i love his expression in this

non-serious review of pinups


nice chest view, dynamic composition, shows brian’s personality really well, HOW DO YOU DRAW BODY HAIR SO NICE?  like omg i cant stop staring at the che- i mean fish, love the lighting,


playful and full of energy, nice nip peek, compositionally interesting as well but not as dynamic as brian’s but overall still very appealing to look at, please assume that i love all the colour schemes of all the pinups because if not i’ll be repeating myself over and over


damien in a pinup pose, very romantic, i love Damien’s expression, the ‘come hither’ look though it makes me think of the dreamworks face, also i love his black nail polish, his also shows the least skin but it’s still very classy


also in a classic pinup pose like for damien but holy shit look at of all that cheese, also there’s some chest there that too and a little hint of underwear



ehem, anyway

also in a classic pinup pose but he’s on a beach drawing a heart, very cute, colours are spot on as usual. artistically a very pleasing piece and also the one that shows the most skin


def the sexiest of the bunch no doubt with his expression and amount of skin shown leaves just enough for the imagination, also i LOVE the angle like holy shit him just looking down like he’s looking straight at you from the top of the stage like holy shit


straight up cute with a hint of skin but more a little diegetic because the sunglasses are pulling down his shirt…. ehem but anyway, but it def shows off his personality with the dog and the whiskey and the whittling

overall, brian is the most dynamic, mat is sexiest, joseph’s pissed me off the most (unrelated to the actual art itself), craig’s is the cutest (but that’s cuz he’s my bias and everyone is cute) and hugo is best pinup because cheese

i’ll never understand why midoriya is described as “plain” or “average-looking” or “unattractive”

it’s like

are we even looking at the same person?

his eyes are so passionate

look at him!

he’s so cute like c’mon

he’s so expressive and beautiful and i’m so confused

how anyone can possible think of him as unattractive?

he’s so frigging cool

and this is only a small fraction of all the amazing moments he has

i’m just in awe at how amazing and attractive and enjoyable he is

he’s encouraging and amazingly strong both mentally and physically

how on earth can anyone call him “plain-looking” when he’s so beautiful?

Katsuki Yuuri is handsome and beautiful af

Pass this on.

The War [Chapter 1]


Pairing: Kai x Reader x Xiumin

Warnings: Language, violence

Summary: You would never forget your boyfriend. That’s what you thought until you met someone else that completely stole your breath away.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2

Three years.

Three years passed so quickly, you could hardly believe it. Only yesterday, it felt as if you were still going on trivial dates with Jongin. Only yesterday, it felt like he left.

