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Imagine surprising Chris for his birthday.

A/N: I didn’t think I’d get a one shot done for his birthday, but I did. 😊 Happy birthday, Chris. And also, thank you so much for 5.5K! I love you all to bits. What a wonderful present to get on Chris’ birthday. X

13th of June 2017; Chris’ 36th birthday. You had big plans for your husband’s birthday, except they weren’t going to take place until later in the evening. Unlike Chris who had just finished filming the first part of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, you were still needed at your job. You had quite a bit to do today and seeing as you had plans to meet Chris at 6:30PM, you were on a bit of a time crunch. You got up earlier than usual, texting your driver to pick you up with breakfast from yours and Chris’ favorite brunch spot. You weren’t going to be there when Chris woke up, the least you could do was get him some delicious maple walnut bagels.

By the time Chris woke up, you’d already left for work and Dodger had taken your bed space. He chuckled and scratched his best friend’s head, then narrowed his eyes when he spotted a folded piece of paper tucked in Dodger’s collar. He smiled when he saw that it was in your handwriting, it said: “Good morning, Birthday Boy. I couldn’t afford the day off, but I’m leaving work early. See you at 6:30, I’m sending Jason to pick you up so be ready. Your suit’s in the closet, pressed and ready to wear. I love you.” He kissed the note then pressed it to his nose, as always- you’d spritzed it with some of your perfume. You did it every time you left him a note, and he did the same when he left you one; it just made things more personal.

“Okay, Dodger,” Chris sat up, resting the note on his bedside table. “Let’s go see what Y/N left me for breakfast.” He said, knowing very well you’d left him breakfast. It was something you did when you had to leave for work early on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day.

You always thought that between the two of you he was the one that would miss out on all the big occasions, but it turned out to be you instead; the owner of a start-up that helped promote big fashion and beauty brands as well as dress celebrities and socialites. You wanted to complain, but it was hard to considering how much you loved your job. It wasn’t just because you got to work around clothes and makeup all day, it also helped you meet and marry your celebrity crush. You couldn’t believe how quickly the last four years had gone by, it felt like just yesterday you were launching your company.

Chris found the maple walnut bagels you’d left him and popped them in the toaster while he boiled some water to make some green tea. He filled Dodger’s food and water bowl while he waited for both his breakfast items to heat up. He was expecting more than breakfast, if he was being honest. You were a romantic who left him love notes and gifts even when it wasn’t his birthday, so why on earth wouldn’t you when you actually had a reason to do so? He flinched when the toaster popped out his bagels. He grabbed a plate to hold his bagels then grabbed the cream cheese from the fridge, sighing. 6:30PM was a long while away, what was he going to do with his day until then? He could drop by your work place to hang out, but he felt like he’d just seem needy if he did. He huffed and took a bite of his warm bagel, looking over at Dodger who was happily enjoying his kibble.

“Looks like we’re going to go for a long run, bud.”

• • • • • • • •

Chris fixed his tie in the mirror by the front door while he waited for your driver to pick him up. The day had been a long one waiting for 6:30PM, but it was finally here. He couldn’t wait to see you and see what you’d planned for him. You’d planned everything with great secrecy because this was something you knew you couldn’t let Chris’ curiosity ruin for himself. It was big and you wanted it to catch him with complete surprise as it did you when you found out. You couldn’t stop smiling when you saw the two lines appear on the stick, and you knew Chris wouldn’t be able to either when you told him he was finally getting the child he’d always wanted.

A knock on the door told Chris that Jason had arrived, he grabbed his house keys and opened the front door. “Hey, man.” Chris greeted Jason and earned a nod and smile from the man who’d been looking after his wife since she started her career. Jason opened the car door for Chris and Chris got into the car, smiling when he saw a bottle of his favorite beer sitting in a ice bucket. He chuckled and cracked it open as Jason got back into the car, pulling out of the driveway.

You got a text from Jason when they arrived at your company’s main headquarters. You were waiting on the roof with your news as well as a candlelit dinner catered by the Italian restaurant you and Chris went to on your first date. You were slightly nervous to tell Chris you were pregnant. You didn’t know why because you knew he’d be happy to hear it, but you were nervous. You weren’t trying for a child per se, but you weren’t not trying either. You both agreed that if it happened, it happened. You went off the pill and stopped using the latex barrier, allowing the universe to decide if the two of you should be parents.

“Don’t I feel special?” You heard Chris’ voice and you turned around, smiling when you saw him walking over. “You do know how to spoil me.” He looped an arm around your waist, pulling you into him as he pressed his lips against yours. You could taste the residual alcohol in his mouth as he kissed you. “Happy birthday to me,” he chuckled softly when he broke the kiss.

“Happy birthday indeed,” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. Both of his hands landed on your waist as he smiled brightly at you. “Do you want your present first, or dinner first? I thought I’d give you the choice seeing as you’re the birthday boy.”

“Depends on what the present is, I mean- If it’s you and your Versace on the floor, I’d rather save it until we get home.” He winked and you laughed. “But if it’s something that doesn’t involve sexual favors then I’ll have the present first.” You rolled your eyes with a smile as you pulled away from his touch, taking his hand to pull him with you. You grabbed the envelope off the dinner table and held it out for him to take. “Aw, man. An envelope?”

“Excuse me?” You laughed. “Did you seriously just say that?”

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “I was just hoping for something- y'know, in a box. You nailed last year’s gift, I really liked that bottle of scotch you got me with the personalized glassware?” You tried not to smile too widely as you played out his reaction after he saw what was in the envelope in your head; you had no doubt he was going to regret everything he said. “But you know what, I’m sorry. It’s always the thought that counts and you are always superbly thoughtful. Envelope or box, I’m sure this is going to be an amazing gift.”

“If you’re disappointed, I can always make up for it when we get home ‘cause there’s a Victoria Secret gift bag waiting at the back of the wardrobe.” You teased him and he chuckled, shooting you a quick wink as he opened the envelope. “Disappointed?” You bit back your smile when you saw his jaw drop at the sight of the sonogram he’d just pulled out.

“Is this-” He looked up at you with tear filled eyes and you nodded, smiling. “So we’re-” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. He couldn’t breathe, he was holding a picture of his future child in his hand. He was going to be a father, the two of you were going to have a child. “YES!” He wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you off the ground.

“Chris!” You yelped then laughed as he spun you in a circle. “Are you happy?” You asked as he continued to hold you against him; you ran one hand over his gelled hair and the other down his back. He nodded, burying his face in this crook of your neck. “Is this a better gift than the scotch last year?” He nodded again and you smiled. “Can you kiss me now?” You asked and he quickly met your lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

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This counts right? ;v; 😝

The guys gave the fan who was at the microphone a smile; they could tell she was nervous by her laughter. “Hi, my name’s Jane. How’re you guys doing?” She asked into the mic.

“Hi Jane, I’m Jensen, this is Jared, and we are both doing very well today. You having fun?” Jensen answered her with a grin.

Jane chuckled into the microphone, “I’m doing fantastic. So um, I know this is your guys first time in the city and I was wondering how you’re liking it?”

“Oh we’re loving it!” Jared happily replied, “We came down two days early because Y/N, Jensen’s little sister goes to school here. She showed us around and it’s just been a lot of fun.”

Jensen nodded his head, “I’ve actually been here before.” Jensen said with a smile, “I’ve helped Y/N when it comes to moving time every year for school and she forces me to visit her every now and then. It’s a really cool city; I can see why my sister loves it here.”

“Do you have any stories to share?” Someone in the audience shouted out.

The boys shared a look before Jared brought his mic back up to his mouth, “Well since we’re talking about Y/N already, I think we should tell them about last night.”

Jensen instantly broke out into laughter as he brought the mic up, “She’s out shopping with Danneel so I think now is the only safe time to share it.” Jensen said while Jared began to laugh again.

“Okay, so as some of you guys know I have a little sister, Y/N. I like to, I keep the lives of my family private so you guys don’t know too much about her, but she’s a giant nerd. Ridiculously smart, prefers to hangout at home reading, but she’s crazy beautiful.” Jensen spoke about you with fondness in his voice.

“So we dragged her out last night and brought her to bar.” Jared cut in, laughter still evident in his voice

“She was so ticked.” Jensen said chuckling, “While we were at the bar a guy came up to her and asked her to dance. I didn’t want her to-”

“Jensen is very protective of Y/N-” Jared cut in.

“She’s my baby sister!” Jensen replied with mock offense, “Anyways, Danneel forced Y/N to give the guy a chance-”

“While I made Jay stay seated.” Jared said laughing.

“But my sister starts dancing with this guy, it’s obvious she doesn’t wanna be there, so she starts dancing like this.” Jensen tells the story while beginning to reenact your dance move. Next to him Jared was cracking up before he joined Jensen in dancing in their seats. “She was looking around too and I could just imagine her inner dialogue.”

“Oh my god I hate my brother. He made me go out, now I’m dancing with this guys and oh my god they all keep staring.” Jared said in a high pitched voice while Jensen and him continued to be you.

“Jared, I will kill you!” Your voice sounded from behind the stage.

“Oh shit, she’s here!”

Waking up to a Dark Mark (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Prompt/Request: ‘’Okay so could you write an imagine where y/n and draco are cuddling and they both fall asleep, but in the middle of the night y/n wakes up and sees draco’s dark mark accidentally? And she wakes him up and gets mad, but he tells her that he had no choice? I know you’ll make it good haha I’m wait patiently :)’’ - Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,064.
Warning(s): Fluff. (sad to see that almost all my warnings contain the word fluff. JK, I love fluff)
Note: Okay so I’m really liking this request because I like fluff where Draco does something bad(ass) and then has to calm the reader down HA so gr8. THANK YOU FOR THE REQUEST, HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

+     +     +     +     +     +

It was the beginning of the weekend and you choose to start this weekend in the best way possible, which was cuddling with Draco in his bed because his other roommates wouldn’t be there all day. After a hard time at school, tests everywhere and teachers being really bitchy, you thought you indeed deserved some alone time with your boyfriend.

Draco was stroking his fingers through your hair, wearing his usual white long sleeve shirt and a sweater along with it. You really liked it on him, not forgetting every single boy could match his clothes like this, but it looked like Draco knew how to wear it and how to make it look attractive.

Your legs tangled with each other and his other arm laying around your waist, you slowly started to feel tired, eyelids starting to hang a bit. You rested your head against his chest, sniffling his fresh smell, like he just went for a walk outside. You also smelled some apple scent, but you ignored it, enjoying the nice aroma as you cuddled with him.

‘You tired?’ you heard him ask, your eyes already closed as your breathe started to slow down.

‘Hm-mh,’ you answered, taking a deep breathe before nodding to make it more clear. He chuckled and continued stroking his fingers through your hair.

‘I’ll join you, dinner can wait another day,’ he whispered, pressing a kiss on your forehead. He lingered away, his hand still in your hair as you felt yourself drift away.

