i love his daughter she's too cute *u*

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Okay I LOVE YOUR ANIMATION KING GEORGE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME I WANT HIM He's so cute ;u; and also I'm so sad because him, because all the things that happened to him, did you read his biography?? He was mentally ill and one of his daughters, the one who he loved more, died, because she was ill too

ah yeah i read some info abt him :o it’s actually pretty interesting

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imagine jb using coco as an excuse to facetime with yj before bed like "coco missed you and wanted to say hi... coco wants you to come home soon... coco loves you and hopes you sleep well tonight" 😊🙈❤

yj:“awww, coco i missed you too. i love you coco~ my beautiful daughter~” 

jb: *mega pouts* “aHEM- is sHE THE ONLY ONE YOU MISSED????” 

yj:“hyUNG BAD cOnnectiON- krrrrrrrrr- gOTTA HANG UP-”


yj:“gOTTA GO- B yE-”

jb: “-DON’T YOU-”

*yj hangs up* *15 seconds later* *u received a snap from jb <3*