i love his aegyo


- He’s really a warm person even though his aura may seem too cold to look at

- Imagine him winking at you

- This rap god can kill you with his skills, but his innocence will make you say “awww this motherfucking cutie I love him so much”

- Aside from his baby talk cheeseburger aegyo and old man puns jokes


- Imagine this cold-looking guy making cute faces to you- how can you not love that

- If looks can kill people… *screams*

- Wonwoo eating will make you smile

he really enjoys it and even succeed in eating seafood so much proud of him

- Another side of him that will make you fall in love is him being a playful lil shit

- Mingyu’s unending love for him but Wonwoo keeps on rejecting him lmao #MeanieCouple

- Wonwoo with glasses looked sooooo goooooood fuck

- Unlimited showcase of charisma on stage 

- Boyfriend!Wonwoo checking on his girl be like:

- He has such a beautiful smile look at that fella

- Yes, he can do aegyo

- He is my spirit animal, indeed


생일 축하해요 원우 오빠~ 몸 건강해! 사랑해요~! ♡♡♡

SEVENTEEN’S English Introductions #PerformanceUnit

TV Host: Hello everyone! We are here today with Seventeen’s Performance Unit! Seventeen, can you please introduce yourselves and greet our viewers in English?

The8: Hi my name is The8! I love you Carats *does cute aegyo*

Jun: Hello I’m Jun. *does finger hearts then sits back and grumbles in Mandarin about why he’s being forced to speak so many different languages*

Hoshi: Hey my name is Hoshi! *Grabs mic from TV Host* MY NAME IS SOONYOUNG! CALL ME SOON CARATS! HAHAHAHA GET IT?? DO YOU GET IT?? *trips over cord. Falls into set. Breaks the background image.* 


TV Host:

Jun: *mutters in Mandarin* please be dead.

Dino: Hi I’m Dino, We will work hard Carats.

kim seokjin appreciation post
  • he spends his time cooking and taking care of the members as he’s the oldest boy in the dorm
  • even though hes bts’ visual, he works really hard to improve on his vocals and his dance and we can see his development every time bts releases something new. he even made two covers and it sounds beautiful!
  • he loves mario bros. and countless times mentions it 
  • he makes sure to look amazing all the time for his fans
  • eat jin
  • shoulder hyung
  • like you could draw the entire world map on his shoulder and there would be space left
  • he drives the members around and even takes jungkook to school!!
  • he loves pink and doesn’t seem uneasy when called ‘pretty’ or ‘princess’. his self esteem is so high and he always feels so happy with compliments.
  • he’s goals tbh
  • ‘ulzzang male god of the pasta galaxy’
  • he always compliments the other members a lot
  • he makes so much aegyo for his fans
  • like
  • a lot of aegyo 
  • did i mention his vocals in ‘I love You’? yes? listen to it again then
  • he goes to college and balances his student life with his idol life amazingly well. his classmates said he’s a very friendly guy!!

please love kim seokjin. for everything he has done for bangtan and for everything he has done for us fans. he’s a wonderful, golden boy and he deserves the world and more. little by little, jin showed us even better live performances and i’m so proud of how much he has improved through these years we’ve been with them. pls love kim seokjin. forever.


One of the fanart that won in the wonho fanart project, this is legit the cutest fanart i’ve seen

Cr: The owner

puppy baek holding on to bodyguard hyung like a 5 year old afraid of losing his dad in the airport

and the question we all need to ask is:

HOW TO BE BODYGUARD-NIM?????!?!!!?!?!??!

anonymous asked:

hi ^_^ since you have a full jongin blog, i thought it would be fun to ask what you love most about him! :)

hello dear ^-^

while that is a fun question to ask, it is, at the same time and admittedly, a hard one to answer. because really, what do i love most about jongin?

could be his natural aegyo, even though he claims he’s not cute at all.

or maybe his radiant smile and the beautiful sound of his laughter.

i love the passionate (and rude) way he dances.

i also love his big beautiful brown eyes.

his golden skin tone makes me go asdjhashd.

then there’s his cute little butt and his long and sexy legs.

can’t forget to mention his strawberry flavored lips.

and also the way he talks.

his fluffy and soft hair.

i also really love his (back)hugs.

and his awkward impersonations.

and the stupid things he says.

and his cute little happy dances.

i think … i think the thing i love the most about him is just … him - kim jongin and every little thing that makes him who he is c: