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Risky Game

Request: Hiii can I request where you’re Tony’s daughter and he forces Peter to break up with you thanks ☺️

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Warnings: angstANGSTANSGST

Peter Parker x Reader

Your hair was in a lengthy, thin braid draped over your shoulder. Even from Peter’s spot in the crowd, he could see the smudged eyeliner and mascara underneath your eyes. 

“Romance,” you spoke delicately, “who loves to nod and sing. With drowsy head and folded wing, among the green leaves as they shake.”

He bit his lip, looking down at his hands which were folded tightly in his lap. “Far down within some shadowy lake,” you continued and Peter looked up, only to lock eyes with you.

You smiled at him, taking a beat before continuing on proudly. 

The crowd was clearly entranced by your voice and words. And while Peter usually found his girlfriend’s poetry readings to be the most calming and amazing things in his life, though tonight was different. He hadn’t noticed you had ended until you took a seat beside him. 

“That was so nerve wracking,” you grinned, shoving the poetry book into your bag. “What did you think?”

He looked at you and managed a smile. “It was amazing, [Y/n]. as usual.”

Your plump lips turned up into a smile, [e/c] eyes lighting up. “I’m so glad you liked it.”

Peter continued to answer your questions with short words and shook his head “no” or “yes” whenever you asked for an opinion.

“Come on,” he said after the readings ended. “I want to get you home before curfew.”

You made no comment, only smiled and nodded.

Together, you both strode along the sidewalk, the sun just going down. Cool spring air tickled Peter’s face, brushing itself through his hair and combing through the trees.

When you reached for his hand, Peter tensed up.

You paused.“Is something wrong?” you finally exclaimed, as though you’d been dying to ask for hours.

Peter looked at you, his eyes wide; he looked like a deer in headlights. “Nothing is wrong,” he quickly said. “Are you sure?” you asked, wrinkling your nose. “You’ve been acting strange all night.”

Peter sighed, his hands suddenly feeling clammy and sweaty. “There’s one thing,” he admitted. “One thing that I have to tell you right now and I’ve been holding it off all night because I really don’t want to have to say it out loud.”

You averted your eyes, lashes skimming her upper cheek. “Is something wrong with May?” you asked, sounding as though you could burst into a cry. “No, no, May’s fine,” Peter assured and you visibly relaxed. “Then what is it?”

It’s done.

We’re over.

I can’t do this anymore.

I can’t see you like this.

I don’t want to see you anymore.

The words rushed through Peter’s lungs, stinging his heart whenever he took a breath to speak. The words felt foreign and vile in his mouth. They tasted toxic and poisonous and deadly. And all the while, he meant none of it.

“Why are you doing this?” you finally asked at the end of his speech. “Is this about my father?”

For a split second, Peter feared that you knew his secret. 

“Is this about who I am, about me being Tony Stark’s daughter?” 

You didn’t, he reminded himself. You knew nothing of his identity nor had you ever met Spider-Man (despite being the daughter of Stark.)  

“That’s not was this is about,” he said as calmly as he could. “This isn’t about anything you did. It’s about-”

“Let me guess,” you interrupted, suddenly sounding angry. “This is about you. ‘It’s not me, it’s you, it’s nothing you did, it’s all my fault.’” You spoke mockingly and Peter could tell you were blindingly angry, confused, sad, scared. “Okay, well fine.”

“[Y/n], I’m so sorry,” Peter wanted to say. He wanted to leap forward and swoop you into his arms and kiss you.

But he didn’t. 

He watched as you  tore off the necklace he’d given you as a gift. “Here,”you said softly. “I don’t want it.”

“[Y/n],” he began, taking a deep breath. 

You grasped his hand, putting the cool chain into his palm then curling his fingers around it. “I don’t want it,” you repeated. 

“Hey, doughnut, how’d the date go?” your father asked when you trudged through the door. You took a breath before dropping your purse to the floor. “He broke up with me,” you said plainly. 

Tony jolted up from his seat, staring at you. “What?”

“He broke up with me, I don’t really want to go into details,” you added sternly, kicking off your shoes. “I’m fine,” you quickly said when he opened his mouth. “Just tired. I’m going to bed early.”

“Goodnight,” he called aimlessly as you quickly headed to your bedroom. 

Feigning innocence was something generally easy for Tony to do, though not in this case. Lying to you wasn’t something he’d wanted to do. More something he had to. 