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Sleepovers w/ Renjun
  • i seriously can’t express with words how much i love huang renjun
  • he’s so pure but so savage at the same time i’m :’)
  • but anyways~ let’s start with this right away
  • okay so,,,
  • first thing first, he’s ur boyfie here okay
  • i thought it would be cuter like that hehe
  • and let me tell you that sleepovers with him would be so fun, he would do everything in his power to make you feel happy and entertained
  • literally, don’t you dare to don’t smile for 00000000.1 seconds or he would think that you’re bored and you hate him
  • lmao, oKAY MAYBE NO but he would feel lots of pression and would be really disappointed in himself if you’re not having a good time
  • bUt tHat’S BaSIcAlLY IMPoSiBlE sO doNt WoRrIeS
  • and you already knew that he would be like this because you actually had a bunch of sleepovers with him already
  • well, kind of,,,
  • like, yeah, you had multiple sleepovers with him,,, and the rest of the dreamies
  • but this was the first time ever when it would be only you and him alone you know
  • so this was really really exciting for both of you
  • “i’m glad so glad that i can finally sleep by your side and not jeno’s :’)”
  • “i mean, is not like i mind sleeping with jeno, but you’re more cuddly and you smell twice better than him”
  • “and you hug me in a softer way, he’s too rude”
  • lmao
  • literally, both of you talked the whole day about it while doing a videocall 
  • and like i said, you already know how perfeccionist he is on this kind of things so you gave him the idea of doing a little to-do list so y’all are sure of what to do
  • aND HE LOVED THE IDEA, both of you wrote like ten different ideas in a piece of paper and then read them out loud
  • and as i said, he always wants you to be entertained and having fun so he was choosing his things really carefully
  • and probably y’all got in a few small silly fights because y’all couldn’t decide what to do lmao
  • “what do you mean anime? y/N ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH JENO¿”
  • “you want me to teach you tricks with my hoverboards? forget about it, you can barely stand up on that thing”
  • and he also made sure that you had everything in your backpack, y’alls matching pjs, your phone charger, your uhm lady stuff, everything you need basically
  • and eventually the hour to go to his house came, good bless
  • “y/n it’s exactly 7pm rn why aren’t you here yet?”
  • “why are we still on a videocall?”
  • he was so impatient and so excited and you were there like aw chill baby i’m on my way
  • you literally stepped in his house entrance for like two seconds and you already had him over you, smiling and hugging you fghjkl
  • this is completely out of the point but hE’S PROBABLY SUCH A GREAT HUGGER
  • does that world even exist lmao
  • i can’t explain how well your bodies fit when both of you hug, your heights are perfect for each other and you feel so comfortable in his arms
  • and tbh, he hugged you constantly that day bc of how happy he was
  • he is not that into skinship normally but that day hE WAS SO CLINGY IT WAS ADORABLE
  • even if he’s a lil savage devil he’s still full of love :’) he’s precious
  • but, going to the sleepover thing again!!! y’all started the night cooking dinner together and it was SO much fun
  • idk if he knows how to cook or not but he probably gives lots of orders anyways
  • “can you wash this veggies, y/n?”
  • “put this there y/n, i’m too busy doing this now”
  • “can you give the scissors that are over there?”
  • he’s that kind of bitch, yes
  • but you know his personality is like that all the time so you don’t really mind and just let him be
  • also, y’all probably gave each other lots of hugs and kisses as y’all were cooking, especially jun tbh aND IT WAS SO CUTE
  • he’s a big softie in the inside anyways <3
  • y’all ate together while watching some moomin because uhm moomin is majestic duh
  • and y’all also played around and laughed a lot, even while you were washing up and putting you cute matching face masks
  • but because both of you still are smol childs at like 10 pm y’all were already started to yawn non stop like babies
  • and renjun was panicking because iT’S SO EARLY WE DIDN’T EVEN FINISHED OR TO-DO LIST
  • and you were like, don’t worry baby i still have some energy left
  • but no, even if he really wanted to finish that list you were his priority and he can’t let you be sleepy lke that ya know
  • also, you looked adorable anyways so he was really enjoying how cute you are so he just gave up and prepared everything to go to bed
  • like, all that frustration that he was feeling just minutes ago dissapeared completely bECAUSE YOU WERE SO CUTE AND TINY AND YOU WERE GOING TO SLEEP WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!
  • and the fact that you were so cuddly and clingy because of how sleepy you were made that moment even cuter
  • you fell asleep before than him but somehow he still, somehow, woke up earlier than you
  • like, you don’t even remember when you fell asleep like, one moment you were giggling at the kisses that he was giving all over your face and then you just ??? fell asleep
  • and then you woke up and he was there, looking at you with a smile on his face bc you finally woke up
  • “good morning, baobei”
  • “you look so pretty while sleeping, more than what i thought you would”
  • “i never realized how angelical your features are until now, i’m really dissapointed on my self tbh”
  • and you were suffering because i jUST WOKE UP DON’T ATTACK ME LIKE THIS
  • after spending like half of an hour being lazy asses on bed you finally got out of bed and made yourselves something to eat
  • and then y’all probably spent the whole day playing and continuing y’alls to-do list :’)))))
  • and the end i guess, lol
  • god, i rlly love jun
  • he’s such an angel i lOVE HIM BYE
SQUIP Strikes Again

Anon asked: Would you be up for writing a fic where Jeremy’s squip issues start acting up badly when he’s in a very public place, and Michael has to get him out of the situation?

