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his dark inktober - a his dark materials themed month-long inking party
day 7: shy

“There were five young ones in this settlement, one almost grown and the others somewhere in between, and being smaller than the adults, they could not manage the seedpod wheels. The children had to move as the grazers did, with all four feet on the ground, but for all their energy and adventurousness (skipping up to Mary and shying away, trying to clamber up tree trunks, floundering in the shallow water, and so on), they seemed clumsy, as if they were in the wrong element. The speed and power and grace of the adults was startling by contrast, and Mary saw how much a growing youngster must long for the day when the wheels would fit.”

Trans Dave would absolutely wear a “down with cis” shirt  ironically

[DISCLAIMER] I do not condone violence or hate towards cis people. Almost all of the people I care about are cis. It is a joke. Please be gentle.

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From the moment your son could walk, he followed Hal around like a shadow. When he starts helping with the animals, your son sees the goats and sheep butting their heads gently on Hal's legs when he goes to feed them and Hal tells them 'yeah, yeah. I love you guys too'. One night you watch as Hal is getting your son ready for bed and when he tells him "love you little guy" your son head butts his leg and says "i love you too papa".

okay technically this belongs on Wednesdays but it’s too cute not to post

Fluffy Friday™

Further Observations
  • Adding to the list of Shit The Duke Owns: there’s a curtain in the stairs up to his throne, behind which is apparently a slowly-rising platform specifically for DRAMATIC ENTRANCES.  Just like normal people have!
  • Kaia looks pretty young, but she calls Chuck “son” at one point and she was a young woman when Kane started dumping toxic sludge.  Kaia’s middle-aged?? 
  • Fearless!Chuck punched Mutt so hard he dented the metal.  The boosters cut off pain response but they don’t make you invulnerable to damage…?  I am concerned for Chuck’s hand.
  • A LOT of people enter the Robo Round-Up, but Junior specifically calls and singles out Texas multiple times. >:I Hmm. Could be some history there.
  • Things I forgot: the Burners’ main source of income seems to be Dutch and Chuck turning out high-quality custom car parts.  Why does nobody ever bring this up to Texas when he’s ragging on “The Nerds”.  They’re your breadwinners, dude.
  • what did Kaia even think she was going to get done with those mutant plants, though?  Seriously.  They just would’ve killed civilians, and then gotten lasered to death by bots.
  • Chuck would probably do pretty well on a normal road with speed limits and turn signals and stuff!  He might even like driving, in our day and age.  :.)
  • Shit The Duke Owns: a giant golden replica of his own face that breathes fire and shoots lazers from its eyes and has mobile giant sunglasses.
  • Every so often Mike says something that just…really sounds like an NPC.  “Dutch!  Use your sonic blasters to set off the mines!!”  ((*prompt text: press Δ to activate sonic blasters*))
  • Red says he “forged” his own armor, and presumably he also created whatever lightning-tech he uses.  Like…dang?
  • Not only does Mike apparently frequently rein in Texas’s impulses (coughmomfriendcough) he apparently does it with the exact same chintzy little mom-ism every time.  “Let’s put that in the back pocket, okay?”  OKAY, MOM.
  • Also whenever one of his teammates seems interested in somebody romantically, he does this kind of wry-smile-and-head-shake combo like you crazy kids…
  • Mike you’re like SEVENTEEN.  You’re all TEENAGERS, they are THE SAME AGE AS YOU.
  • In conclusion: Mike “Mom Friend” Chilton.