i love his eyes make up

Losing your virginity to Chibs would include :

(Woooo more nasty prompts! Woooo Chibs 😏 OMG I LOVE HIM! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him chuckling as he finds it amusing to hear you admit to him that you’re a virgin, only to stop the instant he realizes he made you nervous

-Him cupping your face and looking you in the eyes, to tell you that he’ll be gentle and that everything will be alright before gently pressing his lips to yours

-Him gradually building the kiss up to go rougher, making you moan into him and for him to remove take off your clothes

-Him teasing you with his words, only to start leaving hickeys over your neck and gradually going lower to your body

-Him trailing his hands down as well only to touch you where you need him before fingering you

-Him wanting to hear you let out your voice even more and encouraging you to do so, only to start going down on you

-Him chuckling even more and giving you all he’s got to make you come as he holds you tightly

-Him rubbing his cock in between your folds just to tease you and prepare you for him, only to slowly ease himself into you

-Him holding you tightly to him and whispering into your ears that he’ll wait for you to be ready, only to admit to you how much he loves you

-Him thrusting at a slow and harsh pace, making you moan from both pain and pleasure only for him to apologize for the meanwhile

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I'm so sinful, but could I get some kink headcanons for the reapers, please?

Welcome to the darkside. It happens to be the best one.

Othello (London Branch), Ludger (German Branch), Sascha (German Branch), Allen Humphries (Musical), Eric Slingby (Musical) and Undertaker are excluded. He’s technically an ex-shinigami but that’s still his race? ANYWHO, if you wanted any of these could I whip something up for any except for the ones in musical because I have only seen the song numbers. Sorry for being so nit picky ^^; !

Kink Headcanons

Ronald Knox

  • For someone who enjoys partying it comes to no surprise that he absolutely loves looking at the way his s/o’s body moves. His imagination tends to run wild.
  • If there’s celebrating and you join the dance floor his eyes never lose sight of you.
  • Dancing alone? Fear not Ronald is here! He’ll definitely keep you all to himself and make you’re as close as possible to him.
  • To the point that you can probably feel the erection he’s sporting from being so close and watching you.
  • In that case he won’t back away. He’ll stay close and make you are absolutely aware of the situation in his trousers and make sure you are as hot as he is.

William T. Spears

  • He absolutely doesn’t mind being watched when rubbing one off especially if the one watching is one of his subordinates. He’ll just come even harder in the long run.
  • There are consequences to face.
  • He’ll calmly invite them into his room or office, if that’s where he was at the moment, and threaten their life. That’s right overtime. Honestly, no one in the branch wants that kind of work especially since they seem perpetually understaffed.
  • He will stare you down like a hawk if you show any signs of disagreement. A secret between the two of you. Who’s going to believe your story about William anyway?

Grell Sutcliff

  • Red… Obviously!
  • Red lipstick, underwear, blood, etc. Their s/o or potential s/o covered in blood splatters would be such a heavenly sight that Grell can’t help the goosebumps that form all over her body.
  • She’d be more than happy to kiss the bloody mess of her s/o’s lips away and proceed to kiss other places that are clean just because. Grell is just a passionate lover. 

I’m rusty and I cry. 

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.

things I love:
• calum
• calum’s harmonies in castaway
• the way his eyes crinkle at the corners when he smiles too big
• his creepy little boy chicken scratch handwriting that looks like it belongs in crime evidence
• his relationship with his sister like we get it you’re both sweethearts and I can’t take it
• calum hood
• baby curls when his hair gets long
• how he sticks out his tongue in pictures like he knows it makes me want to fight him
• A L I V E
• calum thomas hood

I think I love you - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word count : 1,484

Warnings : none

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Your phone rang in the pocket of your jacket making you jump by surprise. You answered the call before showing your index to your friend Archie, meaning that it would only take a minute.

“Hi, this is (y/n) speaking.”

“Hey (y/n), how are you?” You instantly recognised the groggy voice behind the line.

“Jughead! I’m good! What about you?” From the corner of your eye, you would’ve swore you saw Archie rolling his eyes.

