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Redamancy Pt10

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Pairing: Baekhyun x reader x Jongin
Genre: Fluff and angst  
Length: 4.1k

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Baekhyun nods, a little pout coming to his lips, but his eyes are still bright. “I’ll be here. I’ve waited for so long to say that, now I’m not letting anything take it away. I love you. When you decide, I’ll-” He stops then, pausing to scan your face. Gently, he cracks a soft smile, while pulling your hands away from your face and brushes a strand of hair away. “Would it be cheesy to say I’ll always be there for you? Because I will.”

You slowly move down the stairs, fingers tapping the wood of the railing softly as you peer down. It’s quite dark already, sun having set a little earlier, now leaving the room in the blue sheen of the night that is about to come. The house feels too hot, though you know it’s most likely your body fending off the diseases in your wound. You roll your shoulder with a silent hiss, stepping down the last of the steps. You don’t want to wake anyone if they’ve decided to go to sleep, and the fallen silence seems to indicate just that. Without thinking, you glance over your shoulder once, licking your bottom lip. Baekhyun said he was going to take a shower, but knowing him, he’s probably on the roof, getting some air.

Baekhyun has always been bad with conflict, even when you were all still children, and something would happen to make either one upset. He would kick and scream mindlessly, before closing up, even ignoring you when you went to go apologize. He did get better with time, you presume, but the tendency to close up still remains. You take a deep breath, and look around the living room. Sehun’s door is cracked open slightly, but there’s the sound of steady breathing coming from inside the darkness, peacefully filling the void that lingers here now.

You and Jongin made up from fighting, but there still seems to be something floating in the air, unspoken, but thick and dark. There’s something there that makes you want to gag, clinging to the back of your throat when you swallow. Maybe it’s guilt, you don’t really recognize this emotion. It makes you feel gross though, and full, like you’ve touched something you shouldn’t have touched, and now you are paying for it.

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Just imagine you’re having a rough day at work/college and you just come home and just lay down and just cry. Not like sobbing but weeping. And dacre comes in and pulls your head on his chest and soothes you by humming and running his fingers through your hair (I have short hair and man when someone gives me a scalp massage I instantly relax) and he’s just telling you it’s going to be okay. You eventually fall asleep and he still continues to hum and give u a nice ass scalp massage omg I love.

continuation from fructose friday™

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Cuddling with harry because it's so cold and you can't sleep and you run your fingers over his face and he giggles because he loves you so much

you trace his entire face and you definitely focus on his little star shaped birth mark at the corner of his mouth (that birthmark is the cutest thing like pls!!!) and it makes him laugh and when your fingers trace over his lips he presses soft kisses to them and he’s running his hands through your hair and muttering “i love you” over and over and over

-sappy saturday-

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Miles is a clingy fucker at home and you’ll never convince me otherwise

why did you write this to me, satan

it is so massively important to me that Miles Edgeworth, Chief Prosecutor, Logical Man of Science and Reason, conducts his public life in a way that inspires awed and respectful distance from those around him (and the occasional jabs at his fashion sense/love of fucking children’s shows), but the moment that he and Phoenix are in the privacy of home home he wraps his arms around his husband, weaves his fingers through those ridiculous hair-spikes, and savors the feeling of his cheek pressed against his own, feeling with this touch that Phoenix understands and accepts the weakest parts of him, and trying to convey to Phoenix that he will not run away anymore

why did you write that to me, I hate you


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

“Kiss me,” Bitty says.

And Jack says yeah. Yeah with conviction, a surety that presses in his chest and in his throat. The only other times he’s felt like this have been with Bitty - their first kiss, their tentative but assured touches in Georgia and Providence, the i love you that tumbled so easily out of Jack’s mouth, we’re a team. Bitty and I are dating. 

He hasn’t felt more real - more alive. 

The feeling in his chest expands like a balloon, but it’s not anxiety. It’s just a need, an urge to pull Bitty close and never let go. To show the world how much Bitty means to him.

Jack has never wanted to hide. They’ve talked about this, just enough to indulge their fantasies - for Jack, winning the Stanley Cup was always a strong, hard if, and he only considered it a possibility late into the night, his heart and mind racing, Bitty’s arm looped around his waist and Jack’s nose in Bitty’s lemon-scented hair. 

Jack squeezed Bitty, one night, and whispered, What if I win it? 

