i love his face oh god

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when ed said he wanted a baby and went on saying about how cute it'll be to have little fat chubby baby on his tour bus, i feel like harry would think the same. what do you think about it?

Oh, my god. As if Ed couldn’t get any cuter, he says something like that about babies and I could combust. I’m proper mega *heart eyes* right now. I can’t cope with him. :(((((

He definitely would think the same, for sure, my lovely. When the missus and Harry are freshly-married and he’s got interviews and premieres and events to show up too in regards to showing his face and letting people know what he’s been up too and whatnot, he’d be asked about what the next step would be and he’d move straight into babies and when he thinks he and the missus would have one to join the family.

“Baby talk and family planning are definitely on the cards right now for us. I mean, we’ve been married for a few months now and it’s our next step in terms of families. We can’t do much travelling right now with (YN)’s new job starting up but they can always join me when I tour and stuff like that. Her job is going to become very flexible in terms of what she writes about so she can work from home or from another country which will help us in the long run.”

“So, you could be a tour daddy then, yeah? You take your little one on tour with you and raise a family on the road.”

“There’s something very endearing about the idea of having a little baby on the tour bus with me. Not that we use a tour bus much anymore. It’s all planes and cars and jets. I’ll have paternity leave up until the baby is a few months old, so by then, they’ll be able to travel on planes and such.”

“It gives you some motivation to get out there on stage and perform, doesn’t it?”

“When my missus joins me, I always perform my best so we’ll see what happens with a baby on the bus. I might fall asleep mid set or somethin’. You never know.” xx

Imagine Your Favourite Turtles Reaction To Making You Laugh


Leo instantly smiling, lost in thought as he stared at that beautiful face of yours and listened to your wonderful laughter. ‘Oh god I’m so lucky… If only this moment could last forever.’

Raph smirking, instantly teasing you about that cute/awkward laugh of yours, before pecking your lips and reassuring you that he loves it. 'She has no idea how adorable that laugh is…’

Donnie’s cheeks going slightly pink before chuckling along with you, finding your laughter contagious. 'Oh no… I can’t stop laughing… and my face is starting to hurt… why did she have to laugh like that?’

Mikey smiling proudly, trying his absolute best to make you laugh like that again. 'Okay Mikey, think. You gotta make her laugh again… But that laugh tho… *sighs dreamily*’

And she was greedy,” He said, a gentle smile forming on his face. “But she was greedy in all the right ways. She didn’t want material things. She was greedy for the feeling of being loved so much that her heart felt happy almost all the time. She was greedy for being called princess and baby. She was greedy for my eyes, and for my laugh. For the way my lips felt on hers. For the way her small body fit in my big sweaters. She was greedy for my love. And oh god, was I ever greedy for hers.
—  Greedy (6:38 AM)

okay so you know the video of the guy who forgot he was married to his wife? that but with Nursey as the guy and Dex as the wife but instead of Dex responding with “I’m your husband” when Nursey asks if he’s an angel he says “Close. I’m actually a Nurse.”

and Nursey doesn’t understand for a sec what that means he’s just like “oh. that’s chill.” and Dex laughs and then the doctor comes in like “is everything alright Mr. Nurse?” and Nursey realizes the doctor is referring to him and then he looks at Dex and then at the doctor and his eyes go wide and he’s like “you’re my husband?!”

and honestly Dex would give both his kidneys and half a lung to see Nursey’s face light up like that again god i love these boys

Eddie Redmayne/Newt Scamander

…..I lost to my feelings for him



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Goals, thats all I have to say about this one


And the people that draw good I just want to say thank you

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saves  innoccent creatures, loved by none innocent ones

You save lifes, and kill 

God his a sweetheart

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I just couldn’t keep a hold of myself eheheheheh

Just look at his sweet smile

And then we have this, true perfection. He looks like the cutes frog

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I want him 


And just being overall hot af 

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His face is priceless, just fild with *cant describe it so yea think*

