i love his face expression at the end

Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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❝ No one can touch you. ❞

Plot: When you was kidnapped but your boyfriend Yoongi is one of the most influent boss in Seoul.

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,9k

Warning: Slightly mention of blood; 

For @esu333; i hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

The italics part is a flashback! 

The soft light was the only thing you could see. Choking, you had something down in your mouth, you tried to move but your attempts were completely useless. Between the folds of the hood you wore, you perceived blurred voices. Something, in your mind, continued to echo because they were particularly familiar.  

Taking stock of the situation, you realized you were sitting. At least you weren’t dead, you thought in relief.  

“Don’t try… There is no use Y/N ” Someone muttered into your ear; “I’m sorry… I asked them not to hurt you. ” He added with a low tone.  

“KyunSoo?” You murmured, your voice emotionless.  

“Really Y/N.. I would have preferred not to resort to this. ”  

Your mind started racing, hectic and fast. If KyunSoo was in front of you, the reason could be just one. He had a score to settle with Yoongi.  

Sighing, you start fidgeting in your chair but a hand gave a hard shoot on your head, provoking you a groan of pain.  

“Stop Y/N.. don’t make things difficult. ” He warned you, but you did not have the slightest intention to listen to him.  

No one could give orders to you.  

The sounds around you were flushed and these makes you realize that you are locked into some soundproofed room. No one wanted to make you hear what was happening outside or to allow others to hear you.  

Cursing softly you started rubbing your hands together, in a desperate attempt to pull them from the interweaving of ropes that held them tight.  

“When they tie your hands with a triple knot, you can’t do anything but just broken two fingers of your hand and your wrist to set you free.”  

Yoongi’s voice, in the days when he was explaining and repeating concepts familiar to him, it was not to any help at that time. Holding back the tears you tried once again to remove one of the two hands, but a violent blow against your chest stopped you instantly.  

“This bitch,” someone unknown said vehemently; “Why don’t you just kill her??” The person added lost patience.  

You did not recognize him, but you know he has no power over KyunSoo. He is the boss, he has always been. In your mind began to appear the memories of your days in College, you would never have thought he would become one of the most influential gangsters in the city.  

He was sweet, friendly and charismatic. Now he was just known for the highest amount of deaths associated with his name.  

“Did you have managed to reach him?” Kyunsoo asked, bored voice, and your heart will lose some beat.  

You did not want Yoongi to be involved, you would rather die than put him in danger.  

“Kyunsoo… What do you want from Yoongi? ” You asked, holding the hot tears that itched your eyes; “I can give you what you want. I have my money, I swear. ”  

A broke sigh between you lips caused you a chill down your spine; because you know that nothing would have distracted him from his goal.  

“What is mine, Y/n. I swear you won’t be hurt if he cooperates.”  

“And if he won’t cooperate…?” You asked with another tremble into your voice, reprising the attempt to free your hands from the grip.  

“You are going to die.”  

Not that you were surprised by his words, you were well aware of how that world worked. And yet you did not care to die if the man you loved was safe.

His hands started to rush on your neck, laying on your hips while forcefully you were attracted, making crush your bodies. It was the first time that you let him bring so much to you. Always too far away but connected in ways you couldn’t explain.  

“Do you know that if you stay with me, you could often risk your life?”  

“I don’t care, Yoongi” You muttered onto his lips, without taking your eyes off his.  

His eyes didn’t leave a moment, glided lenses on each stroke of your face, provoking you the most intense sensations ever.  

“I promise you one thing, Y/N”. He added with a serious tone, cupping your face in his hands by tapering and delicate fingers.  

A strange trait for the most feared of all boss in Seoul, but you had always loved his hands.  

“What?” You raised an eyebrow in a curious expression. 

“I would never let someone lay a finger on you. And if it, for a mere twist of fate, happen… They’ll no longer have their hands or their lives to do it again. ”  

That particular moment in your relationship made space in your mind and a quite feeling invaded you. He would protect you, you could even hear that the situation would end soon.  

So you renounced completely to free yourself from the ropes, your body is relaxed and even your heart slowed his beats. You felt completely different and it was the thought of Yoongi to help you; knowing he would save you.  

“Y/N, are you okay?” The voice of Kyunsoo brought you back to reality and you shake your head, just too tired of that hood on your face.  

The man in front of you understood the situation and decided that maybe wouldn’t have been a danger discovering your face. You were well aware of why you were there, seeing them in the face wouldn’t have changed anything.  

The newfound “freedom” allowed you to understand, finally, where you were. There were not a lot of clues, the bare walls and just a desk where Kyunsoo was sitting, checking documents that you couldn’t see from where you are.  



“He will hurt you. ” You were warning him, even if he did not deserve this at all.  

His laughter filled the air immediately, while your eyes rested on him and you observed with disgust.  

“I’m not afraid Y/N; not of him. ” He reassured, a frown amused onto his face.  

“You should.” You added, still teasing him in pride.  

One thing that you had understood of those men was just that; they were incredibly sensitive and proud. Hurting them at that point and they could become incredibly weak or ruthless killers.  

“For now, your dearly beloved did not give signs of life.”  

“He will.”  


The posture in which you were started to hurt a few hours earlier, but you did not stoop to complaining. Your mouth was closed for that entire time, while your legs became weaker and weaker and the pain in your wrists grew.  

Suddenly a dull thud made you to lift your face, turning towards the thick door that divided you from the rest of the world.  

No shot, no amount of screaming. There were total silence and disappointment surrounded you because if it had been Yoongi the screaming would not be missed.  

“Didn’t they tell you how to treat a woman? A woman that didn’t belong to you.” An icy voice, steeped in anger, rang out in the speakers making you lose a couple of heartbeats.  

He was there, he had not broken his promise.  

Kyunsoo began to look around, visibly frightened, by pulling the gun out of the holster inside his jacket. You smiled and began to experience a feeling different. For the first time, despite you always kept hidden your fear in front of Yoongi, you are not scared by the “work” of your man. For the first time, you are relieved, because otherwise, he would never be able to save you.  

The door, only wall between you and freedom, collapsed after a few moments, perhaps thanks to a minimum dose of an explosive charge. The smoke filled the room, provoking you a slight coughing while your eyesight was completely blurred.  

“Kyunsoo, I thought you were smarter than that.”  

“Yoongi… One more step and I’ll kill her. ”  

The barrel of the gun is pointed at your temple and you froze immediately, while the smoke was starting to branch.  

“Yoongi …” Your whisper reached the man, standing at the door with the gun lowered against his side.  

His gaze was completely emotionless on the outside. You were the only one who could see the anger that burst in his eyes and a shiver down your spine shook and assured you at the same time.  

“Touch her again and I swear, Kyunsoo–” He began to mean with icy tone; “in less than three minutes you’ll be dead.”  

“I die, she dies. You know I’m a trigger happy, don’t force me to hurt her. ”  

“You have exactly ten seconds to let her go.”  

He was calm, so calm that managed to soothe you. His voice had the power to be a soothing for you and this time was no different.  

“One.” His cold tone had become lethal.  

“Give me what is mine Yoongi.”  


“Yoongi.. Could you just go straight to three instead of waiting up to ten? ” You asked, completely drained of all energy.  

You did not want to die, but if it had to happen you would have preferred a quick thing.  

“Whatever.” He Murmured, this time a hint of amusement in his voice.  

You closed your eyes to hear a gunshot, not knowing if it was the Yoongi’s one or the Kyunsoo’s one directly to your head. You were prepared to impact so you have curled up about, but you could not feel any kind of pain.  

Slowly you unfold the left eye, just to see blood splatter on your hands. But it was not yours and this was a huge relief, so much so that you felt the adrenaline begin to slip away from your body.  

“Baby, I’m here… I’m here. ”  

You raise your eyes and when you saw at that time of the aggressive tremble that was shaking you, accepting with gratitude the loving touch of his hands on your face.  

“I’m here babe, sorry it took me so long.” He whispered, while one of his men entered the room and immediately freed your hands. “What did he do? See your face… God, I’m going to kill him. ”  

“Y-Y-you have already done so, Y-Yoongi.. ”  

“I’m going to kill him again just for daring to touch you” he hummed on your lips, finally relieved to see that despite all you were alive.  

He put his hands under your armpits after they finally had freed your hands and feet, lifting you effortlessly and clutching firmly against his body.  

Crying is liberating, hot tears flowed fast on your cheeks still stained with blood, while he rocked you gently.  

“It’s okay baby, everything is over.”  

“You’re here… you’re really here. ” You managed to say through tears and sobs, hiding your face in the crook of his neck and the collarbone.  

