i love his aegyo


The difference between Seungcheol’s reaction towards Jihoon’s aegyo and his reaction towards Wonwoo’s aegyo. Cheol be staring when Jihoon does it but goes through second-hand embarrassment when Wonwoo does it😂

BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Suga (Part Two)

A/N: This is a continuation from the “Accidental Confession” series under Suga’s route! Hope you enjoy my lovelies -Admin Germane :3

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Word Count: 1567

It was around four in the morning the next time Yoongi came to visit you two weeks later. Dressed in sweats, a tee, and an old worn out hoodie, he let himself into your apartment using the spare key that you kept underneath the flowerpot you placed by your door. He kicked off his shoes and locked the door behind him, wandering into your kitchen to hunt for an early morning snack. He yawned as the small fridge light illuminated his face, rubbing his drowsy eyes with a balled up fist wrapped in his hoodie sleeves. He grabbed the orange juice and drank straight from the carton. Yoongi could hear your voice scolding him in his mind and he couldn’t help but chuckle at himself. He closed the fridge and looked around your dark house.

“Aish, Y/N, you need to do the dishes.” Yoongi sighed, observing the messy plates piled high in the sink. Sure, he himself wasn’t responsible with tidying up, but damn it all if you didn’t live in a clean and comfy home. You deserved to be surrounded by comfort and luxury. But that’d be a conversation for later.

He wandered down the hall and softly opened the door to your bedroom. You slept like the dead, and he wasn’t worried about you waking up, but he still didn’t want to disturb you. His lips contorted into a small smile and his heart skipped a beat when he saw you sleeping; your legs balled up close to you, the sheets scrunched in your hands and the fluffy blankets surrounding you in a cocoon of warmth.

“Y/N, what are you doing to this tough guys heart?” Yoongi mumbled to himself, a playful tone laced in his words as he carefully pulled out a change of pajamas from the top drawer of your dresser; his reserved space. He went into your on-suite, changing quickly and removing his piercings and rings. He stared at his reflection carefully.

“Y/N would fuss if she saw your eyes like this Min, you gotta stop staying out so late.” he mumbled to himself, running the tip of his finger over the purple outlines under his eyes. But he knew he wouldn’t stop, besides, it gave him a reason to stay at your place. He went back into your room and climbed carefully into the empty side of your bed, burrowing under the covers and moving closer to the warmth you emitted.

“Hey, Y/N.” Yoongi whispered, gently shaking your shoulder. You groaned softly, and Yoongi assumed that you were conscious enough to listen for at least thirty seconds.

“Just letting you know I’m here, alright.” he said, pulling you into his arms as he settled down into the mattress. You groaned again and he smiled down at you. He gently stroked your hair until your breathing steadied out again. Yoongi sighed and kissed your forehead gently, nudging his head down into your chest and throwing a leg over your thigh.

“Love you Y/N, good night.” he whispered, wishing that you knew the true meaning behind his words.


You woke up with the sun shining in your face and your alarm going off in the background. You heard an annoyed sigh, a few curses and the alarm was shut off almost instantly and you felt something nudge themselves closer to you. You opened your eyes slowly and found Yoongi snuggling your body to death. You smiled and rolled your eyes; this wasn’t the first time you’d waken up to Yoongi in your bed. Sometimes he was just too lazy to make a bed up on your couch, so he’d climb in with you instead.

You reached your arms up to stretch, content to start the day but your bed mate had different ideas. Yoongi whined when you moved away from him, following your movements and rubbing his cheek against your arm like how a cat would mark their scent on their owners.

“No…stay in bed with me. You’re too warm and soft to let go…just go back to sleep.” he whined and you could feel your heart melt in your chest. You sighed, settling back down and running your fingers through his hair. You could hear Yoongi hum in content, almost as if he was purring.

“Yoongi, what time did you come here?” you asked softly a few minutes later. Yoongi groaned in annoyance and opened one bleary eye to stare up at you.

“I don’t know, four-ish?” he mumbled, closing his eye. You tsked and flicked his forehead.

“Yah! Y/N!” he whined, “Why do you do this to me?”

