i love his hair like this huh

I’m so happy that you enjoyed them! The women don’t get enough love, and I’m willing to provide.


• She’s wine mom™ all the way.
• If there’s wine, she’ll drink it, but no one’s ever seen her drunk.
• Happy to see you, even if you’re plastered.
• Will start the conversation thinking that you where just buzzed.
• “Hello there!”
• “HUH? Oohhh….. Hi-hey ann…….aaaaangela.”
• She laugh and asks if this is a good time.
• “yess, there……you..you’re fun guy to talk…with too…and…..you’re hair….ooohhhh soooo pretty”
• “Oh, uh, thank you!”
• “aaannnddd yyyoouurrr face! I hate…. I don like…..geez, you’re sooo cute aaannnggggeeellaaa”
• She’s blushing and laughing at you, grabbing your arm and leading you out of the room.
• “I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”
• You wake up in your room with a headache and a note on your table from Angela asking you out.

• She doesn’t drink, she never drinks.
• She spots you ready to get into a fist fight with McCree over some chicken nuggets.
• Jumps between you two and throws the old nuggets into the trash before either of you could stop her.
• Will call over her mom to watch Jesse.
• Makes you sit next to her so that you don’t start anymore trouble.
• Jumps when you try to hold her hand.
• “Your hand…..you….it’s SOOO soft”
• “I, uhhhhh….”
• “aawwwww…. You- your face…..LOOK red….mmmmmmm pretty face.”
• “Well, ummmm.”
• “ohhhhh….. I’m soorryyy…you’re…. I made….you uncomfortable.”
• You move away from her
• “NO.”
• “you sure??”
• “Yes.”
• She grabs your hand to punctuate her point.
• Your eyes are sparking and she gets redder.
• You two held hands for the rest of the night.

• She has a low alcohol tolerance, so she tries to be responsible and not drink.
• Has fun messing with the people who are drunk.
• This includes you.
• “heeeyyy…. HEY tra….leNA! Can….will you get me ano…some more??”
• “Some more what?”
• “The…uhhhhh….this one…”
• “What’s ‘this one,’ love?”
• “Drink…the..some beer?”
• “Haha, I think you’ve had enough!”
• It takes you a second to realize that she wasn’t getting more drinks for you.
• “aaaahHHHHH I see miss….smarty. Me…..TWO can play……”
• You make your way to a table nearby and stand on it.
• She’s a giggling mess telling you to get down from there.
• You wobble and fall off and she barely catches you.
• She cracks up and gives the cheesiest pickup line you’ve ever heard.

• Is the one who took you drinking.
• Keeps you upright and away from potential threats.
• Will still video tape you doing stupid things.
• “Som….sooommmBBBRRAAAA…letme….I gotta….I need to fight that guy.”
• “No way my friend. We need to lay low, remember?”
• “I don’t……he’s lookin at you….I don’t like him….or- or his….stuPID FACE.”
• “You jealous, pollito?”
• “no… He’s just…his face is stupid.”
• She teases you.
• “Just….c'mon….he needs….let me…one punch…on the faaaccceee.”
• “No, güey. How do you know he’s even looking at me?”
• “Wha….I…he…who wOULDNT?? You….you’re so….such pretty eyes. And, youre…I mean really??? But, you’re voice…aaaaaaaaa.”
• “Primo….. Do you have a crush on me?”
• “duh.”
• Taken back by your bluntness, but bursts out laughing.
• Sets up a date with you while you’re still confidant and then holds you to it.

• Will not get drunk, she refuses.
• That being said, she can almost drink as much as Gabriel.
• Almost.
• Kinda acts like the bouncer if anyone gets too crazy.
• You where getting too crazy.
• She picked you up from under your armpits as you where about to hit Junkrat square in the gut because he owed you about five dollars.
• “That’s enough from you, tiny one.”
• You reach up to her arms and pat them in dismay.
• She moves you to the door.
• “Wait….I can….I can tell you a secret if…..if I can….let me punch.”
• “No can do.”
• “pleeeaassseeee. If you….if you loved me…..I can go.”
• “And, if you loved me, you would stay.”
• “that….you…thATS NOT FAIR.”
• “Why is that, tiny one?”
• “because….. I love you.”
• She did let you stay after that, but under the condition that you stayed in her arms.

I’m sleepy. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed! ( ̄▽ ̄)

“Hi, Bradley! Snow’s fallin’ hard, huh?”