“I promised two years ago. No one can touch you without lost their life. ”

*What’s Her Username?* Peter Parker x Reader


Summary: The Avengers have heard a lot about Peter’s girlfriend, Y/n. They want to meet the girl that Peter is crazy for, but first they must stalk her social media.

Word Count: 1084

Notes: This is probably very poorly written and I’m sososo sorry about that but tysm for requesting such a cute fic!

Status: Unedited.

Tags: @f-b-a-w-t-f-t and @momosakaki-san because they write some of the best peter fics that i have ever read!

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Do you have any acd fic recs?

Hoooo boyyyy do I ever. In no particular order:

The Incident In The Room With The Red Curtain, 9k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes investigates the mysterious disappearance of Francis Colleton, a case that requires some of Watson’s specialist knowledge.” Absolutely one of my favorite fics of all time. They are so gentle with each other.

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart, 12k, E. Friends to lovers. “Holmes has observed much of Watson’s habits and tastes over time, which is why it surprises him when his friend objects strangely to a folk song sung at the conclusion of a case. Disturbed by the Doctor’s unexpected display of emotion, Holmes becomes determined to lift his spirits by any means necessary, with mixed results.” This was one of the first Doyle-style fics I read. Holmes’ quiet adoration of John is so good.

Grit, 5k, M. Friends to lovers. “Watson, still bruised and damaged from the Afghan War, decides to hide his inversion so Holmes will remain his friend and flatmate. He thinks the trade-off won’t be difficult, but in a moment of weakness he goes to an underground club with an erstwhile lover. What he discovers there is more than he’d bargained for.” Funny and sad and sweet, with a beautiful ending.

A Man Of Great Character And Better Humor, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Retirement. “When a bit of bad news threatens to crush Watson’s spirit, Holmes knows just the solution.” Absolutely the loveliest little sketch of two old men in love.

Five Times Sherlock Holmes Lied, 5k, gen. Friends to lovers. TAB verse. “Something in Wilde’s persecution has touched a nerve in Sherlock – snapped that tenuous thread of hope holding him upright – and it feels as if he has taken to bleeding internally.” This one’s hard, but gorgeous.

The Ill-Tempered Patient, 1k, gen. Pre-slash. “Holmes has a cold and is being disagreeable, but Watson is used to indulging his moods.” A funny glimpse into their affection for each other.

Mon Couer, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Holmes tries out a new endearment in the midst of pillow talk.” Holmes gets insecure, and Watson comforts him. The two of them trying to figure out how to be sweet with each other–and flustering themselves–is too lovely.

A Taste of Honey, 3k, teen. Pre-slash. Sickfic. “A failure to observe leads to a successful deduction.” Watson becomes deathly ill while Holmes is away, and Holmes is forced to confront how badly he needs him.

The Incident With The Bicycle, 2k, gen. Established relationship. “We know Holmes can ride a bicycle, but when exactly did he learn?” A bit of a wobble in the early days of their love. I adore Watson’s kindness in this.

Wintry Morning, Victoria Station, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson had come to see me off at the station, that chilly morning in November when a quiet yet momentous shift took place in that strange thing that existed between us.” Watson and Holmes find words for something deeper than anyone around them could imagine.

The Tempest, 3k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Now that Holmes had come back from the dead, things could return to how they were before.” Aftermath of Reichenbach–Watson is so brave.

As Yes To If, 3k, gen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “Leave for your own sake if you must, but on no account shall you leave for mine. I can imagine no sadder outcome of the insight you have gained tonight.” Watson lets slip more of his heart than he realizes, after they nearly lose their lives.

Winter In London, 45k, NR. Friends to lovers. CW: rape. “The last stages of a case go dangerously wrong. Afterwards, Watson tries to live with the memory of a terrible bargain in secrecy.” This is heartbreaking, and deep, and beautiful. Be careful of the content; but if you can manage it, it’s worth it.

I May Be Speaking To Closed Doors, 2k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson makes a Valentine, and then isn’t sure what to do with it.” Poor Watson, a romantic in a relationship with the world’s most unromantic man–so it seems.

Invasion, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Watson can’t bear mice. Holmes thinks it’s rather silly, but humors him, until he understands. This starts off a bit cracky and then ends so sweetly.

Tea From Terai, 700w, gen. Established relationship. “Sherlock Holmes gets a letter from Terai, and remembers that he does know someone in Terai. Or, knew.” Watson learns a little something about his love’s past.

What Is Right, And What Is Easy, 600w, NR. Established relationship. “There’s a reason that Article 28 (which criminalized homosexuality) was called the Blackmailer’s Charter.” This cuts deep for how brief it is.

The Red Notebook, 10k, teen. Post-Reichenbach. I hesitated to include this because it’s a bit too much heartbreak for me–I can’t believe that they would ever willingly give each other up, after love. But this story’s Mycroft is so good, his relationship with Watson so bittersweet, I had to. And it ends joyously, as it must.

Masked Ball, 30k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Six months after Holmes’ return from the dead, the delicate equilibrium in Baker Street is disturbed when a stranger walks out of the London fog with a case–for Watson. Holmes is wary, Watson is fascinated. But who is the man calling himself Álvaro de León? And what does he really want?” I love, love, love this story. I love Alvaro, I love the way Holmes deduces Watson’s bisexuality, I love the mystery and the sweep and the humor of it. It’s wonderful.

Text Omitted, 1k, teen. Established relationship. CW: child abuse. “Watson learns something disconcerting about Holmes’ past.” This makes me cry, and smile: the courage with which they love each other.

The Bee Grove, 14k, teen. Friends to lovers. CW: suicide. “Watson travels to Kent to attend the funeral of an estranged friend from his past who committed suicide. Certain things transpire to make Watson wonder if his inappropriate love for Holmes could possibly be requited.” Beautiful.

Idée Fixe, 1k, teen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “He does not know what to begin with it. It is too grave a thing to be treated as a mere distraction, too tenacious to be dissolved in tobacco smoke. What does one begin with an idée fixe? With a mind bent towards one single thing.” This is almost infuriating in its restraint, but fascinating, too.

The Thieves’ Den, 6k, teen. “The discovery of a large cache of stolen goods ends badly.” Words cannot express how I love this fic–particularly the meddling Mycroft, and the protectiveness of both of them, in spite of each other.

Since I First Saw Your Face, 70k, M. Developing relationship. “During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson.” The only WIP I’ll rec, or read, because the wealth of historical detail and depth of their intimacy is such that I’d be immensely thankful to have read this even if it never ended. The author can be found on tumblr at @artemisastarte.

When You Know Something’s Wrong, 1k, M. Established relationship. Sickfic. “Holmes gets it wrong.” This is just 1k of lovely Watson gently forcing his medical attention on a truculent Holmes.

Pilgrims Of A Sort, 12k, teen. Friends to lovers to retirement. Absolute classic. “A pair of young travelers turn up at the Sussex cottage of an aging Holmes and Watson, searching for proof that love like theirs can last a lifetime. Watson tells them the story of himself and Holmes–which also happens to be the story of Mary Morstan, and her own unconventional love affair.” Featuring a fantastic old married Holmes and Watson and TWO pairs of happy lesbians.

A Matter of Integrity, 3k, gen. Established relationship. “It is a curious thing when a celebrity whom you’ve never truly met is widely considered your most prominent suitor. Irene Norton sets out in search of some answers, and discovers that sometimes the truth is a delicate matter.” Irene is wonderful, Holmes is careful, and this is good.

Cameo, 8k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case Scotland Yard refuses to acknowledge. A soulmate AU.” One wouldn’t think a magical AU in Victorian times could be very delicately done, or mesmerizing. One would be wrong.

Chimera, 800w, gen. Pre-slash. Post-Reichenbach. “My dear Watson, It is with reluctance that I begin this letter to you, for there can be no doubt regarding its fate. It will follow into oblivion all the other letters I have written to you over the past two years, the only difference between them their means of demise.” Poor Holmes.

Something To Retire To, 9k, teen. Friends to partners. Asexual Holmes, miscommunication, jealousy. “Watson contemplates the future while he and Holmes investigate the three Garridebs.” This fic will break your heart into a hundred pieces and put it together again.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, 40k, E. Established relationship. “A word must be said upon the subject of witticisms first, within the context of the manuscripts which have begun littering our rooms.  My friend the Doctor’s sense of humour exists in direct correlation to his state of physical well-being, and the more active a man he becomes–a felicity for which I am grateful as much to his ferocious tenacity as to any higher power–the more wry grow the invariably poetical descriptors applied to my person.” Holmes’ past, Watson’s love, and an epic poem of a story. This fic changed me.

