i love his first photoshoot


“I have to work hard this year and make the memories strong.”
Taecyeon for Allure magazine

The Ex...(Hayes Grier Fight)


Hayes Grier imagine where your at his photoshoot or something and your going through his phone and see he was talking to his ex again and it ends up as a fight in the parking lot and ends in a makeout session also on the parking lot?


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(Y/N)’s POV:

“Okay now tilt your head just a little to the left.” the photographer instructed.

My boyfriend Hayes had a photoshoot and he asked me to tag along. Of course I said yes, I get sneak peeks at some of his potentially released professional shots. I loved seeing Hayes at his photoshoots. He’s kinda shy at first but it’s cute.

We were currently in this weird but fancy-like modeling building where a lot of different celebs and reality tv stars have gotten their pictures taken as well. The room we were in was pretty big too. It had a lot of side rooms and even some that were hidden with doors you wouldn’t expect to be doors.

Hayes’ photoshoot was for his clothing line that he launched with Nash and Cameron, United XXVI. They weren’t here though because these were individual shots.

“Alright Hayes, take a 5 minute break and then we’ll head to a different room, alright?”

“Sounds good.” Hayes replied.

“So how’s your photoshoot going?” I asked.

“Pretty good. Really excited to jump in that foam pit over there.”

“You’re such a child.” I said grinning.

“Haha I know I know but you love me.” he said.

“That I do.” I giggled.


“Alright babe, I gotta head back. Watch my phone for me.” he said kissing me on the cheek.

“Okay.” I replied.

I grabbed Hayes’ phone and turned it on. I smiled at his lockscreen. It was a really cute picture we took together in the middle of a meadow. There was another photoshoot he was at with his original photographer, Bryant, and while on break he decided to take a picture of us. I love that picture. I unlocked Hayes’ phone and went straight to the games he had. I settled on temple run and was content with that for a while.

About 10 mins into my game, Hayes got a notification saying he had 4 unread texts. I know I shouldn’t go through his texts but just seeing who it was wouldn’t hurt. He would still have the little notification bubble with the number in it. I opened his texts and saw 4 threads. One with his mom, his brother, one of his friends, and…I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Hayes was still getting texts from his ex-girlfriend. I think her name was Nicole or something like that. (A/N: No hate to any of you lovelies named Nicole, I just made it up).

I decided to read the texts anyways to see if he responded to any of her texts, and sure enough he did. It’s like they had a secret relationship with each other behind my back.

N= Nicole



N: Heyy ;)

H: What’s up sweetheart?

N: Just lonely :(

H: :(

N: So what’s up?

H: I’m with Y/N right now

N: Oh, maybe hang out another time? Maybe see a movie? It’d be cool to hang out again! Last time was fun :)

H: Sounds fun. And yeah it was.

N: Then it’s a date

H: lol sure

N: Text me when you’re free. We can plan it!


I can’t believe this. Hayes knows I don’t like her. Not because she’s his ex, well partially because she’s his ex, but mainly because we just never got along. She was always a stuck up prep and her voice was so annoying. She’s so fake and I honestly don’t know how Hayes even dated her.

But seriously, why was he texting her? They broke up for a reason. Doesn’t she know that broken up means not together anymore? That means don’t talk, text, call, email, twitter dm, nothing. Especially if he’s taken and she knows it. AND THEN what does she mean by ‘again’? They’ve hung out before? Behind my back? Hayes has got some explaining to do.

I exited it out of the messages app and locked Hayes’ phone back. Hayes walked over and set his eyes on me. I refused to look at him. I got up and walked outside to the parking lot. I stood next to the car deciding if I wanted to continue to ignore him and discuss it at home or address the situation now, but looks like I didn’t have much of a choice since I felt a hand on my shoulder turn me around, to come face to face with the boy I was mad at right now.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he questioned.

“You is what’s wrong.” I replied narrowing my eyes.

“What did I do?” I started to feel bad because he was genuinely confused and looked like he didn’t want to start anything with me but I stood my ground.

“Well, I was just playing on your phone after you left from break and came across the fact that you’re still talking to Nicole.” I said.

“Really? That’s why your mad at me?” he asked laughing a bit.

“This isn’t funny Hayes. You know how I feel about her. It’s as if you guys have some type of secret relationship behind my back! Especially since apparently you guys have hung out before.”

“First of all, i’d never cheat on you Y/N. Second, since when do you have control over who I talk to? And third, it was one time and our moms were hanging out.” he asked.

“Never but-”

“Exactly. You’ve never had control over who I talk to, when I talk to them, how I talk to them, and you never will.” Hayes said raising his voice a little.

“First of all don’t yell at me. Second of all, you’re right I dont, but as your girlfriend you could at least have a little more respect for me. I don’t bitch to you about anything else Hayes. You know how I feel about her.” I shouted.

“Y/N listen-”

“No you listen. And you listen good. Ever since the 2nd grade her and I have been enemies. We’ve never gotten a long. And you know this. You know that she always made an effort to fuck everything up for me.” I said.

Hayes shifted his weight as if he were uncomfortable. But I didn’t care, he was going to listen.

“Any friends that I had, she stole them too. I ran for school president, she ran too and bribed her way to victory. I had a party, she had one the same day and invited everyone. I never had anything Hayes. And all I ask of you is to stay away from her because she’s evil and she’s just trying to take you away from me.” I explained.

Hayes looked at me wearily. He came closer to me and cupped my face.

“You know no one could ever take me away from you.” he murmured.

“But someone can!”, I exclaimed, “And that scares me because I know you can do so much better than me. She’s always been the go-to girl for everything. And on top of that, she’s your ex! Haven’t you seen the movies? The guy always ends up going back to the ex girlfriend because-”

I was cut off by a soft but familiar pair of lips on mine. Hayes wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled my closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck held him tighter if that was even possible. Our lips fit together like puzzle pieces. I ran my hands through Hayes’ hair as he kissed me. I felt like the world was spinning but in a good funny fuzzy way.

We finally broke apart for air. I stared into Hayes’ eyes as his icy blue ones gazed into mine.

“I can’t picture myself doing something like that with Nicole…ever,” he said caressing my hips, “I broke up with Nicole for a reason. And if you pay attention to the ending of those movies, you’ll notice that the guy ends up realizing his mistake and leaves the ex girl for the current girl, because the current girl, is the real winner.”

I bit my lip as I realized he was right. I smiled widely at him causing him to smile back.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, “for blowing up on you and accusing you of cheating.”

“It’s okay babe you had every right to feel that way. I’m sorry for not taking your feelings into consideration. I didn’t think Nicole was all that bad after we talked things through. But if it really bothers you, I won’t hang out with her.”

“Hayes that’s sweet, but like you said, I don’t have control over who you talk to and it’s fine if you hang with her. But the moment something doesn’t feel right, i’m going to be right on it.” I warned.

“Haha okay babe.” Hayes agreed pecking my lips.

“So Hayes?”


“When’s my photoshoot?”

(A/N): I’m so sorry this is late! I lost track of time! But special thanks to the anon who requested! I really enjoyed writing this! Thanks to everyone who read, I really hope you all enjoyed this  as well. So um yeah. Love you guys <3