Bitty didn’t respond for a second, just grumbled awake and said nothing. Jack had thought Bitty hadn’t heard until he said, Lord. I think I’d want to jump into your arms and kiss you right there

Jack could imagine the rush of winning as if it had already happened, the imaginary euphoria and elation and he knew, right in that second, as Bitty’s fingers drummed a pattern onto Jack’s back and his lips rested on Jack’s chest, their bodies so elegantly fitting together–

You could.

Bitty’s hand froze. I. Your career, Jack. And my parents still don’t even– 

I know, I know. Jack sighed. But. You. You still could. If you wanted to. We still could. 

That’s so brave, Jack. Yeah. Maybe. Bitty sighed, but this was just the two of them dreaming of a future that Jack wouldn’t be able to give them. As Jack imagined the pulsing joy of winning he had to remember that the Stanley Cup was a strong–hard–if

Bitty took in a deep breath and let it out with a long whoosh. Jack could feel in the slackening of his arms and the little hum against his chest that Bitty was almost asleep again. He burrowed closer to Jack and stuck his nose into Jack’s chest, and the twist of happiness that Jack felt drowned out some of the alarm bells going off in his head. 

When he awoke, remembering flashes of their conversation from before, he felt small. It was how Jack always felt when thinking about coming out: his brain buzzed, how the press would turn on him, how they would criticize him and misattribute his failures and tear down the reputation he worked so hard to rebuild. Even though Bitty challenged all of those fears with his smiles and his chatter and his hands, Jack felt tiny, and weak, when he thought about the world knowing. How would coming out make him any stronger?

Besides. The. Stanley. Cup. Was. A. Strong. Hard. If. 

Jack had to stop thinking about it. His doubt whispered that it was a pipe dream. He’d never know the joy of victory, the rush of success in his veins that made him bigger, that could prevent him from tearing down his career. 


But. Now. Here he is. Jack’s several inches taller than normal on his skates, and Bitty’s in his shoes on the ice, and Jack feels big and strong. Bitty’s wrapped up in Jack’s arms, smelling like lemon and honey, and Jack’s nose is cold, but Bitty’s body radiates heat, and the pressure of him against Jack’s gear surrounds Jack. The last of the confetti tumbles down around them, and he feels like they are alone on the ice, even though the screaming is loud. 

Jack just won the Stanley Cup. He is huge

When Bitty looks up at Jack, says, “kiss me,” and “why can’t we?” and “I know you want to,” then “kiss me” again, closing his eyes, Jack realizes that he’s not the brave one. It’s Bitty.

Bitty, who maneuvered around his parents to steal kisses and touches in dark rooms, hidden corners, late at night. Bitty, who stared at his father and his mother at the dinner table with Jack beside him and clenched his jaw in fear, barely looked at Jack for fear of accidentally giving away the nature of their ‘friendship.’ Bitty, who tried again and again to tell his mother but couldn’t. Bitty, who risked losing his family, yet still held Jack closer to him than anyone. 

Jack squeezes Bitty’s arm, and Bitty opens his eyes, large and brown and smiling, full of love and joy, and Jack asks, “Are you sure?” 

Bitty knows what Jack means. His eyes cloud, but he shakes his head and nods. Then nods again, staring at Jack’s chest and blinking away his tears, then looking back up with a firm set of his jaw. He nods again. 

“Yes. Lord, yes. Kiss me.” 

Jack’s grin feels like it’ll burst his face open. He brings one hand up to cradle Bitty’s jaw, and the boy breaks into a bright smile, happy and laughing as they take in the revelry around them. Jack can’t believe he has this, Bitty’s arms looping around his chest and pulling him up close to Jack’s face. Jack can’t believe he has this beautiful boy looking at him like he’s the world, sacrificing everything for Jack’s happiness. Jack leans down, slips his other hand to the back of Bitty’s head, looping his fingers in his hair.  

The voices around them grow louder and louder until they’ve blended into white noise. The world spins around them, and Jack is lost in Bitty, so lost that he says, “You’re so brave, I love you,” and pushes their lips together. 

It is everything. Fireworks go off in Jack’s head, Bitty’s lips are warm and responsive, his hands burn against his body, and the euphoria of the win somehow doubles. Then triples. Bitty is all around, in Jack’s arms, in his nose, in his head. 