Of course, look up each author’s full body of work if you want more. Mistyzeo is on tumblr at @mistyzeo and posts recs frequently. I write Doyle-style here. @granada-brett-crumbs has another magnificently expansive canon fic rec here. @knightfury1895 and @jeremyholmes post canon-style ficlets on tumblr. Basically, there’s a wealth of wonderful fic out there!

Mark Tuan as Boyfriend


  • staying quiet and just trying to make eye contact with you when he wants attention
  • will do and say stuff just to see your reaction
  • staring in your eyes often, because he’s really grateful to have you
  • randomly telling English phrases to you
  • tenderly massaging your back and wrists when he thinks something is wrong
  • cupping your face regularly
  • the silence with him is not awkward especially when you are shy too
  • Mark is getting jealous pretty easily, because he thinks that he’s not good enough for you
  • he will teach you new stuff without making you feel uncomfortable because of your ignorance
  • while listening to music together he’ll make fun of the rap parts of the songs imitating them to make you laugh
  • calling you with so many cute nicknames

        Dates with Mark:

  • not the type of dates incluiding eating a meal; I just can’t imagine him in a restaurant
  • he’ll be more up to playing basketball or skateboarding with you
  • maybe he’ll take you to an amusement park, will buy cotton candy and will feed you with it
  • dates with him are somehow almost always ending up with rain at random; he’ll keep you dry under his jacket and will kiss your lips; raindrops falling from his hair on your face while he pulls you closer to his body
  • going to the cinema to watch action movies or thrillers; he loves to look at your facial expressions during the most intense scenes

        Sex with Mark:

  • Mark’s favorite place to leave kisses on is your belly
  • doing everything like on slow motion, because he wants to feel and explore every inch of your body in detail
  • he’s going crazy when you kiss his neck
  • much lip biting
  • Mark loves to examine new intimate experiences; his favorite is placing a blindfold over your eyes to make you melt under his touch
  • his moans are manly and even sexier when he tries to hold them

“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 

also literally all the complaints people had about the movie are so irrelevant

  • emma was fantastic as belle
  • her dress is beautiful
  • ewan was a perfect lumiere and “be our guest” was so well done
  • lefou being gay was hardly a big deal at all, honestly the only noticeable thing was when he danced with a man at the end, if you’re close-minded, you wouldn’t notice his pining for gaston - it’s very lowkey
  • the new songs are great? honestly “days in the sun” might be better than “human again” and “evermore” is equally as good as “if i can’t love her”
  • the beast did look very cgi at times but why wouldn’t he? he is mostly cgi??? but his expressions were fantastic, dan is an amazing face actor, and the combination of that with the cgi on top of it made for a very sweet beast


So the countdown. Valentine’s Day, friendos. You see that goop covering his face? Yeah, valentines day, 50 shades feels, I’m throwing that bullshit out of the window. That is not what this is, I do not believe.

The successful businessman ploy seemed to lead to 50 shades parody, adding on with the makeup in the VHS letsplay. However, something is odd. 

Alien Suprise. The name of that picture. 

Set that aside, we see Mark’s suit all torn up. Only the jacket. Everything else is clean and proper. Not a single bruise or cut. A liar, perhaps. 

Let’s have a look at his tweets.

“You ever just think about how great dogs are and start tearing up for no reason? That’s me right now “

This backs up my sister’s theory on a parody of John Wick. Something about a man who loses his dog and now murders people? Unsure myself, I need to see the movie.

But that doesn’t explain the jelly on his face. I originally thought lewd, but my mind has changed. The picture’s name does however make me think of some Alien movie parody, something romantic with Amy. Since Valentines day and all and her love for aliens.

But why the fucking jelly? Why the feared expression? Why the “shitty business man” thing? Why the jail?

Fraud? Gang related shit?

This is a real stretch, but the jelly made me think of a particular trap from SAW. The flamable jelly trap… Where our protaginist Mark (YES THE GUY’S NAME IS MARK), is a lying man who feigns illness and ends up getting burned to death. A stretch and most likly a coincidence, but something nonetheless. 

I cannot wait. 

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How would the RFA+Saeran react to MC being insecure about her stretch marks? <3

yay for body positivity ^o^ 
midterms week begins for me tomorrow… someone please pray for me LOL i’m so stressed T___T


  • you only decided to show him because he wanted to go to a water park and you didn’t know how to tell him why you were too self-conscious to go
  • when you lift your shirt just slightly to show your stomach, you’re already waiting for him to be taken aback or go “oh.. alright let’s not go”
  • but nope this boy is fascinated
  • “that looks so cool! i’m so jealous :(”
  • “um no, this is not something to be jealous over”
  • “:( they look like battle scars :( i think it looks really cool :( i want some :(”
  • at that point he’s pouting so much you’re too busy laughing to be uncomfortable over revealing your insecurity
  • he keeps on insisting that you look fine and that he think you’re even more special for having them
  • but he says if you’re still not ready to go to places like water parks, he’ll wait
  • “we can swim together in our own bathtub” he says with a smile on his face someone tell this boy two people can’t swim in a bathtub
  • you go red in the face when you picture you two in the bathtub
  • he sees your expression, realizes the implication of what he said, and then he gets even redder than you what a pure child
  • “w-wait! i didn’t mean to sound so… ahh, this is embarrassing” 
  • he’s too busy looking at the ground now, and you two are just standing in his apartment having a blush-off
  • and then he chances a glance back at you, looking extremely nervous
  • “i mean… i wouldn’t mind, though. if you wanted to…”
  • dear god who knew yoosung could be so brave?? you’re shook
  • but before you even give a reply, he’s screaming with embarrassment and running out the room


  • he noticed you never wore shorts, even during the blistering summer heat
  • not that he was one to judge your fashion choices, but sometimes you looked like you were dying in those leggings or jeans
  • so he carefully brought up the question, only because he was concerned
  • you’re reluctant, but it’s zen and you trust him, so you take a second to go into your room and change into some shorts
  • he blushes a little when he sees your legs, but his eyes widen slightly when he takes in the stretch marks near the upper part of your legs
  • immediately wears a warm grin and gestures you over
  • “aww babe… come here”
  • you do, but at this point you’re itching to change back and cover your legs up again
  • “i know, they’re gross…”
  • zen looks almost offended by what you say “what?! no no no, you look beautiful” 
  • “no lying, zen! it doesn’t make me feel better.”
  • now he’s frowning, leaning over and pulling you into his lap instead
  • “babe, i’m not lying. you look perfect.”
  • you keep waving his words off, but he keeps saying it as he hugs you close
  • afterwards, you occasionally have the courage to start wearing shorts around in the house at least and he’s thrilled
  • did the dramatic collapse onto the ground when you first willingly stepped out in shorts
  • “ah, fair maiden! your beauty has rendered me helpless! that wonderful face, those dazzling legs! where in heaven did you descend from?”
  • “zen please stop that is so embarrassing if you keep doing this i swear i’m never-”


  • it only came up because she was talking about her hair and how she was self-conscious about how it looked and so you shared one of your own worries
  • to your surprise, she’s not even that phased when you mention it, and you ask why
  • “stretch marks are normal for women, it’s nothing to be ashamed of”
  • “but they look…”
  • “i think they look absolutely fine”
  • she literally always cuts in every single time with a neutral compliment before you get to make any negative comments about it
  • so you stopped bringing it up, but still refused to show them to anyone
  • and one day you woke up to a piece of paper taped to your bedroom door… and bathroom window… and fridge
  • they’re all of the same article titled “10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Stretch Marks!”
  • at first, you’re almost embarrassed that she went out of her way to do that, but after reading it, you actually feel a lot better about them
  • she never mentions what she did, but grins when you give tackle her into a big hug
  • “i hope you realize that i love and admire you for what’s on the inside, and even still, you look incredible. if anyone else thinks otherwise, i’ll deal with them myself”
  • you read the article every morning now, and it makes you feel more confident in wearing shorter clothing


  • he was splurging again on clothes for you to wear while he was abroad on a business trip
  • and arrives home with his bodyguards carrying armloads of beautiful dress and tops
  • you’re lowkey worried about how you’re gonna tell him you’re never wearing those
  • but when he recommends one particular dress for dinner tonight, you come clean and tell him you don’t wear things with short sleeves in public anymore because of the stretch marks on your arm
  • he goes quiet for a long moment before ushering his bodyguards away
  • then walks over and gives you a big kiss before hugging you to his chest
  • “my love, i won’t force you to wear anything you don’t want, but it pains me to hear that you don’t appreciate everything about yourself”
  • “jumin, they’re stretch marks… no one likes having them”
  • “i don’t see why you should be so ashamed of them. you still look beautiful”
  • the next time he came back home, though, his bodyguards had a bunch of luxury long-sleeved dresses
  • since you still didn’t feel comfortable enough wearing short sleeves, you’re touched at the gesture
  • at night, he likes to kiss your arms and cuddle you before going to sleep 