I’m fine. You memorized the words and the sympathetic looks that came with it. 

“Dad, I really don’t want to talk about,” you’d finally snapped one morning, dropping your spoon into your bowl. He pursed his lips as you angrily stood up. “I just want to make sure that-”

“Remember how every time I try and talk about mom?” you suddenly yelled. “Why don’t you try to imagine how I feel right now.”

You stormed off, leaving your father in shock, his coffee mug halfway to his mouth. “Ouch,” he muttered before taking a sip. Perhaps forcing the Spiderling to break up with you wasn’t such a smooth move on his part. Though he wasn’t sure he wanted to risk you finding out the Spiderling was, in face, Peter Parker and vice versa. it could put you in danger, as if being the child of an avenger wasn’t dangerous enough…

You retreated to the higher levels of the tower, your warm and cozy home (note your sarcasm). The small lab your father had set up had been adjusted for your comfort, or it had when you were deemed mature enough to be up there. 

Now, something you and Tony differed in was your aptitudes for science. You had a basic understanding of how to calibrate weapons, adjust his Iron suits, and hack into a very, very thin and loosely protected system. Even then, you needed the occasional wikipedia boost. Though where you lacked in such foreign matters, you made up for it through a strong understanding of literature, history, and research. 

You knew you dad would have much more preferred you to excel in his particular skill set, which is exactly why you took it upon yourself to take on a new mission.

The Spider Man suit was well made and expertly handled, though there was always more room for improvement. Plus with the Spiderling (as Tony often referred him too) in constant action, there were constant repairs and upgrades needed. 

You’d been neglecting the Spiderling costume since the break up with Peter. Most of the time, you’d managed to sneak Peter into the lab and show him the costume, but only under the strict rule he could tell absolutely no one. Peter had often made adjustments or given critiques to the possible changes of the Spiderling façade. 

So now, even looking at the costume made your stomach hurt. 

Instead of even bothering to get the supplies out to work on the costume, you bounced onto the sofa and curled up with a blanket. 

You told yourself not to cry. Why cry over a silly boy? It wasn’t as though Peter was the one thing keeping you alive.

And what with the current fad going on around on tumblr with being an “independent woman who don’t need no man”, it made you feel like utter shit for yearning over your ex. 

But tumblr had no say over your emotions. 

So you cried until you slept.

You stirred awake to the sound of distant chatter. 

When you heard one certain voice clearly, you sat up with wide eyes. 

“Peter?” you called, jumping off of the couch. “Dad!” You then called, running out of the lab and following the voices. 

You dodged into the training room, the source of your slight fear, and couldn’t help the slight disappointment you felt. 

“Oh,” you muttered, your cheeks going red. “Er, I’m sorry,” you quickly said. “I thought I heard something.”

Tony stood there with a figure clad in red. 

“So,” you said through a yawn, “you must be the Spiderling my dad talks so much about.”

Tony nodded shortly, looking quite uncomfortable. 

“It’s, uh, nice to meet you,” you tried to strike a conversation with the visitor. 

Spider Man only nodded awkwardly. 

“So I’m [Y/n],” you continued with a hint of an attitude. Your dad sent you a look to which you ignored. “I’m the one that worked on your suit for hours on end, the least I could get is a thank you instead of being ignored.”

“[Y/n], that’s enough,” Tony suddenly snapped. “Yeah, now it’s enough,” you mumbled under your breath.

Tony took a deep breath while Spider Man slowly shifted away. 

“Your waist is showing,” you suddenly said. Spider Man froze, his head snapping towards you. You pointed a finger to the small rip in his costume. “I can fix it,” you added, beginning to walk over. 

“Absolutely not,” Tony suddenly interjected. 

You paused, narrowing your eyes at your father. “Why not?”

“Because I said so.”

“It’s not like I’m going to demand he show me his true identity,” you argued. “I’ve taken care of his suit so far, why can’t I do this?”

Tony crossed his arms over his chest. “Why don’t you go up to your room and we’ll talk after our guest leaves.”

You stared at your father with burning eyes as well as burning cheeks. “Why don’t you just leave me alone until tomorrow,” you snapped to him before turning away.

How embarrassing, you thought in the back of your mind.

It was already time to settle in for bed, despite your napping just moments beforehand. The sun had already set and the moon hung in the sky like figure clad in grey clouds. 

