i love his expressions when he talks

This sequence will never not be amazing. Reasons:
1. Terrified Raphael is adorable - the range of expressions we get to see during this scene is just awesome.
2. Each turtle handles the jump so differently and it’s great.
Donnie is super chill about the entire thing, like ‘Only got a 30 second window so better go now’.
Leo is resolute as ever, knowing it’s necessary.
Mikey is ecstatic - of course - the little thrill seeker.
And Raph just about has a fucking meltdown. I love his little pep talk to himself.
3. Raph cares - he doesn’t want you to know about it, but he does. When his big brother jumps without a chute he’s all 'omfg what are you doing, get back here you idiot?!’
Sheer greatness…

Many have been talking about this specific jump in Yuri’s routine, but something I love aside from it, is the sequence of scenes after the jump takes place, because you see, they made this specific expression appear in Victor’s face only after Yuuri’s done with his quadruple flip, meaning… after he’s seen Yuri tried something not even himself dare to at the end of a program (because of lack of stamina, meaning he always did it as a part of his first jumps in a routine). And this is what actually breaks Victor, because he knows Yuri’s been worried about what the world would think of him as a coach when seeing his performance, they are all expecting to see Victor’s talent reflected on Yuri. That’s why he knows Yuri wants to prove to them, he wants everyone to see something that’ll go above and beyond their expectations… because the credit will go not to him but to Victor, he wants to show them the true worth Victor’s got as a coach, and the russian man gets that now.

Victor’s been taking his time to adjust himself to Yuri’s pace, he’s become to understand the boy in ways Yuri never thought possible, not only as a skater but as another human being. Victor’s not playing coach and Yuri knows that better than anyone, that’s why he wants to make him proud, he wants to repay him in some way, mustering the courage to do that flip at the end… he knows it’ll surprise Victor, he knows it’ll make him happy.
And you can see it in Victor’s face, that excitement, he is like a little kid not being able to contain or hide his emotions any longer.

Victor is the reason for Yuri’s understanding of different emotions which had been hidden to him before, but oh boy… Yuri’s ALSO been the reason for Victor getting to experience a whole lot of new feelings too. They both have change each others lives, they both act as a support and anchor for one another, if one fails to understand or messes up the other is always there to hold tight, to make the other see what they can’t.

jaebum is the definition of a sweetheart but he’s always misunderstood as this type of cold, expressionless leader when he’s the one giving us the most reactions most of the time his laugh is the greatest you know the one i’m talking about the one where he throws back his head so far that he hits the object behind him and when he smiles the entire room lights up and whenever he talks about his music, especially about his songs, his whole body language changes and he gets so excited his expression lights up and you can practically feel the happiness radiating off of him and if you mention nora oh god he might cry because he really loves her and misses her so much like his lockscreen is a picture of her but yes he also gets really happy about her and he’s always always always giving 110% attention to the fans, full eye contact, intertwining fingers and playfully banters with them and if you compliment him he’ll most likely disagree with you or agree and will turn into this blushy mess and he’s always looking out for others before himself like if the members need a drink he’ll hand it to them and open the bottle for them if a fan needs some encouragement his leader mode activates and will give you serious advice and will help you in any way that he can like this boy is so much more than his image


Okay but can we talk about the soft look Victor gets on his beautiful face when he looks at Yuuri on Ep. 4? Someone probably pointed this out already but I am rewatching both the original version and the dub right now and I am in tears. 



Look at how the expression on his face is this ‘I believe in you, I know you can do this’ look. I can’t handle the face of true, pure love.

Someone hold me, I’m shaking!

I know all I can do right now is talk about the Renora scene on the airship but can we please talk about the renora scene on the airship? But most importantly..REN’S EXPRESSIONS. 

When he first looks at her, he looks a little unsure but then his face gradually turns into a soft expression. 

It’s like Ren made the realization that he loves Nora (although, he probably realized that earlier when Nora pushed him under the building…or earlier than that but it’s now more apparent that the Grimm that killed his parents is dead and that’s A LOT off his shoulders and mind). 


NORA’S INITIAL REACTION IS SO PURE AND CUTE AND EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED. (And Ren’s face is just…wow…have you ever seen him more serene with the world because I haven’t)

And then Ren puts his hand on-top of Nora’s and Nora holds up his hand and I can just see her examining it like “he really put his hand on my hand”. The way they readjust their hands just kills me in the best way. 