Let’s just say school got the best of you and you felt really tired about it. You shuffled a bit in his arms before letting sleep take over you, hearing Draco wishing you a ‘sleep well’ as you fell asleep.

After a good six hours later, you woke up slowly, feeling your back and neck aching, since you were in such a weird sleeping position. As you sat up slightly, you say Draco sleeping like an angel, making your heart flutter and wanting to cuddle him even more. His hair looked soft and all you wanted to do was letting your fingers go through it, but something made you look away from his blonde locks.

The tail of what seemed like a tattoo was visible on his left arm, but it was still covered almost. You slowly lifted up his sleeve more, revealing a tattoo which made you gasp slightly, feeling blood raising to your head.

It was the Dark Mark, freshly on his forearm, moving around like it wanted to get out of his skin. You took a closer look, breathing on his arm lightly as tears were pricking on the edges of your eyes.

Why would he do something so idiotic? Why wouldn’t he tell you this?

‘Y/N?’ you heard him whisper in a groan, just waking up probably and missing the warmth beside him. You stayed in the same position, staring at the Dark Mark, not believing it was really there. It was so scary, the thought of Draco being a Death Eater and on Voldemort’s side.

A tear was streaming down your cheek, falling on his mark.

‘Draco,’ you whispered, voice shaking and cracking slightly, ‘ why would you?’

Draco sat up so you couldn’t look at the Dark Mark anymore, him still sleepy and not getting what you meant. ‘What do you mean?’

You sniffled, slowly grabbing his left arm, rolling up his sleeve more before letting your fingers glide over the mark. It felt really creepy, like some worms were inside his skin, walking around and trying to get out like you said before.

‘Y/N I-’ he said, pulling back slowly, but you kept his arm in position with all the strength you had. More tears were falling on his arm and at this moment, you were sitting on your knees, crying over the Dark Mark of you damn boyfriend.

Draco pulled his sleeve down and you dropped his arm, ready to stand up and leave the room but Draco threw his arms around you. ‘Y/N, please listen to me, I can explain it,’ he whispered with a whining tone, you sobbing in your hands, still not believing this whole, ridiculous thing.

‘Explaining what? You having the bloody Dark Mark on your forearm?’ you hissed in a lower tone, careful not to wake up his roommates

Draco his lower lip was shaking and a moment later he pulled you in for a hug.

‘Please, listen to me, I had no choice. I never had a choice,’ he whispered in your ear, making you shiver as you cried in his shoulder softly, his hand running up and down your back.

And then you pulled back slightly, cupping one cheek of him before looking at him with sad eyes. He tilted his head, feeling the touch of your hand like it would be the last time he would feel it. And maybe it would indeed, because you may just walk out of the door and never look at him anymore, like he was nobody to you.

But you couldn’t, because you loved him.

‘Of course you had a choice Draco, you always have a choice,’ you said softly, feeling a tear in your hand as you saw a tear escaping from Draco his eye.

‘No Y/N, if I didn’t join the dark side, h-he would kill my parents, my friends…’ he said, looking down at your knees touching each other, ‘and you.’

Your hand fell down, your mouth hanging open, feeling so much pity towards the boy who had no choice.

‘Oh Draco,’ you sobbed, feeling so sorry for all the things he had go through. All the pain, all the pressure, it was all too much for him and you get that. You absolutely get that.

He whimpered, but you stopped him from making another noise as you placed your lips on his, kissing him soft and tender, wanting to make this one a special one.

It lasted for more than fifteen seconds, because it was a moment to remember, showing him your love and support. You would always be there for him, no matter what. And it eventually would end in a good way, you having faith in that Potter boy Draco disliked.

‘I love you,’ he muttered against your lips, you laughing low as you pecked him twice, noses touching.

‘I love you too, Draco, always.’



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Rock God

“God, I’m so damn nervous,” Jensen confessed, picking up his whiskey and downing it with a wince. 

You placed your hands on his hips and pulled him closer to you. His feet shuffled toward you with ease as his gaze fell upon your face, a smile sneaking onto his face. 

“Jen, you’re going to be incredible out there. They adore you,” you told him, moving your hands so that your fingers slipped under his shirt, his skin hot on your fingers tips as you felt him shiver at your touch. 

He placed his hand on your jaw line, pulling your face closer to his as he whispered, “You think so?” 

You could see the genuine question in his emerald eyes. They danced back and forth between yours, searching for the truth. 

“I know so,” you responded confidently, reaching up on your toes and kissing him firmly, your hand gripping the back of his neck to hold him tightly to you.

His arms slid around your waist, hugging you closer to him. You let your hands wander to his chest, your fingers playing with the leather jacket as you held him close. 

His lips were intoxicating. Every time you got a taste, you were lost. Hell everything about the man was intoxicating. You could never quite figure out what you had done to deserve a man like Jensen Ackles, but you had his last name, and he was yours. That’s what mattered. 

“I love you,” he whispered, hesitantly pulling away from your kiss swollen lips. 

“I know,” you smiled with a wink, your fingers brushing the soft hairs at the nape of his neck. “Now get out there and kick ass with that sexy as hell voice,” you smiled. His voice did things to you that you couldn’t accurately describe in words, but you were always sure to show him just how he made you feel. 

He tossed his head back in laughter and kissed your cheek before starting to turn away, heading for the black curtain that would lead him onstage to join Rob and the band. 

You grabbed his hand and pulled him hastily back to you, your lips crashing to his one last time. 

“I love you,” you mumbled against his lips, a smile spreading across his face. 

“I know,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to yours again. “What would I do without you?”  

“You’d survive. It’s me who needs you,” you assured him as he shook his head in disagreement. “You know I’m right, Ackles. Now go before they start a riot or something,” you laughed as you heard the crowd cheering for Jensen. 

He hugged you close and whispered against your ear, his breath fanning your neck. “I’d never be the same if I didn’t have you, sweetheart.” He pulled away before you could respond, and stepped through the curtain, embraced by the screaming crowd. 

That night Jensen sang Whipping Post. He blew it out of the park. He was the most relaxed you could remember him being while he was onstage singing. The way he moved around the stage as he sang, the smile that never left his gorgeous face, the crinkles in the corners of his eyes, all signs that he was having the time of his life. 

Jensen Ackles was a rock god, and he didn’t even know it. You couldn’t wait to treat him like one the second he stepped off the stage. 

God’s Confession

gif is not mine

Title: God’s Confession

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an non! I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the hallway as Dean and Sam talked to God, or Chuck as he called himself.  How could Chuck turn out to be God?  You couldn’t grasp onto it.  You met Chuck such a long time ago and never once did you think he could be God.  

As Dean and Sam left the library, you exchanged glances with them, walking in after them.  His expression seemed to brighten at the mere sight of you, but that was about to change.  Chuck’s smile quickly faded as he averted his eyes from you.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t be upset with me, but I can see that’s not the case,” Chuck mumbled, exhaling heavily.  “I don’t understand why you’re upset with me [Y/N].  What did I do wrong?”

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Imagine building IKEA furniture with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from @brobrobreja. I’m so sorry it took so long, the mini-series had my hands pretty tied. I hope you like it! X

You sat on the other side of the bedroom, the instruction manual for your new bed frame in your hand. You giggled softly at the cartoon man who looked as clueless as the both of you, wondering if you should do as he did; call IKEA for help. Of course you couldn’t because your boyfriend, Chris believed he was more than capable of installing the bed frame himself. You looked up at him and bit back your smile when you saw him narrow his eyes at a strange metal piece, muttering cuss words under his breath.

“What does the manual say?” He quizzed as he looked up at you. “Where does this piece go?” He held up the strange metal piece and you studied it for a moment before looking back down at the manual. “Well?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Beats me,” you looked up and shrugged; he chuckled wearily and shook his head. “What?” You giggled. “I told you I’m not good at these things, why do you think I called you?” He sighed and got to his feet, dodging loose pieces on your bedroom floor as he made his way over to you.

“Give me that,” he took the manual from you then settled on the floor behind you with his legs on either side. “You’re lucky you’re cute, Y/N.” You smiled and leaned back against him, resting your cheek against his bearded face. “Let’s see,” he studied the manual, his arm absentmindedly draped around your waist. “Well, it looks like that metal piece goes…Hm,” he hummed with pursed lips. “Maybe it’s meant to go in the joint?”

“Maybe you should just let me call the staff at IKEA,” you whispered then kissed his jawline when he chuckled. “We’ve been doing this for hours and we still haven’t made any progress. It’s eight-thirty and we haven’t had food, can we just order some takeout and call IKEA in the morning?”

“What are we going to sleep on tonight then?”

“You do realize a bed frame is just to prop the mattress up, right?” You teased him and he rolled his eyes, smiling. “It doesn’t change the fact that a mattress is still a mattress. Just leave the mess here and we’ll sleep out in the living room, it’ll be like camping except without the yucky stuff.”

“You mean nature?” He quizzed, chuckling.

“You know it,” you winked and got off the ground. “I’m going to go order some food, what are we feeling tonight?” He shrugged, giving you one of those ‘you pick’ faces. “Well, I feel like Chinese so- General Chang’s it is then.” You held out a hand for him to take so you could pull him to his feet. “Coming?”

“I’ll come when the food gets here, I just want to give this another shot.” He told you, returning his gaze to the manual. “I mean- it’s just a bed frame,” he looked up at you when he heard you chuckle, “how hard can it be to figure out? I’m Captain America, for crying out loud,” he said and tried not to laugh when you did.

“Okay Cap,” you kissed the top of his head. “I’ll come get you when the food’s here.”

Forty-five minutes later, the food arrived and Chris still hadn’t made progress with your bed frame. When you went into your bedroom to get him, his head was hung in defeat. “I don’t wike it,” he imitated his nephew’s catchphrase, making you laugh.

“C'mon Cap,” you grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet. “Let it go,” you told him as you wrapped an arm around his waist; his arm draped around your shoulder as the two of you made your way out into the living room. “We’ll call the guy in the morning.”

“IKEA should really have better instruction manuals,” he muttered bitterly. “There is no way anyone can build anything from that dumb sheet of paper. It doesn’t even have instructions, there are just numbers and pictures.”

“Let it go,” you chuckled, rubbing his back.

“We wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just move in with me,” he mumbled into your hair; he was a little nervous about bringing up the subject again, the first decline was a little gut wrenching. You stopped walking and he stopped with you, wincing when you looked up at him. “I know you want to be independent and this place is nearer to work-”

“Those are the real reason I won’t move in with you, Chris,” you confessed then pressed your lips together when he narrowed his eyes. “I just-” you began then huffed. “I don’t think you realize what moving in together means.”

“Living together instead of living separately?”

“Funny,” you slapped his arm, biting back your smile when he chuckled. “I’m talking about the reality of it, like are you sure you’re going to be okay coming home to my face all day every day? What if we have a big fight and you can’t get any space from me? What if you just want some down time with your guys and I’m in the way? What if you decide-” He cut you off, pressing his lips against yours.