While the Trio will always be my favourites of the bunch and I don’t really ship Bradley with anyone (I like going with personalities and interaction), I still honestly would love to see him interact with Banana Hair Boy more often. There are reasons why we won’t see it often in the season, but that leaves awesome fanfics and fanart 8)


“His hair is more accurate in this one.”
“I know!”
“It took three tries, I’m content now.”
“Good, but I’m starting to think you like Redhead more than me.”
“So not true.”
“Uh huh.”
“And besides, you’re a redhead again yourself.”
“No need to worry.”
“The truth shall set you free.”
“Well if I’m going to be truthful then—”
When you first colored your hair I wanted to punch you in the face.”
“Whoaaa, why?”
“I’m not certain, but I do remember being quite shocked and upset.”
“Since then I’ve never truly gotten used to you being blonde.”
“Oh, nothing.”
“I just have the sudden urge to see if Walmart has blue hair dye.”
“I will not refrain from punching you a second time.”
“Bring it.”

You have glitter in your hair Dean

So I’m writing another hs AU with pastel!castiel because you guys really liked tbe other one i wrote (all the trash!!) So huh yeah, here?? ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Dean couldn’t help but notice the black and gold glitter on his boyfriends face that fell from his flower crown as it shone in the light passing into the hall ways of their school from the windows. Dean knew that Castiel sometimes felt awkward or shy because some people would look at him like a freak, but Dean made sure to always remind Cas how much he loved him and how beautiful he really is. Dean smiled to himself feeling Castiel’s hand in his. “Hi Dean?” Cas softly spoke seeming more as if he just wanted to say his name then ask him something. “What is it darling?” Sweetly said even tho he knew Cas probably just wanted to hear Dean speak. And of course he was right because the moment Dean called Cas any kind of pet name such as “sweety, darling, bumble bee, his sunshine” ect Cas would just melt, as if he had never been spoken to so kindly he was overwhelmed by Dean.

Cas just shook his head and mumbled something along the lines of “Mmh nothing..” But Cas’ cheeks were bright red. So Dean kissed him quickly on the lips to make him feel better but this just made Cas gasp at how suddle it was. “Dean! We’re at scho-” But this just made Dean kiss Cas again along with almost tripping over each others feet as they tired to kiss and walk down the hall at the same time, but Cas caught himself along with Dean and Castiel’s flower crown somehow after Dean almost falling on his face and bringing Cas down with him but caught themselves had fallen lopsided on Dean’s head.

Cas giggling fixed the flower crown so it was straight on his head (“straight…”) And smiled at how cute Dean looked with the flowers around his head and glitter now in his hair and some on his face. He look freaking adorable! “Ok bye Dean..” Cas told him as he stood outside his class for history, kissed him on the cheek and went into to his class. “Wait Cas your flower cr-.. Own..” But Cas had shut the door before he could finish talking.

So for the rest of the day Dean wore the glitter flower crown, getting glitter all in his face and hair but didn’t care because it reminded him of Cas.


He’s in Love - Carl Grimes x Reader

A very short one and i am sorry that it is both disappointing and late but I have had a mixture of illness and work as well as an exam tomorrow and it is all a little hectic. Things should get better after this week and I may return to the joker!! 

“What’s that smirk for?” Rick came up behind Carl on the porch making him jump as he was sat on the porch step. Carl sighed and shook his head,


“Oh so you gazing across the street at (y/n) is nothing, is it?” he moved to sit beside me,  “Carl, young love is tough, you really like her huh?”

“I never said anything about love, dad.” I groaned sinking my head into my hands as if I could disappear into my hat. I had to admit, what I felt wasn’t far from it. The way she pulled her hair up while she worked or how she would just slump out on the couch at ours after a long day and pass out and look peaceful. Or even the way she would look after Judith, bouncing her and bringing little things back for her on runs.

“How long?”

“Ever since she started talking to me” this is quite probably the most embarrassing thing, my dad giving me advice on love and not just that, love in an apocalypse - pretty damn impossible if you ask me,

“I reckon you tell her, just get it out”

“And if she says no?” I asked crossing my arms after pulling my head out of them, finally giving him a sideways glance

“No to what?” great, Michonne.

"Our Carls finally a teenager.”

“Go on” she laughed leaning on the post next to dad,

“He’s in loooveee” I smacked Rick on the arm

“Oh boy!” I could hear the smirk on Michonne’s face, “you need to tell her, it’s Chiana isn’t it”

“It’s not her” I lied beginning to blush. My dads head turned and I could see his smirk,

“Denying it will get you no where, son. Handle her heart with care. (y/n) is strong, but she is also delicate. Don’t ruin that. Do not be responsible for really messing her up.”

“Thanks for the confidence dad,” I sighed

“You’ll be fine, Carl, go talk to her either now or later after chores. I know that dates aren’t really  thing anymore… god knows what is you can do now a days, ask her to hang out a bit or something then ask her to go steady.”

“Go steady?” Michonne chuckled, “God, Rick this isn’t the 1940’s.”