No offense but I love this and I wish there were more fics of it??

“Dude have you even seen the new Space Invaders game in this place? It’s a sick contender to the retro aesthetic. I got a bunch of one dollar bills for us to waste away, just me and my player two!”

Jeremy let out a breathy laugh, a smile tugging at his lips as Michael led him through the mall. As he talked he moved like an animated character, but a poor budget one. His hands spasmed in random directions, trying hard to express his excitement for the big Space Invaders game recently set up. Apparently Michael had stayed till closing yesterday to get top on the list of highscores. Now that it was Saturday Michael had decided that Jeremy must also see this marvelous peice of art. At 9 O'clock, which was way too early for Jeremy’s sleep deprived teenage mind.

‘Jeremy, this game is a waste of time and even worse, in a public space. You’ll be seen making an embarrassment of yourself as per usual’

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I went out to dinner with my family tonight and ran into an old friend from high school who is going away to boot camp in a few weeks. I talk to him lightly through text from time to time, but when I hugged him goodbye on leaving the restaurant (he works there) my mother after told me that when he hugged me he closed his eyes and and she could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t want to go, and mentioned that “you can tell that he loves you very much”.

It made me think, we will never see the faces of those we hug or hold in that moment. A hug between friends and those we love is a simple yet beautiful exchange, and we can always do it but can never be aware of the heart’s expression on the face in that small time. What if the expression on the face could tell us more of that affection underneath than the strength of the hold or the pull of the arms can? Maybe the people we miss love us more than we know, and we often simply can’t see it.


Screenshots from Let’s Make Art. ^_^

I absolutely love this idea! I think it’s fantastic that Seán wants to do an event for the creative side of the community. There’s so many talented people I’ve seen in this community who have made amazing things and are constantly making amazing things. It makes me sad sometimes when something that you can tell had a lot of work,time and effort put into it and see it get no attention at all. There’s a lot of talented people that unfortunately go unnoticed and honestly I think Seán doing this event and starting this # will be a great idea for people to share and express their creativity. :) 
Also I really loved that Seán said in this video that you don’t have to be an amazing artist and that he appreciates anyone who shows an interest in his channel and content. I haven’t felt very confident in myself lately so I haven’t felt that confident in some of the stuff I’ve been making lately. My creativity is just at an extremely low at the moment just because of some of the thoughts I’ve been having lately. So I’ve just had no ideas for shorter posts and most of my daily screenshot posts about the videos have had no captions in them except the “screenshots from” part because I’ve just haven’t had anything to say. I don’t know if I’ll do anything for this event or not because I’m just not sure what I’d do for it. I’m sorry now I’m just making this post more negative and longer then it needs to be… The point I’m trying to make is that it was really nice for me to hear Seán say that he appreciates anyone who shows interest in the channel just because of how I’ve been feeling lately. I may just post screenshots of his face everyday but I hope that he appreciates that I’m here and that I do this everyday and try my best to show that I sincerely appreciate the content that he creates everyday, I hope that he appreciates me.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any sex head canons for stydia? I really like your opinions on stydia btw :)

God I have so many ummm 

Some of this is gonna be copy and pasted from an old ask: 

Basically, I think that often sex is this outlet through which Stiles can get out energy and express his love, whereas Lydia often has to focus really hard on both giving and taking. Because sex with him, for her, is different than it has been with other guys. With Jackson, it was all giving that felt like he was stealing from her. With Aiden and the one night stands, it was Lydia in control all the time, Lydia on top, Lydia’s decision. And with Stiles, it can honestly be more emotional than that… it can be more vulnerable. (Of course it can also be good ol’ fashioned fucking, but what I’m saying is, her sex life with him is more dynamic than she’s used to. And sometimes, in that, it can be a little new and scary. We all know Lydia has intimacy issues. So really, their sex life as a whole is not just about sex. There’s something bigger there that she’s always missed out on.)