“My biggest wish is to come home to your face all day every day, Y/N,” he told you, smiling. “And you should know by now that the last thing I want is space when we fight, it just makes the problem bigger. As for downtime with my guys?” He chuckled. “I’d love for you to be there. Always, because you are my girl and there is no one I’d rather spend time with.” You smiled and he chuckled, “any other concerns you need me to address?”

“What if you decide I’m much too annoying to live with?”

“You’re annoying all the time,” he poked your side, laughing when you scoff. “But I’m still here, aren’t I?” He quizzed, sliding his arms around your waist and to your lower back. “C'mon, move in with me. I have proper furniture there, nothing that needs assembling.” He teased and you chuckled. “We’re going to be living together when you marry me,” he reminded you and you smiled, feeling your cheeks heat up at that. “Why not just get a head start? C'mon,” he pressed when you smiled, “it’ll be fun.”

“Fine,” you gave in, smiling. “Let’s move in together.”

“Yes!” He cheered and hugged you. “It’s going to be great, I’ll hire a moving truck ASAP.”

“Just out of curiosity,” you teased him as you broke the hug, wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands moved to your hips. “What makes you so sure I’m going to marry you?”

“My wonderful furniture assembling skills, of course.”

“Evan you can’t keep doing this to yourself.” His friends murmured to him on numerous occasion’s.

today he was with with Delirious, going onto their next heist for some cash. He pointed the pistol at the cashier with a defiant curse. He let the gun pop, rushing towards the register to pull the cash into his bag.

“V-Vanoss, the cops! thee cops are here!” his partner in crime shouted. 

He gave a nod, rushing out of the building and into their escape vehicle, leaving the Mini-mart to it’s own defenses. 

“Drive!” He shouted. 

Delirious slammed his foot onto the pedal, causing their stomachs to lurch at the sudden acceleration.

 Bullets ricocheted off their vehicle, causing the two to hiss in fear. Delirious swerved, casing Vanoss to loose his grip on his cash bag. 

“NO!” He shouted, hand splaying out in a desperate attempt to grab his loot. 

His fingertips grazed the bag, but in a twisted fate of karma the bag stumbled back onto the road. He watched in longing as they moved farther and farther away from both the cops and his hard earned cash.

Delirious silently drove into a darker area, getting out of the car with a small thump as opposed to how Evan slammed his door.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!” Evan screeched, grabbing his owl mask and throwing it onto the floor.

He ran his hands threw his hair, n a desperate attempt to hold something.  Tears began to build up behind his eyes, lips quivering in disdain.


Suddenly, a clattering was heard. Evan turned, catching a glimpse of deep blue eyes, before he was enveloped into a hug.Evan froze, unable to comprehend what was happening.

“Stop it you idiot.” Delirious hissed. “it Was a mistake, one that we all make, stop beating yourself up for it.”

Evan swallowed, allowing the taller male to pull him closer.

“Everyone has bad days and bad weeks Evan,” Delirious laughed. “Sometimes we just need a hug to feel better.”

Evan closed his eyes, letting a tear fall down his cheek as a smile made its way onto his face.

“Thank you.” 

So yeah i got bored, and  had a sad .dream last night.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 1 424
warning : smut
summary : a pre-quel of sorts to ’Don’t Let Me Go’…
*not my gif

Y/N woke up in her bed , her hand reaching towards Kai finding only messy sheets in his place. She could hear sounds from downstairs. For a few moments she laid in her bed smiling , memories from the night before flashing in her mind - the way Kai’s hands roamed her body while his lips were attacking her , greedier than ever , as he tore apart her clothes. Y/N sat in her bed looking around the mess in her room… she had knocked over her lamp and there were little cracks on the walls where her nails had dig in for support. Her legs had turned to jelly and if it hadn’t been for Kai holding her , she would’ve been on the floor. The bed’s head board was missing a piece of wood where he had been holding onto while his had lenght had been thrusting fast and deep inside her. She got up , her bare feet touching the cold floor making her shiver for a moment , taking a few steps around the room trying to find something to put on … except her clothes were nowhere to be seen or laying somewhere torn to pieces. Her gaze followed the trail of clothes on the floor , finding Kai’s t-shirt. Y/N bent over picking it up , taking in Kai’s scent for a moment before putting it on and tiptoeing downstairs tracing her fingers long the wall on her way.
“Morning beautiful !” Kai said , his hands busy flipping pancakes in one of the pans and turning bacon in the other.  He had heard her coming before she had had popped her head through the door. Carefully he flipped the last pancake onto one of the plates, adding the bacon on the side lifting his gaze towards her , his jaw slightly dropping at the sight in front of him.
Y/N rested against the door frame , Kai’s shirt barely enough to cover her completely. He was wearing only his boxers , looking like a freaking greek god making her lose focus all over again , biting her lower lip a little. His brilliantly blue eyes glowing , widening a little as he saw her. Kai shortened the distance separating them in a second , his hands around her waist pulling her closer to him.
“You look so sexy wearing my shirt …” he whispered , playfully biting her earlobe before leaning in to kiss her , backing her against the door frame , pressing his body towards hers. So close Y/N could feel  the bulge starting to form in his boxers as he grinded against her for a moment. He pulled away , removing a strand of hair from her face , feeling her cheeks blush at his touch.
“Thanks.” she said , pulling him in for another kiss , her fingers tangled in his hair pulling him closer to her again. She hated it when there was distance between them , it felt wrong.
Kai’s hand traced the skin on her arm , all the way from her shoulder to her fingers , glancing for a moment at the stove. His fingers intertwining with hers for a moment before he tossed her over his shoulders making her laugh , his hands on her hips and started walking back upstairs.
“I changed my mind… I don’t want to have pancakes for breakfast.” he said laughing. “I want to have you.”
Y/N blushed all over again hearing his words , feeling butterflies flutter in her stomach and her heart beating faster. He was able to do that just with one look , one touch .. like he didn’t even try , not that he had to. Ever since they had met the attraction between them pulled them together like magnets , always in sync about everything.
Kai let her down on her bed gently , his hands tugging on the shirt she was wearing …
“Ohh … This will have to go.” he said fake pouting , but Y/N grabbed his wrist.
“No. Don’t tear it off.” she said smiling. “I kind of like it…”
Kai laughed. “I don’t know why you bothered putting it on.” he leaned over her , her hands on the back of his head pulling him down towards her.
“To torture you.” she whispered smiling.
Kai looked at her , with a devilish smirk his fingers tickling the inside of her thigh , going up and down before teasing her entrance. He planned on ‘torturing’ her all morning .. all day if it depended on him. She was already starting to get wet , closing her eyes for a moment enjoying his touch.
“Is that so ?” he asked . “Two can play that came , sweetheart.” he whispered in her ear , his breath tickling the skin on her neck as his fingers teased her entrance , going in only an inch before pulling out repeating it over and over again , Y/N letting out a frustrated groan.
Kai smirked , his lips smashing agains hers kissing her deeply before thrusting two fingers inside her , her moan muffled by his kiss.
“You are so … Mmmohhh”
“So what , sweetheart?” Kai said softly pushing his fingers deeper inside her , curling them around at an agonisingly slow rhythm , his thumb rubbing her clit.  He pulled her shirt up enough for him to cup her breasts , swirling his tongue around her nipples before placing sloppy kisses on the way down her stomach. His fingers curled inside her one more time , going faster this time making her arch her back and then he pulled them out , burring his face between her legs his hands on her thighs pushing them apart giving him the access he wanted.
Y/N had completely gotten lost , everything around her was a blur … everything except Kai. He was teasing her , driving her completely insane ..and then he had pushed his fingers inside curling them like that , hitting all the right spots she felt like mush.
“Fuck , Kai ” she moaned grinding her hips on his fingers.
She could feel his tongue swirling around her clit , his lips sucking on it and nibbling every few seconds. He had turned her into a moaning mess , pushing his fingers back inside her curling them slowly before thrusting in an out of her at a steady pace. Her hands reached for his head pushing him closer , her fingers tugging on his hair.
“So wet , just for me.” Kai groaned , sending vibrations directly into her clit making her moan a little louder. Y/N’s moans were music to his ears , getting louder with every thrust of his fingers inside her , his motions getting faster feeling her walls clenching around his fingers. He stopped for a moment pushing a third finger inside her. She let out a small scream , not expecting this. Kai lifted his head looking at her , her hands squeezing her breasts , arching her back with her eyes semi closed and he smirked knowing it was all because of him , then Y/N saw him watching her. Their’ eyes locked on each other as Kai speeded up his magic fingers inside her using his vampire speed on a few of the thrusts turning her moans into small screams. He knew it was cheating but didn’t care cuz he knew she loved it.
“K-Kai I’m close…” she moaned , as he curled his fingers inside her again thrusting in and out at a faster pace.
“Cum for me sweetheart.” he said and a few moments later her body started shaking as the orgasm washed over her , screaming his name. Kai’s fingers still thrusting inside her , his tongue going in a stripe across her clit.
Kai grinned at the sight in front of him. He loved seeing her fall apart because of him.  Y/N pulled him up towards her , lifting herself up enough for her lips to meet his , tasting herself on them.
“Oh baby girl , you have no idea of all the fun I have planned for us…” he said softly ,  brushing her cheek  "but first , you need to eat other ways you won’t last until lunch…“
Y/N laughed covering her face with her hands for a moment.
“I can’t wait.” she said winking at him , a moment later he pulled her up from the bed, turning to walk downstairs. “Hey , Kai ?” she called out after him , making him turn around. “Catch.”
Y/N ran towards him jumping up , wrapping her legs around his waist and her hands around his neck , a wide grin showing on Kai’s face. She smashed her lips against his unable to get enough of him.
“I love you.” she said playfully rubbing her nose in his.
Kai laughed returning the gesture.  "I love you too , princess.“


