i love his laugh omg

Movistar asked some riders about their favorite songs…

(Dani said he listened to this a lot the year he broke both his ankles, when recovering from injuries and OMG DANIEL YOU TINY CHEESY MAN I’M CRYING)

okay, but you know the moment tom was guessing who wrote his thing, he said something about phil being the one who might find him offensive still and phil immediately says “i do” ? so, tom joke about serotonin was funny and everything and i like tom, but the way phil said that “i do” sounded just like “yeah of course i do you keep making offensive depression jokes about my boyfriend you don’t want to mess with my danny what are you thinking just wait until this video is over-” and his face with that look and oh idk phil is savage and hell yeah you stand by your man philip ! 


Being in the middle of them


└ When we know who’s our real ‘fraidy-baby~ Oh Jun… (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 25.02.2017

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Love the Passing of Time by  weatheredlaw (for @weatheredlaw)

Newt feels, in this instance, closer to humans than ever has in his entire life.

Tina’s hand in his, their future laid out before them – he counts himself lucky to be one.

or: Tina meets the family.

Sanrio Danshi - Yoshino Shunsuke Character Profile

2nd year (high school)
Height: 180 cm (around 5’9”)
Birthday: June 7
Club: Soccer club

Ace striker of the soccer club but a blunt person.

I have memories of my first love, who gave me a Hello Kitty charm to win a game. I forgot the goddess of victory and her love too as I respected Hello Kitty. I arranged Hello Kitty (things) around the club, there was no particular negative reaction as I did that. (Well-received by girls). In fact, I did not know how to correspond to the girl who liked me but I had quite acted with a cold attitude to her.

“Think about the feelings of others” admonished by Kouta and Yuu. I changed my attitude.

In the end, I became even more popular and ‘til now I haven’t made up with her.

T/N: Hello. Sorry it took a while. I was planning to post this one along with Kouta’s but I’m not finished with his profile yet <\3 I hope Shunsuke would make you smile today too~ He who ignored a lady because of Hello Kitty. 


okay if you say so 🌝

3/? things luhan says

I was at the shinee concert in vancouver and I have a few tHings to say because I need to talk about it

key is sweet and cute as HELL and him speaking english is heaven lemme just say??! his dance solo during one of their songs is ICONIC and his smILE PLEASE HELP ME. he is so handsome and beautiful, I swear, his ig posts do not do him justice
minho ALSO speaking english is a blessing and him waving at fans during their performance was adorable. him trying to shush the fans with a cute little smile when he wants to talk makes MY HEART ACHE TOO?? I kept screaming ‘MINHOOO’ whenever his parts in their songs came up. and his laugh too omg why I love him
taemin trying to speak in his broken english is the most sweetest and endearing thing ever and I like how he said he’ll try to learn more of our language for when they come back (plus his solo performance was PERFECT, AMAZING)((he also has some nice back muscles yo))
• hearing onew’s voice in person almost made me cry, I’m telling you. his voice is so beautiful and he’s just a squishy little bean I love him so much, he’s so precious and his laugh is adorable
jonghyun??? HIS SMILE IS SO BRIGHT AND HIS VOICE IS SO WONDERFUL I CANT BELIEVE I HEARD HIS VOICE WITH MY OWN EARS?? his heart is so pure please why is he doing this to me
• @ the end of the concert I nearly cried but I got a piece of confetti and the memory of their voices and smiles in my head so I’m fine bless shinee and their hearts