I think a lot of Stydia sex is Lydia giving up control and Stiles taking command of the situation and doing what he wants because he knows that will make her feel good. And like I said, yeah there’s moments where Lydia’s the more active participant. But a lot of the time, Stiles is this flurrying ball of energy who is always proving something to her in bed and that ultimately leads to him being the more dominant one in a lot of sexual interactions.

However, we also have to consider the fact that they’re going to be growing up having sex, and as they get older, their relationship evolves. So, like, their sex life is just inherently going to change and shift the more they grow and the more they come to know each other. I think that, over time, Stiles is going to see Lydia become incredibly playful with him. I think that eventually Lydia will have zero intimacy issues with him because nobody else has ever made her feel as safe as he does. I think eventually sex can become a game they like to play together, whereas before, when they’re teenagers, it’s this thing that they have to do because their bodies crave it and need it and they have to use it to feel close and whole. But after a while sex becomes emotionally softer and physically louder/more playful. It’s not about racing to get the other one off as much as it used to be, it’s about teasing and playing and having fun. When they’re older, there’s nobody who can walk in on them and no time constraints on them, so they can take a long time and just fuck to fuck, not to get each other off. 

But I also think it’s a great way to reconnect, to heal, and to display love. I think Stiles is incredibly worshipful when it comes to sex– like, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing to her, he can be fucking her doggy style and it’ll seem like the least intimate thing of all time but he’s still looking over her body like she’s the only thing he ever needs to see, and he’s still very mentally aware of everything that they are while he’s fucking her. And I think that when they’re younger, Lydia tends to use blow jobs as a way to get out of her head and lose herself in him and show him just how much she loves him…. it’s like this slow, agonizing thing for him because she’s sucking him desperately but she’s totally out of her head, it’s for him, to make him feel good and him alone, because he’s always just wildly obsessed with Lydia, getting Lydia off, fucking Lydia, showing Lydia how much he cares. And when her emotions totally explode over until it’s too much, she sucks him off and gives, and it’s tremendously quiet and sacred and so, so theirs. 


Once Leo has all of his things packed, they both head downstairs and make their way out of Cecilia’s house. Melody doesn’t turn around from her place on the sofa in the living room and Leo is saddened when she doesn’t return his wave.

Leo: “I’ll see you soon, Mum! I love you! Byeeee!”

Aubree wraps an arm around Leo’s shoulders and guides him in front of her as he skips out of the front door ahead of her. She looks back over her shoulder and feels her blood boil as Cecilia flashes her a wicked smile.

Aubree will win Melody back, but she needs to focus on Leo first. She vows to come back here one day and enjoy the expression on Cecilia’s face when she whisks her wife out of the house and away from all of her oppressive control!

anonymous asked:

hi!! it's me again, that 17 years old girl who had problems with her sexuality (hopelly you'll remember) I know I mentioned I kissed a girl... so, just wanted to say that we've been hanging out for the past months and I'm really happy about this. I'm in love with her right now and I just admitted it to myself. anyway, just wanted to thank you again for all the support. I'm bi and I'm with an amazing girl and I'm happy. (sorry about my english)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You have absolutely no idea how happy this makes me! I’m SO SO SO happy for you <3 <3 I’m so glad I could help you and you don’t worry about your english, is not my first language either.

today has been the longest day of my life; i brought home my new dog (who i’ve named george harrison) and he’s absolutely perfect in every way. but he and my other dog leonard didn’t like each other at all right away and it was a really sad couple of hours because leonard kept barking at george because there was an unfamiliar dog in his house & george was Terrified of leonard and it was just rly sad (i burst into tears twice lmao) but as the day and night progressed leonard started to warm to george and now they’re getting along great so !!! it was an Exhausting day both physically and emotionally but basically george harrison is the fluffiest and cutest pup in the world and he’s HUGE (he’s a lab/golden retriever/husky mix) and i already love him more than words can even express ;-; i’ve cried so many times today lmao twice from sadness and twice from pure happiness it’s been a Long Day