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Imagine G-Eazy

Imagine doing a interview with G-Eazy

You sit down in the chair and position yourself. Gerald starts to hum and lets his gaze fall on you. You mouth the word “hello” and smile.
“Alright are you guys ready”, the interviewer asks.
“Yes, Im hella ready at 7 am in the fuckin morning. Without any cofee…….none.”
“Hey watch your profanity.Little kids are watching. It’s like above here. You need to bring that shit down here. To rated G”, Gerald says lowering his hand to your feet. You slap it away and roll your eyes.
“G-Eazy”, he corrects.
“Gerald don’t ever f-”
“Beeeeeep”, he squeals.
“- tell me that I can’t cuss or i will beat the livin shi-”
“-out of you you a-
“-hole”, you finally finish.
“Lady’s and Gentleman the swearing dictionary. This is literally where I get all my swear words from. Here.” He points to you.
“Who the hell says swear-”
“Mhmmm”, the interviewer coughs gaining your attention. You both shut your traps and look forward.
“Are you ready?”
“Yeahh. Lets get it on”, you say and rub your hands together ,“Yeeeeeee!” Gerald covers his ear and leans away from you.
“What you don’t like my yeeeee?”
“No…I hate it with a passion. You sound like a dying bird. Just dying…right there….in the street. Dying. Every time you do it gets worst. More screech no yeeee.”
You hear a couple laughs in the background.
“You do it terrible, just terrible. You know.”
“No I don’t”, you say blankly.
“Just dying in the street-”
“Are you done?”
“-got hit by a drone plane. Yadadamean.Groooooooooom,boom, yeeeeeee!”
“Are you done-”
“Sad, R.I.P Paul. Nice bird-” he raises his hand to his heart and lifts it up.
“You done?”
“Are you done criticizing me?”
“Oh yeah….I’m done”, he says taking a drink from his water bottle.
“Alright…100 emoji or Fire emoji.
“Fire emoji”, you say smiling. Gerald raises his hand and you proudly slap it.
“I mean like that’s the perfect way to slide into them dm’s. Just send her a picture of her and send her a bunch of fire emojis. I’m mean it’s fire”, he explains.
“Yeah, but than can also be used for emergencies. You know people with hearing disabilities can also slide into the fire stations dm’s and get help. Just send a bunch of fire emojis. That can be really helpful you know.” You realize the whole room is silent and stop talking.
“I mean i guess. Not really what we were talkin about, but you are right yadadamean.”
“Well someone has my back.” You do a little fist bump with yourself and smile.
“Okay….uhh football or basketball?”
“Basketball”, you both say together.
“Basketball all day ”, Gerald says , “Shouts out to the Warroirs world champoins-”
“Woop,Woop, Warroirs”, You yell. Gerald laughs and looks at you.
“Ahhh major Warrior fan. She looked crazy at the champions. Actually aren’t you wearing a hat right now.”
“Yess I am. By the way. Warrior merchandise at their officail webpage. There is a link at the bottom and there you can get this”-you tap your hat-“and these”-you point at your sweats.“
"Yo’ we trying to do an interview here. Your like trying to turn this into an ad or sh-”
“Beeeeeeep”, you screech. Gerald places his hand on his head.
“This is going to a long 15 minutes. I was gonna say show.”
“Okay…..Vampires or zombies.”
“Vampires. I’m a Vampire personally. It’s strange being awake at this hour…. I live when it’s dark out.”
“Yeah he does and so do I. You know you cant calm down , i mean like this is not Random-”
“Okay you can stop now”, he groans.
“…..oh I remember one mornin we had to get up like real early. You know he came to my house for a slumber party. Did i mention we throw the best slumber party? Probably not,but we do. I forced my bestie to wear a onesie. He was Joker and I was Harlie Quinn. I remember beacuse I beat him in Call Of Duty that night. We stayed up until 4 am. Long time. Killed you 100 times. 2 to 100. Love that game.”
“Uhhh I dont remember just two i think it was like 4 times-”
“Minus two times. Which is two. Plus they didn’t count really. Once i fell off the building and the other time you grabbed my controller. Then shot me.”
“Uhhhh i dont remember it happening that way.-”
“Well it did. Anyways back to the morning. So we were brushing our teeth and we actually accidentally swapped toothbrushes. I was using his and he was using mine. I wondered why it smelled like alcohol. ”
“Hey my breath doesn’t smell like alcohol. It’s smells like sweetened alcohol.”
“Is that better?”
“I dont know you tell me.”
“It’s not good.”
“Uhh steak or seafood?” Gerald takes a drink as you answer. You clear your throat and lift your chest.
“Steak….Yeeeeeee”, you sing the last word in a deep voice. Water spits out of Gerald’s mouth as he falls out of his chair laughing.

Imagine Chris coming home early for your birthday.

A/N: My loves, this is a piece for all the birthday babies. Special shoutout to @shadowprincess0218 who requested a imagine for her birthday, here you go. Happy birthday, hun! Hope you have a wonderful, fantastic day. X

You strolled home from Magnolia Bakery with your phone against your ear and a paper box containing your favorite chocolate cupcake in your hand. You were on the phone with your boyfriend, Chris, who was in his home away from home in California due to work commitments. His job and its constant need to take him away from you didn’t bother you until it came to things like birthdays and anniversaries and holidays; those were the times that made you miss him the most. His absence made the day seem like just another day, which was why you declined when your friends wanted to take you out to dinner to celebrate.

“I wish you were here,” you told Chris and he smiled. “I don’t even care if we just eat cake and watch TV, I just want you to be next to me.” You used your shoulder to hold the phone against your ear so you could start picking at your cupcake. “You, me, Dodger-” you murmured with your mouth full, “that’s all I need.”

Little did you know that Chris was actually sitting on your apartment doorstep with a bouquet of roses in his hand and a small black box in his jacket pocket. He’d been planning to propose for a while- two and half years he’d been together with you, he didn’t want to wait any longer considering he knew six months in that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.

He had planned quite a few times to pop the question but nothing ever seemed perfect enough for someone as special as you. He finally decided to just do it when you subtly reassured him that you didn’t care how he did it because as long as it was him asking, that was that mattered. It was thanks to his mom, actually, that you found out he was thinking about proposing. A week ago, while you were having lunch with Lisa and she let slip he was stalling because he couldn’t think of the ‘perfect’ way to propose. You were touched because it was kind of cute; you always knew Chris was the kind of guy who wanted the perfect proposal memory. But you were also impatient because it could have been another two and a half years before he figured out the perfect way to propose, so you nudged him along. You had no idea the nudge took him to today.

It’d been a whole month since he last saw you and his heart skipped a beat when he did. You turned the corner, looking as beautiful as ever in something as simple as a soft grey sweater, blue jeans, and black thigh high boots; his breath hitched in his throat and he smiled. He took a deep breath and got to his feet, straightening his brown suede jacket as he descended from the stairs. His heart started to pound against his chest; his hand tightened around the bouquet and he patted the small bulge in his jacket pocket. This was it, he was going to do it. He chuckled as he watched you; you were too engrossed with your cupcake to realize the one person you wanted to see was standing not thirty feet away from you.

“It’s a little difficult to book a last minute flight for dogs,” he told you and your eyes narrowed at the echoey effect. “But it’s not so bad for humans.” He chuckled softly, holding up one hand to give you a small wave when you looked up. “Hey, I have to go.” You let out a breathy chuckle of disbelief, smiling so wide that your cheeks hurt. “I just saw the love of my life walk up,” he said into the phone then hung up.

“Chris!” You ran towards him, dropping your cake as you threw your arms around his neck. He laughed and picked you up and spun you in a circle. “Oh my God,” you felt your eyes welled in your eyes and you buried your face in the crook of his neck. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, beautiful.” He let out a satisfied sigh, clutching onto you tightly. “God, it is so good to see you.” He squeezed you as tightly as you squeezed him, neither of you wanted to let go because the past month seemed like an eternity. “Phone calls and FaceTime sessions will never make up for this.”

“Never leave me again.” You told him and both of you chuckled softly because it was an impossible request; as happy as you were, you knew he couldn’t stay for long. “I can’t believe you’re here,” you told him as you started to pull away. “Thank you, baby.” You said when you took the bouquet he was holding out for you. “These are beautiful. You just made my birthday a thousand times better,” you pecked him on the lips, smiling.

“Only a thousand?” He asked with a smile and you chuckled because you didn’t realize he was using that as a segway to pop the big question. “I was actually hoping to make it a million times better.” He told you, slipping his hand into his jacket pocket as he descended down on one knee.

“Oh my God,” you breathed.

“There will never be a perfect time, or a perfect way to propose.” He began, flipping the little box open to reveal a breathtaking diamond ring; from the looks of it, Chris followed the three month’s salary rule which was insane considering who he was and what he did for a job. “But,” he paused for effect, his smile widening as he took your left hand in his. “There is a perfect person for everyone and you, my love, you’re mine.”

“Chris,” your voice quivered out of excitement and nerves.

“Shhh,” he chuckled, pressing one finger to his lips. “I wanted a Disney World proposal but I’m doing it on your doorstep instead, the least you can do is let me make my speech.” He joked and you chuckled, pressing your lips together to show you were going to shut it. “Okay, where was I? Yes, um-” he cleared his throat, catching his train of thought. “I know it’s ridiculous and you may think I’m just saying it for the sake of the romance, but- I knew when I met you that we were going somewhere. You were like this light that wouldn’t stop shining on my life, even the darkest days felt bright with you in it. The past two and a half years have been both an absolute dream and utter hell for me,” he said and your eyes narrowed in confusion; he chuckled softly and explained. “Because you’re amazing and I love every second with you, but it’s also been a long one million three hundred and fourteen thousand seconds to get to this moment. If I could’ve,” his voice quivered as tears welled in his eyes, “I would’ve proposed after our first date.”

“Just ask me already,” you urged, laughing to stop yourself from crying.

“Will you marry me?” He asked, smiling.

“Yes,” you nodded.

He smiled and slipped the ring onto your finger before getting up off the ground to wrap his arms around you and draw you in for the kiss of a lifetime. It felt as though all the stars aligned that night and no birthday was ever going to top this one. Chris broke the kiss and hugged you tightly, you smiled and held up your hand in front of the both of you to admire the ring.

“This is possibility one of the most impractical things you’ve ever bought,” you told him and he chuckled softly, pressing a soft kiss on the side of your head. “Like I love it, it’s beautiful. I mean- don’t get me wrong. I’m very, very impressed with the ring-”

“Then just kiss me and shut up,” he chuckled.

“But,” you continued and he groaned, feigning annoyance; you chuckled. “We could’ve used the money to buy that beautiful house we saw a few months ago, have somewhere we can call ours instead of yours or mine. I mean- yeah, I have my place and you have yours but- don’t you want somewhere we can call ours?” You didn’t know if you were making sense but from the look on Chris’ face, you knew he understood what you meant. “You get it, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “But you get my job, right? I can afford to buy both, which is kind of what I did.” You narrowed your eyes in confusion as he pulled away from you. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a set of brand new keys. “Remember your dream house?” Your jaw dropped and you held out your hand excitedly, he chuckled and placed them in the palm of your hand. “Well, it just became a reality.”

“Aren’t they just cute as hell” - Connor Brown

Requested - “"Hey I read you Auston and Mitch ones there really good! Do you think you could do a Connor Brown one where you go to like a family skate with the team and your talking to the girls and how you love being with connor or just you and him skating together getting teased by the boys? Doesn’t matter what you pick just have fun writing it!”“
(I did the second one lol not going to lie it was kind of hard to think of something for this one but for the first on it would’ve been twice as bad so I hope it is good)

Warnings - Teasing? Not the kinky kind but whatever.


You were always nervous for family skate it was something that you always tried to avoid but since you had the day off Connor would not let you stay home. You loved him very much but you didn’t want to become the center of attention when you got there. But you were there and you weren’t it left your mind at ease for now.

"Holy crap Connor actually brought his girlfriend this time?!” You passed Matthews and gave him a glare as he teased your boyfriend. You held connors hand tightly as you glided on the ice with him.