  • he bought matching cat t-shirts to wear together for your next outing to the pet store
  • it was all fine until he noticed you were wearing a cardigan too
  • “MC!! it’s so hot outside!! and the cardigan covers the kitties on the back!”
  • you grimace, saying you have bad stretch marks on your arm and don’t want to show them
  • he gets all serious then, stepping away from the door and sitting you down on his couch
  • you two proceed to have a long talk as you tell him why you feel so insecure and him trying to tell you why you shouldn’t feel that way
  • he’s sad that you’re negative about them, and announces that he’s set a mission to make you appreciate and love yourself
  • will literally compliment you every day
  • sticks post-it notes all over the house saying cringeworthy things like “you’re so beautiful today that you made me forget my pickup line”
  • you lowkey love it though, and feel better about yourself with each passing day
  • one night you even show him that you have stretch marks on your stomach while lying in bed together
  • he makes this loud gasp, and you think that it’s out of disgust
  • but then he looks up, eyes shining
  • “cotton candy”
  • “…what?”
  • “it looks like cotton candy!”
  • “seven;;;; no”
  • “look! it does! i love cotton candy!! and you!!! this is surely a sign that we were made for each other!”


  • he only knew because you were talking about this new shirt you got that you can’t wear once you realized it showed the stretch marks on your arms too much
  • for a short while, he never brought it up because he didn’t know how to
  • like he wants to tell you that you look completely fine with them
  • heck, he thinks you look more attractive with them 
  • he finds the way they look fascinating on you
  • but god forbid he ever drew up the courage to admit it out loud
  • yet as time went on, and you continued to torture yourself in the summer heat with long sleeves and pants, he started to get agitated
  • cause why were you suffering like that?? what was the point??? 
  • so one day he just tossed you a t-shirt while you were lounging on the couch watching TV
  • and you’re all confused as to why he gave you it
  • “you’re sweating, isn’t it obvious?”
  • “i’m fine… i don’t mind it”
  • “if this is because of your stretch marks, there’s no point”
  • now you’re slightly annoyed at him for saying that
  • “there is a point! they bother me, and i don’t want to see them! no one does!”
  • and then he suddenly raises his voice, “well I do! i like them and you look perfectly fine even with it!”
  • there’s a longggg silence before you realize he actually said that
  • “saeran, what did you–”
  • “no i didn’t”
  • “i haven’t even finished my–”
  • he’s blushing furiously “i didn’t say anything i don’t know what you’re talking about” then he speed-walks into his room
  • later when he walks about out after you call him for dinner, he sees you changed into the t-shirt
  • a ghost of a smile touches his face, but he immediately schools his expression while helping you set the table
  • he does compliment your shirt later on though, and you start wearing t-shirts around the house more cause you lowkey notice him smiling whenever he sees you in them and you love it
Wellness (Ethan x Sick!FemReader) fluff drabble

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(( gif not mine ))

(A/n): Well HEy I said I would do this and I will COMMIT

Request:  I hate to ask.. And I am sure you are done with Ethan and crammed to the MAX with requests, but I have been stuck with the flu for a week and I am so done.. Would you mind writing an Ethan taking care of a sick reader? Thank you so so much..

Warnings: Swearing fluffy bullshit


Often when you were sick, you would keep sane by counting things. Like counting how many times you would cough in an hour. Or how many times you would sneeze in one go. Or even just how many times Ethan can ask if you are alright before he ultimately snaps.

“I swear to god, you might have The Plague…” Ethan drawled.

Before you could speak, a cough ran out of your lips. Dry and loud.

“I’m sure that if I had The Plague, I would not have survived a week as I have already.” you said, your voice bullied by a hoarse undertone.

“Not just that, but I’m not even sick.” you insisted.

Ethan look squarely at you, offering a concerned laugh.

“I see that in more ways than one, that’s bullshit.” Ethan stated.

You boyfriend kindly made a quick pace when coming closer to you. Though, you did take at least three steps back, warning him not to approach your form.

“Why is that?” he challenged.

“I’m-” you opened your mouth, but your words fell short. You were just about to admit to being sick, you had realized.

Looking down with small shame, you face flushed a deep coral for two reasons.

Ethan laughed at his own triumph. Being able to come closer, the youtuber cascaded his fingers across your forehead gently.

You peered back up at him. You caught his expression of worry at first sight, followed by a shy smile.

“(Y/n),” Ethan began “won’t you go lay on the couch for a bit? I’ll make you some tea and the rest of the sick cliche stuff.”

He grinned at your face lovingly, his kid like smile easing your aching body.

“What’s,” you coughed momentarily “what’s in it for me?”

The blue haired boy was stunned for a quick second but then laughed heartily.

“Wellness, that’s what.”

You allowed yourself to laugh just as well, swatting at his arm. He gave a fake yelp and scampered away to the kitchen. In turn, you found yourself falling atop the plush couch.

I guess you didn’t know it before, but you seemed to be really tired. It was because of the week long sickness you have be sparring with. The exhaustion really took time to seep in.

After some minutes, the blue youtuber returned with you tea, and a dark bottle of Buckley’s.

“Oooh, no.” you hissed drearily “Oh no no no.”

Ethan approached the couch and kneeled before you, setting down the steamy mug with caution.

“Oh yes yes yes.” he shot back. Ethan dipped into the bottle a teaspoon, surfacing it again with a small amount of umber liquid on it.

“Mark said that we didn’t have any other cough medicine; this is all I found.” he lulled.

You leant back into the cushions tiredly as Ethan brought the spoon closer to your lips. Quickly charming your face with a sweet expression, you peered into his eyes.

“If you love me, you wouldn’t try and poison me, you blue bastard.” you spoke in a sugary tone.

Ethan twisted his features in calm frustration, stringing up a hand to paw at your face. He grabbed your neck, directly under where your jaw ends and close to under your earlobe with his thumb and pointer finger. He squeezed.

A fierce pain rippled throughout your neck. You loosen your jaw in shock, distinguishably letting your lips part. Ethan took this chance to shove a spoon full of disgust in you mouth.

You had automatically locked your jaw afterwards and swallowed the liquid; feeling the blue haired boy’s hand leave your neck.

“What, nghh, the fuck was that?” you strained, glaring at him replace the cap on the bottle.

“Pressure points.” Ethan stated blandly “What else was I supposed to do when you were acting like a child?”

“You do that to children?”

“Well no, I-”

Your accusation sent you into a coughing fit, tained with laughter.

“You shouldn’t be touching children’s necks.” you spoke afterwards.

Ethan could only laugh at your tired state “I really hope this medicine doesn’t have alcohol in it.” he mumbled.

“What was that?” you coughed out, falling back into a laying position.

The youtuber replied to you by folding a blanket over top of your torso.

“Sleep it out, sweetheart.” he giggled, kissing your forehead.

“Roger, nurse.”

You allowed your eyelids slip closed and your breathing to even.

“Grabbing children’s necks?” came Kathryn’s voice. She stood at the middle of the stairs.

Ethan shook in surprise, before speaking nervously.

“For wellness.”


(A/n): I had something to say here. I forgot now. Rude.

This is absolute shit, I KNOW but IT’S FINE. DON’t wOrrY ABOUT iT

Jack Maynard Imagine - Long Wait (SMUT)

To say you were frustrated would be an understatement. And you would be alright if it wasn’t because it was physically killing you, and you could do nothing about it. At least not satisfying enough.

You had been dating Jack for five, long dry months. Turning your best friend into your boyfriend had been harder than you thought, especially because there had been so many feelings involved you didn’t even know were there.

He had struggled as well. Seeing his best friend with other guys, seeing you being touched by hands that weren’t his, had risen something inside him. He didn’t know he was somehow in love with you until your lips touched another man’s, and he boiled with rage. Because you were not only his best friend, you were his princess, his girl, and it didn’t take him more than twenty seconds to drag you out of the club and away from that man’s touch.

You had been confused for a moment, before his lips roughly clashed with yours. You would be lying if you said you had never felt anything, even the slightest crush on Jack. Because he was attractive, and funny, and sweet. And he always made sure you were alright before he even could think about himself.