“Might well as be in this state.” I stood and paced up and down before them before stopping to face them.

“What do I even say? Hey (y/n), mind if I hold your hand around everyone and kiss you in front of people? You know, just cause it turns out I don’t actually wanna be your friend anymore - oh no I definitely don’t want to be your friend anymore I want so much more than that because seeing you around Ron drives me insane and if I could just kinda have you to myself that would be great thanks.”

“Well,” dad smirked,

“Yea sure, I mean kissing you doesn’t seem to bad of an idea.” I froze for a moment before turning on my heel. Her face was pretty close to mine. We looked at each other for a moment and I thankfully heard two sets of footsteps moving away. “Ron drive me insane too to be honest but, ain’t got much choice with an apocalypse and all that.” Even now she still joked and played around but I was still stuck on her first sentence,

“Wait, what?”

“The apocalypse?…”

“No, no I noticed that a few years ago actually” I laughed nervously.

“Well you know, kissing does pass time pretty well” she smiled, “I have wanted to do that for a little while actually.” for the first time she blushed a little and glanced down so I ook my chance. I leaned in a little making her look up before I carefully pushed my lips against hers.

Phan fluff: early morning tickles

It was early in the morning, well early for Dan and Phil anyway, they didn’t usually wake up till 12. They lay fast asleep in each other’s arms, Dan’s hand rested on Phil’s stomach rising gently up and down as he breathed.

Phil was the first to wake up, he let out a long bear like yawn and sat upright. Looking over at his sleeping boyfriend, he smiled. He loved everything about his boyfriend, especially in the morning. He loved his wild wavy hair that he could play with for hours on end, his sleepy deep brown eyes that were deep and rich like chocolate, and his pale pink lips that curved into a slight smile at the ends. Phil could have stared at Dan for hours. He ran his fingers though his hair and let out another yawn, his yawn was echoed by Dan and fluttered open his eyes and he Stretched.
‘Morning bear’
Dan rubbed his eyes. ‘huh?’ he replied slightly confused.
'I said morning you sleepy head’ Phil giggled. Dan sat up in bed next to Phil exposing his topless body to the cold. Phil looked over at him and smiled 'have I ever told you how pretty you are?’
'Yes Phil, many times’ Dan blushed slightly. 'And I always reply by telling you that your prettier’
'But Dan you are so pretty’ Phil began 'your rich dark eyes perfectly contrast your lips, your hair is so curly and soft, your collar bones are to die for, and your body if the perfect shape to hug’ Phil traced his fingers down Dan’s stomach about to bring him into a hug, but as he brushed passed his stomach Dan let out a giggle. As Phil traced around his bellybutton in a circle Dan’s giggles turned into uncontrollable laughing.
'Oh so you’re ticklish are you?’ Phil smirked at Dan 'How did I not know this?’
'No, no Phil don’t…’ Phil began to tickle, he rubbed Dan’s belly and tickled under his arms, he ran his hands down his torso and blew raspberries into his tummy. The entire time Dan was in hysterics, he couldn’t control the sounds that were coming out of his mouth. He pretended to try and get away, but Phil knew he was enjoying it. 'Right that’s it, come here you’ Dan broke free and jumped on top of Phil and began to tickle him back, they both laughed and began a 'tickle war’ with eachother which ended with both boys lying in a hysterical heap on the bed.

After the giggles died down the two boys turned to face eachother. Dan nestled under Phil’s chin kissing him on the neck, Phil kissed him back on the top of the head and whispered.
'I love you bear’
'I love you too’

Eren's a good friend

This one’s for Rae. I threw this idea at her and like the lovely lady she is, she helped me fine tune it until it fit.

* * *

“Levi,” Eren called over the music, “Levi.” The ink haired man didn’t flinch, simply stared at his drink, expression blank. “Ackerman!”

“Huh?” Levi finally poked his head up. “What?” Eren’s brows furrowed together. “Spit it out, brat.”

“You’ve been acting off since you came back from the bathroom. What’s up?” Eren demanded.

“I got lost. You know I hate that,” Levi shrugged, looking around Trost’s newest rooftop bar. “Pretty up here, isn’t it? The stars are really visible tonight.”

“Don’t bullshit me,” Eren huffed, arms crossed over his chest. “Did something happen?”

“Would you drop it, Jaeg’?” Levi glared.

“Something did happen. What is it?” Eren leaned forward, eyes keen and brows raised.

“Nothing happened,” Levi insisted.

“Did too.”

“Did not.”

“Did too.”

“Did – look, I’m not doing this with you,” Levi rolled his eyes and slammed back his whiskey.

“If you don’t tell me, I’m giving Hange the spare key you gave me,” Eren threatened. “They’ll be able to get in whenever they want.”