“Yeah when are you actually going to get a girlfriend Matthews?” You slightly snapped causing “oos ” from the crowd of leafs. Connor squeezed your hand gently pushing you towards him and giving you a kiss on the temple.

“I love it when you get snappy.” He laughed wrapping his arms around you tighter but not to tight. You skated in circles with him until you were approached by the lovely Matthews once more.

“So Connor have you gotten laid yet?” He smirked staring at you watching the fire burn in your eyes.

“Probably more that you have .” You snared at him “can you leave?”

“Damn Y/N I was just kidding , besides you know I’m a hot commodity right now?” He laughed being a little to cocky for his health.

“You know what they say about hot commodities Matts?” Connor chuckled “they don’t last.” Connor gripped you tighter skating around Matthews and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I love it when you get snappy” you laughed and kissed his cheek continuously skating in circles around the arena getting teasing remarks from the rest of that players make you and Connor laugh because they cared so much on how great you two were together. Hearing them whisper “aren’t they just cute as hell.”

Monthly Troubles

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 1 963
warning : slight smut
summary : Reader is on her period and Kai is trying to be cute which only ends up annoying her but she is too shy to tell him whats happening , but he figures it out on his own.
* gif by christopherwooddaily

Y/N woke up with cramps in her stomach. Instinctively she curled into a ball on her bed pulling the sheets and covers with her, her hands holding onto her stomach. Those days of the month were the worst , not all times but most of them. Usually she’d stay home curled up the same way on her bed or the couch , wait it out  until the pain went away. This time however was different because her boyfriend Kai Parker was in the next room. She could hear the clattering of dishes and pans from the kitchen as he was making breakfast. Kai was the best , always loving and caring towards her… Today tho she didn’t want him around. Those days of the month also included crankiness and last thing she wanted was to get him upset with her but Y/N didn’t know how to tell him she was on her period. She was too shy to do so.
Another cramp followed and Y/N curled into a tighter ball , closing her eyes wincing at the pain. Being human is awesome , but on days like that she wanted to just stop being one for a few days.
A few moments later Kai walked into her bedroom with a food tray with pancakes , bacon , orange juice , coffee and a small vase with a flower in it.  He left the tray on the far end of the bed and leaned in towards her from behind , kissing her neck gently while wrapping his arm around her.
“Morning princess.” he said smiling , making her roll to her other side until she faced him. Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her briefly. “How did you sleep ? Hope I didn’t wake you earlier…”
Kai was looking at her with his smoky blue eyes which always made her heart flutter , her knees weak and sent butterflies in her stomach. He was waiting for her to smile back at him like always and attack him with a long good morning kiss as usual. He always kissed her briefly , enough to start a fire in her and make her want more. Instead Y/N just stared at him without saying a word, closing her eyes for a few seconds trying hard not to let the pain show on her face as another cramp followed. Kai tucked in a strand of hair behind her ear , tapping her nose.
“Where is the smile?” he teased. “Smile or I will tickle  you until you do.”
Y/N kept starring at him , wishing he’d just stop being so cute all the time. On any other morning by this point she would’ve smiled widely , snuggled closer to him as he fed her as he always demanded. A deep sigh escaped her lips and she pulled the covers over her head to hide her face from him.  It wasn’t his fault she was in pain and not in a mood at all. Y/N felt his hands trying tickle her through the sheets , hoping to get her to smile.
“I woke you up , didn’t I ?” he said with a hint of a smile in his voice. “Sorry about that. I’ll make it up to you , promise.”
“It’s not that.” she mumbled.
“She speaks.” said Kai poking her in the stomach. “What is it sweetheart ? Tell me. You know there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for my girl. I would cross the oceans , walk through fire … Tho the last one would be painful and would probably kill me but I’d still do it for you.” he said, poking her stomach again.
Suddenly Y/N pulled over the covers from her head , her hair a complete mess from it. Kai was being annoyingly cute with his smile not leaving his face , poking her every few minutes in an attempt to get her to smile.
“You look so cute with your hair all messed up.” he teased. “Though I like it better when I am the one to mess it up like that.”
Y/N shot him a warning glare. Kai couldn’t understand what was happening , what he had done to get her this upset with him. He thought back but couldn’t come up with anything that could make her act like this. Everything had been fine the night before. They had cuddled and she had fallen asleep in his arms while he had been  stroking her hair gently. Y/N seemed on edge , she placed her hand on her forehead starring at the ceiling. Just as he was about to ask again she curled up into a ball again , a low pain filled groan leaving her lips.
“Are you okay ?” he asked concerned. “Whats wrong ?”
“I’m f-fine just … stuff.” she mumbled , wincing in pain again. Her entire body felt tense , every muscle hurt and she felt as if someone was trying to yank her stomach out of her body. Kai tried to touch her but she pulled away.
“Come on princess , you know you can tell me anything.”
Clearly something was wrong and he didn’t understand why Y/N wouldn’t just tell him like she usually would. Then he thought back to the last time she had been acting that weird around him … a month ago , and then the previous month too. How hadn’t he figured it out earlier ?
“Oh.” he whispered. “I’ll be right back.”
Kai got off the bed , moving the food tray to her desk a few meters away and walked out of the room. Y/N stared after him , slowly sitting on the bed and sighed. She wished she wasn’t that shy and would just tell him. Seeing him like this - thinking he is the one who had done something… thought she already suspected he knew. Kai went back to the kitchen , boiling water for tea. While he waited , Kai searched through the kitchen cabinets looking for her favourite dark chocolate with whole nuts. It always seemed to cheer her up and make her feel better whenever something was wrong. A few moments later the water was ready and he made her camomile tea to help with the pains and headed back towards the bedroom only to find her hiding under the covers again. He sighed , leaving the cup with tea and the chocolate on her nightstand before gently pulling the covers away and sneaking them with her.
“Come here.” said Kai as she snuggled closer to him. “Why didn’t you tell me ?”
“Cuz its embarrassing…” she whispered. “Wait … did you sme-”
“No. I just made the connection between today and the last couple of times you were upset with me without apparent reason.” said Kai softly kissing her forehead and placing his hand on her stomach rubbing it gently. “It’s not embarrassing , its… girl stuff.” he laughed awkwardly. “I am going to take care of you until its over.”
“Thank you.”
“Always sweetheart.” he said reaching for the chocolate. “Hey do you want some ? I know you love this one …it has whole hazelnuts in it.” he teased , breaking a piece of the chocolate bar. “And almonds too..”
Y/N opened her mouth waiting for him to feed her as usual and Kai smiled.
“I made you tea too to help with the cramps.” he said softly. “Though I think this will help you a lot more.” Kai rubbed her stomach  gently clockwise and then counter clockwise over and over , kissing her forehead from time to time.
“Can we stay all day together like this ?” she asked softly , with a hint of smile in her voice.
“Anything you want princess.”
Kai had been right - him rubbing her stomach had helped a lot more than the tea and a part of her wondered if he had used magic or something to dull the pain. By the end of the day her mood had improved a lot. Kai was so nice to her , carrying her around the house just in case it causes any more cramps. They spent most of the afternoon on the couch watching Tom and Jerry as a distraction. The few times her stomach started to hurt again , Kai would pull her closer to him and rub her stomach again while talking and talking about everything just to distract her.
Later on they sat in the kitchen having dinner together , Kai holding her hand on the table his thumb rubbing circles on her hand when suddenly Y/N stood up from her chair.
“Where are you going ?” he asked starting to get up only to have her push him back on the chair , sitting on his lap and his hands instantly found their way on her waist. She hooked her hands around his neck looking into his eyes for a long moment. Kai tried to say something but she shushed him with a kiss. “You must feel better.” he smiled pulling her closer to him.
Y/N swung her hand over her head , pulling her hair to the side.
“I do actually. Thanks to my blue eyed handsome hero in shining armour.” she said smiling a second before kissing him again. Kai’s hands slid up her back towards her head pushing her lips closer to him. She tug on his lower lip at the end of the kiss , smiling widely at him afterwards. He couldn’t tear his eyes off her - her smile , her eyes , the way she slightly tilted her head when she wanted something. Kai could see Y/N’s eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. A split second later Kai’s lips crashed against hers , drowning her in a demanding kiss. Her hips swayed on his crotch as she moved closer to him. He could feel his pants getting tighter around him with her every move. Kai’s lips left kisses all the way her jaw line towards her neck , kissing every inch. Y/N arched her back towards the table a little as Kai’s hands slid under her shirt cupping her breasts. Her eyes were gazing into his , seeing how they had turned a darker shade of blue.
“It’s a little hot in here isn’t it?” she asked with a mischievous spark in her eyes , pulling her shirt over her head.
“Y/N… we shouldn’t … not when you ar-”
“Shhh..” her lips pressed against his at the same time her hands gripped on his shirt pulling it over his head. For a second they gazed longingly into each other’s eyes before they lips crashed against each other. Y/N tilted her head giving Kai full access to her neck to bite , kiss , do whatever he wanted. He kissed her neck leaving wet sloppy kisses all over.
“You are driving me crazy …” he whispered in her ear , biting on her earlobe.
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair , feeling Kai’s lips leaving soft kisses on their way to her chest. He looked up with his brilliantly blue eyes that always made her weak as he pressed the flat of his tongue onto her left breasts , swirling his tongue around her nipple. Meanwhile his hand massaged the other , listening to the soft moans tumbling off her lips.
“MMmmm that feels so good.” she whispered.
Kai trailed his way back to her neck leaving kisses all over , his hands holding her steady as he sucked on a spot and then another and another marking her as his. Y/N’s head was spinning , feeling his lips on her body , his tongue drawing circles across the sore spots. Only he could make her feel this way - like her body was on fire , just with one touch. He brushed his fingers against her cheek rubbing his nose lightly against hers.
“I love you.” he said, lovingly gazing into her eyes.
“I love you more.” replied Y/N , kissing him briefly.
“I love you most.“ 

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

You could get a bit dramatic at times and during the time you fell ill was no exception to your extreme theatrics. You were currently struck with an awful cold and could swear you’ve sneezed enough times to have given yourself brain damage. It was absolutely dreadful and you felt completely guilty that Newt was spending as much time with you as possible instead of tending to his beasts in the case. 

You had told him countless amounts of time that if he wanted to sneak away to check on Dougal or even the Niffler that it was quite alright but he always responded with he’d get to them later. You felt extremely loved but also extremely sick. 

“Newt, I’m dying.” You sighed out, throwing a hand over your forehead and turning your head and sticking out your tongue. 

Newt turned from his spot by the dresser, a medicine cup in one hand and a bottle of the ghastly cherry flavored syrup in the other. “Really?” He said, amused by your theatrics. 

You nodded, “Yes, I’m afraid so.” Sitting up, you scrunched up your nose as he handed you the little cup filled with medicine. “Since I am dying, I won’t be needing this. Just leave me be and let me die in my misery.” Turning your head and shoving the medicine back into his hand, you sighed flopped back onto the pillow. 