NORA’S EXPR/ESSION HERE IS EVEN PURER THAN THAT LAST ONE AND IT JUST SCREAMS “REALLY?”. Like, she’s looking at him to make sure what’s happening is really happening…that he might have the same feelings for her that she’s felt for him for so many years. 



I thought this entire scene did an amazing job of developing their relationship and taking it beyond being close friends/crushes with just the smallest details in the animation. A kiss would have amazing and gladly accepted, but I thought their expressions and body language did soooo much more than what a kiss could have done here (besides, there’s plenty more time for kisses in the next volume ;)). 

Thank you anon! AND HECK YES IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS REQUEST The rfa boys as dads makes me !! scree !! in love !!

I didn’t reread this to check for mistakes because it’s really late but i will recheck it tomorrow and fix anything that needs fixing!

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You know what I find sexy…

When namjoon never forgets to acknowledge international fans & how he sutters while trying really hard to find the right english words to express how he feels even if it doesn’t always come out smoothly.

When jimin talks about how he doesn’t have abs anymore or that he’s eating a lot and is healthy & you can tell because his face is all cute and swollen and you can just see him finally loving himself. 

When jungkook makes an effort to take english classes, buy new music equipment and have a goal to produce his own music just so he can give more to his fans and become better musically

When taehyung is just taehyung and doesn’t change who he is on or off camera not matter how weird some people may think he is & his ability to stay strong even at the most toughest times.

When jin went out of his way to learn how to play the guitar and piano and just completely blew us away with his skills, showing that he is truly more that just a visual but a multi-talented idol.

When yoongi puts everything into a song and you can just hear his raw passion and agression combined with all the emotions of himself and you can just tell he was made for music. 

When hoseok can’t stop smiling every time he dances or performs on stage, literally owning any performance he does & just always showing passion into anything he does that you forget he the same person who could become EXTRA at any moment. 


#can we talk about their expressions before and after the kiss? #philip is both shocked and happy #in the last gif he can’t contain a smile anymore and he’s screaming internally #lukas is so scared at first #you can see that he hesitates a bit #but then when he slowly opens his eyes he’s like #okay i’ve made it #i’m kissing the guy i love in public #meanwhile i’m crying like a baby

Okay I finally found something to write about

Let’s talk about Yuri and Victor after the dinner they had.

* While walking back to their hotel Yuri just covers his face with his hands and Victor’s expression is literally ’???’ till Yuri speaks up saying “I still can’t believe I did all of that at the banquet. I must have looked like an idiot.”

* He is chuckling about it and being a good sport but when Yuri looks back at Victor, the mood immediately gets a tad serious. The air is still loving, but it’s an important topic judging by the look Victor’s giving.

* The two of them get back to the hotel room and once the two of them are ready to get into bed Victor takes Yuri’s hands in his and smiles “I want to talk to you a little more about the banquet. It’s about how you stole my heart that night.”

* Yuri’s face lights up with emotion when Victor starts describing that Yuri may have thought he looked dumb, but to Victor he was stunning. You know. As stunning as a drunk pole dancing ice skater can be.

* At first it was silly. This skater he mistook for a fan the day prior was break dancing against Yurio with his shirt half open and his pants almost falling down, but he was graceful. Every move was perfectly executed despite how hammered he was.

* This drunken skater looked so ALIVE. He looked like he was having FUN. Victor never allowed himself too much time to have fun. To truly live. But tonight he was going to throw his cares away. To take a chance. To dance with this skater.

* And God was it worth it.

* “You challenged me to a dance off and said for me to be your coach if you won. And while we danced I knew I would lose. And I was so happy.”

* “Yuri you literally swept me off my feet that night. Your smile. Your energy. The life and emotion that shined in your eyes. All of you swallowed me whole and I knew I was in love.”

* Yuri is almost in tears when Victor’s story about how they met came to an end. Here Yuri thought he was acting like a goddamn babboon (he still thinks he was out of his head at that banquet) but somehow he seduced who is now his soon to be husband.

* “You’re a hopeless romantic.” Yuri chuckles through his tears. “ Following me up on my promise like that.. I am so glad you did.”

* “I’m glad I did too.” Victor smiles back, almost in tears himself.

* They tuck themselves into bed that night with smiles on their faces and their arms wrapped around one another.

* “I love you, Yuri.”

* “I love you too, Victor.”