The balloon in Jack’s chest grows and grows but it’s a comfortable pressure, like his body is carrying so much happiness that he may burst. Bitty pulls back to gasp for air, and Jack expects him to pull away, but then they’re kissing again, bordering on less than chaste. Bitty’s hands clasp around Jack’s waist, fingers digging into his hips, his tongue sending shivers down Jack’s spine. He smiles against Jack’s mouth. Kisses him again, and again. Jack’s on the ice but he isn’t thinking about anything. The persistent buzz of anxiety in Jack’s head is quiet. 

Jack feels mighty




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It Started With The Eggnog

@imcalledweasley requested: “Ok so I was thinking kylo ren x reader au where they’re like best friends or some thing (solo triplets Matt Ben & kylo) and Leia and han host a Christmas party, and like once the party’s over reader & kylo carry on drinking and fuck?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: this is….. filthy

“And… there.” Ben puffed, finally relaxing his arms as the final decorations were put up.

Leia smiled brightly at Ben and Matt as they climbed down from their ladders. “It looks wonderful boys.” She gathered them both in for a quick hug. “I only wish your brother could have helped.”

Matt snorted, pushing his frames up on his nose. “He’s too busy mourning Halloween to come down.”

“If he had half as much holiday spirit as you two he’d be jumping at the chance.” Han chimed from the kitchen, busy with preparing the food.

The blonde son smirked at the remark and watched as his brother gave him a warning look. He went ahead and said what was on his mind anyway.

“He’d be a lot merrier if he knew (Y/n) just texted to say she can make it.”

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bts scenario: they make you feel beautiful

thank you for your request! reading fluff about stuff like this makes me feel better when i’m insecure, so i hope i can make others feel better too! every single one of you is beautiful and i love you so so much. i’m always here if you need someone to talk to xx

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jin: fingers trailed over your body as jin whispered lowly into your ear, “you’re so beautiful.” his lips trail over your cheeks and down your neck as he left soft kisses in it’s wake. “jin, stop,” you whined as your face flushed from the attention. “no,” jin shook his head, “you’re beautiful and i want to make sure you know it.” you rolled your eyes but continued to let him press soft kisses into your skin. “i love you, jin.” “i love you too, baby.”

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yoongi: yoongi’s strong hands pushed your thighs apart as he trailed kisses down your stomach. your stomach coiled in anticipation as he trailed further down. “so pretty,” yoongi praised as he blew air right over your most sensitive spot. “yoongi!” you said in surprise as you tried to close your legs, but yoongi was having none of it. “keep your legs open,” yoongi demanded, “i want to appreciate what’s mine. my beautiful baby.” 

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hoseok: hoseok’s fingers intertwined with yours as he pulled you close to his chest. “pumpkin?” he asked as he began to rake his fingers through your hair with his free hand. a few tears trailed down your cheeks as you dug your head into his neck, trying to stifle your sobs. “shh,” hoseok pressed a soft kiss to your hair, “it’s gonna be okay,” a shuddering sob left your body as you let him hold you, eventually the tears slowed, hoseok holding you the whole time. 

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namjoon: strong hips pushed against yours as namjoon thrusts into you, firm hands keeping your hips in place. “n-namjoon,” you moaned as you tried to hide your face behind your hands from the embarrassment. “don’t hide,” namjoon growled as he thrust deeper, “not around me, you’re so beautiful.” lips met yours as he pulled you into a deep kiss, continuing to thrust. “so pretty,” lips attached to your neck as namjoon left a hickey, pleasure pushing you over the edge.

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jimin: jimin pulled you onto his lap as he turned on your favorite movie, the lights in the room dimmed. “talk to me, baby,” he said, “what’s going on.” after explaining all your worries and insecurities, jimin pulled you in for a kiss. “you’re so strong, baby,” he praised as he held your face in his hands, peppering your lips with kisses. “jiminnn,” you whined from the attention. “hush,” he chuckled, “let me give you all the love i can.” 

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taehyung: taehyung’s lips sucked harshly against the skin of your neck, sure to leave a hickey. “look how pretty you look,” taehyung whispered against your skin, “you look so good marked up.” your cheeks flushed at his words but you couldn’t hide the small pants coming from your lips. “you’re so gorgeous,” this time he sucked a hickey right above your collarbone, “you’re absolutely breathtaking.” taehyung continued to cover your body in hickeys. 