And so your hands had roamed his body, looking for some clothing to get rid of, right there in the middle of the street. Because you had wanted him for so long, and you wanted him to know.

But he grabbed your hand, pulling it away, and his own travelled their way down your butt and squeezed it. You bit your lip, unable to erase the thought of him lying above you, riding you caressingly “Y/N” he had whispered on your ear, sending chills down your spine “I want to take it slow, yeah?” He said before pressing his lips softly on the skin behind your ear.

Suddenly it all went away, as you focused on his lips gently pressing them against your jawline, and his hands firmly placed on the small of your back “I want to prove you that you’re more than that” he said, whispering again “Because you are one of the people I love the most, and I want to make sure that you know it”

His lips pressed against your neck, and you threw your head back in expectation “Jack” you managed to mumble, as you felt a sharp pain between your legs, and a feeling of desperation as you could do nothing about it “I really appreciate it, but-”

“No buts, babe” his hand cupped your cheek, as he pressed his lips against yours for a moment “I know myself, and I want this to work out as much as you do” he said, and you nodded.

You melted into his kiss again as the idea of not being able to touch Jack in any perverted away aggravated the pain on your core.

Despite having been with only one guy, you missed sex the most. And it wasn’t like he had given you any worth telling orgasms, but for some reason all you wanted to do was to get in Jack’s pants.

Five months passed, and it had been dry as a desert. You had tried to persuade him into fucking you senseless, but that boy was made of stone. Every time things got heated, he would pull away and change the subject into the most random, off-turning topic ever. And you were aching, aching for him.

It didn’t help that he was so fucking hot, either. Whenever you were hanging out at his place and he got out of the shower, you couldn’t help but look at the print on his towel when he wasn’t looking. You could only imagine what it’d feel like.

“Thank you guys for watching, see you next week, bye!” Jack waved at the camera before he got up and turned it off. You were sitting down on the kitchen counter, phone in hand, as you tried to look for that one Chinese restaurant you had loved so much a few weeks ago.

“It’s annoying me to death that I can’t bloody find this restaurant” you told Jack “I mean, it’s like 10 minutes away from my flat. I must be stupid”

Jack chuckled, and you could feel him getting closer to you “Thanks God you noticed, or else I’d have had to tell you” he joked, and you hit his arm.

Eyes still focused on your phone, you felt a pair of hands resting on your hips. You didn’t even flinch, as Jack’s most common place to lay his hands on you was your waist. He said it gave him a sense of protection towards you.

A few minutes later, you let out a desperate sigh, locking the screen of your phone “Fuck this shit, what else have you got in mind to eat tonight?” You asked.

Your eyes then locked with Jack’s, and you were taken aback for a few seconds. His eyes were darker than they had ever been, and you didn’t recognize the expression on his face. The grip on your waist suddenly tightened, and he pulled you closer to him, closer to the edge of the counter.

“I do have something else in mind to eat tonight” he whispered, and before you could understand want he meant, his lips were making love to yours. You wrapped your hands around his neck as his strong arms lead you closer to his firm torso.

Suddenly, his hands roamed the end of your -his, you now had a habit of stealing his clothes- tee shirt, and before he would back up again, you threw it above your head. He let out a small chuckle “In a rush, are we?” He smiled cheekily.

“You have no idea” you said before your lips met his again, your hands instinctively going to the elastic band of his sweatpants as he gently unclasped your bra.

When his mouth finally met your nipples, you melted into his touch. Your body pushed itself against his, longing for full connection. The way he made you feel was unbelievable, and you didn’t know how you could have gone by five months without such sensations.

“Jack” you moaned softly, as your hands went to his hair. His lips trailed their way down the edge of your leggings, before he slowly pulled them down your legs and to the other side of the room.

When his lips collided with your clit, you let out the highest pitched scream you had ever heard. You were already so wet, it was almost embarrassing. He worked his way inside you incredibly slowly, and you couldn’t help but pushing his head against your core to make him go deeper.

“Jack!” You whimpered, as he fastened his pace. You threw your head back in pleasant agony, resting your elbows on the cold kitchen counter. It didn’t take him long to make you come.

When his lips left your skin, you immediately sat up and hurried to the edge of his sweatpants, ignoring the emptiness you were now feeling. You pulled them down slowly, admiring every inch of his length, and imagining it how good it would feel inside you. You had longed him for so long, it was ridiculous.

He gently helped you down the counter, as you went down to your knees in front of him. You admired his length once more as you grabbed it between your small fingers, pumping it up and down before your soft lips wrapped around it. His hand went to the back of your head, guiding your mouth inside his cock as you sucked him dry.

His groans made you wet again, but so was he, and you felt overly proud of your work “Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, his head thrown back as you drove him towards climax “That fucking mouth of yours”

You pumped his length faster a few times before he came all over your mouth. You tasted him and swallowed, purely out of desperation. You had wanted him for so long, and you loved him so much, you wanted to give all of you to him.

He grabbed you by your sides and pulled you up so your legs were now around his torso. He teased you with his tip before he pumped it up and down a few times again, and all you could think of was how fucking good he tasted.

He pressed you down the sofa, legs opened wide, as he teased you at your entrance. But neither of you could wait much longer. When he filled you, you let out the loudest moan that had ever left your mouth. He was ridiculously big and it felt so fucking good, and you could feel was your walls clenching already as he slid in and out of you repeatedly.

He thrusted inside you faster every time, not being able to control himself when he felt how wet you were. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, especially when he had you at his mercy, head thrown back, mouth open wide in pleasure.

And indeed, neither of you lasted very long. He filled you completely as he groaned loudly, thinking that maybe his neighbors wouldn’t look at him the same anymore. When his name left your mouth, he came again, unable to resist your screams.

He collapsed above you, breathing heavily as he ran a hand up and down your side “You alright, love?” He managed to ask.

You nodded “Yeah” you breathed out, your hands on his hair, as you pressed your lips against his once more “That was amazing, Jack”

“Worth the wait, huh?” He smiled.

“Indeed” you said as he hid his face on the crook of your neck. You kissed the top of his head “I love you, Jack”

“I love you too, Princess” he mumbled, planting a sweet kiss on your neck “Always”

Louder | MARK

Pairing: Mark (GOT7) x Reader

Word count: 1276

Summary: Sometimes, being the shy and quiet boy gets you the girl.


Originally posted by ceohan

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CS FF: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Contains spoilers for 6x16 anf 6x17.

‘How did you do it? Find me?’

Killian’s soft voice whispered over Emma as they lay out on their bed. Now that Snow and David were awake, the newly engaged couple had retired to their home, washing the grime of the past few weeks from them and bask in the joy of their reunion.

‘Pixie dust,’ she replied, running a hand up his arm, fingers tracing the sinewy muscles. ‘It can reunite anyone who shares True Love.’

Killian chucked at the reminder of the strength of their love. Her eyes meet his. She is a balm to battering his soul has taken during the separation. Her green eyes sparkle in wonderment. It’s not unlike the moment they were reunited after Zeus had granted him another chance at life. His fingers ghost down her spine as she rests her chin on his chest.

‘What was that place?’ she asked.

When she had dashed though the portal, she had barely taken in her surroundings, rushing for Killian, pushing anyone in their way aside.

‘Neverland,’ he murmured.

A soft ‘oh’ escaped her lips. ‘The shadow you sent, I should have realised,’ she said, her lips hitched into smile. ‘But how did you end up in Neverland. Did Gideon send you there?’

He shook his head. ‘The Enchanted Forest. I ended up in Neverland after using a magic bean and thinking of you.’

Her eyebrows quirked upwards. ‘And how did you end up getting a magic bean this time?’

‘In much the same manner as last time,’ he said, lifting his head to look at her.

A quizzical expression deepened on Emma’s face. ‘You bet the Jolly Roger?’ she asked, ‘but she’s here.’

Killian smirked. ‘Aye, love,’ he said, ‘but Black Beard didn’t know that.’

She stared at him for a moment before her lips hitched up as she laughed.

He joined in her laughter. ‘It was quite the plan, actually, Swan,’ he said when the chuckles subsided. ‘Had Gideon not cursed me, then it didn’t matter if I won or lost, either way I’d have a bean to travel with, and I’d have been back days ago.’

Emma looked at him sadly. ‘I missed you,’ she said softly, her eyes flaring. ‘Until you managed to get that message to me with the shell, I thought…’

She trailed off, looking away. Killian raised his hand to cup her cheek. ‘I know,’ he said soberly. ‘Not being able to tell you the truth was killing me.’

