flannel! I love your writing as much as Crowley loves coming up with nicknames for Sam more than coming up with ones for Dean! I love your writing as much as Sam loves his hair! I love your writing as much as Cas obliviously loves Dean! And last but not least, I love your writing as much as Bobby loves alcohol! Love you a lot!

Holy cow! That was seriously amazing to read!!!! Thank you so much!!! This made me smile so much!!

Imagine Mary and Mrs Hudson deciding to treat themselves to tea in a nice hotel and Mary’s in the middle of talking about how nice it is to spend time together, just the two of them, when suddenly Mrs Hudson elbows her in the ribs and jerks her head toward the door where Molly is admiring the floral arrangements, wearing a lovely summer dress and heels while Sherlock (wearing the pale yellow shirt he rarely wears and kitted out in a grey waistcoat and his nicest grey trousers) asks for a table. And the two of them watch in complete shock and confusion as Sherlock pulls Molly’s chair out and tucks her in before taking the seat across from her and while they’re chatting and laughing and sharing a cake Mary nearly breaks her thumbs texting John frantically asking if he knows why Sherlock and Molly are currently playing footsie in a crowded tearoom in the middle of the afternoon 


Request - Jon Snow finds out that Maisy his wife is pregnant.

Pairing - Jon Snow X Reader

Wordcount - 315

Warnings - Swearing 

Maisy and Jon had been married for a while. Despite their somewhat complicated living arrangement. Maisy loved being married to Jon. She loved how he would wake her with a  single kiss. She loved how he would cook for her even if he wasn’t the best cook in Westeros. But above all that, Maisy loved how Jon went out of his way to keep her happy. But she realized that as of late Jon wasn’t happy. The strain of being a bastard and Catelyn constant unavoidable glares and remarks were wearing thin on both Maisy and Jon. But today Maisy had news. Good news. Exciting news. She’s with child. Jon was going to be a father. They were going to be a family. 

So when Jon returned home for the day, Maisy ws excited to tell her husband. But when Jon returned he was less than pleased. 

“I can’t believe that Father has taken her side again. Now we must leave Winterfell with no where to good” Despite the news being less than pleasing and somewhat problematic, Maisy couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.

“Well its going to get a little crowded in here anyway” Maisy replied but Jon didn’t seem to comprehend. 

“Do you not enjoy Ghost’s company?” Jon asked his wife completely oblivious to his wife’s true meaning. 

“No, I love Ghosts company. I just hope that Ghost is going to like his new family member. Jon I’m with child” Maisy explained to her clueless husband. 

“Your with child? We’re going to have a baby” Jon’s hands trailed themselves to Maisy’s stomach. She nodded enthusiastically. 

“Yes” She replied as Jon bent down and kissed her clothed stomach. 

“I’m going to be the best father as I possibly can” Maisy stood smiling down at Jon as she brushed her hands through his hair knowing he was going to be a great father…  

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Pre-relationship Gency idea here: what about Genji trying to smooth talk an oblivious Mercy? Maybe he's trying to ask her out for a night on the town or he plans on setting up a cute cuddly movie night back at the base for just the two of them?

Oh my gosh, Genji is still such a playboy and it is the cutest thing ever. I love oblivious Mercy and Genji trying his hardest with pickup lines, its just so perfect.

I combined this oneshot with another anon asking, figuring it would work better this way. Enjoy dolls!

Other Anon Ask:  shitty bad prompt: first gency date


Gency. Fluff. Pickup lines.

“Dr. Ziegler,” He speaks, stepping into her lab. She looks up from her desk, her bangs hiding part of her face before her slim fingers brush it back against her ear.

“Oh, Genji! Come in, I’ve almost finished my last report.” She speaks, her velvet voice soft and beautiful.

He walks in, his heart beating against his body. It’s loud enough to him that he wonders if she can hear it too. As he stops to lean against the wall, he looks over her white lab coat. Her pink lips.

He’s asked hundreds of girls on dates before, this shouldn’t be any different. He even practiced approaches towards the beautiful doctor. His playboy days may be behind him, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the ways of one.

Her fingers type away, the nails pink and uncolored. Then with a sigh, she pushes away from her desk, turning in her chair to stand up. Her smile is soft as she directs it towards him, and for a moment he forgets what he wants to ask her.

“Now that that’s over with, is there something you need?” She asks, blue eyes pulling him in.