Newt clicked his tongue, watching you. You sure knew how to put on a performance. Setting the medicine down on the nightstand, he sat on the bed and looked at your curiously, “If you’re dying what would be your last words?” 

Flickering a look towards him, you pondered. “Hm, that I’m terribly regretful that I couldn’t continue on living my life with the man I love the most.” You giggled as Newt rolled his eyes. “My last request is that you give my little Niffler all the attention and love he deserves and not once will you scold him for taking something shiny.” You laughed out loud at his expression, you had such a soft spot for the Niffler and often scolded Newt for scolding your precious furry stealer. 

“I certainly will not!” Newt sputtered. “He ought to keep paws off what doesn’t belong to him. You know that.” 

Shrugging, you gave a dramatic groan. “Oh but t’is my last request.” Throwing an arm over your head, you sighed. “You mustn’t ignore it. My poor precious Niffler all alone, sad, depressed without my love.” Sitting up fast, you sniffled and cupped Newt’s face. “You must absolutely love that creature with all your heart and let it take what doesn’t belong to him.”

Newt chuckled, covering your hands over his, shaking his head. “Love, I think the fever is getting to you, now.” Removing your hands, he reached over for the medicine and placed it in your hand. “I assure you that even with your last request, I would always love that mischievous creature but not nearly as much as you.” Pressing a kiss to your forehead, he mumbled against your skin. “You’re not dying, I promise. Not on my watch.” 


“I love it,” You gushed, looking at yourself in the mirror, then giving Briana a mischievous grin. Today was Halloween, and you were expected at Jensen’s apartment for his annual party. Most of the Supernatural cast and crew would be there, including you and Brianna. “This is the perfect costume.”

“Jensen’s gonna freak,” She giggled, looking you up and down. 

“For the last time, Briana, I didn’t pick this for Jensen,” You sighed, then rolled your eyes. “I just really like it.”

“Uh-huh,” She laughed, then fluffed your hair up a bit. “Come on, let’s go. We can’t keep lover-boy waiting.”

“Will you stop?”


When you arrived to the party, it was already in full swing and the first thing you spotted was Jared talking with Misha and Mark, giving them a full body laugh. You could tell he already had a few drinks in him.

As you kept walking with Briana, you caught his eye and he immediately stopped sipping at his drink as he was sitting on one of his barstools. It almost looked like he choked on what he was drinking, which caused you to giggle. He was dressed clad in a early 1900′s get up with suspenders and a nice button up, with simple khaki pants and vintage shoes. His hair was slicked back and he had an unlit cigarette behind his ear. You cocked your head to the side as you walked over to him and gave him a grin.

“And who are you supposed to be, Ackles?”

He rolled his eyes, then almost pouted, “You’re like the twentieth person to ask me that. I’m freaking Jack Dawson for crying out loud.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s so cute,” You giggled and laid a hand on his shoulder. “I wish I had known. I could have been your Rose.”

“Titanic is a classic,” He mumbled, then took another sip of his drink. “And you, m’lady, are gorgeous. Love the Zelda costume.”

There were a few moments of silence where you just kept looking at him and he was slowly grinding his top row of teeth on his bottom lip in the sexiest way. You took a deep breath as he handed a drink to you.

“Did you pick that costume for me?” He gave you a knowing smile. “You know I’m a closet Zelda freak.”

You decided to say ‘fuck it’. It had been months since you had been eyeing Jensen and you knew he had a thing for you, too. The both of you were too stupid to do anything about it, but enough was enough. It was time.

So you leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I chose it exactly for you, Jensen.”

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Imagine Chris surprising you for your birthday.

A/N: Part 4! Ah, he’s just so freaking sweet. (Side note: Guess who’s going to see Ed Sheeran live?! I’m dying slightly, it’s going to be the best night of my entire life.) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3’)

Ava snuck Chris into your shared apartment- as planned- when he arrived at 7:21AM on a Friday morning, just in time for your twentieth birthday. He had a bouquet of red roses, two envelopes, and a little gift bag from Thomas Sabo with him, as he quietly made his way down the hall and into your room. He smiled when he saw you sleeping peacefully. For the first time, you looked like you didn’t have a care in the world, and you didn’t because it was summer holidays and you had the day off. Chris knew about the rule you’d developed over years of working on your birthday and having your day ruined by rude customers; you would always ask for a day off on your birthday if you could afford it. And you could afford it, especially now that Chris was your overbearing fiancé who no longer took no for an answer when he wanted to financially support you. You were only still working because- one, you wanted to still have some independence, and two, your mom told him she wanted you to have a part time job- even if you only worked thrice a week- just to remain grounded. Who was Chris to argue with his future mother-in-law?

Your birthday plans had been to: sleep till nine, have brunch at your favorite bistro then shop till you dropped with your best friend, eat ice-cream cake over FaceTime with Chris, then head back to your family home to have a home cooked birthday dinner with your parents and older brother. Had been, because Chris had changed it without your knowledge. In fact, everyone except you knew what your new plans consisted of; everyone loved it, and they were sure you would too.

Chris chuckled softly as he lowered items he had in his hand on your desk beside your MacBook, where he’d FaceTime you last night while he was packing his bags getting ready to surprise you. It was only fair, you’d spent a weekend with him on his birthday- belated, but it still counted, so obviously he couldn’t let you spend your birthday without him. That and- he would’ve given any excuse to come see you even though the last time you were together wasn’t that long ago; Independence Day with his family at their holiday cabin. What could he say, other than he missed his beloved fiancée? If he could have you with him every day of every second, he would. You’d both probably get annoyed by the lack of space if that actually happened, but it was the thought that counts, and that thought was incredibly sweet and romantic.

Chris carefully crawled his way into your bed as he didn’t want to startle you, he wanted you to wake peacefully knowing it was him and not a murderer. He shuffled himself closer to you and did what he always did when he wanted you to roll over and enfold yourself into his arms. You must’ve forgotten your fiancé was actually still away from you and acted subconsciously because you did as he’d orchestrated, snuggling close to him with your arm draped over his stomach. He smiled and kissed the top of your head, holding you close to him. He took a moment to appreciate the bliss coming from the simplicity of the situation before he whispered, in a sing song voice, “good morning, sunshine.”

You stirred, and for a second, you forgot it was only August and that Chris was still meant to be away filming. You also forgot it was your birthday because all you could think about was Chris’ comforting and loving arms around you. You smiled as your eyes fluttered open, you tipped your head and kissed his jawline, “good morning.” It wasn’t until he was leaning in to give you a quick peck on your lips that you remembered what day it was. “Holy crap!” You pushed yourself away from him and fell out of your bed before he could catch your wrist and pull you back in.

“Shit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he leaned over the edge to look at you, laughing when you did; you rubbed your elbow then the back of your head which you may have clipped on the corner of your bedside table. “Are you okay, baby?” He chuckled, resting his chin on the top of his hands which were placed one above the other. “I tried hard not to scare you, but clearly I needed to try harder.”

“Just a little bit,” you chuckled as you got to your feet. Chris moved back to his original position when you climbed back into bed, resting your head against his chest as his arm wrapped around you. “It is so good to see you,” you hugged him tightly and he chuckled, rubbing your back. “I thought you said you couldn’t come because of filming.”

“It’s called a lie, sweetheart,” he chuckled into your hair as he planted another kiss on the top of your head. “Of course I was coming,” he told you as you pulled away and sat up, turning to face him. “How can I not? You’re my fiancée and it’s your birthday, not even hellfire would’ve kept me away from seeing you.”

“I’d kiss you, but I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“I don’t care, so c'mere.” He grabbed your wrist and tugged you towards him, but you pressed your hand over your mouth just as he leaned forward with closed eyes. His lips landed on the back of your hand instead, and he chuckled. “Seriously?” He quizzed with a raised brow. “Aren’t we past that by now?”

“You are, but I am not and I never will be.” You pulled your wrist out of his grip and hopped out of bed. “Just give me a second, I’ll be back with minty fresh breath and then we can make out like a couple of teenagers.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Which-” you glanced back at him with your hand on your doorknob, “I am no longer ‘cause I’m twenty today.” You grinned, which made his smile reach his eyes.

“Yes, you’re right,” he nodded. “Happy birthday, baby.”

“Thanks,” you chimed then opened the door. “I’ll be right back.”

Chris got off your bed as you disappeared to the bathroom, walking back over to his gifts so he could give them to you as soon as you returned. He smiled because he believed he nailed it this time, though he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to top it the years after. He sat down on the edge of your bed, facing the door as he fiddled with the envelopes. Which one was he to give you first? Perhaps the smaller notion, that way you’d have a bigger high to end on. He pressed his nose into the roses and chuckled because he loved how traditional you were. Other girls thought roses were overrated clichés, but not you- you could get a rose everyday and still swoon at the sight of another tomorrow. One of the many, many things he loved about you.

The door opened moments later and you returned, flashing your perfect teeth at him. He smiled and got to his feet, passing you the bouquet of roses first. Your face lit up as you took it from him, pressing your whole face into the bouquet which made him laugh. He then passed you the little bag from Thomas Sabo and you lowered the bouquet to unveil the charm he’d gotten you to add to the bracelet you’ve had since you were sixteen. He’d designed it himself and sent it into the company, begging them to help him make it for you. It was a globe that had ‘you are my world now’ engraved across the axis and your heart melted. How had you never thought of something so sweet to write about before? Real life Chris was definitely kicking Fan fic Chris in the butt.

“Chris,” you squealed his name as you held the charm up to get a closer look. “This is so sweet!” He laughed as he took the charm from you, and your wrist to help you clip it on. You didn’t usually wear your bracelet to sleep, but you’d forgotten to take it off last night. “Oh my God,” the words barely escaped your tightly gritted teeth, “I love you so much.” He laughed as you cupped his face in your hands, kissing his cheek in a playfully aggressive manner.

“Yeah, wait till you see these other gifts,” he grinned and held out the first envelope.

“Did you write me another story?” You asked as you started to carefully rip open the paper seal.

“No,” he chuckled with a shake of his head. “I think I’ll leave the writing to your brilliant mind.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes; he knew very well how brilliant he was too. “It’s got nothing to do with your talent and future career, it’s got more to do with my career.” You felt your jaw drop as you pulled out two plane tickets to Salt Lake City, as well as two VIP passes to the Comic-Con there. You were so distracted by the Comic-Con passes that you didn’t notice that one of the plane tickets was from Boston to Salt Lake City, and not Los Angeles. “I’m schedule to speak at a panel in September, so I thought you’d like to join me. I checked your class schedules! It’s during the beginning of your fall quarter and you don’t have any classes, so you can go without worrying about school.”

“You are nailing it,” you chuckled, giving his hand a quick squeeze before you returned your touch to the tickets. “Wait-” your eyes narrowed when you realized there were two tickets and two passes. “Why are there two? Aren’t you just going to fly from wherever you’re filming in September? I didn’t even think you’d need a pass considering you’re a panelist.”