Oh look here we have Eddies wonderful smile AGAIN 

I just absulotly love this picture 

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Dear god help me

Oh look another one thats drawn, WITH A NIFFLER.ON.HIS.HEAD

hush little baby dont say a word, im just gonna stare at your perfection

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I can’t agree with this gif more 

he litterly just looks like the sweetest person

Seriously Eddie, you kill me

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He’s just adorable

I just had to have his cutre little awkward stand, such a cute little huffle he is


Okay but about the moment after kiss
It was one of the things that I really loved and appreciated in the whole episode, especially Yuri’s face while he look at Viktor.
He seems to be so happy and made at the moment like if he waited for that moment his whole life???? Omg I love his expression so much. ❤
And Viktor seems to be so happy that Yuri enjoyed the kiss and didn’t say something like “oh my fucking God why couldn’t you think in another surprise?That was too much!”

That’s a healthy and strong relationship that I hope to grow more and more, if it’s possible. They deserve it.

Roxy Style Variation Ratings!

The Sprite- All Roxys are amazing, but the sprite is not my favorite. The weird spiral in her hair is further evidence that Hussie has never seen actual human hair in his life, but I love it anyway. 3/10

Hero Mode- MUCH better. Oh my god look at this precious angel. 9/10

Cool Cat- this is perfectly drawn. The three fingered sign,, the relaxed closed eyes and smirk… She has anyone kneeling at her feet before they even register the crown atop her head.  10/10

Cheeks- Nice hair, and a good drawing. 4/10

This is my favorite Roxy style. Blue is such her color, for one, despite that havng nothign to do with the style. Her face looks to be a good shape, her hair is well rendered, her expression shows emotion, and I love the little scuffs on this fighter.12/10

0_0 - A good use of hero mode style. 6/10

Foreshadowing- Roxy is just a small in this picture, but the ribbon billowing out from this sword draws your attention to the weapon in her hand, and the pose makes her look a bit hurt, but not out of the fight. 6/10

HELL FUCKING YES- hell fucking yes.  Good pose, good expression, good change in focus for the shot. 10/10

The Shirt

anonymous requested:  “ Can you do a Calum imagine where you wear his shirt to bed and he gets extremely horny so he has to drop your kid off at grandmas and well you know what happens next. ;D”

But I honestly have no idea how to write smut so yeah…

“Babe, you have got to stop doing that,” Calum groaned while shoving the nearest pillow into his face.

“What the hell are you talking about. I’m literally doing nothing,” you questioned while bending over to pick up Calum’s pants that he carelessly threw on the ground moments before getting into the California King sized bed.

“That! That right there! Stop it! You know what happened last time,” he rambled while aimlessly waving his hands at your body. You looked down at your attire and smirked, knowing exactly what he was getting at; his grey State Champs t-shirt you were wearing to sleep in. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, babe,” you smirked while purposely reaching down again, making sure Calum could see that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the rather large shirt. He groaned again, throwing the pillow at you, clearly not appreciating your actions. You giggled as you noticed the growing bulge in your husband’s briefs.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” he groaned again.

“I still to this day don’t understand why me wearing your clothes turns you on so much,” you teased while climbing on top of him and straddling his lap. “We’ve been together eight years and a piece of fabric on me that you usually wear on stage is what gets you horny,” you laughed as you trailed your fingers over his chest along the fresh tattoo of three lions on left peck. You were shocked when he came home with it after what you thought was a day at the studio. You vividly remember the smile on his face as he told you that the three lions represented his pride; his family; you and Alani. He distracted you from your thoughts as he pulled you down to connect your lips.

“Well one, we haven’t had sex in over three days, that’s a new record for us. And two, It’s not my fault my shirt only covers half of your ass. You look like a damn goddess every time you wear my clothes,” he grinned causing you to laugh and lightly smack his arm.

“Whatever you say, Hood.”

“You know I’m right, Also Hood.”

You leaned back down to kiss him once more but one simple peck led to a fully heated make-out as Calum began to run his hands all over your body. “Cal, Alani is here.”


“She can walk in here at any moment because of a nightmare and she’s already been emotionally scarred enough by the stupid shit Michael and Luke do, I don’t think she needs to add seeing her parents have sex to the list.”

“Fair enough, I’ll just drop her off at my sisters,” he suggested.

“She’s in London,” you sighed.

Calum immediately got out of bed and began dialing a number. “Babe, who are you calling at eleven at night?” He ignored you before walking out the bedroom door and down the hall towards your three year old daughter’s room while mumbling quietly on the phone. Moments later you child ran past your room and downstairs. Calum peeked his head back into the room before smirking, “I’m dropping her off at my mom’s. You better be naked and on your knees by the time I get back, you’re in for a long weekend.”

“Weekend?” I questioned while raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. Weekend. I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

You laughed at how desperate your husband was to get you alone, something that occurred often after the two of you decided to have Alani. 

The sound of the front door opening and shutting only made you more anxious for your husband. You quickly discarded the shirt and sat on your knees waiting for him to walk through the doors.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered more to himself as he stood frozen in the doorframe.

“Cal, are you gonna do anything or should I put your shirt back on and go to sleep,” you teased.

Without a hesitation he ran towards the bed and pushed you back while climbing on top of you. “God I missed this,” he moaned out in between kisses, “I can’t wait to do this all weekend long.”

His hands were all over your body, trying to feel every inch of you. No matter how long you had been together, every time he touched you felt like the first time back in high school.

He quickly stripped of his clothing and you pushed him back lowering your mouth to his now fully erect member. “Babe, no. As much as I love it when you do, I’m not gonna last. I need to be in you now,” he breathed out before flipping the two of you over. 

“Cal, condom,” you gasped out in between your own moans as he began to align himself with your entrance.

“I could put one on, but I think Alani needs a little sibling,” he grinned.

“You really want another kid?” your heart skipping a beat. It had been something you’d wanted to bring up to him but were too scared of what his answer would be.

He nodded, “there’s a reason I left more space on my peck,” he smiled referring to the three lions on his chest, “hopefully it’s a boy this time.” 

  • Yuri: *flushes, covering his face* Oh my god, guys stop YOU'RE EMBARRASSING ME

“she’s my responsibility” “ours” 

“I thought we were a family”

“what do I do to make him feel secure? and liv”

“I make us a proper family… we get married, tomorrow”

“I’ve never been more serious in my life”

OH MY GOD. listen. robert sugden loves aaron dingle. robert sugden loves liv flaherty. that man is in this for the FAMILY. that entire episode was rob trying to make aaron smile, worrying about him, trying to make him happy. rob wiggling his food in front of liv’s face with the dorkiest noise ever?? they’re SUCH a family already. it pains me that aaron can’t see that. tuesday is gonna be so fucking special, robron are so fucking special.

  • Blake: I'm sorry Sun. But... I... There is someone-
  • Sun: It's Yang isn't?
  • Blake: What? No! Besides, after I ran, I doubt she would even want to be with be me.
  • Sun: Oh please. Yang is so in love with you that it will be 3 years till you both are married.
  • Blake: ... That won't happen.
  • Sun: Bet you I'm right.
  • Blake: Bet you that you're wrong.
  • Sun: Uh-Huh. I'll be should to mention this in my speech at you two's wedding.
  • Blake: Sigh, Whatever.
  • ~3 years later~
  • Sun: *Looking at his watch while wearing a tux holding his right index finger before pointing at Blake as he says in the microphone.* Told ya Bitch.
  • Blake: *Covering her blushing face with Yang's wedding dress.* God damn it Sun.
  • Yang: *Looks between her new wife and her best man with confusion* Am I missing something here?