Though you were still entirely drowsy, the sticky feeling of sleep kissing your eyelids. 

You curled up in your bed, hugged a pillow, and slept, this time with no tears to shed. 

The feeling of lips on yours startled you awake. 

You jolted up in your bed, prepared for a fight even with your hair knotted from slumber. 

The window of your bedroom was wide open, which scared you because it was closed almost all the time. You quickly jumped out of the covers to go and shut the pane closed when something caught your eye. 

You crept forward, dimming the lights on to avoid burning your eyes. 

“Miss, shall I alert your father you’re awake? You seem startled, your heart rate has risen,” F.R.I.D.A.Y asked. 

You shook your head. “No, no, I’m fine…” you trailed off. On your desk had been a folded up costume with a spider logo on the chest. 

Hesitantly,  you took the costume in hand and lifted it, the cloth coming undone. 

An object that had been rolled up in the clothing rattled onto the hardwood floor and you knelt down to find it, fearing the worst. 

A bomb, a tracker, a camera, a-

A necklace. 

Namely, your necklace. The thin golden chain with a single charm that you hadn’t seen in three weeks because you’d given it back to Peter. 

And along with the costume was a simple note: Keep it.

You rushed to the window, tightly grasping the necklace in hand as you overlooked the traffic. 

You yelled his name into the city and he came to you.

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BAP Kissing Styles


  • passionate 
  • you can practically feel the emotion behind his kisses

Yongguk had realized he had gone too far with his words when he saw your eyes brimming with tears. His heart constricted, he had never meant to hurt you but his anger had gotten the best of him.

Before you could turn and run away from him he grabbed you by the arm and drew you into a deep kiss.

“I went too far. I’m sorry Y/N. Please forgive me, I love you,” a strew of apologies left his lips as he drew your lips apart.

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  • intense
  • kisses you whenever and wherever

“Himchan look at me,” you pleaded as you turned his head away from the car window and towards you, “what’s wrong? Just tell me.”

His eyes which were stone cold just a few seconds ago softened, as he saw your pleading eyes, “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I can’t believe I let you wear that dress.”

“What are you talking about?” You were confused.

“Oh come on, you’re telling me you didn’t notice the string of guys after you tonight?”

“No, of course not because you’re the only one I was looking at.” You smiled, a bit amused by his jealousy outburst.

Himchan’s eyes widened with your words and he stared deep into your eyes. Before you knew it, his lips were interlocked with yours and his hands had begun to run down your sides.

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  • tender
  • the type to bite your lip when things get heated

Daehyun sighed, visibly saddened by the fact that he had to leave you to go on tour once again. 

“It’s okay,” you smiled reassuringly, “you’ll be back in no time!”

I’m going to miss you,” he sighed again as he drew you in for a hug. 

He snuggled his head against the crook of your neck “I love you Y/N,” he murmured against you before drawing back with a small smile.

“I love you too.”

With that he tipped your chin slightly up before he leaned down to give you long and sweet kiss.

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  • quick pecks or drawn out kisses there is no in between
  • type to lick his lips after

Your laughter was music to Youngjae’s ears as he chased after you.

“How many times have I told you to ask before taking my clothes?” He asked, slightly out of breath from keeping up with you.

“We can talk about this later,” was all you said before you ran out the door, “I’m going to be late meeting my friends!”

Youngjae caught up to you just as you were about to turn on the car. He let out a laugh as he knocked against the front seat window, “come on Y/N, roll down the window.” 

You rolled it down with a smile. 

“I can’t believe you were going to leave without giving me a kiss,” he complained, more upset by that than the fact that you had stolen one of his hoodies.

“Sorry,” you said before he drew you in for a quick kiss.

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  • slow and sweet
  • lots of forehead kisses

You stared at the clock, unable to stay still from the excitement of knowing that Jongup returned from tour today. 

You looking at the dinner table again, making sure that everything was perfect and that all the candles were lit when he came.

The second you heard the door unlock you were running towards the door.

Jongup had just managed to close it shut when you wrapped your arms around him, “you’re back!” 

He let out a small laugh, your force knocking him back a little.

He was finally home and he couldn’t help but smile into your neck as he caught the scent of his favourite and familiar perfume on you. The distinct smell had come to be of comfort for him. “God I missed you,” he said as he drew apart slightly to give you a kiss on the forehead.