“Marvellous. So, what are you up to this evening? I thought we maybe could’ve hung out tonight. You know, me, you, at Pop’s?” You chuckled lightly.

“Sorry Juggie, I was planning on spending the night with Archie… You can tag along if you want? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” A small sigh made its way into your ear. You had to admit that you spent a lot of your recent time with your new red-haired friend. Jughead still occupied the position of best friend. He didn’t have to worry about it.

“I promise we’ll do something together tomorrow, alright?” It was silence for a while before you heard back,

“Yeah sure.” You pursed your lips, mentally cursing yourself. It wasn’t the first time that you had turned down your best of friend for Archie. Lately it had been happening more than before. It made you feel like the worst pal.

“See you.” With that, Jughead hung up. You understood how he felt. It wasn’t right that you weren’t spending as much time with him.

“Jughead, wasn’t it?” You looked up and saw Archie sprawled across the black beanbag in your bedroom. His hands were attached on the new acoustic guitar his dad had got him for his birthday. You nodded and played with the sleeves of you sweater. Your friend continued strumming the strings of his instrument.

“Hey- I wrote this song last week, and I wanted to know what you thought about it. I’ve been trying to talk to Josie about her playing some of my compositions, but she’s not that into it. You’re her friend, right? Maybe you could listen to it and try to talk to her?” He asked questioningly.

“Of course, go ahead.” His fingers moved to the tuners and accorded them as his other hand rested on the waist of the guitar. A few seconds later, a pleasant melody filled the room. Archie then started singing the lyrics he had written. The song wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it was quite catchy. The redhead friend of yours had talent. Before Archie could go on, you blurted out something you soon would regret.

“I’ll probably spend the day with him tomorrow.” The small tune that Archie had started suddenly came to an end. Archie hadn’t spoken to Jughead since this summer. The tree of you and Betty we’re supposed to go on a road trip the fourth of July but Archie left you hanging at the last minute. Since then, the boys stopped talking completely. When you mentioned one of  them to the other, you saw the irritation and annoyance in their expression.

“I thought you were coming to my game tomorrow. I’m playing in the varsity football team this year, remember?” You bet your lip and fiddled your hair with your fingers.

“I’m sorry Arch. I haven’t seen Jughead in a while now and I don’t want him to feel like I stopped being his friend. I’m making a vow that I’ll show up to your next game, how about that?”

“Why does it always have to be about him? Everything constantly has to be about Jughead.” Your were caught off guard by the sudden raise in his voice.

“That’s not it… I’m just trying to do what’s best here.”

“By ditching me at the last minute, that’s how your making things better? I didn’t think of you as an inconsiderate and selfish person.” He replied bitterly. In all the time of you guy’s friendship, you had never seen this side of Archie. Usually, he would be sweet and just shrug off any problem that faced his way. But the words he had just told you, they hurt your heart. Your eyes were starting to fill up with tears and your bottom lip started quivering.

“I’ve spent all my time with you for the last month. You. Not Jughead. Why are you treating me like this?”

“You know what? I don’t want to spend any more of my time with you right now.” With that, Archie got up and left you alone in your room. Without even noticing, a trail of tears had made its way down your cheeks. A sob escaped your mouth and your hands covered your face as you poured your heart out. You laid in your bed and continued crying.

It was all your fault. Archie now hated you and would probably never talk to you again. Why did you had to be so stupid? If only you had kept your mouth shut. Maybe he still would have been on that beanbag, singing.

Maybe half an hour later, you heard the wooden creek of your door meaning that someone was coming in. You didn’t even move, your pillow pressed against your face. The mattress shifted to the side from the sudden weight that it now had on it. You felt a piece of your hair being put behind your ear. You smiled at the sweet gesture and assumed it was your mother. You slowly got up and saw Jughead sitting beside you. Automatically, you vaulted in his arms tearing up once again.

“Sssh. It’s going to be okay.” He rubbed your back comfortingly. Your forehead was against his chest, his two upper limbs protectively holding you. Your eyes were probably red from all the crying but you couldn’t care less. You continued sobbing in his chest until you eventually felt calmer.