‘But now we also have a chance to defeat Black Fairy,’ she said. ‘You have to tell me everything Tiger Lily told you. We should have brought her with us.’

‘Aye,’ he said, ‘but I have a feeling she’ll find her own way here. I sense he has her own score to settle with the Black Fairy.’

Emma nodded. ‘We still need all the allies we can get.’

‘But I think your mother is right, between us all, we’ll stop her. You changed you fate when Gideon came for you, so there is no reason to fall at his hurdle,’ he scooted down the bed so they were eyelevel.

He cupped her cheek, running his thumbs over her lips. ‘I’ve seen you defeat some of the greatest evils our world can throw at you, Emma.’

‘I know,’ she replied, eyes welling with tears, ‘but the book, it’s coming up to the last chapter. And Henry, something happened with his author powers while you were gone.’

Killian pressed a soft kiss to her lips. ‘Sometimes the end of one book is just the beginning of another,’ he reminded her. ‘Emma,’ he continued, raising her eyes so she was looking at her, ‘we will defeat this, together. I promise you, I will never willingly leave your side.’

She chuckled as a tear escaped from her eyes and trickled down her cheek. ‘You’ve barely left my side since you helped us get to Neverland.’

‘I’d’ve stayed with you before then, if you hadn’t handcuffed in that giant’s den,’ he said.

Their eyes locked. She’d be so afraid of feeling anything, particularly for the roughish pirate aligned to their enemy, that she’d fallen at the first hurdle for him. Not that she ever imagined she’d be lying in bed with him two years later, True Love, engaged and somehow blissfully happy beyond measure.

‘Who’s to say this would have all worked out if I hadn’t,’ she asked with a mischievous grin.

Their hands entwined and Killian brought them up to press a kiss to the ring she had re-accepted scant hours before. She watched the gesture with brimming eyes, heart full of love for the man who knew no bounds when it came to his feelings for her.

‘How does the most feared pirate in the known realms end up falling in love?’ she asked softly.

‘You tell me, love,’ he replied rolling them so she was below him.

He dipped his head to hers, capturing her lips as she moved her legs so she could cradle him between her thighs. She was already ready for him, aching for him to take her and reunite in every way possible. Emma whimpered as he took her, inch by glorious inch, until they were one.

‘At one point, I thought I’d never see you again,’ she whispered as he stilled. ‘When I found out what Gideon had done to keep us apart.’

He silenced her with a kiss. ‘I’d have found my way back to you, Swan. If Hades couldn’t keep us apart what makes you think anyone else could.’

They moved together in a slow dance, hands mapping each other while whispering encouraging words. Keening whimpers of ‘I love you’ as they came together, falling over the edge in each other’s arms.

oh my god you guys….. so its tv night in my house so i told my parents (who HATE cartoons and star wars and dont know anything about shipping) that i had a recommendation for them and that we should watch dave filoni’s the clone wars. they were skeptical but said they’d give it a try so i put on my favorite episode, revival. for those of you that don’t remember its the one where darth maul and savage opress try to take down the ohnaka gang and obi wan and hondo (my OTP… xD) have to team up to stop them. 

my parents actually seemed to start getting into it about midway through the episode so i kept playing it until the end and asked what they thought. my dad turned to me with a knowing, serene expression on his face and said “the animation is very formidable (he’s french and they say that word a lot in france to mean ‘good’ and ‘impressive’) and those two men are clearly meant for each other”

i was floored. “what do you mean?” i asked innocently

“i think he means the redhead one with the beard and the lizard man,” my mom piped in, “after being married for 20 years, we both know true love when we see it”

my dad nodded. “love is love, even if it is between a jedi knight and a suave weequay pirate, there is rien de (french for “nothing”) wrong with it”

i was very moved by my parents’ acceptance of obihondo, the most powerful romance in the star wars franchise by far, so i started showing them obihondo fanart on my laptop. they loved it very much and my dad said it was even better than monet (a french painter) 

“i’m sinning,” said my mom

anonymous asked:

1/4 Hi, i read your post about Even being hypomanic and i need your opinion about this beucase you actually know about this disorder from your own experience. When I see Evak I can't stop thinking about it. I know that hypomania doesn't make you fall in love with someone but at the same time, if Even had been hypomanic (since like episode 4 imo) I can't stop this feeling that everythig he did (their first kiss or first sex) was driven by his hypomania and not by his feelings for Isak.

Hello anon,

I’m glad you’re asking me about this. I have bipolar (type II) and, although I’m not an authority figure on the topic (everyone’s experience with bipolar is different), I’ll try my best to explain my thoughts and interpretations of Even and his feelings for Isak in and outside of his hypo/manic episode.
I know there are other SKAM fans who have bipolar too and I hope they’ll feel free to chime in if they have anything to add to my answer.

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Where Harry has been forced to choose between two of the things that mean the world to him.

He didn’t want to do it.

He really didn’t. But it wasn’t like he had a choice. All he wanted was a good relationship, and he had been fortunate to find a girl that he absolutely adored. Luckily enough, she loved him back just as much, if not more.

Harry knew that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life. He wasn’t ready to let her go, he wasn’t ready to let his happiness slip right out of his hands.

As he entered the house, her sweet aura welcomed him. Her lingering smell made him want to just back down. But he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t risk destroying his best friend’s carrier, even if it meant ending his own happiness.

“Harry, is that you?”

Her soft, velvety voice rang in his ears. He heard small feet running down the stairs, and soon the love of his life came running into his arms. He held her tight, afraid that this could be the last time he would be able to feel her warmth, to feel her tucked into the safe haven of his arms. Oh how he would miss coming home to this. He knew that without her, it would be just a simple house. Her loving presence made it feel like home.
She was home.
His home.

She wasn’t the prettiest girl in the world. No, not even close. She didn’t have the most beautiful eyes, the prettiest smile, the perfect laugh; she wasn’t perfect, but she meant everything to him. Her flaws were what made her so unique, so perfect for him. He knew he could never find love like her again. She was his everything. But the cruel world just wouldn’t let them be together.

Tears blurred his eyes at the thought of losing his wonderful fiancé. The one he ‘oh-so-perfectly’ promised to spend his life with. The one with whom he made all plans to marry, have children, and grow old together.

He remembered when they started dating. She was so shy at first, blushing at every compliment, trying to hide from his intense gaze; he thought it was the most adorable sight he had ever seen.

He knew that she was nervous, but so was he. The both of them felt something about each other that they hadn’t felt with anyone else before. After 2 years of dating, they had become the best of friends. They could talk and talk for hours on end about anything and everything under the sun. They were there for each other in every condition, with warm cuddles and kisses.

He remembered the night he proposed, it was their 2nd anniversary and he had taken her to the place where they had had their first date. He remembered being nervous about asking her, but just looking at her made it better. He remembered the way he professed his love for her, then asked her to be his forever, officially. He remembered how she had jumped in his arms, crying and screaming, “Yes”. It was one of the best nights of their lives.

As strange as it sounded, the both of them had never really had a fight. They had silly little arguments here and there, but nothing too serious. They were both mature and understood other’s feelings. He loved her all the more for that.

But now, all that was about to end.
In just a few minutes, his world was going to come crashing down.

“You don’t seem alright, Harry. Are you okay?”

She asked, her expression showing pure worry and concern as she cupped his face in her petite hands.

“Baby, I-I have to talk to yeh.” he said, using all his strength. He shouldn’t have called her that. He should be trying to break up with her, but that term of endearment had stuck with them throughout their relationship. The first time he called her that, she was lying with her head in his lap, and on hearing the words, she had looked up at him, with her eyes sparkling with happiness. The way she reacted to his words was something that he could never forget.

God knows how difficult it was for him. It was one of the hardest things for him to do, knowing what was coming next.

“Sure. Let’s go inside and sit, yeah?”
she said, worried about what could be bothering her fiancé.
He rarely ever came home in a bad mood. There were some times when he was fed up with his life, or maybe when he had had a bad performance. But this, this was something absolutely new. And she didn’t know what to do. All she wanted was for him to smile that radiant smile of his that made the entire world swoon at his feet.

He reluctantly followed behind her, watching her beauty from behind. Her long hair looked gorgeous as it spread around her shoulders. Her hand holding his, him holding it even tighter as he realized that this could possibly be the last time he’d be able to envelope her small and feminine hands in his.

As they reached the living room and Y/N bent to sit down on the couch, he tugged at her hand, keeping her from sitting down. Worry once again covered her expressions as she looked at her fiancé, his eyes already watered because of what was coming next.

“What’s wrong, Haz?”
she asked, her voice like music to his ears.