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jungkook: “jungkook stop!” you giggled as he began to kiss all over your face. “nope,” jungkook stated simply as he continued to leave kisses across your cheeks. when you tried to push him away, he merely intertwined your fingers and continued his ministrations. you huffed and jungkook pulled away with a smile on his face, “feel better?” you crossed your arms, “no.” jungkook smirked, “well then i better keep going!” “jungkook no!” 

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Friends with benefits with BTS [NSFW]

I haven’t done something like this in awhile so I thought it’d be something different! This is basically friends with benefits to lovers type of thing. I’m sorry this is so long. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Seokjin [Jin] -

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Fuck Me (M)

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Hi! This is a DOM Jungkook Smut that I wrote awhile back! I hope you enjoy~ (my requests are open so feel free to send in something you want me to write)

Genre: Smut 

Member: Jungkook

Word Count: 4137

Coming home I find Jungkook sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand as his eyes are glued intensely on the screen.

“You’re so childish Jungkook” I sigh, slipping off my heels. Jungkook is my roommate, normally I wouldn’t be all for a male roommate but sadly Jungkook is my best friend and begged to live with me.

A scowl forms on Jungkook’s face as he let’s out a puff of air, still keeping his eyes trained on the screen.

“I’m not a kid.”

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Ambivalent [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [ M ]

Length: 6.9k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: They say the gap between love and hate is thin, but it was a lie. In reality they were thousands of miles apart, you’d just never realized how fast you were at running.

Ambivalent Masterlist

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The heat blasting from the floor vents into the air made your skin feel too hot, sticky as his lips dragged against yours, bodies pressed together as his fingers raked through your hair, pushing it back from your face. His breathing was heavy, like a fan only circulating warmth into your lungs as you stumbled blindly with his guidance, the hand resting on your back slipping down to your ass as your shoulders smacked into the now closed door. Your hand reached around haphazardly to find the lock, eyes squeezed shut as your nostrils flared, trying to breathe with his lips suctioned to yours, attached like magnets while your other hand tugged down the zipper of the Adidas jacket he had on. His lips detached from yours, making a trail down your jaw as he panted into your melting skin, the grin on his lips growing when a breathy sigh slid past your lips, fingers skimming across his t-shirt covered stomach with the jacket pulled open.

“I always knew you wanted to fuck me.”

“Shut up Baekhyun.”

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Personal present

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, festive theme and boyfriend!JK

word count: 4.2k

Merry Christmas, my Boos!

It was the first Christmas you two spent all alone. And you were his personal present.

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Yuuri stared down at Victor, expression oddly blank. He pushed back on his elbows, to raise himself off Victor slightly and permit him to watch as he waited for his captain to continue.

“Lots of humans, they don’t find the right mate for them the first time around. We have a few, sometimes many, and some of us never find the person we want to stay with forever. I-… I didn’t either, Yuuri,” Victor explained, thumb stroking along Yuuri’s cheek. “I had a few partners before you, but they weren’t… they did not last long, they were people I met and spent some time with, but they weren’t… They weren’t my mate, not the way you think of it. But you, Yuuri, I can’t imagine being with anyone else now. But I need you to know all of this, I don’t want you thinking something of me that isn’t true. I’ve had other lovers, some of them you might meet at some point, and I need you to understand that humans aren’t the same as sirens. You weren’t my only… but I do want you to be my only from now on.”

Yuuri smiled. And started to laugh. He turned his face into the hand Victor still rested on his cheek and pecked at it repeatedly, kissing at his palm and his fingers, as his laughter continued to rumble, light and amused.

Victor’s eyes went wide and his mouth hung open, in confusion, as Yuuri simply cooed and continued nuzzling into his hand. “What, why are you… I thought you’d–did you know already?”

Yuuri nodded, giggling at Victor’s shock, and wrote into his palm. Phichit told me. Bettas don’t mate for life, he said humans don’t either.

At that, Victor positively scowled and huffed. “I thought you’d be upset!”

Only if you’re telling me you don’t want to stay as my mate.

“Of course not, lovebird! How could I possibly even consider spending the rest of my life with anyone other than you? You’ve ruined me. But I want you to think about this. We’re going to have both humans and sirens hunting after us. A pirate’s life isn’t a safe one, if something happens to me, you’ll be without a mate. You have one chance, are you sure you want to waste it on a human? I’ve already almost died on you twice this week." 

