i love his fingers in his hair

Uninterrupted (1/1)

Summary: What would have happened if Snow hadn’t burst into Emma and Killian’s house with wedding plans? Unashamed and un-beta’d smut that’s what.

special shout out to @caprelloidea for screaming about that scene with me and leading me to this idea. and to @hellowherearemypeople who pointed out the robe.

Emma flipped the (slightly overdone) pancakes onto a plate, hoping to surprise Killian with breakfast in bed after a long night of celebratory engagement sex. Her surprise was ruined when she felt him press himself against her back, his breath hot on her neck and sending shivers down her spine.

“Something smells delicious,” he whispered, his lips gently brushing against the shell of her ear.

“It’s just from a box,” she smiled and bit her lip, she could feel his erection pressing up against her backside. She would have been surprised at his stamina had she not already experienced a long night of near marathon love making and fucking the night before.

“I’m not talking about the pancakes,” he growled before she turned and properly kissed him. Her hand rested itself on his cheek and the other pulled him even closer. Hungry moans escaped her lips as she came up for air before being swallowed again by Killian’s lips. And it struck her just then how domestic the whole scene was and just how happy it made her.

She pulled back and looked up at him, her fiance who had crossed realms to find her just as she did for him, who loved her with every inch of his soul, body, and mind, and she couldn’t help but smile as she ran her hands up his chest. It was real, he was real and they were getting married, something she had never thought she would do.

“What?” he asked, a smile spreading across his face.

“I’m just… happy,” she shrugged. “Sometimes it still surprises me.”

“Aye love. Me too,” he said before leaning down to kiss her again. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, fingers threading themselves through the hair at the nape of his neck. They pulled each other close so Emma could feel every inch of his body through her thick robe.

“To hell with pancakes,” she moaned against his lips, walking them back until Killian hit the kitchen table. Emma wasn’t concerned about making it to the bedroom and it didn’t seem like he was either as he palmed at her ass and ground against her.

“Swan is this my robe you’re wearing?” he asked, his hand now toying with the tie at her waist.

“Yes,” she smiled and cocked her eyebrow at him.

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deh hc where evan loves to run his fingers through connor’s hair as to calm himself down whenever he’s getting attacks though of course it’s not his best medicine to take away his tears, connor’s hair does get less tangled from it and he gets to kiss the remaining pain away plus he could see evan all flustered again when he does kiss those tears away.

things i love abt taehyung

-the little moles all over his body, but esp his eyeline mole and nose mole! his elephant moles!!
-the depth of his voice when singing and talking
-n yet the feathery lightness of his laughter
-his natural sun-kissed, radiant skin!!
-his long legs and slender fingers
-his cute little fringe
-his forehead that makes rare appearances
-his fluffy hair that always shines and bounces no matter how many times it’s been colored
-his love for babies
-his love for puppies
-his boxy, enthusiastic smile
-his cat-like, mysterious eyes
-his friendship with jimin
-his doting on jungkook
-his respect and wistful love for cypher and the rapper line
-his general love and adoration for bangtan
-his great music taste and love for soul
-his respect for other musicians
-his genuine friendship with co-actors and peers
-his love for family
-his dedication and loyalty to a.r.m.y
-his solo song “stigma”
-his candor and curiosity
-his honesty and transparency
-his effortless dancing
-his blurry selfies
-his sense of humor
-his berets, snapbacks, masks, and beanies
-his long “uhhhhh” when he’s trying to think of what to say
-his playfulness
-his ripped t-shirts
-his whole entire soul and being that needs to be protected!!!!

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Pleaseeeeee give me some Balem smut lol omg

Haha! I’ve created thirsty Balem Ho’s. ❤️

Soft gasps, and moaning could be heard throughout the halls of Balem’s empire, and you were more than positive he was enjoying it. But, you were far too invested in your little love session to care if anyone heard.


You panted out his name, running your fingers through his blond hair as he thrust forward. His movements were slow, teasing, yet so satisfying you weren’t sure you could hold back any longer. He had woken you up not so long ago, kissing at your shoulder, and nudging your thighs apart. He was always so extra needy in the mornings, you couldn’t say why, but you had no complaints about it either.


Balem rolled his hips down, looking at you squirm and whimper under him as he continued his leisurely pace. He was taking his time with you, just delighting in your company and passion before he had to return to his meetings, and other business. And even if he thoroughly fucked you many times the night before, one more time before the day’s events was something he wanted.