“Because you can’t keep doing this Yoongi, you need to sleep to live.”

“I get my rest with you, what’s the problem?” he asked, sitting up and stretching since his sleep was rudely interrupted.

“I may not always be around Yoongi, you can’t just rely on me being here.”

“Why wouldn’t you be here Y/N?” Yoongi questioned.

“I don’t know, but I may not be. I could be out with friends, or with a guy or-”

“Don’t say that.” Yoongi mumbled, pulling up the sheets to wrap them around his body.

“I’m just stating the obvious Yoongi. You’re not the only guy in my life.” you pointed out. You saw Yoongi frown and he burrowed deeper into his blankets.

“I know…but I am the most important, right?” he questioned, looking up at you with wide puppy dog eyes. Your heart seemed to burst in your chest, damn Yoongi and his effective aegyo.

“Yes, yes you are, and I love you very much.” you assured, ruffling his hair and getting up from the bed. You headed into the kitchen to start breakfast and you sighed.

“If only you truely knew, Yoongi. You pabo.” you muttered, turning on the stove and taking out the eggs and butter from the fridge.

“What do I need to truely know?” Yoongi’s voice startled you so much that you dropped the egg that you were holding, splattering shells and yolk all over the floor.

“Shit, sorry.” Yoongi muttered, walking over to you to help clean up the mess.

“Don’t you know you can’t sneak up on people like that?” you scolded, playfully smacking his shoulder.

“Geez, I’m just getting abused by you today.” he teased, throwing away the mess and sitting on one of the bar stools, helping himself to the brewed coffee. You rolled your eyes and continued with your cooking, frying up the eggs and popping toast in the toaster.

“So what were you saying about things I need to know?” Yoongi mumbled sleepily, using one hand to prop up his head and the other holding the coffee cup.

“Nonya.” you said

“Nonya, what?”

“None ya buisness.” you stuck your tongue out at him and he flicked a sugar packet into your arm.

“C'mon, we know everything about each other. Just tell me.” he pressed. You sighed and shook your head.

“What if I tell you something you don’t know? Hmm?” Yoongi tempted, a lazy smile etched on his face. You looked over at him and raised your eyebrow at him.

“We can even say it at the same time?” he offered, getting up from the barstool to stand in front of you. Yoongi knew this would be a risk, confessing to you in this way, but he was curious and decided it would be worth it.

“On three?” you asked and Yoongi nodded.

“One.” he started.

“Two.” you said.

“Three.” Yoongi took a deep breath.

“I love you.” you both said at the same time. Both your eyes widened and you could feel your heart beating fast in your ears.

“You love me?” you asked softly.

“The real question is; you love me?!” Yoongi asked, clearly shocked, taking a step closer to you.

“Well…yeah? I mean, I thought it was obvious, I let you sleep in my bed for gods sake.” you laughed to yourself and Yoongi blushed.

“Yeah sure, but you said-”

“I only said because you said sister first.” you cut him off, knowing exactly what he wanted to say, blushing yourself. Yoongi coughed.

“So, umm,” he started, but a loud yawn cut him off. You laughed and shook your head.

“You should go back to bed.” you suggested.

“You’re right, I should.” Yoongi agreed. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, rubbing his hand over your ass possessively.

“Yoongi?” you giggled.

“You said go back to bed, and I’m taking my love with me. How else do you expect me to get any sleep?” he admitted, throwing you onto the bed and climbing under the covers with you. You shook your head and allowed him to cuddle back into your torso, wrapping his arms and legs around you.

“Hey, look at me?” Yoongi asked. You looked down at him and your eyes blew open when Yoongi pecked your lips. The blush returned onto your cheeks and Yoongi gave you the most satisfied smile in the world.

“Don’t expect to be leaving this bed anytime soon.” Yoongi told you, gracing your lips, cheeks, and nose with kisses.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on it.” you told him, leaning down to return your unrequited love for Yoongi with a kiss of your own.