“Why- Why are you here?” You asked with a small voice. Jughead gently whipped your cheek with his thumb.

“Your mom saw Archie leave in a rush and realized that you two probably had a fight. She heard you crying and thought that you would be more willing to speak about it with me than her.” You grinned at the boy.

“I ruined your shirt.” You noticed, and felt guilty.

“Nothing to worry about (y/n/n). I never liked that jersey anyway.” You giggle with your best friend. You sniffed and observed Jughead who his face was only about a foot away from you. You had to admit that he was good looking. His prefect blue eyes were mesmerising and his pink lips appeared so kissable. Forever you considered the boy as nothing more than a platonic relationship to you. Never had you ever felt anything for him. But in that moment, something clicked. Jughead wasn’t only a friend to you, not even a best friend.  A stronger feeling overwhelmed your body. You felt love. You loved Jughead Jones. 

He was the one who your mother called when you were sad. He was the one who came rushing to your house as soon as your mother hung up. He was the one who was holding you and comforting you, whispering sweet nothing to you as you were crying. He was the one who was there for you.

“Jughead.” He raised his eyebrows at you.

“(y/n)?” You asked yourself in your mind if it was the right time to confess your feelings towards him. Your breathing started quickening as the anxiety rose in your core.

“I think I-” He watched you with intending eyes, indicating to continue your phrase.

“I think I love you.” Jughead eyeballed you, astonished at your revelation. He quietly answered, almost inaudible for you to hear.

“I think I love you too.” He leaned towards you and slowly pressed his lips to yours. Fireworks were going off in your stomach. The heaviness on your shoulders disappeared. In this moment, nothing else mattered in the world. Both of your lips moved in sync as you played with his raven locks. His arms pulled you closer to him, leaving no space between you two. Jughead backed away and kissed every each of your face, including your cheeks, temple and chin.

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He whispered in your ear. You gave him a last long peck on the lips before saying,

“Do you want to lay down and cuddle with me?” He moved his head up and down calmly and took a blanket that was already on the bed to cover you. Cuddling was not something new for the both of you. You had always cuddled together, and whenever. His hand ran through your hair bringing a comforting and fuzzy feeling. His body pressed behind your back and his hot breath was tingling your neck. Before you even knew it, you and Jughead had fallen in a deep slumber, both dreaming about each other.

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So I was thinking about Viktor sitting at his bachelor party and saying to Yurio or someone “where is my fiance can I see him now”, which got me thinking about the fact that despite everyone trying to keep an eye on Viktor to make sure he stays at the party, he sneaks off at some point to show up at Yuuri’s door, a little bit drunk, throws himself at Yuuri and informs him “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”. Poor Yuuri was expecting this and just sighs, says “I know, I love you too”, tucks him into his own bed and snuggles him for the rest of the night. Probably checks to find his phone with a text from Yurio: “he snuck off to go see you didn’t he. tell him he’s an asshole and not to fuck up his wedding tmrw”. 

And they just spend the whole night clinging to each other, Viktor wrapped around him like an octopus and whispering to Yuuri all about how happy he is that he’s going to marry the man of his life, and how silly it was to celebrate their wedding by being apart, “like what is that about Yuuri? Yuuri, it’s so silly, I missed you so much”. Yuuri just pats his hair and agrees, he missed Viktor too, because they’re both gross and in love and I can’t stand it.

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If you haven't already done this, DA:I love interests reacting to the Inquisitor falling unconscious in battle?

Cassandra: Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest to see him fall. She finishes off the enemies with the others and hurries to his side, trying to rouse him in something of a panic. She hoists him into a sitting-up position, rouses him, and makes him ingest a healing potion. She breathes a sigh of relief as he dazedly opens his eyes further and gives the others a quizzical look. “Thank the Maker. Be more careful next time.”

Blackwall: As soon as he’s killed whoever did it, he’s at her side. “Maker, no, don’t take the best thing in my life away from me, please, no.” he says under his breath, working rapidly to try to get her awake to give her a potion. As soon as her eyes open and he gets the potion down, she coughs and groans in disdain, and he realizes she’ll be okay. “Thank you.” he says under his breath.