Kinda too late to ask. Yuuri nudged a finger into Victor’s chest. Already mated with you.

"Not gonna regret that? You’ll be okay having a mate who isn’t as strong as you? Who might not live as long? A mate without feathers, for the rest of your life?”

Yuuri rolled his shoulders and straightened his spine, his wings blossoming from behind him. Even in the dim of the cabin, they shone and reflected the sunlight peeking in through the windows. Glancing back at them, Yuuri threaded his fingers through his own feathers, until one came loose. Iridescent blue, speckled with light and tipped in the softest pink. He tucked it behind Victor’s ear, as if it were a flower. I’ll just adorn you in mine.

“I’d love that,” Victor replied, smiling back. “I want to tell you… many humans don’t mate for life, but some do. We have something called marriage, where we promise to stay together, till death do us part. Sometimes we exchange rings as a symbol, but you’ve already taken all of mine.” The gold Victor used to wear around his fingers shone on Yuuri’s. 

“I know humans aren’t well known for keeping promises, but I’ll make this one to you… I will never love anyone as completely as I love you. Having you, as my mate for life, is more than anything I could ever hope for,” Victor said, taking both of Yuuri’s hands in his own. “And no one, not human, not siren, could take me from your side. I’m yours and only yours, for as long as you’ll have me.”

Yuuri watched the fullness of Victor’s smile, searched the blue depths of his eyes. Then he pulled his fingers out of Victor’s, and seized hold of the silver streaks of his hair, plunging down for a kiss.

Victor met him halfway.

just imagine that maybe one night, after they’d drawn out every last ounce of pleasure from each other, alec takes magnus’ left hand in his. magnus had fallen asleep not too long ago, cheek pressed against alec’s collarbone. alec runs his thumb over every finger. he had taken off every single ring before, slowly, and magnus’ eyes had burned into his, soft, yet fiery, passionate in a way he didn’t know was possible. adoration rolling in waves from golden irises.

alec stops at the ring finger, running his thumb over the smooth skin. sometimes it’s the only finger on magnus’ hand devoid of a ring. alec wonders if he needs to fix that.

he’s thought about this before. god, he has. lately it’s become something incessant, something he can’t ignore. a want that simmers just below the surface of his skin. he’s thought of it every time magnus looks at him, every time magnus laughs with him, every time magnus whispers the words “i love you.”

alec brings his hand up to his lips, and presses a kiss to that finger, and it’s a promise for what is to come, for their future. it’s a promise that one day, they will be each other’s in every way possible, that they will hold each other’s tomorrow. it’s a promise that one day, alec will marry magnus bane, and that he will hand over his heart to him for eternity.

he looks at magnus, taking in the soft rise and fall of his chest, the lock of dark hair falling over his eyebrows, his face free of makeup. just him at his most timeless, the him only alec gets the privilege to see. he feels his heart thud against the confines of his ribs, wondering if magnus knows that every beat belongs to him.

what alec doesn’t know is that magnus is wide awake. what he doesn’t know is that the moment alec’s lips touched his ring finger, magnus’ world had turned on its axis. it had taken everything in him to stay still, to not sing his love from the rooftops, to not surge up and look at alec as though he was the reason stars twinkled in the sky. he had felt the dream he’d pushed down in all his long years resurface, like a shaft of morning light from the depths of his heart. he had dared to hope that maybe, just maybe, all the pieces might fall into place.

magnus feels alec’s fingers curl themselves around his, feels him curve his other arm around his body, pulling him closer, and it’s the safest he’s ever felt. in the arms of the man who is everything he could have hoped for, and more, the man who is the reason magnus has a face to put to his dream.

alec presses his face into magnus’ hair, breathing in the familiar scent of sandalwood, and lingering notes of magic, and something else that is simply him. he doesn’t think he’d known what peace was before this, and he wants to drown in this feeling, to never get up, to tell magnus that you are the reason i know what it feels like to be happy, and i want this for the rest of my life.

they lie there, wrapped up in the silken sheets of their bed, the question lingering on both their tongues, ready to be whispered into the other’s ear. loving each other against everything, against all the forces of the world, for now, for tomorrow and for forever after that. loving each other with the fervent, incessant strength of a wave caressing the shore. and their hearts beat alongside each other, each beat echoing the same thoughts.

it’s you. it’s always been you.

it will always be you.