“You wouldn’t.” Levi narrowed his eyes, jaw dropping when Eren refused to back down. “I trusted you!”

“Not enough to tell me what’s wrong, apparently,” Eren grumbled petulantly.

Levi shot Jean a look that screamed help me. That weirdo was one of the few who could rein in Eren’s rampaging need to butt into his friends’ business. He was certain he heard Jean snort before shaking his head. He truly had no other choice.

“Remember that ex I told you about?”

Eren’s lip curled into a sneer. “The asshole who shall not be named.”

“He’s here,” Levi tilted his head to the douchiest loser at the bar, hand squeezing Eren’s arm when he tensed to jump up, “I ran into him right before I sat back down.” Levi grunted. “He started going off about how he’s ‘the best thing I ever had,’ and ‘good luck finding someone as into you as I was,’” Levi hissed through his teeth. “Like, the guy’s a dick, I haven’t dated anyone since him and I’m over his shit, I really am, but he just – ugh – he gets under my skin. I know I shouldn’t care what he says… I just wish I could throw something in his face to shut him the fuck up. It’s petty, I know–”

“But it’s understandable,” Eren interrupted.

Levi nodded. “Thanks. I feel a little better.”

“But not quite.” Eren pushed out of his chair and grabbed Levi’s hand. “Come on,” was the only warning he gave before Levi was being dragged away from their table.

“Eren,” Levi growled, voice hushed and panicked, “what do you think you’re doing?”

“You clearly need another drink,” Eren smiled brilliantly.

That angelic act did not fool Levi. “You better not do anything stupid,” he managed to spit out right before they got to the bar.

“Stupid?” Eren said a little too loudly before he pressed Levi’s back against the counter. “Levi, you are so funny!”

Levi tilted his head, what the hell was Eren talking about?

Eren smirked and cupped Levi’s face with those obnoxiously soft hands and crashed their mouths together.

The gasp Levi let out was just enough for Eren to lace their tongues together, hands leaving his face to pull him ever closer. Eren groaned into Levi’s mouth when he tangled his fingers in Eren’s hair.

Levi had never wondered much what it would be like to kiss Eren. He never expected his mouth to be gentle, or his hands to grasp him like he’s holding on for dear fucking life. He hadn’t thought that Eren would swallow every shallow breath he gave until his toes curled.

He hadn’t thought that kissing Eren would awaken feelings he hadn’t realized were there. He wouldn’t have guessed that something as casual as this was supposed to be would stir something in him so intimate it was almost terrifying. Levi gripped Eren’s hair tighter. It was only almost terrifying, after all.

Eren’s mouth became more demanding, coaxing small purrs out of Levi, and the tiniest whimper of, “Eren,” before Levi kissed him with renewed fervour.

Levi lost track of how long Eren had him pinned against the bar. He lost track of any sound that didn’t come out of Eren’s throat, every brush of air that wasn’t hot against his lips. Levi got lost in Eren.

Until Eren grabbed his ass and he jerked his arm backward, elbow shoving a pitcher of sangria to the floor.

“Hey!” The bartender snapped.

Eren and Levi yanked apart, faces flushed and chests heaving.

“Sorry!” Eren panted. “I’ll pay for that. And get my boyfriend a whiskey while you’re at it, please.”

Eren slapped a couple bills onto the bar counter and Levi chanced a gaze over his shoulder at his ex, smiling to himself when he found the man fuming into his cider.

He nuzzled his face into Eren’s neck, revelling in the ocean breeze that eternally clung to the man’s skin. “Huh,” he murmured.

“Levi, please,” Eren chuckled, “we shouldn’t get any more carried away.” Levi didn’t have to look at him to know he had a smug grin fixed on his face.

“Thank you.”

Eren could feel Levi’s smile against his neck. “I love you too.” And while Levi knew Eren said that for show, it spread warmth through his chest all the same.

Levi really wished he saw his ex boyfriend spit out his drink.

It was only when they were stumbling home did they mention the night’s events again.

“That was a rather… passionate kiss, Eren.”

The brunet was suddenly fascinated with the trees lining the sidewalk. “Had to make it convincing. Your ex… well he really hurt you, didn’t he? You haven’t said as much but I can tell. I couldn’t just sit back and let him gloat about that.”

“Still,” Levi slurred a little.

“You know I get carried away sometimes,” Eren insisted.

“Jean said you would say that,” Levi barely managed to suppress his grin when Eren stiffened. “Jean also said you’re full of shit and want to date me.”

Eren stared at the ground. “Levi, I… I…”

“Did you talk to Mikasa at all before we left?” It was Levi’s turn to look anywhere but at the man walking next to him. “Because I think she said something about me feeling the same way.”