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  • playful but timid
  • most likely having to bend down or having to sit you on top of something so your lips reach 

The scent of food instantly made Junhong wake up and gravitate towards the kitchen.

“Good morning” he said, as he circled his arms around your waist and rested his chin on your head, “do you need any help?”

“Nope, I just finished,” you announced as you turned the stove off and turned in his arms.

“Did you just wake up?” You smiled, finding his messy hair cute. 

“Mhm, I’m sad you woke up before me though,” was his response before he picked you up and settled you on the counter.

“and why’s that?” you asked as you began to play with his hair. 

“Because I didn’t get to hold you for as long as I wanted to,”  he said before his lips pressed against yours. 

“What was that for?” You asked with a small laugh, after pulling away.

“To make up for it,” he smiled. 

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I hope you like these<3

~Admin Coffee

“You hate me. Admit it.” I rolled my eyes pulling my sleeve down over my hand, that was noticeably shaking uncontrollably. I continued looking down at the ground, shaking my head as I disagreed, “I don’t.”

“Then why can’t you look at me?” His words made me pause, as he continued talking. “We used to sit outside all night and talk about everything. Now I stand in front of you, and you can’t even look me in the eye. Why is that, huh?”

My whole body shook as I took a shaky deep breath before slowly raising my head. A soft gasp escaped my lips as I stared in the eyes of the man I once loved. Tears began to blur my vision, as I tried to stay strong. I shook my head in pain looking away from him. “I can’t.” I whispered, defeated as the salty taste of tears lingered on my bottom lip.

“Because you hate me-” I cut him off quick, “Because I’m afraid of falling in love with you again.” I admit, making him silent.

“I’ve experienced the pain that looking into those eyes can bring, and I can’t go through that again.”

—  excerpt from my life #004
Things I love about Harry Styles

•The amount of rings he wears
•His rather interesting boot collection
•Even more interesting suit collection
•His alien sunglasses
•His taste for art, in all forms
•The way his eyes dance when he’s talking about music or anything he loves
•The way his lips slightly curl up when he’s thought of something clever to say
•The way he fidgets with his hands during interviews
•That half-smile & wide-eyed look he has in photos with fans
•When his accent is so strong that he starts to slur things together & says ‘me’ instead of 'my’
•The intensity & passion that you hear in his voice every time he sings
•The way his mouth moves as he speaks - it really is mesmerizing
•His childlike smile when he’s really, truly happy
•His kind & giving heart that loves with no restrictions
•His beautiful, pure soul that makes him too good for this world

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Shallura coffee shop au please! (I love your writing so very much)

notes: aw thank you so much! i read your reply to the greaser au piece and i have to say i’m still smiling from ear to ear!

When he sees the heart-shaped rings of white milk foam over his latte, he thinks that maybe her cinnamon wink and her honey-sweet voice assuring him his drink is “made with love” is not just part of the cafe brand.

He raises the white mug to his lips — almost spills the hot drink all over himself and his laptop when he sees her standing in front of him, one hand placed daintily on the table and the other rested on the curve of her waist. She leans in toward him, lowering her heavy eyes and offering a sly smile.

“So how do you like your coffee?” she asks him slowly through pursed lips. “Hot? Steamy? A shot of cream at the end?”

this wasn’t supposed to end this way. i made it suggestive oops. maybe sorry not sorry.

send me an AU and a ship and i’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

Tweet |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 235|

|Request - Yes|

“What is this?” Conor asked putting his phone screen in front of your face. You looked at it quickly recognizing the tweet. 

“It’s a tweet from me to Dylan O’Brien.” You responded in a duh tone. 

“And what does it say?” He asked.

“I love you.” Conor frowned as the words slipped though your lips. You hadn’t thought that Conor would be upset by a tweet towards your favorite actor.

“Why would you tweet that?” Conor asked making you roll your eyes. Was he seriously jealous over a silly tweet.

“He’s my favorite actor Conor, I was just saying I loved him for what he does.” Conor scoffed at your response still not believing you. 

“Do you see me doing this when you say I love you to your fans? No, because I trust you Conor. I don’t have feelings like that for Dylan, I just love him for his acting. Do you not trust me?” You questioned Conor making him groan. 

“It’s not that-”

“Then what?”

“I’m sorry.” He mumbled dropping the phone onto the bed. You sighed nodding as you couldn’t blame Conor for asking.

