i love his mustache

when geoff lost his mustache in a fire, the crew did not let him live it down.

he has woken up too many times withe a mustache drawn on in sharpie on his face, lopsided of course. obviously gav’s work

next was from ray, a spray painted mustache in his mirror perfectly lined up so when geoff stands in front of the mirror it looks like its on him.

jack was the most relenetless, they actually cut hair from his head and glued it messily on his face (geoff is too much of a heavy sleeper) 

ryan would act like he didn’t even know the man, he’d look at geoff and introduce himself again and again until geoff just punched him 

lastly micheal, literally went to the site where geoff lost it and dumped ashes in a little ring box and presented it to him like he was proposing to geoff

when the ashes fell to the floor and everyone realized what they were the whole crew including geoff were on the floor in tears 

If someone told me to choose one picture of JunMyeon to look at for the rest of my life, this one will be it, without hesitating.  

I love the fact that they didn’t whitewhased this photo, and I don’t know there’s something about it that makes it so perfect to me. Maybe it’s the tiny mole close to his chest, his cute little nose, his perfect eyebrows, those tiny pinkish lips, the shadow of his mustache… ¡I dont know! I’m just in love with this photo, I can’t get over it, I just can’t.  

this show is so silly

I love Avery’s big, gentle eyes (how does a guy with such look in his eyes become a cop???)

I love Trish’s professional badassery, it’s hot

I love Roger’s  fierce protectiveness for his family (and Riggs), and his deadpan face, this he does perfectly

I love Riggs, his unruly curls and his ridiculous mustache, his smile, this kind of smile that brightens up his whole face, and his tears, when the pain becomes too big to handle

“Damn mechanics…”

“Damn engineers…”

nikkiheats - Raven #10 + Bonus Wick #17 (૭ ఠ༬ఠ)૭




well he’s still hot tho but im sooo not used to see him without the glorious mustache….looks like im going to stick WITHOUT this mod coz i love them glorious sexy mustache of his….but if anyone interested here is link. they also got beardless Blackwall o_o