“Levi…” Eren laughed softly.

“Laugh at me again and I’ll shove you in front of the next passing taxi, you shitty brat.”

They walked in silence for a few moments.

Eren coughed, “So will you…”

Levi rolled his eyes before threading his fingers through Eren’s. “Yes.”

Just Desserts


Nathan, Gabriel, and Arran are in Tampa. Gabriel has taken them to one of his favorite places. They’re all looking over the menu. It’s summer, sunny, and sweltering hot.

Gabriel: *Groaning* I forgot how hot it gets here.

He reaches up to pull his hair back, exposing his neck.

Nathan: *Trying not to stare, failing miserably*

Arran: What are you going to get, Nathan?

Nathan: Huh? What?

Arran: I asked what are you going to get?

Nathan: *Notices the menu like he has never seen it before*

Arran: *Smiling* Or do you want something not on the menu?


Arran: I think what you want is under “Dessert”

Gabriel: Oh are you getting dessert? I love dessert.

Arran: *Laughs*


Gabriel: I could have dessert all day.


Gabriel: Dessert is never as good by yourself though.

Arran: Maybe you two can share.

Nathan: *Blushes*

Gabriel: We can do that. Do you want to share, Nathan? I’m very generous when it comes to sharing dessert.

Nathan: Oh fuck you both I’m leaving.

Gabriel’s attention never diverts from the menu as Nathan storms away.

Arran: You know I wasn’t actually talking about dessert–?

Gabriel: I know what you were talking about.

So they’re indeed relatives, i guess these guys are Fryman’s sons, i love how their hair looks like fries.

Petey, huh?

I smell some family drama here, his family are basically using him without caring if he likes it or not, well espically his dad.

That kid looks a little older than Steven, but still not an appropiate age to even be working. Poor guy.



Oh, phew.

Seagulls are just terrible. We have them a lot here and i absolutely hate them. I’m so sorry Steven.

I won’t be surprised if Petey has gotten PTSD from this costume.

#15milbosses day 2

The story of how I found Jack’s channel.

Well, It was last year, probably February-ish?? I had just finished playing Undertale (neutral and pacifist run) and I was stuck on Genocide route on Undyne battle and I decided to find out if someone has done a let’s play on Genocide route. First I checked out Mark’s channel but at the time he had only two parts of his let’s play and then I saw Jacksepticeye’s playthrough on the recommended videos and thought why the hell not and clicked.

I remember my first impression was “huh, he has a cool hair and a nice accent, I wonder where he’s from. He’s loud and funny, I love it omg” and so I watched his Genocide playthrough and then I watched his Pacifist run and the rest is history.

Damn Undertale, makin me like loud green Irishmen 😂😂


Imagine. Having dated Hook before Mila and before he became a pirate only to have been separated and when you meet him again in Storybrooke you get both really mad and really happy.

You’ve got to be kidding me…” You whispered as you walked into Granny’s café only to see your forgotten love sitting and sipping too a coffee. Of course the only availible place to sit was next to him, so you sat down. At first you tried to hide behind your hair looking away from him, but of course Granny had to stand next to him when asking what you’d like. “I’ll have some coffee thank you.” 

“That voice..” you heard him say. You closed your eyes hoping he would not remmeber, but as you thoughrt this his eyes met yours. All of the emotions came rushign through you. Not knowing whether to stay or leave you rose and walked at the door. “Oh so that’s it huh? You’re gonna walk away form me again, love?”

You got out, but was grabbed by a hook and turned around. “Let me go Killian!” you yelled and got out of his grip. “There’s a good reason for me leaving and you know it!” you spat at him. It was good to see him againg though. “Aye, love. I know. But.. I.. I’ve missed you.” How could you stay mad at him, your eternal flame. “I’ve missed you too.” 

“First love, huh?” 

“Yeah,” the boy replies, “must’ve had one right? Back in high school, in Tokyo?”

They laugh around him, drinks clinking clumsily on the table; the boys tipsy, to them it’s light-hearted.

“Nah,” he lies. “Too focused on volleyball and school to find one.”

They laugh again, pushing his shoulder playfully, telling him they’ll find just the girl. “Long hair?” they guess, “tall like him with a cheeky promise of trouble?”

No, Kuroo thinks, none of that.

Short hair, he doesn’t even need to remember, ironically bleached blond in hopes of being unnoticed. Handheld games and a mass of late night cellphone texts; the occasional “can i borrow your charger?” and only the promise of we can have fish for dinner if you let me finish one more level. 