Boyfriend Jaebum

•the fluffiest boyfriend ever
•"baby girl"
•"let’s go for a walk together"
•super protective
•"don’t talk to him, he looks like a lot of trouble" “ but jae..he’s my cOuSin” “well. I don’t like the guy”
•your mom loves him but your dad takes time in liking him bc HE LOOKS LIKE HE COULD FIGHT ANYONE
•but then dad realizes his little girl is in great hands
•back hugs
•long intimate kisses
•doesn’t always say the words “i love you” but expresses in more ways than possible
•watches you cook for him
•insists on helping
•"Jae no, you’ll burn everything"
• always dancing together
•wants your advice for when he’s making new music
•he writes songs about you
•always play fighting each other
•making fun of each other for everything (ESPECIALLY HIS AEGYO)
•some arguements get real
•he gives you the silent treatment when he’s made because if he speaks he knows he might say something out of line
•you hate him for being so stubborn
•but in the end you guys make up and he apologizes in the most genuine ways
•"Jackson, get out of my house"
•him going to you when he’s stressed out
•him being your wonderful supportive boyfriend
—Lowkey nsfw:
•hickeys on your neck
•make up sex
•I missed you while I was on tour sex
•I fucking love you sex
•"just wait till we get home"
•shows you he loves you and takes good care of you
•knows what you need


I love how emotional Benny is around Nina. It really shows that his cheeky confidence, while not a mere facade, also has its limits. In ‘Sunrise’ and 'When the Sun Goes Down’ especially, he is open about his emotions, talking about his fears, how he doesn’t know how to deal with Kevin’s racism, he’s afraid Nina will leave him behind when she goes back to college, he’s afraid she might waver when she has to be seen with him in front of her family.

I love the message that sends. You can be generally a very self assured person and be insecure about something. You can be confident, yet words still hurt you. You can be confident and still have and express deep emotions.

wonderful things about day6′s members:

sungjin: the greatest leader ever, is confident and comfortable w/ himself esp when he dances, his hands and his expressions, when he doesn’t bother about taking a good selfie and just takes a selfie w/ any expression, the tired but caring dad/grandpa, his fucking vocals will leave anyone speechless, is talkative but a great listener, always laughs, when he denies emotions but there are tears on his eyes, his dialect and the lively way he speaks, when he really gets into the performance and looks up as he plays the guitar, his genuine and pure smiles

jae: the oldest but acts like the youngest, the origin of memes, not about aegyo and all the skinship but subtly cares deeply for the younger members and is always ready to listen as the eldest, lowkey laughs and *derps* at akward and ridiculous situations, will fight anyone who acts cute but will probs not hesitate to say i love you to the members, highkey emotional and deep, the way his face lights up when fans sing along during concerts, he’s extra and he’s aware and he doesn’t care, has the best laugh, his passionate voice

young k: at 1st glance sexy, at 2nd glance still sexy but also a happy little hyper bun, probs laughs at his own jokes, laughs at everything the members do, very gentle, his adorable smile, his amazing heartfelt lyrics, when he gets turnt up to a slow song, can probs headbang 1000x to a single song, the ultimate hype man, teases anyone when the opportunity comes but also praises anyone the first chance he gets, his nice falsetto and tone, *college student struggles*, sleeps anywhere, eats anything, slays everything

wonpil: i’ve said it before but he can replace the sun rn and all that’s changing is that it’s now 10000x brighter, he’s cute and he’s aware, genuinely shows affection and happiness, tries really hard to be funny but ends up apologizing on behalf of himself, is naturally funny, his jawline can slay evil and bring peace, his eyes will take you to other galaxies, when he slays the keys and the synths like a master, when he gets aggressive while singing, highkey badass, his unique voice, when he reassures everyone that they’re doing a good job

dowoon: is an actual 5 year old, his warm and smooth deep voice, when he gets shy and his ears get red, the way he looks up so much to the members, gently moves and very timid, very cute, a puppy, but will not hesitate to slay the drums, when he gets very passionate while playing and closes his eyes and bites his lower lip, talks before he thinks, sometimes doesn’t respond when called, when he broke the ceiling trying to kill a mosquito, his positive attitude on life in general, ‘i’ll work hard’, when his smile reminds you that all is good

So late to this train, but...

During Vegas Con 2016, the boys are asked how they knew their partners were the one. Watch how uncomfortable they get!

Jared: “Jared and Jensen, when did you first meet your future ex-wives?” He’s jesting, obviously, but I would never joke about something like that. The thought of my boyfriend being my future ex is just too horrid.