Iron Bull: He knows panicking won’t solve anything. He quickly kills whoever knocked them out, then pulls his kadan to the side and moves them into the recovery position. He calls one of the mages over to wake them up, and he has them lean against him as they’re given a healing potion. He kisses their head and heaves a sigh. “You alright, Kadan?”

Sera: She lets out a scream of terror and panics, rushing to kill whoever knocked them out. Then she hurries to her girlfriend’s side, lightly slapping their face in attempts to wake them up. “Honeytongue? Wake up! Wake up!” She starts to awaken, and she shoves a potion in their mouth. When she sees they’ll be okay, she lets out a huff and very lightly bops her on the side of the head. “Don’t do that again.”

Dorian: He curses, a steady stream of numerous Tevene swears exiting his mouth as he darts over to his side. He casts a lightning spell that strikes the heart of the enemy, then turns his attention to his amatus. A brief flash from his staff has the Inquisitor awake, although barely, just enough for him to get the potion down. With a cough and weary groan, they sit up, leaning against him for support. “Festis bei umo canavarum.” he curses to himself. “Don’t do that again.”

Solas: Fenedhis lasa!” he yelps as they crash to the ground, and he fade-steps through whoever did it to get to them, leaving a frozen corpse behind. He wastes no time, his fingers glowing with creation magic, which works quickly and heals her wounds. She gasps and awakens, and he takes her hand gently, squeezing it reassuringly. “It’s okay, Vhenan, you’re going to be alright.” he reassures, more for himself than her.

Josephine: She hears about it after the fact in a report, and her heart swells with worry. When the Herald arrives in Skyhold finally, wrapped in bandages, she hurries to their side and fusses over them, asking how they are, kissing them repeatedly. “My love, are you feeling alright? Were you badly hurt? Please, be more careful, I worry so much about you…”

Cullen: NO!” he screams, and he fights even harder than ever to get to her side as quickly as possible. Templars are trained in first aid, so he steadies her in his arms and calls to the mages in the party for help as he wraps wounds and tries to rouse her, repeatedly, in increasing panic. When she awakens at last, he breathes a deep sigh of relief and thanks the Maker for not taking her away. “Andraste preserve me. And you. I’m… I’m just very glad you’re alive.”

Daddy Negan {Part 2}

Word count: 3.1k (OF DIRTY DIRTY FUN!)
**Rated MA for mature audiences only!**
Notes: I think Negan will speak for himself in this fic. <3
Gifs are not mine.
Summary: Negan loves teasing you to the point of no return, but tonight he’ll be rewarding his princess. 
{Part One}

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i’ve been practicing a disappearing act,
a simple one,
in which
i don’t respond to the messages filling up my inbox.

i make up excuses,
saying i’m busy,
or that i’m ill,
although i guess the latter is the truth.
i avoid leaving the house,
because the outside scares me.

and when i must face the world,
i do so with a subtle smile,
so that they may call me friendly.
and nobody questions
the tiredness of my eyes
because as long as my lips are pulled up at the edges,
well what could i possibly be hiding?

in this act the audience mustn’t close their eyes,
because everything happens in an instant.
one moment i am there,
and i am happy and breathing,
and the next moment i am gone–
the audience cheers,
asking where i went,

they wonder if i am going to return.

—  hi–ily 
When Did You Know You Loved Him?

“I stood there as my eyes held the illusion of glistening stars
While my stomach roared thunder and blood ran like pouring rain
But he crept up behind me and wrapped his arms around
And then there was nothing but sunshine in my veins”

- If someone can make you feel like magic in even your darkest hour, you know that is a soul that will change your life forever

don’t talk to me about even meeting isak in that locker room after taking the courage to break up with his four year girlfriend for this boy and then having to hear from that same boy that he decided his life would be better off without mentally ill people around him,,, dont fucking talk to me about even realizing what that meant. about him having to make a decision right there, for both his and isak’s sake. don’t talk to me about even looking isak in the eyes and saying “i think they would love you” while knowing that might be the last time they ever spoke to each other

I’d just like to say that Bob Morley genuinely has one of the nicest smiles I’ve ever seen and I’m not just saying that.

