i love his obliviousness



Out of My System

Author: xxdevilishxx @umsonowwhat

Description: Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

Pairing: Yoonmin

Word Count: 101711

Status: Complete


  • Ryo: [ casually changes clothes in front of Yukina]
  • Ryo: Um, changing? We are going to another gore movies marathon? Hurry up
  • Yukina: I meant why are you taking off your clothes here?!
  • Ryo: Because you’re gay so I don’t care
  • Yukina: Kisa-san is the first guy I ever liked, don’t suddenly assume that, I could be bi!
  • Ryo: You have an army of horny girls after you willing to do anything for you, and instead of having lots of sex with them, you sell them Shojo manga. Shojo manga you also read and cry over. Then you fall for your male stalker.
  • Yukina:
  • Ryo: [ Casually] Is this bra making my boobs look bigger?
When You Fall Asleep (BIGBANG Reaction)

G-Dragon: He was pleasantly surprised when you decided to pull an all-nighter with him in the recording studio, but when he turned in order to ask for your opinion you were sound asleep. Smirking, he draped his coat over your torso, giving you a quick peck on the forehead before deciding to crash onto the couch as well, curling his body around yours. “You really fall asleep anywhere.”

Taeyang: You and Youngbae were babysitting T.O.P’s nephew and it literally took you two whole hours to get the bundle of energy to sleep. He watched as you fell asleep next to the little boy, tenderly grinning down at you as you were oblivious to his loving smiles. “I’m going to try to babysit Seunghyun’s nephew more often.. Anything to see that beautiful sight.”

Seungri: During the YG Bonding Camp, the bus ride there was tiring enough to make you fall asleep on his shoulder. Lips upturned in a smirk he snapped a photo of you and daringly showed your angelic sleeping face once you woke up at the destination. “Insomnia, you said? You’re going to have to pay for the medication,” he teased, stealing a kiss away from your lips.

Daesung: “You’re not going to magically remember all of the exam answers overnight, Y/N…” He dubiously poked your cheek as your college textbook became your somewhat comfortable pillow. “I’ll help you study. In this equation, what’s the solution of x?” You unconsciously mumbled,“Kang Daesung…” Which, of course, brought him into a fit of cute giggles. “You’ll pass the exam alright.”

Seunghyun: T.O.P was not the kind of person to show PDA but when he saw your sleeping figure on the couch in the middle of Jiyong’s apartment, he couldn’t just stand there. Gently lifting you up in his arms, he bid everyone a goodnight before protectively carrying you out in his arms, your body being the equivalent of fragile glass to him. “If you ever show weakness in front of those boys again, Y/N, I swear…”

you have been in love with your best friend for three years when he proposes to someone that is not you.

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I love how completely oblivious Alec is to his own good looks and to the effect he has on other people. I think he really didn’t notice Magnus checking him out in the training room, it flew right over his head. I mean, seriously, his response to Magnus’ “I wanted to see you again” was “Why?” He honest to God doesn’t get that someone might feel attracted, drawn to him. Because he sees himself as unimportant and boring. 

Which is why it wouldn’t surprise me if in the next episode, he obliviously told Magnus that he took his advice and followed his heart, that’s why he asked Lydia to marry him. Because it didn’t click for him at all that Magnus might have hoped for something completely different. Which is very in character even for Book!Alec who didn’t understand that Magnus actually loved him, Magnus had to spell it out to him.

But I also hope that Alec explains to Magnus why he asked Lydia to marry him, that he tells Magnus all about their trouble with the Clave, how they wanted to take the Institute away from them, that he couldn’t let it happen… That he won’t just blurt out that he asked Lydia to marry him and that will be it. Yes, it will be painful to see Magnus heartbroken, and he will be however it plays out - but I want to see him heartbroken BUT understanding WHY Alec did it.

i just love luke so much i love his laugh and his smile and his eyes and his jokes and i love it when he’s being serious and he stumbles over his words a little because he’s trying to find the right thing to say and i love that he loves his band members with his entire heart and i love that he can act so oblivious but he’s actually really smart and probably has an answer for every question he ever gets asked i just love him with my whole body from my head to my toes from my skin to my bones :-(

Look at the arranged marriage plot this way...

Alright so what we know is that Alec is aged up a bit. He’s not 17 anymore in the beginning of the book. I’m gonna say maybe 20? 21? Something around that.

Maryse is a caring mother to Alec, she may have some issues but altogether not a bad person.

Now if Alec is no longer just a 17 year old boy in the show it means he’s been aware of his sexuality for much longer, hiding it much longer, and not acting upon it.

So the fam doesn’t have a clue about his sexuality, minus Izzy of course and maybe Jace has an idea.

Alec is probably pouty a lot, mopes, just seems naturally unhappy to his family. Shadowhunters usually get married early ya know? So Mayrse is probably thinking, maybe I can find my son love. She picks a girl oblivious to his being gay. Maybe he goes along with it because of the fact he hasn’t gotten Jace to love him the way he loves him for this long so he may be givin up on love. And may think this is the easy way out of not letting the Shadowhunter community know he is in fact homosexual.

And so the plot thickens.

Rumor has it that Alec has “researched” a bit about Magnus but never met him and then Clary comes along and they end up at his party or whatever way the show makes them meet and Magnus flirts with him, OBV, and boom Alec is not one bit for the arranged marriage anymore, he wants Magnus but can’t come out to his family and adds to the drama that is our wonderful ship.

And who knows Lydia branwell could be a totally bad ass character that isn’t one bit actually into Alec and is just going along with it for the family sakes because she hasn’t been able to show her true love either

Personally I have nothing bad to say about this plot line. It basically means more for Alec and Magnus and bonus scenes and screen time.