Both your hearts finally lost the “one-sided” grief that they had once felt, and neither of you were going back to that feeling for a long, long time


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BTS Reacting to you doing aegyo after pissing them off

• Kim Seokjin:

You shouldn’t have done what you did. Taehyung had invited you over to their dorms and you both wanted to make a cake but ended up just playing around with the food wasting it and messing up the kitchen. Jin had arrived right on time to see what you two were doing. He sent Taehyung to clean up and then just stared at you with disappointment. You tried apologising but he turned his back at you and went to his bedroom. You followed him and laid on his bed where he was laying, on his phone, ignoring you. You tried saying everything to make him forgive a tiny mistake you did but it wouldn’t work so you decided to just sit on his lap, take his phone away and then started doing aegyo. Jin couldn’t resist your cuteness and you knew that.

“Please forgive me jagi.” you pouted and he sighed.

“You’re lucky that I love you and that I can’t resist your aegyo.” you smiled in victory and kissed him.

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• Min Yoongi:

Min Yoongi was officially ignoring you. For three days he wouldn’t give you a single glance just because you decided to look around his computer and accidentally heard one of his unreleased songs that you weren’t supposed to hear. You tried apologising countless times, acting like nothing happened, telling him how much you loved him…. Nothing worked. It was when the members suggested you doing aegyo for him. You chuckled. You knew it wouldn’t work and told them it was a stupid idea but you were stupid enough to give them ears. You took the chance when they were having a break from their dance practice and sat in front of him on the floor. Yoongi only drank his water and started talking to Jimin who was beside him like you weren’t there.

“Yoongi-ah.” you whined and pouted “Look at me.” you cupped his face and made him look at you “I’m sorry.” you made your cutest face and Yoongi rolled his eyes “I love you.” you sang continuing to do your aegyo “Forgive me, please.”

“Fine.” he sighed “And don’t do aegyo. It looks bad on you.” you pouted, you knew he was lying “I’m only forgiving you so you can stop bugging me.” he hugged your neck and made you lay his head on his chest to hide your face since you wouldn’t stop your aegyo “I love you.” he kissed your head.

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• Jung Hoseok:

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They don’t know - Yugyeom scenario (fluff, requested)

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Members: Yugyeom x You
Genre: Fluffy 
Word count: 1384

“Oh Yugyeom get out of here. You can’t feel that way“ Bambam laughed looking at him
“Don’t even say that in front of other hyungs. They will make fun of you” he added laying down on his bed

Yugyeom licks his lips, looking down at the ground.
“It was just a different feeling. I can’t help it.” He spoke
Bambam looks to the side at him and sits up.
“Listen. She’s a fan. What if you will never see her again. Like maybe she was beautiful and you just felt the rush and felt that way.” He explains
“I know what I feel.”
“Yugyeom. You never had a girlfriend.” Bambam looks at him
“Did you ever have one?” Yugyeom raises his eyebrows and leaves the room


— Few hours before —

“Hii everyone!” Jackson said to the microphone and waved smiling. All the iGOT7’s started to scream and wave back.
“OPPA!” fans were shouting

Yugyeom smiled, talking to a fan. She hand him a cute flower crown.
“Do you want to put it on?” Yugyeom looked at her and leans his head down and she smiles and puts the crown on his head.
“I am pretty, am I?” he laughs, so does she
“I love you Yugyeom” she said as she moved to next member
“I love you too” he smiled

“JINYOUNG OPPA! Hi” fan said from the crowd
“Jinyoung oppa, hi? Jinyoung oppa HELLO” he said to the mic
Fans sent him hearts and he flicks them away and laughs.

Yugyeom takes the album.
“Hi” you said feeling super nervous and you wanted to cry how much excited you are.
“Hi-“ Yugyeom looks up at you, and stops for a moment. Staring at you. You felt like your face is super red.
His eyes observed your whole face. You were just too beautiful.
Him realizing he’s staring he chuckles and looks down sighing the album.
“Can I hold your hand” you put your hand over your mouth
“Of course” Yugyeom takes your hand in his, and two of held hands.
“You are very beautiful” he spoke looking up at you
“I..I.. Thank you” you blush
“I got you something” you add and take the flower crown
“Oh, but you already have one” you make a sad face
“It’s okay, put that one too” he leans his head down and you without taking your smile off put the flower crown on top of another one.
He slowly lifts his head up
“Is it falling?” he tried to look up and you laugh
“It’s steady for now” you smiled and two of you kept looking at each other, actually enjoying the silence.