“The second set is for Ava,” he told you with a chuckle and you felt your lips part with a gasp of realization. “I don’t know if she’ll be able to make it, but I think it’s nice to let her have the option of going. I know it’s not San Diego’s Comic-Con, but the two of you have always talked about attending one so…” He trailed off, smiling.

“You really need to stop making her fall deeper in-love with you, 'cause one day she’s going to kill me and steal you.” You joked then laughed when he did, pulling you into his chest for a tight hug.

“It’s going to be hard for her to kill you when your fiancé is Captain America,” he chuckled and you laughed harder. “And it’s also hard to steal someone that can’t be stolen.” You looked up as he dipped his head, kissing you. You smiled against the kiss, and he did too before breaking away. “And she doesn’t have me to thank, I only paid for the air ticket. Seb got her the pass, as panelist we only get one extra. Mine was for you, and Seb offered his to Ava considering…” He trailed off with pursed lips but you knew what he was talking about.

“How’s he doing with the breakup?” You asked. “He hasn’t said much about it, has he?” Chris shook his head and you sighed, feeling bad for Sebastian. “Was it bad?” You quizzed, wincing. “I know it’s been months, but they were together for quite a long time.”

“It was amicable, they’re still friends.” Chris told you and you nodded in acknowledgement. “But it’s still a breakup, y'know?” You nodded again. “Jenny and I had an amicable one, we’re still friends but- it definitely stung when it ended. So I don’t know, I think he just needs time. And-” he smiled at you, poking you in the cheek, “the perfect girl to fall in-love with.”

“You’re going to give me diabetes with all this sugar you’re showering me in,” you giggled and he chuckled, kissing your forehead before he released you to give you your last gift; the second envelope. “Another one?” You chuckled, taking it from him. “Chris, you do realize I’ve got more birthdays. I’m not dying tomorrow, so you can save some of these amazing gifts for next year.”

“Well- I would save this for next year, but it’s kind of time constricted.” You raised a brow, and he chuckled. “No, it’s not another convention. I think you’ll be bored attending all those events with me, it’s fairly repetitive.”

“I think we’ve established that I’ll never be bored with you,” you told him with a smile and he winked. You opened the envelope and immediately caught sight of a familiar blue color. You swore your heart stopped and you held your breath as you looked up with wide eyes to meet Chris’ gaze. He bit back his smile, wiggling his brows. “No,” you breathed.

“Yes,” he whispered, nodding.

“Ed Sheeran?!” You screamed as you pulled the tickets from the envelope; you screamed so loudly that Ava heard you from the other room and laughed. “Ed Sheeran, Chris? Ed Sheeran?” You asked in disbelief, making Chris laugh and nod. “Oh my God!” You screamed, jumping up and down. He smiled because he was very proud of himself to have given you something that drew that reaction from you; he reacted the same way when The Patriots won the Super Bowl. “Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran!” You cheered, throwing your arms around him as you continued to jump up and down.

You were a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and even in saying that- it seemed like an understatement. You loved his music to the point where you owned every album of his- both digital and vinyl. To you, his music was inspiring; you used often used his songs as prompts to write. He was one of the few artists that had albums you could listen to without feeling the need to skip over any songs, and to be able to listen to him live- it was the absolute dream. You had a bucket list and attending an Ed Sheeran concert was on it, you just didn’t think it’d be that soon.

You’d tried to get tickets when he announced his 'Divide’ world tour. You’d personally saved a sum and was going to treat yourself to the concert of your dreams. You’d tried and you’d failed despite how much time you invested in the purchasing of the tickets, spending a whole day by your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. You refreshed it so many times, you swore you were going to break the internet. Finally when the tickets came on sale, you saw that they were out of your price range; your heart broke and you turned off all your devices.

By the time Chris had heard about it and offered you his credit card number, the tickets had sold out. Sure, there were other venues in other states that you could fly to and attend. But you didn’t want to spend unnecessary money, especially when it wasn’t your money you were spending. You may have agreed to let Chris take care of you, but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel bad when he whipped out his credit card for you. So what if he could afford it? You needed to make your own way in the world, that was how your parents raised you. Your mom always said, “be rich, don’t marry rich.” But hey, this was different. This was him getting you an amazing and thoughtful birthday present, so you could accept it without guilt. Well- without a ton of guilt.

“Yes, Ed Sheeran,” he chuckled, hugging you back so you’d stop jumping. You drew back slightly and cupped his face in your hands, smiling with tears of joy in the corner of your eyes. “We’re going to his Boston show. You’ll meet me there, we’ll attend the concert, then fly to Salt Lake City together.” You raised a brow then quickly diverted your attention back to the Salt Lake City plane tickets, one was indeed from Boston. “I was a little worried you’d notice that,” he admitted with a soft chuckle.

“It wouldn’t have spoiled the surprise,” you smiled and he smiled back. “You are honestly the best fiancé a girl could ask for.” You hugged him again, and his smile widened as he hugged you back. “And I’m retiring Fan fic Chris, by the way,” you joked because you weren’t. “Real life Chris is a thousand times better.”

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Part 5A

Falling for Them (part five)

“Zack can I talk to you” you sighed sitting next to the boy of the cliffs edge. Training had just wrapped up the others had headed home.

“Sure Y/N what’s up” the black ranger was looking over the town but you couldn’t help but look at him. Zack was looked down on in school compared to the others, yeah sure he was loud and sometimes his impulses made him do some things that people frowned upon. But he was sweet and calm around you and a great listener and you thought it was unfair that someone like Zack didn’t get the positive recognition he deserved. He was also a super mamma’s boy which made him even more adorable.

“Have I done something wrong it’s just the last week or so everyone else has been avoiding me, Jason refuses to train with me now, Kim and Trini have cancelled our coffee dates and Billy acts the way he did the first time around me. You’re the only one on the team who’s actually just been normal around me.” Zack’s gaze had gone from the town and now onto you normally you took this as a good thing that he was listing to you but the expression he held was something else.

“Okay Y/N I’m going to be honest with you right now don’t talk until I’m done, we like you a lot definitely a lot more then a friend and a team member. Of course when you first joined we thought as you as family like we all think of one another but lately we’ve began to develop feelings for you like wanting to hold your hand and kiss you in school. Trini and Kim were the first to feel it then we all followed afterwards you’re a great person inside and out and watching you grown and bound with everyone just made us realise how much we all love you. So the others distanced themselves with you because none of us want to lose you”

They loved you and that’s when it hit you why you’d been feeling so down lately without them around you was because you loved them as well. The way Zack always listened to your problems, how sweet Billy was when he was tutoring you and calming you down when you worked yourself up over getting something wrong, the coffee dates with Trini and Kim where the three of you laughed over everything and everyone and finally Jason the way he helped you trained but also surprised you with your favourite chocolate on a day of a test. You loved them all of them you could picture holding hands and kissing them all like they did with you.

“I love you all too” you wasn’t sure Zack caught on to what you said until you saw his face his eyebrows furrowed together.

“You do” you just nodded a huge grin braking onto his face whilst you did. Before you could even think Zack’s lips were on yours in a hurry not lasting a minute. When you pulled apart Zack had a huge blush on his face and was holding his phone trying to cover it.

“We need to meet the others”


(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 283
summary : Kai comes back from Hell and finds out he is a father.
*not my gif


Almost a month in the 1903 Prison World and the first person Kai wanted to see when he got out was Y/N. He couldn’t explain to himself why. Maybe it was because she was always nice to him , trying to defend him and convince her friends to give him a chance. It was almost 1.43AM when Kai finally got to Y/N’s house. There were no lights in the house and he wanted to surprise her , or maybe scare her to death. He wasn’t sure which way the conversation was going to end up. Kai looked up at her bedroom window , a smile spead across his face when he saw it was open. He quickly climbed up and sneaked inside , being as quiet as possible. Y/N was sleeping soundly , with a book in her hands.
“Of course.” he said to himself. Y/N loved books , they were her escape from reality.
Kai sneaked into bed with her , poking her a few times in her stomach until she woke up. He covered her mouth with his hand , making sure she wouldn’t scream. Her eyes widened in shock then surprise and finally relief when she recognised who it was.
“Miss me ?”
“Kai ! You scared the hell out of me … What are you doing here ? How are you here ? I thought Bonnie -”
“Oh she did , but I got out. Came here first , I don’t know why. Seemed the right place to visit. You should really close your window at night , who knows what kind of monsters might sneak into your room.” he said amused.
Y/N sat in her bed , leaving her book on the night stand.
“Well , I am glad you got out… Things were getting boring without you.”
“So what I am hearing is - you missed me ?” he said crawling on top of her. “You are awfully calm for someone who found a murderous sociopath in her bed in the middle of the night. Most people would’ve screamed , called the police …”
Kai brushed her cheek with the back of his hand , feeling her blush under his touch.
“Maybe a little. Why did you come here of all places ?” Y/N wondered.
“I … don’t know. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It’s so annoying. In the Prison World there wasn’t much to do , 1903 was definitely a boring time period. They didn’t have any pork rinds so that was torture… but the real torture was you.” he said gazing into her eyes. “I saw you everywhere. You were constantly in my thoughts , distracting me…”
“Y-you were thinking about me ?”
“Yes ! Why is that ? It’s not like we were friends or anything… Feelings are hard.”
Y/N felt her heart racing realising what Kai was saying , what he still hadn’t figured out. Could it be that he has feelings for her too ? She stretched her hand , her fingertips tracing his cheeks , then his jaw line. When she touched his lips he closed his eyes for a moment and Y/N smiled to herself. Kai was starring at her as if he was seeing her for the first time , a mischievous grin spread across his face. His fingers touched her lips for a moment.
“Are you going to scream if I kiss you ?” he asked suddenly.
“I might if you don’t … ” she said , her hands quickly snaking to the back of his head pulling him towards her. Kai kissed her gently at first , the kiss deepening with every second. It was like someone had lit a match and started a fire. The more they kissed , the more they craved each other.