Hey Kenma, he thinks, the laughing of the other college boys drowned out like fuzz around him, when people ask you about first loves…

Am I the one you think of too?

jushirou-ukitake  asked:

having put the kittens to sleep, well watched over them until they did anyway. and with starrk sleeping as well in the spare room too. jushirou goes over to where shunsui lay comfortably stretched out with that relaxed and pleased smile on his face that instantly makes him smile too. he pads over and settles himself atop his resting partner booping him on the nose to grab his attention. ' i've asked too much of you lately huh? with kittens and now starrk too but you've been too good. thank you '

— silence, welcomed surrounded him like a warm blanket. ahhh, how lovely. one arm rest behind the back of his head, pillowing beneath loose strands of chestnut hair no longer tied back. before his partner entered the room he could feel the energy shift and the faint smell of lavender? preceded. eyes still closed he chuckled, finally opening them up after the boop. ’ i can take anything you give me, as long as i get to stay by your side. ’

Calum’s Bedtime Story

“Daddy tell us a story!” Three little children shouted.

“A story? What kind of a story?” The man chuckled.

“A love story!” The young girl Maria said.

“Ew gross. I want an action story!” The older boy Derek said.

“No, a love story daddy!” The youngest little girl Carli said.

“Sorry bud, it looks like tonight is a love story.” The man shrugged to his son.

The brown haired boy looked disgusted. “I’m out. I’m going to play my video game while you all do this." 

The man laughed and shook his head.

"So you girls want a love story huh?” The man said smiling at the two dark haired little girls.

“Yes!” They said excitedly as they grabbed their teddy bears and sat cross legged on the floor, intrigued in what their father would soon be saying.

“Alright then. I’ve got a story for you.” He started to say.

“Once upon a time there was this really handsome guy and he had never really had the best of luck with girls. He was a good looking boy, but girls just didn’t appreciate him. Getting girls was no problem, but keeping them now that was the issue.”

He chuckled when his oldest little girl rolled her eyes.

“But anyway, back to the story. So the boy was very alone. He had a lot of love to give, he just had no one to give it to which kind of sucked. He hadn’t had the best home life. Things on the outside seemed perfect, but inside the walls there was a completly different story. You see, the man had been very depressed for most of his life and didn’t even finish school. He had to work to make a living just to make his own ends meet. He had been on so many different medications and had so many issues in his own life that he was really all that he had. Well, one day the boy met a girl. This girl was very pretty, but she knew it. For the first year everything was perfect and the boy was happy, but then things turned. During the second year the boy was treated very badly. The girl would accuse him of cheating all of the time, she never listened to a word he said, she did not care at all about him. He done everything that he could for her and she just didn’t care. She had money, she had beauty, she didn’t need him.” He said, remembering the pain that he had went through.

“I thought this was supposed to be a love story!” Carli whined.

“I’m not done yet princess. It will be I promise.” He reassured her.

“I really hope the boy doesn’t end up with that girl. I don’t like her.” Maria said. 

“Me either.” A woman said from the corner with a small smile.

Calum looked up to her and gave a knowing smile.

“I brought you all cookies.” She said putting a plate on the table.

“Ohh thanks mommy!” The little girls ecstatically said.

“Mommy you should stay and listen to daddy’s story!” Carli said.

The woman smiled. “I think I know this story." 

Calum grinned and the woman gave him a kiss on the forehead before walking away.

"Now where was I? Oh yes. So the boy and the girl ended up splitting up. The boy had to move out of the house and ended up staying in his friends RV. Talk about low. He went from living in a big beautiful house with his girlfriend to living in a RV by himself. He felt like nothing could get worse. He was completely alone. He had moved across country for this girl. He left his family and friends behind. He got extremely depressed and wanted to find love somewhere. He downloaded an app to find local single women in his area, which was pretty sad at the time, and he found a few girls that caught his eye. There was one however that stuck out like a sore thumb. She was beautiful, funny, and looking at her his heart nearly skipped a beat. He messaged her and they talked and it turned out that they had a lot in common. She made him smile and laugh. They started talking almost every day and he started to feel better. He asked her out on a date and she said she would love to. He still wasn’t sure if he was ready for this, hell it had only been two months that he’d been single, but there was something about this girl. Well, before they could go on a date he had to go out of town for work. While out of town he felt very alone again, his depression crept back up and he started smoking pot to ease the pain. He got the courage to set a date to meet the girl. He would get a hotel room for the weekend seeing as she was hours away and they could hang out for the weekend. Everything was all set and he felt better. That is until two days before the date. He was feeling extremely anxious about meeting her and I hate to admit it but he still was not over his ex girlfriend. One of his buddies offered him a very hard drug and he took it without question. That night and the next day he felt like he was going to die. His heart was not working right and he was nauseous and couldn’t eat and he couldn’t sleep and he was terrified. The girl was so sweet and so concerned and he knew he couldn’t let her down. He had to make it to that date. So when the day finally came, he felt okay enough to drive to see her. His hands were sweating and he was a nervous mess. He knew what he had done a few nights before but he didn’t want to tell her, afraid that she would look down upon him. ” He trailed off

“He did DRUGS?!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yeah, he did pumpkin. He regretted it right after he done it. It definitely wasn’t his finest moment. Never, ever do what he done.” He said, ashamed.