“Tell me you love it, my queen.”

He licked over your ear, nipping gently at the lobe before smirking at your tiny moan as a response.


That’s all you’re getting from me ;)

ok i need to talk about this particular part of TDM that’s seemingly always slept on because it’s one of my All Time favourite scenes and it’s so important

In Chapter 20 (page 312), there’s this section: 

“What?” he whispered. “What are you smiling about?”

My fingers brushed against his hair, trying to smooth it down. I realized what I was doing a full minute after Liam had closed his eyes and leaned into my touch. Embarrassment flared up in my chest, but he grabbed my hand before I could pull back and tucked it under his chin.

“Nope,” he whispered, when I tried to tug it away. “Mine now.”

Dangerous. This is dangerous. The warning was fleeting, banished to the back corners of my mind, where it wouldn’t interrupt how good it felt to touch him—how right

“I’m going to need it back eventually,” I said, letting him run it along the stubble on his chin.

“Too bad.”

THIS SCENE means so much to me, let’s reflect on why really quick:

My queen, Ruby Elizabeth Daly, has spent the last six years of her life in the most treacherous conditions, terrified to touch or be touched by anybody. This poor cinnamon roll has lived in fear from the age of ten onward. Here in front of her, she has this beautiful boy with the bluest eyes and the kindest heart, who has been soOoo patient with her since they met. 

This scene, friends and neighbours, is so incredibly important because Ruby is letting herself, for the first time in six damn years, touch not only another person, but someone who she holds so much care for. In her mind, she knows it’s dangerous, but guys!! She’s pushing past the fear and giving into something that she wants for the first time in so freaking long!! This particular moment (to me) is so symbolic of what’s to come for her and Liam because when she reaches out to him, Lee keeps her there with him, letting her know that !!!!! it’s okay to want to go for what you want—that he’s not going to let this fear keep him from being with her or there for her. That he’s not going to leave, even if Ruby pulls away because of what she is afraid of; especially if she’s afraid of what she’s going to do to him without intentions of inflicting pain—especially if she is afraid of herself, because Liam understands Ruby, and will never, never, never leave her to fight her demons alone.

After they have this marvelous little (massive) moment, Ruby Tuesday starts to open up to Puppy Lee about her Orange abilities as he inquires. When she tries to pull away after he asks if she was in his head (because TDM Chapter 20 Ruby chooses flight rather than fight in most situations), Liam holds on tighter, telling Ruby that he isn’t mad (because he knows this about TDM Chapter 20 Ruby). THEN !!! when they’re holding hands, Liam asks if it’s okay—and we all know that if she said no, he would have nodded with a smile and let her hand go, but wouldn’t have left her side. This entire passage is so symbolic of their relationship guys!!!! The patience, the reaching out, the holding on even when things get tough? Not only this, but all of the following Luby Rubiam parts happen because of this one?? This scene means the world to me and I can’t stress it or its importance enough.

You’re Boring When You’re Sick

Joe’s eyes flew open at the cool touch on his forehead, his body jerking in shock, and through the dim lighting in his room, he managed to focus on the blue eyes filled with worry.

“Jack?” He rasped out, attempting to sit up, but was easily pushed back down onto the bed.

“Just stay laying down, no point in sitting up.” Jack spoke softly, his touch gentle against Joe, “You’re burning up, love.”


“You’ve got a fever.”

“Not that bad,” Joe mumbled, even as his eyes drifted shut again, the shock of another person there fading. “What’re you doing here?”

“Well, when you didn’t answer my multiple phone calls, or text messages, I got worried.” Jack ran his fingers through Joe’s hair, “Especially since you said you weren’t feeling good last night.”

“Last night?” Joe blinked wearily up at Jack, “Wait…what time is it?”

“It’s like…noon.”

“What?” Joe tried to sit up again, but the world began to spin rapidly, so he let himself fall back into the bed, his eyes closed tightly, “I have meetings…”

“I’ve already called for you,” Jack assured him, frowning slightly, “I’ve been here for like half an hour, Joe.”

Taking a couple more breaths, Joe opened his eyes, glad to see the world had stopped spinning for now, “You have?”