* * *

Y/N’s phone rang , DAMON said the called ID. She sighed. Lately the calls from Damon never had good news. With everything happening the past few months - sirens and now with Cade on the loose it was all an endless mess.
“Hey. Is everything alright?”
“Peachy.” Damon said. “Could you come by the house ? It’s kind of important…”
“Is that a blender ? Damon what is this about ? Can’t you tell me on the phone ? I have my hands full here … Katie caught the flu and there is no one to help me around the house right now..”
“It’s OK you can both come. Hey do you want a strawberry smoothie ? I just made one… ”
“Well , you are getting one anyways…See you in a bit.”
Y/N glanced at her phone screen shaking her head. Damon was acting weird. She turned towards her 4 year old son who was playing with his food , splashing it all around. She lifted him up carefully , wiping his face clean before changing his clothes. He looked so much like his father - same eyes , same nose , same hair color same everything. Even after all this time, it was still Kai. There were days when she absolutely hated him for getting himself killed , other days when she’d just leave Alex with Katie (the babysitter) and drive off to the clearing by the Wickery Bridge where Damon had burried Kai’s body and just sit there and cry. Some days she couldn’t stand to be around Damon or her friends… but they had been there for her. Caroline comforted her after her other baby didn’t survive childbirth then later on , Y/N had helped her with the twins. They were a family after all.
Y/N’s life had been crazy the past 12 years and a part of her always hoped that somehow , someway Kai would return. Except there was no Other Side , no more Prison Worlds… no way for that to happen. She sighed , pulling a dark blue shirt over Alexander’s head and tying his shoes afterwards. At the end of the day , she at least had her son and in a way it felt like being with Kai.
“We are going to see uncle Damon now.” said with a smile before lifting up her son and taking her bag and car keys. “And then we are going for ice cream or cotton candy. Whatever you want.”
Alex clapped his hand excitedly muttering something about ‘horseys’ and ‘candy’.

Y/N parked the car outside the Salvatore’s , opening the car’s back door undoing the belts on Alex’s car chair before taking him in her hands. Little Alexander wrapped his tiny hands around her neck holding onto her , lightly pulling at her hair.
“Damon ?” Y/N called out , walking inside. “Where are -”
Y/N froze on the spot , her eyes drifting to the sofa in the living room. She closed her eyes and opened them again making sure she wasn’t dreaming. On the sofa sat Kai Parker with a bag of pork rinds. He turned towards her , his eyes widening and a smile spreading across his face.
“M-Malachai ?”
“Hello sweetheart.” he said getting up , his eyes falling on the little boy in her hands. Kai seemed unable to move or form any words , his eyes wider than before and his mouth hanging semi open then closed the open again. He looked between her and the little boy , surprise and shock on his face.
“Mommy ?” Alexander said , placing his hand on her cheek trying to get her attention. Y/N hadn’t blinked in probably a whole minute now, afraid that if she does Kai would disappear. “Whoos dis ?” her son asked , pointing at Kai.
“M-mommy ?!” asked Kai , taking a step towards them. As he got closer the more the resemblance between him and the little boy became visible to him. He had the same brown hair , same blue eyes , same nose… It was as if Kai was looking at a mini version of himself. “Damon didn’t say anything about … Y/N , is he my … ?”
Y/N nodded , letting Alexander down on the ground taking his hand and taking a few steps towards Kai. He knelt down afraid to take another step not wanting to scare his son. He had never known he wanted to be a father. Never had imagined this would happen to him or that he even deserved a happiness like this. Y/N also knelt down , holding onto their son’s waist.
“Alexander , this … this is your dad.” she said smiling , glancing at Kai who seemed to slowly snap out of his initial shock , a wide smile spreading across his face. Alex turned towards Kai, sucking on his thumb , then back at his mother who gave him a nod letting him go. He took a few shaky steps , nearly stumbling over a few times before Kai scooped him up suddenly , hugging his son tight.
“Oh my God.” he said smiling. Kai’s eyes were gleaming with happy tears. He caressed his sons head , not taking his eyes off him. Alex’s eyes were filled with curiousity and he smiled at his dad and Kai felt his heart melt. He didn’t know how that was possible. “Hey buddy. I … I’m your dad.”
Alex touched Kai’s face for a moment and Kai flinched in pain a little but he never stopped smiling neither pushed away his son’s hand. He didn’t care about the pain , he only cared about his son. Y/N shortened the distance between them hugging them both.
“Yeah , he is a siphoner. Just like his dad.” Y/N smiled, happy tears glistening in her eyes.
“Our … our son is perfect.” Kai kissed Alex’s forehead.
“I love how you said ‘our’ son.” she said tears starting to streak down her cheeks, playing with Alex’s hand. “My boys … how much I love my boys.”
Y/N rested her head on Kai’s shoulder and he turned towards her for a second. “If I had known …” he whispered.
Kai felt happy , a different kind of happy he never ever knew it existed. He looked at Y/N and Alex , his a family now. A real family with people who love him the way he is. He felt her hand wiping a tear from his cheek , he hadn’t even realised he had started crying. Kai closed his eyes for a moment enjoying her touch. Alex pinched his nose , laughing at the face Kai made (bringing his eyes to his nose) before smiling back at his son. Y/N laughed , her hands searching for Kai’s phone in his pocket. He tensed for a moment when her hands wondered onto his crotch , muttering an ‘I’m sorry’ to him , her cheesk flushing red.
“I want to capture this moment. Make it last forever.” she said , wiping a tear from her cheek , quickly taking a picture of Kai and Alex - Kai had tapped his nose making him laugh. Then Alex had rested his head on his father’s shoulder.
“I missed it all .. ” whispered Kai. “I … ”
Y/N sighed , she knew this one was coming and there was no way to change it. They will just have to make up for lost time.
“DAMON !” she called out , knowing very well he was around there somewhere llistening in.. He rushed downstairs glancing between Kai , Y/N and little Alexander in Kai’s arms. Alex was tugging at Kai’s hair and Kai was grinning like never before. “Could you … take our treasure for a few minutes ?”
Damon nodded , taking a few steps towards them taking Alex from Kai’s hands.
“Come on buddy. Lets go get some ice cream in the kitchen.” he said smiling and then whispered. “Lets give time to mommy and daddy to properly greet each other…”
Y/N tossed one of the pillows from the sofa at Damon’s head. He turned around grinning at them.
“Oh don’t act like you haven’t been thinking about it.” he said serious.

As soon as Damon and Alex were out of sight and ear shot , Y/N punched Kai hard in the shoulder.
“Owww.” he flinched in pain. “What was that for ?”
“Getting yourself killed ! ” Y/N said angrily taking a few steps towards the fire place. “No. Wait … sleeping with me and leaving the next morning without a note or anything. Give me an hour , I’ll get you a full list with all the reasons.”
Kai vamp - speed ran towards her , spinning her around with his hands on her waist. They stared at each other longingly for a moment and then Kai’s lips smashed against hers. He pulled her close , holding on to her tightly.
“I’m .. I’m sorry.” he said pulling away for a second before smashing his lips against hers again. “If I had known … I never would’ve - ”
Y/N shushed him with a kiss nearly knocking him over onto the floor.
“I realised it too late … I love you Y/N.” said Kai , his hands cupping her face. “I love you.”
He gazed into her eyes , seeing the happiness that filled them hearing his words. Y/N smiled pressing her lips against his again.
“I love you too. I never stopped.”
Kai grinned at her , twirling her in his arms both of them laughing and enjoying their happiness.
“I can’t believe you are here.” Y/N said smiling through tears , her fingers touching every inch of his face. “I missed you so much … I …”
His lips found hers again , hungrily wanting more. He never thought she’d see her again let alone he’d have someone else in his life besides her. Now he had everything he could’ve ever wanted.

A few moments later Damon walked in with Alex holding his hand.
“Wow cool down you two. There are children present.”
They pulled away from each other awkwardly. Y/N walked towards Damon , as Alex ran into Kai’s arms calling out to him ‘dada’. She glanced behind her and grabbed tightly Damon’s wrist.
“If you do anything to send Kai away … I swear to God…You will end up in Hell faster than you can blink. Got it ?”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : I am not sure of this is what you wanted , but I hope you still like it. :-)

I Keep my Promises - Fuck You Pt. 2


Basically this is part two for THIS blurb: http://bringmesomepie56.tumblr.com/post/153793282875/fuck-you

“Cut!” Bob yelled from behind the camera.

Jensen smiled again, eyeing you up and down, licking his lips slightly, obviously still thinking about your teasing from earlier.

“We’re breaking for lunch people. See you in an hour,” Singer informed the crew, and Mark sauntered off with Jared disappearing from set leaving you and Jensen alone.

“What?” you chuckled, watching your husband carefully.

“You know exactly what,” Jensen growled, his hand on your hip as he grabbed you and turned you, pinning you against the fence behind him. His hand ran along your bare thigh, inching toward the top of your leg. “Were you telling the truth earlier or were you fucking with me?” he whispered into your ear as his hand slipped beneath the skirt you were wearing.

You breathed heavily as his soft hands inched closer to your aching core. “You’re gonna find out really soon,” you moaned, your head tossed back as he hiked your leg around his waist and continued to move his hand toward your center.

His fingers slipped between your folds, no barrier between him and what he wanted. He growled in response, nipping at your neck as he pressed himself firmly against you, the line of his erection pressing against your leg, two fingers slipping into your aching cunt.

“Damn, Y/N,” Jensen moaned as you rocked your hips onto his hand. He kissed you fiercely then looked around. You did the same as you held tight to
Him, continuing to rock on his fingers, soft moans escaping your lips.

Thankfully everyone had cleared the set. It was dark, and the two of you were alone.

“Time to hold come through on that promise. I’m going to fuck you right here,” Jensen said through gritted teeth, pulling his fingers from you and pushing up your skirt so that your ass was exposed to the coolness of the fence.

“Do it,” you begged, reaching for the button of his pants and deftly unbuttoning his jeans and sliding the zipper down carefully. He pushed the jeans over his hips so that his cock sprang free. He wrapped his large hand around it and ran it through the folds of your dripping pussy.

“Fuck,” he moaned as he coated himself with your juices. You moved your hands to his ass as his cockhead hovered over your entrance. You pushed gently, and Jensen sank into you with ease, his hips meeting yours, pressing firmly against your clit.

He lifted you then, and you grabbed onto the fence for support. He had a firm grip on your legs while still buried deep inside you. “Hang on, sweetheart,” he warned before lifting you almost all the way off of him and then slamming you back down on his aching cock.

His hips thrust forward each time he’d drag you back down on his cock, hitting your g-spot with accuracy. He searched out your lips as he pressed his body firmly against yours, his cock sliding in and out of you with an easy rhythm, stretching and filling you slowly. You moaned in his mouth as he slowly pounded you against the fence.

Your walls started to fluttered and Jensen reached between you, rubbing your clit furiously. The coil in your stomach snapped and you crashed over the edge, your orgasm nearly blinding you as you came hard on Jensen’s cock. You shook with the force of pleasure.

“That’s it,” he whispered as your legs shook against him. He thrust purposefully one last time before spilling deep inside you. He emptied himself entirely, his hips finally coming to rest against yours as your body felt like jelly, and you practically melted against him.

“Shit,” you laughed, your legs sliding to the floor. You weren’t sure you could walk to the trailer. “I’m gonna need a shower before filming,” you chuckled, the evidence of your love making settling between your legs.

Jensen tucked himself back in his jeans and wrapped his arm around your waist, guiding you back to the trailer.

“I’m pretty sure I can help with that too, Mrs. Ackles,” he said, kissing your forehead.

You leaned your head against his shoulder as you walked to the trailer. You could check fucking on that set off your to-do list, you thought. You couldn’t help but chuckle. There were still plenty of places on set you hadn’t done it, yet, but there was plenty more time for that.