Jared thinks long and hard for what to say, eventually finding the words. He speaks of a she while Jensen sits next to him with a stony expression on his face. He talks of how he didn’t want to see anyone else after their first date, about how he feels loved even when he can’t love himself and how (s)he makes him a better person. He can’t look at Jensen while he speaks, but once he’s done, he pats Jensen’s knee as if to say “You know you’re the one for me, don’t be fooled by the pronoun.”

Meanwhile, Jensen has had time to think. Watch how different his response is! He holds eye contact with Jared, carefully keeping any gender pronouns out of his reply. He speaks of how his partner was somewhere in between destiny and a leap of faith (makes sense, as Jensen is said to be a little reserved), but he does not regret choosing to take a chance with the partner of his choice.

Phew. I’m getting some serious chills down my spine from watching this. I get the feeling they’re not really talking about their wives here. Jared is just too careful not to look at Jensen, as if he fears losing composure. Jensen, on the other hand, is solid as a rock, as if standing in support of his man. It feels like he’s convincing Jared, “You’re my one, too. We’ve been through so much, but I don’t regret choosing you.”

I personally feel conflicted about all the personal questions asked at the cons. I feel horrible for J2, who have to endure with all the prodding and poking, but… I get to have stuff to analyze. Still, I think I’d have stuff to analyze even without the questions.

This footage is by SPNConGirl from YouTube, shortened for convenience’s sake. Check out the full panel video and her channel! She’s a great contributor to the fandom, throw her a like or a comment as thanks. :)


• a lotta grease, a lotta fluff, and the irresistible urge to always fight :))

• it never matters to him if the timing is right, or if the atmosphere is suitable, chanyeol will never let you go a fucking day without having some lame joke or a greasy pickup line

• ‘hey jagi, if you were a booger i’d pick-’

• ‘chanyeol pls stop’

• he loves it when you play w his ears ofc like he’s gonna be in the middle of talking, and you’re gonna reach over and like stroke his earlobe or smth and i swear to the holy spirit that his facial expression is the funniest thing you’ll have ever seen

• gets jealous when you so much as pOKE another member and he’ll be glaring daggers at them for probably the whole day

• always thirsty for attention

• it’ll be finals week and you’re busting your ass studying but this hoe is gonna text you nonstop shit like if you’re done already and for how long he’s gotta keep himself away from you even though he comes to your house almost everyday

• his words are always contradicting his actions like for example, he’s gonna be like ‘ok im gonna stop texting you now’ and it’ll literally be like five minutes of peace and quiet until he texts you again like ‘are you feeling at ease now that im not texting you’ like chanyeol, christ pls stop

• he likes to use his height to his advantage by using your head as an arm rest or something that makes you want to scREAM

• however, he also uses his height to do the thing where he rests his chin on top of your head and that’s probably the only acceptable action he does regarding how tall he is

• one time when you had to babysit your cousins, chanyeol offered to come and help and you almost went into cardiac arrest like omfg pls don’t these children are already a hand full i don’t need another one

• nevertheless, he swung by and he was surpRISEDLY good at handling children like he cooked for them and gave them piggy backs around the house and now your cousins always look for him whenever they come to your place

• likes to take selfies or eV E RY THI N G

• the both of you are just waiting in line for your order at McDonald’s when he pulls out his phone and takes a selfie with you while you’re not looking

• but you hear the camera sound and you’re like, ‘chanyeol did you actually just take a selfie while we’re simply just waiting for mcd’s ohyymfks wyH’

• his excuse is the same for everything

• ‘memories :))))’

• plays guitar for you a lot

• you admitted that you really liked their performance of sabor ami so chanyeol occasionally plays the song for you and sings in spanish like :)))))

• once you confess to him about stuff you like about him, his whole day is madE, the sun is shining brighter, his skin is clearer, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in the middle of October, and the bees are safe

• but then again, he gets cocky —— lIKE REALLY COCKY it almost makes you regret having told him in the first place

• 'jagi, what do you like about me ???’