“Wow, you really are sick…”

“Just a small cold.” Joe tried to offer a smile, but it felt weak on his lips.

“And if I were to take your temperature right now?” Jack challenged, an eyebrow raised as he stared down at the sick man.

“Okay, so maybe not just a cold…”

“Did you take an medicine? Or eat anything? Drink any water?”


“No, Joe. You need to drink something, especially if you have a fever. You’re going to sweat yourself into dehydration.”

“Considering I didn’t even realize it was the next day,” Joe muttered, curling up on his side, exhaustion washing over him, “No, I haven’t had anything to drink.”

“You’re really shit at taking care of yourself.”

“Isn’t that why you’re here?”

“You’re falling asleep, aren’t you?”

“Shh…” Joe whispered.

The next time Joe woke up, it was so he could roll out of bed and run for the bathroom before the contents in his stomach made another appearance anywhere but in the toilet.

Jack found him hunched over the toilet, groaning pathetically.

“Here,” He nudged Joe with the bottle of water, “Drink this.”



Turning his head to look up at Jack, Joe lifted a limp hand to grab the bottle, “You sound like a parent scolding their child.”

“I feel like I am.”


Reaching over him, Jack flushed the toilet before grabbing a facecloth and wetting it, crouching beside Joe, “Come on, babe.”

“Can’t I just stay here?” Joe whined, leaning back against Jack as the younger man wiped off his face, “It’s nice in here.”

“You really want to hang out in the bathroom?”

“Closer to the toilet if needed.”

“But your bed is comfier.”

“Alright. You win.”

“Always do.” Jack replied, kissing Joe’s temple quickly before helping him to stand.

After a bit of a struggle, he had Joe back in bed, the blankets pulled up and over him.

“Try and get some more sleep, I think your fever finally broke,” Jack said softly, running his fingers up and down Joe’s arm.

“Can you stay, please?”

“Of course.”

Joe let his eyes fall closed as he listened to Jack strip out of his joggers and shirt, sighing contently at the familiar body as it climbed into bed behind him.

“Thanks for taking care of me,” He mumbled, his fingers lacing together with Jack’s as he relaxed back against him.

“I’ll always take care of you, you know that.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Now get some sleep. You need to be better.” Jack told him, kissing Joe’s bare shoulder lightly. “You’re boring when you’re sick.”

“Oh, cheers.”

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but imagine if you saw those pictures online while Shawn was at the studio and he comes home and that picture of him and his undone belt just made you so wet and turned on so he comes to the room and you just start kissing him and undoing his belt before getting on your knees and he just looks at you

And then you just rips off that fucking belt and suck on him so fucking good while hearing the little whimpers and quit moans slipped out of his mouth as his fingers wraps themselves into your hair and he pushes your head closer to his body so you can deep throat him and then he comes in your mouth and you look up at him and catches his gaze and just lick around your mouth and Shawn’s literally  biting so hard into his lip it’s going to bleed and omg.

“I fucking love you welcoming me home like this”

“You’re a fucking tease, you know?”


“Those fucking pictures”

“So you liked them, huh?” and then he just sends you the biggest smirk ever. 

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I want to fall asleep with Grayson holding me, his head on my chest, my fingers gliding through his hair, 'I love you so much', whispering in his ear and his light snore omg please 😩

but no, JUST IMAGINE the warmth of his body and the touch of his fingertips just running softly against your bare arm as he holds you. or maybe when you’re spooning and he’s just pressed up to your back and he has his arm lung over your waist and he’s just stroking the skin of your hip gently and you can just feel him breathing on your neck and shoulder I wanna cry


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.


pt1 | pt2 | (2/5)

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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how bts are in bed

Jin: Vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla. Still open to venturing out into freakier things for you if you want. Romantic. Loves giving oral. Gentle, slow, intimate love making. Rose petals. Body worship. Likes morning sex and sex late at night in candlelight. Loves when you wear lace.

Yoongi: Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Yoongi is lazy in bed. Dominant. Likes doggystyle. LOVES getting his dick sucked. Isn’t very vocal aside from a few grunts and small dirty whispers. Loves you in red/black. Knee socks. Blindfolds you. His fingers in your mouth after he fingers you. Orgasm denial. Light choking. Spontaneous sex. Make up sex. 