Others may think that he was too obsessed, but the truth was that he had just fallen too deep in love. He loved the beauty in front of him with every part of him, and knowing what he was going to do next, broke his heart into a million little pieces.

“Y/N, we-we can’t do this anymore.” he said, his voice merely coming out as a whisper.

Tears immediately sprang to her eyes as she felt her heart stop. It was like the ground slipped away from her feet. The pain she felt almost seemed physical. She could feel her chest hurt. Never in a million years would she have imagined her fiancé to come and say this. He had asked her to marry him after all, every day he told her that he loved her, that she was his world. So where did this come from?

Despite the words leaving his mouth, his eyes showed pure misery and pain, begging her not to believe what he was saying. She was confused, hurt, angry, stunned, but most of all, she was broken. They were so happy together, then why was he suddenly doing this?

Harry tried to hold his tears back, assembling himself before saying:
“Y/N, look, I don’t think we can be together anymo-”

“Harry please! What’s happening to you? You were perfectly alright till yesterday! Why are you doing this to me? To us? We’ll make it work. We’ve made it work for the last two years! You even asked me to marry you! I love you, why are you doing this?” Fawn said, her last words coming out in a whisper, as tears ran down her face, crying heartbreakingly.

And that was all it took for Harry to break down. Right then and there, in her arms. He wrapped his arms around her tightly, promising himself to never let go of the best thing that had ever been his.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. They-they threatened me that they’ll end the contract with the band if I didn’t break it off with you. I couldn’t do it baby, i couldn’t risk the other guys’ career because of me. It killed me to do this to you. But now, I promise that I’ll fight against them.” he was sobbing by the end, his words coming out in a rush, before Y/N wrapped herself around him, her head on his shoulder as she said:

“We’ll fight against them. Against the world, together.
All of the rumours,
All of the fights;
We’ll find a way to make it out alive.”

Harry squeezed her tightly as he thanked God for the perfection in front of him. He couldn’t imagine what he would’ve done if she wasn’t there anymore, he nuzzled his face in her hair, holding onto her with all of his might. Y/N soothingly ran her hands through his hair, a few tears making their way down her face.

“Shhh, it’s alright, I’m here. I love you.”

“I love you too, so, so much.” he cried. “Please don’t leave me pet, ever.”

“I could never leave you, Harry. I love you too much.” Y/N replied.
And there they both stood, in each other’s arms, promising to never leave the other alone. And there was nothing anyone could do to break them apart as they both stood together.

Two against the world, they were the winners.

Their love was the winner.

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I love your meta but omg I just had a thought of another parallel with Dean's behavior in Cas' absence. 7x13 and 12x18 of course there are obvious differences (Dean actually saw Cas die, they had just lost Bobby) They hadn't even been to Purgatory yet but still I feel Dean was grieving for Cas was intense as what we saw last week and caused him to seek a distraction (that was nearly his downfall I might add )

Thank you *hug* :)

I see that very much, yes. I mean…. there are a lot of pining!Dean episodes throughout the years I guess due in large part to the *Cas can’t be in too many episodes and he must be kept at arms length from Dean at all costs until it’s relevant to make them seem desperately in love but then lets rip them apart cos no homo and no romance in this show or at least not just yet but wait and see maybe we will maybe we won’t, come back next season to find out!* fun times we get with SPN….and….breathe….

I mean yeah, generally Dean’s coping mechanism is to “bury it” (I just watched 5x11 today and I love that episode, it just explores so much of both the boys psyche and this is exactly it for Dean (AND ITS ANOTHER ANDREW DABB EPISODE, AAAH! ok if you follow me you will know I keep finding out my favourite episodes are nearly all Dabb at the moment, like, this is the 2nd in 30 minutes and I just can’t with this man, I love him so much, I have so much faith in him now he had better follow through dammit).

I have this kind of…. random ass vague timeline of Dean’s emotional journey regarding Cas which I in no way am saying is exactly right but for me its an approximation anyway:

season 4 ‘wow he’s freaking hot but a dick….oh no, wait, maybe he isn’t?‘ 
season 5 ‘ok but, like, theres this weird buzz in my gut when i see him’ 
season 6 ‘man i miss him what the hell?’
season 7 'i miss him so much wtf is wrong with me
season 8 resignation that he probably loves him but doesn’t want to
season 9 resignation that he does love him but can’t have him
season 10 MoC so dulled emotions and pain, mostly 'i don’t deserve him’ season 11 'i don’t know what to do about it, i don’t deserve him and i don’t know how he feels about me anyway’
season 12 'i definitely love the bastard, this sucks but also i think he loves me too but i don’t know what to do about it at this point or how to know for sure’ and then BAM 12x12 and where we are now….

So yeah, season 7′s loss and Dean’s general pain and angst was intense and we all know it was due to a number of things but one of the main ones was losing Cas and I believe also the way in which he lost Cas that was so devastating. The whole “Cas, black goo” thing, clearly shows where his feelings are really hurting on top of the subtext through that whole time. I mean, in season 7 they’re nowhere near the emotional point that they are at now, it’s halfway through their journey so far, its just so much worse stronger now…

I only wrote a post yesterday talking about how the sexual encounters in SPN are often coded as ‘wrong/bad’ and for Dean meaningless sex is a recurring, consistent coping mechanism for his emotional turmoil. It’s no surprise that Dean had a one night stand with the Amazon and the waitress in 12x11 whom it’s only implied he had sex with and then the waitress in 12x18 which is canon that he had sex with. 

It’s important to note the comparison between 12x11 and 12x18 and remember what has changed since then? Well, his worry for CAS has been the main factor in both the lead up to the sex in these episodes and in no way do I think that is a coincidence that as his worry gets worse so does the implication of sex and the nature of his interactions with the waitress (basically that they become less of a ‘person’ and more of a ‘thing/distraction/plot device’ in the way they are portrayed).

Both of these are clear distractions from his pain. I mean, I’m NOT saying that all of Dean’s pain in s7 or s12 are due to Cas, of course it’s not, there are a lot of factors, there are the overriding story arcs, though these don’t usually factor massively into Dean’s psychological state, it’s more the emotional side that hits him so I think it’s more Mary and Sam’s lying and they massively factor into what he is currently ‘burying’ but especially with 12x18 it is CLEAR that he is suffering due to Cas, even wondering if he has turned up dead somewhere and all the subtext shouts this aswell as the text with his worry for Cas at the start and all Jensen’s tells and ALL the excellent meta about the waitress… which I’ll just link @postmodernmulticoloredcloak just in case as their meta is awesome on this.

Re: 7x13 I remember thinking at the time (before I even really hard core shipped Dean and Cas) that Dean’s face looked so UNSATISFIED when he lays down at the end with the Amazon.… it is so, clearly a total distraction lay and I can only imagine the 12x18 lay would be exactly the same or even more so. 

I love Jensen’s acting, he really can tell a story with his micro expressions and this ties back into 12x18 so closely - before he gets up to speak to the waitress he literally for a split second has a dead look in his eyes before plastering a smile on and when he sits back down the next morning and looks kind of happy and relaxed for about 15 seconds it then immediately fades as his reality comes crashing back down with the subtly of a hammer in the subtext that it wasn’t the omelette that he wanted but the pancakes and he has to settle

I just got another ask about 12x19 and, well, its going to be painful as hell, because we can see Dean suffering and in season 7 when he found Cas again at least Cas didn’t know who he was so he couldn’t have come to find Dean.

NOW? Cas has been most probably to all intents and purposes (to Dean anyway) been on Earth and not answering his calls… or prayers most probably at this point in Dean’s desperation. 

This is gonna hurt him like hell. And what does Dean do when he is in pain?

He burys it.

And he gets angry.

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💘Yoonjin fic idea, where Yoongi is oblivious about his feelings for Jin. After a night of getting drunk with one of the members (Maybe Hoseok) Hobi starts talking about how Yoongi and Jin act like a married couple all the time. While Yoongi is just (Huh? We're just friends tho). Ever since that talk, Yoongi had started to see what Hobi meant. And he also started to accept the fact that he might actually been in love with Jin all these years. Like every time Jin would look at him or slightly

💘touch him, the butterflies in his tummy won’t stop fluttering. And he feels an ache in his heart whenever Jin gets touchy with the other members. He wanted to confess but is too scared of the possibility of getting rejected and ruining their friendship. Because of the scary thought, Yoongi kinda distanced himself from Jin. Jin notices this and feels sad. Like the only time they enjoy their time together is whenever they’re in their shared room, beds pushed together as they watch a movie.