Got a few more I need to finish but I figured I post these together. I wanted to give myself some expression practice as I was feeling my character art is a bit stagnant when it comes to expressions so I went with this  https://live4love136.tumblr.com/post/160270797636/doing-these-was-so-much-fun-feel-free-to-shareand picked a few for practice

Here are Smash and Pyro plus @sinisor‘s Raspberry and Boppy. I LOVE the one I done of Boppy, it just was perfect for him and making that toothy grin of his seem more fluid.

Twelve days of Twelve, Day Twelve: Peter Capaldi Appreciation Day

Oh, where do I begin? 

There really are no words to describe how much I appreciate Peter, both as the Doctor and as himself.

If it wasn’t for his Doctor, I honestly wouldn’t love the show as much as I do now. I did love it before series eight rolled around, but when series eight premiered, something happened. I suddenly found myself feeling truly immersed in the show, taking every expression of the new Doctor into account, seeing something much deeper than before. A connection that wasn’t there before suddenly appeared. His Doctor sparked something in me that wasn’t there before. I suddenly found myself wanting to write metas, fanfictions, and eventually, the show. If it wasn’t for Peter’s performance and input into the role, I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

As for Peter himself? Once again, I’m at a complete loss for words. Not only is he exceptionally kind, but he is so passionate about the show, it shows that he truly never stopped being one of us. From my experience and his own words, he easily understands us and relates to us on a level not many other actors usually do. He is honestly an exceptional actor and human being. He may not know it, but he impacted my life so much, and for the better. He’s someone that made me not only believe that dreams really can come true, but that all it can take is a simple act of kindness, and just being kind, to make this dark world a bit more of a brighter place. 

Thank you for not only being my Doctor, but just by being you.


Cherry: “Hi there Robin!  You were the first contestant to express interest in being on the show.  I’m so glad to finally meet you, so please tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Robin: “Oh, hermosa, I’m so glad to be here.  I grew up in a small family on a farm and have a passion for animals.  I hope that we can share many laughs together as well.  I’m excited to spend time here with everyone and I look forward to getting to know you better.  Are you looking forward to meeting everyone else today?”

Cherry: “You are so sweet.  I am very excited to meet everyone today and even more excited to learn about your love for animals and your family.  I don’t speak Spanish, unfortunately, but i’d love to know what hermosa means.”

Robin: “It means beautiful.  I hope you don’t mind that i called you that.”

Cherry: *blushing* “Oh my, not at all.”

Robin decided to Ask Cherry About Her Day, before scoring a 10/10 on the attraction scale.  Her final relationship score was 5.84, we’re off to a great start!


Lately it’s very rare of me to show my OCs around, but I recently decided to revive one of my lil guys and… Say hello! His name is Aria, I changed him a lot from what he used to be, for a moment I thought of killing him forever but… I grew so attached to him for a while, I had to give him another chance to live!

I need to practice more human anatomy, my style is not consistent at all 8,3 still working on his outfits… he can wear almost anything that has long sleeves, be he ties and cuts the sleeves when they’re too long for the arm he doesn’t have pff, and the little animal on his shirt can change expressions and stuff slightly for the funsies pff~

I’m shy about showing the babies I created but I hope you guys like my lil boy, he’s a lil shy and nervous kid but he loves hugs and making new friends~

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I fell in love again with Jaebum's mind while watching JJing+. He's so charismatic and beautiful when he's in mode producer Defsoul. But when he explain the songs and I don't know.. when he talk about the process of doing things, etc.. There's so much maturity in him (in Jinyoung too) and I love when he gets all reflective :)

YES his mind is so beautiful. the way he explained what he wants to express in his songs and how he wants us to ay attention to all the lyrics, ugh. i was tearing up.