He felt his heart racing, it was just something so different about you. He never wanted you to go. He wanted you to stay, that he gets to know you. Already talking to you he sees how great personality you have.
But you had to move forward.
“I’ll see you again, right?” he quickly asked
“I hope so. Yeah” you smiled, letting go of his hand and moved to Jaebum.

There were no words to describe how happy you were. No matter if they don’t come to your country, you’ll go anywhere you need to just to see him again, see them again and talk to them.

Yugyeom would always look to the side, and look at you while you’re still there.
Admire that smile and how cute you are.

After the sighing, boys come to the front of the stage. To talk to everyone who came.
“I LOVE YOU” Yugyeom did aegyo and made a heart with his arms

They would do a sexy dance off, make jokes, do aegyo, and just sit down and talk to everyone.
“We will come back hopefully again. I will miss you a lot” Youngjae said
“You were so beautiful today, all of you! Bambam winks and dabs
“I want you to come back home safely, and get a lot of rest okay?” Jackson asked
All of you shout “Yes”

For the end all of you get to hug or high five them.
Seeing the line, Yugyeom couldn’t wait for you to walk by.
As you did you smiled and hugged him tightly.
“I’ll see you soon” you said
“I love you” he smiled and let go of you and hugged another fan.


“Hey Yugyeom I heard something” Jinyoung sat down on the couch in their practice room
Yugyeom danced and stopped, looking at him in review of the mirror.
“Did BamBam say something?” Yugyeom asked with his heart racing. He didn’t want anyone to know how he feels and what he feels.
“No, I just saw couple of pictures and videos online. On that last fan meet you were constantly looking at one fan” he explains
Jackson jumps on the couch next to Jinyoung.
“I likeee to hear that” he laughs
“It’s nothing. She was just pretty that’s all” Yugyeom turns around, towards them
“All iGOT7’s are pretty, they are beautiful” Jackson smiled
“Why were you staring at her?”
“I said. She was pretty” Yugyeom looks away and sits on the ground
“Oh come on. Did you feel somethinn” they started teasing
“Yeah. I did. So what?” Yugyeom looks up, his voice cold and serious

Jinyoung and Jackson look at him for a moment with a serious face on. Slowly their lips form into a smile then they let out a loud laugh. They clapped hands, grabbed onto each other how much they thought it was funny.

“Wait. You don’t even know her and you fall in love or something. Oh God” Jinyoung laughed
Jackson wiped off his tears
“Oh damn, that was funny”

Yugyeom kept looking at them, coldly and just calmly. He didn’t want to care what they think or how much they laugh about it, but he did in a way and it bothered him.
But he knew how he feels.
As he stood up, taking his stuff, Jackson and Jinyoung stopped laughing.
“Oh come on are you mad now?” Jackson asked
“Like you care?” Yugyeom just looks up at him and walks out of the practice room, shutting the door.


For months boys were preparing for another comeback. Working on their songs, choreography’s, and MV filming. 

Next comeback was “Never ever” era.

Even though it was long time ago when Yugyeom saw you, he still gets excited of a thought of you. And of a thought seeing you soon hopefully.
Still he was more focused on the comeback and wanting to work hard.

As the comeback era started, they started to perform and soon they had a fan meeting.
It was the same city where he saw you. The more and more the fan meeting was close he was getting too excited.
Bambam pushed him a bit.
“Think you going to see her again?” he smiled at Yugyeom
“Yeah. I have a feeling she’ll be here”

They came out on stage and sat down, waved, greeted everyone.
It was like all over again. He was sighing an album just talking to a fan.
He took something and began to poke Jackson with it. He laughed and took the album, sighing it and he looked up, and saw a familiar face.
It was you.
His smile grew bigger.
“It’s you again” he said
“You remember me?” you were surprised and blushed
“Yeah, of course I do. You were the most beautiful girl in here” he looked at your eyes