💘But whenever Jin initiated a convoy, Yoongi would just mumble and focus on his laptop. With a pout, Jin leaves the room and joins the other members. Skip to a few weeks, all of them are chilling together after a performance, Jin is playing a bit too much with Taehyung and Yoongi is starting to get annoyed. But he just bites his lips as he looks the other way. Then he hears Taehyung say, “Jin hyung! I love you so much!” as he hugs the older. And that was enough to get Yoongi standing as he

💘marches towards the two. Yoongi reaches for Jin’s hand and gently tugs him. Jin seems bewildered while Taehyung just smirks (knowing why Yoongi reacted that way) Yoongi just walks out of the dressing room, away from all the people. Jin asks him what’s going on, if he has upset him in anyway, and that he probably was the reason why Yoongi seemed a bit distant. Yoongi has his back turned to Jin. He sighs and says

💘"I…I don’t know what’s going to happen after this…but my heart can’t take it anymore…I’m happy when we’re together, it hurts when you’re giving your loving smile to the members, my butterflies won’t stop when you look at me…I just" Yoongi is nervous and scared, the shakiness obvious in his voice. What surprises him is the hug he gets from behind. Jin rests his chin on Yoongi’s shoulder as he breathes in the pine scent, the intoxicating scent that Jin loves ever since they were trainees

💘Jin sighs deeply as he closes his eyes, he could the shorter tense up under his touch. “Yah, Min Yoongi…” Jin begins and Yoongi is getting anxious every second, heart beating loud. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting just to hear you say that.” Jin gently grabs Yoongi’s shoulder and makes him face him. Jin chuckles at Yoongi’s adorable expression. “First of all, you don’t confess someone with your back turned to them,” Yoongi groans as he looks down, trying to hide his blush.

💘"And second of all, I love you Min Yoongi. “ Yoongi whines at the cheesiness and Jin just gives out his signature laugh. There was a slight pause and Yoongi looks up, determination on his face. "I love you too, hyung.” Yoongi wastes no time and closes the distance between them. The end~ After a few years, Jungkook is born XD

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <333333333333333

Listening (Ethan x FemReader x Tyler) aghast

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(( gif not mine - I find it very appropriate ))

(A/n): This is sad wtf I don’t write sad things why

Request:  I loved your Ethan X reader imagine 😭 Can I request an Ethan X reader where reader and Tyler are dating and get into a fight and Ethan comforts her and maybe reveals his feelings but then Tyler apologizes And the reader is very conflicted? love your writing so much ❤️

Warnings: It’s kinda’ sad dude plus some cussin’ out AND I HOPE YOU KNOW I’M ABOUT TO MAKE TYLER A BAD GUY HOES


“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the arrow dodge challenge!” Mark grinned. 

“Back by popular demand with this lot,”

The brunette pauses to gesture to Wade, Ethan, Tyler, and yourself at the end.

“but Bob isn’t here; sad face.”

A chorus of sad looking expressions spilled within the group.

“He’s hanging out with his wife, since it is Valentine’s Day. But instead of being sad and weeping softly into our pillows, we just replaced him and moved on!”

Mark began to laugh and so did most everyone else.

You shook your head lightly and mouthing a solid ‘I’m sorry’ to the camera as it zoomed in on your face.

“You didn’t even introduce her.” Tyler scoffed, looking to Mark.

“Oh right–”

“Hi! I’m (Channel)! Or (Y/n)! Or beautiful Tyler’s companion.” you cheered, reaching a hand back to tap Tyler’s cheek at his mention.

Wade and Ethan giggled off to the right.

“What she said.” Mark offered to the camera.

“Well, in any case, (Y/n) is the comparative noobie, so she gets to get shot at first!” said the blue haired boy. He watched cutely as your face dropped the slightest, opting to pat your back in oily reassurance “Right, captain?”

You straightened your spine and snatched the safety goggles from Mark’s palm. “You guys’ are wimps anyway. This will turn for my favour, just watch it.”

“Suuuuuuure thing, (Nickname).” Wade slurred.

They all viewed you sauntering to the stage where you further readied yourself with a passive “Fire at will.” slipping your lips.

Wade volunteered to shoot first, stepping into the firing area.

“(Y/n), I’m sure Tyler loves you,” he aimed “But, will he still love you. After you have been shot. By many arrows. And have died.”

Wade’s words were drawn and choppy, focusing more on his ability to aim correctly.

He let go of his amo, having it just miss you knee. The speed of the arrow killed your confidence.

“Alright, shit, this is not a Katniss convention,” you spiked “Cool it down, assholes!”

The next shot from Mark was not any nicer. His barely sped past you shoulder. Mark groaned in response, offering you a weak humorous threat for next time.

Tyler stepped up directly after the shorter brunette had stepped down. He said “Ready, sweetheart?” with a taunt contorting his words.

“No!” the cry left your lips when he began to pull the arrow back a long way.

“Tyler I’m serious, please don’t.” you said again.

Mark was the first to agree “Tyler, it’s just (Y/n), go easy man..” he caressed his words with care.

Though, Tyler never did let up the force in which he used. He believed it would be funny. No one else in the group said anything more about it.

“Tyler–!” came the corrected call from your mouth before he let go. And when he did, it cut the air, hitting you squarely in the neck.

You were almost devastated, gasping for a breath immediately.

A string of chained noises rippled through the men. Ethan chose to cover his loose mouth with a quick hand.

“Fucking prick.” you rasped, venom laced you words in a direct attack towards Tyler.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry.” Tyler breathed in a panicky haze. He dashed to you and tried reaching out to grasp your arm.

You were quick to flinch it away from him. Offering him a greasy glance, your eyes pushed onto Tyler a wild type of horror.

“You always do things like this, don’t you ever think?!” your accusation released itself with a series of coughs “This should be it, we should be over. That seems to be the only fucking way to get your attention!”

Tyler, and the rest of everyone else, was taken aback and held by shock. Your boyfriend went to say something, however you cut him off. 

“Get the hell away from me.”

❆   ❆   ❆

From there, someone offered Ethan to take you inside the studio. The rest stayed in the yard and cleaned up the arrows, the camera equipment, and harnessed awkward silence.

“(Y/n), it’s best to take slow breaths, right?” Ethan told you, in a low, solemn voice set “It get’s your mind in order.”

He guided you into the small kitchen area and prepared a glass of water, putting it into your hands with a shy smile.

You gave him a smile back and peered down into the slow liquid.

“Want to talk about it?” Ethan lulled sweetly. You gave him a quaint nod in reply.

“I didn’t want to expect Tyler to do something like that.” You began.

“But he is always so rough, you know? He’s a real sweetheart, I get that, he just seems so dangerous right now…”

As you went on, Ethan listened heartily. That is all he could do; listen. That’s where he found his ground with you.

Ethan wanted everything and anything more than that of course; he wanted to take Tyler’s place. He wanted to show you a proper and excelling relationship, not a tedious pairing where you get hurt more than you like to admit. Ethan wanted more for you.

“…I’m just, at a loss at what to do…” you finished your speech.

A sigh fell from your mouth and your eyes wandered up to Ethan’s sad blue ones.

“(Y/n) I..” the blue haired boy brushed his tongue across his dry lips.

“I don’t think it’s worth you feeling hurt.”

You nodded again to his words.

“I think maybe… you could give someone else a shot.” Ethan laughed nervously for a moment and then finished with “Give me a shot…”

You felt your eyebrows raise on their own and your hands tighten solidly around the clear glass of water.

Every word Ethan seemed say was suspended thickly in the air.

“This- is such a bad time, I just.. couldn’t…” He looked away and pawed at his arm. Ethan took a step back.

“I shouldn’t make you talk with your throat like that.” Ethan chuckled and turned to leave the room “I’m gunna’ go help the three idiots.”

He left.

❆   ❆   ❆

It seemed to be moments after Ethan had took his leave, Tyler replaced his warm presence. You gazed only into his eyes.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry.” he declared briskly. Tyler stood before your form that was leaning lazily on the counters edge.

“If- If you,” he started “want to break this off.. I understand…”

Tyler portrayed every syllable with justifiable hurting.

“Ethan explained why you are unhappy…. I respect that..”

You didn’t offer him any response, and he didn’t wait for you to give one.

“I just wanted to know that you are alright. I care.”

Without another word following his script, he left as quickly as he came. Leaving you to your collapsing emotions and challenging thoughts.

Spinning your eyes to the large french window that stood behind you, you watched the four men tidy up and give one another idle words.

“Who do I listen to.” you mumbled.


(A/n): Lmao, Ethan ending and Tyler ending? Part two? I don’t know what life is anymore, someone kill me