Hoseok: THIS BOY. This boy. So adventurous, he’ll do almost anything if you’re down. Energetic. Hair pulling. FAST AS FUCK BOI. but he can also be slow and sweet. over-stimulation ! as ! fuck ! handcuffs. lowkey got a daddy kink. likes to see your eyes when you doin it so its more emotional. “you like that baby?” VOCAL AS SHIT. biting and scratching (receiving). loves when you praise him. 

Namjoon: DADDY AS FUCK. light bdsm. loves when you wear garter belts, all black, fishnets. gags. will try and let you be dominant but will always eventually be the dominant one. spanking. bondage. punishment. orgasm denial. likes to brag about his sex life. sex in odd places, not always in the bed. loves kissing and biting your inner thighs. likes when you ride him. an ass guy. 

Jimin: likes when you’re in control. LOVES being praised. Likes it when you wear soft, light lace. likes to be blindfolded or tied up. loves oral, giving and receiving. covers you in hickeys. really good at hitting that certain spot. kisses every single inch of your body. often wakes you up with sex. loves receiving body worship. small muffled moans. “fuck fuck fuck” when he cums. lazy sunday morning sex. 

Taehyung: a switch. can be dominant and submissive. kinda a freak but he’s shy about it. loves a view of your ass. heavy panting and low moans. his eyes roll back into his head a lot. might crack jokes to see you smile.kisses and licks you up and down. loves playing with your nipples. its more about pleasuring you than him, he loves seeing you squirm in pleasure. loves when you say his name. intimate positions. likes when you wear his clothes after. “kiss me.” a big snuggle bunny when you’re done.

Jungkook: really shy at first but after a while gets more confident. constantly asks if you’re okay with what he’s doing. so. much. cursing. likes it fast. hair pulling, neck kissing. praises you. constantly tells you that you’re beautiful. sloppy kissing with lip biting. loves when you leave scratches on his back. lightly dominant. spanking. always makes you cum first.


Something Just Like This ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

Requested: Can I request a Jeff Atkins imagine about morning after with him. And like Jeff would be so cute whispering sweet nothings in his gfs ear while also saying some dirty jokes lolol omg I CANT

The human body contains an innumerable amount of nerve cells. The best we can do is estimate that there are some billion. It is incredible how there are billions of nerve cells working in our bodies and something as simple as the touch of one person can send all of those imperceptible cells into a fervor.

It’s 9:05 on a Sunday morning. The window is slightly cracked, letting the fresh autumn air circulate in. Her chest rises and falls rhythmically with shallow breaths as she pretends to still be sleeping. Small circles are being drawn on her back, clockwise, then counter clockwise. Then it switches to a word, or rather, a name. Jeff.

His fingers drag across her skin gently. First he writes it how you would normally write your name. Then in cursive, in all caps, capitalizing every other letter, looping letters, block letters.

“Are you marking me?” she mumbles tiredly. She can feel him laughing as he wraps his arms around her midsection, pulling her flush against his chest. He kisses the top of her head, nuzzling his face into her hair where traces of his cologne are trapped within the tresses. He’s everywhere. In her hair, on her skin, and where he doesn’t leave a physical presence he takes up residence in the place where her mind wanders.

“In more ways than one,” a smug tone drips off his tongue as he brings his one hand up to grasp her throat loosely, his thumb rubbing one of many dark purple splotches.

“Jeffff,” she whines, scrunching her neck up. Those are gonna be a bitch to cover up, but he loves them. He loves the way they whisper I was here. I will be here for as long as you want me. I love you. I love you.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night,” he whispers into her ear, letting his lips linger. A shiver works its way down her back involuntarily. It’s almost annoying- how easily he gets to her. Just the sound of his voice is enough to set her skin on fire.

“You’re awful,” she tries to sound stern, but there’s a teasing tone in her voice that gives her away. It’s hard to be annoyed when images of the previous night and all the nights before that flood her mind.

“Yeah?” he questions, an impish inflection shaping his voice, “tell me, which part was less than satisfactory?”

He cups the bottom of her jaw with his palm and pushes upward gently, stretching her neck without causing pain. The bed jostles as his weight shifts to lean over her, his lips ghosting over the thin skin of her neck. It starts with soft pecks that progress to biting and sucking until the unblemished skin becomes a dark shade of red and purple. “Was it this?” he asks against her skin.