You put your hands on your face.
“Yugyeom, I can’t stop smiling” you laugh
“Don’t cover up that pretty face. I want to see your smile” he placed his hands on yours and moved your hands away
“Theree you are” he chuckled
“What is your name?” he added
“Y/N” you smiled looking at him while he was writing something, you could notice how he was smiling
“That is a beautiful name… I really wish we could be friends” he spoke and your face went shook
“I mean- I’m sorry” he laughs shaking his head
“No, I am just like. You are and idol and I am just a fan.”
“That doesn’t matter. At least to me.” He said

You had to move next.
“I’ll see you again soon Y/N” he smiled and waved
“I’ll see you” you smiled and waved back to him

Lee Daehwi as your boyfriend

Wanna One Boyfriend ღ 3 / 11

Daehwi is a social butterfly so it was only reasonable that he would try to be friends with you.
“Hello, my name is Daehwi!”

So you and Daehwi have been really good friends for a while until he realized that he started developing feelings for you.

He would catch himself being in complete awe by the little things you do

When he realized that he liked you as more than a friend, this baby would be so confused and in so much denial
“Daehwi you can’t, they’re your best friend!”

But he would push those thoughts aside and he would just confess to you/ mouth vomit his whole confession
“(Y/N), I like you and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?” 

It would take him a while to register that you said “yes” but once he did he would be like

And that’s how you and Daehwi went from friends to a couple

warning: dating Daehwi includes A LOT of aegyo (bless your heart)

He will not be shy to use aegyo with you and will tell you how much he loves you everyday 
“(Y/N) I really really really love you!”

Will also use his aegyo against you, especially when he wants something
“Can you please buy me some ice cream? Pretty please?”
(how can you say no to those puppy eyes???)

Will also use aegyo when he knows you’re going to get angry 
“Daehwi, what happened to the kitchen?!?”
“I just really wanted to make you a cake~ Please don’t be mad~”

Adopting a puppy together
“say hello to the new addition to the family!”

Having to protect him from Dongho (not really)
“Daehwi, the only way to overcome your fear is to face it head on!”
Dongho: “I’m not a bad guy!”

Since you two are best friends as well, you tend to overshare 
“Oh my god and the noodle was just hanging from my nose”

He loves cute little kisses

His mood whenever you visit him during practice 

One time he forgot to get you a birthday present and he tried to make it up to you by making himself your present 
“Happy birthday (Y/N)!”

“Is that is?” 
“do you know how much I am worth???” (salty af)

Sometimes you wonder if he loves Jinyoung more than you bc



Sometimes you make him choose between you and Jinyoung and he is just

Likes to buy you random gifts
“It’s sweet like you!”

Sometimes you dare Daehwi to go a whole day without talking and he’s like
“bring it on!”

But not even 5 minutes after he is like

Is a lost puppy without you or Jinyoung

Cheering him on from backstage

Enjoys helping you put makeup on

Sometimes you two will argue about the pettiest things
“And I keep telling you that chickens can’t fly.”

Is the type to laugh at you when you trip before helping you up

Making fun of his bedhead
“I did not wake up for you to attack me.”

Daehwi would not only be your boyfriend but your best friend as well. You two will get along so well and it would be like two peas in a pod. Since he is so social, sometimes it will feel like he is spending more time with his friends instead of you, but he will make it up to with lots of hugs, cuddles, and kisses. He will always make sure that you know you are his whole world. Although happy and bubbly, this child gets hurt easily so please protect him and love him. :)