Originally posted by helenkomskaikru

I mean it brightens up his entire face.

Originally posted by darlinglostcrank

His eyes crinkle and he gets these cute little dimples by his mouth

Originally posted by bebelusa003

It’s so warm and inviting and it always reaches his eyes and makes them sparkle.

Originally posted by elliejones22

I mean even his little smirks are contagious.

Anyway point made. Bob Morley’s smile is pure and contagious and I love him.

Dating Sirius Black Would Involve
  • Running your fingers through his hair. When you kiss, when you cuddle, when you hug, all the time.
  • Sirius whispering in your ear a lot. He’ll nibble on your ear and kiss your neck and then whisper a random comment which would of course make you laugh. He would love your laugh.
  • Wearing his jacket because he thinks you look really hot in it.
  • He would tell you how hot you looked, a lot.
  • Sirius taking you for rides on his motorbike but he makes sure you’re safe and he makes sure you hold on tight. He loves the feeling of your arms wrapped tightly around his waist and the wind in his hair.
  • He loves that dizzy laugh you do when you stop riding on a broom or his motorbike together. He loves the way you brush your hair from your eyes and collapse against him laughing.
  • “Shhh.” kisses, “Shhh I love you.”
  • Your “reunions” after class would be so dramatic. He’d pick you up and swing you around and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in months.
  • When you actually hadn’t seen each other for months, Sirius would be almost crying when he saw you again. He’d be overwhelmed by how beautiful you were so he’d quickly hug you to hide his tears.
  • You would be the really embarrassing, so-in-love couple.
  • Laughing so loudly when you’re together that you get told off.
  • Teasing him for “being a little baby hiding under ten pounds of black leather.”
  • He would grab you when you said this, press a sloppy kiss to your cheek and whisper in your ear, “Ten pounds? Come on, you know I wear less than that for you.”
  • Stealing his jumpers. Sirius pouts and asks for it back. “Can you give my jumper back please darling, it’s cold.” 
    A sly smirk from you then a quiet, “Make me.”
    Sirius glances at the Marauders then back at you. “Maybe later.”
  • Sirius stealing your jumper and showing up with it on one time to get back at you. 
    “Sirius! You’re going to stretch it!” You exclaim, stifling your laughter. 
    “You want me to give it back?” He says with a smirk twitching at his lips.
    “Make me.” He grins.
    “SIRIUS BLACK YOU STOLE MY LINE!” You yell, tacking him. There’s laughter from the other Marauders as Sirius is caught in a fit of laughter and half screams as you tickle him into submission (Sirius is very ticklish, especially on his stomach).
Having sex with the Joker would include:

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Requested by two Anons. 

Requests:  Having sex with the joker would include? AND having sex with joker would include??

Warning: Smut, drug abuse and Joker stuff. 

A/N: I hope this turned out good, cause I’m sick as hell and I feel like dying but also can’t let you down, because I love you too much. 


  • Rough kissing and lip biting.
    • His make-up being smeared all over your face, neck and shoulders.
  • You kissing and licking his tattoos and worshipping them.
  • You sucking his nipples, his most erogenous zone.  
  • Oral sex: 
    • You giving him a blowjob but not letting him cum. 
      • Him being angry, but he lets it pass. 
    • Him keenly eating you out or rubbing your clit, making you egde a few times (or giving you a blowjob, agonozingly slow.) 


  • Making love:
    • Rarely making love. 
      • But every now and then he can be almost sweet.
    • Eye contact because he wants to see your facial expressions.
      • Him making you to look at him.
    • Him kissing your neck and leaving marks there. 
    • Him liking to be on top, or spooning with you. 

  • Rough kinky sex: 
    • The Joker biting you everywhere he can reach. 
    • His hands being all over you.
      • Rough squeezing.
    • Hard, fast thrusts and then slow thrusts to make you beg for more. 
    • You pulling his hair. 
      • Him loving it (secretly).
    • Him grinning when you want to be dominant. 
      • You riding him cowgirl style and sometimes reserve cowgirl style. 
      • Him slapping your ass. 
    • Him purring. 
      • You totally cumming when he does that. 
    • Drunk sex ending in being sore and bruised. 
      • Especially if you do drugs. 