“Yes… Yes.” He stumbles for a moment, turning his helm to focus himself. “I wish to ask you something, Dr. Zeigler.”

“Oh?” She asks, her lips turning to a pink ‘O’ on her perfect face.

He takes a deep breath, readying himself, before saying, “Do you know what I’m doing at 6?”

She seems taken back by the question, her eyebrow raising, “No, I don’t. Why do you say that?”

“Because you should know, it’s whatever you’re doing at 6.” He breathes out, and feels his heart freeze inside of him. He swears time slows as he watches her take that in.

“I didn’t know you wanted to spend your evening with me, Genji!” She responds enthusiastically, his pickup line not registering within her. “We can watch a movie, I think the rest of the team is gone for the night. It would just be you and me.” She grins happily, “Let me just get the rest of this mess cleared then I’ll meet you in the Recreation room.”

He steps away from the wall. “Perfect. I will see you soon.” And quickly makes his exit.

His heart hammers inside of him, but he’s smiling underneath his face helm nevertheless. She didn’t take in his attempt to be smooth, but they will be spending the evening together, and that’s what Genji finds successful.

With a soft sigh, he thinks of better lines to use that will be sure to sweep the doctor off her feet.

They end up in the recreation room. The T.V. set to a romantic comedy that Mercy picked out. They sit close, but not touching, Mercy too engrossed in the movie. He keeps tilting his helm to the side just to watch her, finding her the most interesting thing in the room. The way she leans forward slightly, her teeth digging into her lips absentmindedly.

She unfortunately notices his staring, and looks at him.

“What? Is something wrong?” She asks, her hand brushing across her cheeks as if sweeping away an imperfection. Afraid that Genji might be looking at something on her face.

“Dr. Ziegler that is not one thing wrong with you.” He speaks smoothly, a smile hidden behind his face plate.

“Oh thank you!” She beams, and Genji nearly sighs out loud but manages to contain it. Are his lines not good enough? She must have heard better ones with her being a perfect angel. She must have heard them all. He needs to do better.

The movie sends, and Genji is trying with all his might to come up with the one killer line that will get Dr. Ziegler blushing. He knows she’s difficult to impress, but that only makes her seem more wonderful. How she’s not easily taken away with one cute comment about her looks. He needs something that is worthy of the doctor. Something spectacular.

They end up wondering over to the glass door just outside of the gardens, and Mercy stops. Her face lighted by the indirect beams of the crescent moon.

“The garden looks very beautiful tonight.” She speaks softly, her velvet voice causing Genji to melt where he stands. He closes his eyes for a moment, trying desperately to save the night somehow.

“Not as beautiful as you, Dr. Zeigler.” He tries, knowing it’s an easy line, but he needs to buy more time. Anything to help him think of something good to let the doctor knows how he feels.

“Oh you’re too kind, Genji.” She smiles unfazed, and he isn’t surprised. That was a weak line anyway. Yet, it got that gorgeous smile out of her, and he doesn’t count that as a defeat.

“Dr. Zeigler?” He speaks, his eyes moving from the garden paths to the oceans contained on her face.

“Yes, Genji?”

“Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?” His heart beats rapidly, but he doesn’t falter.

“Of course,” She answers, holding out her hand for whatever is it that Genji might possible have.

Slowly, Genji slips his fingers between hers, and looks at their interlocked hands. The flesh and metal intertwined He ducks his head slightly as he waits for her reaction.

Pink floods her cheeks, as she looks back at Genji. Her pink lips making another little ‘O’ shape. Her face somehow appearing more stunning in the moonlight with the blush.

“Oh… yes, I can hold this.” She breathes out, and Genji nearly collapses from sheer relief. Laughing softly at her comeback.

“Shall we then?” He asks, opening the door for her. As they slip into the garden, Genji’s face plate hides his victorious smile from Mercy’s view.

Raspberry Soap

A/N: quite obviously based on Soap by Melanie Martinez.

Warnings: smut(ish) in the beginning, angst, bad thoughts, alcohol, swearing

Words: 2031 (smol)

Description/Excerpt:  The scent fills the room and he notices too late that Phil is the very reason this soap is in their bathroom. This is how Phil smells when he gets out of the shower, this is what pleasantly invades his nostrils when he sleeps with his face against the blue and green checkered bedsheets after nights such as this one. Fuck.

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