• 'well ,,, i think your voice is hot’ // we all knOW that chanyeols voice is so deep it touches the gates of hell ok we kNOW

• he has a habit of staring at you for too long so when you’re sitting beside him or across, it doesn’t really matter, but you can sense his gaze on you from your peripheral vision so you’re like 'yeah, what’s bothering you’ and he’s just gonna say 'nothing, im just wondering how I got so lucky’

• aforementioned, he likes to use his height to his advantage so when you’re tryna kiss him or smth, he’s gotta bend down or lean in but sometimes he looks up all like 'wow the clouds are pretty today !!!’ just to tease you so you kiss his chin like park chanyeol you fucking braT :))))

• is probably really into memes and that may be the strongest interest the both of you share

• 'jagi, look, i found this rare pepe and-’


• bAEKHYUN is always aLWAYS teasing chanyeol about you and him and just your relationship in general

• 'hey, ______ back when chanyeol had a crush on you, he used to practice pickup lines in front of th-’


• 'oH yEah, and one time, he winked at himse-’

• 'hYUNG PLS I-’

• baekhyun left the room and chanyeol was looking as pale as a ghost and you just saw his fists clenched so hard like 'im gonna kill him, i swear to god almighty that im gonna fukcnging ,,,’

• chanyeol didn’t talk to baek for like three days after that happened and he’s is still salty about it to this day and doesn’t think he’ll ever truly forgive who he thought was his best friend for exposing him like that

• i mentioned it in secret admirer!chanyeol, but despite how confident he tries to act around you, he really is just a smol fragile bean

• you could be eating and both of you reach for the salt and your hands accidentally brush and his ears will just go on fire

• 'chanyeol are your ears red-’

• 'tHYERE NO t’

• despite how tough he makes himself out to be, the hate gets to him and people calling him problematic just really weighs down on his mood

• but he counts on you to listen and just pours out all his negative feelings on you while you just lend him an ear and he’s thankful for that

• when he has to go on tour and leave, you accompany him to the airport and he teases you for crying and tells you not to miss him too much but on the plane where you’re not there to watch, he was silent the whole ride and suho swore he saw chanyeol dab at his eye w a tissue

• but when he’s at the hotel room, he is just iTcHING to facetime or call you and members are like 'ur so annoying, if you wanna talk to her that badly then just call lmao’ and he’s like 'i don’t think u understand how much i cannot do that’ bc like he wants to remain chill and calm and cool and collected

• so he waits for YOU to call and when you do, chanyeol immediately drops his dead monotone face and transitions into the happy virus everyone knows and loves

• hes gonna pick up all like 'lmao wow i just got here wOoOw you miss me that much already ??? nah, i was planning to call you tomorrow but what can i do if you just abSOLUtely cANNOT wait to talk to me yenno’ and the members are just like

• but really, once he starts talking to you, he won’t stop

• since baek shares a room w him, he always complains to chanyeol about how he has to stop giggling like a four year old at every single joke you make, they’re not even funny but chanyeol begs to differ

• its not just baek who complains, every member wakes up and shows up to breakfast looking like they’ve gone through hell and back bc they couldn’t sleep through chanyeol’s loud ass laugh

• “chanyeol, it is two o'clock in the fucking morning, go to sleep we have practice tomorrow”

• claims that he’s a secret romantic 

• and by secret, i mean watching “the notebook” with you in the wee hours of the morning sweating profusely while trying not to scream of excitement

• sometimes you like to pull pranks on strangers 

• but yours and his idea of a good prank is ding dong ditching

• this relationship is probably the most hilarious alright y’all are just always tryna have a good time

You know what I see when I look at this screencap?

Yuuri standing there in Victor’s arms with the most tranquil look on his face. It’s like he’s saying, “I’m home.” without ever having to say a word.

This is the kind of love I like to say. Not the sappy, poetic, romantic platitudes that have become so overused and cliché these days. I like to see the love in a relationship rather than hear about it. Words and talk are cheap. It’s the body language and facial expressions that I enjoy seeing. The looks in their eyes. The soft smiles on their faces. The subtle flush in Yuuri’s cheeks. The way his entire being relaxes into Victor’s embrace. The way Victor is so willing to just hold Yuuri despite prying eyes from surrounding people. They have ascended into a world all their own, one where all they ever need is each other (and Makkachin). I mean, they were so absorbed in their embrace, in each other, that they completely forgot about their luggage.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! So I read your reactions for Jimin and Yoongi about their girlfriend calling them 'baby' for the first time and I was wondering if you could do the same for Taekook? Thank you!


I think Taehyung would be super cute about it.

“Tae, baby, can you pass me my sunglasses?” you pointed to the table to his right and through the corner of your eye you saw him freeze.