  • Positions: 
    • Him liking to experiment, so he does not really have a favourite position. 
      • But if he has to decide, his top 3 are: missionary, 69, every positions which includes you on all fours

  • Quickies: 
    • Surprising quickies. 
    • Him not caring if someone hears you both. 
      • Him fucking you when he wants, where he wants and how he wants.
    • Him leaving you craving for more because he does not let you cum.


  • You always cuddling up against him. 
  • His arms being possessively around you.
    • Him groaning when you want to cuddle but him secretly craving it.
  • Him telling you that you’re a good girl.
  • You telling him that he’s a good boy (when you’re dominant during sex).
    • Him cackling and kissing your bruised lips hard. 


  • You calling him daddy. 
  • Him calling you baby/baby girl.
  • Him loving to tie you up.
    • Him getting off when he ‘uses’ your body while you cannot move an inch.
  • Snowballing/Cum swapping during french kissing. 
  • Cumming on your ass, titts, face, and hair.
    • Him ordering to not wash it off until the next morning.
  • Threesome with you, the Joker and Harley Quinn. 
    • You being in the middle.
  • Him fucking your titts. 
  • Anal sex. 
  • You using cute butt plugs. 
  • Him trying to deep throat you. 
    • Him loving it when you gag,
    • Him loving it when spit drips down your chin. 
  • Him choking you so hard that you’re almost losing consciousness.
    • Him biting, kissing, licking your bruises.  

(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

It’s a new beginning. It doesn’t have to be the same, and Viktor deserves to know that Yuuri cherishes him dearly, as a friend if nothing else—Yuuri can learn to be satisfied with that. This is the way he’s chosen to show it.

Yuuri makes it back to the edge of the boards where his laptop has been placed, and the smile that’s on his face falls when he catches sight of Viktor.

He’s crying.

“… Why do you have to be so far away?” Viktor murmurs, looking up at Yuuri with teary eyes. “I want to be where you are right now, Yuuri.”

On My Love by @min-min-minnie completely and utterly destroys me with its beauty every time it updates. 

I can’t do it justice. I can’t even. Like. I just know that it’ll continue to shake me to the core and I can’t recommend it enough if you haven’t checked it out already.

soft heith things
  • keith showing up at hunk’s place when he doesn’t feel like being at home
  • hunk texting keith when he makes too many brownies bc he knows how hopeless keith is with an oven and also how much he loves his brownies
  • keith rests his head on hunk’s shoulder while they’re watching a movie and hunk just internally !!!!!!!!!
  • keith in turn falling asleep on hunk’s shoulder and hunk smiles like a madman “i’ve been chosen”
  • hunk with his head in keith’s lap as they discuss a show that keith just binged even though hunk’s never seen it
  • hunk making the trip to keith’s place when he runs out of coffee bc he loves his barista trained boyfriend
  • watching ‘try not to laugh’ challenges together and ending up dying every time they make eye contact
  • little spoon hunk
  • them trying to cuddle in keith’s smol single bed, which they expected to be uncomfortable until 80% of keith was on top of hunk
  • spending their first night living together sitting on the couch with hunk’s blanket listening to movie soundtracks
  • keith being focused on reading a wikipedia article, and hunk going to ask about it, but then deciding not to bc keith is content for now
  • keith apologising for spending so long quietly reading and hunk kisses his forehead and tells him he doesn’t have to apologise bc he knows not to break his concentration
  • staring contests at 3am
  • “I would die for Lara Croft” “Me too, what the hell”

Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“You’ll do fine.” You whispered to Isaac who was fiddling with his fingers.

“But they’re better than me what if I don’t make the team or… what if the try-outs run late!” Isaac mumbled as he watched the busy corridor.

“You’ll be fine, and I’ll even come and watch.” You smiled when he flashed a quick smile as he ducked his head.

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