“So did the girl find out that he was a drug head?” She asked with wide eyes.

“Patience little one and he was NOT a drug head.” He chuckled as he grabbed a cookie.

“But he almost died from them.” Maria said.

“Yeah, yeah he almost did. But he didn’t.” Calum shrugged.

“Okay now where was I? Oh yes; So they decide to meet at a mall first. He gets there at the time that they said they would meet and low and behold the girl is LATE. The boy thinks for sure he’s getting stood up. He texts her and messages her and finally she says that she is on her way. He doesn’t know if that’s the truth, so all he can do is hope and pray that she isn’t ditching him. I mean the boy drove 2 hours just to see her and she’s late. It’s not looking good. Finally she texts him saying that she is there. His heart does flips and he freaks out inside and the anxiousness feels like it’s about to kill him. He sees a girl through the window and his heart is about to beat out of his chest. She walks in and smiles at him and his heart drops to the floor. He stares at her in such amazement, not believing that she is actually here in front of him. He gives her a hug and they walk around the mall together, talking and getting to know each other face to face. His nervousness has completely dissappeared at this point and all he feels is calm. Well, that and the urge to kiss her, but he knows that’s too forward.”

“OH does he kiss her?!” Carli shrieked with excitement.

“Just wait! You’ll soon find out.” Calum chuckled.

“So they walk around the mall, talking about life and everything and they go to her old job and everyone crowds around her like a superstar. People loved her, and he could see why. Even just those few moments with her he could understand why. They leave there and go eat at her favorite restaurant and they can barely even eat for talking so much. He knew he could tell her anything and she would listen. After they eat they go to the mall to get her car and she grabs his hand. His heart dances and skips and her hand fits so perfectly into his. They meet at the hotel and they check in and they go up to the room and they watch tv and just cuddle. He messes something up on the tv and she leans over his shoulder to help him fix it and he can’t help it, he kisses her. Yes he does he kisses her. They go watch a movie at the theaters and they just spend the night talking and cuddling. The next day they go to her parents house for a lunch which he was completely not expecting, but it turns out to be okay and the rest of the day is spent laughing and having fun, until he finds out that she is moving. His heart drops to his feet. He had just found this girl, and she was leaving. They share very personal information with each other and he admits what he had done the nights before.”

“HE TOLD HER?!” Maria exclaimed.

“Yep, he told her. He didn’t want to lie to her.” Calum said shrugging.

“Wow.” Carli said.

“Yeah. You see, even from their first meeting there was complete comfortability around each other. There was no room for lies, only the truth.”

“I respect that.” Maria said.

“Thank you. She did too.” Calum smiled.

“Things took a turn for the worst though. That night when he was trying to go to sleep the tugging at the boys heart of the thought of her leaving him caused his withdrawl to the drug to intensify. He was shaking and he was scared. I’ll have you know that the girl held him all night, making sure he was okay. She stroked his hair and just filled him with so much love. He knew he had made a mistake with wanting to die before, this girl had made him realize that there was a reason to live. The shit in the past didn’t matter. It was now that did. He’d never forget how kind and unjudgemental she was to him. She cared, he hadn’t had anyone to care that much in a while. He couldn’t stand the thought of maybe losing her. The next day came and they said their goodbyes although she clearly stated that this would NOT be the end of their story. The boy didn’t know if he believed that though and his heart was heavy. At home the boy decided that he needed to be back with his family and he told the girl about his plans. She was understanding and she still insisted that it did not have to be the end. He wasn’t for sure though. He had just gotten his heart broken only months prior, he wasn’t really holding out hope for anything amazing to happen. Back at his old RV he missed her badly. He told her and she made plans to come stay where he was until he left later that month. She did and those two weeks were some of the best of his life. Then it happened, he left. He was on to his new life and she was on to hers, neither knowing if they would ever see each other again.”

“NO!” Carli almost cried.

“That’s not fair.” Maria said sadly.

“No it wasn’t. But it was good too. You’ll see.” Calum smiled.