“It’s okay Conor. But do know that I’d pick you over Dylan any day.” You told the brunette softly hitting him on the shoulder. 

“Even if he can sing?”

“……” You paused pulling a face as if you were contemplating the offer. 


“Nah, you still beat him.”

|I couldn’t do a fighting one that was intense, sorry.|

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6 tratie please? :)

Travis looked at Katie’s beautiful hair as they sat on the beach to watch the sun set. He could not take his eyes off of her as she looked at the sea.

She turned to face him, with a smile on her face.

“I’m in love with you.” Travis said as he looked into her eyes.

She looked at him, her smile slightly growing as she heard the words. “I’m in love with you too.”

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. His lips moving gently against hers as the sun set behind them.

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I spotted Minho and did my best not to glance at him and give him the satisfaction. Even though a grin appeared on my lips.

He was resting against a tree, striking a cool smug pose. And he was staring at me cheekily.

I just walked by, pretending he wasn’t even there. I loved that stupid horseplay of ours where we pretended to be fed up with the other even though it was obvious we were flirting. Everyone in the shuck Glade knew we liked one another.

“Girlfriend says what?” Minho casually said. 

With the corner of my eye I glared at him and noticed the fake innocent look that his handsome face displayed.

Pretending like I didn’t hear him, I stopped walking and looked at him.

“What?” I mumbled with pretended confusion.

The result was a self-satisfied smirk and a chuckle from him. I smirked back, letting him know I hard heard him and was just humoring him.

Amused, he laughed a little and looked away for a moment.

“If you are gonna keep teasing me, you could at least give me a kiss” The only way I thought of describing the face he put was ‘smoulder’. “Y’know, to make me feel better”

“I’ll think about it, Min” I smuggly said as I walked away, swaggering because I knew he was looking.

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How would Seth and Roman be in bed?


  • No one has ever encapsulated the term switch so completely
  • when he’s dominant he’s hella dominant 
  • probably also a daddy thing
  • growls and lots of swearing
  • when he’s a sub he full into the sub thing
  • loves when you pull his hair
  • probably loves being collared
  • will pout and give you puppy dog eyes to try and get his way
  • like seriously tell him how good he is and how proud you are of him and I’d probably come right on the spot


  • loves using the term “babygirl”
  • fucking A+ at dirty talk 
  • wall sex happens a lot
  • loves to fuck you from behind
  • bonus points if you’re in front of a mirror so he can watch you 
  • spanking happens frequently
  • holds you and plays with you hair afterward  
  • loves when you trace his tattoo with you lips and fingers
Drunk in Love *Teaser*

“The first day I met you, I was a nervous wreck. A beautiful woman like you, how could I not be.” A small smile found it’s way to your lips, your cheeks turning into a light pink at his words. “The first time we had a full blown conversation, I was in love. I loved the way you smiled, you laughed, how your eyes lit up when you spoke about something that you loved. I love how you always seem to tell a story when you’re in the ring. How you pull of your moves so smoothly I just don’t know, but that’s what I love.” Johnny moved a little closer to you, placing a gentle hand on your cheek, a perfect fit. “But one thing that I hate, is how close you are to Shane Thorne. I get it, I get it. You guys are the best of friends-”

This time, it was your turn to put your finger over his lips, a small smile on your face, soon turning into a smirk. “I think I know what you’re getting at here Johnny. And no, Shane and I are nowhere near getting to that level in our relationship. Okay? I think of him as a brother. And if I were to date him, I’d feel way too fucking awkward.” A small laugh fell past your lips as you watched Johnny’s reaction. You placed one of your hands over his, melting into his touch.

Johnny’s cheeks turned pink as he took in what you said. You never liked Shane that way. He was basically jealous over completely nothing. How could he be so stupid. “C-Can I finish what I was going to say, please? I have a lot m-more on my chest that I need to say.” The way he spoke was so soft and quiet, completely unlike him. You watched him intently, eagerly but patiently waiting to hear what he’s going to say. “I love how your always so friendly towards everyone. Always wanting to help them if they need it. I love how you’d always go town to the Performance Centre and introduce yourself to the new recruits. All in all… I love you.”

You sat there, frozen, not sure what to think. Your brain was flowing with emotions. Happy, excited, surprised.