His hands grip her bare thighs, wrapping them around his waist. His fingers drag down from the top of her thighs down to the bend of her knees and then back up. Instinctively, her arms lock around his neck, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. “Was it this?” he asks against her lips.

“Oh hush. You’re perfect and you know it,” her voice is breathy as she tries to swallow her own desire. He is perfect, in every sense of the word. He has the kindest heart she has ever known.

“Perfect enough to make you happy?” he says earnestly. He lifts his head to be able to see her face clearly and wholly. Her cheeks have developed a pink tint and her eyes are soft and dreamlike, like she’s looking at the gates of heaven.

“Perfect or imperfect, I am happy,” she grabs his face between her hands delicately, “I’m happy and I love you.”

“Say it again,” he begs as his eyes flutter shut.

“I love you, Jeff Atkins.”

And then he’s kissing her. His lips are familiar but the feeling of them on hers makes her heart race like it’s the first time all over again. His body presses down against hers and she can feel every bump of hard muscle under soft skin. The distance between them is virtually nonexistent. Her heart hangs suspended in the space where she ends and he begins.

“You know,” she says in-between kisses, “this is why the morning after always turns into round two.”

“Sorry babe, I’ll work on keeping my hands to myself,” he laughs, burying his face into her neck.

“That was not a complaint, you keep your hands right where they are,” she returns his laugh whilst running her fingers through his hair.

“Yes ma’am,” he kisses her jaw, “I love you. I adore you with all my heart.”

“That makes me pretty lucky.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it,” he assures, “but speaking of being ‘lucky’, how ‘bout that round two?”

“You’re relentless,” she giggles pleasantly, pulling him closer.

“Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll stop.”

“Well that would make me a liar,” this time she kisses him, initiating an evocative situation. He responds immediately, his hands tangling in the thin lacy fabric covering her bottom half.

To be adored by a person with such a pure heart is to be loved absolutely. Few ever meet a person like that, but when they do it is significant. It marks a before and after in their life, and how lucky they are to have been loved by a person who knows what it means to love without limit. How lucky they are to have something just like this.


Gifs (X) (X)

Sinful. (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, smut, smut (with some fluff bc it’s chimchim).
Word count: 5.4k

Summary: In which painting a naked Park Jimin escalates and takes an interesting turn.

WARNING: sub!jimin, teasing, babygirl kink, light choking, dom!reader, handjob, dirty talk etc. just straight up filth ok brace yourselves and prepare some holy water - Reader Discretion is advised.

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Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky being domestic is a bit of a turn on for his girlfriend

A/N: here’s your metal arm fic, @emily-james-barnes ;) your frank fic inspired me to finish it for you,,,but i think it’s more metal fingers than anything else…also it’s a little crappy, sorry :/

Warnings: smut, metal arm fingering, oral (mr), it’s all smut,,,

words: 1894

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @lipstickandwhiskey @daybreak96 @sistasarah-sallysaidso

You sip your coffee and shift on the stool underneath you.  The smell of cooking bacon and fresh brewed coffee is heavy on the air, and draws your eyes back to your boyfriend’s back in the kitchen in front of you.  You lean your elbows on the counter and study him, still not quite believing what you’re seeing.  He’s making breakfast.  Bucky Barnes is making you breakfast.  It’s so domestic, so unlike him, so goddamn attractive.  You can’t help but stare.  At the way he looks in just a pair of tight boxers, his back bare.  At the way his metal arm catches the early morning light through the window over the sink.  

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hoseok is honestly the most beautiful most gorgeous guy and i’m in love with him 💞✨

the reason why i love modern au bellarke? because they’re such an aesthetic™ that’s what. 

clarke as a young artist with paint-splattered hands and shorts, not to mention the golden waves of her hair that always fall on her face. clarke as the van gogh enthusiast who has a starry night poster taped to her ceiling, the woman who can only cook things that involve spaghetti, who puts on lipstick at 7 pm simply because she feels like it and dances around the kitchen in one of bellamy’s old sweatshirts. 

bellamy as the history nerd with a heart of gold who makes sure that there are always plants in the house and flowers on clarke’s nightstand, who reads 10 books a month, who leaves leftovers in the fridge for clarke, who loves sitting on the rooftop and watch the stars, who’s all bright smiles and freckles, solves crossword puzzles on a sunday morning, leaving coffee stains on the newspaper. 

and together, she traces her fingertips over the constellations of freckles on his skin and he twists the golden waves of her hair around his fingers. they have the perfect height difference for casual forehead kisses and making out while she sits on the kitchen countertop. 

yep, they’re #aesthetic    

Sunday Mornings (Smut)


A/N: This is requested. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here you go, then I might just delete it later. 