“So they lived their own lives for a few months, always keeping in touch and the pain of missing her was something he lived with day in and day out. He had went out on other dates, but no one filled his heart the way she did. After a few months something amazing happened, she had called him to be her date to her friends wedding. He agreed and in a few more months there he was back where it had all began, at the airport waiting for her to pick him up. He looked up and there she was. She spotted him and her eyes went wide and that beautiful smile lit up the entire airport. She ran and jumped on him and he held her for what felt like hours. His heart raced and he kissed her until his lips went numb. After the wedding they were apart a few more months until the boy decided he had found who he had wanted to be with, he had to be with her. He couldn’t be apart any longer, he missed her too much. He invited her to come live with him and surprisingly she agreed. The two were married the next spring.”

“Are they still together?!” Maria asked.

Calum smiled fondly as the woman from his story smiled at him in the corner before coming to sit on his lap.

“Yep. Still together and happy.” He said giving her a kiss.

“It was you?!” Maria said shocked.

“No way!” Derek said. 

“That’s right. That’s me and your daddy’s love story. It’s still being written, but the ink is holding up pretty well.” The woman said smiling and holding him tight.

“From the moment I seen her I just knew.” Calum said kissing the woman’s temple.

“Wow.” Carli said smiling fondly at her parents.

“Alright kids, time for bed. You’ve got school tomorrow.” Calum said hopping up to give each of his kids a hug goodnight.

“Goodnight daddy. Thank you for the story.” They all said as they hugged him and the woman tightly.

“It’s our bedtime too, come on honey.” She said smiling as she grabbed his hand, leading him up to their bedroom.

They got to the room and closed the door. She shimmied out of her nightgown into a sexy pair of lingerie. 

He licked his lips.

“A sight I never get tired of.” He said.

She smiled and straddled his lap.

“Thank you for not telling our children the true story.” She said kissing him.

“And what story would that be?” He asked smirking.

“The true story about how we slept together the same day that we met and how we had never felt a feeling like that ever.” She said deviously.

“Ah yes. The moment I finally slid into your tight body and you asked me where the hell have I been all of your life.” He said closing his eyes, remembering it like it was yesterday.

“Yes. And how we made love every day twice a day.” She said giggling.

“Oh I can’t forget that. How you woke me up every morning craving me. You were a bad girl. Still are.” He said grabbing her ass. 

She giggled. “I’d never craved anyone at all like that.”

“Well I’m glad sweetheart, because I hadn’t either.” He said smiling.

“You know what I remember the most though?” She said in a serious tone.

“What’s that baby?” He asked curiously.

“The moment that you told me you loved me and that I was the one.” She said with bright eyes.

“Of course, that day at the lake.” He said.

She shook her head no.

“No?” He asked confused.

“Nope. The first time you told me that you loved me you didn’t say it with words.” She said.

“I’m confused.” He said with knitted eyebrows.

“Do you remember that movie that we went to go see? There was a preview before it started and it was of a woman and man and they were telling their children about how they met and the man said to the woman "and that’s when I knew you were the one” and you squeezed my hand. It was like you were telling me that in that moment that you knew that I was the one.“ She said kissing his forehead.

"You caught that huh? I didn’t even know I had done it until it happened.” He said blushing.

“That’s why I squeezed your hand back. I hoped you realized that I was feeling the exact same.” She said looking into his eyes.

Calum smiled and kissed her lips.

“I loved you then, and I love you now. I don’t think it’s possible to love you more and then every day I do.” He said kissing her again.

“And I love you. You are my soulmate, my heart.” She said holding him tightly.

“Since we are all reminiscent tonight, how about I leave some bite marks on those perfect thighs of yours like I did the first night.” He said wiggling his eyebrows. 

She giggled and hit him. “Oh Calum.”

He smirked and raised his eyebrow to her.
She bit her lip and attacked his lips. 

God he loved her.
He had never known a love like hers, and never would again. 
The kind of love that doesn’t judge, the kind that never gets low, the kind that knows the meaning of the word unconditional.
She had saved him so many years ago, and she was still saving him to this day.
He had never been a true believer in religion, but looking in her face he knew that he had not only been blessed, but divinely favored.


“Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m just going to do a quick psychiatric evaluation. Looks like you’ve had a bad day, huh?” You asked hugging your clipboard tight and sitting opposite the man. His hair was a chocolate brown which defined his eyes perfectly. He remained stayed silent so you just smiled at him; he seemed anxious. You set yourself a goal - help and befriend the man.

[ @flying–sparks ]

“You wished I liked boys, huh?”

He moves closer to Spark, brushing blond hair away from his eyes. The clock reads 1:22 AM, and he’s at least somewhat surprised his friend is still awake. A hand reaches over, lightly intertwining with the other’s in the dark of the room.

“But you see, the thing is, I do like boys. Especially you.”

“Sam, stop it… You’re so embarrassing, people are looking at us!”

“Who cares? Pay attention. It’s all in the hair, like this. And eye contact, guys love eye contact.”

“Okay wow, I think I’ll need another drink before I can take you seriously…”