Starry Eyed

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Written for the beautiful @rainyseok whom i love very much

I originally wasn’t going to post this because i thought it was a bit messy but then I thought, “why the heck not.”

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 424

Pairing: Hoseok/Reader

    With every breath, stars escape his lungs. With every word, galaxies burst into life. An entire universe danced within his eyes and you found yourself hopelessly and utterly lost in his gaze.

His pink lips stretched into a thin smile and you couldn’t help but to meet yours to his; the essence of his celestial-like being turning you into a swirling mess of bright colours.

    His hands reach up and cup your face. The touch as soft as you imagined clouds might be. His palms rested on the apples of your cheeks, flushed and warm. While his fingers card through your hair; covering your ears in the process.

It was silent.

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I just wanted to say kudos to the crew for the way they animated Yuuri crying

Crying is ugly and messy. People don’t look their best when crying. But in so many animated shows and movies, I feel like a lot of the times, even when a character is full-out bawling, they still look flawless. But here, they actually made Yuuri’s crying face so… natural. Yuuri’s a pretty attractive guy, but when he starts crying, he doesn’t look so great (no I’m not calling this boy ugly lol, just saying that his attractiveness dropped a bit with his crying face, as it should). His face is distorted, his eyebrows are knit, his eyes are scrunched up, his face is flushed, his lips are almost quivering at moments. Aside from the Ghibli Tears™ (which I honestly love, the large tear drops always have a nice artistic and emotional impact for me personally), this is a very realistic cry.

Also I really appreciated this moment…

I always feel better after a good cry, and I’m glad Yuuri feels the same and that he has no shame in crying

I love Yuri on Ice :’)

Good Morning

When he wakes up Victor is there, like a dream. Each morning has been like a dream but the dream didn’t end and it didn’t grow thin or lose its color as days became weeks became months. No, it grew–larger, warmer, brighter–

“You’re awake.”

–like dawn. Like the bright, warm sun cresting over a frozen lake. Brighter because the night was dark, warmer because the ice is cold.

“I’m awake.”

“And how do you feel?” They pushed the hotel beds together. They slept in a tangle. Their relationship is like a rainbow in the corner of Yuuri’s eye–squint at it, try to pin it down, and it becomes vapor, mist, and yet their love is as solid as the rings around their fingers. Victor brings Yuuri’s hand to his lips, and the dream is made stronger. It seems possible now that it could stretch on forever.

“How do I feel?” Maybe Yuuri can go on repeating Victor forever just to taste the same words, but he must remember to go beyond Victor, too, to surprise the surpriser, seduce the seducer, master the master. “Hungry,” he says.

Victor laughs, “For katsudon?”

“Yes, that,” Yuuri smiles. Daylight shines gold in Victor’s blue eyes. “And more.”

“An extra-large bowl?” Victor teases. His eyes are red-rimmed from yesterday’s tears. Yuuri’s eyes sting, too. And still the dream continues, the possibility of–


“What an appetite you have.”

They hold still for a moment, as if waiting for the music to start. Then Yuuri says, “Victor,” his dream, his more, and Victor meets him halfway in a kiss as soft as snow, as violent as daybreak.

The Signs as Victuuri Scenes in Yuri!!! On Ice
  • Aries : Victor sleeping on Yuuri
  • Taurus : "Yuuri, let's sleep together!"
  • Gemini : "Seduce me with all you can"
  • Leo : Yuuri announcing to the world his love (for Victor)
  • Virgo : that loving look in their eyes after they kissed
  • Libra : Yuuri crying and Victor not knowing what he should do
  • Scorpio : Yuuri licking his lips for Victor
  • Sagittarius : "It can even make me,a man, pregnant! Such Eros!"
  • Capricorn : "I want to be known as the man who stole Victor away from the world"
  • Aquarius : Victor hugging Yuuri while he was drunk and half naked
  • Pisces : "This is the only thing I could think of, to surprise you more than you have surprised me"

Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.

And she was greedy,” He said, a gentle smile forming on his face. “But she was greedy in all the right ways. She didn’t want material things. She was greedy for the feeling of being loved so much that her heart felt happy almost all the time. She was greedy for being called princess and baby. She was greedy for my eyes, and for my laugh. For the way my lips felt on hers. For the way her small body fit in my big sweaters. She was greedy for my love. And oh god, was I ever greedy for hers.
—  Greedy (6:38 AM)