*Gifs are not mine. Credits to the gif makers*

Boyfriend || Sanggyun

  • T H I S B OY
  • SO
  • Sanggyun as a boyfriend
  • lets go with a simple thing
  • He’s such a cuddly boy
  • he’ll cuddle you all the time
  • he will do anything for your cuddles
  • will even make you jealous with his friend teddy
  • “look its teddy, teddy, teddy bear!”
  • yes its from that one live…
  • “Sanggyun?”
  • “yes y/n?”
  • “what are you doing”
  • “cuddling teddy”
  • “but why??”
  • “because you don’t want to cuddle me”
  • lots of pouting
  • and whining
  • he wants your full attention
  • when he doesn’t get it he’s always whining
  • “y/nnnnn!!!”
  • “let me do this”
  • “buttttt you promiseddddd”
  • “okay we’ll go watch movies”
  • it’s the time when he gets to cuddle you forever
  • he cuddles you all the time
  • but when a movie is playing
  • he can admire your beauty
  • he can’t help but smile at you
  • you’re his everything
  • and he likes to show it by
  • giving you everything you want
  • but he also likes to treat himself
  • so a quick shopping date it is
  • he loves clothes so he’ll ask you to go with him
  • he’ll buy you stuff
  • but really it’s all for him
  • “does this look nice?”
  • “yes Sanggyun”
  • “okay I’ll take it”
  • he’ll even do aegyo for you
  • “Y/n look at me!!!“
  • "What am I looking at?”
  • *gasp* “aren’t you falling for me?! I did aegyo for you!!”
  • somewhat horrible aegyo
  • but still very cute
  • I love his aegyo
  • “LOVE ME”
  • will never let you relax
  • he is always by your side
  • even if you go out to the store
  • anything that involves you and him
  • is always a date
  • simple groceries shopping is a date
  • talking about dates
  • Sanggyun will take you to the most
  • extravagant dates to the most simplest ones
  • he’ll even take you see wiz khalifa with him
  • he’ll be such a fanboy
  • he’s the most extra person around
  • when he’s around you and just you
  • he does so much extra aegyo for you to love him
  • he’ll even dress up in a tux
  • when all you’re doing is laying around the room
  • he just wants to look good for you
  • he’ll laugh mostly giggle over everything funny you say
  • even if it isn’t funny
  • he just wants you to notice him
  • even when you’re dating
  • he will always be fresh for you
  • “Mr. Kim Sanggyun”
  • “that’s my name isn’t it nice, you can be Mrs. Kim”
  • “Sanggyun you haven’t even asked me to marry you”
  • “do you want to marry me NOW?!!”
  • he’s always excited for anything
  • He’s even a tease
  • don’t get me started on that
  • he will be “sexy” for you
  • but he’s really just pretending
  • he might try to be sexy
  • and even get it the first time
  • but he’s really just a dork
  • a cute dork
  • who wants all your love
  • HIS SMILE!1!1!!!!11
  • and pls accept that he’s extra 25/8
  • like he will wreck you if he hasn’t
  • and love his aegyo

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i love it when people ask jimin to do aegyo and his horror aegyo comes out and the members are like 'please stop, that's frightening' lmao. he has natural cuteness, he can't force this. j-hope is the one that always speaks out as if he's personally offended lmaaaaaao!

ahh, jihope’s reaction to each other’s aegyo is really cute and funny ashdka and jimin’s horror aegyo is just legendary? He really can’t force aegyo because he’s an embodiment of cuteness himself ♥

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Lol, I forgot about when Namjoon decides to be ridiculous when asked to do aegyo on these shows. I loved his hilarious aegyo asking for money to pay utilities on the New Yang Nam Show. But yeah, what I was thinking of was him at fansigns (he's also done actual aegyo very well recently when asked to by the other members) and like you mentioned, how he's naturally very cute when he doesn't think too much about it. Maybe the perfect solution is for him to do the oppa-yah aegyo at a fansign.

it’s the first thing that popped into my head bc whenever he’s on camera and has all the attention on him he just exaggerates lmao i think it’s bc he just gets too embarrassed to do it comfortably,, making everyone laugh instead

and yeah he does it at fansigns!! very often it just comes naturally or if someone asks for it he usually obliges (then gets so shy and embarrassed and i scream??)

so yea maybe that would help!! 

i’m already very happy watching him be cute at fansigns tho

remember this?? how cute he was just trying to open that water bottle… all the faces also i’m the fan who told the boys to help joon open it

who!! draws!!! a heart!!! onto their injured hand!!! and then shows it to the fans!!! how precious is that + him doing the heart with his okay hand too 💖💖

and here’s a compilation video of joon just being his adorable self