You turned to him, only to see his infamous blank expression on his face.



“You alright?” you asked, sighing and leaning over him to get your sunglasses yourself.

“Did you just…”

“Did I…?”

“Call me…”

“Oh,” you smiled when you realised what he was talking about and pecked his cheek.

You loved it when he just looked confused and his face was lacking any kind of emotion.

So cute.

“What’s wrong with calling you baby, baby?”

He blinked and turned to you, his expression not changing and that only made you giggle.

He’s so cute.

Your fingers rushed to his sides as you tickled him, loving the smile that immediately graced his lips, just as rectangular as ever.

“Don’t ever stop calling me that,” you heard his breathy voice let out and you laughed, continuing to tickle him.

“Whatever you say, baby.”


I feel like Jungkook would be the type to be calling you the nicknames from day one, ‘baby’, ‘noona’, ‘sunshine’, everything really.

So it would probably be a surprise the day his girlfriend calls him that.

“Babe, do you know where I left my phone?” you asked, looking over at him on the couch.

“Oh it’s on the night stand,” he replied, his eyes trained on his phone, but after a while, when your words had settled in, and he realised what you said, he turned around, confused. Standing up off the sofa and following you into the bedroom, a smile playing on his lips.

“Woah,” you turned around to see him standing right there, catching your waist in his arms.

“Say that again,” he asked and you blinked.

“What?” you were breathless, the way he stared into your eyes which such excitement was amazing.

“Call me that again,” he repeated and you gave him a tired sigh.

“Babe, I don’t know what you’re talking abo-”

“Finally,” he smiled, looking into your eyes, “That sure took you long enough.”

“What did?”

“Oh I don’t know… you starting to call me nicknames and not just ‘Jungkook’,” his eyes trailed to the ceiling.

You laughed, “I’m so used to hearing you call me that, I guess it just slipped out without me even realising.”

He pecked your lips, “You better keep calling me that.”

GIFs by donewithjeon and suga-com

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Is it just me or Magnus' I love you too sounds like he is still in disbelief that Alec loves him?

When you look back at it, it was always clear that Magnus already knew that he loved Alec. And I think he was for a moment really taken aback when Alec told him that he loved him. I mean look at Magnus’ expression. He stares at Alec like…. wait what?! I somehow can’t shake off the thought that when Alec started talking he actually feared that Alec might break up with him. Instead he confesses his love to Magnus. Magnus then silently shakes his head, trying to let these words sink into him in utter disbelief before saying “I love you, too” back to Alec in such a calm and composed way like it is the most obvious thing in the world. And to Magnus it is. Because as I said, he already knew it a long, long time ago.

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I've spent my whole morning just looking at videos and gifs of harry and louis, and Louis never, NEVER, fails to go soft when looking at Harry. It does not matter what they are doing, what they are talking about, its' automatic, he looks at harry and all of his expressions just soften. It's fondness of course, but it also looks like he is at the most comfortable with Harry, Harry just eases him up. It is fascinating to watch.


  • “Is there a weakness?” “Our plan.”
  • It cracks me up so much when Kash uses a word like “phalanx” and the rest of VM just stares at him in awe. Who put these people in charge of multiple armies?
  • Keyleth is just all kinds of adorkable in this episode and I love her.
  • I love the mental picture of Allura just standing there awkwardly while everyone emphatically fails to introduce her.
  • Vax talking about coming back to Keyleth’s home after all this is a big deal for a lot of reasons. Not least of which: his perception of the future as a character has always been very focused on how he’ll die (for his sister, avenging family). The one time he started planning ahead was when he was expressing an interest in learning more about the possibility of serving Sarenrae… and that effort got completely and totally twisted in the worst possible way. Ever since then, for him, the finish line is always just a few feet ahead, and he’s spent a lot of time preparing for that inevitable ending but can’t look beyond that; a lot of what could be construed as a drive for revenge or a certain mawkishness is sheer terror at the notion of hope, given what happened the last time he tried hope on for size. But here he is, at the worst possible time, starting (starting) to imagine a future with no set endpoint.
  • VEX holy shit that was great. Percy’s a hopeless schemer, and it’s so entertaining to see him so completely and cheerfully knocked off-balance.

Seriously one of my biggest reasons that I believe in Johnlock no matter what is Ben’s face when he talked about how “love conquers all" at sdcc.

I KNOW that expression. I’ve seen that expression a million times. That is his “I’m talking about Martin” expression.