Word count: 2,536

“Are you watching me sleep again?” I asked, covering my face with my palms.

I still didn’t open my eyes, nor did I unravel myself from the comfy position under the warm blanket.

Sundays were for staying in bed. At least that was my opinion. Shawn on the other hand, had a hard time spending his time doing absolutely nothing. Usually, he would go to the gym early in the morning, before I’d even opened my eyes.

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I NEED a BLURB ABOUT HOLDING HARRY BC HE is sad about his performance and you comfort him pleaseeee

Here you go, have some fluff :)

Saturday Night

He was nervous.

He didn’t want me or anyone else to know he was, but I could tell. And who wouldn’t be? It was his first performance in over a year, and his first ever as a solo artist. I would have been nothing but a ball of nerves if it were me. He’d paced back and forth in the green room, spreading his fingers out as far as they would go, bringing them back into a fist over and over again, repeating the cycle each time he’d make it to the other end of the room and turn around on his heels.

I’d sat quietly on the sofa, nibbling on the display of fruit and crackers that sat in the middle of the coffee table. I was nervous too, but I said nothing unless it was to reply to a question, giving him the most space I possibly could. I’d asked him earlier if he would rather I took a seat in the audience, but he assured me he wanted me backstage, waiting for his return. Though he never expressed why exactly, I took it to mean he wanted me to be there for him, for him to see my face and perhaps share an embrace after he’d walked off stage, and I took comfort in that.

I’d watched his first performance on the monitor in the green room, sitting on the edge of my seat, my hands tucked underneath my thighs as I bit my bottom lip. By the end of the song, I’d felt my eyes well up, quickly wiping them away with the back of my hand before he saw. I could tell as soon as he walked in that he was less than pleased with himself. He’d missed a couple of notes, his voice raspier than usual from all the practicing, and once he’d even had to drop a word at the end of the phrase due to lack of air. I knew he had to be mentally scolding himself. But I’d thought it was flawless. He’d done it. He was Harry Styles, rockstar.

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Dating Ashton Irwin Would Include...

Originally posted by pikamikey

Warnings: smut

• Sitting on his lap whilst he tries to teach you how to play the drums
• Finding old bandannas and hats and trying to convince him to wear them again
• Comforting you when you’re upset
• Cuddles until 3am
• Random drumsticks turning up around the house all the time
• You being the only person he wears his glasses around
• Forehead kisses
• Holding hands with his super long fingers, wrapping themselves around yours
• Binge watching “That 70s Show” on Netflix
“Jackie is such a bitch” “No she’s not Ash, she just loves Kelso a lot” “I love you more Y/N”
• You being featured constantly in his Instagram stories
• On bad days, him being so scared that you’ll leave him for someone better
“Ashton Irwin, I am so in love with you, don’t doubt that for a second”
• The fans being unsure of you at first, but when they saw you loved him unconditionally and made him happy, you were the biggest OTP
• “Ash put these flowers in your hair”
• Him acting like a puppy
• Being in love with his giggle
• Taking his glasses everywhere because he constantly forgets them
• Holidays to the most amazing countries – Budapest, Thailand, Japan
• His mum being so thankful that you have made him happy
• Comforting when someone says something rude about him and brings his dad into it
“Ash, you are amazing and kind and so perfect, don’t be sad please”

• “Scream my name baby girl”
• Him fingering you would be the most wonderful feeling in the universe
• Super kinky with bondage, but still be gentle
• Making you cum over and over again

• Long cuddles and soft kisses after wards
• “You are the best thing that has happened to me Y/N”
• Him doodling over every piece of paper and giving them to you because they’re cute, and you putting them in a box somewhere and smiling to yourself
• Concert dates
• Going in tour with the boys
• Michael teasing you both – “Y/N why would you date a human banana” “Fuck off Mickey” “Just saying because I am confused”
• Him trying to cook for you and almost setting the kitchen on fire
• “I’ll order pizza”

•Him being so overly in love with you